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Title: Annals of the West : embracing a concise account of principal events which have occurred in the western states and territories, from the discovery of the Mississippi Valley to the year eighteen hundred and fifty-six
Authors: Perkins, James H. (James Handasyd), 1810-1849., Peck, John Mason, 1789-1858.
Publication Info: Pittsburgh : W. S. Haven, printer, 1856.
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Period II. 1698-1765
• ... our sovereign, the King of Great Britain "These are therefore to require and direct you, the said George Washington, forthwith to repair to Logostown, on the said river Ohio, and havinlg there infor ...
Period III. 1765-1782
• ...ions of acres in the West. Among the signers of this were Francis Lightfoot Lee, Richard Henry Lee, George Washington, and Authur Lee. The gentleman last named was the agent for the petitioners in Eng ...
• ...Ohio was filling with white men. Among the foremost speculators in western lands at that time was George Washington. He had always regarded the proclamation of 1763 as a mere temporary expedient, to ...
• the same eventful period, (1770,) there came into Western Virginia no less noted a person than George Washington. His attention had been turned to the lands along the Ohio at a very early perio ...
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