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Title: Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh, John Gabbert Bowman, Administrative Files
Collection Number: UA.2.10.1921-1945
Creator: University of Pittsburgh. Chancellor.

Collection Dates: 1921-1945
Extent: 11.8 linear feet (21 boxes)

Language: English

This collection contains the office files of Chancellor Bowman, 1921-1947. In addition to the day to day files of the chancellor's office, there are the files of the financial campaign and construction for building the Cathedral of Learning, the controversy of the Liberal Club and Professor Ralph E. Turner, and Bowmans's correspondence with Helen Clay Frick.

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April 1971

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John Gabbert Bowman became University of Pittsburgh's tenth Chancellor in 1921 and served for 24 years. Prior to coming to the University, he was the president of the State University of Iowa. During his tenure at Pitt, he oversaw the construction of several architecturally beautiful buildings as well as bringing the University into fiscal and academic health.

In spite of opposition from the Board of Trustees and the onset of the Great Depression, he succeeded in securing the resources for the construction of the Cathedral of Learning as well as the Heinz Chapel and the Stephen Foster Memorial. One particular source of support was the construction of the Cathedral's Nationality Rooms by committees comprised of various local ethnic groups from the Pittsburgh area. In addition he toiled to make the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, Social Work, Business and the College academically strong and accredited. The Medical Center came to include eight hospitals and clinics. He built the university from a school of 2300 students to one of 23,000 by the time of his retirement in 1945. The Trustees dedicated the Cathedral of Learning to Bowman on March 9, 1956, the thirtieth anniversary of the breaking of ground for the building.

Upon his retirement, he became the first President and President Honorarius. He died on December 2, 1962 on his farm in Bedford, Pennsylvaina.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

This collection contains the office files of Chancellor Bowman, 1921-1947. In addition to the day to day files of the chancellor's office, there are the files of the financial campaign and construction for building the Cathedral of Learning, the controversy of the Liberal Club and Professor Ralph E. Turner, and Bowmans's correspondence with Helen Clay Frick.


These files were kept in their original alphabetical order as created by Chancellor Bowman and maintained by his personal secretary Mildred Stegeman.

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  • College presidents -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh -- Records and correspondence
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  • Universities and colleges -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh -- Records and correspondence

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  • University of Pittsburgh. Chancellor. -- Records and correspondence
  • University of Pittsburgh. -- Administration

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  • Bowman, John G. (John Gabbert), 1877-1962 -- Records and correspondence

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Deposited with the Secretary of the University on April 12, 1965 by Mildred Stegeman, former secretary to Chancellor Bowman. The Secretary to the University deposited this collection in the Archives Service Center upon its establishment in 1968.

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Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh, John Gabbert Bowman, Administrative Files, 1921-1945, UA.2.10.1921-1945, University Archives, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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Office file of John G. Bowman.

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This collection was inventoried by Mildred Stegeman and the archives staff in 1971; the inventory was entered in AT by Marianne Kasica in December 2009.


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Related Material:

The University of Iowa holds some official correspondece of Bowman from his years as president.

Collection Inventory

Box 1
Folder 1 Correspondence: A-American Association of University Professors

Adams, James T. asked by Bowman to write about Pittsburgh and the region, 1939. AAUP and the dismissal of Ralph E. Turner in 1934 (see also folder 137).

Box 1
Folder 2 Correspondence: Articles - Unidentified

Alumni in Hong Kong give dinner in honor of Bowman, August 25, 1938; article on Cathedral naming; "Seven depression years in retrospect"; "What is the spirit of the University of Pittsburgh"; Education in Pittsburgh; "Miracle that we want"; "Teachers Wanted"; "Pittsburgh and the Scientific Spirit"; "Epic Pittsburgh"; "What is my major and why?"

Box 1
Folder 3 Correspondence: Association of Urban Universities

Speech about the Cathedral of Learning, by John G. Bowman at the Annual meeting of the Association of Urban Universities, October 1944; "A singer to pioneers", by John B. Bowman, 1935; The spirit of scientific research, speech at Annual dinner of the Audit Bureau of Circulations, October 7, 1924, by John G. Bowman; Handwritten letter from Dr. Andrey Avinoff to Chancellor Bowman

Box 1
Folder 4 Correspondence: Barach - Blumenschein

Letters from Joseph H. Barach to Dr. John G. Bowman concerning finding a permanent home for the Allegheny County Medical Society, 1930; Bindley Fund for medical research; Correspondence about American Indians. A book: "Interlinear to Cabeza De Vaca. His relation of the journey from Florida to the Pacific", 1528-1536, by Haneil Long.

Box 1
Folder 5 Correspondence: Brackenridge portraits - Brien

Photographs of the portraits sent to Miss Carol Brackenridge Talbot; Description of the portraits; Blue print of “Transportation” room as proposed for the Cathedral of Learning; Gifts of Mrs. Arthur E. Braun to the French Nationality Room, the 12th floor of the Cathedral of Learning, and books to the Fine Arts Library; “Waterways” showing reproductions of painting of ships

Box 1
Folder 6 Correspondence: Bruckner - Byers

By-laws of the Board of Trustees and ordinances, rules and regulations for the government of the University of Pittsburgh., December 9, 1930; Article on the School of Business Administration; Gift of $500.00 for the French Nationality Room from Mr. & Mrs. J.F. Byers; Building program for area surrounding Cathedral of Learning – John S. Humphreys & J.J. Heffner, architects

Box 1
Folder 7 Correspondence: Calhoun - Carnegie Institute of Technology

California State Department of Education; - Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Early paper of the Foundation, 1935; College athletics and scholarship, 1927; Program for the study of the relations of secondary and higher education, 1928; Carnegie Institute of Technology – letter about a Sanitary Engineering Laboratory; Plans for cooperation; Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the two schools; Cooperation between the University and the Pittsburgh Musical Institute, 1931

Box 1
Folder 8 Correspondence: Cathedral of Learning publicity

Articles in several magazines; clippings; letters; and applications for copyright for etching of Cathedral of Learning

Box 1
Folder 9 Correspondence: Chalfont - Civic Playhouse

Letters concerning gifts of money from Miss Eleanor Mc. Chalfont to the School of Medicine; Medal from Charles University in Prague, Czechoslovakia; Chemical warfare service; Letter from C.E.E. Childers from Australia

Box 2
Folder 10 Chancellor

Annual reports, January 1921-28, 1930-32

Folder 11 Chancellor

Annual reports 1932-1936

Folder 12 Charter Day

Dinner menus; Convocation program, 1930, February; Charter Day Programs, 1924-25; Charter Day address, 1925 “Humanism and Science in the Cathedral of Learning, by John Duncan Spaeth;

Folder 13 Chinese material

Scrolls sent by Dr. T.L. Yuan of China for the Chinese Memorial Room; Letters of description of the scrolls; Correspondence with Dr. C. Clarence Chu, Embassy of the Republic of China, an alumnus of the University; List of objects sent from China for the room in 1941; In 1941, letter of Chancellor Bowman to Dr. Kung “returned to sender, service suspended”; Letters from the Embassy of the Republic of China with Dr. Clarence Chu, 1943-44; Address of Ambassador, Dr. Hu Shih at dedication of China Memorial Room, October 6, 1939; Dr. Bowman tried to secure a professor to teach Chinese culture and language

Folder 14 Correspondence: Robert C. Clothier, Dean

Leaving to become President of Rutgers; Letters concerning Stephen Foster book of songs to be borrowed from Rutgers

Folder 15 Correspondence: George Hubbard Clapp

Letters concerning becoming President of the Board of Trustees; Stanton Crawford’s letter to Mrs. Mildred Stegeman (who was the secretary to Chancellor Bowman until his death) about the coins which Mr. Clapp gave for display in the Early American Room; Letter from Mrs. Stegeman in which she says that she has cleared out Dr. Bowman’s file and “At Dr. Bowman’s instructions I am destroying all his personal papers, of course, including any writing he had in the files”; List of items added to the Seismograph Station in 1936; Death notice of George Hubbard Clapp, March 31, 1949; Mr. Clapp’s picture painted by Madame Elizabeth Shoumatoff in 1938; Biography of George H. Clapp; 4 pictures of Mr. Clapp; Booklet on coins;

Folder 16 Correspondence: Frederick Mortimer Clapp

Letters concerning the Fine Arts Department and Miss Frick (see also FF 145)

Box 3
Folder 17 Correspondence: Cohen-Commonwealth Fund

Letters: Coffin Foundation, Mrs. Josiah Cohen, Colwell, Commonwealth Fund.

Folder 18 Commencement, 1925-1931
Folder 19 Commencement, 1932-1935
Folder 20 Commencement, 1936-1938
Folder 21 Commencement, 1939-1941
Folder 22 Commencement, 1942-1943

Box 4
Folder 23 Commencement, 1944-1945
Folder 24 Commencement, 1946-1947
Folder 25 Commencement, 1948
Folder 26 Correspondence: Condon - Copernican Quadricennial

Congress of Women’s Clubs Medical ; Material on Copernican Quadricentennial; Connely; Condon (Westinghouse)

Folder 27 Correspondence: Coulson - Day-Klauder

Cyclotron pamphlet; Bequest to the University by George Liggett Craig in memory of his son, a graduate in 1919; Two letters: architects Day-Klauder and Dr. John Bowman concerning the plans for the Cathedral of Learning in February 1924

Folder 28 Correspondence: Dice - Dyboski

Death of Librarian, J. Howard Dice, 1939; Polish refugee, professor Dyboski; Letters Dickson, Dodds, Drerup, Drexel and Duquesne

Folder 29 Correspondence: Earle - English proficiency

Dispute between University and the Governor about alumni representatives on the Board of Trustees; Article by Chancellor Bowman about the East Liberty Presbyterian church; Sir Arthur Eddington offered Directorship of Allegheny Observatory, July 1941; Seniors must be proficient in written and spoken English before given full standing; Letters: Eliot, Emeus, Engineering Council, English proficiency

Folder 30 Correspondence: Erving - Ford

Gift of Panther and bronze marker by Mrs. Carrie McKay Erving in memory of Roland H. Erving, 1930; Dr. Fessenden’s slide rule given to the University, 1945; material and speech used at financial campaign dinner, June 3, 1948; Contrast between 1921 and 1948 for students, faculty, income, when schools added, buildings added and value, etc.; Painting by Emil Foerster of family group given to the University, 1932; Letter from Chancellor Bowman to Henry Ford concerning moving grave of Stephen Foster, 1934; WWI War Dead; Evenng Students Association

Folder 31 Correspondence: Fountain (Magee) - Frost, Robert

Christopher L. Magee Memorial Fountain planning with Walker Hancock, artist – for Cathedral of Learning?; Jacobson about Katharine Foulke Scholarship fund (Delta Chapter of Pi Lambda Theta) 1942; Letter from Henry S. Frank when at Lingnan University, Hong Kong in 1940 to Chancellor Bowman; Three horse chestnuts sent to University to plant for Arbor Day by American Forestry Association, 1928; Handwritten letter from Robert Frost to Chancellor Bowman, 1937

Folder 32 Correspondence: Graper - d'Happart

Publicity suggestions by Fred Hamlin in November 1940; Letter to Chancellor Bowman, signed, about his collection of manuscripts, letters, etc; Letters: Hambro, Homer, Hamilton (manuscripts), Hance, Hann,

Folder 33 Correspondence: Herty - Interamerican Affairs

Letter about landscape painting by George Hetzel which hangs in Alumni Hall, 1937; University sent a paper giving the State policy toward higher education (Pinchot), 1924; John Tasker Howard wrote a book about Ethelbert Nevin; Letters: Moorhead Holland, Hooker, Howard.

Box 5
Folder 34 Correspondence: Iowa - Ivanoff

Chancellor Bowman's honorary degree from Iowa State University, 1935; General Library Building Fund – sale of securities (one was Darlington) 1935. Dr. S.B. Linhart was University secretary

Folder 35 Correspondence: Jalali-Shirazi - Jessup

Japanese students war restrictions; letters: Jeffers and Jessup

Folder 36 Correspondence: John - Kahl

Programs: Reception honoring Dr. and Mrs. Hugo Kahl, 1941 and Memorial service for him, 1941; Material on the Swedish Nationality Room; Letters: Bob Jones University, Illustrated letter from Mrs. Walton John

Folder 37 Correspondence: Edgar Jonas Kaufmann

Honorary Degree and est. of Emma Kaufmann Clinic

Folder 38 Correspondence: Kellogg Foundation

Scholarships to Medical and Nursing students, 1942; Grants to medical school 1942; Hugh Thomsom Kerr’s letters to Chancellor Bowman during his illness; Dr. Kerr to be a University Trustee;

Folder 39 Correspondence: Kidd - Klimcheck

Howard Kidd’s remarks about Chancellor Bowman’s character; Plans for a Transportation Room in the Cathedral of Learning; Mr. A.A. Klimcheck’s memos concerning the building of the Cathedral and Nationality Rooms, 1939; Klauder’s note of thanks for receipt of silver medal of Cathedral of Learning.

Folder 40 Correspondence: Kokotsis - Littlefield

Letter in which the painter Mr. Koktsis gives one of his Greek landscape paintings to Chancellor Bowman; He painted Dr. Bowman’s picture; Correspondence with Zing Yan Kuo, Representative of the Chinese Government on Education; Article: “The symbol of a city,” by Charles F. Lewis

Folder 41 Correspondence: Josiah Kirby Lilly, 1931-1934
Folder 42 Correspondence: Josiah Kirby Lilly, 1935-1937
Folder 43 Correspondence: Josiah Kirby Lilly, 1938-1941
Folder 44 Correspondence: Josiah Kirby Lilly, 1942-1948

Box 6
Folder 45 Correspondence: Samuel Black Linhart

Secretary of the University from 1906 until his retirement June 30, 1936; Biographical clippings from Linhart's death, December 11, 1936; Letter explaining Lockhart Trust Fund payments to the University;

Folder 46 Correspondence: Locke - McMasters

Otto Helmold Memorial Fund, 1941; $2000 given to Dr. H.E. Longenecker by Nutrition Foundation, Inc. to study “Availability of fatty acids in hydrogenated fats”, 1943; History of glass in Pittsburgh district, written by Dr. A.S. Silverman in 1944 at the request of Dr. H.E. Longenecker; Dr. Herbert E. Longenecker became a member of the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council, 1943; Contract for study of fats, 1942; Letters: Lord Halifax; Ludewig, Luther from Decca Records, Mackay, Macleod.

Folder 47 Correspondence: Mandexter - Martin (Governor)

Bequest of picture (Rembrandt's anatomy Lecture)painted by Charles Heberer (copy of Rembrandt’s “Anatomy Lecture”) by Thomas M. Marshall, Jr., 1944; Markle Foundation support for King’s, Biochemistry of Bone Marrow, 1942; Letters: Elder Marshall, Edward Martin, William Martin,

Folder 48 Correspondence: Albert Mansbridge

Letters concerning the English Nationality Room, 1934

Folder 49 Correspondence: Mayo - McEllroy

Dr. Phillip Hench on Bowman's retirement; picture of Dr. and Mrs. Mayo; Letters: Chancellor McCormick; Bulletin from the burial service of Dr. S.B. McCormick; Speech of Dr. William J. Holland at the burial service; Dr. L.G. Beinhauer established fund “Dermatological Research Fund”; Mrs. Hugh Patton makes a donation for cancer research,1944; James S. Kemper Foundation fellowship in Industrial Medicine; Beaumont Trust support of the Laboratory of Experimental Endocrinology; Arrangements made to have Mr. Malcolm Parcell paint the portrait of Dr. James Bissett Murdoch, the first Dean of the Medical School; Letter from Sarah Mellon Scaife to William S. McEllroy, Dean of the School of Medicine regarding the building of a cyclotron, 1940; Donation from J.B. Orr for cancer research; Dr. McEllroy correspondence concerning gifts for the Medical School; Commencement program for School of Medicine, 1944.

Folder 50 Correspondence: McKay - Medical Center

McKay appointed member of the Civil Service Commission of Pittsburgh; Letter of gifts; Memo from Agnes Starrett re; McMasters family's four generations of graduates; List of purchase of bonds for the Stadium, 1925; Form for Agreement for Nurses’ Residence between University and five hospitals; Starting building fund; Federal fund for hospital construction, 1945; School of Nursing: Institute on the health problems of returning veteran, 1945; Bellefield boiler, costs to accommodate hospitals and Upper campus buildings, 1945; Medical Center: summary of investment in buildings, grounds, equipment and Endowment and bed capacity, January 1, 1945; History of its beginnings; Agreement between Children’s hospital and the University of Pittsburgh, 1926; Need for a Nurses’ Residence; Bequest by Mrs. T.N. Miller for a “Woman’s Hospital” in 1897; Requesting Miller Fund Trustees if money can be used in Medical Center project; Explanation of provisional plan for Miller Hospital in Medical Center, by R.R. Huggins, Dean of the Medical School; Report of Charles L. Wooldridge, Inc. Consulting engineers on the procedure to start building Medical Center;

Folder 51 Correspondence: Andrew W. Mellon

Biography; Correspondence concerning the Cathedral of Learning, Veterans Hospital, Mellon Institute. Purchase of “Frick Acres” (14 acres for the Cathedral of Learning; university debts

Box 52 Correspondence: A. W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust
Folder 53 Paul Mellon and Richard Beatty Mellon

Letters and Biographies; Obituary, 1933; Bibles given to Carnegie Public Library June 1908; Cathedral of Learning

Folder 54 Mellon Institute, documents and pamphlets

Pamphlets on the Institute; Dedication booklet, 1937; Agreement with University of Pittsburgh, 1928 and 1940; Old Mellon Institute transferred to University of Pittsburgh, 193?; Andrew Mellon and the Mellon Institute

Folder 55 Correspondence: Mesta Machine - Mitchell, A.E.

Letters: Mesta Scholarship, Metcalf, Minno, A.E. Mitchell

Box 7
Folder 56 Correspondence: Ruth Crawford Mitchell

Material on Irish Nationality Room – planning, 1944; Lecture series proposed, 1942-44; Egyptian Room proposed; Material on Chinese Room; Planning for English Room; proposal for Lithuanian Room; Material on the Czechoslovak Room 1929; Letter re: several Nationality Classrooms; Draft of "Teacher's Wanted"

Folder 58 Programs and correspondence: Ruth Crawford Mitchell

Some correspondence; Nationality Committee programs; Chancellor Bowman’s material for the program of the Copernican Quadricentennial, 1943; two published articles by William Hung.

Folder 58 Correspondence: William W. Morrell

University editor 1926-1930; Biography; Letters to and from Chancellor Bowman; Clippings of his work with the Miami Herald as “Hugh Hough”

Folder 59 Correspondence: Morgan - Murray

Gifts from Edmund W. Mudge, 1934; Mulert Memorial Room for late Justus Mulert Dedication program, 1942; Will of Mr. Mulert; Correspondence with John Murray, President of the University College of the South West, Exeter England 1932-40; Letters: Morton, Mount Union College; John Murray

Folder 60 Nationality Rooms book

List of those receiving the book; Thank you notes, 1947-48

Folder 61 Correspondence: Nevin - North American Review

Letters by Mrs. Mildred Stegeman to Dr. Theodore Finney (Music Department) in which she says that all Ethelbert Nevin material and manuscripts were sent to Dr. Finney for the Nevin memorial Room, January 7, 1930; F.F. Nicola about land on corner of Forbes and Park, 1928; Letter from Chancellor Bowman to Mr. Nicola, 1930; Report on the proposed building for University of Pittsburgh, March 18, 1926, by Henry Lee Norris of Columbia University, Department of buildings and grounds – report requested by Andrew W. Mellon

Folder 62 Correspondence: O'Connell - Orr, Louis

Letters regarding tracing a Gold Medal written about in a letter to Col. Henry Bouquet which General Forbes wanted to give to his men, 1759; Omicron Delta Kappa, Gamma Circle invited Chancellor Bowman and Dr. Linhart to membership; (Gamma Circle founded in 1916); Both accepted, 1927; Membership open to students in junior and senior classes on basis of distinction in scholarship, athletics, and student activities; Thanksgiving Open House program, November 28, 1948; Louis Orr etchings of the interior of the Cathedral of Learning; Letters from Mr. Orr; Made 200 artist’s proof etchings of the Cathedral of Learning 17” x 22” – copyright in name of University; Etched copper plate to be destroyed 1937; Louis Orr (home address in Paris)

Folder 63 Correspondence: Paderewski - Parry

University has the original MS. Of the opera, Manru of Ignace Paderewski; List of paintings of faculty and officers and their locations and sizes; correspondece and programs about Pardue

Folder 64 Correspondence and documents: Pennsylvania Federation of Women's Clubs - Peterson

Clubwoman article by Bowman, “Character in Education”; Pennsylvania Scotch-Irish Society – Chancellor Bowman spoke at meeting March 22, 1929; Pennsylvania Society – Chancellor spoke at meeting December 15, 1934; Handwritten letter from George Wharton Pepper to Chancellor Bowman – George Wharton Pepper prize and list of awardees 1922-31; Peterson, “The Greatest Enterprise of Pittsburgh”, by George W. Pepper; Edwin L. – Short story classes (clipping); Poem "Chinese Angler"

Folder 65 Correspondence and documents: Pittsburgh Foundation - Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy

Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy bemerged with Western University of Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh Free Dispensary;

Box 8
Folder 66 Correspondence: Posner Table - Quick

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Posner donated Louis XV table to the University in 1947 which was to be in Women’s activities room on the 12th floor of the Cathedral of Learning; ; Scientific research as first aid to right advertising, by John Gabbert Bowman (In Printers’ Ink, 1924); Psychiatric Hospital – gave land for hospital – copy of deed, 1932; Queen Marie of Romania

Folder 67 Radio Studio at Pitt

Radio talks 1925-1936 by Chancellor Bowman; Address: Hamilton Stewart – “The most interesting city in the world” 1925; First anniversary of the University of Pittsburgh Radio Studio of station KDKA (Radio publication no. 14), 1925; Chancellor Bowman’s speech at the opening of the station, March 31, 1924; “Story of the Educational Radio Studio” (Radio Publication no. 3)

Folder 68 Correspondence: Reed - Retail Training

Bureau for Retail Training, 1926-41: agreements of list of stores to support Bureau

Folder 69 Correspondence: Richardson - Rudd

Darlington Estate: Elizabeth Darlington Richardson made claim for payment she said due her from the estate, 1928; Edwin Rudd gift for the Scandinavian Room;

Folder 70
Folder 70a Correspondence: G. Stanley Rupp

Many ‘thank you’ letters for contributions to the University; List of gifts from J.C. Trees of October 23, 1940; Accounting for Cathedral of Learning, by Treasurer G.S. Rupp; Statement of construction costs for Tuck Shop on the Bigelow Boulevard side (red.) May 1940; Petty Memorial Room fund from First Baptist Church, October 1939; Women’s Student Health Service established on 28th floor of the Cathedral of Learning, 1939; List of Scholarship fund of A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust Fund as of July 1, 1938; Cathedral of Learning construction charges and receipts of expenditures; June 1, 1936 – December 22, 1938; Mrs. Howard Irish gave a walnut desk with roll top which was the property of Mrs. Irish’s grandfather, 1938; George Bevier added to the Bevier Fund, 1937; List of gifts of land buildings, equipment, payment or indebtedness, 1921-35; Letter from Auditor to Mrs. Ethelbert Nevin regarding payment in full for remaining Nevin manuscripts, January 23, 1935; January 3, 1934 letter showing that Frederic Schaefer gave the money for the manuscripts, also letters on October 5, 1933 and August 4, 1933; Development program for the Library in the Cathedral of Learning, 1935; Listing of assets of Darlington memorial Building Fund, June 30, 1934; List of gifts of David L. Gillespie as of May 10, 1934; Document sent to J. Matusenski by Rector of University of Krakow, and a stone for the Polish Nationality room, both put in the University vault for safe keeping, October 1933; Treasurer statements, 1926-40;

Folder 71
Folder 71a Correspondence: G. Stanley Rupp

Nationality Rooms Book, donation by Mr. Leon Falk for publication of the book, January 8, 1947; 15 drawings were purchased from Dr. A. Avinoff, the money donated by Miss Helen C. Frick, March 2, 1944; Galen C. Hartman gave Crucible steel Co. of American stock to establish “Galen C. Hartman Library Fund” for books, November 8, 1945; List of land purchases for Medical Center, February 14, 1945; The University reimbursed for expenses of the Civil Affairs Specialists Training Program, by the U.S. Government, May 31, 1944; The University was paid for the use of its facilities by the Army Air Forces and A.S.T.P., February 18, 1944; List of contributors to the building fund for the Cathedral of Learning, 1934; List of items purchased, March 24, 1943 for the Darlington Library ; List of contributions from A.W. and R.B. Mellon; Condensed financial report of the Falk Elementary School from its opening in 1931/32 to 1941/42, also, 1941 Financial memorandum; List of buildings on Schenley Farms (Upper campus) Year completed and cost as of July 1, 1941; Treasurer’s report of assets of lands, buildings, etc, as of July 1, 1941; Copy of bill from R.C.A. Manufacturing Co., for the Electron microscope, November 1941 cost of $9500; University purchased a Collection of Italian drawings from Mary Burgwin Denny (Mrs. Harmar Denny) with funds donated by George H. Clapp, in 1941; Agreement with U.S. Department of Interior through Bureau of Mines for Anesthesia Research in 1941; List of subscribers to building fund for Cathedral of Learning, May 25, 1934;

Box 9
Folder 72 Correspondence: Scaife - Sage,

Correspondence of Alan M. Scaife and Chancellor Bowman relative to Board of Trustees, 1935-43; Sandburg, Carl statement on Cathedral of Learning; Letters: M.E. Sadler

Folder 73 Correspondence: Scaife Foundation

Copy of “Indenture of Trust creating the Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation, December 1941;” Statements of financial condition of the Fund, 1942-1945

Folder 74 Correspondence: Schenley Farms - Schenley Ballroom

Photocopy of a picture taken in 1897 of the Schenley Farms District by Ralph W. Johnston (Photo removed for scanning in Nov. 2009 will be filed in the media room with other University images); Schenley Ballroom composed of objects from Picnic House, home of the Schenley’s – given by William S. Miller, President of Steelwood Corp., 1941; Handwritten letter of Mrs. Mary E. Farquharson (granddaughter of Mrs. Schenley) on the preservation of the Ballroom by the University.

Folder 75 Correspondence from and about Frederic Schaefer

Correspondence with Chancellor Bowman concerning the Cathedral of Learning and the planning of a Scandinavian Nationality Classroom; Plans to establish a “Child Guidance Center;” Hindenburg Medal and a British medal, 1910-1935

Folder 77 Correspondence: Scully - Service Flag

Suggestion that students apprentice in Municipal government, 1940; Description of a new seal for the University, 1937; World War I service flag and Air Corps Training detachment flag for World War II (location as of 1947); Henry Sayer Scribner, Hon Doctor of Letters conferred June 29; Letters from C.E. Seashore

Folder 77 Seismograph Station

Dr. George Clapp donated a Seismograph to the university, 1929; Correspondence, reports, photograph and installation

Folder 78 Sesquicentennial publicity

Sesquicentennial Pitt News; Pamphlets: Swedish room in the Cathedral of Learning; The American Swedish monthly November 19, 1936 and December 1936; Presbyterian Banner, February 25, 1937; Bulletin Index February 25, 1937; Christian Science Monitor, and Alumni Review, February 25, 1937; see also FF 152 and 0/10/4/2.; Phonograph records (four) made of aluminum depict background and history of the University – addresses of Agnes L. Starrett, Dr. Jock Bane Sutherland, Dr. P.V. MacParlane, remarks of Mr. Norman McCloed and Chancellor Bowman’s address (missing from folder no other location given (11/2009);

Folder 79 Correspondence: Schockley - Slesinger

Pamphlet: Growth of graduate study (1931) on p. 5 is list of degrees conferred 1891-1912, 1912-1931; various enrollment statistics, also; Article on Lee Pau Sieg, June 7, 193?; Clock designed and built in 1845 by Reinhold Siedle given to University, 1937; Shockley letters re; Johnstown credits; Sidhu letter, Hooker letter on Sigma Xi, Earnest Slessinger case

Folder 80 Correspondence: Alexander Siverman

Manuscript of "Research history of the Department of chemistry" by Alexander Silverman, rev. November 12, 1948; Honorary Doctor of Science conferred, June 1930; Photograph of Silverman; Information on Portland Vase replica

Box 10
Folder 81 Pitt Stadium

Letters from Richard K. Mellon (Major, U.S. Army) regarding the Army War Show to be held in the stadium on June 1942; Varsity Letter Club; Minutes of Athletic Council, July 21, 1937 – policy; Letter on Code of Conduct for athletes; Taxes assessed on stadium, 1935; List of stadium bond holders, 1934; Constitution and by-laws, University of Pittsburgh Athletic Council, Rev. to April 1, 1920; Brochure for sale of stadium bonds, $2,100,000 in 1924; Some information on the development and construction of the Stadium including the report to the Board of Trustees; Memo on stadium: to be located on Bailey property

Folder 82 Correspondence and articles: Agnes Lynch Starrett

Drafts of various articles written by Starrett; Article about drawings of Nationality Rooms by Dr. Andrey Avinoff; Paper on the H.C. Frick family; Articles on some of the Nationality rooms; Short history of the university; Typed copy of the Bridges poem: "... for you the very stars are new" used in the commons room. Typed copy of a letter from William Makepeace Thackeray to Henry Marie Brackenridge, 1853; Memoirs of late Reverend Dr. Black; "Reality" essay on the death of Roy J. Ruane, killed in the war; Draft of a biography of Frick ("A Fair Green Village"); Photograph of a lecture on astronomy from the Day book of Rev. John Taylor, principal of the Pittsburgh Academy from 1801-1807

Folder 83 Correspondence: Smith - Stewart

Edward Smith estate; “Happy Scholar” by J. Duncan Spaeth – address at University, May 13, 1932; Story of the “University spoon”; Letters: Spear, Simms-St Martini (langley memorial), Hamilton Stewart, Smith, Inaugural address of Herbert Lincoln Spencer (Chatham College)

Folder 84 State Appropriations

Correspondence with John M. Walker; Brief submitted by University to Committee of the House of Representatives, May 18, 1935; Report of Legislative Committee appointed pursuant to resolution no. 61, session 1935-7; Table of “Sources of receipts” for 1924/25-1933/34; Long questionnaire concerning the University, 1934 from John Price Jones Corp.; Legislative askings, fact, 1923-25;

Folder 85 State Department of Public Instruction, reports and correspondence

Reports of the University to the Department; 1931-1946/47 gives number of faculty, salaries, degrees, students and their degrees, value of grounds, number of buildings, volumes in the library, acres for campus; Accreditation for public instruction

Folder 86 State Historical Commission collection of University's Activities for WWII

State Historical Commission collection of University's Activities for WWII: sale of war bonds, reports of medical, nursing and engineering schools, Hospital Unit 27

Folder 87 Stone - Student Alliance

Contract cancelled with Stone & Webster Engineering Corp. for work on the Cathedral of Learning, March 1936; Blue print, conjectural Restoration of first Pittsburgh Academy building by Charles M. and Edward Stotz, front and side elevation 1937; Facts and maps about early Pittsburgh; Application to the Student-Faculty Association (Club charter) by Student Alliance; Swatrzel letter

Folder 88 Summer Session Convocation Programs

Convocation Programs for Summer Sessions 1923-1930, 1933; Some have notes

Folder 89 Correspondence: Sutherland - Temple University

Sutherland resignation, Sutherland Room consideration, Temple University Communication

Folder 90 Tenure, Reports and Correspondence

1916 document by Chancellor McCormick on tenure; Long and short reports of Study Committee elected by the faculties of the schools, 1936

Folder 91 Correspondence: Tippetts - Thompson (Thaw)

Correspondence of Mrs. Mary Thaw Thompson and Chancellor Bowman about her gift; The marble bust of Dr. Alexander Blair Thaw and the donation of books and mss to the Darlington Collection; Dr. Francis N. Thorpe’s letter giving his technical library of Constitutional Law (about 1500 to 2000 titles to the University; Charles S. Tippetts and Chancellor Bowman’s correspondence concerning his joining the staff;

Folder 92 Correspondence: Thompson - Traux

Letters: A.M. Thompson, George J. Thompson, Torrance, Shotts about Town Hall site on Ruskin, C.C. Traux

Box 11
Folder 93 Correspondence and Reports: Board of Trustees

Estate of Margaret Young bequeathed; Special report of Executive Committee to Board of Trustees that Chancellor Bowman desires to be relieved of Chancellorship duties; Lists of Trustees; Minutes of Committee of Planning of Bd., 1948; Resolution passed concerning Chancellor Bowman, June 12, 1945; Partia report of executive Committee on the Report of the Special Investigating Committee, December 11, 1939; Chancellor’s notes on Board meetings; Letters from Armed Forces personnel, 1942; List of members of faculty in military; Letters concerning Dr. Fitzgerald when he dad an opportunity to be President of the University of Vermont; FF 93A: Notes on Board meetings, 1921-1928; Letter to Trustees about the report of its Committee of Investigation on which six months were spent – Chancellor had no knowledge of “input” – gives wrong impression of University; Oath taken by members of Board; List of trustees including place of employment; List of improvements and additions to the educational facilities; 1934-35; Comparative data on 650 and 450 foot buildings; Gifts to the university; Material on the Building Fund; Descriptions of the different parts of the Cathedral of Learning; Letters of introduction Ruth Crawford Mitchell to Presidents of European Universities to interest them in Nationality Rooms, 1925; Building Committee correspondence; Minutes of the City Planning Commission of Pittsburgh, August 25, 1926; Building Committee’s recommendations; Special meetings of the Board; Request for rezoning in order to build Cathedral of Learning; Correspondence about securing a contractor; Tried to secure motion pictures of the construction of Cathedral of Learning from Motion Picture Producing Co., Pittsburgh, PA – but too expensive?; Proposal to organize an Evening Division, February 1926;

Folder 94 Tuesday Musical Club

Form for agreement between the Club and the University, 1931; Planning and cost estimates for the Stephen Foster Memorial; Photograph of the proposed drawing; Statement of assets; Contract with Ketchum, Inc. to manage fund collection for Stephen Foster Memorial Hall; Short tale about Stephen Foster, by Dr. Bowman

Folder 95 Correspondence: Uhrich - U.S. Army

U.S. Steel concerning steel requirements for the cyclotron, 1941; U.S. Army seeking universities to participate in various activities,1941-47;

Folder 96 Civil Affairs Training Specialist Program

Civil Affairs Training School pamphlets, Class 1 and 2; 1943-44; (includes biographies of faculty and students); Civil Affairs Training Specialist Program. Division of Area and Language study; Lists of people who can teach specialties, and a biography of each, 1943; Letters: Hyneman, F.H. Smith letter and other information on "Communist speaker" Gailmor

Folder 97-98 Army Specialized Training Program

Pamphlets: "ASTP Foreign Area and Language Studies "A" Group" (Roster) from Army; "Essential Facts About the Army Specialized Training Program (Roster of trainees); AST Program Manual Memos from Army Service Forces; ARMY Specialized Training Bulletin no 2-4. Biennial Reports and Comments and criticisms (Engineering, Medicine, Language studies; articles on Pitt mobilization for war;

Separated Material:
Folder 98 has be relocated to Box 12

Box 12
Folder 99 Air Crew Training Program

Supplemental Agreement to Contract No. W 30-053 ac-63; Supplement to Manual M-102: Memorandum on financing Army Trainee program; Lists of Air Corps members, by squadron, 1943; Letters and memos concerning many phases of this activity; clippings; text of Hanley speech

Folder 100 University of Pittsburgh Press

Memos on income and expenses, 1936-39; Gift of $30,000 from Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust; Catalog: Americana, 1941; and 1942; Sales and stock report, December 31, 1941; Memos and letters; 1965-66 catalogs added;

Folder 101 Veterans Affairs and Veterans Administration

1944 material; courses at University; Vocational rehabilitation training; Contracts with Veterans Administration

Folder 102 Correspondence: Wallace bequest - War Manpower Commission

Correspondence concerning the bequest of Daniel H. Wallace – took 20 years to settle; Memorial endowment for George Leonard Walter, Jr., 1923?; Washington & Jefferson gave honorary degree of Doctor of Laws to Chancellor Bowman on June 24, 1944; War Manpower Commission, 1944 – concerning students for military, courses; survey of colleges and universities for suitability

Folder 103-103a John Weber, correspondence and reports

1945/46 chart of number of professors, degrees, men or women, etc; Steam line for boiler plant with Mellon Institute; Memos of notes given to Miss Wolfel for Executive Committee; Data on School of Medicine, 1936; Proposal for student activities building, 1936; Estimate of cost if to purchase Webster Hall for dormitory, 1931; Commons Room information (statistics as to stone, bricks, etc.; Building in progress, 1936; Commons Room, estimated cost for completion; Elevator cost contract; Work planned for Cathedral, February – May 1934; Labor furnished by Civil Works Administration, 1934; Budget policy, 1933/34; Employment of workers from Allegheny County Emergency Association 1931; Work done on the Darlington Library; Memos about Funds; Mr. John Weber’s letters to Chancellor Bowman concerning the building of Cathedral of Learning and his talks with Mr. Klauder the architect; Migration of foreign nationalities to Pittsburgh, 1890-1920, tables; (103A contains material on Cathedral of Learning construction)

Separated Material:
File 103a has been relocated to Box 13

Box 13
File 104 Westinghouse Electric and Air Brake - Young

Letter to Mr. A.W. Roberston, expressing thanks for the Westinghouse Company’s gift for the electrical equipment for the cyclotron, 1942; This gift inspired other contributions; Gift by Westinghouse Air-Brake to Cathedral in 1934; Emil Winter doantion to Cathedral of Learning; Plans for faculty housing; Letters concerning state of the Alumni Association; Letters from Samuel Yellin (metalworker); Letters concerning planning of the Children’s Hospital (Dr. Huggins and Mr. Franklin); Letters: Willits, Williams, Winters estate,

Folder 105 Financial Campaign, 1930

Conducted by J. Steele Gow during Dr. Bowman’s absence in Europe because of illness; Fund raising to finish the building of the Cathedral of Learning; Material dated April – June 1930 with some items from 1925 and 1927; Tables, lists, letters and memos

Folder 106 Financial Campaign, 1932-1934

Conducted by Ketchum, Inc. Pamphlet: “Finish the Cathedral”; Chancellor Bowman’s letters from Ketchum, including some from and 1934; Letters and memos about campaign

Folder 107 Financial Campaign, 1934

Notes on the organization of the campaign efforts

Folder 108 Financial Campaign, 1934

Primary Gifts Committee; A.E. Braun; Letters and memos on planning and securing workers

Folder 109 Financial Campaign, 1934

Women's Committee

Folder 110 Financial Campaign, 1934

Fundraising dinners, Primary Gifts, Ketchum; 1934

Box 14
Folder 111 Financial Campaign, 1934

Complete the Cathedral Committee; Sample letters; Ketchum correspondence; List of “One hundred great names” with short biographies;

Folder 112 Financial Campaign, 1934

Memos and general correspondence; Letters of appreciation for work done on campaign;

Folder 113 Financial Campaign, 1934

Progress reports no. 1-9 (1934 weekly) from Ketchum; Programs for Annual Parents Reception, 1949, 1950, 1952, 1954 plus sample invitation

Folder 114 Financial Campaign, 1934

General publicity for Cathedral, Cathedral information sheet 1934, Application for Civil Works Project funds; R. E. Watson donation letters; Historical paper by Holland; 1935 "Complete the Cathedral" poster

Folder 115 Financial Campaign, 1934

Press releases and publicity for 1934 campaign to finish the cathedral; Newspaper clippings; List of 100 historic Pittsburghers; Activities during campaign; Leechburg, Once ‘Friendship’, got start in old Pennsylvania Canal days;

Folder 116 Financial Campaign, 1934

Samples of forms, letters, memos used in campaign

Folder 117 Financial Campaign, 1934

Lists of subscribers and efforst to re-start fundraising; sample letters

Folder 118 Financial Campaign, 1934

Solicitation reports for "Complete the Cathedral" campaign

Folder 119 Financial Campaign, 1934

Steering Committee Minutes of meetings from March 1934;

Folder 120 Financial Campaign, 1934

Campaign Subscriptions – General correspondence and sample of brochure

Box 15
Folder 121 Financial Campaign, 1934

Primary gifts Assignment sheets;

Folder 122 Financial Campaign, 1934

Citizens committee Assignment sheets

Folder 123 Financial Campaign, 1934

Corporations committee Assignment sheets

Folder 124 Financial Campaign, 1934

Women’s committee Assignment sheets;

Folder 125 Financial Campaign, 1934

Faculty committee Assignment sheets

Box 16
Folder 126 Financial Campaign, 1925

Campaign by Ketchum Co.; Memos; Letters (some Chancellor Bowman’s); Lists of meetings; Speeches; List of dinner guests; sample invitations; Scholarships to Stanko sisters: Material for Judge Gary including program and menu; Technology plan; 2 Cathedral of Learning Stamps;

File 127 Financial Campaign, 1925

Letters and memos concerning pledges and plans 1925-1934; Some funds from Nationality Groups for Rooms; Letters about the Darlington Library collection from John Oliver (History) and J. Howard Dice (Library)

File 128 Cathedral of Learning publicity

Articles written by Chancellor Bowman for release to Newspaper; “A cathedral of the spirit of achievement:’ “The educational meaning of the “Cathedral”; Clipping from New York Times Magazine, June 17, 1928 – “A tower of inspiration to a busy city;” Letters from abroad asking about the Cathedral

File 129 Financial Campaign, 1925

Newspaper clippings and comments; Varied assortment of articles and letters and opinions some from overseas; Pittsburgh Press article on Steelworkers who built Cathedral - Nov. 3, 1929.

File 130 Financial Campaign, 1925-1930

Fundraising plans and memos soliciting foreign clubs and groups; Naionality Rooms dinner

File 131 Day and Klauder, Architects, 1925

Biography of Mr. Klauder; Correspondence between Chancellor Bowman and Mr. Klauder concerning plans for the Cathedral of Learning; Agreement for design; List of changes, inscriptions, etc.; Letters of Tenney & Ohmes, consulting engineers and Mr. Balcom (1924)

File 132 Stone and Weber, Engineers, 1924-1929

Correspondence with Chancellor Bowman; An article: “The architect”; Copies of Contract for the construction of a University building…between University of Pittsburgh and Stone & Webster, Inc. Dated December 4, 1924;

Box 17
Folder 133 Liberal Club, 1929

Pittsburgh ACLU members, including some University staff; Includes correspondence re expulsion of Frederick Waltman, graduate assistant and students Albertson and McDowell for activities in Liberal Club; Bill of complaint from McDowell and Albertson. Letters in support and against the Pitt Liberal Club; Letters reference Coal and Iron Police and Mooney-Billings

Folder 134 Liberal Club, 1929

Clippings from newspapers and journals about the dismissal of the Liberal Club and the expulsion of the students and faculty. Telegrams from other Universities.

Folder 135 Liberal Club, 1934-1935

Correspondence: dismissal of Ralph E. Turner, Legislative investigation 1935 and report, AAUP Investigation, Rep. Ellenbogen and Gov. Pinchot letters, statement by A.W. Mellon; Some photocopies re investigation; partial list of speakers addressing the student body 1929-1935; Notes from an address by Dr. Turner at the Heinz House in 1930. Letter from Holt (Rollins College) regarding their dismissal from AAUP, Rollins College Bulletin: Rollins College vs AAUP

Folders 135a, 135b, 135c Liberal Club controversy, 1934-1936

Extensive reporting on the Liberal Club, dismissal and resignations of faculty and student reactions.

Folder 136-136a Ralph Turner and the Liberal Club controversy, 1934-1935

Letters from individuals and organizations expressing opinions on the dismissal of Ralph Turner. Clippings from newspapers on the controversy.

Box 18
Folder 137 Ralph E. Turner controversy,

Brief submitted by University to Pennsylvania House of Representatives; Report of Legislative Committee; Copy of Pennsylvania Legislative journal, March 14, 1935; March 1935 Bulletin of AAUP re new procedures accrediting University of Pittsburgh; Copy of speech by Turner on history of Western Pennsylvania; Testimony of faculty members during investigation; Membership list of Pitt AAUP; Report of investigating committee; Statement of alumni; Affidavits of student testimony; Letter from Turner to Bowman, 1934. Statements by previous professors on their reasons for leaving (Pitt is the "mother of presidents" for having 6 people leave to become college presidents).

Folder 138 Ralph E. Turner,

Letters of support for Chancellor Bowman from individuals, churches and organizations; Correspondence re convention on social problems, Harlan County, KY.

Folder 139 Faculty Correspondence,

Letters: Business School, Warne-Gow, Faraker-Talbot; many others relating to the Liberal Club controversy including resignation letters; some appointment letters. Other: Financials, Board of Trustees letters and reports (including a list of African American students and graduate students); September 1929 Radio Advisory Committee minutes.

Box 19
Folder 140 Buhl Foundation, 1929-1941
Separated Material:
Buhl Foundation reports for 1928-29, 1929-30, and 1930-31 were removed. The reports are available in the collection of the main library.

Correspondence re grant for developing Bureau of Business Research, 1929; Correspondence re funds supporting Foster Memorial; Correspondence re funds for School of Applied Social Sciences; 44-page report on development of School of Applied Social Sciences, 1939 with appendices; progress report to Foundation on research project in Chemistry/Physics/Biology, 1940-41; Correspondence re support for School of Medicine, 1929-1937; Request for support to revive Pittsburgh Record, 1938; Money to buy Shea Collection for Library, 1938; Pamphlet “Pittsburgh Hails a New Day” by C.F. Lewis (reprint from Pittsburgh Record); Buhl Foundation reports for 1928/29-1930/31 were removed; Newspaper clip on foundation’s establishment, Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph 6/20/1927

Folder 141 Maurice and Laura Falk

Biography of Leon Falk (undated and unsigned); Article on Falk family from Bulletin Index, 9/8/1932; Biography of Fanny Edel (Leon’s wife); Correspondence re Falk Clinic and other money given to University; Correspondence re gift of property-on site of old Shadyside Academy, Morewood, Bayard and Ellsworth Avenues, 1942 (to be used for Falk Elementary School).

Folder 142 Rufus Fitzgerald, 1935-1938

Correspondence re his coming to Pitt as Provost

Folder 143 Heinz Memorial Chapel, 1926-1944

Correspondence between Chancellor and Heinz. Heinz interest in building, 1926; Operation of chapel, 1929; Bulletin Index announcing gift, 10/12/1929; Statement on building the chapel; Chancellor’s speech at groundbreaking, 8/15/1933; Description of chapel; Dedication speeches, 11/20/1938; Letter from Heinz on use of chapel, 11/22/1938; Memorial service for Heinz, 1941; Specifications of chapel organ; Several letters from soldiers, admiring memory of Heinz chapel; program of first student service 11/23/1938; Program for cornerstone laying 2/21/1934 (program called off); Descriptive guide, 1938 (includes detailed explanation of windows; dedication program, 11/20/1938; Article on chapel, William Penn points, 1938; Article on Heinz Co. 1/22/1939; Letter to H.J. Heinz II appointing him to Board of Trustees, reply declining post, 1942.

Folder 144 Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1926-1945
Separated Material:
Folder on Dean of Women, Thrysa Amos, moved to 55/4/1, FF 1.

Correspondence with E.V. Babcock and biographical information about Babcock; Gift of Athletic trophy from L.G. Balfour, 1944; Letter re Joseph Staunton Craig Scholarship fund, 1944; Donation to building fund by Pickens Harris, School of Education, 1934; Correspondence with Galen Hartman re library donation, 1941 and 1945; Donation from Hellenic Club, 1926; Correspondence of Chancellor with Burton Hendrichs, writing a biography about A.W. Mellon, includes list of Mellon contributions to University 1904-1937; Letter from James Henry of Lingnan University, China, 1945; Report of 10 year program for Physics Department by department head, Elmer Hutchinson, 1937; Correspondence with Elmer Hutchinson for room honoring physicists, 1943. Letter to Ben Anderson describing the Cathedral's use to house and train men for the Army during WWII.

Folder 145 Correspondence: Helen C. Frick, 1936-1946

Correspondence between Miss Frick and Chancellor re Frick art collection; bequest to Pittsburgh Free Dispensary; grant to University; correspondence re Frederick Mortimer Clapp as head, Fine Arts Department; support of Fine Arts Department and library; correspondence re bringing pianist Paderewski to Pitt, 1937. Mss. Of H.C. Frick article written by Marie McSwigan for Pitt, 1941; correspondence re George Washington letter given to Darlington Library by Helen Frick, 1942; letter re army trainees at Pitt. See also: Bowman restricted files and UA correspondence 1981

Folder 146 Educational Clinic, 1925-1928

Minutes of meetings (1st October 2, 1925-27th, May 31, 1928, incomplete)

Box 20
Folder 147-147a Memorabilia Files

Letter concerning College Duquesne; clippings; commencement program 1922; [Faculty Directory 1921-22, moved LD 6008 A2]; Correspondence with and about faculty members (Valente, Gibbs, Cleven); article from Bulletin Index, November 7, 1935; Correspondence with Percival Hunt; newspaper obituaries; correspondence with Charles N. Boyd, Director of Pittsburgh Musical Institute; Bowman's acceptance letter, Dec. 1, 1920 with the Charter Day program from Feb, 18, 1921.

Folder 148 Memorabilia Files

Copy of resolution of Executive Committee of Trustees of WUP, April 16, 1908; minutes of Faculty and Budget Committee, April 26, 1920; Everybody’s Magazine, 1925 – “A Skyscraper Schoolmaster”; clippings; tributes; Bowman article in Atlantic Monthly, July 1935 (“A Singer to Pioneers”); Charter Day speech; text of address of November 10, 1935 – “The Necessity of Music”; catalog – “None can see the limits of its reach”; department descriptions (from Chancellor’s Report?) – English, Greek, economics, history, Latin, mathematics, modern languages, philosophy, political science, psychology, public speaking. Reception for Parents 1938.

Folder 149 Memorabilia Files

Notes along the way, 1939 – copy inscribed “To my long-time friend and colleague Anthony M. Goldberger”; Copy book from the library of Chancellor John G. Bowman – holograph.

Folder 150 Chancellor's Reports, 1932-1934

Including additions, promotions, withdrawals from faculty; Xerox copy of Raymond F. Howes “Low point at Pitt, 1924-1926,” “Sweetness and Light in Pittsburgh,” and “A poet in a cathedral”; clippings, 1941.

Folder 151 Departmental Descriptions

Departmental descriptions (from Chancellor’s reports?) – botany, chemistry, history, physics; correspondence with Holland; correspondence concerning obituary for Mr. Hamilton (April 1927); memorial service for Dr. McCormick (April 1928); commencement 1928; scholarship assistance for Harold Chernoff; employment for Elsie Johnston.

Folder 152 Sesquicentennial Dinner, June 7, 1939

Faculty-Senior Sesquicentennial Dinner, June 7, 1939 – Addresses by Prof. Oliver, Dr. Clapp, Dr. McParland, William Schench; list of Men’s Glee Club Members

Folder 153 Turner Legislative Investigation, 1929-1935

Legislative Journal, February 4, 1935; See also FF 135, 138; resolutions, February 1935; Lists 1934-35 – endowed scholarship awardees; special scholarships; Honor scholarships; faculty members to be at investigation; board of Trustees members; faculty members who have left in previous ten years; faculty members who have left voluntarily; analysis of sources of income; geographical distribution of student residence 1933-34; registration by schools 1933-34; other analyses; analysis of indebtedness of Athletic Council and sources of cash (Rose Bowl receipts; notes, memos for solicitor; description of Frederick E. Woltman events – 1929; copy of Turner letter; Correspondence;

Folder 154 Cathedral Financial Campaign, 1934

Letters and memos of subscriptions (Complete the Cathedral Committee) lists of possible contributors – reports from solicitors; lists of uncompleted solicitations; subscriptions and payments; hospitality committee members; Newspapers and clippings. Press 4/22/34; 100 Important Pittsburghers; 5/10/34 financial campaign

Folder 155 Cathedral Financial Campaign, 1934

Lists of subscribers; memos and correspondence; excerpt from Lowell Thomas broadcast, April 24, 1934 from top of the Cathedral; invitation lists; questions and answers.

Folder 156 Reports to the Chancellor, 1934

From Registrar on student standing; Dean of Graduate School; Psychology department; Political Science; Philosophy; Modern languages; Allegheny Observatory; English; Mathematics, Classics; Zoology; Journalism; School of Medicine; College of Liberal Arts; Acres owned (82.2) and value ($3,077,483 – cost)

Box 21
Folder R-1 Student cases, 1921-1935
Access Restrictions:


Folder R-2a Helen Clay Frick Correspondence, 1931-1942
Access Restrictions:


Folder R-2b Helen Clay Frick Correspondence, 1942-1949
Access Restrictions:


Folder R-3 Frick Catalog Graphics
Folder R-4 Frick Catalog Woodblock