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Osswald, August / [n.d.] Abbildungen zu Assal Nachrichten über die früheren Einwohner von Nord-Amerika
Winterbotham, William, 1763-1829 / [1796] The American atlas
[1815] An Atlas, of ten select maps of ancient geography: both sacred and profane ; with a chronological table of universal history & biography ; being intended as an accompaniment to Mayo's Ancient geography and history
Woodbridge, William C. (William Channing), 1794-1845 / [c1827] Ancient atlas: to accompany The universal geography
Walling, Henry Francis, 1825-1888 / [1869] Atlas of the state of Ohio: to which is added an atlas of the United States
Beers, S. N. / [1867] Atlas of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania: from actual surveys
Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594 / [1963] Atlas sive Cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mvndi et fabricati figvra: Gerardo Mercatore Rupelmundano autore. Dvisbvrgi Clivorvm [1595.]
Guthrie, William, 1708-1770 / [1800] The atlas to Guthrie's system of geography
Carey, Mathew, 1760-1839 / [1814] Carey's general atlas, improved and enlarged: being a collection of maps of the world and quarters, their principal empires, kingdoms, &c. Containing
Whittlesey, Charles, 1808-1886 / [1850] Descriptions of ancient works in Ohio
Collot, Georges-Henri-Victor, 1750-1805 / [1826] A journey in North America: containing a survey of the countries watered by the Mississipi [sic], Ohio, Missouri, and other affluing rivers; with exact observations on the course and soundings of these rivers; and on the towns, villages, hamlets and farms of that part of the new-world; followed by philosophical, political, military and commercial remarks and by a projected line of frontiers and general limits, illustrated by 36 maps, plans, views and divers cuts Atlas
Madison, James, 1749-1812 / [March 4, 1807] A map of Virginia: formed from actual surveys, and the latest as well as most accurate observations
Jomard, (Edme-François), M, 1777-1862 / [1842-1862] Les monuments de la géographie, ou, Recueil d'anciennes cartes européennes et orientales: accompagnées de sphères terrestres et célestes, de mappemondes et tables cosmographiques, d'astrolabes et autres instruments d'observation, depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à l'époque d'Ortelius et de Gérard Mercator, publiés en facsimilé de la grandeur des originaux
Roggeveen, Arent, d. 1679 / [1676] Le premier tóme de la tourbe ardante: illuminant toute la region des Indes Occidentales, commençant depuis Rio Amazones, jusqu'a la partie septentrionále de Terra Nova
St. John de Crèvecoeur, J. Hector, 1735-1813 / [1801] Voyage dans la haute Pensylvanie et dans l'état de New-York: par un membre adoptif de la nation Onéida, v.3