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Title: American Service Institute Records
Collection Number: AIS.1963.01
Creator: American Service Institute.

Collection Dates: Bulk, 1941-1961
Collection Dates: 1920-1961
Extent: 62.5 linear feet

Language: English

The American Service Institute was founded in Pittsburgh in 1941 with the purpose of working through the organized structure of the Pittsburgh community to promote better understanding and appreciation among people of all cultural and national backgrounds. The American Service Institute was in existence from 1941 through 1961. The records include material from the 1920s through 1961. The records include minutes and committees, unpublished studies and reports, ASI community projects, immigration and naturalization files, ASI publications, ASI programs, general information on local organizations, material on local community projects, the aged population, youth immigration records, and customs and traditions of cultural groups.

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The American Service Institute was founded in 1941 as a result of research published by Philip Klein and collaborators entitled A Social Study of Pittsburgh: Community Problems and Social Services of Allegheny County. The study recommended that an advisory agency be formed to act as an interpreter between existing social and civic agencies. The American Service Institute (ASI) was formed from the combination of 3 organizations the, International Institute of Pittsburgh, International Institute of McKeesport and the American Citizenship League. The organizations focused on a combination of naturalization procedures for individuals as well as community related group work.

The ASI was a product of the three earlier organizations with the stated purpose, "to assist in the ethnic, cultural and economic assimilation into the community of new Americans residing in Allegheny County; to encourage their participation in community life, as individuals or as groups; to cooperate with individuals and with nationality organizations in relating themselves to public and private social and civic agencies; and to give technical assistance to residents of Allegheny County who desire to become naturalized citizens of the United States." To fulfill these objectives, ASI worked through the organized structure of the community (i.e., social agencies, schools, churches, civic groups) to promote better understanding and appreciation among people of all cultural and national backgrounds, as well as encourage fuller participation in community life.

The organization was supported almost solely by the Community Chest of Allegheny County, only a fraction of the ASI budget came from fees for services. ASI did not intend for itself to be an agency that provided individual service, but in their first year they assisted 1,140 people with the naturalization process. After those initial months government funds for naturalization programs made it possible to lessen the number of individual cases for which ASI was responsible.

In 1960 a study was requested by the Community Chest of Allegheny County and the Allegheny County Health and Welfare Association to assess the role of the American Service Institute. As a result of the study the ASI was asked to terminate its services to the community and its contract with the Community Chest expired on December 31, 1961. All active immigration and naturalization case files were transferred to the Community Chest Information Services, which later became part of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the United Way.

Collection Scope and Content Notes

Included in the collection are extensive records in the fields of social work and intercultural relations. The collection also contains publications of health, welfare, and fraternal organizations located in the county, and numerous documents and letters of historical importance. Although the American Service Institute was in existence from 1941 through 1961, the material in the files is not limited to this period but contains materials from the 1920s through 1961. The records include minutes and committees, unpublished studies and reports, ASI community projects, files on individual immigration and naturalization cases closed prior to 1953, ASI publications such as the Survey of Beneficial Fraternal Society, newsletters, Nationality Fact Sheet, ASI Programs such as "Analysis of Immigration and Naturalization Steps" and "East Liberty Interagency Meetings," general information on such local organizations as the Urban League, National Conference of Christians and Jews Committee on Human Relations, material (such as newsletters) on local community and committee projects, the aged population, youth immigration records, customs and traditions of cultural groups.


The collection has been organized into eight main series:

  • Series I. Special Projects and Daily Activities
  • Series II. Research on Ethnic and Nationality Groups
  • Series III. Alphabetical Subject Files
  • Series IV. Individual and Family Case Files
  • Series V. Employment Progress Reports
  • Series VI. Newsletters and Publications
  • Series VII. Additional ASI Files
  • Series VIII. Map and Statistics Binders
Additional scope notes are provided at the series level.

Subject Terms

  • Community development
  • Community life
  • Immigrants -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh
  • Neighborhoods -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh

Corporate Names
  • American Service Institute.
  • National Conference of Christians and Jews. Committee on Human Relations.
  • Urban League of Pittsburgh.

  • Pittsburgh (Pa.) -- Emigration and immigration
  • Pittsburgh (Pa.) -- Social conditions

  • Associations
  • Ethnic groups

Access and Use
Access Restrictions:

Repository may place some restriction on the use of individual immigration files if they are used in other than a statistical fashion.

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Otto Von Mering on October 7, 1963.

Preferred Citation:

American Service Institute Records, ca.1920-1961, AIS.1963.01, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

Processing Information:

This collection was processed by Archives Service Center Staff in 1963 and 2001.


Permission for publication is given on behalf of the University of Pittsburgh as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must also be obtained.

Collection Inventory

Series I. Special Projects and Daily Activities

Scope and Content Notes:

Series I contains minutes, correspondence and research for specific projects on local and national levels. Topics include fair housing, citizenship classes, naturalization, war relief, Japanese resettlement, community profiles, and various aspects of social work. The series also includes correspondence and minutes of meetings in which the ASI participated. Organizations such as the Human Relations Institute, McKeesport Intercultural Council, Allegheny County Council on Civil Rights, Urban League of Pittsburgh as well as other local organizations and settlement houses. Social work conferences held by the American Service Institute are also included in this series.

Subseries 1. American By Choice

Box 1
Folder 1 Rewrite material - Americans by Choice. Contributions (To American Life) Italian
Folder 2 Rewrite material - Americans by Choice. Italians in Pittsburgh
Folder 3 Rewrite material - Americans by Choice Allegheny Valley Advisory Committee
Folder 4 Minutes, 1941-1943
Folder 5 Minutes, 1944-1948
Folder 6 Allegheny Valley Service Bureau - Tarentum, undated
Folder 7-9 I Am An American Day, McKeesport, 1942-1944
Folder 10 I Am An American Day, McKeesport, 1945-1947
Folder 11 Tarentum Area, 1953
Folder 12-13 Allegheny Valley Advisory Committee of the ASI, undated
Folder 14 Tarentum Occupational and Industrial Survey, undated
Folder 15 Tarentum Conference, April 30, 1942
Folder 16 Tarentum Dubois Conference (I Am An American Day), undated
Folder 17 Study Committee-Tarentum YMCA, Group Work Division, undated
Folder 18 Mrs. Sigler's Report of Allegheny Valley, undated
Folder 19 Radio Programs, Allegheny Valley, undated
Folder 20 Radio Forum, Tarentum, May 26, 1946
Folder 21 Publicity, Tarentum, undated
Folder 22 Intercultural and Inter-racial Understanding, October 18-19, 1944
Folder 23 West Deer Township-Program File
Folder 24 Study Committee-Springdale Community Center
Folder 25 Bach, Julia, undated
Folder 26 Barkovic (Rygielski),
Folder 27 Bartkiewicz and Markel, undated
Folder 28 Bronikovsky, Ahven, undated
Folder 29 Barrett (Oleh) Julia American Orientation, August 6, 1953
Folder 30 American Orientation Committee, 1958
Folder 31 American Orientation Institute, December 1959
Folder 32 American Orientation Institute (AOI), undated
Folder 33 AOI, Employment Committee, 1958-1960
Folder 34-35 American Orientation Institute, 1957-1958
Folder 36 Citizenship Classes Services, 1956-1960
Folder 37 Citizenship Recognition Ceremonies, 1948-1954
Folder 38 Mass Bicentennial Citizenship Ceremony, February 12, 1959
Folder 39 Analysis of IN Immigration Slips to School Board, July 1955-August 1958
Folder 40 Citizenship Education Materials, undated
Folder 41 Institute on Police-Community Relations, 1960
Folder 42 Pittsburgh Council on International Visitors, May 1960
Folder 43 Anti-Defamation Project, undated
Folder 44 Bicentennial Celebration (Nationality Groups), 1956
Folder 45 Americanism Week, 1953-1954
Folder 46 Manchester Human Relations Workshop, 1957
Folder 47 Pittsburgh Association for U.N., undated
Folder 48 Maisel Reception Luncheon, Intercultural Understanding Day, July 19, 1955
Folder 49 East Liberty Inter-Agency Meetings, April 1959

Box 2
Folder 1 Finnish Visitors to Pittsburgh, March-April 1957
Folder 2 Duquesne Folk Festival Reports, 1955-1957
Folder 3 Clairton Housing Project, June 1954
Folder 4 Dormont - Mt. Lebanon Citizenship Classes, 1960
Folder 5 Records, interviews - Dormont Profile, undated
Folder 6 "East Liberty Study" Larimer Avenue, undated
Folder 7 East Liberty Program ASI, 1948-1950
Folder 8 East Liberty, 1949-1950
Folder 9 East Liberty Community Council, undated
Folder 10 East Liberty, undated
Folder 11 Highland Park Pool, 1951
Folder 12-13 Hill District, undated
Folder 14 Homewood - Brushton, undated
Folder 15 Homestead - Munhall Project, 1959
Folder 16 Homestead Community Studies - Local, undated
Folder 17 Homestead, undated
Folder 18-19 McKeesport, 1958
Folder 20 McKeesport Profile - Follow up, October 1959
Folder 21 McKeesport, 1953
Folder 22 McKees Rocks Community Organization Project, 1954-1955
Folder 23 Pittsburgh Housing Situation, undated
Folder 24-25 McKees Rocks, undated
Folder 26-27 Rankin Community Organization Project, 1954-1955
Folder 28-30 Spring Hill, 1958-1959

Subseries 2. ASI Profile

Folder 31 East Liberty, undated
Folder 32 Larmer Avenue Area Profile, October 1959
Folder 33 Rankin Profile - ASI Correspondence (list), August 1955

Box 3
Folder 1 Manchester Community Profile - ASI, Correspondence, lists, 1954
Folder 2 McKeesport Valley Area Community Profile. ASI, October 1958
Folder 3 Spring Hill Profile - ASI, Correspondence, lists, June 1959
Folder 4 Penn Township Profile, June 1957
Folder 5 Dormont Community Profile. ASI, 1957. Correspondence, lists, 1957
Folder 6 McKees Rocks. "Community Profiles" ASI. Correspondence, lists, 1954
Folder 7 Articles Re Profiles in Pittsburgh Press - ASI, undated

Subseries 3. Consultation of Camps and Miscellaneous

Folder 8 Brashear Camp, Camp Claudine Virginia Trees, 1947-1950
Folder 9 Camp Consultation, Brashear, 1950
Folder 10 Consultation - training, 1952
Folder 11 Camp Redwing, undated
Folder 12 ELR'S Camp records, 1948
Folder 13 Camp DVT
Folder 14 Camp Carondowanna, 1950
Folder 15 Camp Winnicut, undated
Folder 16 Consultation Assistance to Equitable Gas Co., undated
Folder 17 Community School - Health Workshop, July 1957, June 1958, and July 1959
Folder 18 Consultation - ISDA - ASI - CHR "Mafia" (Articles), June 1959

Subseries 4. ASI Cultural Factors Meetings

Folder 19 1st Cultural Factors Meeting, Dr. M.H. Giles, March 30, 1954
Folder 20 2nd Cultural Factors Meeting, Dr. Kenneth Clark, March 30, 1955
Folder 21 3rd Cultural Factors Meeting, Dr. Dan Dodson, March 12, 1956
Folder 22 4th Cultural Factors Meeting, Dr. M.F. Ashley Montagu, March 28, 1957
Folder 23 5th Cultural Factors Meeting, Dr. E. Alpenfels, April 9, 1958
Folder 24 Cultural Problems - Papers, undated
Folder 25-26 Committee on Cultural Factors in Group Work, undated
Folder 27 Materials From the Study Committee on Cultural Factors in Group Work, undated
Folder 28 Sub-Committee on Inter-Cultural Education of the Workers' Section, undated
Folder 29 Committee on Cultural Factors in Group Work- Minutes, undated
Folder 30 Study Committee on Intercultural Education, undated
Folder 31 Case Summaries re Cultural Problems, undated

Subseries 5. Cultural Factors in Health

Folder 32-33 ASI Cultural Factors in Health Committee, 1959
Folder 34 Cultural Factors in Health Committee- Minutes, Agendas, undated
Folder 35 Dr. Demke - County Health Department. Nationality Leaders' Meetings, 1960

Subseries 6. Citizenship Recognition Ceremonies

Folder 36 Citizenship Ceremony Bicentennial, undated
Folder 37-38 Citizenship Ceremonies, 1950-1954
Folder 39 Citizenship Recognition Ceremonies (miscellaneous information) Summary Report included, undated

Subseries 7. ASI - Fraternal Societies. Television Series (Americans All) Fall, 1956

Folder 40 Fraternal Society Flag Day TV Program. WQED, June 14, 1956
Folder 41 Opening Show. "Americans All Series". WQED, September 6, 1956
Folder 42 Croatian Program. "Americans All Series". WQED, September 13, 1956
Folder 43 Slovak Program. "Americans All Series". WQED, September 27, 1956
Folder 44 German Program. "Americans All Series". WQED, October 11, 1956

Box 4
Folder 1 Hungarian Program. "Americans All Series". WQED, October 4, 1956
Folder 2 Italian Program. "Americans All Series". WQED, October 18, 1956
Folder 3 Polish Program "Americans All Series". WQED, September 20, 1956
Folder 4 Ukrainian Program "Americans All Series". WQED, October 25, 1956
Folder 5 TV General Meetings - Fraternal Societies of Greater Pittsburgh. Correspondence, undated
Folder 6 Fraternal Societies of Greater Pittsburgh, 1956. TV Series. WQED, 1955-1956
Folder 7 ASI - Fraternal Societies. "Americans All Series", Fall, 1956
Folder 8 Russian and Carpatho-Russian. "Americans All Series" WQED, November 1, 1956
Folder 9 Development of Fraternalism. WQED, November 8, 1956

Subseries 8. Human Relations Institute

Folder 10-11 Human Relations Institute, February 21, 1955
Folder 12 Human Relations Institute, February 25, 1954
Folder 13 Human Relations Institute, 1952
Folder 14 Planning Committee, Institute on Human Relations, February 17, 1953
Folder 15 Human Relations Institute, Programs and Announcements
Folder 16 Human Relations Institute, 1950-1951
Folder 17 Institute on Human Relations, 1951
Folder 18 Human Relations Institute, 1950
Folder 19 Institute on Human Relations, 1949
Folder 20 Program Committee, Institute on Human Relations, 1949
Folder 21 Institute on Human Relations, November 19, 1947
Folder 22 Institute on Human Relations, Finances, November 19, 1947
Folder 23 Institute on Human Relations, February 7, 1947
Folder 24 Joint Meeting on Intercultural Education in the County Preceding, undated
Folder 25 Human Relations Institute, Statements of Purpose, undated

Subseries 9. Hungarian Refugee Situation

Folder 26-27 Hungarian Aid, 1957
Folder 28 Hungarian Refugees- ASI and Citizens Coordinating Committee, undated
Folder 29 Materials- Hungarian Refugees- correspondence, undated
Folder 30 Reports- Hungarian Refugees- records, undated
Folder 31 Problems of Employment- Hungarian Refugee- correspondence data project, undated
Folder 32 Hungarian Refugee Survey- completed forms, 1958
Folder 33 Hungarian Data, incomplete forms, undated
Folder 34 Hungarian Project- Work Folder, Report- Ruth Auel Interpretation by ASI, undated
Folder 35 "The ASI," a term paper, undated
Folder 36 Purposes of American in Field of Human Relations, 1953
Folder 37 Resources- Social Agencies and Organizations, undated
Folder 38 Purpose, services and origin ASI, undated
Folder 39 ASI- Interpretive Publication, undated

Subseries 10. Japanese Resettlement

Box 5
Folder 1 Committee on Resettlement of the Japanese
Folder 2-4 Materials and Bulletins re resettlement
Folder 5 Manzannar Press Items
Folder 6 Pittsburgh Citizens' Committee on Resettlement
Folder 7 Resettlement of Japanese, publicity
Folder 8 WRA - Intake Slips and Referrals

Subseries 11. Joint Cooperation

Folder 9 ASI in relation to the Urban League, undated
Folder 10 I NS- ASI. Cooperation Board of Education, 1953
Folder 11 Civic Unity Council (ASI). Origin, relation to CUC, undated
Folder 12 Meeting of representatives of Bureau of Community Councils, ASI, Urban League, Housing Authority and Feb. (By Community Chest), undated

Subseries 12. McKeesport

Folder 13 Minutes - McKeesport Advisory Committee, undated
Folder 14 McKeesport Home Festival, undated
Folder 15 McKeesport Intercultural Council. BHDC, 1948-1951
Folder 16 McKeesport Intercultural Council. Program, undated
Folder 17 McKeesport Intercultural Council, 1947-1951
Folder 18 McKeesport Advisory Committee, undated
Folder 19 McKeesport Intercultural Council, Nominating and Membership Committee Records, undated
Folder 20 Community Chest of McKeesport, undated
Folder 21 McKeesport Office - Program Committee, undated

Subseries 13. McKees Rocks-Community Organization Project

Folder 22 McKees Rocks--Hope McDermott's Use, undated
Folder 23 McKees Rocks, undated
Folder 24 Consultation to McKees Rocks Rotary Club, 1955
Folder 25 Stowe-Kennedy-McKees Rocks Mailing lists, undated
Folder 26 Stowe-Kennedy-McKees Rocks c/o Project, 1955
Folder 27 Stowe-Kennedy-McKees Rocks English and Citizenship Classes, 1953-1955
Folder 28 Stowe-Kennedy-McKees Rocks, 1955-1956
Folder 29 Judith Ann Snyder Memorial Library, undated
Folder 30 Stowe-Kennedy-Rocks. Judith Ann Snyder Memorial Library, 1954
Folder 31 Stowe-Kennedy-McKees Rocks, 1954-1955
Folder 32 Correspondence, McKees Rocks, 1954-1955
Folder 33 Stowe-Kennedy-McKees Rocks. Banquets and Ceremonies, May 1954
Folder 34 Stowe-Kennedy-McKees Rocks. Publicity-correspondence, 1954
Folder 35 Clippings of Stowe-Kennedy-McKees Rocks, 1953-1955
Folder 36 Tri-Community Brotherhood Program Ball, 1955
Folder 37 Nationality Organizations Directory, 1945
Folder 38-39 D.P. Correspondence, undated
Folder 40 Council of Churches-D.P. Committee, undated
Folder 41 D.P. Minutes and Charts, undated
Folder 42-43 Independence Day Festival Committee, 1944-1946
Folder 44 Nationality Integration Committee-United War Fund Campaign, 1943

Subseries 14. Overseas Relief Agencies

Folder 45 War Relief Agencies. General Correspondence, Lists, etc., 1944-1956

Box 6
Folder 1 American Relief for Czechoslovakia, Inc., 1947
Folder 2 British War Relief, undated
Folder 3 China War Relief, United China War Relief, undated
Folder 4 Clothing Drive, United War Relief, January 1945
Folder 5 Danish War Relief, undated
Folder 6 Fashion Show Luncheon Committee, Council of War Relief Agencies, 1944
Folder 7 French War Relief (Belgium), undated
Folder 8 Greek War Relief, Friends of Greece, undated
Folder 9 Italian War Relief, American Relief for Italy, Inc., undated
Folder 10 Lithuanian War Relief, United Lithuanian Relief Fund of America, undated
Folder 11 Netherlands War Relief, Queen Wilhelmina Fund, undated
Folder 12 Norwegian War Relief, undated
Folder 13 Polish War Relief, undated
Folder 14 Russian War Relief, American Society for Russian Relief, undated
Folder 15 Yugoslav War Relief, United Yugoslav Relief Fund, undated
Folder 16 Yugoslav War Relief, American Committee for Yugoslav War Relief, undated
Folder 17 War Relief (Malvin Morton's Thesis), Correspondence and list, undated
Folder 18 unidentified (II 4 18), undated

Subseries 15. School-Community Receptions

Folder 19 Peabody School Reception (For English and citizenship classes), December 15, 1955
Folder 20 Receptions with English and Citizenship classes, 1954-1955
Folder 21 School-Community Luncheon. (Forbes School Citizenship Class), May 27, 1955
Folder 22 Lawrenceville Reception for Potential Citizens, March 15, 1954

Subseries 16. Services to the Foreign Born - Case Work Services to Foreign Born, (includes conference with Dr. Bernard), 1958-1959

Folder 23 Services to the Foreign Born, 1958-1959

Subseries 17. Transfer-Community Committees

Folder 24 Allegheny County Committee on Displaced Persons, Organization of committee, lists, correspondence, etc., 1946-1948
Folder 25 Allegheny County Council on Civil Rights, 1950-1953
Folder 26 Allegheny County Council on Civil Rights, minutes, 1949-1951
Folder 27 Allegheny County Council on Civil Rights, correspondence, 1949-1951
Folder 28 Allegheny County Council on Civil Rights, 1948-1949
Folder 29 Citizens Committee on Civil Rights
Folder 30 New C.U.C. Ordinance, March 1955
Folder 31 Advisory Committee, Civic Unity Council, Community Committees, 1945-1955
Folder 32-33 Mayor's Civic Unity Council
Folder 34 Highland Park Pool Committee, Civil Unity Council
Folder 35 Advisory Committee, Civic Unity Council, 1953
Folder 36 Advisory Committee, Civic Unity Council, 1952
Folder 37 Advisory Committee, Civic Unity Council, 1947-1951

Subseries 18. Transfer File

Folder 38 Consultation, Resource, Requests. Misc, 1954
Folder 39 Conferences re Group Work Services to foreign born, 1955-1956
Folder 40 Consultation, misc., 1948-1949

Subseries 19. Volunteer Bureau for New Arrivals

Folder 41 Volunteer Bureau for New Arrivals
Folder 42 Correspondence with Volunteer Visitors
Folder 43 Education and Promotion, 1951
Folder 44 Recruiting Committee, 1951
Folder 45 Reports
Folder 46 Women's Advisory Committee, minutes, 1957-1959
Folder 47 Women's Advisory Committee, correspondence, 1957-1959

Subseries 20. Local Organizations and Activities

Box 7
Folder 1 Action Housing
Folder 2 Adult Education Council of Greater Pittsburgh, 1954-1955
Folder 3 Allegheny County Committee for Fair Housing. Practices, 1958
Folder 4 Allegheny County Council on Civil Rights, 1954
Folder 5 Allegheny General Hospital. Consultant Service, 1948-1949
Folder 6 American Red Cross, Pittsburgh Chapter
Folder 7 Boy Scouts of Allegheny County
Folder 8 Council of Churches
Folder 9 Department of Public Assistance. Local Organization
Folder 10 Family and Children Service
Folder 11 Foreign Policy Association. Pittsburgh
Folder 12 Catholic Social Service
Folder 13 Chamber of Commerce
Folder 14 Foundations...
Folder 15 Girl Scouts of Allegheny County
Folder 16 Jewish Community Relations Council Local
Folder 17 Jewish Family and Children's Services
Folder 18 Juvenile Court of Allegheny County, 1945
Folder 19 Lutheran Service Society. Local
Folder 20 National Conference of Christians and News. Local
Folder 21 National Council of Jewish Women. Pittsburgh Section
Folder 22 Neighborhood Centers Association
Folder 23 Parent-Teachers Associations. Local
Folder 24 Pennsylvania Citizens Association
Folder 25 Pittsburgh Association for Improvement of the Poor
Folder 26 Pittsburgh Child Guidance Center
Folder 27 Travelers Aid Society-Pittsburgh, Pa
Folder 28 United Jewish Federation. Local
Folder 29 YMCA - General Correspondence
Folder 30 Urban League's Committee on Occupancy Patterns in Public Housing., minutes
Folder 31 Urban League's Committee on Occupancy Patterns in Public Housing, correspondence.
Folder 32 Urban League of Pittsburgh

Subseries 21. Commission on Human Relations

Folder 33 Aaronsburg Assembly. Commission Human Relations, 1956
Folder 34 F.E.P.C. - City of Pittsburgh, August, 1953
Folder 35-36 New Commission on Human Relations, (formerly F.E.P.C. C.U.C), 1955-
Folder 37 Commission on Human Relations and ASI Research, 1959-1960
Folder 38 Advisory Committee/Community Relations Division. Commission on Human Relations, 1960
Folder 39-40 Integrated Housing Committee of Commission on Human Relations, (Housing for Minorities), 1957-1958
Folder 41 Research Advisory Committee. Commission of Human Relations, 1959

Subseries 22. YWCA

Folder 42 Young Women's Christian Association. (general)
Folder 43 YWCA of Pittsburgh. Consultant Service, 1948-1949
Folder 44 Committee on Inclusiveness - YWCA, 1955-1956

Subseries 23. Settlements

Folder 45 Brashear Settlement. Consultant Service, 1948-1949
Folder 46-47 Irene Kaufmann Settlement. Consultant Service
Folder 48 Kingsley House, January 17, 1956
Folder 49 Soho Community House. Settlement File
Folder 50 Woods Run Settlement

Subseries 24. Out of Town Organizations

Box 8
Folder 1 Adult Education Association, Sec. for non-English speaking adults, 1960
Folder 2-5 American Federation of international Institutes
Folder 6 AFII Merger Proposals, 1958
Folder 7 AFII - National Newsletter, 1955
Folder 8 AFII. Training Seminar, January 1957
Folder 9 International Institutes
Folder 10 American Friends Service Committee
Folder 11 American Immigration Conference, 1954-
Folder 12 The American Jewish Committee
Folder 13 American Museum of Immigration
Folder 14 Anti-Defamation League
Folder 15 Bureau for Intercultural Education
Folder 16 C.A.R.E. (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe)
Folder 17 The Center for Human Relations Studies
Folder 18 Citizen's Bureau, The. Marshall Building, Cleveland, Ohio
Folder 19 Civic Unity Councils
Folder 20 Committee on Education for American Citizenship. University of Chicago, 1952-
Folder 21 Common Council for American Unity
Folder 22 Council Against Discrimination
Folder 23 Daughters of the American Revolution
Folder 24 Encampment for Citizenship
Folder 25 International Social Service
Folder 26-28 NAIRO, 1958
Folder 29-30 National Association of Intergroup Relations Officials
Folder 31 National Council on Naturalization and Citizenship. New York City
Folder 32 National Federation of Settlements, Inc.
Folder 33 The Nationalities Services Center. (Cleveland, Ohio), 1957
Folder 34 Training Bureau for Jewish Communal Service
Folder 35 United Service for New Americans
Folder 36 The Welfare Federation of Cleveland
Folder 37 United Community Chest Councils of America

Subseries 25. ASI Conferences

Folder 38 Conference - (Dr. Stewart Grant Cole), February 5, 1942
Folder 39 Conference - (Dr. Henry B. Hazard and Mrs. Maurice Boie La Barre), October 16, 1941
Folder 40 Conference, October 16, 1941
Folder 41 Advisory Committee on Intercultural Education in the Country
Folder 42 Alpenfels Meetings, March 10, 11, 12, 1947
Folder 43 Americanization classes - Forbes School
Folder 44 Christmas Sing
Folder 45 Chinese Recreation Programs - ASI
Folder 46 Committee on Clearance of Intercultural Education Activities, 1945

Subseries 26. Conferences

Folder 47 ASI Cooperation with Urban League. ASI National Conference, 1954
Folder 48 Allegheny County Conference on Family Life

Box 9
Folder 1 Nairo Conference, 1956
Folder 2 Nairo Conference, 1953
Folder 3-4 International Conference of Social Work
Folder 5 2nd International Conference of Social Work
Folder 6 3rd International Conference of Social Work
Folder 7 Study, Diagnosis, Treatment Sequence as an Aid to Initiating Community Organization Service, 1956
Folder 8 Supervision
Folder 9 Group Work Records (of Dr. Grace Coyle), 1936
Folder 10 Community Organizations
Folder 11 Group Work Process
Folder 12 National Conference of Social Welfare, Beginning 1957-
Folder 13 National Conference of Social Welfare and Reservations
Folder 14 National Conference of Social Work and Community Organization and Planning, 1946-1947

Series II. Research on Ethnic and Nationality Groups

Scope and Content Notes:

Series II consists of ASI research on ethnic and nationality groups. The contents include a survey conducted by the ASI of local ethnic organizations and material relating to the history, customs and culture of the groups. The files are arranged alphabetically by name of cultural group some of which include: Bulgarians, Carpo-Russian, Croatian, Chinese, Czechoslovakian, Estonians, Germans, Greeks, Hungarians, Italians, Irish, Jewish, Japanese, Polish, Slovaks, Ukrainians and Yugoslavs, as well as others.

Folder 15 British Isles-Daughters of Scotia
Folder 16 British Isles-Order of Scottish Clans
Folder 17 British Isles-Ancient Order of Hibernians
Folder 18 British Isles-Knights of Equity, 1952-1953
Folder 19 American Bulgarian League, 1952-1953
Folder 20 Bulgarian
Folder 21 Bulgarian Church Society, 1952-1953
Folder 22 Bulgaro-Macedonian Benefit League, 1952-1953
Folder 23 Bulgarian- "Star" (Women's Bulgarian Organization), 1952-1953
Folder 24 Canadian - Miscellaneous
Folder 25 Carpatho-Russian- Choral, dance and instrumental Groups
Folder 26 Carpatho-Russian- Customs and Festivals
Folder 27 Carpatho-Russian- Greek Catholic Union of the U.S.A.
Folder 28 Carpatho-Russian- Church-Carpatho-Russian
Folder 29 Carpatho-Russian-Bibliography General
Folder 30 Carpatho-Russian- United Russian Orthodox Brotherhood of America, 1952-1953
Folder 31 Carpatho-Russian- United Societies of Greek Catholic Religion, 1952-1953
Folder 32 Carpatho-Russian- Russian Orthodox Women's Mutual Aid Society, 1952-1953
Folder 33 Chinese People in Pittsburgh
Folder 34 Chinese-Customs - Festivals
Folder 35 Croatian-Croatian Fraternal Union of America, 1952-1953
Folder 36 Croatian-Choral, dance and instrumental Groups - Croatian
Folder 37 Croatian-Folk Dance groups
Folder 38 Croatian-Organizations
Folder 39 Croatian-St. Nickolas Church
Folder 40 Croatian-Pen-Prints of Croatian History, Brief Historical Description of cities, territories and antiquities of Croatia
Folder 41 Czechoslovak - Czech American National Alliance, Pittsburgh Branch, 1952-1953
Folder 42 Estonia-Bibliographies - misc - Estonia
Folder 43 Estonia-Customs - Festivals
Folder 44 Estonia-Misc - Estonia
Folder 45 Ethiopia - Bibliographies
Folder 46 Greek and German- Church - German
Folder 47 German Society
Folder 48 Greek and German- St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, 1952-1953
Folder 49 Greek and German- American Hellenic Education Progressive Association, 1952-1953
Folder 50 Greek and German- American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (Women), 1952-1953
Folder 51 Greek and German- Catholic Knights of St. George Pub
Folder 52 German Organizations
Folder 54 F.L.G. - German
Folder 55 Greek and German- History - German
Folder 56 Greek and German- Greater Beneficial Union of Pittsburgh, 1952-1953
Folder 53 Greek Am. Progressive Assoc.

Box 10
Folder 1 Hungarian-American Social Association, 1952-1953
Folder 2 Hungarian- ASI - Hungarians Miscellaneous
Folder 3 Hungarian Churches and Societies Com., 1952-1953
Folder 4 Hungarian Reformed Federation of America, 1952-1953
Folder 5 Hungarian- Study of Girls in Pittsburgh-Hungarian - Ann Smith's Survey
Folder 6 Hungarian- United Magyar Civic Association of Pennsylvania, 1952-1953
Folder 7 Hungarian- Verhovay Fraternal Insurance, 1952-1953
Folder 8 India-C.O. Series on India, C. S. Monitor
Folder 9 India-Bibliographies
Folder 10 India-Customs Festivals
Folder 11 Irish- Bibliographies
Folder 12 Irish- Customs Festivals
Folder 13 Irish- History
Folder 14 Irish- Music and the Arts
Folder 15 Italian-Choral, dance groups
Folder 16 Italian-Federation Sons of Columbus of America, 1952-1953
Folder 17 Italian-History
Folder 18 Italian-Independent Sons of Italy, 1952-1953
Folder 19 Italian-Italian Sons and Daughters of America, 1952-1953
Folder 20 Italian-Order of Sons of Italy in America, 1952-1953
Folder 21 Japan - Miscellaneous
Folder 22 Jewish Community in Pittsburgh
Folder 23 Jewish-Anti-Semitism
Folder 24 Jewish-Miscellaneous
Folder 25 Jewish-Customs and Festivals
Folder 26 Jewish-Zionism
Folder 27 Latin America-Miscellaneous
Folder 28 Latin America-History
Folder 29 Latin America-Bibliography
Folder 30 Latvia - History
Folder 31 Lebanon - Customs and Festivals
Folder 32 Lithuanian-Eastern Church
Folder 33 Lithuanian-Customs and Festivals
Folder 34 Lithuanian-Lithuanian Alliance of America.
Folder 35 Lithuanian Citizens Society of W. Penna., (Men), 1952-1953
Folder 36 Lithuanian Citizens Society of W. Penna., (Women), 1952-1953
Folder 37 Lithuanian Literary Association, 1952-1953
Folder 38 Lithuanian-Miscellaneous
Folder 39 Lithuanian-Sons of Lithuania, 1952-1953
Folder 40 Lithuanian-United Lithuanian Relief Fund of America
Folder 41 Mexico - Miscellaneous
Folder 42 Negro-Miscellaneous
Folder 43 Negro-Music and Arts
Folder 44 Negro-Outstanding American Negroes Exhibit - Harmon Foundation, 1952
Folder 45 Negro-Studies
Folder 46 New Zealand - Bibliographies
Folder 47 Norway - Miscellaneous
Folder 48 Polish- American Union Polish Brotherhood of St. Joseph, 1952-1953
Folder 49 Polish- Bibliographies
Folder 50 Polish- Central Council of Polish Organizations
Folder 51 Polish- Choral, Dance and groups
Folder 52 Polish- Church
Folder 53 Polish- Group Record - Rover Club
Folder 54 Polish- History
Folder 55 Polish- Miscellaneous
Folder 56 Polish- Organizations
Folder 57 Polish American Congress, W. Pa. Divs, 1952-1953
Folder 58 Polish Arts League (local group only), 1952-1953
Folder 59 Polish Falcons of America, 1952-1953
Folder 60 Polish Roman Catholic Union of America
Folder 61 Polish Women's Alliance of America
Folder 62 Pennsylvania Dutch - Miscellaneous
Folder 63 Puerto Rico - Miscellaneous
Folder 64 Serbian- Choral, Dance groups
Folder 65 Serbian- Serb National Federation
Folder 66 Serbian- Catholic Slovak Brotherhood, 1952-1953
Folder 67 Slovak- Choral, dance and instrumental groups - Slovenian
Folder 68 Slovak- Federation of Catholic Slovak Priests
Folder 69 Slovak- First Catholic Slovak Ladies Union, 1952-1953
Folder 70 Slovak- First Catholic Slovak Union
Folder 71 Slovak- Music and Arts
Folder 72 Slovak- National Slovak Society of U.S.A., 1952-1953
Folder 73 Slovak- Slovak Evangelical Union, 1952-1953
Folder 74 Slovak- Slovak Catholic Federation of America, 1952-1953
Folder 75-76 Slovak- Slovak League of America
Folder 77 Slovak- Zivena Beneficial Society, 1952-1953
Folder 78 Slovak- The Slovak National Council Abroad. Nationality

Box 11
Folder 1 Russian
Folder 2 Scotch-Irish - Miscellaneous
Folder 3 Scotland - Miscellaneous
Folder 4 Serbian
Folder 5 Scandinavian - Miscellaneous
Folder 6 Siam - Festivals
Folder 7 South America - brazil
Folder 8 South America - Miscellaneous
Folder 9 Slavs - General
Folder 10 Slovenian - Customs and Festivals
Folder 11 Spanish - Miscellaneous
Folder 12 Sweden - History
Folder 13 Switzerland - Miscellaneous
Folder 14 Syrian - Background
Folder 15 Syrian - Miscellaneous
Folder 16 Ukrainian - Choral, dance groups
Folder 17 Ukrainian - Miscellaneous
Folder 18 Ukrainian Self Reliance
Folder 19 Ukrainian Congress Committee
Folder 20 Ukrainian National Aid Association of America, 1952
Folder 21 Welsh - Miscellaneous
Folder 22 Yugoslavia - Miscellaneous
Folder 23 Yugoslavia - National Geographic File

Series III. Alphabetical Subject Files

Scope and Content Notes:

Series III contains material that the ASI for general purposes and research for special projects and educational distribution. They are arranged as an alphabetical subject file with descriptive headings supplied by the ASI. Material in this section may overlap, duplicate, or fill in the gaps of other series reflecting the original ASI filing scheme. General topics include, but are not limited to, census and population statistics, civil rights, immigration, mental health, prejudice and discrimination, ethnic and nationality groups, religion, studies and surveys of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, the Steel Valley and other local communities.

Subseries 1. Aged

Folder 24 Aged

Subseries 2. Aliens

Folder 25 Alien Address Report
Folder 26 Aliens, 1952-1958
Folder 27 Alien - Children
Folder 28 Aliens and Citizenship
Folder 29 Alien - Citizenship education
Folder 30 Alien Citizenship Procedures
Folder 31 Alien Enemy Hearing Boards
Folder 32 Alien Statistics
Folder 33 Aliens - Employment of Aliens
Folder 34 General Assistance and the Alien in Pennsylvania
Folder 35 Legislation - Pennsylvania Public Assistance for Aliens
Folder 36 Aliens - Miscellaneous
Folder 37 Alien registration - Miscellaneous
Folder 38 McCarran Act - Alien Legislation
Folder 39 Orientation New Arrivals
Folder 40 Pennsylvania - Aliens

Subseries 3. Art - Handcraft

Folder 41 Art - Handcraft - Projects and Suggestions of Foreign Handcraft Exhibits

Subseries 4. Bibliography

Folder 42 Bibliography - Refugees
Folder 43 Bibliography - School of Applied Social Sciences
Folder 44 Publishers Correspondence
Folder 45 Social Work Bibliography

Subseries 5. Camping

Folder 46 Interculture and Interracial camping
Folder 47-48 National Intercultural Committee American Camping Association, 1957-1958
Folder 49 Camps - Miscellaneous

Subseries 6. Children

Folder 50 Children of Other Lands - bibliography
Folder 51 Juvenile Delinquency
Folder 52 White House Conference on Children Youth
Folder 53 Youth - Miscellaneous

Subseries 7. Census

Folder 54 Census, 1910, 1920, 1930
Folder 55 Census, 1930
Folder 56 Census, 1940
Folder 57 Census - Pittsburgh Adjacent Areas Allegheny County, 1940
Folder 58 Census - employment, 1940
Folder 59 Census - Industrial Classifications, 1940
Folder 60 Census - Mother Tongue, 1940
Folder 61 Census - Pennsylvania, 1940

Box 12
Folder 1 Census figures - ASI, 1960
Folder 2-3 Census, Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, 1950
Folder 4 Problems of a Changing population
Folder 5 Religious bodies, 1926-1936

Subseries 8. Citizenship

Folder 6 Citizenship - bibliography
Folder 7 Citizenship, Loss of
Folder 8 Manual for Naturalization
Folder 9 Program Aids for Citizenship Recognition Ceremonies
Folder 10 Citizenship. (misc., speeches, etc.)
Folder 11 Citizenship Studies

Subseries 9. Civil Rights

Folder 12 Civil Rights - Articles etc. Civil Liberties
Folder 12a American Red Cross, 1952-1953
Folder 12b Council of Churches
Folder 12c Committee on Foreign Students, Foreign Policy Association
Folder 12 Nationality Rooms, University of Pittsburgh
Folder 12e Penna. State Employment Service

Subseries 10. Community Studies - Out of town

Folder 13 Cleveland
Folder 14 Department of Public Welfare

Subseries 11. F.E.P.C.

Folder 15 Federal Security Agency. Social Security Board
Folder 16 F.E.P.C. Institute (Urban League and F.E.P.C.), 1953
Folder 17 F.E.P.C. Institute, 1954-1955

Subseries 12. Fraternal Organizations

Folder 18 Catholic Knights of St. George, 1952-1953
Folder 19 Degree of Honor Protective Association
Folder 20 Maccabees Great Camp for Pennsylvania, 1952-1953
Folder 21 Protected Home Circle, 1952-1953
Folder 22 Royal Arcanum, 1952-1953
Folder 23 Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle, 1952-1953
Folder 24 Women's Benefit Association, 1952-1953
Folder 25 Workingmen's Beneficial Union of Pittsburgh
Folder 26 Aid Association of Lutheran
Folder 26a-b Fraternal Societies of Greater Pittsburgh

Subseries 13. Holidays

Folder 27 Holidays (also Jewish)
Folder 28 Christmas - Christmas Customs
Folder 29 Christmas Carols - Misc.
Folder 30 Christmas - Misc - Poland

Subseries 14. Housing

Folder 31 Housing, 1959
Folder 32 Housing, 1953-1958
Folder 33 Housing, 1953-1958
Folder 34 Testimony prepared for Senate Subcommittee on Housing, December 13, 1957
Folder 35 Housing and the Foreign Born
Folder 36 Action Housing
Folder 37 Housing - Restrictive Covenants
Folder 38 Housing-Clippings
Folder 39 Agencies on Housing
Folder 40 Housing Authority of City of Pittsburgh
Folder 41 Housing - Civic Unity Council
Folder 42 Housing - Miscellaneous

Subseries 15. Immigration

Folder 43 Immigrant Arrivals in Pittsburgh District, public schools, 1952-1953
Folder 44 Immigration - miscellaneous

Subseries 16. Industry and Business

Folder 45 Industry and Business

Subseries 17. Integration

Folder 46-48 Integration - Assimilation and Accommodation

Subseries 18. Intercultural Education

Folder 49 A Portfolio of Material for Youth Leaders, To Promote Better Human Relations Int. ed.
Folder 50 Pittsburgh Public Schools - Intercultural Education Program
Folder 51 Springfield Plan on Intercultural Education.

Box 13
Folder 1 Bibliographies--Intercultural Education and misc.
Folder 2-3 Intercultural Education Articles
Folder 4 Evaluation in Intergroup Relations - Some Tentative Instruments, Intergroup Education Workshop, Summer 1946
Folder 5 A Sociometric Work Guide For Teachers, June 1947
Folder 6 Suggested Procedures For Developing Good Intercultural and Interracial Practices in Group Work and Recreation
Folder 7 Agencies - Report of the Planning Comm. on Cultural Problems in a changing metropolitan community

Subseries 19. Labor

Folder 8 Discrimination in Employment
Folder 9 Labor and Industry. Program File post war

Subseries 20. Legislation

Folder 10 Codification of the Nationality Laws of the U.S.A.
Folder 11 Legislation - Misc.
Folder 12 Migrant Labor Legislation, 1953

Subseries 21. Maps- City-County maps

Folder 13 Maps- City-County maps

Subseries 22. Men's Service Clubs

Folder 14 Junior Chamber of Commerce
Folder 15 Men's Service Club List

Subseries 24. Mental Health

Folder 16-18 Mental health
Folder 19 Community Conference on Mental Health, 1957

Subseries 25. Minorities

Folder 20 Minorities - General subject matters

Subseries 26. Music

Folder 21 Music - Songs

Subseries 27. Nationality Organizations

Folder 22-27 lists
Folder 28 University of Pittsburgh Nationality Rooms

Subseries 28. Naturalization

Folder 29 Naturalization

Subseries 29. Newspapers

Folder 30 Community Press House Organs
Folder 31 Foreign Language Religious press
Folder 32 Study of Foreign Language Newspapers, July 1953
Folder 33 Newspaper Articles - Rackets by Sprigle. newspaper clippings

Subseries 30. Police-Community Relations

Folder 34 Police - Community Relations - Resources file

Subseries 31. Plays

Folder 35-37 Plays - Play bills

Subseries 32. Prejudice

Box 14
Folder 1-2 Prejudice - misc
Folder 3 Bibliography - records
Folder 4 plays
Folder 5 Program Resources - general
Folder 6 role playing in leadership training
Folder 7 rumor clinic
Folder 8 Socio-drama, suggestions for use

Subseries 33. Radio and TV

Folder 9 General correspondence
Folder 10 Foreign language broadcasters
Folder 11-12 Public Relations
Folder 13-14 Scripts, 1952-1958
Folder 15 Radio Programs Bibliographies
Folder 16 Foreign Language Radio in the U.S.
Folder 17 Radio and Television

Subseries 34. Radio Scripts

Folder 18 Allegheny Valley, 1946
Folder 19 General Information and Correspondence
Folder 20 General Information and Correspondence
Folder 21 "Americans All - Immigrants All" # 2 Our English Heritage
Folder 22 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #3 Our Hispanic Heritage
Folder 23 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #5 Winning Freedom
Folder 24 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #6 The Negro
Folder 25 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #7 French Speaking Peoples and the Netherlanders in the United States
Folder 26 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #8 The Upsurge of Democracy
Folder 27 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #9 Irish in the United States
Folder 28 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #10 Germans in the United States
Folder 29 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #11 Scandinavians in the United States
Folder 30 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #12 Closing Frontiers
Folder 31 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #13 The Jews in the United States
Folder 32 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #14 The Slavs: Russians, Ukrainians, Yugoslavs
Folder 33 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #15 The Slavs: Poles, Czechs, and Slovaks
Folder 34 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #16 the Orientals
Folder 35 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #17 The Italians
Folder 36 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #18 Near Eastern People
Folder 37 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #19 Other Peoples
Folder 38 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #20 Contributions in History
Folder 39 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #21 Contributions in Science
Folder 40 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #22 Contributions in Arts and Crafts
Folder 41 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #23 Contributions to Social Progress
Folder 42 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #24 A New England Town
Folder 43 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #25 An Industrial City
Folder 44 "Americans All - Immigrants All" #26 Grand Finale
Folder 45 ASI. In cooperation with "Your Government Series" Script #1-6
Folder 46 ASI. In cooperation with "Your Government Series" Script #7-11
Folder 47 ASI. In cooperation with "Your Government Series" Script #12-15
Folder 48 KDKA Intercultural education programs - Correspondence, October 1944
Folder 49 KDKA - School of the Air series, "Friends around the World: Scripts 1-6, 1947
Folder 50 KDKA - School of the Air series, "Friends around the World: Scripts 7-12, 1947
Folder 51 KDKA - School of the Air series, "Friends around the World: Scripts 13-19, 1947
Folder 52 KDKA Victory Program, October 1944
Folder 53 KDKA Victory Program, November 1944
Folder 54 KDKA Victory Program, December 1944
Folder 55 KDKA Victory Program, January 1945
Folder 56 KDKA Victory Program, February 1945

Box 15
Folder 1 "Mayor's Civic Forum" WWSW, April 15, 1942
Folder 2 Pennsylvania Historical Commission. Radio Scripts - Penns. Keystone of Democracy
Folder 3 Radio programs, correspondence, 1943
Folder 4 Radio and script material
Folder 5 Radio scripts - WWSW, 1943-1945
Folder 6 Scripts - misc
Folder 7 "You Are an American" - radio program. Correspondence, publicity, etc, 1942-1944
Folder 8 "You are an American - Series #2, November 17, 1942 - December 22, 1942

Subseries 35. Race and Interracial

Folder 9 Race Bibliography - Race and cultural contacts
Folder 10 Race relations. Interracial education. Misc

Subseries 36. Refugees

Folder 11 Allegheny County Committee on Displaced persons - Minutes
Folder 12 Allegheny County Commission on FEPC
Folder 13 Articles, speeches - displaced persons
Folder 14 Bibliography
Folder 15 Chest X-Ray Committee
Folder 16 Displaced Persons Committee of the Council of Churches
Folder 17 Interracial Committee of Allegheny County
Folder 18 Race Relations Committee of the Council of Churches - correspondence.
Folder 19 Race Relations Committee of the Council of Churches - Misc.
Folder 20 Race Relations Committee of the Council of Churches - Reports and Minutes
Folder 21 Refugees - misc.
Folder 22 Refugee Resettlement Committee of Allegheny City of Council of Churches, 1954
Folder 23 Social Service Committee - Pittsburgh And Allegheny County X-Ray survey Foundation
Folder 24 Sones seminar Department of Education - university of Pittsburgh, correspondence.
Folder 25 U.N. Committee - Pittsburgh Chapter

Subseries 37. Releases

Folder 26-27 Publicity - correspondence. articles
Folder 28-31 Releases - miscellaneous
Folder 32-33 Scrapbook

Subseries 38. Religion

Folder 34 Bahai - Church
Folder 35 Bibliography
Folder 36 Churches - misc.
Folder 37 Greek Catholic Churches of Western Pennsylvania
Folder 38 Intercultural Education in Churches
Folder 39 Interfaith - General Program file
Folder 40 Jewish Religion
Folder 41 Released time (Religious Education)
Folder 42 Religion in social work
Folder 43 Religious Education Misc.
Folder 44 Index

Subseries 39. Research studies

Box 16
Folder 1 Allegheny County Race Relations Committee
Folder 2 Allegheny County Race Relations Survey misc.
Folder 3 Allegheny County Race Relations Survey, committees
Folder 4 Allegheny County Race Relations Survey, correspondence
Folder 5 Allegheny County Race Relations Survey, background
Folder 6 Allegheny County Race Relations Survey, Pittsburgh
Folder 7 Allegheny County Race Relations Survey, publicity
Folder 8 Allegheny County Race Relations Survey, recommendations
Folder 9 Allegheny County Race Relations Survey, religious organizations
Folder 10 Allegheny County Race Relations Survey, schools
Folder 11 Allegheny County Race Relations Survey, summary
Folder 12 Commission on race relations. Council of Churches of Christ of Allegheny County
Folder 13 Commission on returned servicemen. Council of churches
Folder 14 Committee on higher education - National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1949
Folder 15 Committee on Religion - Fisk Survey
Folder 16 Community Service Association: A Project in Community Relations
Folder 17 Council of Churches Survey, 1947
Folder 18 Council of Industrial and Interracial relations and Committee on Social Education and Action - Presbytery of Pittsburgh

Subseries 40. Race Relations Committee of the Council of Churches

Folder 19 Interpretation of Social Work
Folder 20 Social Case Work

Subseries 41. Schools

Folder 21 General file
Folder 22 Desegregation
Folder 23 Pittsburgh Public Schools
Folder 24 Pittsburgh Public Schools, Division of Extension Education, applicants for naturalization

Subseries 42. Speech

Folder 25-26 Speech - Speeches

Subseries 43 Studies and Surveys

Folder 27 First and Second Generation
Folder 28 Allegheny County
Folder 29 Audit of International Institute Material on Pittsburgh's Nationality Community, 1928
Folder 30 Supplement to Audit, 1928
Folder 31 Churches
Folder 32 The family of the foreign born under restrictive immigration - studies
Folder 33 "Immigration and the Forgotten Peoples of Europe" - Arthur E. Lewis
Folder 34 Is there undue crime among immigrants? Study. By E.H. Sutherland
Folder 35 Marriage Customs
Folder 36 New Americans in Allegheny County. Their interest and needs. Report. Mary E. Hurlbutt
Folder 37 New arrival report - studies, 1926-1930
Folder 38 Preliminary Report for the Steel Valley Regional Planning Committee, Item 1 History and General Factors
Folder 39 Preliminary Report for the Steel Valley Regional Planning Committee, Item 5 Traffic
Folder 40 Preliminary Report for the Steel Valley Regional Planning Committee, Item 10 Housing
Folder 41 Religious study - Interview, Clarke, 1946
Folder 42 Report of the General Secretary of the International Institute of her work with Foreign Communities of Pittsburgh During a Period of ten years vol. 1., 1925-1935
Folder 43 Report of the General Secretary of the International Institute of her work with Foreign Communities of Pittsburgh During a Period of ten years vol. 2, 1925-1935
Folder 44 A Study of Assimilation in Ten Selected Boroughs in Allegheny County by Jessie Bloodworth (East Pittsburgh area), 1930

Box 17
Folder 1-4 The Sociological aspects of an industrial community by Gwendolyn V. Shand
Folder 5 Statement concerning the work of the social service group at Ellis Island - Studies, 1937
Folder 6 Study of foreign language organizations. Mrs. Thomas
Folder 7 Study of Nativity of University of Pgh. Students
Folder 8 Unfinished Study, Calendar of Holidays, 1949
Folder 10 Unfinished study. Church study, 1946

Subseries 44. Volunteers

Folder 11 Volunteers

Subseries 45. Youth

Folder 12 Socio-economic influences of children's learning. Allison Davis
Folder 13 Program techniques

Series IV. Individual and Family Case Files

Scope and Content Notes:

Series IV contains individual case files and has been divided into five sub-series. The first sub-series contains an alphabetical listing of individuals' cases that were closed prior to 1953 -- these deal primarily with citizenship status. Many of these case files provide some detailed narrative of an individual's need for assistance, often to avoid deportation. Similar to the first, the second sub-series contains individuals' case files, although these cases were never considered "closed" and they typically do not contain as much detail. The third sub-series consists of requests for service that did not result in a full case file for 1941-1952. The fourth and fifth sub-series are cases labeled 'McKeesport Records' and 'Pittsburgh Records.' They are similar in nature to the first sub-series but were filed at the two separate office, one in McKeesport the other in Pittsburgh.

Subseries 1. Individuals' Closed Case Files

Folder 20 A
Folder 21 Alampi, Joe and Anna
Folder 22 Albarado, Lucas
Folder 23 Antonoff
Folder 24 Argento, John L.
Folder 25 Aschmann, Augusta Edler
Folder 26 Ashger
Folder 27 Augerman
Folder 28-32 B
Folder 33 Babiarz
Folder 34 Basso, Antonio
Folder 35 Bacher
Folder 36 Benedetto
Folder 37 Bendetto
Folder 38 Berardi (Lanetti)
Folder 39 Borrelli
Folder 40 Boubaris
Folder 41 Burke, Robert
Folder 42-44 C
Folder 45 Carranza
Folder 46 Cristina
Folder 48 Cuccaro

Box 18
Folder 1-3 D
Folder 4 E
Folder 5 Esahakiam
Folder 6-7 F
Folder 8 Franchi
Folder 9-12 G
Folder 13 Grivas
Folder 14-15 H
Folder 16-17 Haduch
Folder 18 Hernadez
Folder 19 Hruby
Folder 20 I
Folder 21 J
Folder 22-27 K
Folder 28 Karnecki
Folder 29 Kolman, Henryka
Folder 30 Kontoyiannis
Folder 31 Kovach
Folder 32 Kritini
Folder 33 Kulczycki
Folder 34-35 Kundrak

Box 19
Folder 1-3 L
Folder 4 Lazorashin, Suzanne
Folder 5-10 M
Folder 11 Magano, Antonio
Folder 12 Mappas
Folder 13 Martinelli, Vincenzo
Folder 14 Meier
Folder 15 Moas
Folder 16-17 N
Folder 18 Naranjo
Folder 19 Nitta, Jiro
Folder 20 O
Folder 21-24 Omelczuk
Folder 25-27 P
Folder 28 Pantazis
Folder 29 Papaj (Pappi)
Folder 30 Pugliano
Folder 31-32 R
Folder 33 Rodrigues, Fortunato
Folder 34 Rodriques

Box 20
Folder 1-5 S
Folder 6 Saturley

Subseries 2. Individuals' Open Case Files

Folder 7 Abarotin, Eugen
Folder 8 Abdullah, Abdi
Folder 9 Abdullah, Mohamed
Folder 10 Abraham, Joseph
Folder 11 Abrasheff, Kiril
Folder 12 Ackelson, F D
Folder 13 Adamek, Edward
Folder 14 Adamek, William
Folder 15 Adams (Ademenko) John
Folder 16 Ahlgren, Mona Ingegard
Folder 17 Aladuni
Folder 18 Albert, Karl
Folder 19 Albert, Sam
Folder 20 Almanza
Folder 21 Amafa
Folder 22 Anastasio, Dominick
Folder 23 Balouris, Dhemestocles
Folder 24 Batanoff, Kiril E
Folder 25 Baustista, Vincente
Folder 26 Byerly-Butrykowska
Folder 27 Caddle, Kenneth
Folder 28 Cannella, Giacomo (Adelina)
Folder 29 Caporale, Tullio
Folder 30 Casarez, Francisco
Folder 31 Cervellera, Salvatore
Folder 32 Chernay
Folder 33 Cherny
Folder 34 Cicco, Anthony
Folder 35 Cimarosa, Domenico
Folder 36 Cipriani, Lena
Folder 37 Colussi, Stefano
Folder 38 Comparelli, Antonio Angelo
Folder 39 Contaridis, Xanthos
Folder 40 Corsaro, Elario
Folder 41 Countouris, Jerry
Folder 42 Cvetkovich
Folder 43 Dalson, Mr. and Mrs. George
Folder 44 D'Anieelo, Daniel
Folder 45 DePascale, Peter
Folder 46 DePellegrini, Aronne
Folder 47 Deramo, Domenico
Folder 48 DeVonish, Joseph
Folder 49 Diakopoulos, Demetrios
Folder 50 DiNardo, Mrs. Adam
Folder 51 Dioguardi, Guido
Folder 52 Djordjevic (Djordjevich), Ilja
Folder 53 Dougherty, Mrs. Simone Marie
Folder 54 Dragonosky, John
Folder 55 Economan, George
Folder 56 Engez, Selahattin
Folder 57 Euch, Mrs. Anna
Folder 58 Evans (Ivanoff), Nicola
Folder 59 Falva, Serafino
Folder 60 Fanok
Folder 61 Fava, Rosario
Folder 62 Fielidng, Mrs. Margaret
Folder 63 Forsythe
Folder 64 Gallay, Nick
Folder 65 Garces
Folder 66 Gatto, Racco
Folder 67 Gelb, Leopold
Folder 68 Gentile
Folder 69 George, James
Folder 70 Georgieff and Christoff
Folder 71 Gorup, Ivan
Folder 72 Grafas, Mrs. Rose M
Folder 73 Grencarski, Mara
Folder 74 Grujic, Mr. and Mrs. Nick
Folder 75 Handrabura, Mihai
Folder 76 Hanke, Mrs. Laura
Folder 77 Heyman, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav C
Folder 78 Himelreich, Mrs. Gizela
Folder 79 Homoki, Mrs. Barbara
Folder 80 Hrubec, Zdenek
Folder 81 Ikonnikow, Wladimir
Folder 82 Ivanoff, Della
Folder 83 Ivanoff, Vladimir M., Christina, Michael V
Folder 84 Ivanoff, Ivan
Folder 85 Jackson, Lee
Folder 86 Jeliniek, Victor
Folder 87 Jones, James Wiliamsdore
Folder 88 Jusys, Joseph
Folder 89 Kakiopulos, Sophia
Folder 90 Kalas, John
Folder 91 Kampetis, James
Folder 92 Karchuck, Mrs. George
Folder 93 Kazalas, George
Folder 94 Kazonich, Peter
Folder 95 Kehaioff, George
Folder 96 Kenny, Francis J.
Folder 97 Klesznicki, William
Folder 98 Koening, Roman T.
Folder 99 Kokalis, Jerry
Folder 100 Kokinakis, Jim E.
Folder 101 Kominos, Mike George
Folder 102 Konstant, Stanley
Folder 103 Konstantinov, Traiko

Box 21
Folder 1 Koutsoutis, Elias
Folder 2 Krug, Mrs. Karoline
Folder 3 Kudlik, Anna
Folder 4 Lamanna
Folder 5 Lamantia, Joseph
Folder 6 Lardas, Mr. Kyriacos
Folder 7 Laysoun, Yousef Eid
Folder 8 Lazarean, George
Folder 9 Lee, Charles
Folder 10 Livanos, Michael
Folder 11 Loncharich, March
Folder 12 Macarona, Manolis Demetriu
Folder 13 Macek
Folder 14 Della Maestra, Mr. Guiseppe
Folder 15 Makris, William
Folder 16 Mandsenko, Constantine
Folder 17 Martinez, Pablo
Folder 18 Mastrogianopoulos, Peter
Folder 19 Mellis, George
Folder 20 Mellia, John and Michael
Folder 21 Mendler, Oliver J.
Folder 22 Menin, Victor
Folder 23 Mezkel
Folder 24 Miskalis
Folder 25 Mitich, Milorad
Folder 26 Mollica, Pete (Mrs.)
Folder 27 Moskes, Nikoldos
Folder 28 Mularz
Folder 29 Nadai, Herbert
Folder 30 Neely, Clarence and Nellie
Folder 31 Nomiden, Charles
Folder 32 Obade
Folder 33 Okolowicz
Folder 34 Omodio, Joseph and Mary
Folder 35 Ostasalski, Constantine
Folder 36 Pagonis, Nicholas
Folder 37 Pampina, Luigi
Folder 38 Panamarew, Ermoli
Folder 39 Panza, Gino Ettore
Folder 40 Papdopoullon, Melis and Gregoria
Folder 41 Papas, Peter. A
Folder 42 Pataky, John Steve
Folder 43 Paterakis, Anthony
Folder 44 Perry
Folder 45 Peszko, Theresa
Folder 46 Petcoff, Mr. Nicola C
Folder 47 Pekevicienne, Mrs. Povilas
Folder 48 Petruzzi
Folder 49 Picoolo, Rev. D. Raffolle
Folder 50 Pido, John
Folder 51 Pisaravska, Maria. Shkurat, Nicholas and Euhenia
Folder 52 Pope, Mr. Michael
Folder 53 Popytak
Folder 54 Pretnick, George
Folder 55 Prohorow, Vasily
Folder 56 Protopapas, Phillips
Folder 57 Pytiak, Peter
Folder 58 Rajkowska
Folder 59 Romanus, Nassima
Folder 60 Ross, Joseph
Folder 61 Rotunda (Mazza)
Folder 62 Sacoulas
Folder 63 Savla, John
Folder 64 Santiago, Philip
Folder 65 Sarabia, Alfonso and Olga
Folder 66 Schroter, Albert S
Folder 67 Schulze, Rudolf and Henry
Folder 68 Scopelitis, John
Folder 69 Scott, Edmunde and Takako
Folder 70 Scriva, Paul
Folder 71 Seka, Charles
Folder 72 Simecek, Milada
Folder 73 Simeone, John
Folder 74 Simms, Stephen
Folder 75 Simon, Louis
Folder 76 Simonis
Folder 77 Smalinskes, Walter (Stavinsky)
Folder 78 Smith, Henry
Folder 79 Soehl, Mrs. Emmi
Folder 80 Spekis
Folder 81 Spirich, George (Spirovska)
Folder 82 Stanson, Louis J.
Folder 83 Stefanovich, Lazar
Folder 84 Stefanyak, Joseph
Folder 85 Stojanoff, Welitchko
Folder 86 Stokke, Mr. Nils and Mrs. Sigrid
Folder 87 Svenungsen, Mrs. Louise
Folder 88 Tannous, Amin
Folder 89 Tenz, Manfred K.
Folder 90 Theodore, Anthony John
Folder 91 Toila, Mr. Evald
Folder 92 Tomedolsky, Charles
Folder 93 Tonkovich, Frank
Folder 94 Toropoff, Vladmir
Folder 95 Tratras, George
Folder 96 Trenga
Folder 97 Vassilve, Marko
Folder 98 Velicoff, Steve
Folder 99 Velizarov, Bogdan, Petrov
Folder 100 Veris, Spiros
Folder 101 Winters, Mrs. Catherine A.
Folder 102 Wisnilwski, Stanislau (Stanley)
Folder 103 Wychowanek, Tadeusz
Folder 104 Yagodkin, Constantine
Folder 105 Young, Robert E.
Folder 106 Zack, Edward and Eva
Folder 107 Zafiris, Mary (Marika)
Folder 108 Zemaitis
Folder 109 Zervos, Nicholas M. and Mary
Folder 110 Ziatek, Wlodzimiierz
Folder 111 Znavor, Steve

Subseries 3. Service Requests

Box 22
Folder 1-2 Inquiries Re Questionnaire for Citizenship
Folder 3-14 Incidental Service (by month), 1941
Folder 15 Records cancelled - Social Service Exchange
Folder 16-27 Intake (by month), January 1941 - February 1942
Folder 28-38 Intake (Brief Service) (by year), 1942-1951
Folder 39 Brief Service Cases, 1952
Folder 40 Service to Agencies and Organizations, 1951

Subseries 4. McKeesport Records

Folder 41 Documents from McKeesport files
Folder 42 Documents from McKeesport files
Folder 43 Caliguri
Folder 44 Piacentino - Maietta
Folder 45 Simon
Folder 46 Rlaszka
Folder 47 Tabaoff
Folder 48 Juhasz
Folder 49 Phillips
Folder 50 Veliff

Box 23
Folder 1 Lejia (Orndowska-Drapinska)

Subseries 5. Pittsburgh Records

Folder 2 Documents
Folder 3 Roman-Rominez
Folder 4 Castelli
Folder 5 Galanes
Folder 6 Gallicchio
Folder 7 Hallack
Folder 8 Hospodar
Folder 9 Karasi
Folder 10 Kail
Folder 11 Lessik
Folder 12 Seligman
Folder 13 Urban
Folder 14 Grominski
Folder 15 Koukoutsis
Folder 16 Peluco
Folder 17 Wendt (Newakowski)
Folder 18-19 Miscellaneous other cases
Folder 20 Reg, 1939
Folder 21 Hadar

Series V. Employment Progress Reports

Scope and Content Notes:

Series V contains files called 'process record' used to monitor the performance of new staff and student interns. These files contain information about projects and staff which demonstrate some of the internal functions of ASI.

Folder 22 Process Record on Allegheny Valley - Miss Ruth Smalley, 1947-1948
Folder 23 Process Record Case Work Committee - Kermit Wiltse, 1949-1950
Folder 24-25 Process Record Case Work Committee - I.B. Lindsay (Committee on Cultural Factors in Case Work), 1948-1949
Folder 26 Student Record Allegheny Valley - AMS, 1948-1949
Folder 27 Process Record Upper Allegheny Valley - Arthur Stevenson, 1948-1949
Folder 28 Process Record McKeesport Intercultural Council - Boris Clarke, 1949
Folder 29-30 Process Record McKeesport - Boris Clarke, 1948-1950
Folder 31 Process Record McKeesport - Joseph Ring, 1950-1951
Folder 32-33 Process Record Hazelwood Project - D. Forney, 1944-1945
Folder 34 Process Record Allegheny Valley Advisory committee Citizen Recognition Ceremonies, 1949
Folder 35 Process Record Group Work Committee - I.B. Lindsay, 1948-1949
Folder 36-37 Process Record Edgar Flood Committee (PittSSW) Cultural Factors Special Project Committee, 1954-1955
Folder 38 Process Record - Peggy Holmes, 1950-1951
Folder 39-40 Process Record Fraternal Society of Pittsburgh and ASI - Kamel ElBatrik, 1951-1952
Folder 41-43 Process Record PTA Committee - Edgar Floods, 1954-1955
Folder 44-45 Process Record PCIE Public Relations Committee "Penn Township Profile" - Robert Mast, 1956-1957
Folder 46 Process Record Teacher Coop. Committee (PCIE) Publicity Committee - Yehuda Rosenman, 1945-1946

Box 24
Folder 1-2 Process Record PCIE: Books Committee, PTA Committee - James Hackshaw 1948-1949, 1948-1949
Folder 3 Process Record Intercultural Youth Council (IYC) - J.J. Horowitz 1950-1951, 1950-1951
Folder 4 Process Record Books Committee
Folder 5-7 Process Record IYS - L. Fehr, H. McDermott 1951-1952, 1951-1952
Folder 8-9 Process Record Youth Section - Elizabeth Lamborn 1949-1950 copy #1, 1949-1950
Folder 10-12 Process Record Youth Section - Elizabeth Lamborn 1949-1950 copy #2, 1949-1950
Folder 13-14 Process Record Youth advisory Committee 1950-1951 J.J. Horwitz, 1950-1951
Folder 15 Process Record youth Section Filomena Florendo 1949, 1949
Folder 16-17 Process record War Relief Agencies Luncheons, Malvin Morton 1944-1945, 1944-1945

Series VI. Newsletters and Publications

Scope and Content Notes:

Series VI contains ASI newsletters listed by community, including some of the research used to produce the publication.

Subseries 1. ASI Newsletters (some with research)

Folder 18-26 News Letter Volumes 1-9
Folder 27 News Letter 1952-1960, 1952-1960
Folder 28 Nationality Fact Sheets
Folder 29 News Letters Duplicates

Subseries 2. Newsletters by Community

Folder 30 Allegheny County
Folder 31 Bloomfield
Folder 32 Braddock
Folder 33 Charleroi
Folder 34 Coraopolis
Folder 35 Duquesne
Folder 36 Hill District
Folder 37 Homewood-Brushton
Folder 38 Lawrenceville
Folder 39 McKeesport
Folder 40 McKeesport research
Folder 41 McKees Rocks
Folder 42 Monongahela
Folder 43 Mt. Lebanon
Folder 44 New Castle
Folder 45 Oakland
Folder 46 Pittsburgh
Folder 47 Penn Township
Folder 48 South Side
Folder 49 Squirrel Hill
Folder 50 Tarentum
Folder 51 West Deer Township
Folder 52 Wilkinsburg
Folder 53 Community Cooperation
Folder 54 General Community Research
Folder 55 Miscellaneous
Folder 56 Resources for community leaders
Folder 57 Community Tensions

Series VII. Additional ASI Files

Scope and Content Notes:

Series VII consists of ASI cultural information and administrative files. The files contain a small amount of information about local cultures and traditions, research notes, examples and correspondence about ASI publications, and ASI agendas, minutes, and reports from 1955-1961. There are also some black and white photgraphs which show ASI employees and groups of people who attended ASI's citizenship classes.

Box 25
Folder 1 Miscellaneous Material on Ethnic Groups
Folder 2 The Study, Diagnosis, Treatment Sequence as an Aid to Initiating Community Organization Service, April 1956
Folder 3 Pennsylvania, Historical items about Pennsylvania programs
Folder 4 National Conference of Social Work, Reservations
Folder 5 Folk Festivals
Folder 6 Foods
Folder 7 Culture
Folder 8 Cultural Factors, Social Work
Folder 9 Fraternal Societies Mailing Lists, old, 1952
Folder 10 Foreign Born in America
Folder 11 Second Generation Americans
Folder 12 Allegheny County's Americans By Choice, booklet, lists, correspondence, 1944
Folder 13 ASI Professional Staff's Concerns, Social Work, The Foreign Born, Their Families, Summer 1959
Folder 14 ASI Employment Directory for New Americans with correspondence, January 1960
Folder 15 Survey Beneficial Fraternal Societies, October 1957
Folder 16 ASI Newsletter, Requests, correspondence, publicity, lists, 1941-1959
Folder 17 ASI Intercultural Digest, Lists, correspondence, etc., 1944-1949
Folder 18 ASI Service Directory for New Americans, Lists, correspondence, 1st Edition, June 1953
Folder 19 Do You Know Your Neighbor?, article, correspondence, February 1947
Folder 20 Articles Written By Staff, correspondence, publications, up to 1950
Folder 21-22 ASI Miscellaneous Agendas, Minutes, Reports, etc., 1955-1961
Folder 23 ASI Photographs, Unidentified, ca. 1940-1950

Series VIII. Map and Statistics Binders

Scope and Content Notes:

Series VIII includes four ring binders that contain maps, transparency overlays, statistics sheets, typed and handwritten cultural information sheets, and newsletter and newspaper excerpts. The maps show population breakdowns in Pittsburgh neighborhoods arranged by nationality, income, age, and race. The clippings from newsletters and newspapers, typed commentary, and statistics explain the maps in greater detail and discuss how to integrate immigrants into American society. There is also information about community councils, neighborhood profiles, and local education, housing, health, religion and crime rates. All of this information centers on data from the 1940s and 1950s, and most is culled from the census. Texts of studies, reports, and presentations from both outside sources and the ASI, as well as copies of ASI press releases and letters, complement the maps and statistics.

Volume 1 City Population Groups, ASI Purpose and Programs
Volume 2 Age Distribution, Immigration, Topography, Community Councils, Neighborhoods Profiles
Volume 3 Social Factors, Blight, Education, Crime
Volume 4 Housing, Health, Religion