Summary Information
Title: Peace and Freedom Center of Pittsburgh Records
Collection Number: AIS.1969.06
Creator: Peace and Freedom Center (Pittsburgh, Pa.).

Collection Dates: 1967-1969
Extent: 2.5 linear feet

Language: English

The Peace and Freedom Center was a Pittsburgh based anti-war group in the 1960s and 1970s. It was originally located in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh, until its offices moved to the Bloomfield neighborhood. The collection contains meeting minutes, correspondence, posters, results from opinion polls and information concerning different events associated with the group.

ULS Archives Service Center
University of Pittsburgh Library System
7500 Thomas Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA, 15260
Date Published:

October 4, 2004

Finding aid prepared by Jaime Hamel

The Peace and Freedom Center of Pittsburgh was an educational and social action organization dedicated to the elimination of war, poverty, exploitation and the inhumanity of man. It promoted the active participation of people through the formation of a movement to build a society in which people have meaningful control over the political, social and economic institutions, which shape their lives.

The center was originally located in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh, 1968-1969. It moved to the Bloomfield section of Pittsburgh in 1969. As of the last records, 1970, that is where the Center remained.

The Center took an active roll in the community, hosting events, taking opinion polls and participating in rallies and protests. The Center was aligned with similar groups around the nation. The Peace and Freedom Center also published a newsletter four times a year from 1966 through 1970.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

This collection reflects the activities of the Peace and Freedom Center of Pittsburgh as well as the activities of other groups who were associated with their cause. The collection consists of six boxes containing meeting minutes, posters, polling information, newsletters and correspondence with other groups in the United States, as well as information on events in which the Center participated.

The collection has been divided into the following series. Series I contains administrative records, personnel files, news releases, correspondence as well as publications from the Peace and Freedom Center. Series II holds opinion polls produced by the center. Series III has information on meetings and conferences. Series IV has information on various organizations connected with the Peace and Freedom Center. Series V contains information, in the form of speeches, publications and correspondence, generated by various people. Series VI contains information on draft and anti-draft movements, the Vietnam War, human rights and poverty. Series VII contains newsletters published by various organizations that were in accordance with issues that the Peace and Freedom Center valued.

Subject Terms

  • Economic assistance, Domestic -- United States -- Societies, etc.
  • Human rights advocacy -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh -- Societies, etc.
  • Human rights workers -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh
  • Peace movements -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh -- Societies, etc.
  • Social advocacy -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh -- Societies, etc.

Corporate Names
  • Peace and Freedom Center (Pittsburgh, Pa.).

  • Pittsburgh (Pa.)

  • Activists

  • Correspondence
  • Minutes
  • Newsletters
  • Posters
  • Public opinion polls

  • Associations
  • Social action

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Acquisition Information:

Gift of Walter Tillow on April 24, 1969.

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Peace and Freedom Center of Pittsburgh Records, 1967-1969, AIS.1969.06, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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This collection was processed by Jaime Hamel on October 4, 2004.


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Collection Inventory

Series I. Administration Records, Publications, and Personnel

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains administrative records, lease information, news releases, publications produced by the organization, and information about the field secretary and office manager.

Box 1
Folder 1 Organization, undated
Folder 2 Memorandum, undated
Folder 3 Lease and lease notices, undated
Folder 4 News releases, undated
Folder 5 Pittsburgh Peace and Freedom News Vol. 1 #1 - Vol. 4 #2, July 1966 - March 1970
Folder 6 Correspondence, 1967-1969
Folder 7 Field secretary Tillow, Walter. Correspondence, 1967-1968
Folder 8 Office manager Jones, Ruth M. Correspondence and memoranda, 1967-1969

Series II. Opinion Polls

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes information collected as the result of opinion polls from 1967.

Folder 9 Vietnam War, East Liberty, individual interviews, Summer 1967
Folder 10 Assignment sheets, 1967
Folder 11 Vietnam War, poll information, Summer 1967
Folder 12 Vietnam War, Garfield, individual interviews, Summer 1967
Folder 13 Vietnam War, Hazelwood, individual interviews, Summer 1967
Folder 14 Hazelwood, data by street, 1967
Folder 15 Hazelwood, data by street, 1967
Folder 16 Vietnam War, Hazelwood, summary of poll, Summer 1967

Series III. Meetings, Conferences

Scope and Content Notes:

The information in this series deals with meetings and conferences the Center either had interest in or was a participant.

Box 2
Folder 1 Crisis of Conscience Conference, Pittsburgh, Pa., October 11-13, 1968
Folder 2 Democratic Party National Convention, Coalition protest at Chicago convention, 1968 ()
Folder 3 Operation Freedom Board minutes, September 9, 1967
Folder 4 Workshop - independent political groups, 1968
Folder 5 Resolutions, memorials in regards to Vietnam War, undated

Series IV. Organizations

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains information on organizations which were either involved with or were of interest to the Peace and Freedom Center. The files are arranged alphabetically.

Folder 6 Americans for Democratic Action, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Folder 7 Chicago Area Draft Resisters (Cadre)
Folder 8 Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam
Folder 9 Committee for the Presidio 27
Folder 10 Committee to Free Morton Sobell
Folder 11 Communist Party U.S.A.
Folder 12 Detroit Women for Peace
Folder 13 Dow Action Committee
Folder 14 Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Philadelphia, Pa.
Folder 15 Fort Hood Three Defense Committee
Folder 16 Independent Student Unions, Erie Chapter
Folder 17 International Union of Students
Folder 18 Labor Leadership Assembly for Peace
Folder 19 Lawyers Committee on American policy towards Vietnam
Folder 20 Montreal Council to aid War Resisters
Folder 21 National Committee to Abolish the House Committee on un-American Activities
Folder 22 National Conference for New Politics
Folder 23 National Mobilization committee to End the War in Vietnam (CEWV)
Folder 24 Negotiation Now! Philadelphia, Pa.
Folder 25 New Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (CEWV)
Folder 26 New University Conference, Chicago
Folder 27 New University Conference, Pittsburgh
Folder 28 Philadelphia Resistance
Folder 29 Pittsburgh Ad Hoc committee on Vietnam
Folder 30 Pittsburgh Area Students for Peace
Folder 31 Pittsburgh Black Draft Counseling Center
Folder 32 Pittsburgh Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy
Folder 33 Pittsburgh Committee on Southern Africa
Folder 34 Pittsburgh Committee to End the War in Vietnam (EWV)
Folder 35 Pittsburgh Resistance
Folder 36 Pittsburgh Veterans for Peace, 1971
Folder 37 Resist, Cambridge, Massachusetts, correspondence, 1971
Folder 38 The Resistance, N.Y., correspondence, from April 1968

Box 3
Folder 1 Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLS), April 1969
Folder 2 Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF)
Folder 3 Spring Mobilization Committee, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Folder 4 Student Mobilization Committee, New York, N.Y.
Folder 8 Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
Folder 6 Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
Folder 7 SDS, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 8 Tieng Noi Cua Phat Tu Viet Nam Hai Ngoai - Voice of the Vietnam Buddhists Students for Peace, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 9 Union of Vietnamese Students in France, April 1967
Folder 10 United Farm Workers, 1969
Folder 11 United Oakland Ministry, Pittsburgh, Pa. (posters)
Folder 12 Vietnam Moratorium Committee
Folder 13 Vietnam Summer
Folder 14 Vietnam Summer
Folder 15 W.E.B. DuBoi Clubs, N.Y.
Folder 16 W.E.B. DuBois Clubs, Pittsburgh
Folder 17 Western Pennsylvania Academic Council on Problems of War and Peace
Folder 18 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Folder 19 Women Strike for Peace, Philadelphia, Pa.
Folder 20 Youth International Movements (YIPPIE)
Folder 21 Mailing List of Organizations Opposing the War in Vietnam

Series V. People

Scope and Content Notes:

The files in this series contain information, in the form of speeches, publications and correspondence, generated by the people listed below.

Box 4
Folder 1 Atlee, John
Folder 2 Brown, H. Raps
Folder 3 Gregory, Dick
Folder 4 Newton, Henry P.
Folder 5 Peck, Sidney
Folder 6 Rodd, Thomas
Folder 7 Spock, Dr. Benjamin, October 22, 1967

Series VI. Literature, Sources and Posters

Scope and Content Notes:

In this series there is information on draft and anti-draft movements, the Vietnam War, human rights and poverty.

Folder 8 Literature. Draft/Anti-Draft, 1967-1970
Folder 9 Literature. Vietnam War, negro
Folder 10 Literature. Vietnam War, religious groups
Folder 11 Literature. Vietnam War, detailed "Hawk"
Folder 12 Literature. Brochures and Literature on the Draft and Vietnam War (Pittsburgh groups)
Folder 13 Literature. Vietnam War, general
Folder 14 Literature. Resistance
Folder 15 Literature. Resistance
Folder 16 Literature. Resistance support
Folder 17 Literature. Human rights, poverty, free university, politics, etc.

Box 5
Folder 1 Sources for material (anti-war/anti-draft)
Folder 2 Posters

Series VII. Publications

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains newsletters published by various organizations that were in accordance with issues that the Peace and Freedom Center valued.

Folder 3 Miscellaneous publications Vietnam ROTC, undated
Folder 4 AIM the Bulletin of the American Independence Movement (published by IPAC), August-December 1967
Folder 5 American Exile in Britain, undated
Folder 6 American Exile in Canada, undated
Folder 7 Amnesty Action, undated
Folder 8 Another Mother for Peace, undated
Folder 9 Chicago Action Community, undated
Folder 10 CIPA newsletter (Citizens for Independent Action), undated
Folder 11 Catholic Radical, February 1968
Folder 12 Conscience Guide Newsletter, April 1969
Folder 13 Detroit Women for Peace, January 1968
Folder 14 The Free You, Free University, April 1969
Folder 15 Freedom and Peace Free Press, March 1969
Folder 16 Houston Committee to End the War in Vietnam News (HCEWV), March 1968
Folder 17 Insurgent W.E.B DuBois Clubs of America, Summer 1968
Folder 18 Iowa Peace Bulletin, February-July 1968
Folder 19 Labor News and Views, December 1967
Folder 20 Left Out News (Citizens for Independent Political Action), July 1967-August 1967
Folder 21 Libert (Citizens Committee for Constitutional Liberties), June 1963-Fall 1968
Folder 22 Long Island United for Peace Reporter, August 1967
Folder 23 MDS Newsletter (New Orleans Movement for a Democratic Society), December 1967-January 1968
Folder 24 Massachusetts PAX News (Political Action for Peace), October -December 1967
Folder 25 Milwaukee 14 Newsletter, January-March 1969
Folder 26 Milwaukee Organizer, July 1967, October 1967
Folder 27 Minnesota Vietnam News, September 1967, October 1967
Folder 28 The Minority of One, January 1966-September 1967
Folder 29 Mississippi Newsletter, October 1967-November 1968
Folder 30 Mobilizer to End the War in Vietnam, September 1967, August 1968
Folder 31 The Movement, San Francisco, February 1968-February 1969
Folder 32 National Convention for New Politics News, September 1967, August 1968

Box 6
Folder 1 National Mobilization Direct Action Project Direct Action News, September 1967
Folder 2 Negotiation Now: Bulletin, August 1967
Folder 3 The New England Free Press, undated
Folder 4 New Mobilizer, September 5, 1969
Folder 5 New Patriot (Ithaca, N.Y.), December 1967-July 1968
Folder 6 Ohio Peace Action News, January 1968
Folder 7 Paper Tiger, Boston, Mass., undated
Folder 8 Paris Digest, April 1968
Folder 9 The Partisan, Fall 1967
Folder 10 PAX Chicago Peace Council News Bulleting, December 1967
Folder 11 Peace Center Newsletter, Harrisburg Area Peace Center, October 1967-June 1968
Folder 12 Pennsylvania Activist, February 1966, June 1968
Folder 13 People for Human Rights Newsletter, undated
Folder 14 Philadelphia Anti-Draft Union Newsletter, January 1968
Folder 15 Radicals in the Professions, November 1967-May 1968
Folder 16 Raritan Peace News, October 1967-February 1968
Folder 17 Resist! December 1967, April 1969
Folder 18 The Resister, February 22, 1968
Folder 19 Reveille, June 1968
Folder 20 Rochester Peace Newsletter, September 1967-October 1968
Folder 21 SCEF News (Southern Conference Education Fund), June 1968
Folder 22 SDRU Newsletter (Swarthmore Draft Resistance Union), August 1967
Folder 23 SSRS Newsletter (Society for Social Responsibility in Science), October -November 1967
Folder 24 South Vietnam In Struggle, March 1, 1969
Folder 25 The Southern Patriot, August 1967-March 1969
Folder 26 Spur Newsletter W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America, inventory sheet, November 1967
Folder 27 Student Mobilizer, July 1967-January 1968
Folder 28 Student Mobilization committee (SMC), National Action Bulletin, October 1968
Folder 29 Socialist Worker Campaigner, January 1968
Folder 30 Talk Out. (Mantua-Powelton Vietnam Project), June 1967
Folder 31 Tri-Continental Information Center Bulletin, November 1967-January 1968
Folder 32 UT Peaceletter (University of Texas Committee to End the War in Vietnam), undated
Folder 33 Vietnam Commencement Newsletter, March 1968
Folder 35 Vietnam Petitioner (Newsletter of the Boston, Cambridge, Harvard, Radcliff and MIT Committees to End the War in Vietnam), April 1967
Folder 36 Vietnam Summer, Indianapolis Project News, July 1967
Folder 37 Vietnam Summer News, June-August 1967
Folder 38 Vietnam War, What For?, January-February 1968
Folder 39 Vocations for Social Change, March, April 1969
Folder 40 Voice of the Women's Liberation Movement, February 1969
Folder 41 We Won't Go (Newsletter of the Philadelphia Anti-Draft Union), November 1967
Folder 42 Women Strike for Peace, memo, August 1967-February 1969
Folder 43 Women Strike for Peace, newsletter, June 1968
Folder 44 Wyoming Valley Committee of Concern for Vietnam, April 1969