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Nov 30, 2004

DRL releases new image collections

The Digital Research Library released the following four new image collections:
  • The George Washington Manuscripts from the Darlington Memorial Library comprises nine documents in Washington's hand or signed by him. Additional items include a map of W. Pa., two illustrations of Washington, and two broadsheet proclamations.
  • The Jack B. Yeats Broadsheets from Special Collections consists of twelve broadsheets (one for each month of 1902) illustrated by the younger brother of William Butler Yeats.
  • The Lillian Friedberg Postcard Collection from the Archives Service Center comprises sixty-two postcards that depict the 1933 Chicago's World Fair and W.W.II propaganda by the British Royal Air Force, French Resistance, and Nazi regime.
  • The A.E. Forbes Communist Collection also from the Archives Service Center contains eighty-seven hand rendered and mimeographed broadsides, newsletters, and flyers that presents a local snapshot of Pittsburgh's radical politics within the context of the Communist Party.