Summary Information
Title: A. W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust Records
Collection Number: AIS.1980.29
Creator: A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust.

Collection Dates: 1930-1980
Extent: 72.5 linear feet (60 boxes)

Language: English

The A. W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust operated as a financial supporter of the arts, culture, and education from 1930 to 1980. The collection documents the internal business operations of the Trust and its relation with the organizations, institutions, and programs that it funded.

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The A. W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust, founded by Andrew W. Mellon in 1930, contributed funding to a variety of organizations, insitutions, and programs until it dissolved in 1980. In its fifty year life the Trust made nearly $200,000,000 in contributions, including over $25,000,000 in termination grants at the time of its dissolution in 1980.

On the national level, the A. W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust provided funding and support to The National Gallery of Art, initially created largely through the donation of Andrew Mellon's private art collection. The Trust made major donations for construction of the Gallery Building in Washington, D.C. In addition, the Trust also contributed funding to the Smithsonian Institute, Atlantic Council of the United States, as well as other national and international organizations.

The Trust played an important role in the funding of the arts and culture life in Pittsburgh. The Carnegie Museum's International Exhibitions were renewed after the Second World War, in large part due to the Trust's role as underwriter from 1959-1980. The Carnegie Institute also a benefitted from the Trust. Gifts helped fund the Three Rivers Arts Festival, the 1972 Pittsburgh Jazz Festival, creation of the Selma Burke Art Center, and three archeological expeditions for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

In the field of education gifts from the Trust in 1949, the Trust helped establish the Graduate School of Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh. This gift became the focal point of the University's attempt to lift Pitt to national stature during the 1950's. In addition, the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, and Chatham College all benefited from gifts of endowed faculty chairs and grants for specific programs. According to its final report, the Trust had given nearly $72 million dollars to these educational programs during its lifetime.

Other local organizations that benefited from the Trust's financial support included Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Action Housing, Pittsburgh Regional Planning Association, and Pennsylvania Economy League. It also helped establish the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy in 1951, with the building of Mellon Square Park in downtown Pittsburgh and in acquiring six parks for the Allegheny County Parks System. In 1954, in partnership with the Ford Foundation, the Trust helped launch the Metropolitan Pittsburgh Educational Television Station, later to become WQED.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

The records of the A. W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust cover the organization's operations from its beginning in 1930 to the time of its liquidation in 1980. In the collection, researchers will find both internal business records and records dealing with the organizations, institutions, and programs funded by the trust.

Internal Business records can be found in Series I. -- Business Records, 1930-1979, Series IV. -- Foundation Reports, 1930-1979, and Series V. -- Miscellaneous Records. Material in the files include minute books, cash books, meeting agendas, reports, investments, financial statements, and correspondence.

Researchers looking at organizations who received funding from the Trust may be especially interested in the Foundation Reports (Series IV.). Organizations in these reports include the Smithsonian Institution, National Gallery of Art, Avalon Foundation, Bolligen Foundation, Old Dominion Foundation, Mellon Institute, and Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program at the University of Pittsburgh. Also included in these files are records documenting the dissolution and liquidation of the Trust.

The bulk of records dealing with Trust contibutions can be found in:

Series VI -- Current Contributions, 1970-1980, Series VII -- Back Contributions, and Series XIV-- Contibutions, 1930-1970. Related records can also be found in Series VIII -- General Back Years, Series XI -- Cultural, Series XII -- Education, and Series XIII -- Miscellaneous Patman and Mellon Material.

Organizations, institutions, and programs covered in the files are numerous and include the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University (including both Carnegie Tech and Mellon Institute), Chatham College, the Carnegie Institute, National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution, Atlantic Council of the Unites States, Arts Society of Pittsbrugh (as well as numerous other local cultural organizations), WQED, and Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. For a complete list of organizations researchers may want to consult the card index in box 12.

Also of interest to researchers may be the files dealing with funding declinations in Series X.

Other Series in the collection includes files concerning the Mellon Estate (Series XV), the Mellon Family (Series XVII), the Orphans Court (Series XVI), Trust policies, and program materials (Series XIX and XXII).

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  • Charitable uses, trusts, and foundations -- Pennsylvania
  • Charities -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh

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  • A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust.

  • Associations
  • Education

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Acquired from the A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust in 1980, as part of its liquidation.

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A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust Records, 1930-1980, AIS.1980.29, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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Collection Inventory

Series I. Business Records 1930-1979

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains materials related to internal operations of the Trust. These include: minute books, cash books, records of contribution, meeting agendas, background on various organizations, reports, and other documentation

Box 1
Volume 1-7 Minute Books, v. 1-7, December 30, 1930-September 25, 1947

Box 2
Volume 8-14 Minute Books, v. 8-14, October 6, 1947-November 10, 1975

Box 3
Volume 1 Cash Book, 1930-1970
Volume 2 Journal/Cash Book, v.1, 1930-1943
Volume 3 Journal/Cash Book, v.2, 1943-1952
Volume 4 Record of Contributions, v.1, 1944-1949
Volume 5 Record of Contributions, v.2, 1954-1959

Box 4
Volume 1-25 Agenda: Meetings of the Board of Trustees and of the Executive Committee, October, 1964-October, 1974

Box 5
Volume 1-16 Agendas: Meetings of the Board of Trustees and of the Executive Committee, March, 1975-November, 1979
Volume 17 Background materials for termination grants, December, 1978
Volume 18 Resumes of cultural organizations, Pittsburgh March, 1978
Volume 19 Carnegie Mellon University, Restoration of College of Fine Arts Project
Volume 20 Final report of Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts Restoration Project 1975
Volume 21 Carnegie Institute of Technology, "Financial Support for the Fine Arts," October, 1957
Volume 22 Pittsburgh Council for the Arts, 1968
Volume 23 Information for Prospective Contributors on the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Inc, 1977
Folder 24 Samuel Hazo and Theodore Hazlett trip to Sweden for poetry award, 1971
Folder 25 Correspondence re: R.C. Alberts book "The Shaping of the World," 1975-1979

Box 6
Volume 1 Pittsburgh Jazz Festival, Clippings and Photo Album, 1972
Volume 2 Board of Trustees Meeting with Scudder, Stevens, Scudder Re: Portfolio of the Trust, 1965-1979
Volume 3-4 Report on Andrew Mellon Professors, Postdcotoral Fellows, Predoctoral Fellows, 1959-1963
Volume 5 The Arts in Pittsburgh -- Common Place Book, 1978
Volume 6-12 Carnegie Institute of Technology, "A Presentation of the Fine Arts Project at CIT Prepared for the A.W. Mellon Education and Charitable Trust," 1968
Volume 13 Memorial Booklet to Carter Goodrich, Mellon Professor of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh, 1971

Box 7
Folder 1 Office furnishings and equipment
Folder 2-4 American Security and Trust Co., Washington, D.C.
Folder 5-12 Transfer and sale of Gulf Oil Corporation Stock, 1942-1963
Folder 13-14 Liquidation of the Trust, March 31, 1980

Series II. Dr. R.A. McConnell -- Research in Psychological Physics 1930-1979

Box 8
Folder 1 The Works of R.A. McConnell in the field of parapsychology 1950-1970
Folder 2 Psychological Physics Research Project, 1964-1969
Folder 3-4 Reports, 1953-1969
Folder 5 Financial records, 1952-1978
Folder 6 Extra copies, clippings, etc. 1951-1963
Folder 7 University of Pittsburgh Psychological Physics Program 1974-1979

Series III. Selma Burke Art Center

Box 9
Folder 1-7 Selma Burke Art Center

Series IV. Foundation Reports 1930-1979

Scope and Content Notes:

Contains reports relating to several national organizations including: Smithsonian Institution, National Gallery of Art, Avalon Foundation, Bolligen Foundation, and Old Dominion Foundation. Also included are reports regarding the Mellon Institute and the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program at the University of Pittsburgh.

Box 10
Volume 1 A.W. Mellon Education and Charitable Trust Report and Deed of Trust, 1930-1979
Volume 2 Old Dominion Foundation, 1941-1968
Volume 3 The Andrew Mellon Foundation, 1969-1978
Volume 4 Bolligen Foundation, 1945-1967
Volume 5 Report of the Avalon Foundation, 1940-1968
Volume 6-10 Smithsonian Institution 1878-1972
Volume 10-18 National Gallery of Art 1938-1975
Volume 19 The Arts at the Conference of Mayor, June 9-13, 1979
Volume 20 Richard King Mellon Foundation Annual Report 1974
Volume 21 Mellon Institute Annual Report 1979
Volume 22 Scholars for the Future: An Assessment of the Andrew Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program at the University of Pittsburgh, 1960-1976

Series V. Trust Records

Box 11
Volume 1-2 Cash Book, Pittsburgh and Washington Offices 1930-1980,
Box 12 Two 3x5 metal boxes, Card File Indexes and Files Index

Box 13
Volume 1 Executive Committee Minutes, January 24, 1950-March25, 1963
Volume 2 Gulf Oil Corporation 1,670,000 shares. Closed June 27, 1961
Volume 3 General Financial Ledger, 1959-1970
Volume 4 Record of Contributions, 1949-1954
Volume 5-6 Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh, Paul Mellon's Dedication Speech
Volume 7 Mt. Washington Duquense Heights, "A Study for the Department of Parks and Recreation July 1970
Volume 8-9 "The Mellons of Pittsburgh" from Fortune Magazine 1967
Volume 10 Procedure Manual
Volume 11 The Allegheny Conference on Community Development Presents Pittsburgh and Allegheny County An Era Of Progress and Accomplishment, 1956

Box 14
Volume 1 Cash Book

Box 15
Volume 1 Security Record

Box 16
Volume 1 Cash Book -- Financial Statements, 1930-1969

Box 17
othertype 1 American Symphony Orchestra League Golden Baton Award to Paul Mellon 1984
Volume 2 Scrapbook -- Mellon Endowment to Carnegie Institute of Technology December 1958
Box 18 Wooden Cabinet containing 3"x5" File Indedx Prior to, 1971

Series VI. Current Contributions 1970-1980

Box 19
Folder 1 Metropolitan Opera (Pittsburgh District Visitors)
Folder 2 The Opera Workshop, Inc.
Folder 3 Pittsburgh Council for International Visitors
Folder 4 Miscellaneous Grants
Folder 5-7 Action Housing, Inc.
Folder 8-11 Allegheny Conference
Folder 12-14 American Waterways
Folder 15-19 American Wind Symphony
Folder 20-22 Arts and Crafts
Folder 23-25 Associated Artists
Folder 26-28 Associated Councils of the Arts
Folder 29-31 Atlantic Council of the U.S., Inc
Folder 32-34 Bach Choir
Folder 35-37 Buhl Planetarium
Folder 38-41 Carnegie Institute,
Folder 42 Carnegie Institute, Children's Museum
Folder 43 Carnegie Institute, International
Folder 44-47 Carnegie Institute, Report on the Pittsburgh International Exhibition of Contemperary Art

Box 20
Folder 1 Carnegie Institute, Creatadrama
Folder 2 Carnegie Institute, Film Makers
Folder 3 Carnegie Institute, The First Stage
Folder 4 Carnegie Institute, Sculpture Program
Folder 5-6 Carnegie Institute, Burke Center
Folder 7 Carnegie Institute, Three Rivers Art Festival
Folder 8 Carnegie Library, Poetry Dance
Folder 9-11 Carnegie Library, A.W. Mellon International Collection -- Poetry
Folder 12 Carnegie Library, MacLeish Project
Folder 13 Carnegie Library, Mundus Atrium
Folder 14 Carnegie Library, Ralph Munn Creative Writer's Program
Folder 15-17 Carnegie-Mellon University, Scholarships, teaching training, National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students (NSSFNS)
Folder 18-20 Chatham College, library endowment, central research, National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro students (NSSFNS)
Folder 21-23 City of Pittsburgh, North Side Library

Box 21
Folder 1-3 Civic Light Opera
Folder 4-6 County of Allegheny
Folder 7-10 Dusquesne University
Folder 11-13 Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh
Folder 14-16 Fort Pitt Museum Association, Inc.
Folder 17-19 Gateway to Music
Folder 20-22 Handweavers Guild
Folder 23-25 Historical Society
Folder 26-28 Iron Clad Agreement
Folder 29-31 Junior League
Folder 32-34 Manchester Craftsmen's Guild
Folder 35-36 Marionette Theatre Arts Council, Inc.
Folder 37-39 Mendolssohn Choir
Folder 40-44 Metropolitan Broadcasting
Folder 45-47 National Endowment

Box 22
Folder 1-3 National Gallery of Art
Folder 4-6 National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students (NSSFNS)
Folder 7-9 Negro Educational Emergency Drive
Folder 10-12 Pennsylvania Ballet
Folder 13-15 Pittsburgh, Ballet Theatre
Folder 16 Pittsburgh, Chamber Music Society
Folder 17-19 Pittsburgh, Communication Foundation
Folder 20-22 Pittsburgh, Council for the Arts
Folder 23-25 Pittsburgh, Dance Council
Folder 26-28 Pittsburgh, Drama League
Folder 29-32 Pittsburgh, Film-Makers Association
Folder 33-35 Pittsburgh, Foundation

Box 23
Folder 1-3 Pittsburgh, Laboratory Theatre
Folder 4-6 Pittsburgh, Opera
Folder 7-9 Pittsburgh, Oratorio Society
Folder 10-12 Pittsburgh, Plan for Art
Folder 13-15 Pittsburgh Playhouse School of the Theater
Folder 16-17 Pittsburgh Public Schools, Urban Plan
Folder 18-20 Pittsburgh Public Theater Corporation
Folder 21-24 Pittsburgh, Symphony Society
Folder 25-27 Pittsburgh, Youth Symphony Orchestra
Folder 36-38 Pittsburgh, History and Landmarks Foundation
Folder 28-30 Point Park College
Folder 31-33 Renaissance and Baroque Society
Folder 34-36 Robert Morris College
Folder 37-39 Schizophrenia Foundation of New Jersey

Box 24
Folder 1-3 Theatre Express
Folder 4-6 Three Rivers Orchestra Association
Folder 7-9 Vanguard Theatre
Folder 10-15 University of Pittsburgh
Folder 17-19 Young Men and Women's Hebrew Association
Folder 20-24 Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
Folder 25 Agenda
Folder 26-33 Annual Reports, 1970-1977
Folder 34-36 Art Works, Neal Harold
Folder 37 Assets

Box 25
Folder 1 By-Laws
Folder 2 Consultants
Folder 3 Contributions
Folder 4 Trustee Correspondence
Folder 5 Council of Foundations
Folder 6 Employment
Folder 7 Foundations
Folder 8 Hazlett, Theodore
Folder 9 Mellon Family
Folder 10 Minutes Current
Folder 11 Office Equipment and Furnishings
Folder 12 Philanthropy
Folder 13 Purchase Declinations
Folder 14 Questionnaires
Folder 15 Reporting Services
Folder 16 Secretary Trust

Series VII. Back Contributions

Folder 17 Allegheny Conference of Community Development
Folder 18 Arts and Crafts Center
Folder 19 Atlantic Council of the U.S., Inc.
Folder 20 Bach Choir
Folder 21 Carnegie Institute, Ashdod Excavation

Box 26
Folder 1 Carnegie Institute, Creatadrama
Folder 2 Carnegie Museum, International Art Show
Folder 3 Carnegie Institute, Jazz Festival
Folder 4 Carnegie Institute, Three Rivers Art Festival
Folder 5 Carnegie Institute, International Exhibition
Folder 6 Carnegie Library, International Poetry Forum
Folder 7 Carnegie Mellon, Music Extension Program
Folder 8 Carnegie Mellon, College of Fine Arts
Folder 9 Carnegie Mellon, National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students
Folder 10 Chatham College
Folder 11 Chatham College, Library Support
Folder 12 Chatham College, National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students
Folder 13 Chatham College, Select Commission on the Pittsburgh School Board
Folder 14 Civic Light Opera Association
Folder 15 Clef Concert Association of Greater Pittsburgh, Inc.
Folder 16 Commonwealth Cultural Foundation
Folder 17 The Harriet Tubman Guild, Inc.
Folder 18 The Hugh Moore Foundation
Folder 19 The Mendelssohn Choir
Folder 20 Metropolitan Pittsburgh Educational Television -- WQED
Folder 21 National Gallery of Art, Pittsburgh Public Schools Art Project
Folder 22 National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students
Folder 23 Negro Educational Emergency Drive
Folder 24 Pittsburgh, History and Landmarks Foundation
Folder 25 Pittsburgh, Plan for Art, Pittsburgh Dance Council
Folder 26 Pittsburgh, Playhouse
Folder 27 Pittsburgh, Public Schools

Box 27
Folder 1 Pittsburgh, Symphony Society
Folder 2 Pittsburgh, Theological Seminary
Folder 3 Planning Foundation of America (American Institute of Planners)
Folder 4 Pocono Art Center
Folder 5 Point Park College
Folder 6 Robert Morris College, African Heritage Association Inc.
Folder 7 Mary Church
Folder 8 Southwestern Regional Planning Comission
Folder 9 Theta Sigma Phi (Writers Conference)
Folder 10 Center for International Studies, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 11 Foreign Policy Research Institute, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 12 Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 13 Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 14 Library, Hayden Exhibition, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 15 International Information Center for the Arts, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 16 International Library Information Center, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 17-20 Andrew Mellon Professorship and Fellowship Program, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 21 Mellon Student Art Study, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 22 Miscellaneous Contributions, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 23 Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 24 Council for International Visitors, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 25 Negro Scholarship Program, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 26-27 Press, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 28 Western Psychiatric Institute, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 29 Urban Redevelopment Authority
Folder 30 Vanguard Theater Project

Series VIII. General Back Years

Box 28
Folder 1 Agenda Back Years
Folder 2 Annual Report, 1968
Folder 3 Annual Report, 1967
Folder 4 Contribution Lists
Folder 5 List of Contribution Declinations
Folder 6-8 Minutes, 1968-1970

Series IX. Trusts A-Z

Folder 9-40 Miscellaneous A-Z

Series X. Declinations

Folder 41 Applications not granted
Folder 42 List of contributions and declinations (transfer file)
Folder 43 American Organizations, A-F
Folder 44 American Organizations, G-Z
Folder 45-48 A-D

Box 29
Folder 1-21 E-U

Box 30
Folder 1-4 University-Z

Series XI. Cultural

Folder 5 Affiliate Artists Inc.
Folder 6 American Wind Symphony
Folder 7 Art Centers
Folder 8 Art Galleries
Folder 9 Artistic Workshop, Selma Burke
Folder 10 Artists and Craftsmen Guild, Inc.
Folder 11 Arts and Crafts Center
Folder 12 Arts and Education
Folder 13 Arts Information International
Folder 14 Arts and Craft Center (capital)
Folder 15 Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh for Art

Box 31
Folder 1 Atlantic Institute for International Affairs
Folder 2 Carnegie Institute, Filmakers
Folder 3 Carnegie Institute
Folder 4 Three Rivers Arts Festival
Folder 5 Carnegie Library
Folder 6 Film Makers
Folder 7 North Side Carnegie Library Rehabilitation, Vanguard
Folder 8 Civic Light Opera, Financial
Folder 9 The Clef Concert Association of Pittsburgh, Inc.
Folder 10 Cultural Organization of Greater Pittsburgh
Folder 11 Dance
Folder 12 Duquesne University Tamburitzans, Inc.
Folder 13 The First Stage
Folder 14 Floating Center for the Arts
Folder 15 Frick Art Musuem
Folder 16 Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts
Folder 17 Institute in Arts Administration
Folder 18 International University Choral Festival

Box 32
Folder 1 The Junior League of Pittsburgh, Inc.
Folder 2 Marionette Theatre Arts Council, Inc.
Folder 3 The Mendelssohn Choir
Folder 4 Miscellaneous
Folder 5 National Gallery of Art
Folder 6 Pennsylvania Ballet
Folder 7 Pittsburgh, Chamber Music Society, Inc.
Folder 8 Pittsburgh, Children's Museum
Folder 9 Pittsburgh, Ballet Theatre
Folder 10 Pittsburgh, Council for the Arts
Folder 11 Pittsburgh, Dance Council
Folder 12 Pittsburgh, Drama League

Box 33
Folder 1 Pittsburgh, Graphics Workshop
Folder 2 Opera Studies, 1977-1978

Section: Pittsburgh

Folder 3 Opera, Inc., financial
Folder 4 Oratorio Society
Folder 5 Playhouse
Folder 6 Public Theater
Folder 7 Soceity of Artists
Folder 8 Youth Symphony Orchestra Association
Folder 9-10 Symphony
Folder 11 American Poetry Review
Folder 12 Point Park College
Folder 13 Renaissance and Baroque Society
Folder 14 Renaissance Center for the Arts
Folder 15 Theater Dance

Box 34
Folder 1 TRIAD
Folder 2 Vanguard Theatre

Series XII. Education

Folder 3 Carnegie Mellon University
Folder 4 Chatham College
Folder 5 Robert Morris College
Folder 6-9 University of Pittsburgh

Series XIII. Miscellaneous Reports and Publications

Folder 10 Urban Redevelopment Authority
Folder 11 Materials Removed from safety deposit boxes of the A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust

Box 35
Folder 1 By Laws of the A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust
Folder 2-4 Deed of the Trust
Folder 5 Orphans Court Material
Folder 6-8 Annual Financial Reports, 1961-1977
Folder 9-11 Financial Statements, Price, Waterhouse, and Co., 1964-1978
Folder 12-15 Form 990, Federal Information Return, 1974-1977
Folder 16 Custodian Account No. 075-Q38, Agreement and General Correspondence

Box 36
Folder 1 Allegheny County Parks, Acquisition of land
Folder 2 Shanahan Transfer and Storage Co., Inc.
Folder 3 Pitt Professorships and Grants
Folder 4 Carnegie Mellon Capital
Folder 5 National Gallery of Art, Schedule 3, Confidential
Folder 6 University Professors Dealing with Psychological Physics
Folder 7 Subject Reports on Endowed Professorship and Fellowships at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University
Folder 8 Historical Perspectives in Parapsychology, R.A. McConnell,ed.
Folder 9 Proposal from Carnegie Mellon University to A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust, 1978
Folder 10 Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Catalog, 1970-1980
Folder 11 Carnegie Mellon University, The Professional Choice
Folder 12 Arts Management Research and Service Center, 1977
Folder 13 Carnegie Insitute of Technology, Educational Papers
Folder 14 Washington and Jefferson College Catalogue, 1979-1980
Folder 15 St. John's College, 1979-1980
Folder 16 Downtown at Carnegie Mellon, College of Fine Arts
Folder 17 Carnegie Mellon University, Humanities and Social Sciences, Undergraduate Catalogue, 1979-1981
Folder 18 Carnegie Mellon University Financial and Statistical Report, 1979
Folder 19 Carnegie Mellon University Report of the President for the Academic School Year, 1978-1979
Folder 20 University of Pittsburgh Bulletin, The College of Arts and Sciences 1975-1977
Folder 21 Chatham College, Academic Bulletin, 1979-1980
Folder 22 Allegheny College Catalogue 1979-1980

Series XIV. Contributions, 1930-1970

Box 37
Folder 1 Allegheny County Jail
Folder 2 American Cancer Society
Folder 3 Action Housing, Inc., Allegheny Council to Improve Our Neighborhood Housing, Inc.
Folder 4 American Council on NATO, Inc.
Folder 5 American Chemical Society, Pittsburgh Section
Folder 6 American Council to Improve Our Neighborhoods
Folder 7 American Law Institute
Folder 8 American Nuclear Society
Folder 9 American Red Cross
Folder 10 American Wind Symphony
Folder 11 Art Society of Pittsburgh
Folder 12 Atlantic Council of the United States
Folder 13-14 Atlantica Foundation
Folder 15 Miscellaneous Contributions, A
Folder 16 Boys Club of Pittsburgh, Inc.
Folder 17 Boy Scouts of America, Allegheny County Council
Folder 18-19 Brookings Institution
Folder 20 Miscellaneous Contributions, B

Box 38
Folder 1 Carlow College
Folder 2-3 Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh
Folder 4 Civic Light Opera of Pittsburgh
Folder 5-12 Community Chest of Pittsburgh
Folder 13 Miscellaneous Contributions, C-E
Folder 15-17 Carnegie Institute

Box 39
Folder 1-19 Carnegie Institute

Box 40
Folder 1-2 Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Folder 3-16 Carnegie Institute of Technology

Box 41
Folder 1-18 Chatham College

Box 42
Folder 1 Fort Ligonier
Folder 2 Miscellaneous Contributions, F
Folder 3 Gallinger Hospital, Washington, D.C.
Folder 4 George Washington Foundation
Folder 5 George Washington University Hospital
Folder 6 Miscellaneous Contributions, G
Folder 7 Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, A.W. Mellon Hall
Folder 8 Harvard Law School
Folder 9 Home for Aged Protestants
Folder 10 Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania
Folder 11 Hoover Institution on War, Peace, and Revolution
Folder 12 Miscellaneous Contributions, H
Folder 13 EDUCOM, Inter-university Communication Council
Folder 14 Miscellaneous Contributions, I
Folder 15-18 Johns Hopkins University
Folder 19 Miscellaneous Contributions, J
Folder 20 Kay Boys Club
Folder 21 Miscellaneous Contributions, K
Folder 22 Latrobe Hospital
Folder 23 Valley School of Ligonier
Folder 24 Miscellaneous Contributions, L
Folder 25 George Marshall Research Foundation
Folder 26-27 Medical Society of the State of Pennsylvania
Folder 28 Mellon Institute of Fundamental Research
Folder 29 Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, Fundamental Research Trust

Box 43
Folder 1-5 Mellon Institute
Folder 6 A.W. Mellon Junior High School
Folder 7-8 Mellon Park, Sixth and Smithfield
Folder 9 Mercy Hospital
Folder 10-12 Metropolitan Pittsburgh Educational Television Station -- WQED
Folder 13 WQED, Financial

Box 44
Folder 1-4 WQED
Folder 5-6 A Modern Constitution For Pennsylvania, Inc.
Folder 7 Miscellaneous Contributions, M
Folder 8 National Gallery of Art, Public Schools Art Project
Folder 9 National Council on Crime and Delinquency

Box 45
Folder 1 National Information Bureau
Folder 2 National Library for the Blind
Folder 3 Nacy Relief Society, Citizens' Committee
Folder 4 National Scholarship Service and Fund for Negro Students
Folder 5 Negro Educational Emergency Drive
Folder 6 Oakland Civic Center
Folder 7 Oakland Junction and Panther Hollows
Folder 8 Miscellaneous Contributions, N-O
Folder 9-10 Pittsburgh Economy League
Folder 11 Pennsylvania United Theological Seminary Foundation, Inc.

Section: Pittsburgh

Folder 12-15 Bicentennial Association

Box 46
Folder 1 Bicentennial Association
Folder 2 Forestry Asscociation, "Good Outdoor Manners"
Folder 3 Playhouse, Vanguard Projects Division
Folder 4 Experiment
Folder 5 Robert Frost Choirs

Section: Pittsburgh

Folder 6-8 Foundation
Folder 9 History and Landmarks Foundation
Folder 10 Hospital
Folder 11 New Friends of Music, Inc., Concert Artist Program
Folder 12 Opera, Inc.
Folder 13 Park and Playground Society
Folder 14 Plan for Art

Box 47
Folder 1-2 Playhouse
Folder 3 Public Schools, Pittsburgh Leadership Seminar, Pittsburgh Scholar Program, State Aid to Urban Education, Director of Developmental Projects
Folder 4 Regional Planning Association, The Pittsburgh Center
Folder 5-6 Symphony

Box 48
Folder 1 Symphony Society Endowment
Folder 2 Theological Seminary, Advanced Pastoral Studies
Folder 3 Planned Parenthood Committee of Pittsburgh, Inc.
Folder 4 Planning Foundation of America, American Institute of Planners, Pittsburgh Regional Chapter
Folder 5 Presbyterian Association for the Care of the Aged and Orphans
Folder 6 Presbyterian Hospital of Pittsburgh
Folder 7 Princeton University, Conference on NATO
Folder 8 Princeton University
Folder 9 Public Auditorium Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County
Folder 10-12 Miscellaneous Contributions, P-R
Folder 13 St. John's College
Folder 14 School for Physically Handicapped Children
Folder 15 Shadyside Academy
Folder 16 South Side Hospital
Folder 17 Swarthmore College
Folder 18-19 Miscellaneous Contributions, S-T

Box 49
Folder 1 Urban Redevelopment Authority
Folder 2 United Fund of Allegheny County, Film Production
Folder 3 United States Committee for the Care of European Children, Inc.
Folder 4 U.S.O. Special Committee, Washington, D.C.
Folder 5 Unity Presbyterian Church
Folder 6-11 University of Pennsylvania, Foreign Policy Research Institute
Folder 12 University of Pennsylvania, Plan to Develop Scientists in Medical Research
Folder 13 Urban America, Inc.
Folder 14 Urban Redevelopment Authority

Box 50
Folder 1-2 Miscellaneous Contributions, U-V
Folder 3 Washington and Jefferson College
Folder 4 Washington Cathedral, Washington D.C.
Folder 5 Washington Home for Foundlings
Folder 6 Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Project 70
Folder 7 Citizen Committee for Project 70
Folder 8 Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Lilian McCahan Materials
Folder 9 Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, Planning Studies, "Know Your River Basin," Ohiopyle Project, Racoon Creek/Hickory Club Property, Fernliff Park, "Land and People," Manual on Outdoor Education, Slippery Rock Muddy Creek Project
Folder 10 Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, General
Folder 11 World Affairs Council (formerly Foreign Policy Association of Pittsburgh), Discussion Groups, World Affairs Forum, America
Folder 12 World Affairs Council, Reorganization
Folder 13 Miscellaneous Contributions, W
Folder 14 Yale to Clare -- Clare to Yale

Box 51
Folder 1 Yale Faculty Committee for Recieving Oxford and Cambridge University Children, Inc.
Folder 2 Yale University Press
Folder 3 Young Men and Women's Hebrew Association

Section: University of Pittsburgh

Folder 4 Scholarships
Folder 5-6 Graduate School of Public Health
Folder 7 Space Research Center
Folder 8 Women's Education
Folder 9 Public Relations
Folder 10 Proposed School of Religion
Folder 11 Roberson Manuscript, Art in Pittsburgh, Barrax Manuscript

Section: University Health Center

Folder 12 School of Preventive Medicine, Department of Preventive Medicine
Folder 13 Nurses Training School
Folder 14 School of Nursing
Folder 15 Graduate School of Public Health, Red Report, Dr. Lowell J. Reed

Section: University Health Center

Folder 16 Presbyterian University Hospital
Folder 17 Vice Chancellor
Folder 18 University of Pittsburgh, Program for Academic Difficulties
Folder 19 Establishment of the College of the Academic Disciplines

Box 52
Folder 1 Western Psychiatric Institute
Folder 2 Carnegie Mellon University Professor Grant and University of Pittsburgh Professorship
Folder 3 University of Pittsburgh Professorship Carnegie Mellon University
Folder 4 Allegeheny River Project
Folder 5 Chatham College
Folder 6 Micellaneous Contributions, X-Z

Series XV. Mellon Estate

Folder 7 Receipt for Advancement (estate of A.W. Mellon, Deceased)
Folder 8 United States Treasury Department, Questionaires
Folder 9 Program for distribution for remaing A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Funds
Folder 10 Gifts of Art
Folder 11 Receipts for advancement from the estate of Andrew W. Mellon
Folder 12 Real Estate
Folder 13 Deed of gift to A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust by A.W. Mellon
Folder 14 Deeds of Trust, gift and distribution
Folder 15 Distribution from estate -- cash
Folder 16 Distribution from estate -- miscellaneous

Section: Deed of Trust

Folder 17 Gift and distribution, December 30, 1930
Folder 18 Agreement of June 6, 1934
Folder 19 Agreement of June 30, 1945
Folder 20 Agreement of January 4, 1950
Folder 21 716 Jackson Place, N.W. Washington, D.C., 1937-1952
Folder 22 Termination of Grants, general file

Series XVI. Orphans Court Accounting

Folder 23 Correspondence re: accounts filed with Orphans Court
Folder 24 Fifth Account, May 31, 1949-January 4, 1954
Folder 25 Sixth Account, January 5, 1954-July 9, 1958
Folder 26 Seventh Account, July 10, 1958-December 14, 1967

Series XVII. Mellon Family

Box 53
Folder 1 Mellon Family
Folder 2 Mellon Family, Fortune article, October 1967
Folder 3 Mellon family file
Folder 4 A.W. Mellon: re portraits and photographs
Folder 5 Brief biographical sketch of A.W. Mellon
Folder 6 Newspaper Clippings
Folder 7 Mellon - R.K. Mellon's death, June 6, 1970
Folder 8 Paul Mellon
Folder 9 A.W. Mellon file: Hendricks Manuscript
Folder 10 National Gallery - Mellon Collection - Paul Mellon's dedication speech
Folder 11 Yale Center for British Art
Folder 12 Dedication pamphlets
Folder 13 National Gallery, Clippings
Folder 14 National Gallery, East Building
Folder 15 Various Articles on Pittsburgh

Series XVIII. Institute for Philosophical Research

Folder 16-17 File 1-2

Series XIX. Trust Policy

Box 54
Folder 1 Seeking a Central Project -- A.W. Educational and Charitable Trust
Folder 2 Future Trust Policy
Folder 3 Work Papers, booklets

Series XX. Miscellaneous Patman and Mellon Material

Folder 4 A.W. Mellon Education and Charitable Trust -- Reece and Dodd Committee
Folder 5 A.W. Mellon Education and Charitable Trust -- Cox Committee
Folder 6 Wright Patman Material

Box 55
Folder 1 Wright Patman, inquiries, general correspondence
Folder 2 A.W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust Questionaires, Replies to Wright Patman inquiries 1-5
Folder 3 Wright Patman Inquiries, A.W. Mellon Education and Charitable Trust Questionaire 1 1963-1969
Folder 4 Foundations; United States Treasury Department, Wright Patman Committee
Folder 5 File Copy - Material and Information Frunished to the Honorable Wright Patman, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., August 10, 1961

Series XXI. Contributions to the University of Pittsburgh

Folder 6 Financial
Folder 7 Miscellaneous Correspondence Mellon Art Agreement, 1913
Folder 8 American Philosophical Quarterly
Folder 9 British American Associates
Folder 10 Chancellor Litchfield

Box 56
Folder 1-2 Civic Photographic Library, Financial
Folder 3 Commons Room
Folder 4 Computation and Data Processing Center
Folder 5 Core Curriculum Program
Folder 6 Office of Cultural and Educational Exchange, Council for International Visitors
Folder 7 English Room
Folder 8 Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
Folder 9 Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Ditchley House
Folder 10 Proposed organization of graduate study
Folder 11 Inauguration Seminars
Folder 12 Institute of Local Governments
Folder 13 Institute of Public Administration, New York City, (Luther Gulick)

Section: Law School

Folder 14 General File

Box 57
Folder 1 Progress Reports
Folder 2 Financial
Folder 3 Model Housing Sanitation Ordinance
Folder 4 Learning Research and Development Center
Folder 5 Study of the University Libraries Problem
Folder 6 University of Pittsburgh Library
Folder 7 Miscellaneous Gifts
Folder 8 Negro Scholarship Aid, NSSFNS, Summer Collegee Prepatory Program, and general
Folder 9 Oakland Colleges - relationships
Folder 10 Oakland Corporation
Folder 11 Oakland Corporation, Voting common stock
Folder 12 Philosophical Research Project - Reiser
Folder 13 Planning and Development
Folder 14 Potential Stories

Series XXII. Program Materials

Folder 15-16 American Wind Symphony

Box 58
Folder 1-2 American Waterways

Section: Center for the Arts

Folder 3 Center for the Arts
Folder 4 Middleheim
Folder 5 Banshaft Agreement
Folder 6 Estimates
Folder 7-8 Poetry Center
Folder 9 Poetry General

Box 59
Folder 1 Bern Association

Box 60
Folder 1 Miscellaneous Files for filing in the File Cabinets