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Title: Annals, comprising memoirs, incidents and statistics of Harrisburg : from the period of its first settlement ; for the past, the present and the future
Author: Morgan, George H. (George Hallenbrooke), b. 1828.
Publication Info: Harrisburg : Geo. A. Brooks, 1858.
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Annals of Harrisburgh
• his residence at Logg's Town, on the Ohio, fourteen miles below Pittsburg, on the opposite side. George Washington visited him in 1753, and desired him to relate some of the particulars of a journe ...
• ...o the zealous and efficient exertions which they have made towards the defence of the laws. GEORGE WASHINGTON." MR. GRAYDON ON THIS OCCURRENCE. Mr. Graydon, who then resided at Ha ...
• ...ain if the General was upon that road. At about half-past ten, the General, accompanied by his son, George Washington La Fayette, and secretary, Gen. Spangler, Col. Spangler, and Dr. King, a committee ...
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