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Title: An historical account of the expedition against the Ohio Indians, in the year 1764 : under the command of Henry Bouquet, esq: colonel of foot, and now brigadier general in America ; including his transactions with the Indians, relative to the delivery of their prisoners, and the preliminaries of peace ; with an introductory account of the preceeding campaign, and battle at Bushy-Run ; to which are annexed military papers, containing reflections on the war with the savages ; a method of forming frontier settlements ; some account of the Indian country, with a list of nations, fighting men, towns, distances and different routs ; the whole illustrated with a map and copper-plates /
Authors: Smith, William, 1727-1803., Hutchins, Thomas, 1730-1789.
Publication Info: Philadelphia, Pa.. Printed and sold by W. Bradford. 1765.
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