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Title: UE Legal Department Personnel Papers
Collection Number: UE.9.1
Creator: United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America. Legal Department.

Collection Dates: 1940-1970s
Extent: 15.0 linear feet (12 boxes)

Language: English

This subgroup contains the records of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America (UE) Legal Department staff. Records include correspondence and legal documents regarding War Labor Board cases and company information.

ULS Archives Service Center
University of Pittsburgh Library System
7500 Thomas Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA, 15260
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June 2009

Finding aid prepared by Zachary Brodt.
Collection Scope and Content Notes

The Legal Department of the UE consisted of general and associate counsels that were responsible for representing the national union, as well as its locals and members, during legal hearings and cases. This subgroup contains the papers of Legal Department staff. Records include correspondence and legal documents regarding War Labor Board cases and company information. Documents regarding the draft status of UE staff are also present.


Series 9.1.1. Fred Livingston

Series 9.1.2. David Scribner

Series 9.1.3. Frank J. Donner

Subject Terms

  • Draft -- United States -- History -- World War, 1939-1945
  • Draft registration -- United States – History -- World War, 1939-1945
  • Electric industry workers -- Labor unions -- United States -- History
  • Group insurance -- United States
  • Labor lawyers -- United States
  • Labor unions -- Organizing -- United States
  • Labor unions -- United States -- History -- 20th century

Corporate Names
  • United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America. -- History
  • United States. National War Labor Board (1942-1945).
  • United States. Selective Service System.

Personal Names
  • Donner, Frank J.
  • Livingston, Frederick R., 1912-1986
  • Scribner, David

  • Correspondence
  • Legal documents
  • Personnel records

  • Labor

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Gift of the United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America in 1976, 1986, and 1997.

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UE Legal Department Personnel Papers, 1940-1970s, UE.9.1, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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Portions of this collection have been previously cited as Papers of Fred Livingston, Associate General Counsel, United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE), 1940-45, UE:NO-ST-LivingstonF, Archives Service Center, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh

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This collection was processed by Jaimie George in 2003 and 2004 and by Zachary Brodt in April 2009.


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Collection Inventory

Series 9.1.1. Fred Livingston 1936-1945

Scope and Content Notes:

Frederick R. Livingston was born in November 1912. In 1944 Livingston left the federal National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to become the Associate General Counsel of the UE. In this capacity, Livingston advised the union and represented it before the draft board, War Labor Board, and War Manpower Commission during World War II.

The first two boxes in this series contain materials regarding the draft status of UE staff. The memorandum produced by the UE for the Director of Selective Service is particularly interesting since it provides justification for deferring international officers from military service and stresses the UE’s importance to the war effort. The draft questionnaires, arranged alphabetically by last name of staff member, provide biographical information often not available elsewhere and shed light on staff members’ roles in the union and war economy. Correspondence with Selective Service and the local draft boards is also included.

The rest of this series includes research on group insurance for the union. Several of these files relate directly to the creation of the 1944 pamphlet “UE Guide to Group Insurance” designed to assist UE locals negotiating insurance policies with their companies. Included is correspondence with attorneys, UE districts, UE locals, and other CIO unions concerning insurance policies. Also present is a set of questionnaires from a survey conducted by the UE national office to determine the amount of insurance coverage obtained at the local union level. Several information files exist for individual insurance companies and policies. Additional files bring together War Labor Board cases from 1943 to 1945 focused on determining whether unions were to be permitted to acquire group insurance benefits or not.

Box 1
Folder 1 Affidavit – Occupational Classification, undated
Folder 2 CIO Review Committee on Draft Committee, 1942-1944
Folder 3 Classification Advice, 1944-1945
Folder 4 Correspondence – Selective Service, 1944
Folder 5 Deferred Indefinitely, 1944-1945
Folder 06-07 Draft Deferment, 1942-1945
Folder 8 Draft Miscellaneous, 1944
Folder 09-14 Memorandum on the Draft Status of Staff – Deferments, 1944
Folder 15 Names of Companies Recommending Occupational Deferment, 1942
Folder 16 Newspaper Items, 1944
Folder 17-25 Occupational Deferment by District, 1944
Folder 26 General Information on Questionnaire on Draft, 1942-1944
Folder 27-34 Questionnaire on Draft, A-B, 1942-1945
Folder 35-39 Questionnaire on Draft, C, 1942-1945
Folder 40-48 Questionnaire on Draft, D, 1942-1945

Box 2
Folder 01-02 Questionnaire on Draft, E, 1942-1945
Folder 03-08 Questionnaire on Draft, F, 1942-1945
Folder 09-11 Questionnaire on Draft, G, 1942-1945
Folder 12-15 Questionnaire on Draft, H, 1942-1945
Folder 16 Questionnaire on Draft, I, 1942-1945
Folder 17-19 Questionnaire on Draft, J, 1942-1945
Folder 20-22 Questionnaire on Draft, K, 1942-1945
Folder 23-26 Questionnaire on Draft, L, 1942-1945
Folder 27-36 Questionnaire on Draft, M, 1942-1945
Folder 37-40 Questionnaire on Draft, N, 1942-1945
Folder 41 Questionnaire on Draft, O, 1944
Folder 42-43 Questionnaire on Draft, P, 1942-1944
Folder 44-49 Questionnaire on Draft, R, 1942-1945
Folder 50-55 Questionnaire on Draft, S, 1942-1945
Folder 56-58 Questionnaire on Draft, T, 1941-1945
Folder 59-61 Questionnaire on Draft, V-W, 1942-1945
Folder 62-63 Questionnaire on Draft, Z, 1943-1944
Folder 64 Requested Draft Deferments, 1944
Folder 65 War Department, 1942-1944

Box 3
Folder 01-02 Analysis of UE Local Plans, 1944-1945
Folder 3 Car Accident Case, 1944
Folder 4 Companies: Aetna Life Insurance Company, 1944
Folder 5 Companies: Associated Hospital Service, 1944
Folder 6 Companies: Connecticut General Life Insurance, 1943-1944
Folder 7 Companies: Equitable Insurance Company, 1944
Folder 8 Companies: Group Health Co-Operative, 1943-1944
Folder 9 Companies: John Hancock Life Insurance, 1944
Folder 10 Companies: Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 1936-1942
Folder 11 Companies: Miscellaneous, 1944-1945
Folder 12 Companies: Prudential Life Insurance, 1944-1945
Folder 13 Companies: Savings Bank Life Insurance, 1944
Folder 14 Companies: Trade Union Accident and Health, 1943-1944
Folder 15 Companies: Trade Union Agency Insurance, 1942-1944
Folder 16 Correspondence: Attorneys, 1944
Folder 17 Correspondence: CIO Unions, 1943-1944
Folder 18 Correspondence: Miscellaneous, 1944-1945
Folder 19 Correspondence: State Capitols and Washington, 1943-1944
Folder 20-21 Correspondence: UE Districts and Locals, 1943-1945
Folder 22 Fitzgerald, Albert – Accident Policy, 1945
Folder 23 Miscellaneous, 1943-1944
Folder 24 Newspaper Articles, 1944-1945
Folder 25 Pension Plans, 1944-1945
Folder 26 Insurance Plans: Associated with the UE, 1944-1945
Folder 27 Insurance Plans: District 4, 1942-1944
Folder 28 Insurance Plans: General Electric, 1940-1945
Folder 29-30 Insurance Plans: Miscellaneous, 1943-1944
Folder 31 Insurance Plans: New York City, 1944
Folder 32 Insurance Plans: Under Current Contract, 1943-1944

Box 4
Folder 1 Policy at UE National Office, 1944-1945
Folder 2 Policy Proposals to UE, 1943
Folder 03-05 Questionnaire to Locals on Insurance Coverage, 1944-1945
Folder 6 Requests for Books and Information, 1943-1945
Folder 7 Simons and Greeley – Employee Benefit Plans, 1945
Folder 8 Specimen Insurance Policies, 1943-1944
Folder 9 Taxation, 1944
Folder 10 UE Guide to Group Insurance: Letters and Clippings, 1944-1945
Folder 11 UE Guide to Group Insurance: Plates, undated
Folder 12 Veterans, 1944
Folder 13 Wagner-Murray-Dingell Bill on Social Security, 1944-1945
Folder 14 War Labor Board Case: Dissenting Opinion, 1944
Folder 15 War Labor Board Case: Representatives’ Correspondence, 1943-1944
Folder 16 War Labor Board Case: Rulings on Group Insurance, 1943-1945
Folder 17 Worksheets, 1943-1945
Folder 18 Workers Compensation, 1944
Box 05-07 Group Insurance: Correspondence and UE Staff Files, undated

Series 9.1.2. David Scribner 1943-1945

Scope and Content Notes:

David Scribner served as General Counsel for the UE during the 1940s to the 1950s. He represented the union throughout the hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) and other ensuing trials accusing members of the UE to be members of the Communist Party. His work with the UE and other cases in which he believed a defendant's civil rights were being compromised led to him being investigated by the FBI. Scribner was also a founder of the National Lawyers Guild and served as executive secretary in 1959. He died in April 1991.

This series contains many files regarding National and regional War Labor Board cases concerning UE locals and their companies. Included are correspondence, clippings, and legal documents. Publications on companies and certified public accountants in New York are also present.

Box 8
Folder 1 Local 456 Negotiations and War Labor Board Case, 1943
Folder 2 Smith-Connaly Strike Vote, GE-GM, Westinghouse, 1945
Folder 3 General Electric and Westinghouse, War Labor Board, 1945
Folder 4 War Labor Board Transcript, Breeze Corp., 1944
Folder 5 Westinghouse and GE, War Labor Board Cases, 1945
Folder 6 Westinghouse War Labor Board Joint Application, 1943-1945
Folder 7 GE War Labor Board Joint Applications, 1944
Box 09-10 War Labor Board Cases and Correspondence, undated

Series 9.1.3. Frank J. Donner 1950-1967

Scope and Content Notes:

Frank Donner earned his law degree from Columbia University and soon after became a staff attorney for the NLRB. He then served as counsel for the Congress of Industrial Organizations from 1943 to 1947, when he started his own firm. He specialized in defending people questioned by HUAC and was himself accused of being a Communist during the hearings. These experiences led to him becoming general counsel for the UE during the 1960s. He wrote several books, including The Un-Americans, and from 1971 until his death in 1993, he was director of the American Civil Liberties Union Project on Political Surveillance at Yale Law School.

This series contains office files of Frank Donner. Included are correspondence, address books, business cards, and records from his law firm. Some personal correspondence is also present.

Box 11
Folder 1 Donner, Perlin & Piel, Settlement of Firm Accounts, undated
Folder 2 Danny Donner-School, 1959-1966
Folder 3 Correspondence regarding Ballantine Book, 1961-1963
Folder 4 Lillian Hellman, 1950-1960
Folder 5 Ballantine Books Correspondence, 1962-1965
Folder 6 Albany-Georgia Suit-Temporary, 1959
Folder 7 Talks-Articles-Book, Carey McWilliams, 1960-1965
Folder 8 Correspondence with Arthur Kinoy-Research Project, 1963
Folder 9 Clippings on McCarthy and the UE, 1954
Folder 10 Frank J. Donner Misc., undated
Folder 11 Memos and Correspondence, 1958-1962

Box 12
Folder 1 Arbitration, 1976
Folder 2 Miscellaneous, 1976
Folder 3 Student Draft, 1968-1969
Folder 4 Correspondence, January 1966-December 1967
Folder 5 Jacobson, 1970-1971
Folder 6 Correspondence on the Right Wing, 1962-1963
Folder 7 L.M. Rabinowitz Foundation, 1962
Folder 8 Personal Correspondence, A-L, 1960-1961
Folder 9 Personal Correspondence, A-L, 1959-1962
Folder 10 Guns-Gun Control, 1968
Folder 11 Donner & Piel-Financial, 1964
Folder 12 Personal Correspondence, M-Z, 1959-1962
Folder 13 Personal Correspondence, A-L on the Right Wing, 1963