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Title: A catalogue of books for sale by Collins & Co. printers, booksellers and stationers, No. 189 Pearl street, New York : consisting of the last and most approved editions of books on history, biography.
Author: Collins & Co. (New York, N.Y.)
Publication Info: New York : Collins and Co., 1817.
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History, Biography, Travels and Voyages, Poetry, Theology, Arts and Sciences, [...]
• ... public advocates for the emancipation of the enslav ed Africans, 12mo. 62 cts. Marshall's Life of George Washington, Commander in-Chief of the A4merican'farces, -during the. war which established ...
• $12 50. Recluse of Norway, by Miss Anna Maria Porter, 2 vols. 12me. bds. $2. Ramsay's Life of George Washington, commander in Chief of the armies of the United States, Ramsay's History of the ...
1 to 2 of 2 hits in this item
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