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Title: A biographical history of Lancaster County : being a history of early settlers and eminent men of the county; as also much other unpublished historical information, chiefly of a local character
Author: Harris, Alexander, b. 1827.
Publication Info: Lancaster, Pa. : E. Barr & Co., 1872.
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Biographical History of Lancaster County.
• ...influence of Christianity. But just at this time, tidings came that the forces under the command of General Braddock had been defeated, as they were marching to Fort Duquesne, (now Pittsburg); and thi ...
• ...ged with his associates in repelling the incursions of the Indians. He served in the campaign under General Braddock, and was a participant in the action near Pittsburg, in which that brave but ill-fa ...
1 to 2 of 2 hits in this item
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