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Title: Leighton E. Orr Papers
Collection Number: AIS.2009.03
Creator: Orr, Leighton E.

Collection Dates: 1968-2003
Extent: 2.5 linear feet (2 boxes)

Language: English

This collection contains the technical reports generated by Leighton E. Orr in his work as a professional consultant specializing in ceramics and glass. The material in this collection dates between 1968 and 2003, and is mostly comprised of written project summaries illustrated with technical drawings and photographs.

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July 2009

Finding aid prepared by Sean Kilcoyne.

Leighton Orr graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering in 1928. Following graduation, he experimented with heat loss through glass block walls and double glazed windows. After working for six years at the Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory, he went to the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company Research Laboratory in Pittsburgh, where he managed the physical testing department. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company would change its name to PPG Industries, Inc., in 1968. Here he experimented with optics, heat flow, strength, safety, impact performance, and rating degree of anneal and temper in glass products; in addition he researched glass quality, types of defects, fracture analysis, selection of glass sizes, and thicknesses for wind loads on monolithic and insulating glass products; also receiving attention were issues of water loads on multiple laminated windows aquaria. Orr provided guidance to government agencies on the development of glass testing standards and fracture analysis of glass.

He retired from PPG Industries in 1972, but had a prolific career as a technical glass and ceramics consultant, in which he completed approximately 950 reports for clients as varied as architects, insurance companies, building owners, glass companies, developers and lawyers. Orr was sought out for his expertise in fracture analysis and breakage by high profile clients such as I. M. Pei and Partners, contributing work to Boston's John Hancock Center.

Orr was a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for over 60 years, where he received the distinction of being a Life Fellow. The University of Pittsburgh, School of Engineering made him a Distinguished Alumni in 1997, and placed him in the School of Engineering Hall of Fame.

Orr was 97 years old when he passed away on April 21, 2004 at the Concordia Retirement Home in Cabot, Pa. He had been busy doing consulting work until February, 2004. ASME established the Leighton E. and Margaret W. Orr Award for contributions to the literature on fractures and failure investigations as part of the considerable endowment Orr left them.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

This collection contains the reports generated by Leighton E. Orr in the course of his work as a technical glass and ceramics consultant between 1968 and 2003. Orr lent his expertise to a variety of projects, large and small, throughout the United States and Canada. Over the course of his consulting career, he worked for such notable clients as I. M. Pei and Partners, Roche Dinkeloo, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Disney Corporation, Thermos and the Architect's Collaborative, generating approximately 950 reports.

These reports feature summaries, technical drawings and photographs. The collection preserves Orr's original order which is generally a chronologically organized number scheme, with certain folders dedicated to individual clients. Each folder contains a range of reports, with the specific clients and projects being named in the folder scope content notes, which are inventories directly based upon Orr's index found in Box 1, Folder 01. In many cases Orr employed idiosyncratic spellings and abbreviations in his index, while the actual reports tended towards accuracy in these matters. When possible, to facilitate keyword searching, misspelled names and odd abbreviations were normalized in the scope notes which follow. For those desiring to see the Orr’s original terminology, it is available in the previously mentioned index. Approximately 87 of the 950 jobs that are described in the index sheets of Box 1, Folder 01 do not have corresponding reports. In some cases Orr has inserted a handwritten note into the report sequence to clarify the omission. The materials in this collection date from September 9, 1968 to May 10, 2003.


The arrangement for the Leighton E. Orr Collection has been maintained in its original form, which is generally chronological with several minor deviations. That is, reports correspond to the inventory designed and implemented by Orr.

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This collection was a gift to the University of Pittsburgh, School of Engineering following Leighton E. Orr's death. It was transferred to the custody of the University Archives in December 2006.

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Leighton Orr Papers, 1968-2003, AIS.2009.03, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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This collection was processed by Sean Kilcoyne in March 2009 with earlier assistance from Sharon McMasters.


Permission for publication is given on behalf of the University of Pittsburgh as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must also be obtained.

Collection Inventory

Box 1
Folder 1 Orr Reports, Index Sheets, undated

This folder contains the original index sheets to Orr's reports. Details include date, contracting party, job description, and expenses.

Folder 2 Orr Reports, 4-15A, 1971-1973

This folder contains reports 4 through 15A, and includes the following: Dr. Lester, Tarnopol Puccetti Broken Pepsi-Cola Bottle; Delta Evaluation Laboratory, C.E. Windshield Separation (Volkswagen); PPG Industries, Spandrelite Court Case; PPG Industries, Revision of TSR 104 B; Liberty Mutual, Blender Jar Breakage; Travelers Insurance, Safety Lens Breakage; PPG Industries, Twindow Breakage at Albany Mall; PPG Industries, ASTM Symposium on Window Wall Test; PPG Industries, Proposed Changes in Twindow TSR 104; PPG Industries, Appendix Twindow Breaks Albany Mall; Carpenter, Bennett and Morrissey, Cordoni vs. General Motors; PPG Industries, Copy of Agreement to December 31, 1978; Liberty Mutual Insurance, Ronald C. Keenan vs. the Mead Corporation; Liberty Mutual Insurance, Appendix Ronald C. Keenan vs. The Mead Corporation.

Folder 3 Orr Reports, 1-3, 16-47, 1973

This folder contains reports 1 to 3 and others in the range of 16 to 47, including the following: Turner Construction, Glass Breakage Scaife Galleries; Walter Roberts Associates, Glass Breakage Hill House Center; Walter Roberts Associates, Second Report Hill House Center; PPG Industries, GTA Wind Load Test Program; PPG Industries, G. M. Tempered Glass Particle Size; General Electric, Adhesion Bond Tests, Glass to Black Silicone; PPG Industries, Huntsville, Examination of Broken Tempered Laminated Window at NASA; Basic Technology, Breakage of Alcohol Lamp Glass Container; Basic Technology, Breakage of Alcohol Lamp Glass Container; Basic Technology, Breakage of Alcohol Lamp Glass Container; Basic Technology, Breakage of Alcohol Lamp Glass Container; Basic Technology, Breakage of Anchor-Hocking Drinking Glass; Roche Dinkeloo, College Life Broken Insulated Tempered Pattern Glass; Roche Dinkeloo, College Life Glass Test Program; Roche Dinkeloo, Inspection of College Life Building, Indianapolis; PPG Industries, Design and Construction of Lisbon Aquaria; C. E. Glass Company, Examination of Glass Breakage, Hartford, Connecticut; T. C. Woo, Broken Tom Tucker Bottle; T. C. Woo, Bellisimo Broken Bottle Exhibit; D.L. Bailey, Stress-Optical Coefficient Special Glasses; Roche Dinkeloo, Failed Thermopane Units, College Life Pyramids, Indianapolis.

Folder 4 Orr Reports, 49-72, 1974

This folder contains reports in the range of 49 to 72, and includes the following: Roche Dinkeloo, Wire Glass Breakage, Aetna Life, Hartford, Connecticut; Wiss, Janney and Elstner, Thermopane Window Breakage, Skokie, Illinois Library; Daniel Construction Company, Examination of Broken and Unbroken Sight Glasses; PPG Industries, Temperature Rise of Various Glasses Exposed to Sun; PPG Industries, Spandrelite Design Change, Metal Pan Back Plate to G1; Tarnopol and Associates, Examination of Broken Right Tempered Glass Lens; CPI Ferguson, Design of Ontario Hydro Skylights; Roche Dinkeloo, Analysis of Forty Six Glass Failures at College Life Buildings; Manchester Bank, Space Movement in ASG Al Coated D. G. Units; Wiss, Janney and Elstner, Space Movement in ASG D. G. Units Hennepin Building, Minnesota.

Folder 5 Orr Reports, 73-80, 1974

This folder contains reports ranging from 73 to 80, and includes the following: Roche Dinkeloo, Examination of L-O-F Thermopane Breaks, College Life Pyramids; Liberty Mutual Insurance, Examination of Broken Wine Bottle; PPG Industries, Examination of O'Neil Broken Coca-Cola Bottle; Haag Engineering Co., Broken One Inch Gold Polarpane Skylights in Campbell Centre; Haag Engineering Co., Failed Units in Walls of Tower and Mall Campbell Centre; Haag Engineering Co., Investigation of Space Movement in Units; Haag Engineering Co., Photographic Appendix Campbell Centre Dallas, Texas.

Folder 6 Orr Reports, 18-43, 1973

This folder contains the following reports, all done for I. M. Pei and Partners, and ranging between 18 and 43: Comments on February 10 Horizontal Vacuum Load Tests 1 Inch; Comments on February 15 Horizontal Vacuum Load Tests 1 1/8 inch and 1 1/4 inch; Comments on February 26 Horizontal Vacuum Load Summary; Comments on March 1 Correction for Tare Loads; Comments on March 7 New Insulated 9 Fl. 1 Inch Unit; Comments on April 23 Report and Uhlmann 4/17 Report; Comments on L-O-F Information March 27; Use of 2.5 Factor of Safety; Summary of Hancock Breakage Problem; Examination of Hancock Failure Origins at MIT; Revision of Chart Analyzing Breakage; Comments on L-O-F July 16 Reglazing Plan; Comments on L-O-F July 6 Load and Temperature Differential; Strength Glass Form Edge of 19-1B Window; Comments on Hansen Letters 7/5, 25, 26, 8/3; Comments on L-O-F Letter August 9; Comments on Vibration Tests on Bondermetic Windows; Comments on Mr. Henry N. Cobbs Letter August 14; Comments on Broken Window 17-6E Fail 8/14; Heavy Glass for Chemical Engineering Facility, MIT; Comments on Redesign of Hancock Window Wall; Use of 1/2 Inch Full Tempered Replacement Glass; Proposed Dew Point Test Measurements; Review of Hancock Reports and Letters; Load Duration Theory for Glass Design, W.G. Brown; Recording Temperatures on Hancock Thermopane Windows; Comments on Hancock Reports and Letters.

Folder 7 Orr Reports, 44-126, 1973-1976

This folder contains the following reports, all done for I. M. Pei and ranging between numbers 44 and 126: Hancock Curtain Wall Test Program; Comments on Hansen's Reports November and December 1973; Comments on Matrix 1/4 and Uhlmann Letter 1/18; Comments on Hancock Letters received January to April; Comments on Cupples Reports and Hansen's Letter 4/2; Comments on Dr. R .L. Hershey's Report; Comments on Report Related to 1/2 Inch Tempered Glass and Frames; Breakage of 1/2 Inch Tempered Glass in Hancock Tower; Temperature Difference Recorded on 1/2 Inch Tempered Glass; Comments on Teledyne Report on Window Sealants; Internal Stone Failure, 55th Floor 1/2 Inch Tempered Window; I. M. PEI Consulting Jobs 1976; Meeting at Orr Laboratory With Flynn, Ranahan and Greco on Court Trial; Spontaneous Break of 3/4 Inch Tempered Glass in Revolving Door; Report on 15th Floor Window that Blew in; Use of Pilkington Suspended Glazing at Long Beach California Museum.

Folder 8 Orr Reports, 81-104, 1974-1975

This folder contains reports in the range of 81 to 104: Ohio Plate Glass, Presentation Outline Glass and Metal Institute Workshop; NYSU Construction Fund, Examination of remains of 3/4 inch Tempered Glass Pool Window; Wiss, Janney and Elstner, L-O-F Thermostatic load tested, College Life Pyramid, Indianapolis; Fred Sathra, Trip to New York for Testimony, Did Not Pan Out; NYSU Construction Fund, Pool Windows, Purchase, NY; NYSU Construction Fund, Investigation of 1/2 inch Solargray Breakage, Purchase Campus; NYSU Construction Fund, Inspection and Recommendation for Exterior Windows, Purchase; Herzog Glass Inc., Curved Glass Breakage, O.I.C. Skill Center, Seattle; Haag Engineering Co., Examination of Skylight Breaks, Campbell Centre, Dallas; PPG Industries, Breakage of Glass Door, Webster Hall Hotel; PPG Industries, Breakage of Glass Door, Webster Hall Hotel; NYSU Construction Fund, Heat Soak Tests of 3/4 Inch Tempered Glass; Aaron D. Blumberg, Consultation on Glass Fragments from Broken Volkswagen Window; Layden C. Sadecky, Examination of Broken Royal Crown Cola Bottle; Key Branch Industries, Breakage in 1 Inch Polarpane Gold Insulating Units; C. E. Glass, Rub Marks in Polarpane Insulating Units for Royal Bank; Shatterproof Glass Co., No Report; Meyer, Borgman and Johnson, Examination of Broken Fragments Tempered Glass.

Folder 9 Orr Reports, 105-117, 1975

This folder contains reports ranging from 105 to 117 and includes the following: Meyer, Borgman and Johnson, Analysis of Spacer Movement in 1 Inch ASG Insulated Units; Radice Realty and Construction Corp., Examination of all Glass for Surface Defects; Dayton Malleable Inc., Examination of Broken Right Safety Lens; J.E.M. Read, Glass for Pool Skylight British Columbia Government Services; Starline, Inc., Breakage and Other Defects in C-E Polarpane; Lester Tarnopol, Examination of Broken Gallon Jug; Six Industries, Inc., Examination of Damage to Indoor Surface of Float Glass; American Social Civil Engineers, Presentation Strength and Fracture of Glass in Buildings; Starline, Inc., Examination of ASG full Tempered Spandrel Glass Panels; Lester Tarnopol, Examination of Broken 28 oz. Bottle; ASG Industries, Review of Breakage of Glass in Bathtub Enclosure.

Folder 10 Orr Reports, 120-133, 1976

This folder contains reports between the range of 120 and 133 and includes the following: GEICO Insurance, Broken 3/8 inch Solarbronze Glass in GEICO Building; Hennepin County Government Center, Space Movement in ASG D.G. Units in Curtain Wall; U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Failure of Tinted Glass Plates, Mt. Elbert Power Plant; Engineered Products Inc., L-O-F Glass Breakage Worchester Co. National Bank, Mass.; J. L. Williams and Co., L-O-F Bondermetic Failures Mockingbird Towers; Falconer Plate and Glass Co., Recommended Glass Thickness For Tempered Skylights, Boston; Hennepin County Government Center, Fogging of ASG Units, Surface Defects and Stones; Jack E. Lindhout, Design of Tempered Glass for Sauna Bath; Falconer Plate and Glass Co., Investigation of Temper and Cause of Breakage; Rosenberg, Perelman and Schindler, Glass Breakage In C-E Polarpane, Emkay Candle Co.

Folder 11 Orr Reports, 134-147, 1976

This folder contains reports between the range of 134 and 147 and includes the following: Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Calgary Zoo, Laminated Glass Breakage; Newton M. Crain Tex Pickens, Injury from Tempered Glass Breakage, Texas; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Safe Loads for Laminated Glass, Calgary Air Terminal; U.S.F. and Guarantee Co., Examination of Broken Spectacle Lens, Birmingham, Alabama; J. L. Williams and Co., L-O-F Bondermetic Failures, Mockingbird Towers Texas; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Glass Design for Pool Skylight, Vancouver; Greenwich Savings Bank, L-O-F Bondermetic Failures, 950 Third Avenue Building; Craig W. Humphrey, Design of Glass for Aquarium, Rochester, N.Y.; J. Woodson Rainey, Strength of Tempered Etched Glass; Berger, Pittsburgh, PA, Inspect for Tempered Glass in Storm Doors; W.J. Englert, PPG, Comments of Ultrasonic Testing of Glass; Hennepin County Government Center, Use of Spacer Tabs on ASG Units, Minneapolis, Minnesota; C-E Refractories, Fogged Glass Units at Providence Home for Elderly; The Architects Collaborative, Weld Spatter on Glass, Shawmut Bank, Boston.

Folder 12 Orr Reports, 148-161, 1976

This folder contains reports ranging from 148 to 161 and includes the following: Roche Dinkeloo, Breakage of L-O-F Units at Worchester National Bank; Ladd, Kelsey, Wood, Glass Breakage at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, California; Tishman Realty, Spandrel Glass Failures, 30 N. LaSalle Building; Newton M. Crain, Deposition on Tempered Glass Breakage at Pittsburgh; Shatterproof Glass, Write-up on Stone Breaks in Tempered Glass; Falconer Plate and Glass Co., Glass Defects in D. G. Units at Parma High School; Newton M. Crain, Comments on Deposition of B.C. Kirklin Houston, Texas; Hennepin County Government Center, Spacer Movement and Optical Reflection Meeting; Dayton Malleable Iron Co., Breakage of Tempered Glass Safety Screen; Packer Engineering, Review of Bondermetic Breakage Problem at Hancock; U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Meeting on Glass Replacement at Mt. Elbert Plant; Newton M. Crain, Witness at Court Trial at Houston, Texas; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Design of Windows for Altitude Chamber; Tishman Realty, Test for Nickel Sulfide Stones, 30 N. LaSalle Building.

Folder 13 Orr Reports, 162-170, 1976

This folder contains reports ranging between 162 and 170 and includes the following: Packer Engineering, Comments on Packer Engineering Report on Hancock Glass Breakage; J. Paul Lowery, Examination of Broken Pyrex Percolator, Birmingham, Alabama; The Architects Collaborative, Surface Defects on Remaining Plates, Shawmut Bank; New York State University, Examination of Broken Windows, Buffalo University; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Strength of D.G. Units 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch Air Space, 3/16 inch; Kasdorf, Dall, Lewis and Swietlik, Glass Breakage in Storm Door, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Roche Dinkeloo, Meeting with Grosso, N.Y. on Worchester Bank Breaks; Roche Dinkeloo, Metropolitan Museum of N.Y., L-O-F Skylight Glass; Turner Construction Co., Spandrel Breaks in N.Y.S.U. Stony Brook Campus.

Folder 14 Orr Reports, 171-197, 1977

This folder contains reports ranging between 171 and 197, and includes the following: Haskell and Perrin, Glass Breakage CAN Building 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch L-O-F Gray; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Additional Work on Crown Life Job by Phone; I. M. Pei and Davis, Breakage of Tempered Doors in National Bank Commerce; J. Ilderem, Inspection Of Anderson Assemblies of D.G. Units; University of Wisconsin Building Material Evaluation and Selection Seminar; Robert G. Kelly, Additional Work, Lucci vs. ASG Industries Court Case; Sidley and Austin, Combining Reports 150 and 161 on 30 N. LaSalle Building; Charles L. Severance, Glass for Blast Load on Houses; Owen McManus, Broken Cott Diet Tonic Water Bottle; Viracon Corporation, Glass Thickness for Port Lights; Viracon Corporation, Evaluation of Amelco Window; J. Ilderem, Glass Thickness for J. Morog Order D.G. Units; I. M. Pei and Davis, Comments on NBC Glass Door Replacements; Hennepin County Government Center, Use of Tabs to Prevent Spacer Movement; PPG Industries, Glass Seminar for PPG People at Laboratory; Flour City Architectural Metals, L-O-F Glass Breakage IDS Building Minn.; Philip Corbin, Examination of Broken Pepsi Bottle; Shatterproof Glass Corp., Corner Defects on Reflective Glass-Memphis Job; Mixing Equipment Co., Design of Glass Tank for Mixing Liquids; Shatterproof Glass Corporation, Comments on Spacer Movement in Double Glazed Units; Starline, Inc., Nipped Corners on Glass for Memphis Publishing Co.; Hennepin County Government Center, Interrogatories Requested by ASG for Trial; PPG Industries, Revision of TSR 101 Wind Load Charts; Packer Engineering, Program for Tests of Hancock L-O-F Units; Sampson Industries, Tempering Glass Cut from Hot Ribbon; Hennepin County Government Center, Interrogatories Requested by ASG for Trial.

Folder 15 Orr Reports, 198-211, 1977

This folder contains reports ranging between 198 and 211 and includes the following: Starline, Inc., Summary of Meeting at Memphis Publishing Co.; Flour City Architectural Metals, Comments on L-O-F Letter June 3, IDS Job; J. Ilderem, Report on Trip to Iran, Glass for Ekbatan; Dennis Rafferty, Examination of Broken Corningware Dish; Dravosburg Housing, Examination of Failed D.G. Units by Thermal Industries; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of Breaks in L-O-F Vari-Tran 120 at IDS; Flour City Architectural Metals, Design of Laminated Skylight for Vancouver; General Electric, Silicone Bond Repeat Tests Completed in 1978; Flour City Architectural Metals, Review of IDS Glass Breakage Problem; Flour City Architectural Metals, Review of Glass for Skylights, National Art Gallery; The Architects Collaborative, Examination of Defects in Glass at Shawmut Bank; Roche Dinkeloo, Notes while Reading Hansen Deposition; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on Hansen Deposition Vol. I, II, III.

Folder 16 Orr Reports, 212-229, 1977

This folder contains reports 212 through 229 and includes the following: Haskell and Perrin, Summary of 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch Tinted Glass Breaks C N A Plaza; Sidley and Austin, Deposition on Glass Breakage 30 N. LaSalle Building; Roche Dinkeloo, Deposition on Glass Breakage at College Life Pyramids; Hennepin County Government Center, Collection of Material for Interrogatories; Roche Dinkeloo, Examination of Weld Spatter at Kentucky Power Job; Blume, Cannon and Ott, Glass Breakage in Laminated Glass for Zoo; The Architects Collaborative, Additional Comments on Glass for Shawmut Bank; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on Edison F. Best Deposition, College Life; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on John W. Mason Deposition, College Life; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on Howard R. Swift Deposition, College Life; Travelers Insurance, Court Case, Howell vs. PPG Glass, Albuquerque Airport; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building., Analysis of Glass Failures at CIBC Toronto, Canada; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of 51 Breaks in L-O-F Glass from IDS; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building., Meeting at CIBC On Dew point Measurements; Canadian Pittsburgh Industries, Meeting with Jim Reed, Toronto (No Report); Flour City Architectural Metals, Breakage of ASG Glass at ATT, New Jersey Job; Flour City Architectural Metals, Addendum to Report No. 205 on Vancouver Job; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Bldg., Observations During Second Inspection at CIBC.

Folder 17 Orr Reports, 230-253, 1978

This folder contains reports 230 through 253 and includes the following: Architects Collaborative, Glass Flutter in Large 3/8 inch Tempered Windows, Shawmut Bank; Viracon, Inc., Investigation of Glass Failures at Factory; Bostik Corp., Glass Seminar in Paris, No Report; CPI Montreal, Design of Window in Pool Behind Bar; Dr. Lester Tarn, Examination of Fragments of Broken Gin Bottle; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on Dr. Donald R. Uhlmann Testimony; Roche Dinkeloo, Comments on Dr. Ronald V. Caporali Testimony; Roche Dinkeloo, General Comments on Trial Information; J. Paul Lowery, Comments on Interrogatories, Pyrex Boiler; Flour City Architectural Metals, Comparison of Break Analysis in 51 Windows IDS; CPI Montreal, Rewrite Design of Window in Pool Behind Bar; Associated Construction Consultants, Analysis of 1/4 inch Tempered Glass Failing Z-97; Roche Dinkeloo, Witness at College Life Court Trial, Indianapolis; J. Paul Lowery, Witness at Walsh trial, Pyrex Coffee Maker, Alabama; Associated Construction Consultants, Rewrite of Report No. 241, Broken Tempered Glass; Hennepin County Government Center, Examination of Broken ASG Double Unit From S. Wall; Hennepin County Government Center, Additional Breakage of ASG 1/4 inch Clear Glass; Hennepin County Government Center, Selection of Glass Types for Various Replacements; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of 16 Breaks In 1Inch L-O-F Windows from IDS; Starline Inc., Design of Curved Glass Windows for Window Wall; Starline, Inc., Rewrite of No. 249, Same Subject; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of PPG Twindow Failures Cook County Courts; Security Window Co., Information on Break of Patio Door Glass, Omaha, Nebraska; PPG Glass Research, Cause of PPG Spandrelite Breaks at Montreal.

Folder 18 Orr Reports, 254-265, 1978

This folder contains reports 254 through 265 and includes the following: Ogleby Park Aquarium, Wheeling, WV, Design of Laminated Windows for Aquarium; Glass Co., SO Two Spray Coating of Glass; Flour City Architectural Metals, Comments on Jack M. Roehm Report on IDS Breaks; Flour City Architectural Metals, Summary of L-O-F Report on Glass Failures At IDS; Flour City Architectural Metals, Bent Corner Panels for Market Street Job; Graham Gund Associates, Examination of Broken Glass Fragments, Hyatt Regency; A.D. Lyons, Attorney, Examination of Broken Ball Mason Jars; PPG Glass Research, Spacer Movement and Glass Breakage at Denver Square; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of Fifteen L-O-F Breaks at IDS, Minneapolis; Flour City Architectural Metals, Analysis of Eighteen Breaks in L-O-F Glass at IDS; Flour City Architectural Metals, Comparison of Orr and L-O-F Analysis of Fifteen IDS Breaks; PPG Glass Research, Comments on Denver Square, Information on Spacer Movement; Turner Construction Co., Shifting of Glass in Openings, One Beacon Street.

Folder 19 Orr Reports, 266-279, 1978

This folder contains reports 266 through 279 and includes the following: Flour City Architectural Metals, Comments on WJE Report on Cook County Courts Building; Charles Luckman, Glass Design for Warner Bros. Office Building; William L. Crow Construction, Edge Defects on 3/8 inch Tempered Glass, Xerox Building, Connecticut; James King and Son, Breakage of 1/2 inch Curved Glass in Bank of Sicilia; Flour City Architectural Metals, Cause of Breakage of Twenty Three Units in Cooks County Courts; William M. Burger, Attorney, Personal Injury from Glass Breakage in Storm Door; PPG Legal Department, Witness at Court Trial, Binghamton, N.Y.; Poole Construction Ltd., Selection of Type of Glass on Regina Building; Arthur Erickson, Inspection of Laminated Skylights, Vancouver Building; Sheldon Keyser, Glass Breakage Kings Grant Condominium; Packer Engineering Co., Progress of Work on Hancock Glass Test Program; Sears Roebuck, Study of Failures of PPG 1 inch Units at St. David's; Charles Luckman, More Comments on Glass for Warner Bros. Building; Sheldon Keyser, Revision of Report #275 with Additional Information.

Folder 20 Orr Reports, 280-293, 1979

This folder contains reports ranging from 280 to 293, including the following: Turner Construction Co., Analysis of Glass for IBM Building, New York; Corliss and Romero, Review of Glass Breakage, Fitchburg College Library; General Electric, Adhesion Tests of White Silicone after Five Years; S.A. Kaplan, Insulated Glass Failures, Winthrop, Massachusetts; Ted Jacob, Examination of CE Gold Units in Jacob Building, Pittsburgh; General Electric, Adhesion Tests of Black Silicone After Five Years; Reed MacKenzie, Examination of Broken Six-cup Corningware Teapot; Berger, Examination of Broken Pepsi-Cola Bottle in Pittsburgh; Beardsley and B., Recommended Window Design for Houghton College; Ted Jacob, Distorted Reflections from Gold Windows, Jacob Building; Kopp Glass Co., Discussion on Tempering and Glass Breakage, No Report; Hilton Hotel, Review of Information on Accident at Denver Hilton; Shatterproof Glass, Types of Glass for Skylights on Seattle Building; Flour City Architectural Metals, Recent Breaks of 1 inch PPG Solarban at Chicago Jail.

Folder 21 Orr Reports, 294-310, 1979

This folder contains reports 294 through 310, which includes the following: Associated Construction Consultants, Broken 1/4 inch Solarbronze after Applying P-19 Scotch Tint; Lucitron Corp., Design of Laminated Windows for Vacuum Chambers; PPG McKinley, Comparison of New PPP Load Charts with Others; Jubilerer and Pass, Breakage of Fixed 1/4 inch Plate at J.C Penney Greengate Mall; PPG Quality Assurance, Breakage of 1 inch Solarbronze Unit at Delmarva P. and L.; Willcox, Norfolk, Virginia, Court Case on Broken 1/4 inch Tempered Plate; Roche Dinkeloo, Inspection of Tempered Glass at MMA For Flaws Causing Failure; PCL Construction Ltd., Review of Proposed Glazing for Sask Tel Office Building; Viracon Inc., Seminar on General Subject of Slope Glazing; A.D. Lyons, Delivered Broken Ball Mason Jar to American Glass Research; Roche Dinkeloo, Examination of Failed L-O-F Window in MMA New York; Shatterproof Glass, Wind Loads, Center Deflection Pull-Out, Glass Plate; Harmon Glazing, Analysis of Glass for Towers, Town Square, St. Paul; Robert A. Romero, Analysis of Glass Breaks from Shims, Fitchburg, MA; White and Steele, Rewrite Report No. 291 on Hilton Accident; White and Steele, Comments on Bauer and Crawford Letter on Glass Breakage, Denver Hilton; White and Steele, Additional Information Requested during Meeting at Pittsburgh Airport.

Folder 22 Orr Reports, 311-330, 1979

This folder contains reports 311 through 330 which includes the following: White and Steele; Review of Fourteen Deposition Exhibits Received 8/23; White and Steele, Comments after Reviewing Deposition of Dr. Bauer; White and Steele, Clear Insulated Window Failures, Montreal, Quebec; Luckman Partnership Review of Drawings Showing Glass Mounting; Flour City Architectural Metals, Examination of Breaks in Windows, Detroit General Hospital; Tarnopol, Examination of Glass Fragments from Broken Pyrex Dish; Hessington Holdings, Examination of Recent Failures in Units, Montreal, Quebec; Tarnopol, Analysis of Broken Glass Syringe; Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y., Proposed Design for Sliding Glass Panels; White and Steele, Comments on Dr. Bauer Deposition; Liberty Mutual, Examination of Broken Fish Bowl, Syracuse, N.Y.; Kingston Center, Examination of Failed Double Glazed Units, York, Pa.; Morland Corporation, Design of Vision Windows in an Oil Tank; White and Steele, Deposition Time and Expenses in Denver, Recent Work for Peterson on 12/10 Invoice; W. Bergman, Getting Ready for Trial in Pittsburgh (Settled); Liberty Mutual, Additional Comments for Lawyer on Fish bowl; Electrostatic Equipment, Comments on Patent H-1015, Insulating Window; Meyers and Keyser, Court Case Hicks vs. Kings Grant Condominium; White and Steele, Orr Deposition Review and Corrections; Union Carbide, Meeting on Molsiv Absorbents at Tarrytown, N.Y.

Folder 23 Orr Reports, 331-346, 1980

This folder contains reports 331 through 346, which includes the following: Shatterproof Glass, Spandrel Glass for Metro Office Park No. 9; Shatterproof Glass, Spacers and Glass Defects, Northwest Gateway Square, Minneapolis; Etkin Construction, Inspection of Glass in Gulf Western, Detroit; Architectural Specialties, Investigation of Breakage in Skylights EEG, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Hennepin County Government Center, Meeting at Lawyers Office on Spacer Movement; Dravosburg Housing, Window Failure Summary; Shatterproof Glass, Skylights for Union Carbide Building, Danbury, Connecticut; HDR Architects, Laminated Panels, IBM Building, Austin, Texas; Continental Offices, Cause of Glass Breaks in Insulated Units, Illinois; PPG Industries, Comments on Glass Failures Predictions, L. Beason; Shatterproof Glass, Insulated Glass Breakage, Cordis Building, Miami, Florida; Shatterproof Glass, Laminated Glass Breakage, Insulated Units, Washington, D.C.; Tempered Glass Western, Surface Defects and Hardness of Tempered Glass; PCL Construction Company, Glass Breakage in Insulated CE Gold Units, Saskatchewan.

Folder 24 Orr Reports, 347-365, 1980

This folder contains reports 347 through 365 which includes the following: Shatterproof Glass, Calculations of Stress and Deflection, Skylights, Ann Arbor; Tarnopol, Break in Champagne Bottle when Removing Cork; Tarnopol, Plans for Testing Pinto Backlight; Katz-Shatterproof, Review of Correspondence Glass breaks Federal Reserve, Washington, D.C.; Falconer Industries, Nickel Sulfide Stone in Glass Railing, NAFEC, N.J.; Flour City Architectural Metals., Inspection of Twin Pane Factory, Detroit, Michigan; Artistic Glass Products, Meeting at GE Allentown, and AGP, Quakertown; O'Dea Lawyer, Meeting with Three Philadelphia Lawyers, 1818 Market Street Job; Midwest Architectural Metals, Examination of 1/2 inch Glass for NiS Stones, Fair Oaks; Flour City Architectural Metals, Skylight Breakage, Cook County Courts Building, Chicago; Tarnopol, Examine Nail Polish Broken Bottle; Lockwood-Greene, Proposed Design of Glass Water Tower; Etkin Construction Co., Inspection of Spandrel Failures, Oakland University, Detroit; O'Dea Lawyer, Deposition on 1818 Market Street Job, Philadelphia; Falconer, Industries Examination of Three Separate NiS Stone Breaks; Friedman Lawyer, Inspection of Failed Windows, Portland, Maine; Webster Lawyer, Failed Insulated Glass Units, Providence, Rhode Island; Katz-Shatterproof, Glass Breakage in Insulated Units, Federal Reserve; Products Research, Inspection # 3 Broken Insulated Units, Medford, Wisconsin.

Folder 25 Orr Reports, 366-383, 1980

This folder contains reports 366 through 383 and includes the following: Jones-Starling, Inspection of Breaks, Financial Center, Hartford; Tarnopol, Examination of Broken Coffee Pot; Emanuel and Thompson, Accident Breaking Glass in Hotel Greensboro, NC; Falconer Industries, Discussion at Falconer on Many Subjects; MacDonald Lawyer, Examination of Pieces from Pyrex Percolator; Viracon Inc., Analysis of Glass for All State Office, Barrington, Illinois; K. and M. Glass Co., Examined Fragment for NiS Stones, Huntsville; Jones-Starline, Comments on Zetlin Report on Hartford Building; Associated Construction Consultants, Break in Tempered Glass Panels, St. Louis; Falconer Industries, Glass for Handball Courts by L-O-F; Coyne Lawyer, Glass Breakage in Door, Kings Grand Condominium; Viracon Inc., Glass for Starline Curtain Wall; Shatterproof, Glass Overhead Insulated Glass Units, Denver Job; O'Dea Lawyer, Review of Deposition 1818 Market Street Building; Shatterproof Glass, Glass Breakage on Insulated Units in Florida; Tarnopol, Broken Orange Juice Bottle; Aetna Casualty and Surety Company, Examination of Glass in Brighton Hotel, Atlantic City; Dravosburg Housing, Meeting in Dravosburg, November 24.

Folder 26 Orr Reports, 384-394, 1981

This folder contains reports 384 through 394 and includes the following: Union Carbide Corp., Glass Breaks in AMSCO Insulated Units, Utah; Hennepin County Government Center, Meeting with Lawyers on Atrium Curtain Wall; Shatterproof Glass, Gold Vision and Spandrels Sunset Hills, St. Louis; Crown-Zellerbach, Glass Breakage after Applying Scotch-Tint; Union Carbide Corp., Glass Breaks in Insulated Units, Sainte Genevieve, MO; Michael Wagman, Broken Pyrex Serving Dish; Shatterproof Glass, Failed Gold Insulation Units, Treetops Building, St. Louis; MacDonald, Illig, Jones and Britton, Condensed Report on Broken Percolator; I. M. Pei, Statement of Physical Objects from Hancock Job; Glassalum Engineering, Tempered Glass Failures, Key Colony, Miami; Glassalum Engineering, Wax Coating Removal from PPG Solarcool.

Folder 27 Orr Reports, 3395-407, 1981

This folder contains reports 395 thorough 407 and includes the following: Savin Corporation, Inspection of Broken Glass after Coating; Shatterproof Glass, Two Copies of All Reports Sent to Shatterproof; PPG Industries, Investigation of Hatchback Glass Breakage, Tipton; O. M. Edwards, Investigation of Laminated Window Breakage; Marriott Corp., Meeting at Washington, D.C.; Roche Dinkeloo, Chipped Edges of Glass, Metropolitan Museum; Marriott Corp., Inspection of Glass, Tampa Airport Hotel; Tarnopol; Examination of Broken Soda Bottle; PCL Construction Co., Comments on Partition Contacting Vision windows.

Folder 28 Orr Reports, 408-417, 1981

This folder contains reports 408 through 417 and includes the following: PRC Corporation, Examination of Ten Broken Windows from Utah; Glassalum Engineering, Comments on Three Letters and Nickel Sulfide Stones; Lovell, White and King, Spandrel Failures UBM Hills Windows Ltd., Glassalum Engineering, Summary of Recent Findings, Key Colony Job; Glassalum Engineering, Final Report on NiS Tempered Glass Breakage; Cyro Industries, Consulting at Sanford, Maine Factory; Continental Offices, Arbitration on Settlement of Replacing Glass; Globe Amerada, Glass Information for Sweets Catalog; Donald F. Ayers, Lava Light Bottle Glass Breakage; Donald F. Ayers, Photographic Appendix to Lava-Lite; Sills, Beck, Cummis, Examination of Pyrex Coffee Brewer.

Folder 29 Orr Reports, 418-435, 1981

This folder contains reports 418 through 435 and includes the following: Reed, McClure, Moceri, Toyota Accident, Seattle, Washington; PRC Corporation, Examination of Five Broken Units, Linford Bros.; Glassalum Engineering, Final Review, Polaroid Testing, Key Colony; Glassalum Engineering, Procedure for Polaroid Inspection for NiS Stone; Lovell, White and King, Reply to June 26 Letter; Viracon, Inc., Stress and Deflection Calculations for Skylights; Globe Amerada, Revision of Problem 9.4 in Report # 415, 425; PRC Corporation, Examination of Six Broken Keller Insulated Units; Toyota, Toyota Accident, Seattle Inspection of Car; Lovell, White and King, More Information on Spandrel Failures, London; Loewenthal and Luck, Examination of Broken Ten Inch Corning Baking Dish; Edwin W. Jakeway, Broken Shower Door Causing Personal Injury; Young and Debilius, Examination of Broken Tempered Units; Roche Dinkeloo, Inspection of Broken Tempered Glass, Metropolitan Museum; Edwin W. Jakeway, Injury Caused by Broken Glass, Entrance Door; PTL, Measuring Temper in Safety Goggle Lens; PTL, Analyzing Breaks in Tempered Safety Lens; Tarnopol, Examination of Broken Pop Shoppe Cola Bottle.

Folder 30 Orr Reports, 436-450, 1981

This folder contains reports 436 through 450 and includes the following: Flour City Architectural Metals; Laminated Glass for IBM Skylights; Falconer Plate and Glass, Summary of Observations at Falconer Plant; Mechanical Constructors, Broken Tempered Glass at 1201 S. Eads Apartments; Clas, Riggs, Owens and Ramos, Recommendations for Glazing Parking Garage #5; Viracon, Inc., Calculation for Loads on Insulated Slope Glazing; Richard Wygonik, Investigation of Broken Pepsi Cola Bottle; Viracon, Inc., Sample Calculations for Stress and Deflections; Falconer Plate and Glass, Spontaneous Break in 1/2 inch Float from NiS Stone; Falconer Plate and Glass, Black Stone Impurities in PPG 1/2 inch Glass; Fried, Fried and Klewans, Inspection of Glass in Springfield Mall; Norco Windows Inc., Examination of Six Broken Insulated Units; Mark Hot Engineering, Analysis of Loads on Suspended Glass Wall; Artistic Glass Products, Letter of Recommendation to New Zealand Glass.

Folder 31 Orr Reports, 452-468, 1982

This folder contains reports 452 through 468 and includes the following: Viracon Inc., Glass Failures in AMAX Laboratory, Denver, Colorado; R. W. Bletzacker, Breakage in Insulated Units, Ohio State, Wooster; Flour City Architectural Metals, Failures In L-O-F Insulated Units, New York; Arthur Erickson, Break in Laminated Unit, Vancouver, B.C.; Nissan Motors, Comments on Auto Accident, Valdes V. Nissan; Tarnopol, Examination of Broken Champagne Bottle; Pope, Accident of Simpson Through Window; PDSW Joint Venture, Analysis of All Glass Proposed for L.A. Airport; Flour City Architectural Metals, Examination of Three Breaks in L-O-F Units, N.Y. City; Acadia Manufacturing Co., Analysis of Cause of Breaks in Two Units; Vanir Development Co., Examination of Gold Units in Vanir Tower, California; Jung Brannen Associates, Inc., Skylight Canopy Design Calculations; Toyota Motor Sales, Comments on Deposition of Bruce Wong; Tarnopol, Broken Tia Maria Liquor Bottle; Tarnopol, Broken Glass Mug, Berney Karp Inc., 1981; Dan Love, Aquarium for Restaurant, Nashville, Tennessee.

Box 2
Folder 1 Orr Reports, 469-478, 1982

This folder contains reports 469 through 478 and includes the following: Caradco Corporation, Inspection of Broken Units, Rantoul, Illinois; Mark Hot Engineering, Review of IRL Load Test Results; Ostendorf-Morris, Inspection of Breaks, National City Bank, Cleveland; Falconer Plate and Glass, Heat Soak Tests for Karas and Karas, Boston; Tampa Electric Co., Investigation of Breaks in Tempered Plates; Mark Hot Engineering, Review of Glazing Wall Redesign, Seattle, Washington; Viracon Inc., Glass Breakage in Brigham Young University; Viracon Inc., Approval of Annealed Glass for Solarcool; Viracon Inc., Design of Aquarium Glass Tanks; Matthew Ryan, Breakage of Door Window in Car.

Folder 2 Orr Reports, 479-502, 1982

This folder contains reports 479 to 502 and includes the following: Pope Simpson, Accident, Charlottesville, Virginia; James A. Sisserson, Wendt vs. OCC Optical Inc.; Viracon Inc., Uniglaze Job by Phone, No Report; Bowers, Lawyer, Examination of Broken Bottle; Weis and Weis, Coyne, Revision of Report on Glass Breakage in Door; Toyota Case, Meeting at Seattle, Report No. 465; James A. Sisserson, Analysis of Broken and Unbroken Lenses; Florida G. and M. Co., Aquarium Glass Design, No Report; Shatterproof Glass, Increase in Edge Stress from Shading; John Andrews International, Glass Design for Toronto Atrium; H.B. Fuller Co., Review of Documents for Court Case; Tampa Electric Co., Spontaneous Breaks in 1/4 Inch Atrium Glass; H.B. Fuller Co., Meeting in Detroit for Court Case; R.W. McKinley, Comments on Glass Surface Weakness; DMI Industries, Broken Picture from Glass, Notes not typed; Roche Dinkeloo, Design of Glass for N.Y. Central Park Zoo; Architectural Collaborative, Cause of Breaks in Maine National Bank; Artistic Glass, Evaluating Temper in Glass; Lovell, White and King, Spandrel Failures UBM Kings Reach, London; Thiokol Corp., Seminar on Glass Behavior in Units; Tarnopol, Examination of Broken Glass Vase; Tampa Electric Co., Cause of Tempered Glass Breaks in Atrium.

Folder 3 Orr Reports, 503-530, 1983

This folder contains reports 503 to 530 and includes the following: Lovell, White and King, Answer Questions about Report; Glassalum, Comments on Continued Breakage; Sherwin Schreier, Glass Fragments from School Window; Sisserson-Florida, Comparison of Annealed and Tempered Lenses; Lovell, White and King, Review of Final Combined Report; Wagman, Consulting at Office, No Report; Arthur Erickson Architects, Design of Reflecting Pool; Ruth Donnell and Associates, Examination of Broken Beer Bottle, Ruth; Glassalum, Rewrite Letter, Summary of Breakage; E. Scott Coulter, Examination of Glass Fragments; DMI Industries, Comments on Deposition of George Gorbell; Toquechel Associates, Design of Windows in Tank-Miami; Tarnopol, Alhambra Five Gallon Glass Bottle Broken; Exotic Aquaria, Design of Windows for Water Tank; DMI Industries, Comments on Deposition of Dr. Frechette; Tarnopol, Break of Antique Oil Lamp; Toquechel Associates, Revision of Report 514 Using Stiffener; PT Laboratory, Examination of Broken and Unbroken Lenses; Hurricane Glass Co., Design of Windows for Wind and Sound; Fuller Company, Witness At Flint Michigan On Fuller Case; Jim Cuba, Design of Cylindrical Aquarium; B. E. Pope, Deposition at Pittsburgh Airport; Sisserson-Florida, Comments on Affidavits; N. W. Pitnof, Investigation of Break in Glass Teapot; FCL Associates, Evaluation of Glass Hand Rail System; Cali Associates, Review of File on C-E Window Failures.

Folder 4 Orr Reports, 531-544, 1983

This folder contains reports 531to 544 and includes the following: Young and Debilius, Examination of Twenty one Tempered Glass Failures; John J. Kalo, Accident from Glass Breakage, Chevrolet Blazer; Brockermeyer, Investigation of Beer Bottle Break; Sisserson-Florida, Affidavit Notarized, Comments on Human Fist Report; Cali Associates, Inspection of C-E Glass in Six Commerce Drive; Lincoln Properties, Examination of Tempered Failures, NiS Stone; B. E. Pope, Review Deposition, Preparing for Trial; Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Bank of Wisconsin Skylights, Janesville; Jerome Edelman, Smith vs. Barry's Optical; Pitnoff, Measured Glass Wall Thickness, Two Teapots; Sisserson-Florida, Review of Davis Deposition; Sisserson-Florida, Deposition by Randa Owen, Pittsburgh Airport; Ryan, Ryan and Hickey, Broken Glass Port Light in Pool, No Report; Havlin-Witkin Corp., Analysis of Break in Bent Laminated Panels.

Folder 5 Orr Reports, 545-552, 1984

This folder contains reports 545 to 552 and includes the following: Smith, Hinchman, and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Weld Splatter, Lincoln Bank Building, Rochester; Beck-Turner Los Angeles, Weld Splatter, Crocker-Center Towers, Los Angeles; AAMA Slope Glazing ,Comments on Slope Glazing Recommendations; Anthony E. Kenny, DMI Industries, Meeting at Pittsburgh Airport; McDowell Pacific, Comments on Malaysia Office Building; Beacon Construction Co., Examination of Glass Units with Weld Splatter; Beacon-Turner Los Angeles, Weld Splatter Examination, South Tower.

Folder 6 Orr Reports, 554-571, 1984

This folder contains reports 554 to 571 and includes the following: Disney Corporation, Design of Window for Underwater Pool; McDowell Pacific, Calculations of Wind Loads, Tong Bros. Building; Bruce C. Compaine, Examination of Broken McDonald's Drinking Glass; Beck-Turner Los Angeles, Weld Splatter, Crocker Center, North Tower; Falconer Plate and Glass, Design for Wind Load on 3/4 inch Tempered Glass; Dr. J. Keverian, Consulting on Glass in Crane Cab Accident; California Glass Bending Corp., Analyzing Stresses in Bent Glass; Richard T. Ruth, Comments on Answers Labatt Beer Bottle; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Investigation of Broken Tempered 3/8 inch Glass; Roche Dinkeloo, Stress Calculations, New York Zoo glass; Jung Brannen Assoc., Inspection of Glass in Building, Washington, D.C.; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Photos Examination 5/23 Break; Court Case, Royal Crown Cola Bottle; McDowell Pacific, Examination of Plans Amoda Building Glass; Steptoe and Johnson, Examination of Broken Royal Crown Bottle; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Examination of Broken Display Window; Florida Glass and Mirror, Design of Window for Aquarium.

Folder 7 Orr Reports, 572-583, 1984

This folder contains reports 572 to 583 and includes the following: Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Weld Splatter, Lincoln First Bank Building; Steptoe and Johnson, Review of Reports from Other Experts; Ryan, Ryan and Hickey, Comments on I-CT and CC Reports, Not Written; J.W. Gibson Construction Co., Examination of L-O-F Broken Units, Oak Ridge; Steptoe and Johnson, Reply to 8/31 Letter; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Examination of Broken Glass Fragments; Metropolitan Museum of Art, Meeting to Discuss Safe Use of Glass; Steptoe and Johnson, Comments on Dr. Frechette Deposition; C. Michael Moore, Cause of Breakage of Insulated Units; Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Trip to Rochester to Discuss Combination Report; Charles S. Bresler, Cause of Glass Breakage after Applying Film; Falconer Plate and Glass, Weakening Effect of a Chipped Glass Corner.

Folder 8 Orr Reports, 584-598, 1984-1985

This folder contains reports 584 to 598 and includes the following: Edelman, Impact Tests on Tempered and Plastic Lenses; Edelman, Same Combined with 584; Robert B. Truel, Broken TAB Bottle, Causing Injury; Charles H. Tompkins, Failure of Insulated Windows After Taping; Smith, Hinchman, and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Inspection of Windows, Rochester Bank Building; Hartford Insurance Co., Roof Stone Damage J.P. One and Two, Arlington, Virginia; Edelman, Additional Impact Tests, Two Type Lenses; Gilbane Building Company, Polytech Corporation, Stone Crush Defects on Skylights, Cleveland; Roche Dinkeloo, Meeting in New York on Central Park Zoo; Roche Dinkeloo, Revision of Stress and Deflection Calculations; Roche Dinkeloo, Revision of Stress and Deflection Calculations; Roche Dinkeloo, Revision of Stress and Deflection Calculations; Edelman, Impact Tests of Plastic Lens, One inch Steel Ball.

Folder 9 Orr Reports, 599-625, 1985

This folder contains reports 599 to 625 and includes the following: Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Skylight Breakage, Fort Carson, Colorado; Edelman, Summary of All Impact Tests, Three Reports; Midwest Architectural Metals, Albert Ferrone, Calculation of 300 pound Load; Nowicki Lawyer, Tempered Glass Window Failure Handling; Brown Nixon NH, Review of Case Duboyce vs. Ford Motor Co.; Edelman, Comments of Fragments from Glass and Plastic; Brown and Nixon NH, Comments on Depositions of Guenther and Burns; Falconer Industries, Mounting Cloth Banners on Holes, Tempered glass; Cunningham, Akron, Injury Breaking Glass Tabletop in Hotel; Northwest Electric, Tempered Glass Lighting Fixture; Cogavin, Boston, Glass Failure in Roper Gas Ranger, Sears; A and R Glass Co., Spontaneous Breakage NiS Stones; Cunningham, Akron, Load Test of Table top Glass; Cogavin, Boston, Inspection of Stove at Boston, Photos; Brown and Nixon N.H., Report on Trip to New Hampshire 9/13 Inspect Car; Clifford A. Lawrence, Glass Failure in Greenhouse, Lord and Burnham; Jim Meyer, Texas, Comments on Pabst Specifications and Brewing Industry; Cardinal Glass Co., Seminar on Glass for Double Glazing; James C. Donnelly, Glass Breakage Bent Panels, Brady and Sun; Cogavin, Boston, Review of Charette Report on Roper Stove; Jones, Mercer, Broken Pepsi Bottle Injury in Texas; Clifford A. Lawrence, Comments on Vild Report, Lord and Burnham.

Folder 10 Orr Reports, 626-643, 1986

This folder contains reports 626 to 643 and includes the following: Turner Construction Co., Requirements For Glass Handrail; Brady and Sun, Trip to Boston, Visit Brady and Sun Factory; Lord and Burnham, Comments on Information Submitted 2/26/86; Flad and Associates, Penguin Viewing Window, Madison, Wisconsin; Flad and Associates, Revised Calculations for 4 feet of Water; Brady and Sun, Review of Deposition of R.M. Hutchison; Smith, Hinchman and Grylls, Associates, Inc., Fort Carson, Inspection of 80 More Breaks on Roof Skylight; Moshe, Safdie and Associates (Morog), Review of Windows for Columbus Circle Job; Brady and Sun, Inspect Bending Oven ATI and Inspect Broken Units; Ambassador Construction, Glass Installations-Bernstein, Fifth Ave., N.Y.; Brady and Sun, Comments on Similar Job in Hazelwood, MO; Brady and Sun, Comments on Attachments to Two Letters; Brady and Sun, Comments on Donald J. Vild Report, 6/2/86; Judd F. Crosby, Glass Fracture and Injury to Gordon; Brady and Sun, Inspection of Seven ATI Unites Returned; Brady and Sun, Reply to 6/19 and 6/25 Letters; Falconer Glass Co., Investigation of Breaks in Vision Blocks; Brady and Sun, Comments on Deposition of G.M. Jaeger.

Folder 11 Orr Reports, 644-658, 1986

This folder contains reports 644 to 658 and includes the following: Ellerbe Associates Inc., CE Gold Insulated Glass Failures, Mayo Clinic; Blair and Co., Use of 3/8 Inch Full Tempered Glass Interiors; Falconer Glass Co., Laminated Glass Breaks, Philadelphia Jail; Macklowe Real Estate, Glass Breakage Metropolitan Towers, N.Y.; Robert T. Gownley, Glass Breakage of Anchor Hocking Baking Dish; Kiewit Construction Co., Tempered Glass Skylight Breaks; Advanced Coating Technology, Inspection off Glass Failures in Insulation Units; Charles Adams, Inspection of Kerrigan Residence in Chicago; Nelson Bolton, Calculation of Underwater Window; Advanced Coating Technology, Thermalum Project Spandrel Failures; N .J. Natural Gas Co., Investigation of Tempered Glass Failures; Advanced Coating Technology, Examination of Two NiS Failure Scherrer Job; Advanced Coating Technology, Investigation of NiS Failures, New Orleans; Ewing Cole, Philadelphia, Quality of Tempered Glass Birmingham Race Track; Falconer Glass Co., Comments on Boeing Request for Quotation.

Folder 12 Orr Reports, 660-683, 1987

This folder contains reports 660 to 683 and includes the following: O.D. Trapp Residence, Inspection of Glass in Addition to Trapp Residence; Falconer Glass Industries, Design of Window for Sea Lion Pool; Mellon Stuart, Failed Insulated Windows-Airport Office Park #2; Commercial Union, Investigation of Window Breakage and Accident; Roche Dinkeloo, Reply to N.Y. Zoological Society; Roche Dinkeloo; Change in Water Height on A-9 Aquarium; Roche Dinkeloo, Axial Edge Forces at Angle Butt Joint; Peter Munsing, Blier vs. Proctor Silex Burn Accident; N.A. Taylor Co., Boat Glass Windshield Failures; Roche Dinkeloo, Central Park Zoo, Polar Bear Glass; Roche Dinkeloo, Revise and Rewrite 671 Report; State Farm Causality, Investigation, Skylight Break, Lewis Residence NiS; Opus Corporation, Investigation Glass Breakage Insulated Windows; First Eq. Business Center, Investigation Glass Breaks, Mobile, Alabama; Mellon Stuart, Inspection, Leakers at Building 2, Airport Office Park; James K. Thomas II, Reply to Pat J. Reading Letter, 9/9/87; David H. Starkey, Weld Splatter on Building, Columbus, Ohio; Krump Construction Reno, Redesign of Aquarium Using Heat Strengthened Glass; Construction Consulting Corporation, Three NiS Stone Failures, Houston, Texas; Gould Diagnostics, Stress Calculations on Loaded Glass Plate.

Folder 13 Orr Reports, 684-710, 1988

This folder contains reports 684 through 710 and includes the following: Cooper Industries, Design of Windows for Test Cell Doors; Peter Munsing, Failure of Silex Decanter, Causing Injury; A.T. Doyle Co. Inc., Adhesion of Lamp Gasket to Cover Glass Face; Roche Dinkeloo, Design of Flat Panel to Replace Angle Panels; Paula DiMeo Grant, Examination of Two Whistler Teapots; Standard Test Lab, Design of Glass Plate for Tire Load Test; Dinwiddie Construction Co., Weld Splatter on Vision Windows and Spandrels; Mellon Stuart Co., Dew Point Tests of Windows at Airport Park; Advanced Coating Technologies, Nickel Sulfide Stone Problem at Ft. Lauderdale; David N. Dittmar, Fracture of Corning Vision Cookware; The Spectrum Group, Loan of 3/4 Inch Piece of Tempered Glass for Photo; Mellon Stuart Co., Reply to Questions in 4/19 Letter; Gerald D. Hines, Examination of Broken Insulated Window from Denver; Mellon Stuart, Meeting at Airport Office Park on Breakage; First Eq. Business, Deposition at Mobile, Alabama; Smith and Robson, Exam of Broken A-Treat Quart Bottle; Daniel M. Berger, Exam of 1986 Chevrolet Cavalier Windshield; Ashland Chemical Co., Failure of Insulated Windows in Buildings; Ogg, Jones and Desimone, Injury from Glass Window in Church Door; Hartford Glass Co., Design of Glass for Aquarium; Smith Emery Co., Inspection and Testing Glass, Interstate Fire; Bails, Pittsburgh, Pa., Glass Failure, Causing Injury at Kaufmanns; Shull, Washington, D.C., Exam of Broken Kerr Bottle; Stephen Yungblut, Glass Replacement, Skymark Tower, Texas; David T. Brady, Loaded Round Glass Plate; Falconer Glass Co., Investigation of Laminated Security Glass; Hawaiian D. and C. Co., Breakage Stain on Glass, One Waterfront Place.

Folder 14 Orr Reports, 711-751, 1988-1989

This folder contains reports 711 through 751 and includes the following: Robert J. Leader, Eager Eye Damage from Glass Lens; PRC Corporation, Cause of Failure of Insulated Units; Northwest Electric, Deposition by Phone-Nickel Sulfide; Thermos, Glass Failures in Barbecue Grills; Group Health Inc., Solarbronze Glass Breakage; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc., Request to Assemble Information on Stains; Group Health Inc., Visit to Minnesota Replacing Two Units; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc., Investigation of Breaks on Insulated Units; Dlubak Corp., Investigation of Breaks in Packing Cases; Tel-tech, Effect of Eliminating 2% Boron from Glass; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc., Investigation of Spontaneous Breaks; Thermos, Glass Failures in Barbecue Grills; Cardinal IG, Failure of Insulated Window; Arizona Department of Public Safety, Spontaneous Glass Breaks in Building; Jahabow Industries, Inc., Glass Failures in Top of Showcase; Ben Tyson Pyramid, Glass Cabinet for Display Case; Thermos, Meeting at Freeport, Illinois, All Day; Thermos, Chicken Test Failures; San Dimas Devotional Center, Design of Glass Plates for Tire Contact; Smith Robson-Bails, Review Info on Kaufmanns Shirt Case; Glassalum Corporation, Glass Failures in Florida, Nickel Sulfide; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc., Additional Comments on Failures Stain; Ron W. Szczesny, Comments on Accident on Injury in Detroit; Esbach Company, Failure of Glass and Spandrel Panels; Rice, Daubney, Diagnostic Edge Damage on Spandrels and Insulated Units; Woodline, Additional Glass Plates; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc., Failure of Room Side Tempered Windows; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc. NiS, Failure of Outdoor Tempered Gray Glass; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc. NiS, Failure of Indoor Tempered Window; Hawaiian D. and C. Inc. NiS, Failure of Indoor Tempered Window; Peter Corsell Association, Analysis of Degree of Temper in Sample; David Shuldiner, Glass for Aquarium Meeting; Peter Corsell Assoc., Analysis of Degree of Temper in Sample; Cardinal IG, Comments on NiS Stones in Tempered Glass.

Folder 15 Orr Reports, 752-802, 1990

This folder contains reports 752 through 802 and includes the following: M. Parisi and Sons Construction, Degree of Temper in 1/4 inch Glass; Tel-tech, Design of Window for Super Flight; Glassalum Engineering Co.; Inspection of Glass at Three Lincoln Center, NY; Peter Corsell Associates, Revision of 748A Using New Glass Sizes; Solid Waste Authority, Florida, Calculations for 3/8 inch Float Glass off Vertical; Construction Consulting Corp., Examination of Three Nickel Sulfide Failures; Elstner Pacific Ltd., Examination of Broken Heat Strengthened Glass; Peter Corsell Associates, Changes in 748B Using 70 PSF Load; Brookfield Zoo, Design of Glass Panel for Animal Impact; Tyson Technics, Examination of Three Failed Insulated Windows; Glassalum Engineering Co., Revise Report No. 754 on Three Lincoln Center; PPG Industries, Grieve, Discussion on Metal Cemented to Glass Door; Kensington Mfg., Problem of Seal Failure in Insulating Unit; The Austin Company, Breakage of Insulated Units; Group Health Inc., Two Days at Minneapolis inspecting and replacing; Kensington Manufacturing, Dew Point Measurements in Insulated Units; Kensington Manufacturing., Dew Point Measurements of Thirty two Units with Gallo; Andrew Muth, Fracture of Glass Windows in School; Law Engineering Co., Review of Drawings and Correspondence Ace Building; Braithwaite, Utah, Review of Deposition and Drawings on NiS Failure; Cardinal IG, Rewrite Report No. 774; Danny Shaw NiS, Stone Failures in New Orleans; Andrew Muth, Additional Facts of Report No. 772, 777; David Shuldiner, Design of Aquarium, Three Edge Support; Glassalum Engineering Co. NY, Glass Breakage at 750 Seventh Avenue Building; Smith and Robson, Comments on package of Windshield Photos; Dick Elstner, Analyze Glass Fragments from Breaks; Peter N. Munsing, Fracture of A-Treat Bottle Causing Injury; Roche Dinkeloo, Fracture of Skylights at MMA, NY; Roche Dinkeloo, Rewrite Report No. 782; Smith and Robson, Broken Syringe, Syracuse, NY; Thomas Craddock, Copy of Notes, Construction Consultants Corp.; USF and G Corp., Weld Spatter on Insulated Units; Charles P. Falk, Failure of Glass Vial Causing Injuries; Andrew Muth, Affidavit Notarized; Cardinal IG, Temp. Differential Strength of Plates, Damaged Edges; Teltech, Bending Large Windows, Tempered; Tempglass, Inc., Loss of Temper in Fireplace Glass; GTD Associates, Design of Glass Plate for Tire Load; Schaefer and Associates, Analysis of Broken Catsup Bottle; Peter N. Munsing, Comparison of Thickness in Three Bottles; Teltech, Explosion Proof Lighted Panels; St. August Alligator Farm, Design of Aquarium Window, No Report; Teltech, Temperature Build-up Behind Shades; John H. Caputo, Discussion Broken Pepsi Bottle; New York Zoo, Weakening Effect of Surface Chip; McGraw Hudson Corp., Breakage of Shower Doors, Hotel Macklowe; John Braithwaite, Deposition on NiS Case, Salt Lake City.

Folder 16 Orr Reports, 803-829, 1991

This folder contains reports 803 through 829 and includes the following: Tel-tech, GE Lamp Fracture of Lamp around Filament; John Braithwaite, Deposition Corrections; Viking Glass and Mirror, Design of Aquarium; Helen R. Kotler, Failure of Entrance Door, Causing Injury; Bob Smith Associates, Failure of Anchor Hocking Baking Dish; Helen R. Kotler, Revision of Report No. 806; Moshe, Safdie and Associates, Fine Arts Museum, Montreal; Construction Consulting Corp., Analysis of Nickel Sulfide Failure; PPG Research Lab, Attend Meeting on Glass Strength; Tel-tech Malinka, Breakage of Glass Plates when Hot Spray; Tel-tech, McAfee Physical Constants of Glass; SYDA Curt Van Vloten, Design of Window for Aquarium; Charisma Design Studio, Cause of Bent Glass Breaks from Edge; Larsen and Stewart, Tyson, Comment on Hein Report NCTL-110-3628-2; N.D. Pitnoff, Stress Analysis of Broken Door Glass; Smith and Robson, Robert B. Elion Bottle Fracture; Taylor Woodrow Construction, NiS Failures, Tampa Airport F; Smith and Robson, Failure of Coca-Cola Bottle; CLRR Architects, Zoo Exhibit Glass Calculations, Cardinal IG, Analysis of Five Breaks from IG Units; Tel-tech, Recommended Glass for Table Top; Standard Bent Plate, Interpreting Stresses in Bent Glass; Smith and Robson, Frank Campese, Jr., Examination of Broken Spaghetti Bottle; Schneider, Minnesota, Examination of Glass from Ford Truck; Seminar at Cardinal, Review of Glass Failures and Defects; Tel-tech, Breaking Neck of Perfume Bottle.

Folder 17 Orr Reports, 830-859, 1992

This folder contains reports 830 through 859 and includes the following: Tel-tech, Internal Stresses in 3/4 inch and 1 inch Float Glass; Cardinal IG; Examination Of Broken and Unbroken Heat Strengthened Plates; Tel-tech Jeff Cram, Impact of Metal Rod Against 1/4 inch Lexam; John C. Hayes, Jr., Deposition at Hagerstown, Salsa Bottle Case; Rick Wright, Design of Glass Panels for Aquarium; J.C. Hambrick, Jr., Examination of Broken 2.5 L Corning Vision; General Glass International, Examination of Stress Patterns in Glass Sheets; Advance Coating Technology, Dianne J. Grande, Discussion at Pittsburgh Airport on NiS Failures; Smith and Robson Elion, Comments on Information for Murphy Bottle; John A. Palmieri, Examination of Dr. Pepper Bottle Causing Injury; Sam Floro, Broken Canada Dry Bottle; Smith and Rob Donahoe, Examination of Broken Pyrex Baking Dish; Lynette Gray, Examination of Broken Glass Baking Dish; Vision Technologies, Examination of Failures from Impact and NiS; Joseph Procopio, Glass Door Failure Causing Injury; John W. Cooper, Failed Wire Glass in W.VA Wesleyan Door; Cardinal IG, Breakage of 1/4 inch Coated Gray Heat, Strengthened Glass; Thomas Lazaroff, Door Glass Breakage Causing Injury; William J. Mason, Failure of Door Glass Causing Injury; Tel-tech, Design of Control Tower Windows; National Mirror and Glass, Design of Aquarium 84 Inch Cube; Rafael Vimoly, Design of Glass Floor and Railing; Tel-tech, Peeling of Coating from Tempered Glass; Smith and Robson Elion, Elion Letter Reply on Murphy Accident; R.C. Hagen Co., Glass Design for Aquariums; Smith and Robson, Broken Corning Vision Dish; Procopio Job, Deposition at Pittsburgh Airport; Roche Dinkeloo, Glass Panel for Corning Exhibit; Cardinal IG, Strength of Water Jet Cut Glass Edges.

Folder 18 Orr Reports, 860-937, 1993-1998

This folder contains reports 860 through 937 and includes the following: Sol-3 Resources Inc., Design of Window for Water Pressure; Rick Wright, Analyzing Three Glass Failures, Partial Temper Bent Solargray; Tel-tech, Impact Test for Glass Film; Roche Dinkeloo, Review of Revised Drawing - Corning Exhibit; Smith and Robson, Review of Information for Elion Bottle Failure; Smith and Robson, Analysis of Broken 2.5 L Visions Corning Dish; Hawaiian Dredging, Make copies of Five Old Reports; Atlantic Investigations, Investigation of Broken Windshield; Smith and Robson, Comments on Caporali Report in Elion bottle; Don Dissenger, Design of Glass Face of Face Track; Tel-tech, Design of Glass Face for Pressure Gauge; Smith and Robson, Case of Broken Door In High School; Mike Lee, Design of Glass panels for Decks; David D. Bigsby, Examination of Window in School Bus Window; Robert H. Smith, Failure of Ford Backlight; Richard D. Gorski, Examination of Broken Corning Pyrex Bake Dish; Smith and Robson, Broken Salad Dressing Bottle causing injury; Michael Mauro, Broken Fruit Salad Bottle Causing Injury; Alvin R. Schwab, Stress Calculations for Tempered Glass Panel; Hamilton Beach, Tempered Glass for Toaster Oven Door; Cardinal IG, Strength of V-grooved Glass after Tempering; Daniel D. Bigsby, School Bus Window Failures; Sherwood Medical, Breakage of Glass Tubes in Medical Process; Tel-Tech, Glass Tube Breaks; Cardinal IG, Five Broken Units from Stuyvesant Town; David Beinette, Vision Panel for Liquid , Laminated Heat Strength; John Palmieri, Dr. Pepper Broken Bottle; Joseph Morog, ,Insulated Units for Beth Israel Hospital; Jay Bar Construction Co., Window Hit by Golf Balls, Benedict Corning Deposition, Canton Ohio; Hewlett-Packard, Measuring Curvature; Humphrey Products, Three Broken Storm Window Glass Panels; Keith Waters and Associates, Scratches on Glass Unit Nozari Residence, Humphrey Products, Two Broken Storm Window Glass Panels; Richard D. Gorski, Broke Pyrex Dish; Cardinal IG, Glass Breaks in Kolbe and Kolbe Wood Sash; Tel-Tech, Curved Cover Shields Tempered for Lighting Fixtures; Tel-Tech, Comparison of Tempered Glass and Plastics; Cardinal IG, Seminar on Corner Breaks; Tel-Tech, Aquarium Design by Phone; Rothman and Rothman, Cardinal Units from Beth Israel Hospital; Tel-Tech, Breakage of tempered Cab Windows; Cardinal IG, Analysis of Break Tests of 6 Inch Strips; Cardinal IG, Calculations of Stress and Deflection, Three Sizes, Annealed on Heat Strengthened; Rothman and Rothman, Bowing of Units in Beth Israel Hospital; Cardinal IG, Impact Tests with Steel Balls to Produce Holes in Glass; Joseph Morog, Comments on Hancock Job; Michael Balzarini, Shower Door Failure by Impact Causing Injury; Longwood Products, Load on Horizontal Plates Various Sizes, Laminated glass; Tel-Tech, Cement for Glass Assembly; Zagula Ditmar Guerra, Candler Holder Broken, Causing Injury; Zagula Ditmar, Candler Holder Broken, Causing Injury; Richard Wright, Aquarium Design , Talk to Penn State Class; Elf Atochem, Edge Strength to Increase by Treatment; Jack Matteson, Shower Door Failure Causing Injury, Low Temperature; Mark Adams, Temperature is Okay. Possibly Failed from Edges of Holes, a Common Weakness; Abraham J. Hirshsprung, Fragments of Water Bottle Caused Injury; Tel-Tech, Residual Stresses in Glass; Tel-Tech, Infrared Exposure to Auto Windshield; Erica Smith, Failure of Tempered Lighting Fixture Shows 64% of Temper; Tel-Tech, Comparative Testing of Goblet; E .F. Penzemer, Broken Glass Coffee Pot, Very Thin Walls.

Folder 19 Orr Reports, 938-950, 1999-2003

This folder contains reports 938 through 950 including the following: Edgar Snyder and Associates, Fragment From Corning Glass 2.5L Cookware; Robson Lapina, Broken Beer Bottle; Cardinal IG, Breakage of Heat Strengthened Plates; PPG Research Lab, Airplane Windshield Failure; Cardinal IG, Outdoor Plate Broken when Mounting in Sash; Cardinal IG; Corrugated Wire Glass for Navy, Corrugated Wire Glass; Navsea Headquarters, Comments on Two Navy Reports on Wine Glass; Navsea Headquarters, Bending Tests of Section From Wine Glass Plates; Christopher Q. Pham, Failure of Guardian Glass Co. Shower Door; Ceramic Society, Paper for Ceramic Society Meeting; Cardinal IG, Tempered Glass Failure from Deep Scratch on Surface; Cardinal IG, Deep Surface Crush on Surface near edge.