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Title: The biography of the principal American military and naval heroes : comprehending details of their achievements during the revolutionary and late wars. Interspersed with authentic anecdotes not found in any other work / v.2
Author: Wilson, Thomas, 1768-1828?
Publication Info: New-York : John Low, 1817-19.
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Commodore William Bainbridge
• ... United States he received a Captaitn's commission, and was appointed to the command of the frigate George Washington, in which he shortly afterwards sailed for Algiers, with the presents which the Un ...
• ...riendly appearances vanished, and the Dey made a most unexpected and extraordinary demand, that the George Washington should carry his ambassador with presents to the Grand Seignior at Constantinople ...
• ...f any cruisers of the Portuguese, Neapolitans, or other powers at war with Algiers, should meet the George Washington, and captur,e her, still the United States would be bound to reimburse the loss; a ...
•, and as their longer stay would have exposed them to captivity, they were all taken on board the George Washington. / ...
1 to 4 of 4 hits in this item
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