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Title: The biography of the principal American military and naval heroes : comprehending details of their achievements during the revolutionary and late wars. Interspersed with authentic anecdotes not found in any other work. / v.1
Author: Wilson, Thomas, 1768-1828?
Publication Info: New York : J. Low, 1821.
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Brigadier-General Daniel Morgan.
• ...e continued to drive until 1755, when he entered the army, iii the expedition under the unfortunate General Braddock, in what capacity is now unknown.-- During this period he was charged by a British ...
General George Washington.
• ... M'LITARY AND NAVAL HEROES. -der General Braddock as an extra aid-de-camp. That General marched against Fort de Quesne; but soon afte ...
• ...he trees, where they were concealed from their foes, and took a fatal aim. Washington had cautioned General Braddock in vain; his ardent desire of conquest made him deaf to the voice of prudence; he s ...
1 to 3 of 3 hits in this item
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