Summary Information
Title: Thomas Parran Papers
Collection Number: UA.90.F14
Creator: Parran, Thomas, 1892-1968

Collection Dates: 1916-1962
Extent: 75.94 linear feet (139 boxes)

Language: English

The papers of Thomas Parran consist primarily of material related to his tenure as Surgeon General of the United States, as one of the founders of the World Health Organization, and the first dean of the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public Health. Dr. Parran served as Surgeon General from 1936-1948. During his career, Dr. Parran worked to eradicate such diseases as tuberculosis, veneral disease, diphtheria, malaria, hookworm and maternal and infant mortality.

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Fall 2001

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Collection Scope and Content Notes

The University Archives accessioned and processed the papers of Dr. Thomas Parran in 1982-1983. The significance of these papers lies in the depth, scope and time frame of the material. The collection spans the years 1916-1962, beginning with Dr. Parran career as a field investigator for the U.S. Public Health Service through his retirement in 1958 as Dean of the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public Health. The material from 1958-1962 concern various organizations with which Dr. Parran was involved.

In 1930 Dr. Parran met with the Governor of New York , Franklin D. Roosevelt. His association with Roosevelt lead to his career with the Public Health Service and his appointment as Surgeon General of the United States in 1936.

During World War II, Parran's career took on an international perspective as he became involved in world health concerns with the United Nations. He traveled to many parts of the world including the Soviet Union, China, Latin America and eventually to Japan where he studied the effects of radiation caused by the atomic bomb.

In 1948, the Board of Trustees of the University of Pittsburgh successfully recruited Dr. Parran to become Dean of the newly formed Graduate School of Public Health. He served as Dean until 1958.

The papers include some information gathered by Dr. Parran for his numerous publications on venereal disease and public health as well has background material for his highly acclaimed book on venereal disease, Shadow on the Land.

Subject Terms

  • Cancer -- Research -- Societies, etc.
  • Cancer -- United States
  • Charities -- United States
  • International agencies
  • International cooperation -- Societies, etc.
  • International organization
  • Medicine -- New York (State)
  • Medicine -- Societies, etc.
  • Nutrition -- Societies, etc.
  • Population
  • Preventive health services
  • Public health -- International cooperation
  • Public health -- Societies, etc.
  • Public health -- Study and teaching -- Pennsylvania
  • Public health -- United States
  • Public health administration -- United States
  • Radio in health education -- United States
  • Research institutes -- Illinois
  • Research institutes -- Illinois -- Chicago
  • Science -- Societies, etc.
  • Trade and professional associations -- United States
  • United Nations associations
  • Universities and colleges -- Pennsylvania
  • Universities and colleges -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh
  • Vitamins -- Societies, etc
  • World health -- Societies, etc.

Corporate Names
  • United Nations. -- Economic assistance

Personal Names
  • Davis, Michael Marks, 1879-1971 -- Correspondence
  • De Kruif, Paul, 1890-1971 -- Correspondence
  • Moore, Joseph Earle, 1892-1957 -- Correspondence
  • Parran, Thomas, 1892-1968

  • New York (State) -- Medical care

  • Medicine -- New York (State) -- Societies, etc.

  • Faculty papers
  • Health and medicine
  • University of Pittsburgh

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Access Restrictions:

Some folders in Series X and XI are marked as Confidential and require access permission from the University Archivist.

Acquisition Information:

Transferred to the Archives from Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh in 1981.

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Thomas Parran Papers, 1916-1962, UA.90.F14, University Archives, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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This collection was processed by Archives Service Center Staff in 1982-1983.

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Collection Inventory

Series I. Personal Correspondence 1930-1947

Box 1
Folder 1 Baruch, Bernard
Folder 2 Cornell, Paul Cullen, Thomas S.
Folder 3 Davis, Michael M.
Folder 4 De Kruif, Paul (1935-1939)
Folder 5 De Kruif, Paul (1940)

Box 2
Folder 6 Dobos, Druper, Gusack
Folder 7 Farrand, Livingston
Folder 8 Folks, Homer
Folder 9 Jameson, Sir Wilson
Folder 10 Kemp, Jarold E.
Folder 11 Kennedy, Foster
Folder 12 Kingsbury, John A.
Folder 13 Leathers, W.S.

Box 3
Folder 14 Lehman, Hon. Herbert H.
Folder 15 Lumsden, L.L.
Folder 16 McCormack, A.T.
Folder 17 McKinney, Roessle
Folder 18 McShane, Margaret
Folder 19 Merck, George W.
Folder 20 Meyer, Eugene
Folder 21 Miller, Francis P.
Folder 22 Miller, Knox E. and Murray, Vance B.
Folder 23a Moore, Joseph Earle

Box 4
Folder 23b Moore, Joseph Earle
Folders 24 Mulliken, Otis
Folder 25 Orr, Sir John
Folder 26 The Order of 1606
Folder 27 Picken, Ralph, M.F., M.B.
Folder 28 Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Folder 29 Ruhland, George C.
Folder 30 Schwitalla, Father
Folder 31 Sebrell - Shimkin - J.S. Simmons - H.F. Smith - Sigerist
Folder 32 Simpson, Walter
Folder 33 Spies - Stolz - Surran
Folder 34 Stokes, John H.

Box 5
Folder 35 Thomas, Elbert - Thompson, L.R.
Folder 36 Walton - Warner - West
Folder 37 Welch, Dr. William H.
Folder 38 Wenger, O.C.
Folder 39 White House
Folder 40 Wightman - Wile - Williams
Folder 41 Williams Huntington
Folder 42 Winslow, C.E.A.
Folder 43 France
Folder 44 Great Britain
Folder 45 Scandinavian countries
Folder 46 Foreign (misc.)

Series II. Inactive Office Files 1930-1939

Folder 47 Appraisal forms for rural health work - APHA - American Public Health Association
Folder 48 President-elect congratulatory letters, 1932

Box 6
Folder 49 Financial statements, 1935-1936
Folder 50 Treasurer's report, 1932
Folder 51 Correspondence in re appointment of Executive Secretary
Folder 52-55 General Correspondence, 1933-1936

Box 7
Folder 56 General Correspondence
Folder 57-59 Minutes, 1933-1938
Folder 60 Governing Council, 1935-1941

Box 8
Folder 61 Membership Lists, 1935-1938
Folder 62 Miscellaneous reports, 1933-1935
Folder 63 Committee for Improvements in Administrative Health and Welfare Services, 1932-1933
Folder 64 Committee on Essentials of Health Organization, 1933
Folder 65 Committee on Medical Care, 1937
Folder 66 Committee on Stabilization of Public Health Services, 1935
Folder 67 National Health Council; a report by Ira V. Hiscock, 1935
Folder 68 APHA Southern and Western Branches, 1936-1937
Folder 69 American Social Hygiene Association corresp. and memoranda American Society for the Control of Cancer
Folder 70 Correspondences, 1932-1936

Box 9
Folder 71-73 Minutes and miscellaneous reports, 1934-1936

Box 10
Folder 74 Minutes and miscellaneous reports, 1937
Folder 75 American Society for the Control of Cancer Minutes and miscellaneous reports, 1938
Folder 76 Albany City Health Dept., correspondence personal official, 1933-1934
Folder 77 Albany County Medical Society, 1931-1935
Folder 78 Allied Sciences of Oklahoma, 1935
Folder 79 American Young Men correspondence, 1935-1937
Folder 80 American Epidemiological Society, 1934-1935
Folder 81 American Association of University Women, 1933-1954
Folder 82 American Legion National Child Welfare Executive Committee, 1933
Folder 83 American Medical Association correspondence, 1934
Folder 84 Annual Conference of Health Officers and Public Health Nurses, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., 1935
Folder 85 Associated Grocery Manufacturers of America General correspondence, 1935
Folder 86 Association of Military Surgeons of the United States, 1937-1939

Box 11
Folder 87 Bellevue-Yorkville Health Demonstration, 1934
Folder 88 Cancer. Proposed Upstate program, American Society for the Control of Cancer, 1935-1936
Folder 89 Cancer League, International General Correspondence, 1935
Folder 90 Cleveland Child Health Association correspondence, 1935
Folder 91 Children's Bureaus U.S. Labor Dept., 1933
Folder 92 Children's Council - New York State (follow-up of National White House 1933 Conference on Child Health and Protection), 1932-1933
Folder 93 Committee on Neighborhood Health Dept. (Dept. of Health New York City - report), 1935
Folder 94 Committee on the Costs of Medical Care Correspondence, reports and memos, 1932-1934
Folder 95 County Health departments campaign committee, 1930-1931
Folder 96 Committee on Economic Security for the President, 1936
Folder 97 Dental Society of the State of New York correspondence, 1935
Folder 98 District State Health Offices Visits by Dr. Brooks and Dr. Godfrey, 1933
Folder 99 Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935 (Federal),
Folder 100 Federation of Women's Clubs of New York State correspondence, 1935-1936

Box 12
Folder 101 Federation of Women's Educational Organizations New York State Health Education Program, 1931
Folder 102-103 Flood in New York State the summer of 1935, Memoranda and news releases,
Folder 104 Food and Health Exposition, New York. Correspondence and memoranda, 1932-1933
Folder 105 Georgetown Medical School, 1932-1936
Folder 106 Greater New York Safety Council, 1935-1938
Folder 107 Governor's office, Executive Dept. Correspondence personal official, 1930-1935
Folder 108 Harvard University lectures - correspondence, 1931-1936
Folder 109 Illinois Commercial Men's Association, 1927-1936
Folder 110 Industrial Hygiene occupational diseases, 1934-1935
Folder 111 International Conference on Dermatology and Syphilology IX Congress. Report to Secy of State, 1935
Folder 112 Interstate Sanitation Commission New York. Correspondence, 1935-1936
Folder 113 League of Nations- Health Section. Visit of Medical Health officers to U.S. general correspondence Oct. 7 - Dec. 7, 1935
Folder 114 League of Nations- Quarterly bulletin of the Health Organization, Vol. IV, No. 1, March 1935
Folder 115 League of Nations- Miscellaneous correspondence and publication: World Organization Present and Future
Folder 116 League of Nations- Health organization - Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, 1924-1926

Box 13
Folder 117 Letchworth Village (State institution at Thiells, N.Y.), 1934
Folder 118 Life Extension Institute, Inc. correspondence and memoranda, 1932-1937
Folder 119 Massachusetts Institute of Technology correspondence, 1934
Folder 120 Maternity Center Association of New York City. Correspondence and memoranda, 1931-1935
Folder 121 Medical care and public health, 1934-1935
Folder 122 Medical Society of the State of New York correspondence, 1933-1936
Folder 123 Medical Society of the State of New York Maternal and Child Hygiene Committee, 1934-1935
Folder 124 Milbank Memorial Fund- correspondence, 1931-1937

Box 14
Folder 125 Milbank Memorial Fund- minutes, 1932-1936
Folder 126-128 Milbank Memorial Fund- reports, 1932-1935
Folder 129 National Institute of Health, USPH Service correspondence, 1930-1935
Folder 130 National Industrial Recovery Act, 1933
Folder 131 Parran, Thomas Jr., M.D. news clippings,
Folder 132 New York State Dept. of Health, summary of annual report, 1934-1935
Folder 133 Next Practical Steps in Public Health in the State of New York, 1934-1935
Folder 134 New York city Director of Health Administration correspondence, 1935
Folder 135 New York State Organization for Public Health Nursing, 1936
Folder 136 Nurses Association, New York State - Trends in Public Health annual convention, Syracuse, N.Y., 1935

Box 15
Folder 137 Organization of the New York State Department of Health outline, 1932
Folder 138 Planning Council, New York State- General correspondence and the law, 1935-1938
Folder 139 Planning Council, New York State- Law, reports and misc. memoranda, 1935
Folder 140 Planning Council, New York State- General correspondence, 1934
Folder 141 Planning Council, New York State- temporary minutes of meetings,
Folder 142 Planning Council, New York State- Temporary Committee on Social Trends Dr. Parran chairman, 1934
Folder 143 Planning Council, New York State- temporary organization, membership list, etc
Folder 144 Planning Council, New York State- news clippings, 1934
Folder 145 Planning Council, New York State- Minutes

Box 16
Folder 146 Pneumonia Program of Studies for New York State - Proposed program, memoranda, etc.
Folder 147 Pneumonia Program... correspondence, 1935
Folder 148 Public Health Administration
Folder 149 Public Health Council. Correspondence, memoranda, personal official, 1930-1934
Folder 150 Parran, Thomas Jr. M.D. Opinion by the Attorney General of the State of New York in re term of office of State Health Commissioner Personal, 1930
Folder 151 Public Health Institute of Chicago- correspondence, memoranda, 1930-1936
Folder 152 Public Health Institute of Chicago- reports, memoranda, news clippings, 1930-1934
Folder 153 Rensselaer County. Proposed health district. Correspondence, memoranda. Official, 1935

Box 17
Folder 154 Rensselaer County Tuberculosis and Health Association, 1935
Folder 155 Retirement system in New York State correspondence and statements - official. Dr. Parran's retirement, 1930, 1931, 1935
Folder 156 Rockefeller Foundation. Correspondence official, 1934
Folder 157 Roseman, Dr. Milton J. Testimonial in honor of Dr. Roseman in Boston. General correspondence, Nov. 27, 1935
Folder 158 Rural Homes Commission (appointed by Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt), Sept, 1931
Folder 159 Julius Rosenwald Fund, Julius Rosenwald Fund - Program of Medical Economics (Dr. Davis)
Folder 160 Julius Rosenwald Fund, reports, misc. memoranda
Folder 160 Julius Rosenwald Fund - reports, misc. memoranda
Folder 161 Albemarle County, Va. (Rosenwald Fund)
Folder 162 Bolivar County (Study) - Rosenwald Fund
Folder 163 Glynn County, Ga. (study) Rosenwald Fund. Study by Dr. Parran, et al.
Folder 164 Macon County Ala. Rosenwald Fund, Study by Dr. Parran et al.
Folder 165 Pitt County, N.C. Rosenwald Fund. Study by Parran et al.
Folder 166 Sipton County, Tenn. Rosenwald Fund. Study by Parran et al.
Folder 167 General data correspondence Rosenwald Fund. Study by Parran et al.
Folder 168 Salaries. Correspondence with Budget Director of the state, 1930
Folder 169 Federal emergency Relief Administration. Correspondence, 1933-1934
Folder 170 Reorganization - medical societies, 1937

Folder 18
Folder 171 Federal Government Reorganization- The plan and charts, Health, Education Welfare Services, 1933
Folder 172 Federal Government Reorganization- general correspondence, 1933
Folder 173 'S' Miscellaneous and general correspondence
Folder 174 Science Advisory Board: National- Expense accounts, official forms, 1934-1935
Folder 175 Science Advisory Board: National- Agenda for meetings of board, 1934-1935
Folder 176 Science Advisory Board: National- Correspondence, General, 1934-1935
Folder 177 Science Advisory Board: National- reports, memoranda
Folder 178 Science Advisory Board: National- organization, membership, 1934-1935
Folder 179 Science Advisory Board: National- report to the President of the United States, 1935

Box 19
Folder 180 Science Advisory Board: National- minutes of meetings of the board, 1934-1935
Folder 181 Science Advisory Board: National- committee on medical and public health, correspondence official, 1934
Folder 182 Science Advisory Board: National- reports, memoranda re: the board, 1934
Folder 183 Science Advisory Board: National- A report to the President from the board, subject: A national program for putting science to work for the national welfare, 1935
Folder 184 Science Advisory Board: National- possibilities of dev. mineral industries tributary to Boulder Dam, 1934
Folder 185 Science Advisory Board: National- committee on mapping services of the federal government, 1934
Folder 186 Science Advisory Board: National- committee on mapping services, 1934

Box 20
Folder 187 Social Security Law 1935
Folder 188 Science Advisory Board- correspondence, general, official, 1935
Folder 189 Science Advisory Board- committee on medicine and public health, 1935
Folder 190 Social Security Law - reports, memoranda 1935, 1935
Folder 191 Social Security Committee - general correspondence, 1934-35
Folder 192 Social Security Committee - (Economic Security) history - executive order, 1934-35
Folder 193 Social Security Law - correspondence, 1934-35
Folder 194 Social Security Committee Sub-Committee on Child Welfare - children's bureau, U.S. Labor Department, 1934-35

Box 21
Folder 195 Sub-committee's Correspondence, 1934-35
Folder 196 Social Insurance Against Illness, abstract of a program, 1935
Folder 197 Social Security Committee - National - Reports, memoranda, misc., 1934-35
Folder 198 State Charities Aid Association - General Correspondence, General Correspondence, 1932-34
Folder 199 State Charities Aid Association - General Correspondence, Reports, misc., 1929-1931
Folder 200 State and provisional health authorities of North America - correspondence, related memoranda, 1932-34
Folder 201 Syracuse University - Commencement, 1934
Folder 202 Scarlet Fever Serum - NY, 1932-36

Box 22
Folder 203 Tax Laws, Commission for Revision of Mostick Commission, 1932
Folder 204 Temporary Emergency Relief Administration, law - free milk, 1934
Folder 205 Temporary Emergency Relief Administration, New York state - food allowance standards in upstate welfare districts, 1933
Folder 206 Temporary Emergency Relief Administration, Medical relief program in the state of New York, 1932-33
Folder 207 Temporary Emergency Relief Administration, Sickness census tables and related data, 1932-33
Folder 208 Tennessee State Dept. of Health - Manual for the Conduct of County Health Depts, 1928
Folder 209 Ten Year Construction Program Estimate - New York State, 1931
Folder 210 Tuberculosis Control Program, Buffalo, 1934
Folder 211 Tuberculosis activities - Survey in New York City by Spec. Commission, 1933
Folder 212 Employment Relief - bond issue in the state of New York 1933-1935
Folder 213 U.S. Bureau of the Census, Dept. of Commerce. Correspondence, list of officials, etc., 1935

Box 23
Folder 214 U.S.P.H. Service, Missouri - Tri-State Sanitary District, 1920-21
Folder 215 U.S.P.H. Service- Montana sanitary survey, 1920
Folder 216 U.S.P.H. Service- Muscle Shoals Sanitary Survey, 1918-19
Folder 217 United States Veteran's Hospital Project, 1933-1934
Folder 218-219 U.S.P.H.S. Correspondence, official, 1934, 1935
Folder 220 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- U.S.P.H.S. Minutes, 1931
Folder 221 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Misc. Correponsence with U.S.P.H.S., 1930-33

Box 24
Folder 222 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Misc. Correponsence with U.S.P.H.S., 1934
Folder 223 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Misc. Correponsence with U.S.P.H.S., 1935
Folder 224 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Manuscripts, con't misc., 1932-35
Folder 225 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Organization of Committee on Research in Syphilis, 1929
Folder 226 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Report to the Executive Committee on Research in Syphilis, 1929
Folder 227 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies Correspondence- Cole, Dr. Harold N.
Folder 228 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies Correspondence- Moore, Dr. J. Earle
Folder 229 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies Correspondence- O'Leary, Dr. Paul A.
Folder 230 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies Correspondence- Stokes, Dr. John H.

Box 25
Folder 231 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Nile, Dr. Aldo J.
Folder 232 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Copenhagen paper manuscript, correspondence, 1930
Folder 233 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Cole, Dr. Harold N. - application for grant, Western Reserve University, 1928-32
Folder 234 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Moore, Dr. Joseph Earle - application for grant, Johns Hopkins University, 1928-32
Folder 235 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- O'Leary, Dr. Paul A. - application for grant, The Mayo Clinic, 1928-32
Folder 236 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Stokes, Dr. John H. - application for grant, University of Pennsylvania, 1928-32
Folder 237 U.S. Cooperating Clinical Syphilis Studies- Nile, Dr. Aldo J. - application for grant, University of Michigan, 1928-32
Folder 238 United States Public Health Service - correspondence official, 1930-33
Folder 239 United States and Surgeon General - letters of endorsement from health officers, 1932

Box 26
Folder 240 White House Conference on Child Health and Protection- General correspondence, 1930
Folder 241 White House Conference on Child Health and Protection- Hoover's address, 1930-31
Folder 242 White House Conference on Child Health and Protection- Correspondence re: federal health legislation, 1930-31
Folder 243 Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation - general correspondence, 1935
Folder 244 Women Employees in executive or similar positions in the Dept. and Health, 1935

Series III. Congratulatory Letters, 1926-1944

Folder 245-252 Letters A-H

Box 27
Folder 253-262 Letters I-Z

Series IV. Publications - Correspondence, Travel Expenses, Vouchers 1926-1944

Folder 263 Personal - miscellaneous
Folder 264 Mendal Medal, Villanova College, Pa.
Folder 265 Parran - insurance

Box 28
Folder 266 Lasker Award Correspondence
Folder 267 Distinguished Service Medal, September 3, 1948
Folder 268 Parran - property, rental
Folder 269 Fan Letters - Dr. Thomas Parran
Folder 270 Requests for photographs

Series V. Personal Correspondence Files - Parran

Folder 271 Publications - general, personal correspondence files
Folder 272 Publications, acknowledgements
Folder 273 Fortune
Folder 274 Future
Folder 275 Ladies Home Journal

Box 29
Folder 276 Life
Folder 277 J.B. Lippincott Co.
Folder 278 The MacMillan Co.
Folder 279 Modern Hospital Publishing Co.
Folder 280 Parents Magazine
Folder 281 Pictorial Statistics, Inc.
Folder 282 The Readers Digest
Folder 283 Reynal Hitchcock
Folder 284 Survey Associates, Inc.
Folder 285 Time
Folder 286 Parran - Income Tax
Folder 287 Tax notices to administrator, Federal Security Agency
Folder 288-289 Travel Expenses, 1936-1940, 1941-1944
Folder 290 Travel expenses, 1945-1948

Series VI. Addresses and Meetings

Box 30
Folder 291 Urban vs. Rural Health Service. American Farm Bureau Federation, State of Illinois, 1922
Folder 292 Smallpox Outbreaks at Poteau, Oklahoma, 1922
Folder 293 Local Health Service, Springfield, IL. Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Diagnostic Laboratories, by the State Dept. of Public Health, 1924
Folder 294 Scarlet Fever. Newer Knowledge of, Illinois Health News, November 2, 1924
Folder 295 Physician and Public Health, District Medical Society, Turin Lakes, Iowa, January 22, 1925
Folder 296 Illinois Health News, February, 1925
Folder 297 Science of Public Health - Actual and Potential Accomplishments, Illinois Academy of Science, 1925
Folder 298 County Health Dept. - rural areas. Illinois Farmers Institute, 1925
Folder 299 The Need for Rural Public Health Work, May 7, 1925, Springfield, Ill., Aesculapian Medical, Society of Wabash Valley, 1925
Folder 300 Rural and Urban Health Work, 1925
Folder 301 The State of Medicine, December 3, Springfield, Ill. Sangamon County Medical Society and State Health Officers, 1926
Folder 302 Public Health Organization of Denmark, 1927
Folder 303 Milk and Milk Products as a factor in the causation of outbreaks of a disease in the United States, Further studies on the importance of (Parran and Armstrong), 1927
Folder 304 Is Medical Science Taking Advantage of Its Opportunities, 1927
Folder 305 Practice of Preventive Medicine, May 31, Moline, Ill. Illinois Medical Society meeting, 1927
Folder 306 Symposium on Research in Syphilis, Oct. 15, Chicago, (Parran, Moore, Brown, Snow) 1928
Folder 307 Tabes and General Paralysis in the U.S. - frequency in later years - treatment malaria, (Parran and Clark) 1928
Folder 308 Extent of Problem of Gonorrhea and Syphilis in the United States, New York City, National Conference of Social Work (Parran and Usilton), 1929
Folder 309 Treatment of Syphilis in its Relation to Prevention, Portland, OR - American Medical Association, 1929
Folder 310 Unsolved Problems in Syphilis, Miami, Fla. American Society for Tropical Medicine, 1929
Folder 311 Career Position - Making the Office of a Health commissioner, New York City, New York Health Conference,
Folder 312 Federation of Women's Clubs, Springfield, IL., 1930
Folder 313 Public Health Work - Future. Women's Democratic News, 1930
Folder 314 Tuberculosis Sanatorio and General, 1930
Folder 315 Laboratory Service, Rochester, N.Y., New York State Association of Public Health Labs, 1950
Folder 316 Public Health Activities conducted by Women's Clubs Federation of Illinois - Springfield, 1930
Folder 317 Organization and Activities of State Dept. of Health, Ithaca, N.Y., State College of Agriculture, Cornell, July 3, 1930
Folder 318 Cutaneous Mucosal, Relapse Early Syphilis its Differentation from Reinfection, Copenhagen - International Congress of Dermatology and Syphilology. Reprints (Parran, Stokes, Cole, Moore, O'Leary, Wile), Aug. 5-9, 1930
Folder 319 Typhoid Fever - Relation of in Public Water Supplies in N.Y. State, 1930
Folder 320 Trends in Health Conservation. Louisville, KY., Southern Medical Association, Nov. 12, 1930
Folder 321 Venereal Disease Control. Published in the Public Health Nurse New York City, 1930
Folder 322 Health Work in Municipalities, Schenectady, N.Y. Bureau of Municipal Research and the Mayors' Conference of the State of New York, March 13, 1931
Folder 323 State and Provincial Health Conference, Washington D.C., April 27-30, 1931
Folder 324 Oral Hygiene in Public Health Programs, New York City, Dental Society of the State of New York, May 12, 1931

Box 31
Folder 325 Health Program. Philadelphia, American Medical Association, June 11, 1931
Folder 326 Family Doctor and the School Girl, Saturday Evening Post, Sept. 24, 1931
Folder 327 New York State Health Program, Lake Placid, New York Federation of Women's Clubs, Nov. 9, 1931
Folder 328 Eradication of Syphilis as a Practical Public Health Objective (DeLamor Lecture), Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, March 3, 1931
Folder 329 Syphilis from the Epidemiologist's - Montreal, American Public Health Association, Sept. 17, 1931
Folder 330 Outstanding Public Health Problems; Their Challenge to the Women, 1932
Folder 331 State Program for Oral Hygiene, New York City, May, 1932. New York State Dental Society Dental Cosmos contains article, 1932
Folder 332 Milk - Remediable Defects in City Milk Control. Buffalo, State Conference of Mayors, June 7, 1932
Folder 333-334 Syracuse Centennial - Founding of City Health Dept. Syracuse, June 20, 1932
Folder 335 Syphilis Control Among Rural Negroes; report of an investigation made for the Julius Rosenwald Fund, 1932
Folder 336 Public Health; A Sound Investment, New York City Radio Broadcast. New York Academy of Medicine, Sept. 19, 1932
Folder 337 Syphilis as a Public Health Problem, Chicago, Institute of Medicine, Oct. 31, 1932
Folder 338 Costs of Medical Care; The Public Welfare Law; Junior Leagues; The Infectivity of Syphilis; A condensed statement of the whole syphilis problem, prepared by Dr. Parran, 1930-1933
Folder 339 Venereal Disease Control, March, New York Academy of Medicine, 1933
Folder 340 Health Aspects of Emergency Relief Work. Buffalo, Social Workers Club, March 23, 1933
Folder 341 Social Hygiene, Syracuse. Onondaga Health Association, March 24, 1933
Folder 342 Medical Care and Public Health - Scholia Club, New York City. Columbia University, Teacher's College,
Folder 343 The Health of the State - New York City, Medical Society of the State of New York, April 5, 1933
Folder 344 What the Community Should Know About the Health of the State - New York City, Medical Society, April 5, 1933
Folder 345 Public Medical Care in New York State - correspondence re, reprints, news releases. Milwaukee. American Medical Association, June 15, 1933

Box 32
Folder 346 Common Interests Between the Control of Tuberculosis and Syphilis, New York City, Hospital Social Service Association, June 1933
Folder 347 The Economic Aspects of Public Health and Milk Controls Syracuse, New York State Sanitary Officers Association and the School Physicians of the State of New York, Sept. 27, 1933
Folder 348 Milk Arrives as a Public Utility, , 1933
Folder 349 Qualifications and Training of Local Health Officers Indianapolis, American Public Health Association Oct. 10, 1933
Folder 350 Today's Code for Child Health - Rochester, New York State Nurses' Association, Oct. 17, 1933
Folder 351 Relationship of State Department of Health to Medical Profession, Geneva, N.Y. Geneva Academy of Medicine, Oct. 19, 1933
Folder 352 State Adventures in Milk Control, 1933
Folder 353 Dedication of Greene County Hospital. Catskill, N.Y., 1933
Folder 354 Milk and Health. Syracuse, New York State Farm Bureau Federation, November 9, 1933
Folder 355 Milk Control and Public Health. Editorial, American Journal of Public Health, November 21, 1933
Folder 356 Congenital Syphilis - Washington D.C., Medical Society of the District of Columbia, January 10, 1934
Folder 357 New Deal in Public Health. Elmira, N.Y., Visiting Nurse and Tuberculosis Association, January 17, 1934
Folder 358 Care for the Physically Handicapped - Albany, New York State Crippled Children's Association, January 26, 1934
Folder 359 Local Health Problems that Must Be Solved - Albany, New York State Conference of Mayors, January 27, 1934
Folder 360 Health Services of Tomorrow - Reprints, correspondence in re, news releases. Philadelphia. American Academy of Political and Social Science and College of Physicians of Philadelphia, February 7, 1934
Folder 361 Problems of Interest to the Women of the State - Ithaca, New York State College of Home Economics,
Folder 362 Next Steps in Milk Control - Ithaca, Agricultural Economics Section of Home and Farm Week, Feb. 15, 1934

Box 33
Folder 363 Diphtheria Immunization, Broadcast, Albany, April 18, 1934
Folder 364 A New Deal in Public Health - Middletown, N.Y., New York State Committee on Tuberculosis and Public Health, April 19, 1934
Folder 365 Public Health of Tomorrow - New York City, National Tuberculosis Association, April 20, 1934
Folder 366 City of Schenectady National Health Conservation Contest, 1934
Folder 367 Why Our Lack of Progress in Preventing Maternal Deaths New York City, Maternity Center Association, May 10, 1934
Folder 368 Medicine and the Young Practitioner - New York City, Cornell University Medical College,
Folder 369 Reorganization of County Government. Are We Getting Our Money's Worth - Geneva, N.Y. League of Women Voters, June 20, 1934
Folder 370 Relation of the Retail Price of Milk to Production Costs - Pasadena, CA, American Public Health Association, Sept. 3, 1934
Folder 371 Social Menace of Syphilis - Allegheny, N.Y., Council of Social Agencies, Sept. 13, 1934
Folder 372 Infant and Maternal Mortality - Hornell, N.Y., Conference of Health Officers and Steuben County Medical Society, Sept. 14, 1934
Folder 373 Starvation in a Land of Plenty - Rochester, Rochester and Monroe County Tuberculosis and Health Association, Sept. 26, 1934
Folder 374 Drink More Milk - And Why - Buffalo, Civic Health Council, Inc., Sept. 27, 1934
Folder 375 Health Needs Essential in Child Welfare - Albany, New York State Association of Child Welfare, October 16, 1934
Folder 376 Making Public Health Nursing More Productive - Buffalo, New York State Nurses' Association, October 17, 1934
Folder 377 Venereal Disease Control - White Plains, N.Y., American Red Cross, Oct. 18, 1934
Folder 378 Medicine in a Changing World - Forest Hills, L.I, Queens County Medical Society,
Folder 379-380 Public Health Needs, New York City. Reprints and news releases of radio address not given. National Advisory Council on Radio in Education, November 19, 1934

Box 34
Folder 381 Public Health Needs, New York City. Reprints and news releases of radio address not given. National Advisory Council on Radio in Education, November 19, 1934
Folder 382 Common Objectives for the Common Good - Rochester. New York State Teacher's Association, November 2, 1934
Folder 383 Health and Medical Relief in New York State, Asbury, N.J. New Jersey Health and Sanitary Association, November 16, 1934
Folder 384 What Treatment in Early Syphilis Accomplishes, Reprint No. 49 Venereal Disease Information (Parran, Moore, Stokes, Cole, etc.), November, 1934
Folder 385 Responsibility of Health Departments for Oral Hygiene New York City. Dental Centennial, December 4, 1934
Folder 386 Testimonial Dinner for George H. Whipple, M.D. - Rochester, N.Y., January 15, 1935
Folder 387 Tompkins County Medical Society Meeting. Ithaca, January 23, 1935
Folder 388 Can the Venereal Diseases be Controlled? New York City. Women's City Club, February 21, 1935
Folder 389 Children's Camps - State Supervision New York City. Children's Welfare Federation, March 26, 1935
Folder 390 Public Health Aspects of Syphilis, New York City. University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, April 16, 1935
Folder 391 The Biggs Memorial Lecture, New York City. Reprints, news releases. New York Academy of Medicine, May 2, 1935
Folder 392 The Biggs Memorial Lecture Correspondence regarding, 1935
Folder 393 Mother' B Day - Maternal Mortality, New York City. New York Maternity Center Association. Meeting was held in Seventh Regiment Armory, May 12, 1935
Folder 394 Municipal Health Problems, Syracuse, N.Y. Mayors Conference, June 5, 1935
Folder 395 The State's Responsibility in Certified Milk, Atlantic City. Meeting of the American Association Medical Milk Commissions, June 11, 1935
Folder 396 Syphilis Problem in New York State -- Correspondence in re. Budapest, Hungary. IX International Dermatological Congress, September 15-21, 1935

Box 35
Folder 397 Syphilis Problem Reprints, news releases, 1935
Folder 398 Tuberculosis Control in New York State, Official and Non-official Cooperation. Paper read at the annual meeting of the National Tuberculosis Association, Saranoe Lake, N.Y., June, 1935
Folder 399 Prevalence of syphilis and gonorrhea, Upstate New York, 1932-35
Folder 400 Christmas Seal Sale, 1933-1935
Folder 401 Objectives for Hospitals - (Modern Hospital), 1936
Folder 402-403 Health Security Reprints News releases Folder 1 and 2, 1936
Folder 404 Public Health Control of Syphilis - Bibliography file - Detroit, American College of Physicians, March 3, 1936
Folder 405 Ideal Public Health Program - Chicago, Council of Social Agencies. Bibliography files, March 2, 1936
Folder 406 Modern Trends in Public Health, April 1936
Folder 407 The Next Achievement in Public Health. Alabama State Medical Society, Montgomery, April 22, 1936
Folder 408 Expanding Frontiers of Health (Broadcast - N.Y. Med. Society - WABC New York City, April 29, 1936
Folder 409 Prologues - Commencement address, University of Kentucky, Lexington
Folder 410 Health Officer's Conference, Louisville, KY, June 4, 1936
Folder 411 Voluntary Services an Essential in a National Health Program, presented at Washington Conference Mobilization for Human Needs, Sept. 18, 1936
Folder 412 Public Health Today Address given at International Medical Assembly of Inter-State Graduate Association, St. Paul, Oct. 14, 1936
Folder 413 Reporting Progress - Dr. Parran's presidential address, American Public Health Association meeting, New Orleans, October 20, 1936
Folder 414 Society for Research in Child Development, Washington, D.C., October 31, 1936
Folder 415 Future Trends in Public Health; Syphilis as a Public Health Problem, Lansing Detroit, November, 1936

Box 36
Folder 416 James M. Anders Lecture College of Physicians, Philadelphia, November 4, 1936
Folder 417 Smith-Reed-Russell Lecture George Washington University, School of Medicine, December 15, 1936
Folder 418 Delaware Tuberculosis Society Meeting, December 8, 1936
Folder 419 A.M.A. - Presidents and Secretaries of Constituent Associations, Chicago, November 16, 1936
Folder 420 Southern Medical Association, November 1936
Folder 421 Rochester Chamber of Commerce, Rochester, Dec. 2, 1936
Folder 422 Objectives for Hospitals, 1936
Folder 423 Pennsylvania Conference on Social Work Philadelphia, January 18-23, 1937
Folder 424 Farm and Home Week Ithaca, N.Y., Feb 18, 1937
Folder 425 College of Pharmacy and Science Philadelphia, Feb. 23, 1937
Folder 426 American Legion and Cleveland Health Council, Lag in Public Health Consciousness Cleveland March 15, 1937
Folder 427 German Lectures University of Illinois, March 22-24, 1937
Folder 428 Instructive Visiting Nurse Society Washington, D.C., April 6, 1937
Folder 429 "Public Health Aspects of Syphilis" American College of Physicians St. Louis, April 19-23, 1937
Folder 430 Next Steps in Public Health Tennessee Federation of Women's Clubs, Chattanooga, April 21, 1937
Folder 431 What Can the Private Physician do to Aid in the Control of syphilis? Atlantic City, April 27, 1937
Folder 432 Modern Problems of Child Health National Congress of Parents and Teachers, Richmond, Va., May 4, 1937
Folder 433 Impediments to Maternal Health Maternity Center Association, May 6, 1937
Folder 434 Public Health Aspects of Stream Pollution Washington, D.C., April 26, 1937
Folder 435 Public Health Control of Syphilis- Oklahoma State Medical Society, May 12, 1937
Folder 436 Public Health Control of Syphilis- Texas State Medical Association, Fort Worth, May 13, 1937
Folder 437 Public Health Control of Syphilis- West Virginia State Medical Society, May 26, 1937
Folder 438 Association of American Railroads, Medical and Surgical Section Atlantic City, June 7, 1937
Folder 439 Present Needs in Public Health Control of Gonorrhea. American Meisserian Medical Society, June 8, 1937
Folder 440 Control of Syphilis American Medical Association, Atlantic City, June 9-11, 1937
Folder 441 Headliner's Club, Atlantic City, July 10, 1934
Folder 442 Next Steps in Public Health American Dental Association, Atlantic City, July 13, 1937
Folder 443 Rocky Mountain Medical Conference Denver, July 19-21, 1937
Folder 444 Glenn Dale Sanatorium Washington, D.C., Sept. 15, 1937
Folder 445 The Medical Profession vs. Syphilis, Michigan State Medical Society, September 29, 1937

Box 37
Folder 446 Snow, William F. - Testimonial Dinner New York, October 1, 1937
Folder 447 National Organization for Public Health Nursing Jubilee Dinner New York, October 4, 1937
Folder 448 Syphilis and Our Children New York Herald - Tribune Forum, October 4, 1937
Folder 449 Syphilis Control Virginia State Medical Society, October 13, 1937
Folder 450 Omaha Mid-West Clinical Society, October 18-22, 1937
Folder 451 Radio script - Y.M.C.A. (Syphilis), October 21, 1937
Folder 452 Education and Syphilis Parent-Teacher Association, Baltimore, October 25, 1937
Folder 453 Syphilis Tri-State Medical Society, Shreveport, La., October 28, 1937
Folder 454 Conference of Mayors Washington, D.C., November 15, 1937
Folder 455 Current Opportunities for Life Conservation Association of Life Insurance Presidents, New York, December 2, 1937
Folder 456 Public Health and Public Welfare American Public Welfare Association, December 10, 1937
Folder 457 Syphilis Control as a Problems of Technology and Economics Cooperative Committee, December 20, 1937
Folder 458 American Association for the Advancement of Science Indianapolis, December 20, 1937
Folder 459 Summary - The Health of the South,
Folder 460 Council of Women and Council of Social Agencies Indianapolis, January 4, 1938
Folder 461 Infantile Paralysis Broadcast, January 21, 1938 (W.R.C.)
Folder 462 Indiana State Medical Association, February 7, 1938
Folder 463 Trends in Public Health American College of Physicians, New York, April 4-8, 1938
Folder 464 Relationship of Maternal and Child Health to the General Health Program. Children Bureau Conference, January 17-18, 1938
Folder 465 Columbia University, Institute of Arts and Sciences, January 31, 1938
Folder 466 Social Hygiene Day, February 2, 1938

Box 38
Folder 467 A Forward Look at National Health Nashville, February 3, 1938
Folder 468 Looking Forward in Public Health Philadelphia Forum, February 11, 1938
Folder 469 Senate Award Northeast High School, Philadelphia, February 11, 1938
Folder 470 Parents Magazine Award NBC Blue Network New York
Folder 471 Wisdom and Health General Federation of Women's Clubs N.B.C.
Folder 472 Chicago Association of Commerce, February 23, 1938
Folder 473 Forward Look at National Health Delta Omega Society, March 1, 1938
Folder 474 Statement by Surgeon General to Special Senate Committee to Investigate Unemployment and Relief, March 16, 1938
Folder 475 Cancer Broadcast The Mass Attack on Cancer - N.B.C. - 25th Anniversary, American Society for Control of Cancer, March 26, 1938
Folder 476 Syphilis: Health at the Bottom of the Ladder - address Survey Associates, Inc., March 28, 1938
Folder 477 New York County Medical Society, March 28, 1938
Folder 478 "No Defense" Survey-Graphic, April, 1938
Folder 479 Tuberculosis broadcast National Tuberculosis Association, April 5, 1938
Folder 480 State Medical Association Atlantic City, N.J., April 27, 1938
Folder 481 Congress of American Physicians and Surgeons, Atlantic City, May 3-4, 1938
Folder 482 Work and the Aims of the United States Public Health Service Association of American Physicians, Atlantic City, May 4-5, 1938
Folder 483 Medical Profession and Syphilis Philadelphia County Medical Society,
Folder 484 General Health Council Pittsburgh, May 12, 1938
Folder 485 Syphilis May Be Stamped Out Beaver Falls, Pa., May 12, 1958
Folder 486 A Forward Look at National Health General Federation of Womens' Clubs, Kansas City, May 13, 1938
Folder 487 Missouri Public Health Association Jefferson City, Missouri, May 14, 1938
Folder 488 March of Time talk, May 14, 1938
Folder 489 The Work and Aims of the U.S.P.H.S. Massachusetts Medical Societies, May 31, 1938
Folder 490 Telephone talk Kaufmann's Dept. Store, Pittsburgh, June 1, 1938

Box 39
Folder 491 Commencement address Skidmore Colleges Saratoga Springs, N.Y., June 6, 1938
Folder 492 National Health Conference Washington, D.C., July 18, 1938
Folder 493 Abbott Laboratories North Chicago, October 7, 1938
Folder 494 Association of Military Surgeons, October 14, 1938
Folder 495 Future of Public Health in the United States Association of American Medical Colleges, October 24, 1938
Folder 496 The Health of the Nation American Public Health Association, Kansas City, October 25, 1938
Folder 497 Dedication - U.S. Public Health Service Hospital Forth Worth, Texas, October 28, 1938
Folder 498 The Health Record of the South Cooperative Committee, Washington, D.C., November 7, 1938
Folder 499 The Road Ahead in Public Health Wilmington New Century Club, Wilmington, November 9, 1938
Folder 500 The Road Ahead in Public Health Virginia Peninsula Academy of Medicine, Newport News, Va., November 21, 1938
Folder 501 Looking Forward in Public Health Detroit Town Hall, Detroit, December 7, 1938
Folder 502 Health for Rural America American Farm Bureau Federation, New Orleans, December 13, 1938
Folder 503 Educating the Nation Toward Health School Life, January, 1938
Folder 504 Alpha Omega Fraternity Cleveland, December 27, 1938
Folder 505 Montgomery, Ala., January 10, 1959
Folder 506 Rough notes - speeches not written, 1939
Folder 507 Public Health for the Individual General Federation of Women's Clubs, Washington, D.C., January 20, 1939
Folder 508 Congratulatory Letters on Award of Snow Medal, February 1, 1939
Folder 509 The Integration of Health Principles Catholic University School of Nursing Washington, D.C., January 7, 1939

Box 40
Folder 510 American Social Hygiene Association Washington, D.C., February 1, 1939
Folder 511 Johns Hopkins University Y.M.C.A. Baltimore, February 7, 1939
Folder 512 Trinity College Washington, D.C., March 7, 1939
Folder 513 Balancing the Health Budget - G.U. broadcast Washington, D.C., March 8 10, 1939
Folder 514 Munitions for National Fitness Drug, Chemical Allied Trades, New York City, March 9, 1939
Folder 515 Maryland Women's Club Chevy Chase, March 15, 1939
Folder 516 Louisiana Association of Public Health Workers New Orleans, March 20-31, 1939
Folder 517 Cancer broadcast Washington, D.C., April 3, 1939
Folder 518 Tuberculosis broadcast Washington, D.C., April 5, 1939
Folder 519 Health Needs of the Nation American Red Cross, Washington D.C., April 25, 1939
Folder 520 League of Nation's Building, New York World's Fair, May 2, 1939
Folder 521 Medicine in a Changing Society Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., June 1, 1939
Folder 522 Centerville, Md., June 2, 1939
Folder 523 The Right to Health and How to Win It. National Conference of Social Work, Buffalo, June 20, 1939
Folder 524 National Cancer Institute Cornerstone laying, (Photographs), June 24, 1939
Folder 525 The Outlook for a National Health Program National Conference of Catholic Charities, Denver, August 7, 1939
Folder 526 Medicine in a Changing World California Academy of Medicine, San Francisco, August 26, 1939
Folder 527 Medicine in a Changing World Linn County Medical Society, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, September 7, 1939
Folder 528 Cancer and the Public Health International Cancer Congress, Atlantic City, September 13, 1939
Folder 529 National Health - Today's Challenge Monmouth County Organization for Social Service, Redbank, N.J., September 21, 1939
Folder 530 Medical Education, Research, and the Public Health University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, October 12, 1939
Folder 531 This folder contains miscellaneous clippings, speeches, surveys, editorials, correspondence of various dates,
Folder 532 Comments on book Shadow on the Land (1937-38) (There is a small part of the book in this folder - it is a sample of information found in book),
Folder 533 Medicine in a Changing World University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor, October 13, 1939

Box 41
Folder 534 Radio broadcast - WCAE Pittsburgh, October 18, 1939
Folder 535 The Surgeon General speaks re: National Health Program The Modern Hospital, December, 1939
Folder 536 Railway Surgeons and the Public Health New York and New England Association of Railway Surgeons, New York City, November 3, 1939
Folder 537 Shadow on the Land- Book material
Folder 538 Shadow on the Land- book reviews
Folder 539 Shadow on the Land- correspondence
Folder 540 Shadow on the Land- miscellaneous correspondence, clippings
Folder 541 National Social Hygiene Day Chicago, February 1, 1940
Folder 542 Dentistry as a Health Service Dental Cetenary Celebration, Baltimore, March 17-19, 1940
Folder 543 Cancer broadcast Washington, D.C., March 29, 1940
Folder 544 Reprint - No Defense for Any of Us New Health Sentinels of the South, April, 1940
Folder 545 Tuberculosis broadcast New York City, April 2, 1940
Folder 546 American Academy of Pediatrics Washington, D.C., Mayflower Hotel, April 4-6, 1940
Folder 547 Nutrition and National Health. Sedgwick Memorial Lecture, Boston, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, April 11, 1940
Folder 548 Radio broadcast, I.V.N.S., April 20, 1940
Folder 549 North Carolina Health Needs. North Carolina Conference for Social Services, Winston Salem, April 21, 1940
Folder 550 "Sifting the Shadow of Syphilis" Reader's Digest, April 27, 1940

Box 42
Folder 551 Pan American Directors of Health Washington, D.C., May 1-8, 1940
Folder 552 Public Health Aspects of Syphilis. Massachusetts Medical Society, Boston, May 22, 1940
Folder 553 Parallel Lines of Defense University of Maryland, June 1, 1940
Folder 554 St. John's College, June 11, 1940
Folder 555 Health and Medical Preparedness Conference of Health Officers and Public Health Nurses, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., June 25, 1940
Folder 556 "Cancer and Old Age" Scientific Monthly, October, 1940
Folder 557 Building Health Defenses Southern Medical Association, Louisville, Ky., November 14, 1940
Folder 558 Symposium on Alcoholism Philadelphia, December 29, 1940
Folder 559 Syphilis Prevalence in State of New York, (1956-1940)
Folder 560 Our Longer Life Metropolitan Opera Co. broadcast, January 18, 1941
Folder 561 Cancer broadcast WJSV, April 1, 1941
Folder 562 Public Health and the National Defense New England Health Institute, Boston, April 2, 1941
Folder 563 Medicine in England Now. American College of Physicians, Boston, April 26, 1941
Folder 564 Mother's Day broadcast Washington, D.C., May 11, 1941
Folder 565 The Thrust Ahead in Public Health. State Charities Aid Association, New York, May 20, 1941
Folder 566 Volunteers in Health Defense. General Federation of Women's Clubs, Atlantic City, May 21, 1941
Folder 567 Country Journal Program - broadcast Washington, D.C., May 24, 1941
Folder 568 Food and Defense. American Forum of the Air Washington, D.C., May 25, 1941
Folder 569 The Job Ahead. National Nutrition Conference, Washington, D.C., May 28, 1941
Folder 570 The Function of Public Health in Defense. American Medical Association, Cleveland, June 3, 1941
Folder 571 Defense Health Activities New York Conference of Mayors and Other Municipal Officials, Albany, June 11, 1941
Folder 572 Listen America NBC, June 13, 1941
Folder 573 Red Cross Nurses' Training Camp, June 26, 1941
Folder 574 Statement by Surgeon General to House Committee investigating National Defense Migration, July 18, 1941
Folder 575 Gibson Island Vitamin Conference July 23, 1941
Folder 576 Nurses for Defense NBC broadcast, September 22, 1941
Folder 577 Walker-Gordon Laboratories Plainsboro, N.J. Radio talk by Dr. Parran on National Farm and Home hour, October 7, 1941
Folder 578 Nutrition and War American Academy of Pediatrics Boston, October 9, 1941
Folder 579 Ehrlich celebration, Jade Room, Waldorf Astoria, October 11, 1941

Box 43
Folder 580 Message to American Bakers Association Statler Hotel, Boston, October 13, 1941
Folder 581 Better Parenthood Week luncheon and radio broadcast WJSV-CBS, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C., October 20, 1941
Folder 582 Health Nutrition and National Defense (Read at Special Convocation, University of Toronto), October 24, 1941
Folder 583 Public Health and Pan American Defense. American Public Health Association, Atlantic City, October, 1941
Folder 584 Hospital administrators Washington, D.C., October 30, 1941
Folder 585 Association of Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc. Waldorf Hotel, New York, November 6, 1941
Folder 586 Women's activities in Civilian Defense Government auditorium, Washington, D.C., November 8, 1941
Folder 587 Toward a Stronger America. Annual convention of American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages, Municipal auditorium, Philadelphia, November 12, 1941
Folder 588 American Pharmaceutical Manufactures Association Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C., December 8, 1941
Folder 589 The U.S. Conference of Mayors Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C., January 12, 1942
Folder 590 The Ramparts of Health State-Wide Public Health Committee, Orlando, Fla., January 16, 1942
Folder 591 Transcript for a nursing organization. NBC Studios, Translux Building, January, 1942
Folder 592 The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. Broadcast over NBC from the White House, January 19, 1942
Folder 593 National Farm and Home Hour, NBC (WOL) Farm Security Medical Program for Low Income Farm Families, January 26, 1942
Folder 594 Defense of Our Health General Federation of Women's Clubs, Mayflower Hotel, January 26, 1942
Folder 595 Birthday Ball broadcast (WOL), January 28, 1942
Folder 596 "Health Solidarity in the Americase" Published in America Clinica, February, 1942
Folder 597 Wartime Problems of the Public Health Service. Annual congress on Medical Education and Licensure, American Medical Association, Chicago, February 16, 1942
Folder 598 "Saving Health Among All Nations" Survey Graphic, March 1942
Folder 599 Nutrition and Public Health Dept. of Agriculture, March 18, 1942
Folder 600 Opening remarks at Joint Meeting of National Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists and Subcommittee of Industrial Health and Medicine, Social Security Building Auditorium, April 9, 1942
Folder 601 WPA radio transcription New Interior Building, April 28, 1942
Folder 602 National Hospital Association of the Suburban Hospital Association, Leland Junior High School, Chevy Chase, MD., May 12, 1942
Folder 603 The Health Needs of the Nation Address before 1942 Biennial Nurses' Convention Chicago, May 18, 1942
Folder 604 Food Is Building A New America. Star Forum - Blue Network Washingtons D.C., May 25, 1942
Folder 605 Rural Health Conservation, Address given at second Inter American Conference of Agriculture Mexico City, July 6-16, 1942
Folder 606 Connecticut Judicial Department New London, October 15, 1942
Folder 607 Civilian Health in Wartime Inter-State Postgraduate Medical Association Chicago, October 26, 1942

Box 44
Folder 608 Civilian Medical Care in Total War Presented at Southern Medical Association Richmond, VA., November 11, 1942
Folder 609 The Health of Our Nation in Wartime Annual conference of Secretaries and Editors, American Medical Association, Chicago, November 20, 1942
Folder 610 Chicago Rapid Treatment Center, November 29, 1942
Folder 611 The Hospital's Stake in the U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps. Pub. in The Modern Hospital, 1943
Folder 612 Problems in Wartime Civilian Medical Practice Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons, War Issue, No. II.
Folder 613 National Radio Forum Washington, D.C., January 6, 1943
Folder 614 Signal Corps, War Department, January 20, 1943
Folder 615 Nutrition and Health Luncheon meeting at Mayflower Hotel, (Sponsored by Nutrition Div., Office of Defense, Health and Welfare Services and D.C. Nutrition Committee, January 21, 1943
Folder 616 Conference on Traumatic War Neuroses Among Merchant Seamen. Academy of Medicine, New York City, January 28, 1943
Folder 617 Doctors At War No. 6 American Medical Association. Broadcast, January 30, 1943
Folder 618 Southeastern Regional Conference on Social Hygiene Atlanta, February 3, 1943
Folder 619 State of the Nation's Health National Chamber of Commerce Health Advisory Council Friday, February 5, 1943
Folder 620 Pittsburgh Personnel Association, February 11, 1943
Folder 621 Annual Congress on Medical Education and Licensure American Medical Association, Chicago, February 15, 1943
Folder 622 Science and the Future. Address before awards dinner of second annual Science Talent Search, March 2, 1943
Folder 623 Opening remarks at 41st annual Conference of State and Territorial Health Officers. Washington, D.C., March 24, 1943
Folder 624 Food for the Working Adolescent. Radio dialogue for New York Academy of Medicine. CBS - WTOP, May 1, 1943
Folder 625 National Health in the First Year of War by Surgeon General Parran before Appropriations Committee, May 6, 1943
Folder 626 Washington Reports on Rationing, June 6, 1943
Folder 627 Venereal Disease, The Great Ally of the Axis. Federal-State War Conference on Social Protection. Trenton, N.J., June 18, 1943
Folder 628 Statement by Surgeon General on 25th Anniversary of Soviet Commissariat of Health of U.S.S.R., July 10, 1943
Folder 629 Functions of Command. Given at graduation exercises of Officers' Candidate School. Quantico, VA., July 14, 1943
Folder 630 "Here's To a Healthier World" Radio broadcast on Farm and Home Hour, July 16, 1943
Folder 631 Broadcast to New Zealand, Office of War Information, July 19, 1943
Folder 632 Statement by Dr. Parran at luncheon meeting of U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps. New York City, August 16, 1943
Folder 634 Public Health Tomorrow American Hospital Association, Buffalo, September 16, 1943
Folder 635 Transcription for Red Cross Nutrition Radio Show, September 22, 1943
Folder 636 Pandemic Influenza 15th annual meeting Scientific Assembly of the D.C. Medical Society, October 1, 1943
Folder 637 Strategy Against the Global Spread of Disease Given by Surgeon General at 72nd annual meeting of American Public Health Association, October 13, 1943
Folder 638 National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis Radio broadcast, CBS, New York City, October 13, 1943
Folder 639 Teamwork on the Health Front. Given at Symposium of War Medicine, 51st annual meeting of Association of Military Surgeons of the U.S. Philadelphia, October 21, 1943
Folder 640 Public Health Schools and the Nation's Health. Dedication exercises of new School of Public Health, University of Michigan, November 8, 1943

Box 45
Folder 641 "Justice Guilding and Charity Helping" National Conference of Catholic Charities, Buffalo, November 14, 1943
Folder 642 Health Problems Ahead Southern Medical Association, Cincinnati, November 18, 1943
Folder 643 Commencement Day Exercises St. Louis University School of Medicine, November 19, 1943
Folder 644 Health Manpower U.S. Conference of Mayors, Chicago, (Read by Dr. Meriwether), January 20, 1944
Folder 645 "Health is on the March" Office of War Information Radio Transcription, January 28, 1944
Folder 646 Time on Their Hands Concluding talk for "Doctors at War" - American Medical Association radio series. NBC, January 29, 1944
Folder 647 A Health Task for Today and Tomorrow Dr. Parran's trip to Puerto Rico, February 1-12, 1944
Folder 648 The Expanding Field of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Annual Congress on Medical Education and Licensure, A.M.A. Chicago, February 14, 1944
Folder 649 Wanted Health Supplies in War and Peace Presented before Drug, Chemical and Allied Trades Section, New York Board of Trade, March 9, 1944
Folder 650 Nursing in War and Peace Dedication of Nurses Dormitories, Adelphi College, Garden City, L.I., May 6, 1944
Folder 651 Office of War Information Broadcast "Broadway Matinee" WTOP, Washington, D.C., March 13, 1944
Folder 652 State of the Nation's Health Presented at State and Territorial Health Officers Conference, March 21, 1944
Folder 653 The Health of the Nation at hearings before Subcommittee on Appropriation, March 28, 1944
Folder 654 "The Role of the Specialist in Public Health" "Advances in Public Health" Gill Memorial Hospital, Roanoke, VA, Roanoke Academy of Medicine, April 3, 1944
Folder 655 Radio interview with Richard Saton WWDC, April 18, 1944
Folder 656 United Health Action Presented at 5th Pan American Conference of National Directors of Health, April 4, 1944
Folder 657 Return to Life American Design Awards Luncheon, Lord Taylor, New York City, April 20, 1944
Folder 658 World Health - First Milestone on the Road to Lasting Peace Metropolitan Opera Victory Rally Broadcast WMAL, April 29, 1944
Folder 659 Testimony by Dr. Parran on S.1820 and S.1824: School Lunch Programs, May 3, 1944
Folder 660 Problems and Prospects in Public Health, New York Academy of Medicine, New York, May 5, 1944
Folder 661 Planning for National Health. Association of American Physicians, Atlantic City, May 9, 1944
Folder 662 Outlook for Tuberculosis Control in the Civilian Population National Tuberculosis Association, Chicago, May 12, 1944
Folder 663 U. S . Cadet Nurse Corps Induction. Constitution, May 13, 1944
Folder 664 World Affairs Program, May 14, 1944
Folder 665 Trends in Public Health Planning. Annual meeting of American Medical Association, Chicago, June 14, 1944
Folder 666 The Doctor Fights. Radio broadcast CBS - Washingtons D.C., June 13, 1944
Folder 667 Tuberculosis Control Statement by Surgeon General Parran before Subcommittee on Education and Labor on S.l85l, June 13-14, 1944
Folder 668 Maine Medical Association. Rocklands Maine, June 27, 1944
Folder 669 "News for Women" WTOP three-say interview, Washington, D.C., June 30, 1944
Folder 670 Inspection trip to Charleston, Columbia, Savannah, and Atlanta, August 16-19, 1944

Box 46
Folder 671 Testimony by Surgeon General Parran before Senate Committee on Education and Labor on H.R. 4909, Health Program for Government Employees, August 21, 1944
Folder 672 Statement by Dr. Parran before Pepper Sub-Committee on Wartime Health and Education, July 12, 1944
Folder 673 Hospitals and the Nation's Health Address at dedication of student nurse dormitory, University of California, San Francisco, September 4, 1944
Folder 674 The Doctors Talk It Over. Broadcast for Lederle Laboratories, November 10, 1944
Folder 675 1944 Christmas Seal Sale two-way radio discussion, Washington, D.C. and Chicago, November 26, 1944
Folder 676 Statement submitted by Dr. Parran (presented by Dr. R.C. Williams) to Subcommittee to Investigate Aid to Physically Handicapped, November 29, 1944
Folder 677 International Health. Pan American Health Day, Pan American Union, December 2, 1944
Folder 678 Testimony before Senate Appropriations Committee by Surgeon General Parrans re: Commissions for Nurses, December 9, 1944
Folder 679 Dentistry in a National Health Program. Horace Wells Dental Centenary, Hartford, Conn., December 11, 1944.
Folder 680 Three minute talk on work of the Public Health Service to follow Cavalcade of America Broadcast, December 16, 1944
Folder 681 New Frontiers in Medicine Address given at commencement exercises, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, September 10, 1944
Folder 682 A Clean Bill of Health Reprinted from The Modern Hospital, September, 1944
Folder 683 Radio broadcast with Richard Harkness, NBC, Montreal, September 19, 1944
Folder 684 Today's Global Frontiers in Public Health. Wartime Conferences American Public Health Association. New York City, October 4, 1944
Folder 685 North Carolina Health Education Conference Greensboro, N.C., October 24, 1944
Folder 686 16th Scientific Assembly of the Medical Society of D.C. Mayflower Hotel, October 7, 1944
Folder 687 Global Frontiers of Public Health Association of Military Surgeons, Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City, November 2, 1944
Folder 688 Radio broadcast WMAL, November 11, 1944
Folder 689 3rd National Venereal Disease Control Conference St. Louis, November 8-11, 1944
Folder 690 A Message to the Canadian People Transcription by Dr. Parran to be used, November 10, 1944
Folder 691 Over the Horizon in Public Health. Given at dedication of Health Institute AUW-CIO, Detroit. Broadcast over WKAR, January 19, 1945
Folder 692 Testimony of Dr. Parran before House Committee on Military Affairs in support of H.Ro 1284 and H.R. 1666 re: draft of nurses, February 6, 1945
Folder 693 Voluntary Hospital Must Expand Activity to Meet Changing Conditions. Paper by Dr. Parran for delivery at mid-year-conference, American Medical Association, February, 1945
Folder 694 Promised Victory Broadcast in Chicago, National Social Hygiene Day, February 7, 1945
Folder 695 Testimony by Surgeon General Parran at Senate Committee on Education and Labor on S.191, Hospital Construction Facilities February 27, 1945
Folder 696 Next Steps in Public Health. Given at Institute of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University, March 13, 1945
Folder 697 Testimony by Dr. Parran on H.R. 2277, Nurse Draft Bill before Senate Committee on Military Affairs, March 21, 1945
Folder 698 Today and Tomorrow in Public Health. Public Health Course for General Federation of Women's Clubs, March 29, 1945

Box 47
Folder 699 Monroe County Medical Society University of Rochester: Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, March 31, 1945
Folder 700 Current Problems in Public Health. Opening remarks at 43rd Conference of State and Territorial Health Officers, April 9, 1945
Folder 701 No title listed in finding aid
Folder 702 Testimony by Dr. Parran at hearings on H.R. 2992: To Extend Provisions of May Act, May 1, 1945
Folder 703 U.S. - Mexico Border Public Health Association El Paso, May 14-16, 1945
Folder 704 Pending Legislation re: Public Health and Hospitals for the Future Colorado State Medical Society, Denver, May 24, 1945
Folder 705 Hearings before Subcommittee of Senate Committee on Appropriations re: Social Protection Division, FSA, June 14, 1945
Folder 706 Surgeon General addressed medical and nursing graduates, Duke University, June 23, 1945
Folder 707 Statement of Surgeon General Parran before Senate Committee on Education and Labor on S.l90 and S.1099 - Dental Bills, June 26, 1945
Folder 708 Remarks by Surgeon General Parran at dinner of Variety Clubs of America to honor Sir Alex Fleming, July 25, 1945
Folder 709 Red Cross Canteen Broadcast Washington, D.C., August 27, 1945
Folder 710 "Hospitals Need Help" Radio broadcast on famous jury trials, WMAL, September 7, 1945
Folder 711 Award presented by Dr. Parran at luncheon given by Advertising Club of Washington, D.C. in honor of Miss Helen Hayes, September 11, 1945
Folder 712 Address on rural health at Georgia Conference on Social Welfare, Atlanta, September 13, 1945
Folder 713 Health in the Postwar Period. Address by Dr. Parran at opening of George Washington University Medical School, September 17, 1945
Folder 714 Statement of Dr. Parrin at hearings on S.1349: Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 before Senate Subcommittee, October 4, 1945
Folder 715 Hearings on stream pollution bills, November 13, 1945
Folder 716 Youth in the Atomic Age. Broadcast, WRC General Federation of Woments Clubs, November 30, 1945
Folder 717 A National Health Program - American Style. U.S. Conference of Mayors, New York City, December 12, 1945
Folder 718 The Medical Profession in a National Health Program Seaboard Medical Association, Virginia Beach, December 12, 1945
Folder 719 Medical Centers of the Future. Mayo Memorial Lecture, Dartmouth Colleges, December 16, 1945
Folder 720 Medical Centers of the Future. Mayo Memorial Lecture, Dartmouth Colleges, December 16, 1945
Folder 721 "Exploring the Unknown" radio broadcast, station WOL, Washington, D.C. 9:00 p.m., ,(Revere Brass Copper Inc.), January 27, 1946
Folder 722 The New Strategy Against Venereal Disease address at Social Hygiene Day luncheon Cleveland, February 5, 1946
Folder 723 The Voluntary Hospital Looks Ahead, Address at 1946 convention of Methodist Hospitals and Homes Chicago, February 6, 1946
Folder 724 Goals for National Health - How to win Them. Meeting of National Board of YWCA, Atlantic City, March 1, 1946.
Folder 725 Testimony by Dr. Parran on S.1160: To Establish National Neuropsychiatric Institute, March 6, 1946
Folder 726 Medical Centers of the Future Revised manuscript of Dartmouth Speech for publication in Yale Review
Folder 727 Testimony by Dr. Parran and other statements on S.191: Hospital Survey and Construction Bill, March 7-8, 1946
Folder 728 Testimony of Dr. Parran on H.R. 4502: Neely Cancer Bill. House Committee on Foreign Affairs, May 7, 1947
Folder 729 Opportunities for the Medically Trained in Public Health. Pub. in The Diplomate of National Board of Medical Examinors, reprinted by permission of JAMA, May, 1946
Folder 730 Nutrition in the Public Health Programs. Reprinted in Nutrition Reviews, May, 1946
Folder 731 Extemporaneous remarks by Dr. Parran at Regional Directors meeting of Social Security Board, May 8, 1946
Folder 732 Basic Significance of the Food and Drug Act in Public Health. At 40th anniversary of Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, New York City, June 25, 1946
Folder 733 Seasonal Behavior of Polio. Article pub. in Hospitals, Vol. 20, June, 1946
Folder 734 Remarks by Dr. Parran at showing of film "Clean Waters," in New York City, June 26, 1946
Folder 735 Charter for World Health Closing address by Dr. Parran at International Health Conference, New York City, July 22, 1946
Folder 736 Radio broadcast by Dr. Parran on Mutual WMAL, Tuesday, on Polio, August 13, 1946
Folder 737 "Health Goals" address at National Medical Association, Louisville, KY, August 21, 1946
Folder 738 Federal Hospital Council Meeting. Statement by Dr. Parran at opening session, September 17-19, 1946
Folder 739 National and International Horizons in Health. Biennial Nursing Convention, HOPHN, Atlantic City, September 24, 1946
Folder 740 "Washington Views" Interview with Barnet Nover, Recorded September 26, 1946
Folder 741 Convocation of American College of Hospital Administrators, Bellevue Stratford Hotel, Philadelphia, September 29, 1946
Folder 742 American Hospital Association, remarks by Dr. Parran at general session of Committee on Hospital Care, Philadelphia, September 30, 1946
Folder 743 "The Toll of Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases in the U.S.O." Dinner given by National Arthritis Research Foundation, Astor Hotel, New York City, October 14, 1946
Folder 744 The Effect of the School Lunch on Food Habits of Health National School Lunch Conference Washington, D.C., October 22, 1946
Folder 745 Research and the Memorial Laboratory, by Jas. A. Crobtree at dedication of Memorial Laboratory NIH, October 27, 1946
Folder 746 The World Health Organization - Corner Stone of Peace, by Parran and Boudreau. presented by Dr. Boudreau at APHA in Cleveland, November 12, 1946
Folder 747 Our Common Problems Address at State Territorial Health Officers, December 3, 1946

Box 48
Folder 748 A National Cancer Policy Conference on Gastric Cancer, Billings Hospital, Chicago, December 5, 1946
Folder 749 National Arthritis Research Foundation luncheon New York City, July 16, 1946
Folder 750 Pharmacy International Article on Public Health Service, February, 1947
Folder 751 Health of the Nation Statement before Subcommittee of Appropriations Committee, February 7, 1947
Folder 752 Hospitals and the Health of the People. Address before Congress on Medical Education and Licensure AMA, Chicago, February 10, 1947
Folder 753 Cancer testimony at Appropriations Subcommittee, February 17, 1947
Folder 754 Research Programs and Planning of the U.S.P.H.S. Address before medical advisors, American Legion, February 20, 1947
Folder 755 Statement before Senate Appropriations Committee on effect of reductions, March, 1947
Folder 756 General statement re supplemental estimate of $1,000,000 to NIH (Sen. Doc. 44), March, 1947
Folder 757 National Science Foundation Testimony on bills re above, before House Interstate and Foreign Committee, March 6-7, 1947
Folder 758 The World Health Organization. Reprinted in Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, v. 19, no.4, March, 1947
Folder 759 Cancer Activities and Interests of the U.S. Public Health Service. Testimony before Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, March 11, 1947
Folder 760 Health Pioneers Address at 150th anniversary of Boston Dispensary, Boston, March 17, 1947
Folder 761 Red Cross broadcast, station WQQW, March 26, 1947
Folder 762 76th-77th Congressional Club. Remarks by Dr. Parran "Off the Record" held at Army-Navy Club, March 26, 1947
Folder 763 Research and Total Health. Address (Kober Lecture) at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., March 28, 1947
Folder 764 "Next Steps" Annual drive of Visiting Nurse Assn, York, PA, April 10, 1947
Folder 765 Boston Symphony Hour Broadcast WMAL, Washington, D.C., April 15, 1947
Folder 766 Public Health Service and Industrial Pollution (prepared but not delivered by Parran at American Chemical Society, Atlantic City), April 19, 1947
Folder 767 Stream Pollution - testimony before Subcommittee of Senate Committee on Public Works, S.418, April 22, 1947
Folder 768 New Hope for the Handicapped Goodwill Industries luncheon meeting, Metro Clubs New York City, April 24, 1947
Folder 769 Nursing in the International Health Program Opening session of International Council of Nurses, Atlantic City, May 12, 1947
Folder 770 New Health Problems in the United States Address before joint meeting of State and Provincial Health Authority and Canadian Public Health Association Quebec, May 21, 1947
Folder 771 Chicago-Cook County Health Survey. Address before annual meeting of Health Division, Council of Social Agencies, Chicago, May 26, 1947
Folder 772 Research Program of the U.S. Public Health Service; lecture to faculty and students of Univ. of Calif., San Francisco, May 27, 1947
Folder 773 Expanding Responsibilities and Opportunities in Public Health. Western Branch, American Public Health Assn., San Francisco, May 28, 1947
Folder 774 Health Goals for Tomorrow at 60th anniversary, Denver Community Chest, Denver, June 2, 1947
Folder 775 Your Part in the Nation's Health Program; address at 50th Convention of National Congress of Parents and Teachers, Chicago, June 3, 1947
Folder 776 Prologue address at commencement exercises, Landon School, Bethesda, Md., June 6, 1947
Folder 777 Your Nation. address at commencement, Marietta College, Mariettta, Ohio, June 8, 1947
Folder 778 Testimony on H.J. Res. 161. World Health Organization before Subcomm. of House Foreign Affairs Committee, June 13, 1947
Folder 779 Federal Health Legislation and its Relation to the Voluntary Hospital. Catholic Hospital Association, Boston, June 16, 1947

Box 49
Folder 780 World Health organization. Testimony on S.J. Res. 98 before Senate Foreign Affairs Committees, June 17, 1947
Folder 781 National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. Movie short, June 27, 1947
Folder 782 National Health Program. Testimony on S.1320 and S.545 before Subcommittee on Health of Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, July 9, 1947
Folder 783 North Carolina's Place in National Health Program. Greensboro, N.C., July 11, 1947
Folder 784 Pediatrics. 5th International Congress on welcome address, New York, July 15, 1947
Folder 785 Progress Towards a National Health Program Address at meeting of New Jersey Health and Sanitary Assn. Atlantic City, October 8, 1947
Folder 786 Surmounting Obstacles to Health Progress. Address at 75th annual meeting of A.P.H.A. Atlantic City, October 9, 1947
Folder 787 The Nation Against Cancer. Address at Forum of Covenant Club of Illinois. Chicago, October 23, 1947
Folder 788 Prudential Hour broadcast WTOP, October 13, 1947
Folder 789 Medical Manpower. Address at Assn. of American Medical Colleges, Sun Valley, Idaho, October 28, 1947
Folder 790 State and Territorial Health Officers meeting, December 2, 1947
Folder 791 Maryland Congress of Parents and Teachers. Baltimore, (Dr. Parran spoke from notes), December 8, 1947
Folder 792 The Control of Tuberculosis in the Americas. 12th Pan American Sanitary Conference, Caracas, January 20, 1948
Folder 793 Are We Stamping Out Syphilis? Social Hygiene Day lunch, ASHA. Hotel Pennsylvania, February 4, 1948
Folder 794 National Garden Conference, Washington, D.C. Remarks by Dr. Parran, February 2, 1948
Folder 795 YMCA Transcription broadcast. WTOP-CBS, February 8, 1948
Folder 796 Appropriation hearings before House of Rep., Subcommittee on 1949 Appro. estimates, Jan-Feb 1948
Folder 797 American Heart Week radio broadcast, February 9, 1948
Folder 798 The New National Health Programs and Research and the Nations Health, U. of Miami, Feb. 24-25, 1948
Folder 799 Statement on SQ176, H.R. 4200, H.R. 574: Establish National Institute of Dental Research, March 11, 1948
Folder 800 A.A.A.S. meeting Dr. Parran presiding. Speeches by Sopers, Sawyer, Warren, Faust, Sept. 15, 1948
Folder 801 I.C.E.F. article - United Nations Bulletin, September 1948
Folder 802 World Health and Hospitals. Address in Atlantic City. American Hospital Associatio, September 22, 1948
Folder 803 Hospital Programs and Rural America. For publication in The Nation's Agriculture, November, 1947
Folder 804 The International Health Conference. Address at Food and Nutrition Board, National Research Council, December 12, 1946
Folder 805 Plain Words by Parran and Vonderlehr, October, 1941
Folder 806 Plain words

Box 50
Folder 807 Proposed Program for the Secretary of Wars The Secretary of the Navy, and the Federal Security Administration in connection with venereal disease control

Series VII. Miscellaneous Bibliography

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Box 51
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Box 52
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Series VIII. Articles for Publication, 1923-1948

Folder 909 Chest X-ray Statement by Dr. Parran to all Health Officers, February 16, 1948
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We could Banish V.D. in Nine Days by Dr. Parran. Woman's Home Companion, November 1947
Housing Officials, National Association of. Statewent by Dr. Parran, October 31, 1947
Statement by Dr. Parran for health Chairmen; of General Federation of Women's Clubs, October 1947
Better Health for Your Community. Article for Agenda Magazine, September 1947
Philadelphia Triple-X Tuberculosis Campaign. Statement by Dr. Parran, September 1947
Statement on Brucellosis for the Legislative Committee of Minnesota, August 25, 1947
Counter-spy, David Harding Broadcast Message from Dr. Parran, August 10, 1947
Folder 910 American Hospital Association. Suggested Statement by Dr. Parran for Mr. John H. Hayes, Pres., August 1947
Wyoming Fly Control Campaign. Statement by Dr. Parran., June 9, 1947
American Druggist. Statement by Dr. Parran, June 1947
Immunization. Article by Dr. Parran for publication in American Magazine, June 1947
Don't Be Afraid of Your Doctor. Dr. Parran in the American Weekly, June 15, 1947
Cadet Nurse Corps News for June 1947. (4th birthday of the Corps)
Be Your Age. Metro. Life Ins. Co. short, May 13, 1947
Country Gentleman. Statement by Dr. Parran, May 1947
American College of Surgeons. Statement for Bulletin of, April 17, 1947
American Museum of Health. Statement by Dr. Parran, April 29, 1947
American Cancer Society, D.C. Division. Statement by Dr. Parran requested by Mr. Corcoran Thom, Jr., April 17, 1947
Present Opportunity, The. Article by Dr. Parran to accompany series Of type plans for hospitals, published in Architectural Record, March - April 1947
Enigma of Cancer. Statement by Dr. Parran for Modern Medicine, March 4, 1947
Folder 911 Heart Disease, Radio talk by Dr. Parran over Mutual Broadcasting System, February 10, 1947
The National Hospital Program by Dr. Parran for The County Officer Official publication of National Association of County Officials, February 1947
The Health of the Nation, article by Dr. Parran. Appeared in January 1947 issue of National Parent-Teacher.
"Women's Club Number". Statement by Dr. Parran for Texas Fed. of Women's Clubs and Tex. State Health Dept, January 1947
Federal Aid for Municipal Hospitals. Published by League of Wisc. Municipalities in The Municipality, November 1946
The Heart and Its Ills by Dr. Parran. Published in Think, Vol. XII, No. 8, IBM publication, August 1946
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If America Had a 10 year Plan by Dr. Parran. Published in Everybody's Digest, June 1946
Foreword to Venereal Disease Control Today, Vonderlehr Heller, by Dr. Parran, March 1946
Distribution of Public Health Responsibilities Among State Agencies by Dr. Parran, published in State Government, February 1946
1946 - A Healthier Year? By Thomas Parran, M.D. Look Magazine, January 8, 1946

Box 53
Folder 913 Health is Everybody's Business by Dr. Thomas Parran for Bliven's book - now published, July 20, 1945
Folder 914 The Local Community amp; the National Health by Dr. Parran appearing in October 1945 issue of The American City.
Folder 915 Public Health in the Reconversion Period by Dr. Parran. Article for October 1945 issue of the Am. Journal of Public Health.
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Folder 918 Comment on Fishing - Kelly Mason Advertising, Inc.
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Folder 924 Enough Cadets For All Hospitals by Surgeon General Thomas Parran. Published in Hospitals, September 1943
"Conquest of Hunger" In August issue of Parents Magazine, 1943
A Blueprint for the Conquest of Hunger. P.H.R, June 11, 1943
Folder 925 "Wanted: 65,000 Student Nurses" - to be published in Coronet, 1943
Folder 926 Child Health Day, statement by Surge. Gen. Parran for OWI, News Sec. short-wave broadcast to foreign nations, May 1, 1943
The Role of the U.S. Public Health Service in Venereal Disease Control. Published in Federal Probation, Vol. VII, No. 2, June 1943
Keep Fit For Victory - published in Courage magazine. Vol. IV, No. 1, 1943
Folder 927 Keeping Well In Wartime Published in This Week Magazine, 1942
Folder 928 "Doctor Shortage Ahead" This Week Magazine, 1942
Americans For the World of Tomorrow. For publication by Associated Press in feature page for women, August, 1942
Folder 929 "Labor's Stake in V.D. Control". Published in Textile Labor, June 1942
Folder 930 Food Will Build a New America. Published in Nutrition News, December 1941
Dear Father, Article by Dr. Parran which appeared in The Health Digest of the Iowa State Dept. of Health Annual Report, October 1940-1
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What's New in Home Economics. Statement by Dr. Parran, September 1941
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Folder 944 Social Work Year Book for 1939. "Public Health", Mailed July 29, 1938

Box 54
Folder 945 Why Mothers Die. "The Woman". Vol. I, No. 1, August 1938
A World Safe For Mothers. Survey Midmonthly, April 1938
A Health Program For Rural America. An Interview With Mr. Streeter of "Farmer's Wife", March 1938
Folder 946 Modern Housing In Relation to Public Health. Green Belt Cooperator, 1938
Folder 947 "Dr. Joseph Goldberger". The Jewish Advocate, December 31, 1939
Folder 948 Industry Must do Something About Its Syphilis. Factory, September 1937
Folder 949 "The American Druggist". How the Druggist Can Promote the V.D. Program, 1937
"Let's Lift A Taboo". The Nation's Schools, September 1937
Folder 950 Syphilis Is Bad Business. Dun's Review, 1937
We Can End His Sorrow by de Kruif Parran. Ladies Home Journal, August 1937
Rural Health Service Goes Forward Under the Social Security Act. Exten. Serv. Review, Agric. Dept., July 1937
Folder 951 Syphilis - Its Place in Industrial Medicine. Central of Georgia Magazine, July 1937
Syphilis Can Be Stamped Out. Readers Digest, April 1937
"Responsibility Follows the Facts". The Attack on Syphilis. Published in Social Progress, 1937
Folder 952 Reduction in Maternal Mortality. The Clubwoman - GFWC., January 1957
Avoid Contagious Diseases. Article published in "Life and Health". Takoma Park, Washington, D.C., December 1936
National Cost of Illness. The World Today., October 1936
Folder 953 Social Work Year Book, 1936
Folder 954 Parran, Thomas Jr. M.D. Venereal Diseases. Social Work Year Book published in the spring of 1935, 1934
Folder 955 Parran, Thomas Jr. M.D. Diphtheria Immunization. New York State Journal of Medicine, April 15, 1934
Folder 956 Parran, Moore, Stekes, Cole, etc. Syphilis in Pregnancy. Cooperative Clinical Studies in the Treatment of Syphilis. Reprint No. 46. - Venereal Disease Information, March 1934
Parran, Thomas Jr. M.D. Ancient and Modern Public Health. The Sanatorium Leaflet. Broome County TB Hospital, December 1932
Parran, Thomas Jr. M.D. Venereal Diseases, Control of. The Trained Nurse and Hospital Review, June 1928
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County Health Service. Public Health Reports, May 15, 1925
Folder 958 Parran, Thomas Jr. M.D. Syphilis Symposium. State Health Conference. Washington, D.C., 1951
Folder 960 folder missing, not listed in finding aid
Folder 961 Syphilis Article. Survey Graphic Reader's Digest, 1936
Folder 962 Article on Syphilis in Survey - Graphic Reader's Digest

Box 55
Folder 963 Letters re Syphilis article. Survey - Graphic Reader's Digest, 1956

Series IX. Organizations, Roughly 1938-1945

Folder 964 American College of Surgeons
Folder 965 American College of Physicians
Folder 966 American Dental Association
Folder 967-970 American Foundation Studies in Gov't, 1935-1936

Box 56
Folder 971 American Foundation for Tropical Med.
Folder 972 American Heart Association
Folder 973 American Hospital Association
Folder 974 American Legion
Folder 975 American Medical Association
Folder 976 The American Missourian Medical Society
Folder 977 American Pharmaceutical Association
Folder 978 A.P.H.A. - By Laws
Folder 979 American Public Health Association - General
Folder 980 A.P.H.A. Executive Board
Folder 981 A.P.H.A. Sedgwick Medal Committee
Folder 982 A.P.H.A. Comm. on Amer. Museum of Hygiene
Folder 983 A.P.H.A. Comm. on Laser Awards
Folder 984 American Public Welfare Association

Box 57
Folder 985-6 A.S.H.A. Board of Directors, etc.
Folder 987 A.S.H.A. Anti-Syphilis Committee
Folder 988 A.S.H.A. Wm. Freeman Snow Award
Folder 989 Archives of Soc. Med. and Hygiene
Folder 990 Association of American Medical Colleges
Folder 991 Association of American Physicians
Folder 992 Assoc. of Military Surgeons of the U.S.
Folder 993 Boy Scouts of America
Folder 994 British Medical Association
Folder 995 Canadian Medical Association
Folder 996 Canadian Public Health Association
Folder 997 Commissioned Officers Association - USPHS
Folder 998 Committee of Physicians

Box 58
Folder 999 The Commonwealth Fund
Folder 1000 Cooperative Committee
Folder 1001 Association for the Aid of Crippled Children
Folder 1002 D.C. Medical Society
Folder 1003 D.C. Tuberculosis Assoc.
Folder 1004 Harvard College
Folder 1005 International College of Surgeons
Folder 1006 Jackson Laboratory
Folder 1007 Julius Rosenwald Fund
Folder 1008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Folder 1009 Meninger Foundation
Folder 1010 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Folder 1011 Military Medicine and Pharmacy
Folder 1012 Miscellaneous Organizations
Folder 1013 National Advisory Cancer Council

Box 59
Folder 1014 National Board of Dental Examiners
Folder 1015-1016 National Board of Medical Examiners
Folder 1017 National Congress of Parents Teachers
Folder 1018 National Economic Social Planning Association
Folder 1019 National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis-including The Little White

Box 60
Folder 1020 National Nursing Council for War Service House, Warm Springs, GA
Folder 1021 National Organization for Public Health Nursing Pamphlet, 1948
Folder 1022 National Physicians Committee
Folder 1023 National Research Council
Folder 1024 National Science Foundation Material
Folder 1025 National Tuberculosis Association
Folder 1026 New York Academy of Medicine
Folder 1027 New York State Medical Society
Folder 1028 Pan American Medical Association

Box 61
Folder 1029 Henry Phipps Institute
Folder 1030 Safety council
Folder 1031 Science Service
Folder 1032 Southern Medical Association
Folder 1033-1034 State Charities Aid Association

Series X. Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations (O.F.R.R.O.) Mostly 1943

Scope and Content Notes:

Some folders are marked confidential. Contact the University Archivist for more information.

Folder 1035-1037 O.F.R.R.O.
Folder 1038 Office of Foreign Relief. Sub-committee 1943
Folder 1039 O.F.R.R.O. Health Committee
Folder 1040 Medical Report on Tunisia
Folder 1041 United Nations Relief and Rehab. Admin. Proposed health program and organization. Part I - secret
Folder 1042 Report on Public Health in Greece

Box 63
Folder 1043 Report on Public Health in Yugoslavia
Folder 1044 Report on Public Health in Rumania
Folder 1045 Medical and Sanitary Data on Norway
Folder 1046 O.F.R.R.O.
Folder 1047 Office of Foreign Relief. North Africa.
Folder 1048 Office of Foreign Agricultural Relations. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Series XI. Vitamins Minerals, 1941-1943

Scope and Content Notes:

Some folders in this series are marked confidential. Contact the University Archivist for more information.

Folder 1049 Biological

Box 64
Folder 1050 Production and materials. Synthetic Vitamins, 1942
Folder 1051 Riboflavin and the synthetic vitamins
Folder 1052 Vitamin C (citrus fruit content)
Folder 1053 Vitamin A (Fish oils)
Folder 1054 Vitamin Production - Totals
Folder 1055 Fats and Oils

Series XII. Great Britain

Folder 1056 British Food Mission
Folder 1057 Future Needs of Domestic, British and Unoccupied European Countries. Letter to President, April 8, 1941
Folder 1058 Ministry of Health - General
Folder 1059 Nutrition in Great Britian

Box 65
Folder 1060 Various Booklets on Air Raids, British cities at war, and information concerning casualties and evacuations.
Folder 1061 Correspondence (to G.B.)
Folder 1062 Air raids and shelters in G.B.
Folder 1063 Misc. G.B. (Air raid info., casualty, articles)
Folder 1064 Great Britain (Civil defense, post war plans)
Folder 1065 Supplemental report on Public Health, Medical and Sanitation aspects of civil defense in Great Britain

Box 66
Folder 1066 Civil defense measures for the protection of children (in G.B.)
Folder 1067 Birmingham and Coventry Data
Folder 1068 British Medical Association
Folder 1069 Emergency Medical Service
Folder 1070 French Food Position
Folder 1071 London-School of Hygiene and Public Health
Folder 1072 London County Council
Folder 1073 Col. Harrison - V.D.
Folder 1074 London Water Supply
Folder 1075 Medical Research Council
Folder 1076 Ministry of Foods
Folder 1077 Willesdan and Ken. data
Folder 1078 British Food Mission. U.K. requirements from the U.S.A., 1941-43

Series XIII. United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration

Folder 1079 UNRRA- Thomas Parran
Folder 1080 UNRRA- Scope of Activities and Financial Plan
Folder 1081 UNRRA- Standing technical Committee on Health - Correspondence
Folder 1082 UNRRA- Standing Technical Committee on Health
Folder 1083 UNRRA- Expert Commission on Quarantine
Folder 1084 UNRRA- Committee of Council for Europe
Folder 1085 UNRRA- Standing Tech. Sub. Comm. on Health for the Far East

Box 67
Folder 1086-1086 UNRRA Weekly Bulletins
Folder 1089 United Nations Organization (mostly food and agriculture; War Peace aims, statements by United Nations leaders)
Folder 1090 UNRRA - Journals of the Council Montreal, Canada, Sept. 15-26, 1944

Box 68
Folder 1091 Correspondence on Montreal meeting
Folder 1092 Air Sanitary Convention
Folder 1093 International Sanitary Conventions
Folder 1094 No folder title given in finding aid
Folder 1096 Miscellaneous UNRRA Meetings- Montreal, Sept. 15-23, 1944
Folder 1097 Miscellaneous UNRRA Meetings- Montreal - Oversized, Sept. 15-23, 1944
Folder 1098 Statements on Health Medical Conditions - Atlantic City, New Jersey, November 10-December 1, 1943
Folder 1099 Correspondence on Atlantic City meeting

Box 69
Folder 1100 Nutrition Foundation, correspondence
Folder 1101 Nutrition Foundation minutes
Folder 1102 Nutrition Foundation misc. with published articles by Dr. Parran
Folder 1103 Nutrition Foundation reviews
Folder 1104 No title listed in finding aid

Series XIV. Rockefeller Foundation

Box 70
Folder 1105 various programs, minutes, reports, misc.
Folder 1106 Rockefeller Foundation - The Education of Public Health Personnel
Folder 1107 Public Health Training - Medical Education
Folder 1108 General Education Board. Dr. Parran elected member of Board on, April 3, 1947
Folder 1109 Minutes of Board of Trustees
Folder 1110-1111 Dockets - Annual meetings

Box 71
Folder 1112-1114 Financial Reports

Box 72
Folder 1115-1116 Confidential monthly reports for Trustees
Folder 1117-1118 Rockefeller Foundation Health Comm. reports

Box 73
Folder 1119-1120 Rockefeller Foundation - International Health Division minutes, 1944
Folder 1121 The Rockefeller Foundation - International Health Div. General correspondence

Series XV. St. John's College

Folder 1122 Minutes - Board of Governors, St. John's College

Box 74
Folder 1123 St. John's College - Budget and Finance
Folder 1124 Catalogs and various publications and memorabilia of St. John's College

Series XVI. Milbank Memorial Fund

Folder 1125 Milbank Memorial Fund- Correspondence
Folder 1126 Milbank Memorial Fund- Annual conferences
Folder 1127 Milbank Memorial Fund- Minutes
Folder 1128 Syphilis control in Scandinavian countries
Folder 1129 Norway
Folder 1130 Sweden
Folder 1131 London County Council (misc. reprints)
Folder 1132 London - Wales - England
Folder 1133 General

Box 75
Folder 1134 Pan American Sanitary Organization
Folder 1135 Fosdick, Raymond B. - Public Health As An International Problem. A.P.H.A. October 3, 1944
Box 76 Various World Health Organization Publications
Folder 1137 U.S. Delegation Material - (State Dept.) First Session
Folder 1138 World Health Assembly - Geneva
Folder 1139 International Health Conference - N.Y., 1946
Folder 1140 UNRRA - WHO Residual Funds
Folder 1141 International Children's Emergency Fund, miscellaneous
Folder 1142 Report of survey mission to the far east. Terms of reference

Box 77
Folder 1143 Mexico City - Pan American Sanitary Organization, October 8-12, 1948
Folder 1144 Miscellaneous - Geneva Meeting, WHO, June 24-July 24, 1948
Folder 1145 Data by country - survey mission - Far East
Folder 1146 W.H.O., Travel, expenses, etc
Folder 1147 Misc. (World Health)

Series XVII. Food and Agricultural Organization - United Nations

Box 78
Folder 1148 Food and Agriculture Organization
Folder 1149 United Nations Conference on International Organization, San Francisco, Calif., June 25, 1945
Folder 1150 Interim Commission - Food Agric. Org.
Folder 1151 F.O.A. misc., United Nations Relief Rehabilitation Administration, misc. - early material
Folder 1152 Hot Springs, Va. Meeting, FAO, 1943
Folder 1153 Quebec meeting, FAO, 1945

Box 79
Folder 1154 Meeting in Copenhagen, FAO, 1946
Folder 1155 Material on B.C.G. (a vaccination for tuberculosis)
Folder 1156 Health survey in Denmark, 1926

Series XVIII. Pre-University of Pittsburgh

Folder 1157 Statistical data (pertaining to medical cost)
Folder 1158 University of Pittsburgh - general correspondence
Folder 1159 R.S. Boughton (Univ. of Pgh. concerning Mellon Educ. Fund)
Folder 1159-A Clippings pertaining to new Public Health School at Univ. of Pgh.
Folder 1159-B Congratulatory letters - Univ. of Pgh., Public Health School

Series XIX. Dr. Parran (University of Pittsburgh) A-Z, 1948-1961

Box 80
Folder 1160 A-miscellaneous
Folder 1161 Air Pollution, literature in re.
Folder 1162 "Alaska's Health: A Survey Report"
Folder 1163 Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society (The Pharos)
Folder 1164 American Academy of Pediatrics
Folder 1165 American Academy of Political and Social Science
Folder 1166 American Assembly, "The Federal Government and Higher Education", May 1960

Box 81
Folder 1167 American Association for the Advancement of Science
Folder 1168 American Bakers Association American Institute of Baking Dinner, February 27, 1961
Folder 1169 American Board of Preventive Medicine
Folder 1170 American Cancer Society
Folder 1171 American College of Dentists
Folder 1172 American College of Hospital Administrators
Folder 1173 American College of Physicians
Folder 1174 American College of Surgeons
Folder 1175 American Hospital Association
Folder 1176 American Medical Association
Folder 1177 American Museum of Health
Folder 1178 American Pharmaceutical Association
Folder 1179 American Psychiatric Association
Folder 1180 American Public Health Assn. "Rich Report"

Box 82
Folder 1181 American Social Health Association
Folder 1182 American Social Hygiene Assn.

Box 83
Folder 1183 American Social Hygiene Assn., 1948-50
Folder 1184 American Statistical Assn.
Folder 1185 Antiques
Folder 1186 Arnstein, Mr. Lawrence
Folder 1187 Arthritis Rheumatism Foundation
Folder 1188 Assn. of American Medical Colleges
Folder 1190 Assn. of American Medical Colleges Annual Meeting (Chicago), November 2-4, 1959
Folder 1191 Assn. of American Medical Colleges. Medical School Teaching Hospital Section - Meeting, 10/30-31/1959.
Folder 1192 Assn. of American Physicians
Folder 1193 Assn. of Food and Drug Officials of the United States
Folder 1194 Assn. of Schools of Public Health Meeting, April 11
Folder 1195 B - miscellaneous
Folder 1196 Bacon, Mr. Emery F.
Folder 1197 Baehr, Dr. George
Folder 1198 Baumgartner, Dr. Leona
Folder 1199 Bayne-Jones, Dr. Stanhope
Folder 1200 Blatt, Mrs. Betty
Folder 1201 Blunt, Miss Virginia H.
Folder 1202 Braceland, Dr. Francis J.
Folder 1203 Brotherston, Dr. John H.F.
Folder 1204-5 Broughton, Mr. Philip S.
Folder 1206 Burney, Dr. Leroy E.

Box 84
Folder 1207 C - miscellaneous
Folder 1208 California, University of (includes re. Honorary Degree, 1958)
Folder 1209 Calvert County Historical Society (Maryland)
Folder 1210 Central Blood Bank of Pittsburgh
Folder 1211 Ciocco, Dr. Antonio
Folder 1212 Citizens' Committee for the Settlements (United Neighborhood Houses)
Folder 1213 Collier's, Must You Retire at 65?
Folder 1214 Columbia University, First Bicentennial Conference, 1954
Folder 1215 Columbia University, Graduate School of Journalism, Advisory Committee
Folder 1216 Committee on Govt. Operations, United States Senate
Folder 1217 Committee to Protect Our Children's Teeth, Inc.
Folder 1218 Community Rehabilitation Center
Folder 1219 Copenhagen, Denmark, August-Sept. 1957
Folder 1220 Cosmos Club

Box 85
Folder 1221 D - Miscellaneous
Folder 1222 Daley, Sir Allen
Folder 1223 Darwin Centennial Celebration. Univ. of Chicago, November 24-28, 1959
Folder 1224 De Kruif, Paul
Folder 1225 Denver Conference. Re: Tuberculosis, (Jan. 1957)
Folder 1226 de Paula Souza, Dr, Raphael
Folder 1227 Dubos, Dr. Rene
Folder 1228 Duquesne Club
Folder 1229 E - Miscellaneous
Folder 1230 Encyclopedia Britannica
Folder 1231 Engineering Centennial, 1952
Folder 1232 F - Miscellaneous
Folder 1233 Falk, Mr. Leon
Folder 1234 Falk, Dr. Leslie A.
Folder 1235 Fisher Scientific Company
Folder 1236 Folks, Homer
Folder 1237 Food Law Institute, Inc.
Folder 1238 Forand Bill
Folder 1239 Foreign Policy Association of Pittsburgh
Folder 1240 Fosdick, Raymond B.
Folder 1241 Fox, Dr. T.F.
Folder 1242 Freeman, Dr. Victor J.
Folder 1243 Fuid Health Foundation, Helene
Folder 1244 Frontier Nursing Service
Folder 1245 G - Miscellaneous
Folder 1246 Georgetown University
Folder 1247 Grant, Dr. John Bo
Folder 1248 Gregg, Dr. Alan re: Alan Gregg Fund
Folder 1249 H - Miscellaneous
Folder 1250 Harvard University, Board of Overseers of Harvard College

Box 87
Folder 1251 Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York
Folder 1252 Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York Health and Medical Care in New York City
Folder 1253 Helsinki, Finland, visit August-Sept. 1957
Folder 1254 Heritage Series - Station WQED
Folder 1255 Hershenson, Dr. Lee M.
Folder 1256 Herzog, Dr. Carl J.
Folder 1257 Hilleboe, Dr. Herman E.
Folder 1258 Hingson, Dr. Robert A.
Folder 1259 Hospital Planning Association of Allegheny County.
Folder 1260 I - Miscellaneous
Folder 1261 Institute of International Education. Seminar on Soviet Education, Nov. 19-20, 1959
Folder 1262 International Health and Medical Research Act of 1959. (Hill-Fogarty Bill),
Folder 1263 J - Miscellaneous
Folder 1264 Jones, Mr. Boisfeuillet. Comm. of Consultants on Medical Res. Rept. to Senate Apps. Comm.
Folder 1265 K - Miscellaneous
Folder 1266 Knickerbocker Club, Inc.
Folder 1267 L - Miscellaneous

Box 88
Folder 1268 Leonard Wood Memorial
Folder 1269 Lima, Peru, 1950
Folder 1270 Lima, Peru Pan American Sanitary Bureau 1949
Folder 1271 London visit, Sept. 1957
Folder 1272 Longenecker, Dr. Herbert E.
Folder 1273 Lorentz, Mr. Pare
Folder 1274 Mc - Miscellaneous
Folder 1275 M - Miscellaneous
Folder 1276 Mackintosh, Dr. James M., 1959
Folder 1277 Mackintosh, Dr. James M., 1957-1958

Box 89
Folder 1278 Maryland Historical Society
Folder 1279 Maryland Self-Survey Commission re: Baltimore meeting, December 9-10 1957
Folder 1280 Maryland State Planning Commission. Report of Subcommittee on Medical Education and Research.
Folder 1281 Medical Care Literature
Folder 1282 Mellon, Mr. Paul
Folder 1283 Mellon, Mrs. Paul
Folder 1284 Mexico, July 12-Aug. 15, 1951
Folder 1285 Mexico, Aug. 23-Sept. 10, 1949
Folder 1286 Meyer, Mrs. Eugene
Folder 1287 Mirsky, Dr. I. Arthur
Folder 1288 Montefiore Hospital (New York) (Dr. George A. Silver)
Folder 1289 Moore, Dr. Jospeh Earle (and Mrs.)
Folder 1290 Mountain Memorial (Jospeh W.)
Folder 1291 Mutual of Omaha - CRISS Award presentation, Nov. 1959

Box 90
Folder 1292 N - Miscellaneous
Folder 1293 National Academy of Sciences Comm. on Loyalty (Report of)
Folder 1294 National Association of Science Writers
Folder 1295 National Cancer Institute
Folder 1296 National Council on Community Foundations
Folder 1297 National Health Council
Folder 1298 National Health Council meeting Comm. on Research, January 19, 1960
Folder 1299 National Health Council. National Advisory Committee on Local Health Departments
Folder 1300 National Institutes of Health
Folder 1301 National Jewish Hospital at Denver
Folder 1302 National League for Nursing
Folder 1303 National Planning Association
Folder 1304 New York City Miscellaneous
Folder 1305 New York City Commission on Health Services
Folder 1306 New York City. Dept. of Health
Folder 1307 New York City. Dept. of Health. Study of Patterns of Medical Care
Folder 1308 New York State. Committee on Medical Education - Expenses
Folder 1309 Old Dominion Foundation

Box 91
Folder 1310 Operation Serenity (Lancet)
Folder 1311 Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission (Laurence S. Rockefeller)
Folder 1312 O - Miscellaneous
Folder 1313 P - Miscellaneous
Folder 1314 Pate, Mr. Maurice
Folder 1315 Pennsylvania Health Council
Folder 1316 Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
Folder 1317 The Pharos. Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society
Folder 1318 Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Folder 1319 Psychiatry - Information in re.
Folder 1320 R - Miscellaneous
Folder 1321 Radiation (reference articles)
Folder 1322 Rappleye, Dr Willard C.
Folder 1323 Rhodes Bill - H.R. 6871
Folder 1324 Robertson, Dr. Alexander (Univ. of Saskatchewan)

Box 92
Folder 1325 Rockefeller Institute, The
Folder 1326 Rockefeller Public Service Awards, 1958-1961
Folder 1327 Rockefeller Public Service Awards, 1957
Folder 1328 Rockefeller Public Service Awards, 1952-1956
Folder 1329 Rolling Rock Club
Folder 1330 Roosevelt, Mrs. Franklin D.
Folder 1331 Roosevelt University (Chicago)
Folder 1332 Rusk, Dr. Howard A.
Folder 1333 S - Miscellaneous
Folder 1334 Robertson, Dr. Alexander (Univ. of Saskatchewan)
Folder 1335 Salk, Dr. Jonas E.
Folder 1336 Schmidt, A.W.
Folder 1337 Shepard, Dr. William P.
Folder 1338 Sissman, Dr. Isaac.
Folder 1339 Smith, Dr. Charles E.
Folder 1340-1341 Social Medicine
Folder 1342 Society for International Development
Folder 1343 Spies, Dr. Tom D.
Folder 1344 State Charities Aid Association
Folder 1345 State University of New York
Folder 1346 Stockholm, Sweden visit, Aug.-Sept. 1957
Folder 1347 Stryker, Roy
Folder 1348 Tuberculosis
Folder 1349 T - Miscellaneous
Folder 1350 U - Miscellaneous
Folder 1351 United Fund of Allegheny County

Box 93
Folder 1352 United Fund of Allegheny County- Applications for Grant-in-Aid
Folder 1353 United Fund of Allegheny County- I. Cancer
Folder 1354 United Fund of Allegheny County- II. Heart
Folder 1355 United Fund of Allegheny County- III. Heart, Cancer Muscular Dystrophy
Folder 1356 United Nations
Folder 1357 United Nations of Pittsburgh
Folder 1358 UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
Folder 1359 U.S.A. Magazine of American Affairs
Folder 1360 U.S. Public Health Service, 1959

Box 95
Folder 1361 U.S. Public Health Service, 1955-1958
Folder 1362 U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Officers Medical Care Service, 1956-1961
Folder 1363 U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Officers Medical Care Service, 1950-1955
Folder 1364 U.S. Public Health Service. Communicable Disease Center, Atlanta.
Folder 1365 U.S. Public Health Service, 1951-1954
Folder 1366 U.S. Public Health Service, 1949-1950
Folder 1367 U.S. Public Health Service, 1948
Folder 1368 U.S. Public Health Service, Report of Study Group on Mission and Organization of the PHS
Folder 1369 U.S. Public Health Service, Retired Officers' Steering Committee on Recruitment
Folder 1370 University Club, The (Pittsburgh)
Folder 1371 V - Miscellaneous
Folder 1372 Virology Conference. Gustav Stern Symposium

Box 96
Folder 1373 W - Miscellaneous
Folder 1374 X-Y-Z - Miscellaneous

Series XX. Talks, Papers

Folder 1375 Good Health is Good Business. Industrial Hygiene Foundation, Nov. 18, 1948
Folder 1376 Arthritis Rheumatism Foundation, December 6, 1948
Folder 1377 Talk before Bankers Club, February 3, 1949
Folder 1378 The Frontiers of Medicine. Allegheny County Medical Society, Feb. 15, 1949
Folder 1379 The Road Ahead. Women's Auxiliary, Allegheny County Medical Society, March 22, 1949
Folder 1380 Medicine's Responsibility for the Coming Generation. American Academy of Pediatrics, April 2, 1949
Folder 1381 Talk before Twentieth Century Club, Pittsburgh, April 7, 1949
Folder 1382 Improving Public Health Through Professional Training. Pennsylvania Tuberculosis Society, May 26, 1949
Folder 1383 Industrial Health. N.Y. State Health Conference, June 22, 1949
Folder 1384 Medical Sciences and Education in Hospitals Today. Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of N.Y., Sept. 20, 1949
Folder 1385 The Future of the Hospital in Public Health. "Mercy Day", Mercy Hospital, September 22, 1949
Folder 1386 Thirteen Citizens' Committees William Penn Hotel, October 18, 1949
Folder 1387 Dinner honoring Elizabeth Fox, V.N.A., New Haven, Conn., October 19, 1949
Folder 1388 Westmoreland Public Health Association, November 3, 1949
Folder 1389 Pittsburgh and Its Medical Center, talk before Major Individual Gifts Comm., Building Fund Campaign, William Penn, November 18, 1949
Folder 1390 Radio script for VD Education Campaign Transcribed - KDKA, November 23, 1949
Folder 1391 Colleges Schools of Pharmacy. Pharmacy and the Public Health Over February 13, 1950
Folder 1392 National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, Carnegie Music Hall, January 16, 1950
Folder 1393 Newman Club breakfast, St. Paul's, February 26, 1950
Folder 1394 Pittsburgh and Medical Leadership, Junior Chamber of Commerce, March 3, 1950
Folder 1395 Discussion at regional meeting of American College of Surgeons, Pittsburgh, March 14, 1950
Folder 1396 Public Health in the University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Sec. American Chemical Society, March 23, 1950
Folder 1397 The School of Public Health and the Community, Allegheny branch, American Bacteriologists, March 25, 1950
Folder 1398 The Citizen's Stake In Public Health, Maritus Club, Ingomar, April 19, 1950
Folder 1399 Training For Public Health Action. Ohio Public Health Assn, Columbus, May 12, 1950
Folder 1400 Manuscript, Pittsburgh Medical Bulletin, Fall 1950
Folder 1401 Peaks of Progress - Breakfasts Kaufmann's, June 1, 1950
Folder 1402 Bedford Community Hospital, September 19, 1950
Folder 1403 Symposium on Orthopedic Appliances. (Mellon Institute), September 22, 1950

Box 97
Folder 1404 The Purpose of Public Health Training First Seminar, and The Doctor of the Future, October 3, 1950
Folder 1405 Women's Assn Univ. of Pittsburgh October 4, 1950,
Folder 1406 Student Medical Society, talk., November 8, 1950,
Folder 1407 Health Landmark In Pennsylvania - talk Pennsylvania Bar Association, January 19, 1951
Folder 1408 Conference on P.H. sponsored by W. Va. University Morgantown, W. Va., April 1, 1950
Folder 1409 Visiting Nurse Association, Schenley Hall, Pittsburgh, Talk, April 10, 1951
Folder 1410 Education and Research Programs of the School of Public Health, Talk - VA Hospital, Aspinwall, June 19, 1951
Folder 1411 Status Prospects In Venereal Disease Control. Seminar on Venereal Disease, Harrisburg, April 27, 1951
Folder 1412 Cleanliness Public Health, talk. Research Bureau for Retail Training, Univ. of Pittsburgh (University Club), June 20, 1951
Folder 1413 Allegheny County Tuberculosis Secretaries Arsenal Health Center, Sept. 10, 1951, 10:30 a.m.
Folder 1414 Introductory remarks for Section III National Conference on Retirement of Older Workers} Arden House, Jan. 24-26, 1952
Folder 1415 Health and Human Engineering, Centennial of Engineering, Chicago. Sept. 11, 1952
Folder 1416 A Career In Public Health. Pub. in PHR Vol. 67, No. 10. P. 930-943, October, 1952
Folder 1417 Pennsylvania's Health, Article for The Pennsylvania Clubwoman, Pennsylvania Federation of Women's Clubs, sent, 1-15-53
Folder 1418 A Time For Decision. 50th anniversary, Henry Phipps Institute, Univ. of Pennsylvania, February 6, 1953
Folder 1419 Over Population, Lecture at Cornell, April 30, 1953
Folder 1420 Polio Lecture at Cornell, April 29, 1953
Folder 1421 British Journal of Prev. Soc. Medicine Article by T. Parran and L. Falk

Box 98
Folder 1422 Cancer, Lecture at Cornell, April 27, 1953
Folder 1423 Science And Public Health, Mt. Mercy College, Catholic Round Table of Science, April 26, 1952
Folder 1424 A Manual Of Corporate Giving, Chapter eleven - PUBLIC HEALTH
Folder 1425 The Doctor Of The Future, Mary Scott Newbolk lecture, college of Physicians of Philadelphia November 5, 1952
Folder 1426 A Basic Philosophy of Public Health, Middle Atlantic Hospital Assembly, Atlantic City, May 21, 1953
Folder 1427 Collective Bargaining For Medical Care Benefits: A Recent Development in the USA, Parran Falk, Journal Prev. Soc. Med. V. 7, No. 3, p 87-93, July, 1953
Folder 1428 Still Needed - Leadership, Georgetown Alumni dinner, at PAA, Nov. 7, 1953
Folder 1429 Medicine in Maryland, Maryland Historical Soc., Baltimore Maryland Club, Nov. 16, 1953
Folder 1430 The Impact of the Metropolis on the Professions, discussion Columbia Univ. Bicentennial, January 9, 1954
Folder 1431 Allegheny County Boroughs Association annual dinner, William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, Jan. 25, 1954
Folder 1432 Health Problems of Tomorrow University Catholic club, Foster Memorial, Pittsburgh, February 17, 1954
Folder 1433 New Paths To A Growing Problem, Cutter Lectureship, Harvard School of P.H., May 6, 1954
Folder 1434 Potentials Of The Catholic College, Mt. Mercy College Commencement, Pittsburgh, June 1, 1954

Box 99
Folder 1435 Pioneering For Health, Detroit Dental Society, February 2, 1955
Folder 1436 The New Community Penn State Centennial, March 21, 1955
Folder 1437 Tuberculosis - No Boundaries Respected. Pa. TB Health Society, William Penn, Pittsburgh, April 20, 1955
Folder 1438 Harvard Medical School lecture, April 22, 1955
Folder 1439 Health Around The World Alpha Omega Alpha, Syracuse University, April 28, 1955
Folder 1440 Goals, Aims, Ambitions - GSPH Article for Allegheny County Medical Society Bulletin, September, 1955
Folder 1441 Ergonomics and Public Health, Round Table on Human Engineering. Group sponsored by the ICA. (European Productivity Agency Project No. 33), Sept. 13, 1956
Folder 1442 A Stronger Staff of Life, Penn State (Am. Assn. Of Agricultural Editors), July 18, 1956
Folder 1443 National, Voluntary Health Agencies, discussion, American Philosophical society, Philadelphia, Nov. 15, 1956
Folder 1444 What Goes on In the School of Public Health, Common Industrial wastes, Dr. R. Hoak, 13 Dec, 1956
Folder 1445 Closing The Gap (re: tuberculosis) State Committee on Tuberculosis Public Health, State Charities Aid Association, New York. 50th anniversary meeting, May 27, 1957

Box 100
Folder 1446 Health Care of Children in the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., Buffalo Children's Hospital, October 12, 1957
Folder 1447 What Do You Mean By Public Health? Local Government Conference on Public Health (Institute of Local Government, Univ. of Pittsburgh), October 17, 1957
Folder 1448 Hospitals In the Soviet Union, Hosp. Conf. Com., Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania, October 25, 1957
Folder 1449 Quadragesimo Anno, St. Paul's Cathedral Jubilee Celebration, Nov. 6, 1957
Folder 1450 Medical Care in the Soviet Union, Medical Care Discussion Group, November 7, 1957
Folder 1451 U.S. Naval Reserve Hospital Corps, Commissioning Ceremony, VA Hosp., Pittsburgh), Nov. 8, 1957
Folder 1452 Uncle Sam, Why Are You Concerned, U.S. Public Health Service Water Pollution Control Administrators, Washington, February 20, 1958
Folder 1453 Public Health Inside The USSR, APHA annual meeting, Cleveland, (NCC-WHO Forum Session - pub AJPH) v48 #5 May 1958 p.610-614, Nov. 13, 1957
Folder 1454 World Health Assembly, re. Leon Bernard Award, acceptance speech, May 1958
Folder 1455 Group Health Objectives, Group Health Assn. of America, Columbus, Ohio, 5/24/60
Folder 1456 Duquesne University Commencement, June 5, 1960,
Folder 1457 Health Science in the Service of Man, Instituto Norteamericano de relaciones culturales, 1/28/61
Folder 1458 The Profitable Enterprise March 17-18, 1961,

Box 101
Folder 1459 Helping at Home, National Council on Community Foundations, May 12, 1961
Folder 1460 University of Pittsburgh Conference and commencement, June 9-10, 1961
Folder 1461 Talks - Miscellaneous
Folder 1462 Quotations
Folder 1463 Reprints of speeches
Folder 1463-A Requests for lectures, reprints, etc.

Series XXI. Lectures - Dr. Thomas Parran

Folder 1464 Cancer
Folder 1465 Cornell Lectures, 1965
Folder 1466 Polio
Folder 1467 Population
Folder 1468 PH 203 - Seminar on Russia, Aug. 24, 1957
Folder 1469 PHP 205 Dr. Parran's lecture notes, 1955-58
Folder 1470 PHP 206 - Dr. Parran's lecture notes, 2/19/57
Folder 1471 Disease lecture by Dr. Parran, 1956

Box 102
Folder 1472 International Health Lecture by Dr. Parran, 1957
Folder 1473 The Profitable Enterprise, Symposium on World Medicine by Dr. Parran
Folder 1474 Internatioal Health Lecture, by Dr. Parran. Background materials

Series XXII. A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust

Subseries 1. Mellon

Folder 1475 Re: Gift of Portrait of Dr. Parran to Univ. of Pgh., GSPH
Folder 1476 Letter of Gift re GSPH, Univ. of Pgh, 9/15/48
Folder 1477 Annual Reports, Published
Folder 1478 Financial Reports, 1958
Folder 1479 Financial Statements, 1959
Folder 1480 Pittsburgh Photographic Library
Folder 1481 Educational Scientific Trust of the Medical Society of the State of Pa.
Folder 1482 No title listed in finding aid
Folder 1483 Minutes - Copies of

Subseries 2. Meetings

Folder 1484 May 19, 1958
Folder 1485 July 9, 1958
Folder 1486 September 16, 1958
Folder 1487 October 20, 1958
Folder 1488 November 17, 1958
Folder 1489 December 5, 1958
Folder 1490 March 16, 1959
Folder 1491 May 12, 1959

Subseries 3. Mellon, Meetings

Box 103
Folder 1492 September 28, 1959
Folder 1493 November 16, 1959
Folder 1494 January 18, 1960
Folder 1495 March 15, 1960
Folder 1496 May 17, 1960
Folder 1497 September 20, 1960
Folder 1498 November 15, 1960
Folder 1499 January 18, 1961
Folder 1500 March 13, 1961
Folder 1501 May 15, 1961

Subseries 4. Mellon Foundation - Documents

Folder 1502 Schmidt, Mr. A.W. Copies of Foundations Group Speech, October 25, 1960
Folder 1503 Financial Statements, 1960
Folder 1504 By-Laws, Deed of Trust

Subseries 5. Mellon-Dr. Parran

Box 104
Folder 1505 Mellon - Dr. Parran

Subseries 6. Mellon - Meetings

Folder 1506 Sept. 18, 1961
Folder 1507 Dec. 11, 1961
Folder 1508 March 20, 1962

Subseries 7. Proposals and Reports

Folder 1509 Annual Financial Report, Dec. 31, 1962
Folder 1510 A Proposal to The A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust Planning Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, 5/16/62
Folder 1511 A Proposal to The A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust Ohiopyle Land Acquisition Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, May 16, 1962
Folder 1512 Mellon: Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees, June 1, 1962

Series XXIII. University of Pittsburgh

Folder 1513 Inauguration Dedication, May 9-11, 1957
Folder 1514 School of Public Health Corres., 1958
Folder 1515 Graduate School of Public Health, Health Law Center
Folder 1516 Graduate School of Public Health Dean's Report
Folder 1517 Library (Parran Collection)
Folder 1518 Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
Folder 1519 Graduate School of Public Health Population Studies Unit
Folder 1520 Graduate School of Public Health Reports, bulletins, etc.

Series XXIV. Dr. Thomas Parran - Miscellaneous

Box 105
Folder 1521 Congressional Appearances
Folder 1522 Licensure
Folder 1523 References - Medical
Folder 1524 Re: Retirement as Dean, GSPH, Avalon Appointment Retirement
Folder 1525 Publications, List of
Folder 1526 Travel Schedules
Folder 1527 Omitted
Folder 1528 Passports - Dr. Mrs. Parran; Social Security card

Box 106
Folder 1529 Re: University of Pittsburgh (Personal)
Folder 1530 Peaks of Progress
Folder 1531 Nuisance letters

Series XXV. Rockefeller Foundation

Folder 1532 Rockefeller Foundation, 1948-1950
Folder 1533 Rockefeller Foundation, 1950-1951
Folder 1534 Rockefeller Foundation, 1952-1953

Box 107
Folder 1535 Rockefeller Foundation, 1954-1955
Folder 1536 Rockefeller Foundation, 1956
Folder 1537 Rockefeller Foundation, 1957
Folder 1538 Rockefeller Foundation - Re: annual meeting, 1957
Folder 1539 Emory University - Actions and correspondence re: grant for graduate program
Folder 1540 Rockefeller Foundation - General education Board
Folder 1541 Rockefeller Foundation - re: Puerto Rico meeting, 1957
Folder 1542 Rockefeller Foundation - Financial Reports (see also General Education Board reports)

Box 108
Folder 1543 Rockefeller Foundation: Cox Committee
Folder 1544 Documents
Folder 1545 Welch-Rose report

Section: Rockefeller Foundation Reports

Confidential Report no. 203: The Unconquered Plague, March 1961
Confidential Report no. 204: Development of the Foundation's Agricultural Program in Africa, November 1961
Neutralizing Antibodies for Certain Viruses in the Areas of Human Beings Residing in Northern Natal

Section: Rockefeller Foundation

President's review, 1962
Plans for the future, 1963
Grants, 1963
Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner, 1963
Condensed records, 1913-1960
Statement by Trustees on the Fiftieth Anniversary,
Report from Atlantic Monthly on the Rockefeller Foundation by Greer Williams, April 1964
Grants, 1964

Series XXVI. Avalon Foundation

Folder 1547 Miscellaneous, 1962-1963
Folder 1548 Meeting of Trustees, April 16, 1963
Folder 1549 Meeting of Trustees, May 23, 1962
Folder 1550 Meeting of Trustees, February 1, 1962
Folder 1551 Meeting of Trustees, April 26, 1962, June 26, 1962
Folder 1552 Treasurer's annual financial report, December 31, 1961
Folder 1553 Meeting of Trustees

Box 109
Folder 1554 Meeting of Trustees, December 5, 1961
Folder 1555 Meeting of Trustees, March 8, 1962
Folder 1556 Meeting of Trustees, October 31, 1961
Folder 1557 Requests for contributions declined (95), July l-Sept. 30, 1961
Folder 1558 Avalon Foundation agreement
Folder 1559 By-Laws
Folder 1560 Committee on selection of additional trustee
Folder 1561 Contributions, Regular annual lists
Folder 1562 Contributions, summaries of
Folder 1563 Correspondence - Personal, 1958
Folder 1564 Correspondence - Personal, 1957 to June 1958
Folder 1565 Expense statements (Dr. Parran)
Folder 1566 Finance Committee
Folder 1567 Incorporation, Certificate of
Folder 1568 Minutes, 1961
Folder 1569 Minutes, 1962
Folder 1570 Minutes, 1963
Folder 1571 Minutes, 1964
Folder 1572 Personnel

Series XXVII. Institute for Philosophical Research

Subseries 1. Association Material

Box 110
Folder 1573 Policy and program statements in re Avalon Foundation
Folder 1574 Requests, Pending information in re Avalon Foundation
Folder 1575 Stratton-Blunt report re: Youth Programs, Avalon Foundation
Folder 1576 Avalon Foundation 1959-1960
Folder 1577 The National Tuberculosis Association

Subseries 2. Correspondence

Folder 1578 1958
Folder 1579 1956-1958
Folder 1580 1955-1956
Folder 1581 1952-1954

Subseries 3. Minutes and Documents

Box 111
Folder 1582 1954-1955
Folder 1583 1952-1953

Series XXVIII. Russia (Public Health Mission to)

Folder 1584 Correspondence in re: USPHS Mission, 1957
Folder 1585 Correspondence with Russian officials in re USPHS Mission
Folder 1586 Report material in re: USPHS Mission to Soviet Union
Folder 1587 Report of the U.S. Public Health Mission to USSR, copies of report.
Folder 1588 Snegireff Report re. Public Health Mission to USSR, Section I
Folder 1589 Snegireff Report re. Public Health Mission to USSR, Section II
Folder 1590 Snegireff Report re. Public Health Mission to USSR, Section III
Folder 1591 Reference materials (newspaper clippings)
Folder 1592 Correspondence in re: USPHS Mission to Soviet Union, 1958

Box 112
Folder 1593 Reference Materials
Folder 1594 Expenses and itinerary
Folder 1595 Publicity USPHS
Folder 1592 Correspondence in re USPHS Mission to Soviet Union, 1958
Folder 1593 Reference materials
Folder 1594 Expenses and itinerary
Folder 1595 Publicity USPHS
Folder 1596 I.C.R.S. Medical Reports, Fordham University Press
Folder 1597 U.S. - U.S.S.R. Exchange Agreement, 1959
Folder 1598 Trip report: Public Health Mission to the U.S.S.R. from the diary of L.S. Snegireff, August to September, 1957
Folder 1599 Report of the U.S. Public Health Mission to the U.S.S.R. and misc. items pertaining to U.S.S.R. trip, 1957
Folder 1600-1600-A Diary of U.S.S.R. trip

Series XXIX. Milbank Memorial Fund

Subseries 1. Minutes, 1956-1961

Box 113
Folder 1601 Minutes, 1956-1961

Subseries 2. Annual Conference

Folder 1602 1955-1956
Folder 1603 1957
Folder 1604 1958
Folder 1605 1959
Folder 1606 1960

Subseries 3. Correspondence

Folder 1607 1948-1954
Folder 1608 1955-1957
Folder 1609 1958

Series XXX. National Vitamin Council

Box 114
Folder 1610 Reports, financial statements, publications
Folder 1611 Correspondence, 1959-1960
Folder 1612 Correspondence
Folder 1613 Correspondence, 1961
Folder 1614 Correspondence, 1962
Folder 1615 Annual Meeting, May 6, 1962

Series XXXI. Nutrition Foundation

Box 115
Folder 1616 Minutes
Folder 1617 Correspondence, 1950-1958
Folder 1618 Correspondence, 1950-1958
Folder 1619 Correspondence
Folder 1620 Correspondence, 1961
Folder 1621 By-laws

Series XXXII. Population Council

Folder 1622 Correspondence, 1959
Folder 1623 Correspondence, 1954-1958

Box 116
Folder 1624 Correspondence, 1952-1953
Folder 1625 Minutes
Folder 1626 Reports and meetings, 1961-1962
Folder 1627-1629 Meetings, 1960-1961
Folder 1630 Annual report of the Treasurer, 12/31/60
Folder 1631-1633 Meetings, 1959-1960

Box 117
Folder 1634-1635 Meetings 1959
Folder 1635 Meeting, (includes copy of Five Year Plan) 1958
Folder 1637 not used
Folder 1638 Ad Hoc Committee
Folder 1639-1941 Population Control Documents

Series XXXIII. American Public Health Association

Folder 1642-1643 Correspondence, 1959-1961

Box 118
Folder 1644 Correspondence, 1950-1958
Folder 1645 Committees- Eligibility
Folder 1646 Committee on Population Control of the Maternal and Child Health Section
Folder 1647-1653 Committee on Professional Education, 1960-1961

Box 119
Folder 1654 Committees- Professional Education, 1959
Folder 1655 Committees- Professional Education, Subcommittee for Professional Examination Serv.
Folder 1656 Committees- Finance
Folder 1657 Committees- Governing Council
Folder 1658-1661 Joint Committee on Study of Education for Public Health, 1961-1962
Folder 1662 The Development of Public Health Joint Comm. on Study of Ed. for Public

Box 120
Folder 1663 The Development of Public Health - Joint Committee on Study of Health Education for Public Health
Folder 1664 Joint Committee on Graduate Education in Public Health, 1959-1960
Folder 1665 Program Area Committee on Chronic Disease and Rehabilitation
Folder 1666-1967 Program Area Committee on Mental Health, 1956-1960
Folder 1668 Bronfman Priz, 1961
Folder 1669 Lasker awards, 1958-1961
Folder 1670 Sedgwick Memorial Medal, 1961
Folder 1671 Technical Development Board, 1961

Box 121
Folder 1672-1673 Technical Development Board, 1959-1960
Folder 1674 Sedgwick Memorial Medal, 1960
Folder 1675 A.P.H.A. meeting, Detroit, 1961

Section: Annual Meetings

Folder 1676 88th meeting, San Francisco, 1960
Folder 1677 87th meeting, Atlantic City, 1959
Folder 1678 86th meeting, St. Louis, 1958

Series XXXIV. National Citizens Committee For World Health

Folder 1679 By-laws
Folder 1680 Minutes
Folder 1681 Correspondence, 1961

Box 122
Folder 1681 Correspondence, 1960
Folder 1682 Correspondence, 1960
Folder 1683 88th annual meeting, San Francisco, November 2-3, 1960
Folder 1684 Correspondence, unitdate>1959
Folder 1685 2nd National Conference on World Health, Washington, D.C., May 7-9, 1959
Folder 1686-1687 Annual Meetings, 1958, 1959
Folder 1688 Post-Assembly Technical Tours, 1958
Folder 1689-1691 Correspondence, 1956-1958

Box 123
Folder 1692 Correspondence, 1953-1955

Series XXXV. National Academy of Sciences

Folder 1696-1697 Study of Africa South of the Sahara Minutes

Box 124
Folder 1698-1699 Study of Africa South of the Sahara, Reports
Folder 1700-1701 Population Conference, Williamsburg, June 20-22, 1952

Series XXXVI. New York Academy of Medicine

Folder 1702 Correspondence, 1957
Folder 1703-1704 Committee on Public Health, 1960-1961

Box 125
Folder 1705-1706 Committee on Public Health, 1958-1959
Folder 1707 New York World's Fair, Medicine and Health Exhibit, 1964-65
Folder 1708-1711 Whither Medicine Committee, Correspondence, 1961
Folder 1712-1713 Special Committee on Medical Education,

Series XXXVII. World Health Organization

Folder 1714 Pan American Health Organization - Dr. Parran consultant to

Box 126
Folder 1715-1716 Pan American Health Organization - Dr. Parran consultant to
Folder 1717-1718 Correspondence, 1948-1957
Folder 1719 Post-Assembly Technical Sessions, 1955

Section: World Health Assembly Meetings

Folder 1720 New Delhi, 1961
Folder 1721 Geneva, 1959
Folder 1722 Minneapolis, 1958

Series XXXVIII. Brazil and Venezuela (contains studies of health problems and sanitation, Rockefeller Foundation funded most of the reports)

Box 127
Folder 1723-1726 Brazil and Venezuela - literature, oversize and travel expenses, July 1959
Folder 1727-1729 Brazil - reports, travel expenses
Folder 1730 Liberia

Series XXXIX. Japan - Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, 1956

Folder 1731 Executive committee meeting - Foundation material concerning Japan
Folder 1732 ABCC Miscellaneous - correspondence, bulletins, analyses of autopsies
Folder 1733 Report on ABCC - rough draft only and biostatistical seminar notes on "Late Effects of Atomic Radiation on Man?"
Folder 1734 Final report and appendices (on trip to Japan)

Box 128
Folder 1735 Tables from Francis Report concerning exposure to radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Folder 1736 Japan: People (lst news release) Itinerary
Folder 1737 Dr. Parran's carbons of letters to Japan
Folder 1738 Thank You to Japan
Folder 1739 Correspondence re: Japan
Folder 1740 ABCC - travel
Folder 1741 Hastings report - Japan
Folder 1742 Keio University - Tokyo
Folder 1743 Nagoya - (city, Japan)

Box 129
Folder 1744 Institute of Public Health - Tokyo
Folder 1745 Hiroshima
Folder 1746 Kyoto University
Folder 1747 Tokyo
Folder 1748-1749 Nagasaki
Folder 1750 ABCC - National Academy of Science, National Research Council
Folder 1751 Japan miscellaneous
Folder 1752 The Biological Effects of Radiation (summary reports and a report to the public) and Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (pictoral review), 1955

Box 130
Folder 1753-1754 Biographical data on Thomas Parran and family, resignation at University of Pittsburgh for Avalon Foundation
Folder 1755-1756 Honorary degrees and memberships, 1930s and 1940s
Folder 1757-1759 Retirement as Surgeon General (letters)

Box 131
Folder 1760 Official orders for Thomas Parran - U.S. Public Health Service, 1917-1930
Folder 1761 Mexican Agricultural Program of the Rockefeller Foundation and notebook of photographs

Box 132
Folder 1762 Confidential reports of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, 1943

Section: Oversize folders from regular inventory

Folder 1763 Correlates to folder 1045
Folder 1764 Correlates to folder 1046
Folder 1765 Correlates to folder 1060-A
Folder 1766 Correlates to folder 1064-A
Folder 1767 Correlates to folder 1068-A through 1070-A
Folder 1768 Correlates to folder 1071 through 1075
Folder 1769 Correlates to folder 1077-1078
Folder 1770 Correlates to folder 1079-A
Folder 1771 Correlates to folder 1082
Folder 1772 Correlates to folder 1062-A

Box 134
Folder 1773 Correlates to folder 1084-85
Folder 1774 Correlates to folder 1097-98
Folder 1775 Correlates to folder 1093

Box 135
Folder 1776 Correlates to folder 1032
Folder 1777 Correlates to folder 1034-A
Folder 1778 Correlates to folder 1513
Folder 1779 Correlates to folder 1641
Folder 1780 Correlates to folder 1725
Folder 1781 Correlates to folder 1748