Summary Information
Title: Howard Scott Labor Ephemera Collection
Collection Number: AIS.1999.09
Creator: Scott, Howard

Collection Dates: 1894-2004
Extent: 5.0 linear feet (3 boxes and 2 oversize photographs)

Language: English

This collection includes photographs, ephemera, buttons and badges purchased by Howard Scott to create a comprehensive body of artifacts documenting working class culture in western Pennsylvania during the twentieth century.

ULS Archives Service Center
University of Pittsburgh Library System
7500 Thomas Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA, 15260
Date Published:

May 2011

Finding aid prepared by Zachary Brodt.

This collection includes items documenting working class culture in western Pennsylvania collected by Howard Scott. Scott purchased these pins, buttons, badges, ribbons, and ephemera at flea markets, antique shows, and various sales before selling them to the University of Pittsburgh, making them available for research use.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

This collection includes photographs, ephemera, buttons and badges which represent working class culture in western Pennsylvania during the twentieth century. Unions represented in this collection include: United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America; United Auto Workers; Service Employees International Union; United Mine Workers of America; Brotherhood of Teamsters; and various western Pennsylvania union locals. The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations are also represented, both before and after their 1955 merger. Throughout the finding aid, descriptions in quotations signify textual incriptions on the actual item.


The collection has been arranged into the following series:

Series I. Ephemera

Series II. Photographs

Series III. Badges and Pins

Subject Terms

  • Labor unions -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh

Corporate Names
  • AFL-CIO.
  • American Federation of Labor.
  • Congress of Industrial Organizations (U.S.).
  • International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen, and Helpers of America.
  • International Union, United Automobile Workers of America (A.F. of L.).
  • Service Employees International Union.
  • United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America.
  • United Mine Workers of America.

  • Badges
  • Buttons (Information artifacts)
  • Photographs

  • Labor

Access and Use
Access Restrictions:

No restrictions.

Acquisition Information:

Purchased from Howard Scott in June 1999 and February 2006.

Custodial History:

These materials were purchased by Howard Scott through private individuals at flea markets, antique shows, and various sales before being acquired by the University of Pittsburgh.

Preferred Citation:

Howard Scott Labor Ephemera Collection, 1894-2004, AIS.1999.09, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

Processing Information:

This collection was processed by Zachary Brodt in April 2011.


The University of Pittsburgh holds the property rights to the material in this collection, but the copyright may still be held by the original creator/author. Researchers are therefore advised to follow the regulations set forth in the U.S. Copyright Code when publishing, quoting, or reproducing material from this collection without the consent of the creator/author or that go beyond what is allowed by fair use.

Collection Inventory

Series I. Ephemera

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes postcards depicting labor unions, leaders, and work places throughout the Pittsburgh area. Also included are pamphlets and fliers regarding meetings and elections. Union membership cards and dues books are present, as well as letters from a soldier who was deployed to the 1894 coal miners’ strike in Wallston, Pennsylvania.

Box 1
Folder 1 1. "Martyrs of the 8-Hours Day - Pittsburgh District" by John F. Gloeckner, 1917
2. "Socialist Candidates For President, Norman Thomas, and Vice-President, James H. Maurer", Pamphlet, 1928
3. Specimen Ballot, McKean County, PA, 1923
4. "South Yards - P.&L.E.R.R., McKees Rocks, Pa." Postcard, 1912
5. Flyer for Meeting regarding P.&.L.E.R.R. vs. American Federation of Labor, et al., August 4, 1922
6. State Gazette, Trenton, NJ, with Article regarding Iron Work in Pittsburgh, February 23, 1850
7-8. Letters from a Soldier in Company D, 16th Regiment in Wallston, Jefferson County, PA, during a Coal Miners Strike, June 25-26, 1894
9. John O'Malley Membership Card and Monthly Stamp Book, Bartenders International Union Local 188, 1948-1951
10. Alton Harris Membership Book and Quarterly Working Card, International Hod Carriers, Building and Common Laborers Union Local 11, 1952
11. "Bread Line - McKees Rocks Strike" Postcard
12. "I.A.T.S.E. Local No. 8, Phila., PA. Fourth Annual Christmas Party" Postcard, December 24, 1941
13. Lane Kirkland: Notable People Card
Folder 2 1. Official Souvenir Watch Fab, Pittsburgh Temple Dedication, 1910
2. "Union Labor Temple, Webster Avenue and Epiphany Street, Pittsburgh, Pa." Postcard

Series II. Photographs

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes photographs depicting activites of steel and mine workers' unions. Also included are several unlabeled photographs of workers and immigrants.

Subseries 1. Photograph Prints

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains photographs documenting the beginnings of the mine and steel workers unions. Also included are several unlabeled photos depicting immigrants at Ellis Island, African American workers, convention delegates and labor uprisings.

Folder 3 1. Eastern Pennsylvania UMWA Picket against Gangloff Bros. and P.P.&L.
2. Buhl Day Parade Car, Retail Clerks Union Local 1331
3-6. Immigrants at Ellis Island
7. Riot
8. Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel and Tin Workers, Beaver Valley Lodge No. 200 March, 1930s
9. Duquesne Smelting Co., Workers Pouring, 1946
10. African American Delegates, 1942
11. Delegates, CIO Annual Convention, 1951
Folder 4 1. Picketers Attacking Mail Truck, Jones & Laughlin Plant in Aliquippa, PA, May 13, 1937
2. Prisoners from Coal Mine Strike in Wildwood, PA, June 22, 1931
3. Worker Gathering
4. Philip Murray Launching the Steelworkers Organizing Committee, 1936
5. Dairymen Delivering Milk Under Police Escort During the Pittsburgh Milk Strike, June 14, 1950
6. William Z. Foster and Mother Jones in a Group of Steel Organizers during the Steel Strike, 1919

Subseries 2. Oversize Photographs

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries is comprised of two oversize photographs. The first depicts Philip Murray, president of the United Steelworkers of America, addressing the eleventh annual District 7 conference in 1951. The other photograph shows the members of the Steelworkers Organizing Committee in 1944.

Map-case 3
Drawer 15 1. Philip P. Murray-11th Annual United Steelworkers of America District 7 Conference, 1951

Map-case 3
Drawer 15 2. Steel Workers Organizing Committee, 1944

Series III. Badges and Pins

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes buttons, pins and badges that would have been worn by the workers in western Pennsylvania. National and local union buttons and badges from conventions, labor strikes, and celebrations, such as Labor Day, are represented, as well as those reflecting the payment of union dues. Also included are campaign buttons for union, local and presidential elections.

Tray 1 1. "Job Security. Union Conditions. Vote UE."
2. "Unity For Defense: United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers"
3. "11th International Convention UE-CIO Milwaukee, Wisc.", 1948
4. "UE Member: United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers"
5-6. "UE: United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America"
7. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A. Local 301: Dues Paid", 1938
8. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A. Local 301: Sept."
9. "Wear Union Stamped Shoes: Boot & Shoe Workers' Union"
10. "U.E.R.M.W. of A. Local 702 Steward"
11. "UE: Higher Pay. Shorter Hours. Stop Layoffs."
12. "Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company: 5 Years Service"
13. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A. Local 301: March"
14. "One Nation. One Flag. One Union. Vote UE for Collective Bargaining"
15. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A. Local 301"
16. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A. Local 301", 1938
17. "United Brotherhood of Electrical Workers: I Support Prussack Strikers Rep. Dist. 12 U.E.&R.W.A. CIO"
18. "10% War Bond Buyer Koppers Co. A.H.P.R. Div."
19. "United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America: UE Local 1180 Sioux Falls" 1984
20. "Save Our Jobs Vote IUE-CIO"
21. "United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America: Member Local 107"
22. "United Farm Equipment Workers of America", May 1942
23. Employee Photo Identification Button, United States Steel Corp. Christy Park Works
24. Employee Photo Identification Button, Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company
25. Employee Photo Identification Button, Union Switch & Signal, Swissvale, PA
26. "Win with IUE CIO"
Tray 2 1. "U.E.&R.W. of A. St. Louis Dist.", May 1937
2. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A. Dist. 8", May 1938
3. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A. Dist. 8", February 1940
4. "United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America: UE Local 107"
5. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: I Helped the Century Strikers To Win Better Union Wages and Conditions"
6. "Let's Make It 100% U.A.W.-C.I.O."
7. "UE Organizing Committee"
8. "U.E.&R.W. of A. St. Louis Dist.", November 1937
9. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: Dist. 8", September 1941
10. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: Dist. 8", July 1941
11. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: Dist. 8", February 1938
12. "Oil Workers International Union CIO", July-September 1942
13. "United Packinghouse Workers of America: U.P.W.A. C.I.O.", January-March 1951
14. "United Packinghouse Workers of America Affiliated CIO", January-March 1946
15. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: Dist. 8", December 1938
16. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: Dist. 8", November 1940
17. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: Dist. 8", October 1939
18. "U.R.W. of A.", September 1937
19. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: Dist. 8", April 1939
20. "U.E.&R.W. of A.: St. Louis Dist.", July 1937
21. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: Dist. 8", March 1940
22. "Vollrath Workers Union: UE Local 167"
23. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: Dist. 8", April 1938
24. "Oil Workers International Union", July-September 1941
25. "Local #7, U.R.W. of A.", July 1938
26. "U.R.W. of A. C.I.O", 1943
27. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: Dist. 8", September 1941
28. "UE-CIO: We Need A Wage Increase Now!"
29. "United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America: Chief Steward C.I.O."
30. "Job Security. Union Conditions. Vote UE"
31. "Save Our Jobs Vote IUE-CIO"
32. "Local 2016 U.R.R.W.A. C.I.O."
33. "My Shop Is I.U.M.S.W.A. 100%: C.I.O. All For One-One For All"
34. "U.A.W.-C.I.O.", January-February 1954
35. "I.W. of A. C.I.O. Local No.34 - Dist. 3: Feb"
36. "U.E.R.&M.W. of A.: Dist. 8", January 1938
37. "FTA CIO"
38. "United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America: U.E. Member"
39. "United Farm Equipment Workers of America, Affiliated with CIO", March 1943
40. "United Farm Equipment & Metal Workers C.I.O.", March 1946
41. "UE Local 1150", October-December 1955
42. "United Packinghouse Workers of America: U.P.W.A. C.I.O.", October-December 1951
43. "Gas, Coke and Chemical Workers: United Mine Workers of America CIO District 50"
44. "United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America: UE"

Box 2
Tray 1 1. "American Federation of Labor: Pittsburgh" Badge, 1905
2. "UMWA 3rd Biennial Convention, Indianapolis" Badge, 1918
3. "Workingmen of Donora, PA Fourth Annual Outing, Kennywood Park" Badge, August 15, 1914
4. "Delegate First Constitutional Convention CIO" Badge, November 1938
5. "Delegate: Steel Workers Organizing Committee Wage and Policy Convention" Badge, December 14, 1937
6. "15th Annual Convention District No.2 UMWA: Altoona, PA." Badge, March 15, 1904
7. "Labor Day Celebration: A.F.G.W.U., S.S. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania"
8. "C.I.O. Pennsylvania Industrial Union Council: 12th Annual Convention, Harrisburg" Delegate Badge, May 17, 1949
9. "50th Flood Anniversary Remembrance Day St. Michael, PA.: Hall-Moriarity Post No. 551 American Legion" Badge, May 31, 1939
10. Pittsburgh Unity Council Button
11. Ceramic Labor Day Medallion, Pittsburgh, PA, 1904
12. "U.M.W. of A. 2nd Biennial Convention, 8 Hours" Badge, 1916
13. "Delegate 19th Annual Convention Pennsylvania C.I.O. Council, Pittsburgh, PA" Badge, March 13-16, 1956
14. "Delegate 40th Consecutive and 15th Biennial Convention U.M.W. of A., Pittsburgh, PA" Badge, February 1946
15. "B. of L.E. 406 and B. of L.F.&E. 381 Picnic, Luna Park", July 29, 1914
Tray 2 1. "United Labor League of Western Pennsylvania, Labor Day 100 Yard Dash" Badge, 1924
2. "John Dresmich, Official: National First Aid & Mine Rescue Contest" Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines, Fort Wayne, IN, 1953
3. "M. John Dorsey, Executive and Finance Committee: Pittsburgh Central Labor Union" Badge, 1948
4. "Mrs. Marie Mazie, 17th Annual Convention, Associated Master Barbers & Beauticians of Pennsylvania" Guest Badge, October 3-5, 1943
5. "Pittsburger Turnbezirks, Bezirks Turnfest: Altoona" Badge, June 25-27, 1914
6. "U.M.W. of A. Local Union 3715 Indianola, PA"
7. "Brotherhood of Teamsters Committee, Pittsburgh" Badge, July 4, 1908
8. "International Association of Machinists Reunion, Alliquippa Park", August 22, 1903
9. "U.B. of C.&J. of A. Pittsburgh Delegation" Badge
10-14. "Delegate 10th International Convention United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America C.I.O., New York City" Badge, September 24-29, 1944
15. "Gen'l Vice-Pres. 8th National Convention U.E.R.&M.W. of A., Indianapolis" Badge, September 1942
16. "Delegate 42nd Consecutive and 16th Constitutional Convention Dist. No. 5 U.M.W. of A." Badge, June 13, 1950
17. "Official Souvenir: Labor's National Holiday, Pittsburgh, Penn. 6th Annual Labor Day Demonstration" Badge, September 5th, 1904
18. "Jr.O.U.A.M.: Mound City Council 6" Junior Order of United American Mechanics Badge
Tray 3 1. "Delegate United Mine Workers of America, Atlantic City, NJ" Badge, 1946
2. "C.I.O. Pennsylvania Industrial Union Council: 10th Annual Convention, Harrisburg" Delegate Badge, April 22, 1947
3. "C.I.O. Pennsylvania Industrial Union Council: 9th Annual Convention, Pittsburgh" Delegate Badge, April 30, 1946
4. Front: "New Kensington Lodge No.115 A.A. of I.S. and T.W. of N.A. New Kensington, Penna.", Back: "In Memoriam" Badge
5. "Member: Holbrook Lodge, No.378 B. of L.F.&E. McKees Rocks, PA." Badge
6. "Mckeesport Liederkranz" Badge
7. "John Sperrings, Past President Victory Lodges No.50 Carnegie, PA." Badge
8. "General Committee Pittsburgh, PA, Labor Day Celebration" Badge, September 2, 1901
9. "Delegate 38th Consecutive and 11th Biennial Convention, U.M.W. of America District No.5 Pittsburgh" Badge, October 1937
10. "Delegate 13th Annual Convention Penna CIO Council, Pittsburgh" Badge, March 28-30, 1950
11. "Washington Lodge No.1 Member I.A. of T.W., Washington, PA" Badge
12. "Zelatorka" Polish Badge with Biblical Verse
13. "Official Badge of the Iron City Central Trades Council, Labor Day Pittsburgh, Pa.", 1913
14. Front: "Logen Engelbrekt No. 148 Vasa Orden, Warren, PA.", Back "In Memoriam, V.O." Swedish Badge
15. "Member U.M.W. of A. Local 5750 Westmoreland City, Penna." Badge
16. "Member UMW of America Local 6559 Central Mine of Tarrs, PA" Badge
17. "Local Union No.22 Member Brewery Workers Union of America, Pittsburgh and Vicinity" Badge
18. "Jr.O.U.A.M.: Schenley Park Council 5" Junior Order of United American Mechanics Badge
19. "Local Union No.144 Bottlers I.U. of U.B.W. of A." Badge (Item is currently on loan to the Constitution Center, due to arrive back to the ASC on 8/31/2011.)
20. "Local Union No. 202, Carpenter's Union, U.B. of C.&J. of A." Badge (Item is currently on loan to the Constitution Center, due to arrive back to the ASC on 8/31/2011.)

Box 3
Tray 1 1. "SEIU Yes"
2-4. "Service Employees Local 150"
6. "I'm Sweet on the Union! COGS-SEIU Local 150 AFL-CIO"
7. "$1.00: It's Time/Ya Es Hora" UE Button
8. "Take the Cap Off: Save Social Security" UE Button
9. "Be Free Vote UE"
10. "United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America Chief Steward"
11. "United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America Steward"
12. "United Electrical & Radio Workers of America C.I.O. Local 601, Feb."
13-16. UE Pen Clips
17. "March on Harrisburg: Keep TMI Shut Down. March 28"
18. "They Lie" Three Mile Island Button Featuring Jules Feiffer Cartoon
19. "McGovern/Shriver"
20. "Take the Chisholm Trail to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave"
21. "Catalyst For Change: Shirley Chisholm for President"
22. "My Token, I've Registered"
23. "I Gave in '54, For Jobs in '55: Elect Pro-Labor Congress", 1955
24. "Able/Kluz: Burke-Johns" Campaign Button
25. "Labor Day, Punxsutawney, PA", 1919
26. "Greater Pittsburg's Greatest Labor Day", September 1, 1902
27. "United Labor Carnival May 30 to June 13, Pittsburgh PA"
28. "A.F. of L.-C.O.P.E. PGH C.L.U. Adlai and Estes"
29. "AF of L: United Textile Workers of America"
30. "A.F. of L. C.F.P.A. of PGH, PA"
31. "Cleaning & Dye House Workers Aff. with A.F. of L.", 1939
32. "Union 15938 A.F. of L. of Waynesboro, PA", November 1919
33. "U.G.W. of A. A.F. of L."
34. "A.F. of L.: United Cement , Lime & Gypsum Workers Int'l Union"
35. "A.F. of L. for PGH. C.L.U. Leader"
36. "A.F. of L. Committee, Political Action Allegheny County: Earle-Jones/Mundy-Logue"
37. "A.M.C.&B.W. of N.A. Canning & Pickle Workers 325", December 1939
38. "A.M.C.&B.W. of N.A. Canning & Pickle Workers 325", January 1940
39. "Vote United Faculty: University of Pittsburgh"
40. "AF of T"
41. "Hospital Division 99 AFL-CIO"
42. "UFCW Local 23 AFL-CIO-CLC"
43. "Upholsterers Int. Union of N.A., A.F. of L."
44. "National Federation of Post Office Clerks"
45. "American Federation of Grain Millers"
46. "Bldg. Service Employees Int'l Union"
47. "Insurance Agents International Union"
48. Pittsburgh Fraternal Order of Police Pin
49. "Laundry Workers Intl. Union"
50. "I.B.&C.W.U. of A." Bakery & Confectionery Workers Union Pin
51. "State, County and Municipal Workers of America, CIO", May 1942
52. "S.W.O.C., C.I.O.: America's First Line of Defense"
53. "CIO Canvasser: Political Action Committee"
54. "I Am Your Neighbor: CIO Community Political Action Committee"
55. "CIO Political Action Committee: Authorized Precinct Captain"
56. "I.A. of M." International Association of Machinists Pin
57. "IA of M Committee Member"
58. "I.B.E.W., A.F. of L."
59. "CWA-CIO: Communication Workers of America"
60. "International Brotherhood of Operative Potters"
61. "United Paperworkers International Union, AFL-CIO-CLC"
62. "United Paper, Novelty & Toy Workers Int. Union"
63. "National Association of Stationary Engineers"
64. "IUE: International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Technical, Salaried & Machine Workers, AFL-CIO"
65. "Int. Bro. of Blacksmiths: Drop Foggers & Helpers Dist. Council 5, 3rd Quarter", 1943
66. "IBPAT" International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades Pin
67. "Paint Makers 1310, A.F. of L., Second Quarter", 1942
68. "Pittsburgh Building Trades Council", October-December 1914
69. "Pittsburgh Building & Cons't Trades Council, Steam Fitters", October-December 1960
70. "Pittsburgh Building & Cons't Trades Council, Plumbers", January-March 1961
71. "Erie Building Trades Council", January-March 1918
72. "United Glass and Ceramic Workers of North America"
73. "Excavating, Coal Dump Truck Drivers & Helpers 341", November 1953
74. "Const. Gen'l. Labor & Material Handlers 1058", April-June 1958
75. "I.M.&F.W.U. of N.A." International Molders and Foundry Workers Union of North America Pin
76. "BRAC" Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America
77. "Buy American: Pennsylvania UAW-CAP"
78. "Support UAW"
79. "UAW Community Action Program"
80. "UAW-CIO" September-October, 1948
81. "For Victory: District 50 U.M.W.A."
82. "U.M.W. of A. 8 Hours", April 1, 1898
83. "UMWA Robena, L.U. 6321"
84. "I.U. of M.&S.W. of A.", September 1941
85. "I.U. of M.&S.W. of A.", October 1941
86. "W.A.: Workers Alliance of America", 1937
87. "WA of A: Workers Alliance, Work Security", January-March 1939
88. "RWDSU, AFL-CIO-CLC" Retail, Wholesale & Department Store Union Button
89. Keychain Commemorating Address Given by President Johnson at David J. McDonald Hall, U.S.W.A. Dist. 16, April 24, 1964
90. "A.A. of S.&E.R.E. of A." Amalgamated Association of Street & Electric Railway Employees of America Pin
91. "Division 65" Amalgamated Association of Street & Electric Railway Employees of America Pin, August 1926
92. "Gen'l Teamsters, Chauffeurs & Helpers U. 249, A.F. of L.", February 1940
93. "General Teamsters, Chauffeurs & Helpers 249, A.F. of L.", December 1948
94. "A.A. of S.E.R.&M.C.E. Greyhound Local Division", March 1939
95. "Brotherhood of R.S.C. of America"
96. "Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO"
97. "United Transportation Union"
98. "Milk Drivers Union 205, A.F. of L.", October 1948
99. "Order of Railway Conductors"
100. "Life Member NEA" National Education Association Pin
101. "Independent Association of Employees, Duquesne Light Co. & Associated Co's", 1942-1943
102. "A.W.S.E.: Ass'n Westinghouse Salaried Employees"
103. "I'm A Trade Unionist Supporting the Steel Strike"
104. "To Be Sure - I Supported the Westinghouse Strikers"
105. "I Support the National Biscuit Strikers"
106. "Day's Wage $5.00: I.W.W. Defense" Industrial Workers of the World Stamp
107. "Union Made: International B.&C.W.I.U. of A." Bakery and Confectionery Workers International Union of America Keystone Emblem
108. "District NFSM Member" National Fraternity of Student Musicians Pin, 1947
109. "LPIU 50 Years of Service" Lithographers and Photoengravers International Union Pin
110. "U.R.C.L.&P.W. of A." United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum & Plastic Workers of America Pin
111. "R.I.A.C."
112. "A.F.G.E., AFL-CIO" American Federation of Government Employees Pin
113. "GAU: Graphic Arts International Union"
114. "GAU: Graphic Arts International Union, 35"
115. "Bernard Gloekler Co. Pittsburgh, PA: 100% Club"
Tray 2 1-8. "I Support UE Strikers: $1 a Week", 1969
9-19. "Back GE Strikers", 1969
20-29. "UE CIO: United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America" Pin
30. "UE: United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America" Pin with CIO Scratched Out, c.1950
31-33. "UE: United Electrical Radio & Machine Workers of America" Button
34. "St. Gregory's Orthodox Church - Homestead, PA: Founded 1914 - Rebuilt 1950"
35. "50th Golden Jubilee: United Mine Workers of America, John L. Lewis, President", 1940
36. "United Mine Workers of America Working Button" with an Etched "2", 1933
37. "B.R.C. of A. Steel City 795", Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America, November 1918
38-45. "I Support UE Strikers in GE", 1969
46. "Aluminum Workers of America Local 2 C.I.O., May"
47. "Aluminum Workers of America C.I.O.", May 1938
48. "Labor Day: Johnstown, PA", 1914
49. "Steel Workers Organizing Committee, C.I.O.: Dues Paid", May 1937
50. "Boost Our Lyceum Course"
51. "Federation of Telephone Workers, Pennsylvania", 1952
52. "Union Clerk: R.C.I.P.A." Retail Clerks International Protective Association Button, May 1904
53. "Denver, PA Local 161: Union Made Cigars"
54. "Central Labor Union Affiliated with AF of L, Meadville, PA"
55. "Gas & By Products Coke Workers, U.M.W. of A.: District 50, Everett Local 12001", 1941
56. "H.R.E.I.A. Registered" Hotel & Restaurant Employees' International Alliance Pin
57. "Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen & Helpers 585: Washington, Pennsylvania", October 1961
58. "United We Bargain, Divided We Beg! Anne Feeney and Friends"
59. "St. Mary's Church N.S. Pittsburgh, PA Diamond Jubilee", 1923
60. "Labor Day Altoona, PA", 1920
61. "Annual Convention, German-American Federation of Penna.: Pittsburgh, PA", June 20-21, 1931
62. "UE-CIO: We Need A Wage Increase Now!"
63. "Wage Raise Now: Protect UE Wages, Support Beaver Strikers"
64. "UE Local 1150", October-December 1955
65. "U.E.R.&M.W. Industrial Union 1138 CIO", August 1938
66-67. "My Union! My Party! UE Shop Club for the Labor Party"
68. "Unite: UE Public Employees for the Labor Party"
69. "Allegheny-Kiski Valley Trades Council 908", October-December 1970
70. "Unidade, Unidad, Unity: UE Plastic Workers Organizing Committee"
71. "Bakery Drivers Union Local 485", April 1937
72. "A Good Time With the Butchers", June 23, 1909
73. "Picnic & Union Meeting: B. of L.F.&E., L.S.B. of L.F.&E. Erie, PA" Brotherhood of Local Firemen and Engineers and Ladies Society, August 16-17, 1929
74. "Windber Local No. 6186/Scalp Level Local No. 5229 U.M.W. of America: Labor Day Picnic, Recreation Park, Windber, PA"
75. "Retail Food Store Employees Union: A.M.C.&B.W. of N.A. 590, A.F. of L.", 1945
76. "Steel City Lodge 591 A.F. of L., B. of R.C.", 1940
77-79. "Vote Yes!! United We Bargain: SEIU COGS Local 150 AFL-CIO"
80. "United We Bargain Divided We Beg: SEIU COGS Local 150 AFL-CIO"
81. "Engineer's Union Local 66 Pittsburgh, PA", June 1942
82. "Labor's Non-Partisan League: Elect Endorsed Candidates"
83. "1st Annual Celebration, United Labor Council Tarentum, PA", May 12, 1934
84. "Pittsburgh Association for the Improvement of the Poor 47"
85. "Carpenter's for Kerry", 2004
86. "I Am A Pensioned Coal Miner Thanks To John L. Lewis"
87. "Laborers Local 1058 Steward"
88. "Save Dorothy 6"