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Title: Alfredo A. Roggiano Papers
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Creator: Roggiano, Alfredo A.

Collection Dates: 1938-1991
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Alfredo A. Roggiano was professor of Hispanic languages and literatures at the University of Pittsburgh from 1963 until 1984. In addition to his tenure as professor, Roggiano was also a renowned Argentine poet and Director of the Revista Iberoamericana, a leading scholarly journal of Latin American literature. Through his influence, the International Institute of Iberoamerican Literature has been housed at the University of Pittsburgh. Professor Roggiano's collection includes professional correspondences, various newspaper articles detailing his accomplishments, manuscripts, books, published articles, and various conferences and lectures. Many of the conferences contain records and activities of the International Institute of Iberoamerican Literature.

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August 2010

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Alfredo A. Roggiano was an Argentine poet and distinguished professor emeritus of Hispanic languages and literatures at the University of Pittsburgh. He was born in Chivilcoy, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1919. Roggiano died on October 27, 1991 at his home in Pittsburgh, Pa. He was seventy-two years old. Roggiano’s academic and professional career spanned close to five decades. He completed his doctorate in literatures in 1945 at the University of Buenos Aires and continued postdoctoral work in the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones in Madrid, Spain. He taught at the University of Tucuman, Argentina prior to emigrating to the United States. At the University of Tucuman he served as a professor of poetics and stylistics and director of the Hispanic section of the Department of Languages and Literatures. In 1955 in protest of the Peron regime, Roggiano left his native country for the states. Before joining the University of Pittsburgh faculty, he also taught at a number of universities including the University of New Mexico, the University of California at Berkeley, and Iowa State University. Since 1955 Roggiano had also been Director of the Revista Iberoamericana, a leading scholarly journal of Latin American literature founded in Mexico City in 1938. Roggiano accepted the directorship of the journal at the Congress of the Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana celebrated at the University of California, Berkeley in 1955. That same year he was appointed Executive Director of the International Institute of Iberoamerican Literature at the age of 36. For his work with the journal, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1988. In 1963, Roggiano joined the University of Pittsburgh faculty. It was at this time that he also founded the Latin American literature program in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literatures, retiring from that department in 1984. Over the course of his career, Roggiano authored numerous books and over seventy articles on Latin American literature. Through Roggiano’s influence, the International Institute of Iberoamerican Literature has been housed at the University of Pittsburgh. Among its publications is the Revista Iberoamericana as well as a number of book series related to Iberoamerican literature including Biblioteca de América, Actas, Serie Críticas, Serie Nuevo Siglo, Serie Tres Ríos, and Serie ACP. Prior to his death, Roggiano donated $150,000 to the University of Pittsburgh to establish an endowed lecture fund in his name in the Hispanic department. The Alfredo A. Roggiano Fund supported an annual lecture series, symposia, colloquia and resulting publications on various topics. In addition, the Alfredo A. Roggiano Prize was established and awarded annually to an outstanding graduate student in the Hispanic department. His death was preceded by the publication of Prision o Transparencia, a volume containing almost all the poetry he had written over his lifetime. The slim volume has been described as a metaphysical expression to transcend the author’s soul and give of himself and his experiences a form of liberation from the prison of the self.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

The Alfredo A. Roggiano collection contains five series described and arranged chronologically by date. The series reflect Roggiano's many professional achievements as a professor, writer, poet, and avid lecturer. The five series include Conferences, Lectures, and Symposiums, Professional Appointments and Activities, Published and Unpublished Works, Correspondences, and Research Materials and Miscellaneous.

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Separated Material:
Photographs were removed to the Roggiano Personal File; Pitt Stadium dedication medal and ribbon removed to Museum Cabinet.

Collection Inventory

Series Conferences, Lectures, and Symposiums, 1961-1990

Scope and Content Notes:

Series I consists of conferences, lectures, and symposiums that Roggiano participated in throughout his career. Included among them are conferences at various universities nationally and abroad. Roggiano kept very detailed accounts of each lecture. The folders contain correspondences leading up to the conferences as well as programs, brochures, articles, and memorabilia related to each conference.

Box 1
Folder 1 Creative Arts Week, University of Iowa May 1961

Also: "Homage to Baudelaire"

Folder 2 Midwest Modern Language Association 1963
Folder 3 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XII Congreso, Mexico 1965
Folder 4 Centenario del Nacimiento de Ruben Dario, Ciudad Dario, Nicaragua 1967
Folder 5 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XII Congreso, Caracas 1967
Folder 6 Congreso International de Quebec October 1968
Folder 7 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XIV Congreso, Toronto 1969
Folder 8 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberomericana, XVII Congreso, Madrid May 20-26, 1975
Separated Material:
Photographs were removed and placed in the UA Personal file.

Folder 9 Various round tables and lectures 1976-1980
Folder 10 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XIX Congreso, Pittsburgh 1979
Folder 11 Ideologia, Historia, Novela, Conferencia en Yale University March 30, 1979
Folder 12 University of Massachusetts, Symposium: The Essay in the Hispanic World May 4-5, 1979
Folder 13 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XX Congreso, Budapest 1980
Folder 14 Various lectures: Yale Law School, Cornell University, University of Vermont 1981
Folder 15 Louisiana Conference on Hispanic Languages and Literatures February 26-28, 1981
Folder 16 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XXII Congreso, Paris, France June 13-17, 1983
Folder 17 Lecture, George Mason University November 1-3, 1984
Folder 18 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XXIII Congreso June 25, 1984
Folder 19 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XXIII Congreso, Madrid 1984
Folder 20 Conferences in West Germany May 1984
Folder 21 XI Annual Hispanic Literatures Conference, Indiana, Pennsylvania October 11-12, 1985
Folder 22 Tulane University Conference November 14-16, 1985
Folder 23 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, Stanford University, California July 8-12, 1985
Folder 24 Conference on Latin American Literature, VIII Annual, Montclair State College March 15, 1985
Folder 25 International Colloquium on Augusto Roa Bastos, Oklahoma State University April 4-6, 1985
Folder 26 IV Simposio Internacional Sobre Literaturas Indigenas Latino Americanas, Mexico January 4-12, 1986
Folder 27 Ernesto Sebato Symposium January 22-24, 1986
Folder 28 VII Feria Internacional del Libro, Mexico March 8-16, 1986
Folder 29 Columbia University Lecture April 3, 1986
Folder 30 International Multidisciplinary Conference on the Dominican Republic, Seton Hall University April 10-12, 1986
Folder 31 Conference at St. John's University April 30, 1986
Folder 32 Conference at the University of Minnesota March 1986
Folder 33 Asociacion Internacional de Hispanistas, IX Congreso, Berlin August 18-23, 1986
Folder 34 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XXV Congreso, Universidad de Bonn August 11-16, 1986
Folder 35 Lecture, Emir Rodriquez Monegal Memorial May 1, 1986
Folder 36 Louisiana Conference on Hispanic Languages and Literatures, Tulane University February 26-28, 1987
Folder 37 Union de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba April 17-May 1, 1987
Separated Material:
Photographs removed and placed in the UA Personal Files under Roggiano.

Folder 38 South Eastern Conference on Latin American Studies (SECOLAS), Merida, Yucatan April 1-5, 1987
Folder 39 Congreso Internacional de Intelectuales y Artistas, Valencia June 15-20, 1987
Folder 40 Lecture, Spanish Cultural Club of Pittsburgh May 16, 1987
Folder 41 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XXVI Congreso, New York June 8-12, 1987
Folder 42 IV Ibero-American Literary Colloquium, Rice University April 7-9, 1988
Folder 43 Exposicion Feria Internacional de Buenos Aires April 1988
Folder 44 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XXVII Congreso, Mexico August 22-26, 1988
Folder 45 IV Congreso de la Union de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba January 24-February 3, 1988
Folder 46 Latin American Indian Literatures Association (LAILA), VI International Symposium June 13-17, 1988
Folder 47 American Comparative Literature Association, Brandeis University March 8-11, 1989
Folder 48 Symposio Internacional Hispanica Posnaniensia May 28-June 2, 1989
Folder 49 Guatemala Symposium August 6-12, 1989
Folder 50 IV International Conference of Letras de Oro and Ideas March 29-30, 1990
Folder 51 Jornadas Internacionales Carlos Pellicer, Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico February 12-16, 1990
Folder 52 Lecture, Pedro Henriquez Urena en Mexico February 8, 1990
Folder 53 Second Conference of the International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI), Leuven, Belgium September 3-8, 1990
Folder 54 Arizona State University, Distinguished Lecture Series November 13-21, 1989
Folder 55 Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana, XXVIII Congreso, Brown University June 18-21, 1990

Series Professional Appointments and Activities

Scope and Content Notes:

Series II constitutes different facets of Roggiano's teaching career including his early appointments at the University of Tucuman, Iowa State University, the University of New Mexico, and the University of California. The folders are arranged according to place and different projects such as Roggiano's participation in teacher training groups, grant writing, departmental studies, dissertation committees, and social theatre seminars. The individual materials of each folder vary and contain bulk correspondences, among other items. Included among this series are also several files marked "otras actividades" (other activities) and "Roggiano activities." The date ranges and materials were left in the order and condition that Roggiano kept them.

Box 2
Folder 56 Universidad Nacional de Tucuman 1947-1954
Folder 57 Universidad de Chile 1951-1954
Folder 58 The University of New Mexico and the University of California, Berkeley 1955-56
Folder 59 State University of Iowa 1955-56
Folder 60 State University of Iowa 1955-57
Folder 61 Otras actividades 1958-62
Folder 62 State University of Iowa 1958-59
Folder 63 State University of Iowa 1961-62
Folder 64 Otras actividades 1961-62
Folder 65 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Visiting Professor 1963
Folder 66 University of Pittsburgh, Program for Teaching Training Specialists 1964
Folder 67 Otras actividades 1964-66
Folder 68 University of New Mexico summer session 1965
Folder 69 Newspaper clippings 1967
Folder 70 Social Theatre activities, University of Pittsburgh 1967
Folder 71 Trip to Los Angeles 1966-1967
Folder 72 Roggiano activities 1975-76
Folder 73 Roggiano activities 1977-78
Folder 74 Distinguished Service Professor Award, University of Pittsburgh 1982-83
Folder 75 Roggiano activities 1982-1983
Folder 76 Otras actividades 1978-83
Folder 77 Otras actividades 1984-85
Folder 78 Hispanic Department, University of Pittsburgh, History and Self-Study May 1985
Folder 79 Revista Mundi 1986
Folder 80 Rutgers University dissertation committee April 1987
Folder 81 Center for Latin American Studies, University of Pittsburgh; list of members 1987
Folder 82 Grant for the Center for Latin American Studies, University of Pittsburgh 1987-88
Folder 83 Argentina 1989
Folder 84 Nicaragua 1989
Folder 85 Donation to the National Library of Nicaragua 1989
Folder 86 University of Cincinnati Libraries (reception for donors) 1990
Folder 87 Roggiano y la Revista Iberoamericana 1984-91
Folder 88 Roggiano curriculum vitae

Series Published and Unpublished Works

Scope and Content Notes:

Series III comprises Roggiano's poems and publications. The formats include photocopied material, articles, scholarly journals, and bound works. The publications contained within each folder vary as do the materials.

Folder 89 Poems and Publications 1947-1989
Folder 90 Main trends in Latin American literature 1960
Folder 91 Publications 1938-1946
Folder 92 Roggiano publications
Folder 93 Poesia Argentina
Folder 94 Writings
Folder 95 Poems
Folder 96 Poems

Box 3
Folder 97-101a Various writing, articles, manuscripts,
Folder 102 Prision O Transparencia 1990
Folder 103 Biography and list of publications

Series Correspondences

Scope and Content Notes:

Series IV consists of correspondences to various people, groups, and organizations.

Folder 104 Alfonso Rangel Guerra correspondences 1963-1965
Folder 105 James O'Neill correspondence 1965
Folder 106 Renato Rosaldo correspondence 1965
Folder 107 Gordon R. Silber, State University of New York at Buffalo 1967
Folder 108 University of Colorado 1967
Folder 109 Dave Halliday 1968
Folder 111 Frank Tannenbaum correspondence 1968
Folder 112 Center for Latin American Studies 1976
Folder 113 Wesley W. Posvar and Keith McDuffie sabbatical correspondence 1976 and 1982
Folder 114 Emilio Carilla correspondences 1979, 1989-1990
Folder 115 Carmelo Mesa-Lago and Javier Herrero 1980
Folder 116 Tinker Field Research Grant Program 1983
Folder 117 Emory University correspondences 1983
Folder 118 Arlen Specter and William J. Coyne 1983
Folder 119 Ellis Island Foundation 1985
Folder 120 Montserrat Ordonez 1985-1986
Folder 121 Teodosio Fernandez correspondences 1987
Folder 122 Stanford University 1988
Folder 123 Latin American Writer's correspondences 1985-1989
Folder 124 Mundi correspondences 1989-1990
Folder 125 Universitat Regensburg 1990
Folder 126 University of California, Carol Wall 1991
Folder 127 Carlos Alvarez-Ude correspondence 1991
Folder 128 Wesley W. Posvar honors convocation correspondence 1991
Folder 129-131 Various correspondences

Series Research Materials and Miscellaneous

Scope and Content Notes:

The last series identified as Research Materials and Miscellaneous contains folders about different individuals. These people had an impact on Roggiano's work and he kept individual folders related to them. The folders contain publications, correspondences, and a variety of other material about each individual. The dates and range of materials vary and have not been included. The folders have been arranged as Roggiano kept them. Individuals can be identified by the name on the file folders. In addition, there are several folders of miscellaneous articles and correspondence about Roggiano and the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature.

Folder 132 Ernesto D. Marrone
Folder 133 Manuel Lopez Lorenzo
Folder 134 Graciela Maturo
Folder 135-136 Carlos Guido y Spano
Folder 137 Leopoldo Diaz
Folder 138 Jose Juan Tablada

Box 4
Folder 139 Federico de Onis
Folder 140 Arturo Torres Rioseco
Folder 141 Enrique Anderson Imbert and others
Folder 142 Laureano Alban
Folder 143 Jose Marti
Folder 144 Ortega y Gasset
Folder 145 Jaime Alazraki
Folder 146 Alfonso Reyes
Folder 147 Alejandra Pizarnik and others
Folder 148 Baldomero Sanin Cano and Eduardo Carranza
Folder 149 Jean Franco
Folder 150 Pedro Henriquez Urena
Folder 151 Modernismo en Argentina
Folder 152 Modernismo en Argentina
Folder 153 Modernismo Roggiano
Folder 154-157 Correspondence about Revista Iberoamericana and other articles.

Includes materials on Latin American Indian Literature,

Separated Material:
Photographs were removed to the UA Personal File for Roggiano.

Folder 159 Twelve Golden Days Christmas poem/greeting card
Folder 159 Letters from students and others, articles, etc
Folder 160 Articles about Roggiano and the Department, thank you letters, etc
Folder 161 Miscellaneous articles and clippings about Roggiano and the Hispanice Department
Folder 162 Original Inventory
Box 5 Various articles in journals