Summary Information
Title: Environmentalists for Full Employment Records
Collection Number: AIS.1984.27
Creator: Environmentalists for Full Employment (Washington, D.C.).

Collection Dates: 1969-1984
Extent: 32.5 linear feet (26 boxes)

Language: English

Environmentalists for Full Employment (EFFE) formed in 1975 to demonstrate that environmentalists and organized labor share common concerns and need to work together to address these issues. This collection includes research files regarding environmental and labor issues, such as occupational hazards, pollution, and clean energy.

ULS Archives Service Center
University of Pittsburgh Library System
7500 Thomas Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA, 15260
Date Published:

May 2010

Finding aid prepared by Zachary Brodt.

In 1975, Environmentalists for Full Employment (EFFE) was formed in response to the omission of environmentalists from the Full Employment Action Council, which was composed of labor leaders and community action organizers. The primary concern of the EFFE was to demonstrate that environmentalists and organized labor share common concerns and need to work together to address these issues. EFFE worked under the idea that environmentally friendly initiatives within companies would create more jobs for the unemployed. EFFE ceased operations in 1984 due to a lack of commitment from labor leaders to pursue what they perceived to be nontraditional workplace issues.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

This collection includes research files regarding environmental and labor issues, such as occupational hazards, pollution, and clean energy. Publications regarding these topics are also present, as well as records regarding unemployment and plant closures. Information regarding protests at Three Mile Island and correspondence are also included.

Subject Terms

  • Environmentalists -- Political activity -- United States
  • Manpower policy -- Pennsylvania
  • Political activists -- United States
  • Right to labor -- Pennsylvania
  • Unemployed -- Pennsylvania

Corporate Names
  • Environmentalists for Full Employment (Washington, D.C.).
  • Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant (Pa.).

  • Environment
  • Labor
  • Social action

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No restrictions.

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Richard Grossman, Environmentalists for Full Employment, in 1984 and 1985.

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Environmentalists for Full Employment Records, 1969-1984, AIS.1984.27, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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This collection was processed by Archives Service Center staff.


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Separated Material:
Oversize material is located in Range 1/12/3.

Collection Inventory

Box 1
Folder 1-2 Conversion
Folder 3 Conversion and Laborers
Folder 4 Nuclear Arms and the Military
Folder 5 Nautilus Funding Request, 1980
Folder 6 Nuclear Weapons and Warfare
Folder 7 Disarmament March, June 12, 1982
Folder 8 Economic Conversion
Folder 9-10 Publications regarding Conversion, 1969, 1981
Folder 11 Draft, Conversion-Jobs for People, 1978
Folder 12 Economic Conversion Conference, 1984
Folder 13 Health
Folder 14 Health Costs
Folder 15-16 Occupational and Environmental Health
Folder 17 Health and Safety
Folder 18 Toxics
Folder 19-20 Hazardous Waste Transportation
Folder 21 Export of Hazardous Waste
Folder 22 American Industrial Health Council Press Kit
Folder 23 Industrial Survey on Safety and Health, 1976-1977
Folder 24 Cancer Costs
Folder 25 Benzene
Folder 26 Lead
Folder 27 Toxic Series, Philadelphia Inquirer
Folder 28 Dr. Stenglass and Strontium 90
Folder 29-30 Radiation

Box 2
Folder 1 Labor Policy Conference, Health and Safety
Folder 2 First Labor Conference on Safety and Health, 1980
Folder 3 Second Labor Conference on Safety and Health, 1981
Folder 4 Health and Safety by UAW, 1980
Folder 5 Cancer Facts, 1978
Folder 6 Poison on the Job, 1982
Folder 7 Toxic Substances, 1978
Folder 8 Cancer on the Job by UAW, 1980
Folder 9 Negotiations of Health and Safety, 1976
Folder 10 Radiation on the Job, 1980
Folder 11 Worker and Occupational Health, 1979
Folder 12 Health in the South, 1978
Folder 13 Proceedings, Hearings on Radiation Victims, 1980
Folder 14 Conference on Industrial Hazards, 1970
Folder 15 Environmental Quality
Folder 16 Environmental Protection Benefits
Folder 17 Environmental Issues in Print
Folder 18 Environmental Education Conference, 1977
Folder 19 Speeches, Environmental Issues
Folder 20 Environmental News
Folder 21 Environmental Abuse, Glidden Paint
Folder 22 Environmental Network, OSHA and Sierra Club
Folder 23-24 Labor on Environmental Issues
Folder 25 Environment and Kace
Folder 26 England and Environmental Issues
Folder 27 Environmental Politics, Green Vote
Folder 28 Japan and Environmental Issues
Folder 29 Pollution Costs
Folder 30 Pollution Impact on Climate
Folder 31 Pollution Control Industry
Folder 32 Pollution, Steel Industry
Folder 33 Costs of Polluting
Folder 34 Pollution and the Poor

Box 3
Folder 1 Education and Environment, 1977
Folder 2 Celebration on 2nd Environmental Decade
Folder 3 Protecting the Environment, 1976
Folder 4 Man and Environment, 1973
Folder 5 Water, Sierra Club, 1979
Folder 6 Protection of Environment by Chemical Industry
Folder 7 Analysis of Environmental Impact Statements, 1976
Folder 8 Clean Air and Transportation, 1980
Folder 9 Strip Mining, 1978
Folder 10 Coke Oven Emission Standards, 1976
Folder 11 Water Quality
Folder 12 Water Crises
Folder 13 Water
Folder 14 Acid Rain
Folder 15 Noise
Folder 16 Wastes
Folder 17-19 Clean Air
Folder 20 Energy
Folder 21 Energy and the Poor
Folder 22 Nuclear Energy Debate Commoner, 1977
Folder 23 Clinch River Breeder Reactor
Folder 24 Nuclear Question, Denmark
Folder 25 Public Power
Folder 26 Labor Resolutions on Nuclear Power
Folder 27 Coal
Folder 28 Nuclear Energy
Folder 29 Synfuels
Folder 30 Agreement on Stabilization, AFL-CIO, 1979
Folder 31 Proposal, Fuel Efficiency, 1980
Folder 32 Proposal, Energy Consumer, 1980
Folder 33 Address, Commercial Nuclear Fuel, 1975
Folder 34 Packet, Solar Technology Workshop, 1979
Folder 35 Photographs, Three Mile Island March, 1981

Box 4
Folder 1 Insurance for Nuclear Accidents, 1980
Folder 2 Energy Alternatives, 1979
Folder 3 Nuclear Power Growth, 1974
Folder 4 Nuclear Power Propaganda, 1980
Folder 5 Synthetic Fuels, 1983
Folder 6 Anti-Nuclear Primer, 1982
Folder 7 Poetry and Commentary, Maine Nuclear Referendum, 1980
Folder 8 Resolutions, Palo Verde Community, 1984
Folder 9 Electric Rate Increases, 1984
Folder 10 Long Island Conference on Utilities and Abandonment, 1984
Folder 11 Equilibrium, Energy Alternatives, 1974
Folder 12 Philippine Nuclear Reactor, 1979
Folder 13 No Nukes Conference, 1978
Folder 14 Southern Man, Nuclear Energy, 1969
Folder 15-18 Three Mile Island, 1981
Folder 19 Jobs
Folder 20 Full Employment
Folder 21-24 Unemployment
Folder 25-26 Right to Know
Folder 27 Labor Concessions
Folder 28 Labor
Folder 29 Labor Committees

Box 5
Folder 1-2 Employment Legislation
Folder 3 Workplace
Folder 4 Runaways
Folder 5 Community Development
Folder 6 Draft, Community Full Employment, 1978
Folder 7 Employment, Recycling
Folder 8 Employment, Military
Folder 9-10 Ohio Labor Conference
Folder 11 Job Blackmail Brochure
Folder 12 Union Busting Firms
Folder 13 Anti-Union Material
Folder 14 Bottle Bill and Jobs
Folder 15 Full Employment Action Council
Folder 16 Job Sharing
Folder 17 Job Security
Folder 18 Anaconda, Montana Shutdown
Folder 19 Green Bay, Wisconsin Sulfur Dioxide Blackmail
Folder 20-21 European Workers and Closings
Folder 22 Conference on Economic Dislocation, 1981
Folder 23 Buyout, Workers and Plant Closings, 1982
Folder 24 Race and Labor, 1982
Folder 25 Trade Unions and Nuclear Energy, 1981
Folder 26 Jobs and the Debt Crises, 1984
Folder 27 Technology and Employment, 1983
Folder 28 Economic Dislocation, 1979
Folder 29 Public Works and Employment, 1977

Box 6
Folder 1 Policy
Folder 2 Workshops
Folder 3 Testimony to Education and Labor Committee, 1980
Folder 4 Membership Recruiting Manual
Folder 5 Grant Proposal, Office of Education, 1977
Folder 6 Proposed Activities, 1977-1978
Folder 7 Boston Itinerary for Seabrook
Folder 8 Press Material
Folder 9-18 Correspondence, 1976-1984
Folder 19 Papers, Rosalie Burtell
Folder 20 Papers, Jerry Gordon
Folder 21 Papers, Gail Daneker
Folder 22 Papers, Byron Kennard
Folder 23 Papers, Richard Grossman
Folder 24 Papers, Hazel Henderson
Folder 25 Speaking Engagements
Folder 26 Drafts, Fear at Work
Folder 27 Book Party for Fear at Work
Folder 28 Jobs and Environment, Working Papers
Folder 29 Jobs and Energy, 1977
Folder 30 Working People Brochure
Folder 31-33 Sponsors

Box 7
Folder 1-6 Addresses and Mailing Lists
Folder 7 Regulation
Folder 8 Regulation Reform
Folder 9-10 Regulation, Cost-Benefit Analysis
Folder 11 Reagan Attack on Regulation
Folder 12 Environmental Protection Agency, Performance
Folder 13-14 Environmental Protection Agency, Early Warning System
Folder 15 Environmental Protection Agency, Equity Seminar, 1979
Folder 16 OSHA, Performance
Folder 17 OSHA, Environmental Network
Folder 18 OSHA, Carcinogens Policy
Folder 19 OSHA, Standards Analysis
Folder 20 Industrial Union Department
Folder 21 Anti-Recession Policy, 1980
Folder 22 Industrial Policy
Folder 23 Productivity
Folder 24 Growth

Box 8
Folder 1 Cost of Not Regulating
Folder 2 Economic Development Act
Folder 3 Recycling
Folder 4 Co-Operatives
Folder 5 Multi-Nationals
Folder 6 Planning
Folder 7 Inflation
Folder 8 Environmental News, EPA, 1984
Folder 9 Drafts, America's Quality of Life, 1983
Folder 10 Draft, Regulation of Industrial Sites, 1983
Folder 11 Papers, Economic Policy
Folder 12 Enivronmental Protection Agency, Journals
Folder 13 EPA, Assistance to Prevent Pollution
Folder 14 EPA, Economic Malaise, 1980
Folder 15 OSHA, Health Inspections
Folder 16 Attitudes on Economic Growth
Folder 17 Social Regulation, 1979
Folder 18 Reindustrialization, 1981
Folder 19 Deindustrializations and Two Tier Society, 1984
Folder 20 Economy and Environment
Folder 21 Paper, Environmental Protection and Economics
Folder 22 Paper, Human Capital in Economic Growth and Environment
Folder 23 Environmental Protection and Economics
Folder 24 Economic Effects on Environmental Expenditures, 1979
Folder 25 Economic Growth and Environmental Quality, 1977
Folder 26 Papers, Industrial Policy and Environment
Folder 27 Communications, Industrial Policy and Environment
Folder 28 Women in Industrial Policy Debate, 1984

Box 9
Folder 1 Environmental Regulation and Industrial Siting
Folder 2 Conference, Environment, Equity and Energy Pricing, 1979
Folder 3 Environmental Action, Nuclear Initiative, 1976
Folder 4 Environmental Protection and Inflation Conference, 1982
Folder 5 Report, First National Labor Conference, Pittsburgh, 1980
Folder 6 First National Labor Conference on Energy and Employment, Pittsburgh, 1980
Folder 7 Second National Labor Conference on Energy and Employment, Gary, IN, 1981
Folder 8 Photographs, Second National Labor Conference
Folder 9 Jobs and Energy
Folder 10 Report, Conference on Energy and Employment, 1980
Folder 11 Jobs in Energy Task Force
Folder 12 Energy and Employment Policy, National Panel, 1980
Folder 13 Correspondence, National Panel on Energy and Employment
Folder 14 Address, National Panel on Energy and Employment, 1980
Folder 15 Energy, Jobs and Economy, 1978
Folder 16 Report, Employment and Energy, 1980
Folder 17 Report, Energy and Employment, 1980
Folder 18-19 Labor and Nuclear Energy
Folder 20 Jobs and Environment
Folder 21 Labor and Environment Cooperation
Folder 22 Paper, Labor, Environment and Taft Hartley Act
Folder 23 Proceedings, Jobs and Environment Conference, 1978
Folder 24 Jobs and Environment, 1977

Box 10
Folder 1 Health and Air Pollution, 1978
Folder 2 Food Distribution Programs, 1982
Folder 3 Industrial Propaganda in Schools, 1979
Folder 4 Environmental Cancer, 1978
Folder 5 The Plowshares 8, 1981
Folder 6 Building Trades, Platform Proposals, 1980
Folder 7 Salute to Black Caucus, 1982
Folder 8 Steelmaking and Environment, 1975
Folder 9 Quality of Life and Workers Control, 1975
Folder 10 Free Trade Debate
Folder 11 Paper, Reform of Corporate Income Tax, 1980
Folder 12 Paper, Industrial Policy Briefing Book, 1982
Folder 13 Papers, Minority Communities, Industry and Urban Environment
Folder 14 Steel
Folder 15 Legislation
Folder 16 Heating Needs
Folder 17 Voting for Unemployment
Folder 18 Wilderness
Folder 19 North Carolina Occupational Health Project
Folder 20 Pitch Project Uranium Mining
Folder 21 Poletown, Detroit, General Motors
Folder 22 Labor and Safe Water
Folder 23 Clamshell Alliance
Folder 24 Mass Transit
Folder 25 Monitoring Community Development
Folder 26 Statements, AFL-CIO Executive Council, 1982
Folder 27 Resolutions
Folder 28 Community Action Reporter, 1977
Folder 29 Proposition 15
Folder 30 Railcar Tariff, 1980
Folder 31 History Reserve Mining Company
Folder 32 International Energy Issues
Folder 33 Minorities
Folder 34 Austrailia
Folder 35 Preservation of Urban Areas
Folder 36 Endangered Species
Folder 37 Alaska
Folder 38 Redwoods
Folder 39 Love Canal

Box 11
Folder 1 Coke Ovens
Folder 2 Farmworkers
Folder 3 Europe
Folder 4 Innovation
Folder 5 Reagan Administration
Folder 6 Public Opinion on Environment
Folder 7 Timber Industry
Folder 8 Inflation and Full Employment
Folder 9 Machinists and Economic Reconstruction
Folder 10 Labor and Anti-Nuclear Movement
Folder 11 Regulation and Employment
Folder 12 Conference on Urban Environment, 1979
Folder 13-19 Clippings, Articles and Newsletters

Box 12
Cassette 1-65 Research and Conference Recordings
Folder 1-4 Articles, Newsletters and Research
Folder 5 Photographs, Slides, Negatives and Three Mile Island March Information
Folder 6-12 Conference Packets
Folder 13 The Job Generation Process by David L. Brich, 1979
Folder 14 Regulatory Controversy: The Case of Health & Safety Conference, March 7-8, 1980
Item 1 Three Mile Island March Posters

Box 13
Folder 1 Rally Clippings
Folder 2 Democratic National Committee Reports, 1984
Folder 3 Growth Pains: Dialogues on Employment, Equality & the Environment by Democratic Socialists of America, February 16, 18-19, 1984
Folder 4 Press Releases
Folder 5 Press Conference in Harrisburg, February 23, 1981
Folder 6 Lists, Final Form
Folder 7 Effects of Radiation on Black, Hispanic and Low Income Communities Fact Sheet
Folder 8 Speeches, March 28, 1981
Folder 9 Articles and Newsletters
Folder 10 Cable News Network Correspondence, April 1983
Folder 11 The California Project
Folder 12 California Tomorrow
Folder 13 Campaign for Political Rights
Folder 14 CEQ Under Reagan
Folder 15 The Center for the Hudson River Valley, 1977
Folder 16 Center for National Policy
Folder 17 Christianity and Crisis
Folder 18 Christic Institute
Folder 19 Citizens' Energy Project
Folder 20 Clamshell Alliance News
Folder 21 Department of Energy
Folder 22 Robert Rodale
Folder 23 Foundation for Public Affairs, 1977-1981
Folder 24 Forelaws on Board
Folder 25 Friends of the Earth
Folder 26 Full Employment Action Council
Folder 27 Frontlash
Folder 28 Global Tomorrow Coalition
Folder 29 The Greens
Folder 30 Greenpeace
Folder 31 Ground Zero
Folder 32 Harper's
Folder 33 Heritage Foundation
Folder 34 CRROW
Folder 35 Cues
Folder 36 Socialist Environment & Resources Association
Folder 37 Industrial Policy Project
Folder 38 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Folder 39 Safe Energy Communications Council
Folder 40-41 Sane
Folder 42 New York City Jobs/Save the Jobs Coalition
Folder 43 Rain
Folder 44 Public Resource Center
Folder 45 Public Power Institute
Folder 46 Public Media Center
Folder 47 Project Censored
Folder 48 The Progressive Foundation
Folder 49-50 Progressive Alliance
Folder 51 Reindustrialization

Box 14
Folder 1 March on Harrisburg, March 28, 1981
Folder 2-3 Three Mile Island March Information
Folder 4 New York Area Labor Committee for Safe Energy and Full Employment, Press Conference, March 23, 1981
Folder 5 Press Conference of Black Harrisburg Community Leaders, March 19, 1981
Folder 6 Udall Subcommittee Meeting Press Packet, March 27, 1981
Folder 7 Speeches, March 28, 1981
Folder 8 Harrisburg Ads, Building Trades and Harrisburg Labor Committee
Folder 9 Background Lists
Folder 10 Outgoing Correspondence regarding Three Mile Island March, 1981
Folder 11 Sternglass
Folder 12 Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Three Mile Island Clippings
Folder 13 Press Confernces and Speeches, March 5, 1981
Folder 14 Business Roundtable
Folder 15 Budget Coalition, 1982
Folder 16 Brown Lung Association
Folder 17 Black Hills Alliance
Folder 18 Big Business Day, 1980
Folder 19 Blacks Against Nukes
Folder 20 Baltimore C/LEC
Folder 21 Atomic Industrial Forum
Folder 22 American Solar Energy Association
Folder 23 American Labor
Folder 24 Americans for Energy Independence
Folder 25 Americans For Democratic Action
Folder 26 American Petrolium Institute
Folder 27 American Indian Health Council
Folder 28 Action Center
Folder 29 Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition
Folder 30 Energy Action, California
Folder 31 Energy 2000
Folder 32 Democratic Socialists Organizing Committee
Folder 33 South End Press
Folder 34 Scientists' Institute for Public Information
Folder 35 Silkwood
Folder 36 Sierra Club
Folder 37 Students for Employment and Economic Democracy
Folder 38 COSH Groups

Box 15
Folder 1 Larry Frank, Southern California Union for the Freeze
Folder 2 Asarco Inc., Tacoma
Folder 3 Economic Notes by Labor Research Association, Inc., April 1984
Folder 4 Reflection on EFFE and the Secret of the Old Clock by Richard Grossman, July 13, 1984
Folder 5 Acid Rain
Folder 6 Nuclear Disarmament Conference, July 14, 1981
Folder 7 Rally, June 12, 1982
Folder 8 Resources for Weapons Brochure
Folder 9 War/Peace
Folder 10 Disarmament Resources
Folder 11 FAS Countdown, February 1983
Folder 12 Ray Rogers
Folder 13 Draft Papers
Folder 14 Ruth Sivard
Folder 15 Frank Slobig
Folder 16 Gus Speth
Folder 17 Walt Taylor
Folder 18 Robert Theobald
Folder 19 Michele Tingling
Folder 20 William Tucker
Folder 21 Brian Turner
Folder 22 Gus Tyler
Folder 23 Charles Warren CEQ
Folder 24 Wasserman: Ecotopia
Folder 25 James Watt
Folder 26 Ben Wattenberg
Folder 27 Tony Webb
Folder 28 Paul Weckstein
Folder 29 George Weil
Folder 30 Stan Weir
Folder 31 Ted Weiss
Folder 32 Harry Wexler
Folder 33 George Will
Folder 34 Rob Wolcott
Folder 35 Niagara Falls Contamination
Item 1 OICs of America, Inc. Annual Report, 1979
Item 2 Photochemical Air Pollution: Formation, Transit and Effects by the Associate Committee on Scientific Criteria for Environmental Quality, National Research Council Canada
Item 3 Energy and Employment: A Conceptual Outline of the Current Issues by Willis J. Nordlund and R. Thayne Robson, 1978
Item 4 Report to the President by the Toxic Substances Strategy Committee, August 1979
Item 5 Health Effects of Coal in the National Energy Plan by S.C. Morris, K.M. Novak and L.D. Hamilton, April 1979
Item 6 Air Quality Criteria for Particulate Matter and Sulfur Oxides, December 1980
Folder 36 Energy Jobs and the Economy
Folder 37 Time of Day Electric Rates
Folder 38 Committee on the Assessment of Human Health Effects of Great Lakes Water Quality Annual Report, 1980
Item 7-9 Methods Development for Assessing Air Pollution Control Benefits, Volumes II, III and V, 1979
Item 10 Addendum to "The Health Consequences of Sulfur Oxides", 1980

Box 16
Folder 1 Mobilization for Survival
Folder 2 Minorities Organized for Renewable Energy
Folder 3 National Committee for Full Employment Board
Folder 4 Nuclear Regulatory Commission "Idiocy"
Folder 5 Natural Resources Defense Council
Folder 6 National Association of Atomic Veterans
Folder 7 National Labor Law Center
Folder 8 National Association of Environmental Professionals
Folder 9 National Intervenors
Folder 10 Northeast-Midwest Coalition
Folder 11 Northern Rockies Action Group
Folder 12 Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
Folder 13 National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Folder 14-16 Labor Action Coalition of New York
Folder 17 The Kansas City Labor Beacon
Folder 18 Labor Notes
Folder 19 Labor Research Association
Folder 20 Labor Tribune, James Templeton
Folder 21 Los Angeles COSH
Folder 22 League of Women Voters
Folder 23 Long Island Coalition for Full Employment
Folder 24 Media Network
Folder 25 Mid-Peninsula Conversion EFFE Project
Folder 26 The Nation
Folder 27 National Association of Neighborhoods
Folder 28 National Audubon Society
Folder 29 National Budget Coalition
Folder 30 National Clean Air Coalition
Folder 31 National Committee on Pay Equity
Folder 32 National Conference on Religion and Labor
Folder 33 National Energy Coalition
Folder 34 National Wildlife Federation
Folder 35 New Jersey COSH
Folder 36 New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution
Folder 37 Newsday
Folder 38 North Carolina COSH
Folder 39 Nuclear Times
Folder 40 Tina Hobson, Department of Energy
Folder 51 Hudson Valley Green Times
Folder 52 Human Environment Center
Folder 53 Human Services Forum
Folder 54 Illinois Public Action Council
Folder 55 Inform
Folder 56 Institute for Labor Education and Research
Folder 57 Institute for Labor and Mental Health
Folder 58 Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Folder 59 Institute for Policy Studies
Folder 60 Institute for World Order
Folder 61 Jewish Frontier
Folder 62 Richard Grossman's Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition File
Folder 63 Clean Water Action
Folder 64 Energy Information Administration
Folder 65 Environment Magazine
Folder 66 Environmental Action Foundation
Folder 67 Environmental Defense Fund
Folder 68 Environmental Law Institute
Folder 69 Environmental Industry Council
Folder 70 Environmental Political Action Committees
Folder 71 Environmental Planning Lobby
Folder 72 Environmental Policy Institute
Folder 73 Environmental Task Force
Folder 74 Fair Budget Action
Folder 75 Federation for Progress
Folder 76 Coalition of American Electric Consumers
Folder 77 Coalition for Water Project Review
Folder 78 Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy
Folder 79 Colorado Coalition for Full Employment
Folder 80 Committee for Energy Awareness
Folder 81 Heather Booth
Folder 82 Corporate Data Exchange
Folder 83 Council on Economic Priorities, Long Island Work
Folder 84 Council of State Planning Agencies
Folder 85 Critical Mass Energy Project
Folder 86 Three Mile Island Groups
Folder 87 Trial Lawyers for Public Justice
Folder 88 Urban Environment Conference
Folder 89 Vindale Corp.
Folder 90 World Information Service on Energy
Folder 91 Wilderness Society
Folder 92 Yale Political Union
Folder 93 Vic Reinemer, Public Power

Box 17
Folder 1 Richard Grossman, Austrailia Press
Folder 2 John Andrews, EFFE Austrailia
Folder 3 Jim Roulston, Amalgamated Metal Workers and Shipwrights Union of Austrailia
Folder 4 EFFE Austrailia
Folder 5 Ray Hogan, Federated Miscellaneous Workers Union of Austrailia
Folder 6 Canada/Friends of the Earth, David Brooks
Folder 7 The Energy File, Vancouver, British Columbia
Folder 8 Ontario Federation of Labor
Folder 9 Vancouver
Folder 10 Pollution Probe
Folder 11 Open University
Folder 12 England
Folder 13 Tennessee
Folder 14 Texas
Folder 15 Vermont
Folder 16 Washington State
Folder 17 Wisconsin
Folder 18 Wyoming
Folder 19 Lake Minnewaska
Folder 20 International Consumer Organizations
Folder 21 Austria
Folder 22 Green Bans
Folder 23 Transnational Cooperative Limited
Folder 24 Illinois
Folder 25 Massachusetts
Folder 26 Michigan
Folder 27 Montana
Folder 28 Minnesota
Folder 29 Missouri
Folder 30 New Hampshire
Folder 31 New Jersey, Galantowitz
Folder 32 New York City
Folder 33 New York State
Folder 34 New York State Power
Folder 35 North Carolina
Folder 36 Ohio
Folder 37 Oregon
Folder 38 Pennsylvania
Folder 39 Vermont UGMA
Folder 40 South Carolina
Folder 41 Boston EFFE, Brandt
Folder 42 Louisiana
Folder 43 Hawaii
Folder 44 Hawaii Newspaper Clippings
Folder 45 Alabama
Folder 46 Alaska
Folder 47 Arizona
Folder 48 California
Folder 49 Jeff Pector, EFFE California
Folder 50 Colorado
Folder 51 Delaware
Folder 52 Washington, D.C.
Folder 53 Great Lakes
Folder 54 Indiana
Folder 55 Roger Blobaum, Iowa

Box 18
Folder 1 Southern Appalachian Labor School, 1982
Folder 2 Solidarity Day, September 19, 1981
Folder 3 News Clippings
Folder 4 Missouri Initiative, 1980
Folder 5 Minorities and Energy
Folder 6 Federal Nonnuclear Energy Research and Development Act, Section 11
Folder 7 OSHA OMB
Folder 8 Oil
Folder 9 New York State Black Lake Conference
Folder 10 Nuclear Waste
Folder 11 Nuke Theory
Folder 12 Nukes
Folder 13 Nuclear Industry
Folder 14 No Nukes Literature
Folder 15 New Technology
Folder 16 Progressive Labor List
Folder 17 Proposition 15, California
Folder 18 Milwaukee
Folder 19 Laurel, Mississippi
Folder 20 Land-Value Tax
Folder 21 National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides
Folder 22 National Committee on Pay Equity, 1982
Folder 23 Hudson Valley
Folder 24 General Electric Boycott
Folder 25 Full Employment Week, 1977
Folder 26 Foreclosures
Folder 27 Portsmouth
Folder 28 Energy Alternatives Conference, 1981
Folder 29 Jane Perkins
Folder 30 Employment Aspects on Energy Policies: Report on a Meeting of Trade Union Experts by Leonard Rodberg, 1981
Folder 31 Energy Contacts
Folder 32 Environmental Strategy, 1983
Folder 33 Environmental Health
Folder 34 Environmentalists and Unions
Folder 35 Fate of the Earth
Folder 36 Films and Media
Folder 37 Labor Bull
Folder 38 Jobs Bills and Programs
Folder 39 International Nukes
Folder 40 Humphrey Hawkins Bill, 1978
Folder 41 Superfund, 1980
Folder 42 Synfuels
Folder 43 Taxes
Folder 44 Three Mile Island, Industry Ads
Folder 45 United Autoworkers
Folder 46 Unemployment Data
Folder 47 Unemployment and the Pentagon
Folder 48 Sydney Howe Projects
Folder 49 Water
Folder 50 Welfare
Folder 51 Public Power
Folder 52 Radiation
Folder 53 Reaganomics
Folder 54 Solid Waste
Folder 55 Labor Law Reform
Folder 56 Health and Energy Learning Project
Folder 57 Utilities

Box 19
Folder 1 Avrom Bendavid-Val
Folder 2 Geoff Bernstein
Folder 3 Rosalie Bertell
Folder 4 Frank Blechman
Folder 5 Barbara Blum
Folder 6 Murray Bookchin
Folder 7 Nathan and Helen Ginsburg
Folder 8 John Gofman
Folder 9 Neil Goldstein
Folder 10 Suzanne Gordon
Folder 11 Judy Gorman-Jacobs
Folder 12 Mark Green
Folder 13 Karl Grossman
Folder 14 Larry Grossman
Folder 15 Richard Grossman Correspondence
Folder 16 Bruce Hannon
Folder 17 Peter Harnik
Folder 18 Mike Harrington
Folder 19 Sheila Harty
Folder 20 Hazel Henderson
Folder 21 Richard Healey
Folder 22 Lois Gibbs
Folder 23 Robert A. Georgine
Folder 24 Cindy Gagne
Folder 25 James Forman
Folder 26 Henry Foner, FLM
Folder 27 Peter Fisher
Folder 28 Kim Fellner
Folder 29 Jehane Dyllan
Folder 30 Bill Drayton
Folder 31 Lee Dragu
Folder 32 Riley Dunlap
Folder 33 Irene Dickinson
Folder 34 Thomas R. Donahue
Folder 35 Mary Anna Colwell
Folder 36 Rennie Cushing
Folder 37 Dave Browner
Folder 38 Dave Cortright
Folder 39 Doug Costle
Folder 40 Ramsey Clark
Folder 41 Gene Carroll
Folder 42 Lester Brown
Folder 43 Jacques Cousteau
Folder 44 Charlie King
Folder 45 Jimmy Carter
Folder 46 Coretta Scott King
Folder 47 Lane Kirkland
Folder 48 Dan Kohl
Folder 49 George Kohl
Folder 50 Charlie Komanoff
Folder 51 Stewart Brandborg
Folder 52 Joe Browder
Folder 53 Steve Max
Folder 54 Len Rodberg
Folder 55 Byron Kennard
Folder 56 Carl Pope
Folder 57 Mark Reis, Washington Senate
Folder 58 Bill Ragen
Folder 59 Frank Riessman
Folder 60 Lorna Salzman
Folder 61 Howard D. Samuel
Folder 62 Shelly Samuels
Folder 63 Mike Russell
Folder 64 Tom Schlesinger
Folder 65 Robert A. Searby
Folder 66 John Seed
Folder 67 Pete Seeger
Folder 68 Skip Laitner
Folder 69 Charles Lee
Folder 70 Sid Lens
Folder 71 Robert Leppzer
Folder 72 David Lilenthal
Folder 73 Pamela Lippe
Folder 74 Claire Lipsman
Folder 75 Herb Lubalin
Folder 76 Steve Lyon, Friends of the Earth/SUN
Folder 77 Manning Marable
Folder 78 J.W. Marriott
Folder 79 Leo Marx
Folder 80 John McCormick
Folder 81 Tony Mazzocchi
Folder 82 Tony McManus
Folder 83 McMullen
Folder 84 Nina Mohit
Folder 85 David Morris Speeches
Folder 86 Dr. Josephine Murray
Folder 87 Max Ogden
Folder 88 George Ogle
Folder 89 Mike Olszanski
Folder 90 John O'Leary
Folder 91 Jeff Pector
Folder 92 Jane Perkins
Folder 93 Michael Pertschuk

Box 20
Cassette 1 From This Day Forward
Folder 1 2nd National Labor Conference for Safe Energy and Full Employment Press Release, November 16, 1981
Folder 2 2nd National Labor Conference for Safe Energy and Full Employment Tentative Agenda, November 13, 1981
Folder 3 Energy Fact Sheet Number 7, Jobs & Energy, Labor Committee for Safe Energy and Full Employment
Folder 4 Flyer Containing Articles regarding Joblessness
Folder 5 Program and Function of the Labor Committee for Safe Energy and Full Employment, June 29, 1980
Folder 6 Palladium Times Article, Union Power-Our Power, October 9, 1980
Folder 7 National Labor Conference for Safe Energy and Full Employment Resolutions Approved, October 10-12, 1980
Folder 8 "We Must Employ Our Best Resources Against Nuclear Energy" Flyer
Folder 9 2nd National Labor Conference for Safe Energy and Full Employment, Resolution 1
Folder 10-11 Articles regarding Thrree Mile Island
Folder 12 Articles regarding Nuclear War Lobby
Folder 13 National Labor Conference for Safe Energy and Full Employment, Resolution 2
Folder 14 United States Nuclear Production Map
Folder 15 Clippings
Item 1 1st and 2nd National Labor Conference for Safe Energy and Full Employment Conference Calls, 1980-1981
Reel 1-2 March on Harrisburg, Washington Radio 60 Second PSA
Item 2 Articles regarding Nuclear Protests

Box 21
Folder 1 Fuels From Biomass- Fossile and/or Up-To-Date? by Rolf Czeskleba-Dupont, 1981
Folder 2 Trade Union Book Service, London
Folder 3 Keith Hudson, England
Folder 4 France
Folder 5 Germany
Folder 6 India
Folder 7 Irish Transport and General Workers' Union
Folder 8 Japan
Folder 9 Kenya
Folder 10 Friends of the Earth Malaysia, Asian Environment
Folder 11 EFFE New Zealand
Folder 12 Norway
Folder 13 Pacific
Folder 14 Scotland
Folder 15 Bien, Spanish Nuclear Energy Bulletin
Folder 16 Sweden
Folder 17 The Environmentalist, Switzerland, Elsevier Sequoia
Folder 18 Transnational Information Exchange
Folder 19 EFFE Yugoslavia
Folder 20 Brown Lung
Folder 21 Regulation, Job Creation and Loss
Folder 22 Baker Amendment
Folder 23-24 Black Lake
Folder 25 Art
Folder 26 Arms Reduction, 1982
Folder 27 Anti-Nuke Groups
Folder 28 Anti-Labor Articles
Folder 29 American Energy Week, March 15-21, 1981
Folder 30 PMC I Current
Folder 31 Acid Rain
Folder 32 Plowshare
Folder 33 Conservation
Folder 34 Conrail-Amtrak Cuts
Folder 35 Clinch River
Folder 36 Coal Strike Letter
Folder 37 Cleveland Labor Party
Folder 38 Clean Water Act
Folder 39 Clean Air Act, 1982
Folder 40 Citizens Committee to Protect the Environment
Folder 41 Cargo Preference
Folder 42 California Initiative, Kevin Masterson
Folder 43 Reagan Budget, 1981-1983
Folder 44 Empoyment Impact of the Solar Transition, Energy Subcommittee Study, April 1979
Folder 45 EMIS
Folder 46 Economic Renewal
Folder 47 Directories
Folder 48 James Schlesinger, Secretary of Energy, February 16, 1978
Folder 49 Department of Energy Budget, 1981
Folder 50 Diablo Canyon
Folder 51 Walden Bello
Folder 52 Ronald Bell
Folder 53-54 Chris Bedford, Communication Workers of America
Folder 55 John Heritage
Folder 56 Bob Baugh
Folder 57 John Bartlit Speech
Folder 58 Harriet Barlow
Folder 59 Major Daily Newspapers
Folder 60 Press Contacts
Folder 61 Attorneys
Folder 62 Mixed Union Names

Box 22
Volume 1 Final Report, Economic Consequences of Plant Shutdowns in New York State, New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, May 1980
Volume 2 Economic Impact of Proposed OSHA Lead Standards by Charles River Associates Inc., March 1977
Volume 3 Storm Clouds on the Horizon: Labor Market Crisis and Industrial Policy by Barry Bluestone, Bennett Harrison and Lucy Gorham, May 1984
Volume 4 Absentee and Local Ownership of Maine Manufacturing by Jeff Faux and Russell Libby
Volume 5 Critical Mass '83 Conference Workbook, March 25-27, 1983
Volume 6 Capital and Communities: The Causes and Consequences of Private Disinvestment by Barry Bluestone and Bennett Harrison, 1980
Volume 7 Jobs for the Future: A Democratic Agenda by the Senate Democratic Caucus, 1983
Volume 8 New Directions in State & Local Public Policy, June 1977
Volume 9 Coal: Bridge to the Future by the World Coal Study
Volume 10 The Human Morbidity Costs of Air Pollution in St. Louis, Phase I Stage 2 Report by Michael D. Koontz, October 1978
Volume 11 Asbestos in the Great Lakes Basin with Emphasis on Lake Superior, a Report to the International Joint Commission from the Great Lakes Research Advisory Board, February 1975
Volume 12 A Second Survey of Public and Leadership Attitudes Toward Nuclear Power Development in the United States by Louis Harris and Associates, Inc., November 1976
Volume 13 Guiding Growth: A Handbook for New Hampshire Townspeople, March 1974
Volume 14 Solar Jobs in Victoria: The Economic Impact of the Solar Industry by John Andrews, September 1982
Volume 15 Environmental Policy for the 1980's: Impact on the American Steel Industry by Arthur D. Little, Inc., 1981
Volume 16 Global Energy Futures and the Carbon Dioxide Problem by the Council on Environmental Quality, January 1981
Volume 17 International Trade, Industrial Policies, and the Future of American Industry by the Labor-Industry Coalition for International Trade
Volume 18 The Need for US Industrial Objectives: A Report of the Industrial Objectives Panel by Economic Policy Council of UNA-USA, March 1982
Volume 19 Steel and the Environment: A Cost Impact Analysis by Arthur D. Little, Inc., 1978
Volume 20 Planning for Energy-Self Reliance in Transportation: The Case of the District of Columbia by David Morris, July 1979
Volume 21 Analysis of Three Mile Island-Unit 2 Accident by the Nuclear Safety Analysis Center, March 1980
Volume 22 The First Biennial Conference on the Fate of the Earth, October 19-21, 1982
Volume 23 AIHC Recommended Alternatives to OSHA's Generic Carcinogen Proposal, February 24, 1978
Volume 24 The Press Against Labor Law "Reform"
Volume 25 Effects of Environmental Protection Regulation on Regional Economic Development, September 1977
Volume 26 Delicate Bonds: The Global Semiconductor Industry, 1980
Volume 27 America's Economic Future: Environmentalists Broaden the Industrial Policy Debate, A Report of the Project on Industrial Policy and the Environment, June 1984
Volume 28 Rational Reindustrialization: An Economic Development Agenda for Detroit by Dan Luria and Jack Russell, 1981
Volume 29 Alternatives: Perspectives on Society and Environment, 1977
Volume 30 Environment, March 1979
Volume 31 Proposed Regulation of the United States Occupation Safety and Health Administration for the Identification, Classification and Regulation of Toxic Substances Posing a Potential Occupational Carcinogenic Risk, 1978

Box 23
Volume 1 Business and Environment: Toward Common Ground by the Conservation Foundation
Volume 2 People at Work by Pehr G. Gyllenhammar, 1977
Volume 3 Power & Light: Political Strategies for the Solar Transition by David Talbot and Richard E. Morgan, 1981
Volume 4-5 The Health Costs of Air Pollution: A Survey of Studies Published 1967-1977
Volume 6 Report of the AFL-CIO Executive Council, November 15, 1979
Volume 7 Inequity & Decline: How the Reagan Tax Policies are Affecting the American Taxpayer and the Economy by Robert S. McIntyre and Dean C. Tipps, 1983
Volume 8 Human Capital: A High Yield Corporate Investment by Anthony Patrick Carnevale, 1983
Volume 9 The Law and Policy of Toxic Substance Control: A Case Study of Vinyl Chloride by David D. Doniger, 1978
Volume 10 Employment and Environment by Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, 1978
Volume 11 The Harvard Environmental Law Review, 1980
Volume 12 Labor Studies Journal, 1981
Volume 13 Help for the Working Wounded by Thomas F. Mancuso, 1976
Volume 14 Sun! A Handbook for the Solar Decade by Friends of the Earth, 1978
Volume 15 The Economy in the 1980s: A Program for Growth and Stability, 1980
Volume 16 A Shorter Workweek in the 1980's by William McGaughey, Jr., 1981
Volume 17 Polychlorinated Biphenyls, 1979
Volume 18 Air Pollution by Virginia Brodine, 1973
Volume 19 The Water Lords: Ralph Nader's Study Group Report on Industry and Environmental Crisis in Savannah, Georgia by James M. Fallows, 1971
Volume 20 A National Policy for the Environment: NEPA and Its Aftermath by Richard A. Liroff, 1976
Volume 21 The Occupational Safety and Health Act: Its Goals and Its Achievements by Robert Stewart Smith, 1976
Volume 22 Military Expansion Economic Decline by Robert W. DeGrasse Jr., 1983
Volume 23 Inflation and Unemployment: Surviving the 1980s by Robert J. Vaughan, 1979
Volume 23 The Working Poor: Towards a State Agenda by David M. Gordon, 1979
Volume 24 Environmental Awakening: The New Revolution to Protect the Earth by Rice Odell, 1980
Item 1 "They Lie" Pin

Box 24
Volume 1 Energy and the Environment: The Challenge of the 80's, Proceedings of the Environmental Industry Conference, February 1980
Volume 2 The Labor-Managed Economy by Jaroslav Vanek, 1977
Volume 3 Setting National Priorities: The 1982 Budget, 1981
Volume 4 Our Own Worst Enemy: The Impact of Military Production on the Upper South, 1983
Volume 5 Democracy at Work: A Guide to Workplace Ownership, Participation & Self-Management Experiments in the United States & Europe by Daniel Zwerdling, 1978
Volume 6 Economic Benefits of Preserving Old Buildings, 1976
Volume 7 What Have You Done For Me Lately? by Austin H. Perlow, 1979
Volume 8 The Economics of Natural Environments: Studies in the Valuation of Commodity and Amenity Resources by John V. Krutilla and Anthony C. Fisher, 1976
Volume 9 Portrait of a Poison: The 2,4,5-T Story by Judith Cook and Chris Kaufman, 1982
Volume 10 Social Regulation: Strategies for Reform, 1982
Volume 11 The Economic Consequences of a Nuclear Freeze by William D. Hartung, 1984
Volume 12 Housing Equity and Environmental Protection: The Needless Conflict by Mary E. Brooks, 1976
Volume 13 Government Regulation of Business: Its Growth, Impact and Future
Volume 14 Environmental Quality and Economic Growth by Robert Hamrin, 1981
Volume 15 The Environmental Protection Hustle by Bernard J. Frieden, 1979
Volume 16 Labor and the Environment: An Analysis of and Annotated Bibliography on Workplace Environmental Quality in the United States by Frederick H. Buttel, Charles C. Geisler and Irving W. Wiswall, 1984
Volume 17 Solar Energy Now by Harvey Rose, 1982
Volume 18 Current Issues in US Environmental Policy, 1978
Volume 19 Environmental Improvement Through Economic Incentives, 1977
Volume 20 Economics and the Environment by Allen V. Kneese, 1977
Volume 21 Technology and Growth: The Price We Pay by E.J. Mishan, 1970
Volume 22 A Clear View: Guide to Industrial Pollution Control by James Cannon, 1975
Volume 23 Clearing the Air: Reforming the Clean Air Act by Lester B. Lave and Gilbert S. Omenn, 1981
Volume 24 Jobs and Energy: The Employment and Economic impacts of Nuclear Power, Conservation, and Other Energy Options, 1979
Volume 25 Manpower for Environmental Pollution Control, 1977
Volume 26 Transportation and Energy by Al H. Chesser, 1975
Volume 27 Economic Advantages of Transporting Coal by Rail vs. Coal Slurry Pipeline by Al H. Chesser, 1976
Volume 28 Third Pollution: The National Problem of Solid Waste Disposal by William E. Small, 1971
Volume 29 America's Industrial Future: An Environmental Perspective by Robert G. Healy, 1982
Volume 30 The Full Employment Alternative by Andrew Levinson, 1980
Volume 31 The Corporation in the American Economy, 1970
Volume 32 Economics, Environmental Policy and the Quality of Life by William J. Baumol and Wallace E. Oates, 1977
Volume 33 Peril on the Job by Ray Davidson, 1970

Box 25
Folder 1 Steve Hershey
Folder 2 Fred Heutte
Folder 3 Abbie Hoffman
Folder 4 Brian Howe, MP
Folder 5 Hulbert James
Folder 6 Ruth Jordan
Folder 7 Roger Kahn
Folder 8 Si Kahn
Folder 9 Marvin Kalkstein
Folder 10 James Kennedy
Folder 11 Edward Kennedy
Folder 12 Ed Abbey
Folder 13 Gordon Adams
Folder 14 Gar Alperovitz
Folder 15 Cliff Aron
Folder 16 John Aschuler
Folder 17 Steve Baer, Zomeworks
Folder 18 Jordan Barab
Folder 19 Randy Barber
Folder 20 Labor Educators
Folder 21 AFL-CIO State and Local Bodies, 1978-1979
Volume 1 Report of the Interagency Task Force on the Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation, June 1979
Volume 2 A Retrospective Survey of Cancer in Relation to Occupation, 1977
Volume 3 US Atomic Energy Commission Office of Operation Evaluation, Nuclear Power Plant Availability and Capacity Statistics, 1973
Volume 4 US Atomic Energy Commission Office of Operations Evaluation, Summary of Abnormal Occurrences Reported to the Atomic Energy Commission, 1973
Volume 5 Statistical Data of the Uranium Industry by the Atomic Energy Commission, 1973
Volume 6 Long-Term Management of Defense High-Level Radioactive Wastes, Savannah River Plant in Aiken, SC, 1979
Volume 7-8 Final Generic Environmental Statement on the Use of Recycle Plutonium in Mixed Oxide Fuel in Light Water Cooled Reactors, 1976
Volume 9 US Atomic Energy Commission Office of Operations Evaluation, Evaluation of Nuclear Power Plant Availability, 1974
Volume 10 Proposed Regulation, Inorganic Arsenic, 1975
Volume 11 Coal Liquefaction: Recent Findings in Occupational Safety and Health
Volume 12 Statistical Data of the Uranium Industry, 1981
Volume 13 Better Data Needed to Determine the Extent to Which Herbicides Should Be Used on Forest Lands, 1981
Volume 14 Interagency Program in Energy-Related Health and Environmental Effects Research Project Status Report, 1979
Volume 15 National Plan For Energy Research, Development & Demonstration: Creating Energy Choices for the Future, 1975
Volume 16 Documenting the "Decline" of the North, 1978
Volume 17 National Plan for Energy Research, Development & Demonstration: Creating Energy Choices for the Future, Program Implementation
Volume 18 Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment in the Eighties, 1980
Volume 19 Government and the Regulation of Corporate and Individual Decisions in the Eighties, 1980
Volume 20 Report on National Growth and Development, 1974
Volume 21 Forging an Industrial Competitiveness Strategy by the Subcommittee on Economic Stabilization, 1983
Volume 22 Pressures in Today's Workplace by the Subcommittee on Labor-Management Relations, 1980
Volume 23 Work & Health: Inseparable in the 80's Conference Proceedings, 1980
Volume 24 Toward Regulatory Reasonableness by US Department of Commerce, 1977
Volume 25 World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers, 1967-1976
Volume 26 Analysis of Economic Effects of Environmental Regulations on the Integrated Iron and Steel Industry, 1977
Volume 27 Final Report, Environmental Job Opportunities Study by National Urban League, Inc., 1977
Volume 28 The Effect of the Man-Made Environment on Health and Behavior by Lawrence E. Hinkle, Jr. and William C. Loring
Volume 29 Occupational Safety and Health Improvements Act of 1980, Hearings Before the Committee on Labor and Human Resources, United States Senate, April 1980

Box 26
Volume 1 Occupational Health and Safety Symposia, 1976
Volume 2 Reactor Safety Study: An Assessment of Accident Risks in US Commercial Nuclear Power Plants, 1975
Volume 3 The Costs of Government Regulation of Business by Subcommittee on Economic Growth and Stabilization, 1978
Volume 4 The Migration of Firms and Workers in Ohio, 1970-1975 by Carol L. Jusenius and Larry Ledebur
Volume 5 The Federal Nonnuclear Research and Development Act, Section 11, Environmental Evaluation
Volume 6 Oil Shale R, D&D Program Management Plan, Department of Energy, June 25, 1979
Volume 7 The Safety of Nuclear Power Reactors and Related Facilities, 1973
Volume 8 Environmental Radiation Dose Commitment: An Application to the Nuclear Power Industry, 1974
Volume 9 Report on the Investigation of the 106 T Tank Leak at the Hanford Reservation in Richland, Washington, 1973
Volume 10 US Department of Energy Secretary's Annual Report to Congress, 1980
Volume 11 Study of the Reactor Licensing Process, Task Force Report to the Director of Regulation, 1973
Volume 12 A Radiobiological Assessment of the Spatial Distribution of Radiation Dose from Inhaled Plutonium, 1974
Volume 13-14 US Atomic Energy Commission Annual Report to Congress, Volumes 1-2, 1973
Volume 15 Occupational Health and Safety for Agricultural Workers, Agricultural Health & Safety Considerations for a Rural Primary Health Care System, 1976
Volume 16 The Regional Implications of Transported Air Pollutants: An Assessment of Acidic Deposition and Ozone, 1982
Volume 17 Three Mile Island: The Financial Fallout, 1980
Volume 18 Electric Powerplant Cancellations and Delays
Volume 19 Large Businesses Dominated Awards Made Under DOE's Alternative Fuels Program, 1981
Volume 20 Economic Impact of Closing the Indian Point Nuclear Facility, 1980
Volume 21 How Can Workplace Injuries Be Prevented? The Answers May be in OSHA Files, 1979
Volume 22 Chartbook on Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, 1976
Volume 23 Current Industrial Reports: Pollution Abatement Costs and Expenditures, 1978
Volume 24 The Tennessee Valley Authority's Tellico Dam Project: Costs, Alternatives and Benefits, 1977
Volume 25 Report to Congress: Disposal of Hazardous Wastes, 1974
Volume 26 National Commission for Employment Policy, Sixth Annual Report to the President and the Congress, 1980
Volume 27 National Advisory Council on Economic Opportunity, Twelfth Report, 1980
Volume 28 National Conference on the Environment and Health Care Costs, 1978
Volume 29 The Benefits of Air and Water Pollution Control: A Review and Synthesis of Recent Estimates, 1979
Volume 30 Chartbook on Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, 1975
Volume 31 Economic Effects of Environmental Regulations on the Pollution Control Industry, 1978
Volume 32 Asbestos in Schools: A Dilemma by the US General Accounting Office, 1982
Volume 33 US Department of Labor OSHA Inflationary Impact Statement, Coke Oven Emissions, 1976
Volume 34 Economic Impact Analysis of Proposed Noise Control Regulation, April 1976
Volume 35 Draft Environmental Impact Statement: Proposed Regulation, Noise
Volume 36 Occupational Health and Safety for Agricultural Workers, 1976
Volume 37 Intra-Urban Mortality and Air Quality: An Economic Analysis of the Costs of Pollution Induced Mortality, July 1977
Volume 38 Supporting Innovation: A Policy Study, September 1980
Volume 39 Occupational Disease in California, 1976
Volume 40 Demolition and Removal of Plutonium-Contaminated Facilities at Hanford by M.N. Raile, May 1975
Volume 41 House Resolution 4360, November 10, 1983
Volume 42 National Accomplishments in Pollution Control, 1970-1980
Volume 43 Economic Impact Analysis of Proposed Noise Control Regulation, April 1976
Volume 44 US Department of Labor OSHA Inflationary Impact Statement on Inorganic Arsenic, 1976
Volume 45 Health, United States, 1976-1977
Volume 46 Critical Review of Estimating Benefits of Air and Water Pollution Control
Volume 47 Health Consequences of Sulfur Oxides: A Report from CHESS, 1970-1971
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