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Title: Edward J. Shourek Photograph Collection
Collection Number: AIS.1991.19b
Creator: Shourek, Edward J.

Collection Dates: 1913-1920
Extent: 196.0 items (8) boxes

Language: English

This collection consists of the photographic glass-plate negatives of Edward J. Shourek for the years 1913-1920. There are 196 negatives that document Shourek's activities in the Lincoln-Lemington area of Pittsburgh's East Liberty neighborhood from 1913-1920. Digital reproductions of the collection are available online.

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Edward J. Shourek was born in Pittsburgh in June 1895. The Shourek family lived at 811 East View Avenue in the Lincoln-Lemington area of Pittsburgh's East Liberty neighborhood. As a young man, Shourek's hobby of photography captured family life in Pittsburgh during the early 1900s. Subjects of his photographs were the East Libery neighborhood, Central High School, George Westinghouse High School, family vacations, other families and friends. Shourek graduated from Pittsburgh's Central High School in 1914 and soon after enlisted in the United States Army Corps of Engineers where he worked as a draftsman. Shourek worked as a draftsman in the Army until 1965. Shourek was married to Florence Love and had one daughter, Marion Shourek Slabaugh of Portland, Oregon. Edward J. Shourek died in Pittsburgh on February 8, 1966.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

This collection contains the glass-plate negatives of the Edward J. Shourek Photograph Collection, 1913-1920. The collection consists of 25 series which are subject oriented. The negatives are ordered chronologically within each series, except for series that have no dates. Each negative is described according to the subjects in the image, ie. person, or place. In addition to subject description, many negatives include a phrase created by Shourek that depicts the scene, these are indicated by quotation marks. Pittsburgh sites include Central High School, Westinghouse High School, Fern Hollow, Syria Mosque, and Reimer and Brothers, Inc. Sites from family vacations include Akron, Ohio; Buffalo, New York; Niagara Falls, New York; and Huntington County, West Virgina. People identified in the photographs include Ella Shourek (Gerding), Martha Shourek (Stuck), Ida Shourek (Sant), Julia Shourek, Theodore Shourek, Uncle Luke, Aunt Tillie, Mary Ewart, Kate Flavin, Erma Gill, Billy Goodyear, Bob Holden, Catherine Kohne, Helen Lundquist, Elaine Lundquist, Alfred Mound, Karyn Mound, Joe Parrish, Jimmie Rule, Edward Stack, and Margaret Wightman. The photographs also include images of dogs, cats, horses, squirrels, groundhogs, and farm scenes.

Subject Terms

Corporate Names
  • Central High School (Pittsburgh, Pa.). -- Photographs
  • Westinghouse High School (Pittsburgh, Pa.). -- Photographs

Personal Names
  • Shourek, Edward J.

Family Names
  • Shourek family -- Photographs

  • Pittsburgh (Pa.) -- Photographs
  • Pittsburgh (Pa.) -- Social life and customs -- Photographs

  • Personal papers

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Edward J. Shourek Photograph Collection, AIS.1991.19b, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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Edward J. Shourek, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ais 91:19b, Photographs, 1913-1920, Archives of Industrial Society, Hillman Library, University of Pittsburgh

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Collection Inventory

Series I. Home, 1911-1918

Box 1 Buster (dog), Spring 1911
Edward Stack standing outside with dog, 1912
One of Reel's Dogs, Spring 1912
Ma, Emily and Ida posing outside, 1913
Emily and Ed posing out in the garden, 1913
Ida, Martha and Emily with dogs and cats in garden, 1913
Group of four women and two men posing in backyard, 1913
Bernice, Ed and Martha in garden 1913
Emily in garden
One of Reel's dogs, 1913
Ernst in backyard, Autumn 1913
Central High School 1914 flag, 1914
Ham, Helen and Martha in backyard, 1914
Billy (pup) on step, 1915
A pup, 1915
A pup, 1915
Pup on front step, 1915
Peony bush, June 1915
Bush Stack's squirrel in cage, November 1915
Page from the Pageant, Edward in Page's costume with American flag, 1916
Reggie (dog) among potted plants
Buster and Dodo (dogs) on front porch, 1916
Ted in dress suit, first formal, March 1916
The wild patch, garden in backyard, May 18, 1916
Fireworks, Garaboldi celebration, "A Rocket," July 17, 1916
Box 2 Fireworks, Garaboldi celebration, "The Bombs Bursting in Air," July 17, 1916
Fireworks, Garaboldi celebration, "Golden Rain," July 17, 1916
Edward's study stable on his side of the room, September 19, 1916
Bob Holden, Supreme Secretary, December 31, 1916
Last heavy snow, view from Edward's front window, March, 1917
Last heavy snow, view from Ida's room, March, 1917
Martha in new spring suit, 1918
Snow storm, back lot, April 12, 1918
Backyard from shop, June, 1918
Jess (cat) sitting on window sill, June, 1918
Pa and Uncle Joe in backyard, July 4, 1918
Uncle Joe on back porch, July 4, 1918
Alfred and Karyn in backyard, undated
Martha by fence in backyard, undated
One of Reel's dogs on steps, undated
Reel's dog on steps, undated
Ida standing by fence in backyard, undated
Sport (dog) sitting by fence, undated
Two puppies, undated
Dog sitting on couch, undated
Ida on sidewalk by yard, undated

Series II. Farm, 1913-1920

The clover field, 1913
Young corn field before storm, 1913
Lennon's dog Shep, 1913
Cherry, Daisy, Blanche, Star, Durno (cows), and Dick (dog) in the pasture, 1913
Box 3 Julie, Helen, Emily, and Grace (girls) with Shep and Tige (dogs) on lawn, 1913
Dude on Phoebe (woman riding horse), 1913
Bonny (cow), 1913
Lennon riding mower pulled by two horses, 1913
Scene in pasture, 1913
Helen standing in field, July 1913
Girls on road, July 1913
Potato field, 1914
"Stuck on the big hill," car on dirt road, 1914
The road looking west, 1914
Maiden Blush Apple Tree, 1914
Groundhog, 1914
Hank, Dude and Ebberjay sitting on a tree stump, 1914
Hank, Ebberjay and Emily sitting on a tree stump, 1914
Group of boys and girls on bank of creek, 1914
A fern in Uncle Joe's woods, 1914
Hank, Ebberjay and Shep (dog) on a fallen tree, 1914
Woodchuck, 1914
Dude and Ebberjay on a tree over creek, 1914
Dogs digging woodchucks, 1914
Dogs digging woodchucks, 1914
Hank, Dude and Ebberjay on tree stump, 1914
Scene in Uncle Joe's woods, 1914
Apple tree, 1914
Dickie (little boy) standing outside, 1920

Series III. Central High School, 1913-1914

Box 4 Trophy case, 1913
Class 11-12 group photo, June 1913
Toots, Ashford, and O'Connel on school steps, 1914
Gus at Doctor Dewey's desk the day of the fire, 1914
Jimmie Rule at desk, 1914
Catherine "Kitty," Roach, Midge, and Pest sitting on school steps, 1914
Midge outside of school, 1914
Midge, Boob, and Shrimp on roof, 1914
Stage setting for "Einer Muss Heiraten," 1914
Stage setting for "Einer Muss Heiraten," 1914
Critical study class, "Teacher, Teacher," 1914
Critical Study Class, 1914
Pest and Shrimp on roof, 1914
Shep on steps of school, 1914
Boob and Midge on roof ventilator, 1914
The flag raising, Roach and Boob on roof, 1914
"Beauty and dignity personified. Its great to be a wonderful detective." Catherine Kohne and Mary Enart on front steps with Joe Parish peeping from behind a pillar, 1914
Inside of Edward's desk, 12-5, Spring 1914

Series IV. Akron, Ohio, 1913-1914

Annie's place, group in front yard, 1913
Annie's place, group in front yard, 1913
Fritz (little boy) standing on chair, 1914

Series V. Lennon's Horse, 1913

Box 5 Horse harnassed to buggy, 1913

Series VI. The Lundquist Family, 1914

Elaine (baby girl) sitting on stool in yard, 1914
Helen (young girl) on rocker in yard, 1914
Helen (standing) and Elaine (on stool) in yard, 1914
Helen and Elaine on stool in yard, 1914
The Lundquist family, 1914
The Lundquist family, 1914

Series VII. The Reimer Family Picnic, 1914

"I love to be among the girls." Vetter, McCarthy, Raider, Flavin, Gildea, Frank, Schindler, Fahnestock, Magurie, Becker, 1914
"I love the ladies." Fahler's farm, 1914
Becker, Fahnestock, Vetter, Burrows, Maguire, Shourek on fence rail, 1914
Maguire at the spring, 1914

Series VIII. Shopgang, 1914

Kiljoy, flashlight, boy doing lathework, 1914
Midge, flashlight, boy doing work on motor, 1914

Series IX. Clark's Camp, 1914

"Writing that wonderful name in the sand," group of seven, 1914
"On the island," group of twelve people with two canoes, 1914

Series X. Buffalo, New York, 1914

McKinley Monument, 1914

Series XI. Big Willow Tree Camp, 1915-1917

Big Willow Tree Camp, path through woods, July 1915
"Sailing on the Rushton Branch," two people in sailboat, July 1915
Pine tree on Terrace Mountain, July 1915
Sport (dog) swimming, "He always flips his tail when he grabs the stick," July 1915
Man holding fish on dock, "Roach and his catch," July 1915
Allegrippas from the barn, July 1915
Man with fishing pole and fish, "Fish, the Fisherman, a Fish Story," July 1915
Sport (dog) bringing a stick ashore, Rushton River, July 1915
Canoes on river, 1917
Scene in Allegrippas, July 28, 1917
"Shrimp in the Ruston River," boy in canoe, July 28, 1917
"Woolyo Brown on the dock," man standing on dock, July 28, 1917
Box 6 Roach and Woolyo in the "swim," July 29, 1917
"The Spring," shows water bucket, July 29, 1917
John and Ed fishing at the base of Allegrippas Ridge, July 29, 1917
The Gang: P.M.D., Roach, Shrimp, Spuds, Woolyo, July 29, 1917
Shepard Brownie on the cozy rock at the foot of the Allegrippas, July 29, 1917

Series XII. Inca, 1915-1918

"Inca Ed and Bess," man and woman standing under flag on steps in front of house, Spring 1915
The Avenue, field stretching between rows of trees, Summer 1915
Tomato plants in Inca garden, Summer 1915
Cucumber plants, 9 inches long, 3 inches diameter, Summer 1915
Mess tent, group eating during the day, 1917
"My tent," August 12, 1917
Belle Wightman in front of "my tent," August 25 1917
Cornelia in lazyback chair, June 9, 1918
"Count and Cornmeal," man and woman standing by tree, June 9, 1918
Erma Gill, June 9, 1918
Erma on grip, July 7, 1918
Erma in hammock reading, September 8, 1918
Erma in lazyback chair, September 14, 1918
Erma on path, holding grip, September 14, 1918
Ed and Erma on porch swing, September 14, 1918
Erma after falling out of the hammock, September 15, 1918

Series XIII. Huntingdon County, 1915

Box 7 Picture of BWTC from Allegrippas Ridge, July 1915
The road up Terrace Mountain, EJS dressed in pages costume and holding banner, July 1915

Series XIV. George Westinghouse High School, 1916

The sewing class, girls, May 18, 1916
The cooking class, six girls, May 18, 1916
The cooking class, May 18, 1916

Series XV. Pittsburgh, 1916

"The Thirsty Clansman," JHB in a cloak holding a walking stick at a brook, 1916
Tree on Boulevard, undated

Series XVI. Uncle Luke's, 1918

Uncle Luke standing on steps outside house, 1918
Aunt Tillie on back steps, 1918
Ernst on back steps, 1918
Bernice on back steps, 1918
Uncle Luke on back steps, 1918
Bernice standing on back steps, 1918

Series XVII. Niagara Falls, 1920

Rapids above falls, September 12, 1920

Series XVIII. McCartney's, no date

Front of house with person on front steps, undated
Bunch on porch, four women and two men, undated
Bunch in backyard, four children, two women, and a man, undated
View of back of house, woman and two children, undated

Series XIX. Reymer and Brothers, Inc., no date

Store from balcony, interior of store, located on 6022 Penn Avenue, undated

Series XX. Scene, no date

Wooded creek scene, undated

Series XXI. Animals, no date

French poodle, undated

Series XXII. Reymer's, no date

Fisher standing outside of building, undated
Coward Flannelsocks and Kate Flaven, man and woman, undated

Series XXIII. Fern Hollow, no date

Field with trees in background, undated
Clump of trees, undated

Series XXIV Unlabeled, no date

Scope and Content Notes:

Series XXIV. contains unlabeled negatives identified by subjects on the image.

Box 8 Dog "dressed up" in house, undated
Woman in field, undated
Syria Mosque, undated
Group picture in woods, 20 people, undated
Allegrippas Ridge and lake or river, undated
Boy beside creek, undated
Man wearing Shriner hat, undated

Series XXV Copies, 1914-1918

Scope and Content Notes:

Series XXV. contains copies of negatives or photographs of other photographs. Series in chronological order.

P.M.D.'s negatives drying on the wall, 1914
E.J.S.'s negatives drying on the wall, 1914
Margareth Wightman's portraits on the wall, 1916
Margaret Wightman's negatives drying, 1916
Kindergarten class, 1918
Billy Goodyear standing in side yard, 1918
Billy Goodyear negative drying on wall, 1918
Billy Goodyear negative drying on wall, Spring 1918
Martha's pictures on the drying rack, June 1918
Frank, Joe Robing posing in good clothes, June 1918
Blythe B, age 13, seated next to table, June 1918
Lettie "sunshine" Burnette, posing seated next to table, June 1918
Ex Libris - H. Zief, group's symbol, June 1918
Ex Libris - H. Zief, June 1918
Ida and Danny, June 20, 1918
E.M.G. from senior number of "The Peabody," taken from the yearbook, copy shows Erma, Mildred, Gill, and Samual B. Goodstone on page 18 of "The Peabody," September 18, 1918
The Shakers, taken for J.H.B., undated

Series XVI. Oversize

Scope and Content Notes:

This material was added to the finding aid in December 2010.

Map-case 7
Drawer 5 Picture of the boat, “Henry L. Hillman”, undated