Summary Information
Title: Paul J. LeBlanc Papers
Collection Number: AIS.1974.17
Creator: LeBlanc, Paul J.

Collection Dates: 1967-1998
Extent: 43.75 linear feet (35 Boxes)

Language: English

The Paul J. LeBlanc Papers consists of mainly left-leaning, typically socialist, material collected by LeBlanc in his professional and personal life. The collection includes magazines, newspapers and articles. There is also information about various socialist groups, especially the Fourth International Tendency, of which LeBlanc is a member. Additionally, the collection contains both professional and personal correspondence, research materials used by LeBlanc and articles he has written.

ULS Archives Service Center
University of Pittsburgh Library System
7500 Thomas Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA, 15260
Date Published:


Finding aid prepared by Kaitlyn Murphy.

Paul LeBlanc is an academic and activist interested in socialism, various aspects of Marxism and workers rights. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1971 with a degree in History and a minor in Sociology. Before continuing with his academic career, LeBlanc worked a variety of jobs, such as assembly-line worker and pipefitter. During this time he was an active member of several labor unions. In 1980 he received his Masters degree in History and in 1989 he received his Ph.D., both from the University of Pittsburgh. His studies as an undergraduate and graduate student focused on the history of labor and social movements. LeBlanc then went on to work at the University of Pittsburgh as a teaching fellow and academic advisor. He also taught courses at Carlow College and Slippery Rock University. He became a professor at LaRoche College in 2000 and remains there today.

During his academic career, his articles appeared in various publications throughout the United States and abroad. He also became involved in several organizations, most notably the Fourth Internationalist Tendency (F.I.T.), which works to promote socialism, human and workers rights and peace. F.I.T., along with the Socialist Workers Party, Socialist Action and Solidarity, worked together and exchanged information and ideas. Eventually, these organizations merged to become part of Solidarity, an umbrella organization, but still remained independent. LeBlanc was very involved in the F.I.T.’s various publications, especially The Bulletin in Defense of Marxism.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

The Paul LeBlanc Papers contain a variety of left-leaning, typically socialist, publications such as newspapers, magazines and newsletters. The publications are mostly domestic but foreign publications are also included. The Nation, The Guardian, Against the Current, International Socialist Review, Socialist Action and Socialist Challenge are among the most popular publications in the collection.

The collection also contains Information and Discussion Bulletins published by the F.I.T., Socialist Action, Socialists Workers Party and Solidarity. Additionally, there are many flyers, bulletins and pamphlets from other organizations – many pertaining to anti-intervention and anti-war causes. The collection also contains documents and correspondence pertaining to the F.I.T. Included are meeting minutes, proposals, resolutions and correspondence between fellow members and members of other organizations. This material shows the evolution of the F.I.T. and its relationships with Solidarity, Socialist Action and Socialist Workers Party. There is also a concentration of material that focuses on the F.I.T. publication Bulletin in Defense of Marxism.

LeBlanc’s professional and academic material is also part of this collection. His research material is included, as well as a number of his articles. The collection contains drafts and the final versions of his writings. There are also many other articles and manuscripts, presumably written by colleagues and friends, that LeBlanc acquired and reviewed. LeBlanc also collected a variety of other articles and newspaper articles on topics such as politics, political theory, labor movements and free trade.


This collection is arranged into the following five series:

Series I. Publications

Series II. Fourth Internationalist Tendency

Series III. Organizations

Series IV. Research

Series V. Personal

Subject Terms

  • Political activists -- Pennsylvania
  • Socialism -- Periodicals
  • Socialism -- United States -- Newspapers

Corporate Names
  • Fourth Internationalist Tendency (Group).

Personal Names
  • LeBlanc, Paul J.

  • Personal papers
  • Social action

Access and Use
Access Restrictions:

No restrictions.

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Paul LeBlanc in 1974, 1995 and 2000.

Preferred Citation:

Paul J. LeBlanc Papers, 1968-1998, AIS.1974.17, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

Processing Information:

Portions of this collection were processed by Archives Service Center in September 1974 and Erin Venter in March 2001. The collection was reprocessed in its entirety by Kaitlyn Murphy and Zachary Brodt in June 2010.


The University of Pittsburgh holds the property rights to the material in this collection, but the intellectual copyright may still be held by the original creator/author. Researchers are therefore advised to follow the regulations set forth in the U.S. Copyright Code when publishing, quoting, or reproducing material from this collection without the consent of the creator/author or that go beyond what is allowed by fair use.

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Collection Inventory

Series I. Publications

Scope and Content Notes:

This series consists of newspapers, magazines, bulletins and books collected by LeBlanc. The majority of the publications reflect LeBlanc’s activism in various left-leaning social and political groups. Also included are publications put out by organizations that LeBlanc or the F.I.T. were associated with, such as Solidarity and the Socialist Workers Party. This series contains well known publications such as The Nation and The Guardian, as well as smaller, more localized publications.

Box 1
Folder 1 1917: Journal of the International Bolshevik Revolution
Item 1 99P/SEIU Organizer, the Voice of Health Care Workers in Pennsylvania
Folder 2 The Abolitionist
Folder 3 ACLU Pittsburgh Newsletter
Item 2 Across Frontiers
Folder 4 Action
Item 3 Activists Panels
Folder 5 African American Nation: A Journal for Self-Determination and Workers Power
Item 4-92 Against the Current
Folder 6 Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam
Folder 7 Alert!
Folder 8 The Allegheny Socialist
Folder 9 Alliance for the Progressive Action
Folder 10 The Ally

Box 2
Item 1-2 Alternative Press Index
Folder 1 The Alternative Review
Item 3 America at Work
Item 4 America Needs a Raise Newsletter
Item 5-6 America Needs a Raise: Facts and Figures
Item 7-8 American Elections and the Issues Facing Working People
Folder 2 American Labor
Item 9 The American Socialist
Item 10 The American Spectator
Folder 3 American Student
Item 11 AMM for Activists
Folder 4 Amnesty Action
Item 12 Another Voice, Another Vision: Labor Parties in American History
Item 13-15 Anti-Racist Action News
Folder 5 Autre Chose
Item 16 Avortement: la femme decide
Folder 6 Bandera Socialista
Item 17 Baragua!
Folder 7 Barricada Internacional
Folder 8 Battleground Detroit
Folder 9 BCR Reports
Item 18-19 The Bill of Rights Journal
Item 20 The Birth and Development of the Black Student Movement, 1960-1990
Folder 10 Black History and the Class Struggle
Item 21-26 Bolerium Books
Folder 11 Bookmarks
Folder 12 Books for an Endangered Planet from Charles H. Kerr
Item 27 Brazil
Folder 13 The Brecht Forum
Item 28-49 Bring the Troops Home Now Newsletter
Item 50 Building a Movement for Reproductive Freedom
Item 51 The Bulletin
Item 52 Bulletin for International Conference Stop Capitalist Barbarism Prepare the Socialist Alternative
Item 53 Bulletin of International Socialism
Folder 14 Cahiers du Feminisme
Item 54 The Call
Folder 15 Campaign for a New Tomorrow Newsletter
Folder 16 Campaign Group News
Item 55-56 Capitalism, Nature, Socialism: A Journal of Socialist Ecology
Item 57 Capitalism, the Family and Personal Life
Item 58 CAQ: Covert Action
Folder 17 The Catholic Worker
Item 59 Celebrate Diversity
Folder 18 Central America Mobilization Coalition Newsletter
Folder 19 Central North Side Newsletter
Folder 20 Challenge: the Revolutionary Communist Newspaper
Folder 21 Charles H. Kerr - Publishers of Anti-Establishment Literature
Item 60 Cheetay
Item 61 China Reconstructs
Item 62 The Christian Century
Folder 22 Citizen Action News
Item 63 Columbia Journalism Review
Folder 23 Columbia Update
Item 64 Commentary
Item 65 Committee of Youth Organizations Information Bulletin
Folder 24 Committees of Correspondence
Folder 25 Concessions and How to Beat Them (a Labor Notes Book)
Folder 26 The Conch
Item 66 Conference on Strengthening the New Politics
Folder 27 Conspiracy
Folder 28 Corresponder
Folder 29 Counter-Attack
Folder 30 Crisis
Folder 31 Crisis in Chicago: 1968
Folder 32 A Critical History of New Politics in Berkley by Peter Camejo
Item 67 The Critical Point
Folder 33 Critique Communiste
Item 68-78 Cross Roads
Item 79 Cuba Speaks out on the Helms-Burton Law
Item 80 Cuban Labor and the Communist Party, 1937-1958
Item 81-82 Cultural Correspondence

Box 3
Folder 1 The Current Economic Crisis: Causes and Implications
Item 1 Current History
Folder 2 Daily World
Item 2 Democratic Credo: Economic Bill of Rights
Folder 3 Democratic Left
Item 3 Detroit Sunday Journal
Folder 4 Dialogue and Initiative
Folder 5 The Dispatcher
Folder 6 Dissent
Item 4 Dissent
Item 5-13 Dollars and Sense
Folder 7 Ecology and Development
Folder 8 Education for Socialists
Folder 9 Eleven-Ninety-Nine Drug and Hospital News
Folder 10 Em Tempo
Item 14 Envio
Item 15 The Ethiopian Revolution
Folder 11 Extra!
Item 16 Fascism and the Spectacular State
Item 17 Falling Short
Folder 12 Federation for Industrial Retention and Renewal News
Item 18 Feminists and Anti-Feminists in the French Revolution
Item 19 Fifty Contemporary American Artists
Item 20 A Fight for Political Rights
Item 21 Fighting for Women's Rights in the 1990's
Folder 13 Fighting Worker
Item 22 Filmmakers Library
Item 23 For the Sake of a Single Verse
Item 24 Forward Motion
Item 25 Fourth International
Folder 14-15 The Fourth International: The Long March of the Trotskyists
Item 26 Free Speech and Free Press
Folder 16 Free Speech Movement Newsletter
Item 27 Free Student
Folder 17 Free University Press
Folder 18 The Freedom Socialist
Item 28 Freedom Now
Folder 19 Frente Unido Newsletter
Folder 20 Friends of Yesh Gvul
Item 29 From Nuremburg to Harrisburg
Folder 21 Fuera de Linea
Item 30 Global Exchanges
Item 31 Going for it: How to Run a Grassroots Election Campaign and Win
Item 32 Golden Jubilee of de Leonism: 1890-1940
Folder 22 Grass Roots
Folder 23 The Graven Image
Folder 24-29 Green Left Weekly
Folder 30-37 The Guardian

Box 4
Folder 1 Hammer or Anvil: The Story of the German Working-Class Movement
Item 1 Haymarket
Folder 2 Health Right News
Item 2 The Heart Quarterly
Item 3 Hell on Wheels
Folder 3-4 The History Review Journal
Folder 5 How to Beat the Racists
Item 4-19 Humanities Press
Folder 6 I.F. Stone's Weekly
Folder 7-10 Il Programma Comunista
Folder 11 I'll Be There - Jobs With Justice Newsletter
Folder 12 I'm All Right
Item 20 The Illustrated News
Item 21 In Defense of the Revolutionary Continuity
Folder 13-15 In Pittsburgh Newsweekly
Folder 16 In These Times
Item 22-23 Independent Political Action Bulletin
Folder 17-18 Independent Politics
Item 24 Independent Progressive Politics Network
Item 25 The Indonesian Massacre
Folder 19 Industrial Worker
Item 26 Infusion
Folder 20 Inpre Cor
Folder 21 Inroads: Harvard's Socialist Forum
Folder 22 Institute of Social Studies - Working Paper Series
Item 27 Instructor's Manual for Taking Sides
Item 28-29 Insurgent
Item 30 Interlink
Folder 23-25 International Discussion Bulletin
Folder 26 International Discussion Bulletin for the XIII World Congress
Item 31 International Institute for Research and Education
Folder 27-35 International Internal Discussion Bulletin
Item 32 International Marxist Review
Item 33 International Newsletter of Historical Studies on Comintern/Communism/Stalinism
Item 34 International Outlook
Folder 36 International Revolution

Box 5
Folder 1-22 International Socialist Review
Item 1 International Solidarity
Folder 23 International Trotskyist
Folder 24 International Viewpoint
Folder 25 Internationaler
Item 2-3 Internationalist Papers 3 & 4
Folder 26 The Irish Rebel
Item 4 Is the 'Rainbow' a Real Alternative? A Socialist Response
Item 5 Issues and Studies
Folder 27 The Jamal Journal
Folder 28-29 Jewish Currents
Folder 30 Jewish Liberation Journal
Item 6 Jongerenkrant Rebel
Item 7 Justice
Folder 31-32 Justice Speaks
Folder 33 La Gauche
Item 8 la tragedie du viet nam: chronique ordinaire 1920-1945
Item 9-10 La Verite
Folder 34 Labor Militant
Folder 35-39 Labor Notes
Folder 40 Labor Outreach

Box 6
Folder 1 Labor Party Advocate
Folder 2 Labor Party Press
Item 1-2 Labor Review
Folder 3 Labor Solidarity
Folder 4 Labor's Heritage
Item 3 Labour Focus on Eastern Europe
Item 4-19 Labour Review
Folder 5 Labour's Independent Weekly Tribune
Folder 6 La Manifeste Communiste: 150 ans apres
Item 20 La Marxisme aujourd'hui
Folder 7 Left Bank Distribution Book Catalog
Item 21 Left Green Notes - A Magazine of Radical Ecology
Folder 8 Left Green Notes Organizing Bulletin of the Left Green Network
Folder 9 Left History "From Marxism to Conservatism"
Folder 10 Left Out Newsletter
Item 22 Left Report
Folder 11 Left Review
Folder 12-13 Left Turn
Item 23 Lenin and the Theory of 'Democratic Dictatorship'
Item 24 The Leninist Theory of Organization
Item 25 Leon Trotsky and the Organizational Principles of the Revolutionary Party
Item 26 Lessons of the P-9 Strike
Item 27-29 Liberation
Folder 14 Liberation!
Item 30-31 Liberator
Folder 15 Libertad!
Item 32-33 LINKS
Item 34-38 Links: International Journal of Socialist Renewal
Folder 16 The Listener from WYEP
Folder 17 London Labour Briefing
Folder 18 MacNeil and Lehrer News Hour Conversation with Castro
Folder 19 The Magazine
Item 39 Malcolm X: Fighter for Black Liberation
Item 40 Man and the Arts: A Marxist Approach
Item 41 Maoism in the US: A Critical History of the Progressive Labor Party
Item 42 Marxism Today
Folder 20 Marxisme et Parti
Folder 21 Marxism's Lessons for Today by Ann Robertson
Folder 22 Marxist Education Bulletin
Folder 23 Mayday
Item 43 The Meaning of Gorbachev's Reforms
Folder 24 Metro Pittsburgh Labor Party Newsletter
Item 44 The Michigan Militant
Item 45 Michigan Quarterly Review
Folder 25-27 Middle East Research and Information Project
Folder 28-40 The Militant
Folder 41 Militant - The Marxist Paper for Labour and Youth

Box 7
Item 1 The Mill Hunk Herald
Folder 1 Miners Voice
Folder 2 Modern Times
Item 2-5 Monthly Review
Folder 3-4 Monthly Review Press
Folder 5 Monthly Review Sustainers' Newsletter
Folder 6 The Mon-Valley Unemployed Committee Reporter
Folder 7 Moving On
Folder 8 NACLA - Report on the Americas
Folder 9-23 The Nation
Folder 24 New American Movement Discussion Bulletin
Item 6 The New Emancipation
Folder 25 New Left Notes
Item 7-8 The New Republic
Folder 26 New Party News
Folder 27-28 The New People

Box 8
Folder 1-6 The New People
Folder 7 The New Socialist
Folder 8 New Solidarity
Item 1 New Statesmen
Item 2 The New Teamsters
Folder 9 New Unionist
Folder 10 The New York Marxist School
Folder 11 New York Newsday
Folder 12 The New York Review of Books
Item 3 New York Times
Item 4 The New York Times Magazine
Folder 13-14 News and Letters
Item 5 News from the War Zone
Folder 15 News from Within
Item 6 The Newsletter
Folder 16 Newsletter of International Labour Studies
Folder 17 North Star
Folder 18 Northland Poster Collective
Folder 19 Notebooks for Study and Research
Item 7 Octobre 17 Colloque
Folder 20 October Review - China, Marxism and Democracy
Item 8 Of the People, for the People: Pictorial Highlights of the Fifty Years of the CP USA
Folder 21 On Guard
Folder 22 On the Line
Folder 23 Open City: Voice of the City-Wide Strike
Item 9 Organize! 6th Labor Notes Conference
Folder 24 Organized Labor - New Times, New Problems, New Ideas
Folder 25-26 The Organizer
Folder 27-28 Organizing the YSA
Item 10 The Origins of Left Culture in the U.S.: 1880-1940
Folder 29 Osaale News
Item 11 Our Crisis Economy: The End of the Boom
Folder 30 Outcry! From Occupied Berkley
Folder 31 The Partisan
Folder 32 Peace and Democracy
Folder 33 Peace and Freedom News
Item 12 The Peace Educator
Item 13 Peacemaking Journal - The National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution
Folder 34 Peninsula Letters
Item 14 Pennsylvania Labor History Journal
Item 15 Pennsylvania Labor History Notes
Folder 35 Pennsylvania Peace Links
Folder 36 The People
Folder 37 People's Daily World
Folder 38 People's Song
Item 16 People's Tribune
Folder 39-41 People's Weekly World
Folder 42 Perspectives - American Historical Association Newsletter
Folder 43 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Folder 44 Philadelphia Marxist School
Folder 45 The Pitt News
Folder 46 Pittsburgh History
Folder 47 The Plane Truth
Folder 48 Planet
Item 17 Plans for Destruction of Collective Bargaining in 1963
Folder 49 PLANTA Newsletter

Box 9
Item 1-2 The Plough Box
Item 3 Policing by Consent
Folder 1 Political Affairs: Journal of Marxist Thought
Folder 2 Postmark Praha
Item 4 Poverty in the American Dream: Women and Children First
Item 5 Precept and Example
Item 6 The Premature Obituary of Socialism
Folder 3 Progress Books Information Bulletin
Item 7-8 The Progressive
Folder 4 Progressive Labor
Folder 5 The Progressive Women's Quarterly
Item 9 Proletarian Revolution
Item 10 Propaganda Review
Item 11 Proud Heritage: A Brief History of the United Steelworkers of America
Item 12 Radical America
Folder 6 Radical America Newsletter
Folder 7 Radical Philosophy Review of Books
Item 13 Radical Therapist
Folder 8 Religious Socialism
Item 14 Rethinking Marxism
Folder 9 The Return of the Social Revolution: Movements of the 60s in Historical Perspective
Folder 10-12 The Review of Radical Political Economics
Folder 13 Reviews in American History: On Native Grounds
Item 15-16 Revolutionary Marxism Today
Item 17 Revolutionary Marxist Papers 8
Folder 14 Revolutionary Worker
Folder 15 Revolutionary Youth Movement
Folder 16 Rising Up Angry
Folder 17 The Rocket
Folder 18 Root and Branch
Item 18 Rotten Propaganda
Folder 19 Rumbo Latino
Folder 20 Russian Labour Review
Folder 21 San Francisco Review
Item 19 Sanity
Folder 22 Saturday Review of the Sciences
Item 20 Savvy Troublemaking: Politics for New Labor Activists
Folder 23 Scholar
Item 21 Scholar Warrior Journal
Item 22 Science and Society
Item 23-24 Science as Culture
Item 25 SDS: 101 From the Inside
Folder 24 Self Management as a Key to the Economy of the XXI Century
Folder 25 Shakedown
Item 26 Sierra
Item 27 The Smithsonian
Item 28 Social Education
Item 29 Socialism or Barbarism
Item 30 Socialism Today
Folder 26 The Socialist
Folder 27-33 Socialist Action
Folder 34-37 Socialist Action Internal Discussion Bulletin

Box 10
Folder 1-2 Socialist Action Internal Discussion Bulletin
Folder 3 Socialist Action Internal Information Bulletin
Folder 4-5 Socialist Challenge
Item 1 Socialist Democracy
Folder 6-7 Socialist Forum
Item 2 Socialist Organiser
Folder 8-12 Socialist Outlook
Item 3-6 Socialist Review
Folder 13 "Socialist Scholars Conference" Bulletin
Folder 14 Socialist Tribune
Folder 15 Socialist Worker
Folder 16-25 Socialist Workers Party Discussion Bulletin

Box 11
Folder 1-3 Socialist Workers Party Information Bulletin
Folder 4-8 Socialist Workers Party Internal Information Bulletin
Folder 9-10 Socialist Workers Party Organizational Discussion Bulletin
Folder 11-12 Socialist Workers Party - Party Organizer
Item 1 Sojourners
Folder 13-25 Solidarity Discussion Bulletin

Box 12
Folder 1-5 Solidarity Discussion Bulletin
Folder 6 Solidarity Discussion Papers
Folder 7 Solidarity Student and Youth Bulletin
Folder 8 Solidarity Youth and Student Bulletin
Item 1 South End Press Catalog
Item 2 Southpaw Books
Folder 9 Spartacist
Folder 10 Spring Movement
Item 3 The Stark Fist of Removal
Folder 11 Starving Amidst too Much by T-Bone Slim
Item 4 Steel Valley Authority: A Community Plan to Save Pittsburgh's Steel Industry
Folder 12 Steelabor
Folder 13 Steelworker's Voice
Folder 14 Straight Track
Folder 15 Strike Back: A Weekly Bulletin for Workers and the Unemployed
Item 5 Student Activism in the 1980's
Item 6-9 Student Peace Union Discussion Bulletin
Folder 16 Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) Bulletin
Item 10-11 Synthesis/Regeneration 17
Item 12 TDU: 10 Years and Going Strong
Folder 17 Teamster Convoy Dispatch
Item 13 Telos
Folder 18 Third World Viewpoint
Folder 19 Towards a Mass and Democratic Student Peace Union Newsletter
Item 14 The Transitional Program: Forging a Revolutionary Agenda for the U.S.
Item 15 Tikkun
Item 16 Transforming Congregations for the Future by Loren B. Mead
Folder 20 Tri-State Conference Call
Folder 21 Trotskyist International
Item 17 Tucson First Annual Each-I
Folder 22 Turning Problems into Opportunities by Wendi Taylor
Folder 23 UE News
Folder 24 Union Democracy Review
Folder 25 Unions and Free Trade (A Labor Notes Book)
Folder 26 Unity and Struggle
Folder 27 The University Times
Item 18-20 U.S. News and World Report
Item 21 USLA Reporter
Folder 28 Vanguard Newsletter
Item 22 The VDC News
Item 23-26 Viet Report
Folder 29 The View from Here
Item 27 Views
Folder 30 The Village Voice
Item 28 Voice Literary Supplement
Folder 31 The Volunteer
Folder 32 The Washington Spectator
Item 29 Welcome! Tools and Techniques for New Member Ministry by Andrew D. Weeks
Folder 33 West Coast Sailors
Item 30 When Democracy is on the Job, America Works
Folder 34 Which Way America?
Folder 35 Wildcat
Folder 36 Wildcat Report
Item 31 Why Socialism?
Folder 37 Witness for Peace
Folder 38 Women and Revolution
Folder 39 The Worker
Folder 40 Worker Today
Folder 41 Workers and Trade Union Movement Information Centre
Item 32 Workers as Owners Published by the Labor Research Review
Folder 42 Workers League Bulletin
Item 33-36 Workers' Liberty
Folder 43 Worker's Power
Folder 44 Workers Power Discussion Bulletin

Box 13
Folder 1 Workers Press
Folder 2 Workers Review
Folder 3-5 Workers Struggle
Folder 6-8 Workers Vanguard
Item 1 Workers Voice
Folder 9 Workers World
Folder 10 Working People
Item 2 The Working Stiff Journal
Folder 11 The Working Teamster
Item 3 Working Together, Labor Report on the Americas
Item 4 A Year of Decision for U.S. Labor: The Hormel Strike and Beyond
Item 5 Young Communist
Item 6 The Young Socialist
Folder 12-13 Young Socialist Alliance (YSA) Discussion Bulletin
Item 7 Young Socialist Forum
Folder 14 Young Worker's Liberation League
Folder 15-16 Z Magazine

Series II. Fourth Internationalist Tendency (F.I.T.)

Scope and Content Notes:

The material in this series pertains to the publications, organization, and functioning of the F.I.T. Included in this series are the F.I.T. publications Bulletin in Defense of Marxism, Internal Information Bulletin and Internal Discussion Bulletin, among others. There are also many reports, memos, meeting minutes and correspondences that show how the F.I.T. was organized and functioned. In addition, there is material concerning the F.I.T. and its relationships with other similar organizations.

Folder 17 F.I.T. Flyers
Folder 18 F.I.T. Pamphlets and Newsletters
Folder 19-20 F.I.T. Pamphlets
Folder 21 F.I.T. Publications
Folder 22-23 F.I.T. Publishing Related Material
Folder 24 F.I.T. Materials for a History of Trotskyism in the U.S.
Folder 25-40 F.I.T. Information Letter, 1985-1992
Folder 41 F.I.T. Educational Bulletin

Box 14
Item 1-35 Bulletin in Defense of Marxism
Folder 1-4 Bulletin in Defense of Marxism Related Material
Folder 5 Bulletin in Defense of Marxism Name and Subject Index, December 1983-December 1985
Folder 6 Bulletin in Defense of Marxism Functioning
Folder 7 Bulletin in Defense of Marxism Editorial Board Mailings and Committee Minutes
Folder 8 Bulletin in Defense of Marxism Finances
Folder 9 Bulletin in Defense of Marxism Style Sheet
Folder 10 Bulletin in Defense of Marxism Arsenals
Folder 11 Bulletin in Defense of Marxism Reviews
Folder 12 F.I.T. Editorial Commission and Bulletin in Defense of Marxism Related Material
Folder 13 F.I.T. and the Bulletin in Defense of Marxism
Folder 14-31 F.I.T. Internal Discussion Bulletin, 1985-1992

Box 15
Folder 1-11 F.I.T. Internal Information Bulletin, 1988-1992
Folder 12 F.I.T. Internal Bulletins
Folder 13 F.I.T. Information Bulletin - The September 1988 Plenum of the National Organizing Committee, November 1988
Folder 14 F.I.T. Discussion Bulletins and Pamphlets
Folder 15 Correction to an F.I.T. Information Bulletin
Folder 16 Articles on F.I.T.
Folder 17 F.I.T. Business Correspondence, 1985-1992
Folder 18 F.I.T. Personal Correspondence, 1985-1994
Folder 19-20 F.I.T. Correspondence, 1986-1991
Folder 21 Correspondence between Joanna Misnik, Steve Bloom and Paul LeBlanc, 1993
Folder 22 Steve Bloom Correspondence and Articles, 1990-1995
Folder 23 Steve Bloom Correspondence and Articles, 1986-1987
Folder 24 Alan Wald Correspondence and Articles, 1986-1987
Folder 25 F.I.T. Artwork
Folder 26-33 F.I.T.
Folder 34 F.I.T. Reports, 1957-1991
Folder 35 F.I.T. Staff, 1991
Folder 36 F.I.T. Proposals, Resolutions and Discussions, 1982-1990
Folder 37 F.I.T. Proposals, 1985-1993
Folder 38 F.I.T. Documents and Correspondence, 1989-1990
Folder 39 F.I.T. Memos, Proposals and Resolutions, 1990-1992
Folder 40 F.I.T. National and Local Organizing Committee Reports and Proposals
Folder 41 F.I.T. National Coordinators Meeting Minutes, 1982 & 1990
Folder 42 F.I.T. National Coordinators Meeting Minutes, 1985-1988
Folder 43 F.I.T. National Coordinators Meeting Minutes, 1986-1991
Folder 44 F.I.T. National Coordinators Meeting Minutes, 1989-1990
Folder 45 F.I.T. National Coordinators Meeting Minutes, 1991-1992
Folder 46 F.I.T. National Coordinators Committee, 1985-1988
Folder 47 F.I.T. National Organizing Committee

Box 16
Folder 1 F.I.T. Political Committee Meeting Minutes, 1995
Folder 2 F.I.T. Political Committee
Folder 3 Local Organizing Committee of Cincinnati Minutes and Reports, 1988-1989
Folder 4 Local Organizing Committee of Cleveland Minutes and Agendas, 1992
Folder 5 Local Organizing Committee of Pittsburgh Minutes and Agendas, 1991
Folder 6 Local Organizing Committee Notes and Reports, 1991-1993
Folder 7 Local Organizing Committees Minutes, Reports and Memos, 1986-1992
Folder 8 Fourth International Caucus, 1981-1982
Folder 9 Fourth International Caucus, 1993-1995
Folder 10 Fourth International Caucus
Folder 11 Fourth International Caucus Committee Business, 1993
Folder 12 Fourth International Caucus Fund Commission, 1992-1993
Folder 13 Fourth International Caucus Mailings
Folder 14 Discussion Bulletin of the F.I. Caucus of Solidarity, August 1994
Folder 15 F.I.T. Educational Conference, 1986-1987
Folder 16 Paul LeBlanc's 1989 F.I.T. Conference Material, 1989
Folder 17 Paul LeBlanc's 1992 F.I.T. Conference Material, 1992
Folder 18 F.I.T. Plenums and Conferences, 1989-1992
Folder 19 F.I.T. Plenum, 1991
Folder 20 Education Report for F.I.T. May 1991 Plenum, 1991
Folder 21 Registration Forms for the 1992 National Conference, 1992
Folder 22-23 F.I.T.'s Anti-Intervention Commission
Folder 24 Anti-Intervention Publicity, Newsletters and Pamphlets, 1988-1990
Folder 25 Anti-Intervention Commission Notes, Reports and Memos, 1983-1990
Folder 26 F.I.T.'s Cuba Campaign, 1991-1992
Folder 27 F.I.T.'s Women's Liberation Commission, 1991-1992
Folder 28 F.I.T. in Germany, 1986
Folder 29 F.I.T., Socialist Action and Socialist Workers Party Interactions, 1990
Folder 30 Relations Between Socialist Actions, Socialist Workers Party, F.I.T. and Solidarity, 1991-1992
Folder 31 Unity Process
Folder 32 F.I.T. Unity Subcommittee, 1992
Folder 33 F.I.T. Information-Gathering About Solidarity, 1992
Folder 34 F.I.T. Unity with Solidarity, 1990-1992
Folder 35 F.I.T. and Socialist Action Unity and Relations, 1990-1992
Folder 36 Articles on Socialist Action and F.I.T. Unity, 1991
Folder 37 I.E.C., 1990-1995
Folder 38 I.E.C. and United Secretariat
Folder 39 United Secretariat Bureau, 1986
Folder 40-41 United Secretariat
Folder 42 F.I.T. Correspondence with United Secretariat, 1985-1988
Folder 43 Report on the October 5-11, 1991 United Secretariat Meeting, 1991
Folder 44 "Building the FI Today", 1992
Folder 45 "Pragmatic Manifesto of the FI", 1991-1992
Folder 46 F.I.T. 50th Anniversary, 1988
Folder 47 F.I.T. Book, 1990
Folder 48 FIC Book Membership, 1990
Folder 49 Fourth International 50 Years New York Celebration - Member Biographies and Messages, 1988
Folder 50 Ernest Mandel Tour, 1991
Folder 51 Lawsuit with Pathfinder Press, 1986
Folder 52 F.I.T. Memo Paper

Series III. Organizations

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains material related to the various organizations of which LeBlanc was interested or a member. The scope of the organizations varies from political, social, environmental, and charitable activities. Included are memos, letters, and meeting minutes, as well as flyers, pamphlets and bulletins. The most notable organizations are Solidarity, Socialist Workers Party and Socialist Action – groups that the F.I.T. dealt with closely.

Box 17
Folder 1 Activists for Independent Socialist Politics
Folder 2 African-American Work Commission Report
Folder 3 Allegheny Socialists
Folder 4 Alliance for Progressive Action
Folder 5 American Friends Service Committee
Folder 6 American Labor Today Movement, 1968-1969
Folder 7 American Trotskyism Project, 1986
Folder 8 Autumn National Action, July 1970
Folder 9 Baltimore Press and Freedom Movement, 1968
Folder 10 Black Action Society
Folder 11 Black Construction Coalition
Folder 12 Black Panther Party
Folder 13 Black Workers for Justice
Folder 14 Branch Meetings - Notes
Item 1 Campaign for a New Tomorrow
Folder 15 Campaign for Peace in the Middle East, 1990
Folder 16 Carnegie-Mellon University
Folder 17 Center for Studies of Social Change
Folder 18-23 Central America Mobilization Coalition
Folder 24 Central America Mobilization Coalition Articles
Folder 25 Central America Mobilization Coalition Pledge Mailing List, May 1984
Folder 26 Central America Mobilization Coalition and Labor
Folder 27 Central America Mobilization Coalition Letters
Folder 28 Central America Mobilization Coalition Landau Film
Folder 29 Central America Mobilization Coalition Mailing List, May & July 1984
Folder 30 Central America Mobilization Coalition Proposals
Folder 31 Central America Mobilization Coalition and CISPES
Folder 32 Cleveland Area National Peace Action Coalition
Folder 33 Coalition for Human Needs
Folder 34-36 Committees of Correspondence
Folder 37 Committees of Correspondence - Western Pennsylvania Branch Meeting Minutes, 1995
Folder 38 Common Cause
Item 2 Carry it On Peace Calendar 1999

Box 18
Folder 1 Communist Party, USA
Folder 2-5 Communist Party 25th National Convention, 1991
Folder 6 Congress of Racial Equality - Berkeley Campus
Folder 7 Crisis in Black-Jewish Relations, 1993
Folder 8 Daniels Campaign
Folder 9 Democratic Socialists of America
Folder 10 Drug, Hospital and Healthcare Employees Union
Folder 11 DSA Feminist Commission, 1982-1983
Folder 12 Emergency Defense Campaign, 1990
Folder 13 Emergency National Council Against U.S. Intervention in Central America and the Caribbean
Folder 14 ECCA
Folder 15-16 Faction for the Trotskyist International, 1991
Folder 17 Fifth of June Society
Folder 18 Frank Lovell Memorial
Folder 19 Freedom Socialist Party, 1980-1985
Folder 20 Freedom Socialist Party, 1992
Folder 21 **G Conference Pre-Conference Discussion Bulletin, 1991
Folder 22 Gene Pepi Defense Committee
Folder 23 Giant Eagle
Folder 24 Historians of American Communism, 1982-1983
Folder 25 Humanity Books
Folder 26 IFCO Letter, 1994
Folder 27 Industrial Director's Report
Folder 28 Industrial Workers of the World
Folder 29-36 I.I.R.E., 1987
Folder 37 International Socialists
Folder 38 JOIN Community Union, 1966
Folder 39 Kansas City Socialists
Folder 40 Knights of Labor
Folder 41 Kroger Strike

Box 19
Folder 1 Labor Notes Conference Material and Notes, 1993
Folder 2-4 Labor Party
Folder 5 Labor Party Conference
Folder 6 "Living Wage Campaign"
Folder 7 Mark Curtis Defense Committee, 1989
Folder 8-9 Martin Luther King Jr. Forum and Community of Reconciliation
Folder 10 Michel Warschawsky and the Alternative Information Center Defence Campaign, 1989
Folder 11 Midwest Center for Labor Research, 1991
Folder 12 Midwest Radical Scholars and Activists Conference, 1991
Folder 13 Militant Action Caucus
Folder 14 Miscellaneous
Folder 15 NCIPA
Folder 16 National Peace Action Coalition
Folder 17 National Committee to Combat Fascism
Folder 18-19 National Coordinating Committee
Folder 20 National Organization for Women Conference Program, 1992
Folder 21 NOW's Commission for Responsive Democracy, 1991
Folder 22-24 National Peace Action Coalition
Folder 25 National People's Progressive Network and Convention, 1992
Folder 26 National Welfare Rights League
Folder 27 National Welfare Rights Organization
Folder 28-31 New American Movement
Folder 32 New Directions Conference Statement, 1994
Folder 33 New Left
Folder 34 New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Folder 35 New Politics, 1967
Folder 36 New Politics Convention, 1967
Folder 37 New York Intellectuals
Folder 38 New York Marxist School
Folder 39 New York University - Community Contact Committee
Folder 40 News and Letters Committees Constitution and By-laws
Folder 41-42 North Side Youth Action Program
Folder 43 October 1917 Conference
Folder 44 Partido Revolucionario de las y los Trabajadores
Folder 45 Party Struggle
Folder 46 The People's Flag
Folder 47 People's Liberation Organization and the Provincial Councils Elections, 1993
Folder 48 Peoples' Quincentennial, 1991-1992
Folder 49 The Philip Murray Institute of Labor Studies, February-March 1990
Folder 50 Pittsburgh Committee to Defend Political Freedom
Folder 51 Pittsburgh Committee to End the War in Vietnam
Folder 52 Pittsburgh Peace and Freedom Center
Folder 53 Progressive Labor Party

Box 20
Folder 1-3 Radical Education Project
Folder 4-6 Reserved Officers Training Corp.
Folder 7 Revolutionary Socialist Union
Folder 8 Revolutionary Workers League, 1982
Folder 9 Rochester Labor Committee
Folder 10 Ron Daniels for President Campaign, 1992
Folder 11 Sierra Club
Folder 12 Socialist Action, 1990
Folder 13 Socialist Labor Party
Folder 14 Socialist Scholars Conference
Folder 15 Socialist Workers Party Correspondence
Folder 16 Socialist Workers Party 1977 Convention
Folder 17 Socialist Workers Party 1981 Convention
Folder 18 Socialist Workers Party Publications
Folder 19 Solidarity
Folder 20 Solidarity Constitution, 1989
Folder 21 Solidarity Convention, 1994
Folder 22 Solidarity Correspondence, 1988
Folder 23 Solidarity Draft Discussion Documents, 1989
Folder 24 Solidarity Endorsed Events and Articles, 1991-1993
Folder 25 Solidarity Forever Calendar, 1991
Folder 26 Solidarity Founding Statement, 1986
Folder 27 Solidarity Member List, 1992-1993
Folder 28 Nicaragua Solidarity Network, 1992
Folder 29-30 Introduction to Solidarity Packet
Folder 31-34 Solidarity Meeting Minutes
Folder 35 Solidarity Pamphlets
Folder 36 Other Solidarity Publications

Box 21
Folder 1 Polish Solidarity, 1989
Folder 2 Polish Solidarity Controversy, 1990
Folder 3 Solidarity Resolutions, Reports and Correspondence, 1991-1995
Folder 4 Solidarity Youth Conference, 1991
Folder 5 Surrealist Group
Folder 6-12 Students for a Democratic Society
Folder 13 Students for a Democratic Society/Revolutionary Youth Movement
Folder 14 Student Peace Union
Folder 15 Temporary Organizing Committee for Marxist-Leninist Youth Organization
Folder 16 Textile Workers Union of America
Folder 17 The Resistance
Folder 18-19 Thomas Merton Center
Folder 20 Thomas Merton Center Board Meeting Minutes, 1994
Folder 21 Trade Union Commission
Folder 22 The Trotskyist League
Folder 23 The Twenty-First Century Party
Folder 24-26 UE
Folder 27 United Farm Workers of America
Folder 28 University of Pittsburgh
Folder 29 University of Pittsburgh - National Union of Hospital and Nursing Home Employees, Local 1199p
Folder 30 University of Pittsburgh - Revolutionary Student Union
Folder 31 University of Pittsburgh - Young Americans for Freedom
Folder 32 U.S. Committee for Justice to Latin America Political Prisoners
Folder 33 U.S.-Cuba Friendship IV
Folder 34 U.S.-Soviet Worker Information Committee, 1992-1993
Folder 35 U.S.S.R. Campaign
Folder 37 Venceremos Brigade
Folder 38 Vietnam Summer
Folder 39 Washington Area Peace Action Coalition
Folder 40 W.E.B. Club of America
Folder 41 Women for Racial and Economic Equality, 1992
Folder 42 Women's Liberation
Folder 43 Workers League
Folder 44 Workers Power
Folder 45 Workers Unity Network
Folder 46 Workers Want Fairness Campaign
Folder 47 World Federation of Democratic Youth
Folder 48 World Peace Navy
Folder 49-50 Young Socialist Alliance
Folder 51 Young Socialist Alliance Report
Folder 52 Young Workers Liberation League

Series IV. Research

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is composed of both academic and personal research materials collected by LeBlanc. The bulk of the series is composed of readings and articles that usually relate to labor, political or social movements.

Box 22-23 Miscellaneous Research Material

Box 24
Folder 1-2 Miscellaneous Newsletters, Bulletins, Pamphlets and Flyers
Folder 3-7 Miscellaneous Newspaper and Magazine Articles
Folder 8-20 Miscellaneous Articles and Readings
Folder 21 Articles from the New International, 1939-1949
Folder 22 New York Times Articles
Folder 23 Article about Canadian Politics
Folder 24 Articles and Reports about Ernest Mandel, 1995-1996
Folder 25 Articles about Pierre Charles L'Enfant, 1995
Folder 26 Articles on Politics and Political Theory, 1990-1995
Folder 27 Article about Rosa Luxemburg
Folder 28 Articles about the World Congress of the Fourth International
Folder 29 Communist and Socialist Publications and Correspondence, 1989
Folder 30 Communist and Socialist Papers and Notes by Paul LeBlanc

Box 25
Folder 1 Articles about Czechoslovakia
Folder 2 Articles about Eastern Europe
Folder 3 Articles on European Labor History
Folder 4 Articles about France
Folder 5 Articles about Germany and Socialism
Folder 6 Articles on Central America and Anti-Intervention
Folder 7 Articles about Cuba
Folder 8-10 Articles on Latin America
Folder 11 Articles on Latin America (Nicaragua) and Socialism/Political Movements, 1984-1986
Folder 12 Articles on Latin America (Nicaragua) and Socialism/Political Movements, 1986-1988
Folder 13 Articles on Latin America (Nicaragua) and Socialism/Political Movements, 1933 & 1983-1987
Folder 14-15 Articles about Russia and Socialism/Labor
Folder 16 Articles about U.S. Marxists and Leftists
Folder 17 Articles about U.S. Politics and Society
Folder 18 Articles about the U.S. "Right"
Folder 19-20 Articles about the U.S.A. and Socialism
Folder 21 Articles on Leninism
Folder 22 Articles on Socialism and Communism
Folder 23 Articles on Socialism and Labor
Folder 24-26 Articles on Socialism and Marxism

Box 26
Folder 1 "Anarchy and Anarchists"
Folder 2 "After the Wall, A New Socialism?" from the Nation by Daniel Singer, December 1989
Folder 3 "An Introduction to Marxist Economics" and "Maoism and Revolution"
Folder 4 "To Build a New World"
Folder 5 "Building a Socialist Movement in the U.S."
Folder 6 "The Challenge of Spoleto" from the New York Times, June 1987
Folder 7 "Requiem for a Steel Town" from the New York Times, September 5, 1988
Folder 8 "Did Trotsky Oppose Entering the Guomindang 'From the First'?" by Alexander Pantsov and Gregor Benton
Folder 9 "Documentation on the Expulsion of Malik Miah from the Socialist Workers Party"
Folder 10 "Economic Determinants of Perestroika"
Folder 11 "Formation of the Labor Party"
Folder 12 "From Marxism to Conservatism" by James Burnham, 1994
Folder 13 "Globalisation mondiale contre U.E.M.?" by Claude Gabriel August 1967
Folder 14 "Industrial Development and Strategies in Revolutionary Nicaragua"
Folder 15 "Leon Trotsky: Life and Ideas"
Folder 16 "Lessons from the Past and Our Choice of Direction" by Danny Rubin
Folder 17 "Marx and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat"
Folder 18 "The May Student Strike" by Tony Fels
Folder 19 "The Significance of the State Department" May 2nd Committee
Folder 20 Men's Feminism: August Bebel and the German Socialist Movement (Loose Book), 1995
Folder 21 "The Marxist Tradition"
Folder 22 "Modern Politics" by CLR James, 1973
Folder 23 "The Myth of Lenin's 'Concept of the Party' of What They Did to..."
Folder 24 "The Nicaraguan Revolution" by Gary Prevost, 1994
Folder 25 "On the Nature of the Chinese Bureaucracy Regime", 1990
Folder 26 "Pensiero E Azione Politica Di Lev Trockij"
Folder 27 "Perspectives for Democracy and Socialism in the 1990s" Conference
Folder 28 "Proposal for Selling Intervention: Domestic Propaganda and U.S. Foreign Policy" by Michael Livington, 1992
Folder 29 "The Road to Power," 1909
Folder 30 "Socialism and Spirituality" from the Monthly Review Press by Paul Buhle and Thomas Fiehrer, November 1985
Folder 31 "Theses on North American Continental Integration and the World Market" by Francoise M., 1991
Folder 32 "Trade and Aid in Latin American-CMEA Relations: The Cases of Peru and Nicaragua" by Ruben Berrios
Folder 33 "Why Be a Marxist?" by Ernest Mandel
Folder 34 Zen-Marxism: Chapter Six by Mitchel Cohen, 1994
Folder 35 "Victor Serge and the N.Y. Anti-Stalinist Left"
Folder 36 Reports by Carol McAllister, 1993
Folder 37 Reports by Carl Skoglund
Folder 38 Reports by Joel Hodroff
Folder 39 Reports by John Kovach and Karen Buchholz
Folder 40 Report by L.H. Haimson
Folder 41 Readings by M. Lowy
Folder 42 Readings on Alexander Bogdanov, 1990
Folder 43 Papers on China and Trotskyism & Bolshevism
Folder 44 Reports on Victor Serge
Folder 45 Readings for a Conference
Folder 46 Abortion Rights, 1990-1991
Folder 47 African Americans and Politics
Folder 48 Airport
Folder 49 Anti-NAFTA Material
Folder 50 APA, 1991
Folder 51 Archbishop Romero Day of Reflection
Folder 52 Books and Publications Information, 1987-1992
Folder 53 Book Shop Notes
Folder 54 Book Catalogs
Item 1 Boundaries Training - United Methodists of Western Pennsylvania, May 22-25, 1996
Item 2 "Breast Cancer: You Are Your Best Defense"
Folder 55 "Campaign to Win" Against Levi Strauss Information, 1992
Folder 56 Canadian Publications
Item 3-4 "The Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies"
Folder 57 Caterair in Flight Letter

Box 27
Folder 1-5 Central America
Folder 6 Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Folder 7 China
Folder 8 China and "Crisis of Maoism" Reports, 1981-1996
Folder 9 China and Hong Kong
Folder 10 Community Advisory Boards
Folder 11 Critiques of the Socialist Workers Party, 1990
Folder 12-14 Cuba
Folder 15 Daniel Libreros Case, 1990
Folder 16 Debate on Afghanistan, 1981
Folder 17 "Development of Marxism" Diagram
Folder 18 Eastern Europe
Folder 19 El Salvador, 1989
Folder 20-21 Ernest Mandel
Folder 22 "Exploring Health Careers" Report
Item 1 Facing the Challenge: Steelworkers Speak Out
Folder 23 Fair Trade, 1991-1992
Folder 24 Fidel Castro on Chile Review
Folder 25 Financial Record Keeping Handbook, 1978
Folder 26 Fisher Scientific Reports and Response
Folder 27 Foreign Publications
Folder 28 Frank Lovell
Folder 29 Germany and Socialist & Labor, 1978
Item 2 The Great Steel Strike
Folder 30 Indonesia
Folder 31 Inequalities in Minnesota Booklets by Doug Mann
Folder 32 International Socialist
Folder 33-34 International Work
Folder 35 Internationalism and Imperialism, 1985
Folder 36 IPAN
Folder 37 Iran - Workers
Folder 38 Israel and the Middle East (Alternative Information Center), 1989
Folder 39 Japan
Folder 40 Karl Marx Centenary Conference Program Book
Folder 41 Labor Education
Folder 42 Labor Lectures, 1992
Folder 43 Labor Unions and Labor Party Writings, 1952-1991
Folder 44 Labor's Corner Program Listing
Folder 45 Lamberists

Box 28
Folder 1 Latin America and Socialism
Folder 2 Lenin, Trotsky and the Bureaucratizing of the Soviet State
Folder 3-4 Leninist Party
Folder 5 Leninism
Folder 6 Lithuania
Item 1 "Making a Difference for Non-Profits: 1997 Annual Report"
Folder 7-8 Maria's Story
Folder 9 Martin Luther King Jr. and Anti-Racism
Folder 10 Marxism Now: Traditions and Difference Conference, 1989
Folder 11 Marxism
Item 2 McBorderland U.S.A: The Maquiladora Industry and the Selling of El Paso Texas and Ciudad Juarez Mexico by Jim Dougherty, 1990
Folder 12-13 Mexico
Folder 14 Middle East
Folder 15 Miscellaneous Meeting Minutes and Reports
Folder 16 Miscellaneous Publishing and Book Related Materials
Folder 17 Nicaragua, 1989
Folder 18 Labor Movements in Nicaragua
Folder 19 Witness for Peace Publications on Nicaragua, 1984
Folder 20 Party Struggle: The Blurring of Marxism
Folder 21 Photocopies of Newspapers from the Late 1800s
Folder 22 Physicians for a National Health Program, 1989
Folder 23 Pro-Choice Rallies, 1989
Folder 24 Racism
Folder 25 Revolutionary Studies/Humanities Press
Item 3 "The Russian Revolution" Compiled by Anthony Cash
Folder 26 Russian Marxism, Bolshevism and Leninism
Folder 27-28 Reverend Willis Ludlow
Folder 29 Pamphlets on Socialism
Folder 30 Socialist Meetings and Classes
Folder 31 South Africa
Folder 32 South African Apartheid
Folder 33 Sri Lanka
Item 4 "Study Guide for Sociology 846: The Vietnam War and Intervention"
Folder 34 Tamiment
Folder 35 Tribunal Internacional Contra La Deuda, 1989
Folder 36 Tunisia, 1992
Folder 37 U.S. and Socialism
Folder 38 The U.S. and the Gulf War
Folder 39 Union
Item 5 Union Advocate Newspaper
Folder 40 University of Michigan, 1992
Item 6 Volunteer Professionals Serving Non-Profits
Folder 41 Video Library
Folder 42 Writings on Women's Liberation
Folder 43 Women and Labor
Folder 44 Workers Unions at the University of Pittsburgh, 1972-1973
Item 7-8 Youngstown State University
Folder 45 Zionism

Series V. Personal

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains personal material belonging to LeBlanc such as his articles, notebooks, notes and correspondence. Also found in this series are copies of articles or manuscripts that were sent to LeBlanc by his peers for his review and opinion.

Box 29
Folder 1 "The Challenge of the Nicaraguan Revolution"
Folder 2 "Luxembourg and Lenin on Revolutionary Organization"
Folder 3 "Reflections on the Fourth International Tendency"
Folder 4 Rosa Luxemburg
Folder 5-6 "Pioneers of American Socialism"
Folder 7-8 "The Stalin Collection"
Folder 9-16 Workers and Revolution by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 17 "Memories of SDS, Lessons for the Future"
Folder 18 "Vanguards in the U.S."
Folder 19 "Negative and Positive Lessons from the Bolshevik Experience"
Item 1 "American History"
Item 2 "'Castroism' and the Marxist Tradition"
Item 3 "Literature"
Item 4 "Philosophy"
Item 5 Bolshevik Theory

Box 30
Folder 1 "A Short History of the U.S. Working Class"
Item 1-2 Permanent Revolution in Nicaragua
Folder 2 Solidarity
Folder 3 "Revolutionary Socialists Unify" by Paul LeBlanc, 1992
Folder 4 "Left Wing Science Fiction: Future Perfect" by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 5-6 "The Century of Hannah Arendt and CLR James" by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 7-8 "Unfolding Marxism"
Folder 9 "A Short History of the U.S. Working Class"
Folder 10 "From Revolutionary Intellectual to Conservative Master Thinker" by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 11 "The Tragedy of American Communism" by Paul LeBlanc, 1982
Folder 12 "From Marxism to Conservatism" by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 13 "The Bolshevik Revolution Did Not Create a..." and "The Leninist Party" by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 14 "The Aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution" by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 15-16 In Defense of American Trotskyism by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 17 "Dialectics of the Jackson Campaign" by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 18 "Unfolding Marxism: A Way of Seeing, A Guide to Action" by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 19-20 A Unbound Book by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 21 Papers by Paul LeBlanc
Item 3-4 Carlow College
Folder 22-23 Articles by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 24 Articles by Paul LeBlanc and Curriculum Vitae
Folder 25 Articles and Correspondence by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 26 Articles on Russia and Nicaragua by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 27 Articles by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 28 Education
Folder 29 Publications, 1968-1975
Folder 30 Personal Poems
Folder 31 Various Papers and Articles by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 32 Memo on Dobbs Manuscript
Folder 33-34 Articles by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 35 Pre-Convention Discussion, 1981
Folder 36 Articles about Labor by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 37 "Does Re-Evaluation Counseling Stand on the Shoulders of Marxism? The Role of Quality of Life Issues in the Revolutionary Transformation of Society" by Joel Hodroff
Folder 38 "Geography: How it Played a Role in the Birth and Death of the Steel Industry in Pittsburgh"
Folder 39 Serge and Trotsky
Folder 40 "The Best of What We Are..." by J. Brentlinger

Box 31
Folder 1 Critical Notes on Perlman
Folder 2-3 Thorstein Veblen Book
Folder 4 "Algebra of Revolution"
Folder 5 Bruce Nelson
Folder 6 George Novack
Folder 7 "The Best of What We Are..." by J. Brentlinger
Folder 8 Bruce Levine
Folder 9 "Cuban Labour and the Cold War"
Folder 10 Hubert Perrier
Folder 11 Hal Draper - Haberkern
Folder 12 Books Proposals Received
Folder 13 Agenda of Prospects and Tasks
Folder 14 Les Evans
Folder 15-16 Papers by Friends
Folder 17 Weissman/Serge
Folder 18 Marxism and the Jacobin Communist Tradition, 1970
Folder 19 The Meaning of World War II by Ernest Mandel

Box 32
Folder 1 David Mandel
Folder 2 "The Best of What We Are" by John Brentlinger
Folder 3-5 CLR Jones
Folder 6 Frank Lovell and S.W.P. Books, 1991-1992
Folder 7 Marxist Theory
Folder 8 Livio Maitan
Folder 9 "Women's Autobiographies" and "The Catalan Revolution"
Folder 10-12 Alan Wald
Folder 13 International Trotskyism by Robert Alexander, 1992
Folder 14 Lowy Essays
Folder 15 Ernest Mandel
Folder 16 Autobiographical and Other Materials of Dan Rosenshine
Folder 17 Chicago Project
Folder 18 Albert Parsons
Folder 19 Articles and Notes
Folder 20-21 Notes
Folder 22-25 Notes and Correspondence
Folder 26 Notes on Lenin
Folder 27 Notes on Convention of July 22-24, 1994

Box 33
Folder 1 Party Struggle - November 1981 Plenum
Folder 2 Party Struggle - February-March 1982 Plenum
Folder 3 Party Struggle - August 1982 Plenum
Folder 4 Party Struggle - Poland
Folder 5 Party Struggle - Cuba
Folder 6 Party Struggle - Lenin Classes in Pittsburgh
Folder 7 Pittsburgh Branch Struggle
Folder 8 Pre-Convention Discussion, 1979
Folder 9 Pierre Rousset
Folder 10 Socialist Workers Party Book Materials
Folder 11 Paul Buhle
Folder 12 Lenin Book
Item 1-2 Notebook of Hand-Written Notes
Folder 13-14 Notes
Folder 15-16 Reports by Paul LeBlanc
Folder 17 U.S. History
Folder 18 Revolutionary Studies
Folder 19 Nicaragua
Folder 20 Mailing List
Folder 21 Notes
Item 3 Miscellaneous Notes and Correspondence
Folder 22 Rosa Luxemburg
Folder 23 Correspondence
Folder 24 Personal Writing
Folder 25 Dick Hunt
Folder 26 Paul Siegel
Folder 27 Sewickley Country Inn and Conference Center, 1991
Folder 28-30 Correspondence
Folder 31 Wohl Forth
Folder 32 Cannon Letters
Folder 33 George Shriver
Folder 34 Dennis Brutus
Folder 35 Buhle
Folder 36 Correspondence between Paul LeBlanc and P. Rousset

Box 34
Folder 1 Molly Rush
Folder 2 Paul Sweezy and Harry Magdoff
Item 1 Miscellaneous Correspondence and Notes
Folder 3 Lenin Book Correspondence
Folder 4 Lowy - Essays
Folder 5 U.S.S.R./Vogt-Downey
Folder 6 Traverso
Folder 7 Morris Slavin
Folder 8 Sweden
Folder 9 Rousset
Folder 10-11 Alan Wald
Folder 12 Lou Patras
Folder 13 Janet Melvin
Folder 14 Elenor Mart
Folder 15 Correspondence with Ernest Mandel
Folder 16 Correspondence between Paul LeBlanc and Steve, 1987
Folder 17 Correspondence/Ashfield
Folder 18-19 Stephanie Coontz Correspondence
Folder 20 Dave Montgomery
Folder 21 Phil Foner
Folder 22-23 Marilyn Vogt
Folder 24 Steve Nelson
Folder 25 Details
Folder 26 Brenner
Folder 27 Correspondence with David Finkel
Folder 28 Dick Oestreicher
Folder 29 Workshop Speakers, Resource Persons and Convenors
Folder 30 Bills Paid to LeBlanc
Folder 31 Finances
Folder 32 Bills Unpaid to LeBlanc
Folder 33-34 Bills and Finances
Folder 35 LeBlanc's Trial
Folder 36 Notebooks
Folder 37 Slippery Rock University
Folder 38 Personal - Academic and Job
Folder 39 Employment

Box 35
Folder 1 Courses Taken
Folder 2 University of Pittsburgh
Folder 3 Computer Prep
Item 1 Notes
Folder 4 Class Materials of Paul LeBlanc
Folder 5 Class Lectures and Evaluations of Paul LeBlanc, 1990-1991
Folder 6 Others' Version of History 741
Folder 7 History 741
Item 2 History 741
Folder 8 History 741
Folder 9 History 741
Folder 10 Reading Lists and Fellowships
Folder 11 Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador, June 1991
Folder 12 Paul LeBlanc Curriculum Vitae