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Collection Inventory

Series I. Personal Materials, 1947-1991

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains a small amount of personal effects and other items. The awards that Brockett received include letters of acknowledgement from U.S. Senator John Heinz, and both the Senate and House of Representatives of Pennsylvania. The notebooks and journals contain Brockett's notes, thoughts, and experiences during the planning of the Off-Broadway debut of Big Bad Burlesque.

Box 1
Folder 1 Awards, 1989-1991
Folder 2 St. Mary of the Mount High School yearbook - graduating year, 1947
Folder 3 Big Bad Burlesque notebook/journal

Series II. Legal and Financial Materials, 1963-1994

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains a small amount of various formal legal documents and materials.

Box 2
Folder 1 Copyrights, 1963-1994
Folder 2 Contracts, 1985-1991
Folder 3 Expenses while employed by T.V. Guide, 1960-1961
Folder 4 Writer/Publishers Clearance Forms, 1965

Series III. Career Related Materials, 1943-1998

Scope and Content Notes:

Items in this series relate to Brockett's career in general and not to any one specific production. Contained within are histories, correspondence, television and film scripts, and newsclippings, some of which were arranged into various scrapbooks. Some of the scrapbooks have been preservation photocopied; these copies are housed in the same folder as the original materials.

Box 3
Folder 1 Brockett and Barbara promotional materials, 1977-1978
Folder 2 Chronology and history of Brockett productions, 1998
Folder 3-4 Correspondence, 1960-1992
Folder 5 Correspondence undated
Folder 6 Correspondence with Phyllis Diller, 1964-1992
Folder 7 Don Brockett's Pittsburgh - the Video, 1988-1989
Folder 8 Miscellaneous film and television scripts - Brockett scenes only, 1991-1992
Folder 9 Miscellaneous promotional materials 1964-1993

Box 4
Folder 1 Newspaper clippings, 1968
Folder 2-5 Newspaper clippings, 1970-1975
Folder 6-7 Newspaper clippings, 1977-1979
Folder 8-16 Newspaper clippings, 1981-1995
Folder 17 Newspaper clippings - undated

Box 5
Folder 1-10 Scrapbook loose pages 1-96, 1943-1970
Folder 11 Scrapbook - fragments, 1968-1969

Box 6
Folder 1 Scrapbook, 1973-1976
Folder 2 Scrapbook, 1975-1976
Folder 3 Scrapbook, 1981
Folder 4 Scrapbook, 1985

Box 7
Folder 1 Script - Flashdance, 1982
Folder 2 Script - Fletch II, 1988
Folder 3 Script - The Nobodies television pilot, 1971
Folder 4 Script - Picking Up the Pieces, 1988
Folder 5 Stouffer's Lean Cuisine jingle lyrics, 1980

Series IV. Brockett Productions, 1962-1994

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains materials that relate to specific productions of Brockett's. It is divided into three subseries: Scripts, Scores, and Skits / Other materials.

Subseries 1. Scripts, 1969-1994

Scope and Content Notes:

Boxes 8-14 are production scripts to many of Brockett’s shows, which are arranged alphabetically by title. For some titles the folder not only contains the script, but also other items that pertain to the production, such as music orchestrations and correspondence.

Box 8
Folder 1-2 Amen, Amen Etc. script
Folder 3 Beads script, 1970-1971
Folder 4 Bicentennial Wagon Train Show script, 1975
Folder 5 Big Bad Burlesque script - Orpheum Theatre / office copy
Folder 6 Big Bad Burlesque script - lighting cues for club date version
Folder 7 Big Bad Burlesque script - revised, November 1979
Folder 8 Big Bad Burlesque script - office copy, April 1991
Folder 9 Bless My Soul script
Folder 10 Bring on the Broads script, 1970
Folder 11 Broadway Big Top
Folder 12 Broadway Tonight - Heinz Hall, November 12 1971
Folder 13 Brockett and Barbara and Friends - Marriott, 1986

Box 9
Folder 1 Brockett and Barbara in Trashdance, 1984
Folder 2 Brockett and Barbara at 104
Folder 3 Brockett and Barbara in Sixtysomething
Folder 4 Brockett and Barbara's 25th Anniversary
Folder 5-6 Burlesqapade - copies of scripts
Folder 7 Burlesque Gaieties script, 1974
Folder 8 Cat Cay, March 10 1982
Folder 9 Celebration '76 script and promotional materials, 1975
Folder 10 Commercials scripts
Folder 11-12 Cowardly Way Out script
Folder 13 Desdamona Fink Meets Son of Stage Struck
Folder 14 Don Brockett with Champagne

Box 10
Folder 1 Don't Feed the Crockagators script, 1969
Folder 2 Don Brockett's Forbidden Pittsburgh '85 script - original office copy
Folder 3 Don Brockett's Forbidden Pittsburgh '86 script, April 1986
Folder 4 Don Brockett's Forbidden Pittsburgh '86 script - office copy
Folder 5 Don Brockett's Forbidden Pittsburgh '87 script
Folder 6 Don Brockett's Forbidden Pittsburgh '88 script
Folder 7 Don Brockett's Forbidden Pittsburgh '89 script
Folder 8-9 Don Brockett's Forbidden Pittsburgh '90 script, 1990
Folder 11 Don Brockett's Forbidden Pittsburgh '92 script, July 1992
Folder 12 Don Brockett's Forbidden Pittsburgh '93 script, 1992-1993

Box 11
Folder 1 Don Brockett's Forbidden Pittsburgh '94 script
Folder 2 Don Brockett's Forbidden Pittsburgh '95 script
Folder 3-4 Fred Rogers 25th anniversary special script, 1979
Folder 5 Gimbels Bunny Breakfast script, 1985
Folder 6 Gimbels Christmas show script, 1984
Folder 7-8 Go Pound Salt script - Ben Gross restaurant, 1969
Folder 9 Hello Tourists script
Folder 10-11 How the West was Won script, 1976
Folder 12 Industrial Show script and promotional materials
Folder 13 Ingersoll Rand script - office copy with final changes

Box 12
Folder 1 Josephine the Short Neck Giraffe the sequel! script, 1988-1989
Folder 2 Loveboat Follies script
Folder 3-4 Love Song script
Folder 5 Lyrics Verse script
Folder 6 National Jewish Test script
Folder 7 New Amen Show script - Baltimore
Folder 8 New Amen Show script - Marriott
Folder 9 New Amen Show script with changes, 1975
Folder 10 NYC Update script
Folder 11 Peaches and Bananas script, July 1 1980
Folder 12 Peaches and Bananas script office copy and score, July 1 1980

Box 13
Folder 1 Pennsylvania Show script, November 17 1980
Folder 2 Politics '72 script - Ben Gross restaurant, 1972
Folder 3 Poor Pitiful Pittsburgh script - Ben Gross Restaurant, 1969-1970
Folder 4 Places Please script
Folder 5 Places Please script office copy
Folder 6 Pretty Please script
Folder 7 Riverboat Follies, 1992
Folder 8 Santa's Workshop script, October 25 1984
Folder 9 Sights and Sounds of Pittsburgh script, November 1989
Folder 10 Son of Stage Struck script
Folder 11-12 Stage Struck script
Folder 13 Sweet Feet script
Folder 14 Sweet Feet - Cockeysville, May 1974

Box 14
Folder 1 Sweet Feet script - Jennerstown Baltimore re-write
Folder 2 Symphony Cabaret script - Duquesne Club April 4 1992
Folder 3 Tom Smith script, 1974-1976
Folder 4 TV or Not TV script - Celestial, March 11 1977
Folder 5 U.J.F. Show Full of Life, October 1983
Folder 6 Vintage Brockett and Barbara script, 1987
Folder 7 Vintage Brockett and Barbara Again script, 1988
Folder 8 Wake Up Santa
Folder 9 Who Needs a Showtrain? script and early music and sketches
Folder 10 You Get Your Show script 1969

Subseries 2. Scores, 1969-1994

Scope and Content Notes:

Boxes 15-17 contain the production scores to several of Brockett’s shows; they are arranged alphabetically by the title of the production.

Box 15
Folder 1-2 Amen, Amen, Etc. score, 1973
Folder 3 Big Bad Burlesque full score, January 1982
Folder 4-5 Big Bad Burlesque score

Box 16
Folder 1 Big Bad Burlesque score
Folder 2 Big Bad Burlesque piano score, January 1982
Folder 3 Big Bad Burlesque - Burlesque Gaieties score
Folder 4 Bless My Soul score
Folder 5 Forbidden Pittsburgh ’85 score
Folder 6 Forbidden Pittsburgh ’93 score

Box 17
Folder 1 Forbidden Pittsburgh ’94 score, 1993-1994
Folder 2 Industrial Show music, 1969-1976
Folder 3 Ingersol Rand score, 1975-1976
Folder 4 Just for Openers score
Folder 5 Mister Roger’s Operas, 1973-1974
Folder 6 The New Amen Show score
Folder 7 Not Tonight I Have a Headache score
Folder 8-10 Sweet Feet score, 1977
Folder 11 Utopia 20 score, 1978
Folder 12 Unidentified scores

Subseries 3. Skits and other materials, 1962-1978

Scope and Content Notes:

Boxes 18 and 19 are an alphabetical arrangement by title prepared by Don Brockett of skits, comedic scenes, intros, medleys, and some lyrics to songs. Box 20 consists of miscellaneous materials including scrapbooks, programs, artwork, etc.

Box 18
Folder 1-10 Skits, intros, lyrics, etc "A-M"

Box 19
Folder 1-7 Skits, intros, lyrics, etc "N-Z"

Box 20
Folder 1 Big Bad Burlesque scrapbook
Folder 2 Brockett's Broadway Babes planning
Folder 3 Fred Rogers 25th anniversary special planning
Folder 4 Industrial Show programs
Folder 5 Miscellaneous artwork
Folder 6 N.Y.C. stage manager's book
Folder 7 Peaches and Bananas artwork
Folder 8 Programs, 1968-1993
Folder 9 Special Material
Folder 10 Tony Domino finale - rough draft

Series V. Orchestrations

Scope and Content Notes:

Within this series are song orchestrations that were used by Brockett for his multitude of stage productions. They are arranged into four subseries: Known composers, Brockett composed, Unknown composers, and Other orchestrations.

Subseries 1. Known Composers

Scope and Content Notes:

Box 21 contains orchestrations by composers who are not Don Brockett and are clearly identified on the materials; they are arranged alphabetically by the song title.

Box 21
Folder 1 Ac-cent-tchu-aate the Positive
Folder 2 Almawhatsamater
Folder 3 And All that Jazz
Folder 4 And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going
Folder 5 Before the Parade Passes By
Folder 6 Can-Can
Folder 7 Hawaiian War Chant
Folder 8 Hello My Baby
Folder 9 The Impossible Dream
Folder 10 It’s You I Like
Folder 11 Louise
Folder 12 Men in My Little Girl’s Life
Folder 13 Mimi
Folder 14 Mr. Whipple’s Watching
Folder 15 Night Fever
Folder 16 Oh! You Beautiful Doll
Folder 17 Rocky theme
Folder 18 Swan Lake Ballet Suite
Folder 19 Teen Angel
Folder 20 Thank Heaven for Little Girls
Folder 21 Thanks to You
Folder 22 Tomorrow
Folder 23 Union Label
Folder 24 We Didn’t Start the Fire
Folder 25 Welcome to Brockett’s Revue
Folder 26 What I Did For Love
Folder 27 Wilkommen
Folder 28 Wonderful Night
Folder 29 You Made Me Love You

Subseries 2. Brockett Composed

Scope and Content Notes:

Box 22 contains orchestrations labeled as being composed by Don Brockett; they are arranged alphabetically by the title of the piece.

Box 22
Folder 1 Airport Polka
Folder 2 All We Know is That She’s Here
Folder 3 Bi-Centennial Production (community theatre)
Folder 4 Big Old Lady
Folder 5 Capital B
Folder 6 Casey and Kildare
Folder 7 Chickenanny
Folder 8 Dirty Old Lady
Folder 9 Fight Song
Folder 10 How Do You Like It So Far?
Folder 11 I Can’t Remember Her Name
Folder 12 If That is the Kind of Woman He Wants
Folder 13 I Want Me a Woman
Folder 14 Jumbo
Folder 15 Kuelling
Folder 16 Last Night I Met Miss Right, Mom
Folder 17 Last Polka in Pittsburgh
Folder 18 Lord Sees Me
Folder 19 Love Songs
Folder 20 My Christmas Wish
Folder 21 My Darling When You Go Away
Folder 22 Nikita Cha-Cha
Folder 23 Nose Touching Song
Folder 24 Old Fashioned Good Night
Folder 25 Old Prayer in a New Song
Folder 26 Places Please
Folder 27 Pretty Things
Folder 28 Rich Kid, Poor Kid
Folder 29 Santa
Folder 30 Santa Claus Blues
Folder 31 Sea Captain’s Daughter
Folder 32 Sinatra Records
Folder 33 Sing a Song
Folder 34 Song of Love
Folder 35 Stage Struck
Folder 36 Subway
Folder 37 Sweet Feet
Folder 38 Tango de March
Folder 39 To the Dentist
Folder 40 Two of Us
Folder 41 Wake Up Santa
Folder 42 We’re Both Twelve Now
Folder 43 Who Needs a Showtrain?
Folder 44 Who Will Finish the Season?
Folder 45 Wonderful Burlesque Days
Folder 46 You Can’t Poke Fun at the Palace

Subseries 3. Unknown Composers

Scope and Content Notes:

Boxes 23-28 are orchestrations composed by miscellaneous composers (some of which are possibly Brockett and some that are popular famous composers) but the composer is not specifically identified on the materials; they are arranged alphabetically by the title of the piece.

Box 23
Folder 1 A.M.
Folder 2 Acts
Folder 3 Ah Paris
Folder 4 All of Me
Folder 5 Amen
Folder 6 Amen Commercials
Folder 7 Anything Goes
Folder 8 Application
Folder 9 Applause
Folder 10 Arnie Palmer
Folder 11 Avon Beguine
Folder 12 Back Home in Indiana
Folder 13 Balloon
Folder 14 Battle Hymn
Folder 15 Big Bad Burlesque Bows
Folder 16 Big Bad Burlesque Opening
Folder 17 Big Spender
Folder 18 Bill
Folder 19 Bill Bailey
Folder 20 The Birth of the Blues
Folder 21 Bonnie and Clyde
Folder 22 Boompies
Folder 23 Broadway Tonight
Folder 24 Brockett and Barbara Under Broadway
Folder 25 Brockett’s Big Bad Burlesque
Folder 26 Brockett Opening Number

Box 24
Folder 1 Brotherhood
Folder 2 Bug Production
Folder 3 Burlesque
Folder 4 Burlesque Overture
Folder 5 Cabaret
Folder 6 Can I Take You Home
Folder 7 Carioca
Folder 8 Chair Commercial Chaser
Folder 9 Chef Brockett Song
Folder 10 Ching and Ling
Folder 11 Christmas Wish
Folder 12 Cinderella
Folder 13 Clairol-Opener
Folder 14 Clyde and Hortense
Folder 15 Comatose or Death
Folder 16 Commercials
Folder 17 Community Songs
Folder 18 The Company Way
Folder 19 Diet Coke
Folder 20 Dis-Done
Folder 21 Doctor and the Lady
Folder 22 Downtown
Folder 23 Dry Bones
Folder 24 Easy Credit
Folder 25 Eat n Park
Folder 26 Elf March
Folder 27 Entertain
Folder 28 Everybody’s Fancy

Box 25
Folder 1 Fiddler
Folder 2 The First Time You Notice
Folder 3 Football Production
Folder 4 Five Growing Boys
Folder 5 42nd Street
Folder 6 Funs a Poppin’
Folder 7 Gas: It’s Quite an Art
Folder 8 Give My Regards to Broadway
Folder 9 Glamour Girl
Folder 10 Gunner
Folder 11 Happy Days are Here Again
Folder 12 Hard Time to Come Again No More
Folder 13 Hats Off to Broadway
Folder 14 Hello Dolly
Folder 15 Here is Your Tent
Folder 16 Home Show
Folder 17 I am Taking Pictures
Folder 18 I Can’t Apologize Enough
Folder 19 I Could Have Danced All Night
Folder 20 I Dig Rock and Roll Music
Folder 21 I Don’t Know how to Love Him
Folder 22 If I Were a Rich Man
Folder 23 If Only Moderately
Folder 24 If We Only Have Love
Folder 25 I Just Can’t Wait
Folder 26 Improvisations Chaser
Folder 27 Inkka-dink-ka-dink
Folder 28 Intro to BQ Days
Folder 29 I Really Love it Up Here
Folder 30 I Remember it Well
Folder 31 I Ride My Horse
Folder 32 It’s Quite an Act
Folder 33 Jim and Tammy
Folder 34 John Wayne
Folder 35 K-I-D-S

Box 26
Folder 1 Lakeview Sheraton
Folder 2 Lee Norse Commercial Jingle
Folder 3 Let Us Entertain You
Folder 4 Little Do They Know
Folder 5 Little Rock
Folder 6 Lizzie Borden
Folder 7 Long Way to September
Folder 8 Lord Be With You
Folder 9 Lullaby of Broadway
Folder 10 Mame
Folder 11 Mary Poppins
Folder 12 Maybe
Folder 13 May Best
Folder 14 Meet the Champion
Folder 15 Miss America
Folder 16 Mistaken Identity
Folder 17 Mr. Foo
Folder 18 Mr. Goldberg
Folder 19 My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Folder 20 Nepitism
Folder 21 New Amen Show Opening
Folder 22 New York, New York
Folder 23 New York Chaser
Folder 24 New York Opening

Box 27
Folder 1 Nights on Broadway
Folder 2 The Nobodies
Folder 3 Numero Uno
Folder 4 Oh You Can’t Fly to Heaven
Folder 5 Old Folks at Home
Folder 6 Old Song
Folder 7 Opening Talk
Folder 8 Ooh My Feet
Folder 9 Opera
Folder 10 Orphan Annie
Folder 11 Orphan Dolls
Folder 12 Patriotic Production
Folder 13 Paper Production
Folder 14 Peaches and Bananas Opening
Folder 15 Picture Production
Folder 16 Pilgrim Indian
Folder 17 Pittsburgh Opera
Folder 18 Playmate
Folder 19 Pledge of Allegiance
Folder 20 Portia and Ben
Folder 21 Pothole Polka
Folder 22 Public TV
Folder 23 Racing with the Clock
Folder 24 Robert E. Lee
Folder 25 Rolling Rolling
Folder 26 Saintly Swinger
Folder 27 Salvation
Folder 28 Santa Claus March
Folder 29 Sheboygan
Folder 30 Shepard and Angel
Folder 31 Shuffle off to Buffalo
Folder 32 Sing Along
Folder 33 Sisters
Folder 34 Six Months Out of Every Year
Folder 35 Some of These Days
Folder 36 Stewardess
Folder 37 String of Pearls
Folder 38 Strutaway
Folder 39 Susie
Folder 40 Swanee
Folder 41 Sweet Adeline
Folder 42 Sweet Georgia Brown
Folder 43 Tapflash
Folder 44 Telephone Number
Folder 45 TV Themes Game
Folder 46 Thanks
Folder 47 Thank You
Folder 48 This Time of Year
Folder 49 Tin Whistle
Folder 50 Toast of the Town
Folder 51 To Life
Folder 52 Tradition Vamp
Folder 53 Trees

Box 28
Folder 1 We Beseech You
Folder 2 We’re in the Money
Folder 3 We’s be in da Moaney?
Folder 4 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
Folder 5 Winchester Cathedral
Folder 6 WQED
Folder 7 Yesterday He Asked Me
Folder 8 You’re a Santa’s Helper
Folder 9 You Can’t Miss It
Folder 10 Misc./Unidentified Songs

Subseries 4. Other Orchestrations

Scope and Content Notes:

Boxes 29 and 30 are medley orchestrations and are in an alphabetical arrangement by title. Box 30 also consists of a number of items that are all assorted orchestrations and were grouped together by Brockett. For the most part, the orchestrations are not published materials, and sometimes are handwritten. Some of the song titles have very extensive orchestrations that include music for a full orchestra. Box 31 contains original Brockett orchestrations that are not available for access to patrons due to their condition, although copies have been made and are available for use with the other copies of music for that song title.

Box 29
Folder 1-3 Medley Book #1 A-I
Folder 4-5 Medley Book #2 J-Z
Folder 6 Broadway Medley
Folder 7 Chevalier Medley
Folder 8 Chuck’s Christmas Medley

Box 30
Folder 1 Commercial Medley II
Folder 2 Commercial Medley No. 3
Folder 3 Diet Medley
Folder 4 The Don Brockett Memorial Medley
Folder 5 Fiddler Medley
Folder 6 Gospel Medley
Folder 7 New York Medley
Folder 8 Night Medley
Folder 9 Patriotic Medley
Folder 10 Patti Burns Medley
Folder 11 Performance Medley
Folder 12 Romance Medley
Folder 13 Star Wars Medley
Folder 14 Wonderful Night Medley
Folder 15 Audition Music
Folder 16 George Cohen Salute (w/medleys)
Folder 17 ’93 Music
Folder 18 Pittsburgh Symphony Benefit (music/letters/program)
Folder 19 “Special Music”

Box 31
Folder 1-2 Brockett written orchestrations A - Z (Restricted due to condition)

Series VI. Photographs

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is arranged alphabetically by folder subject title. The folder subject titles are the same folder titles that were present on the folders when the collection was received; they were probably titled by Brockett.

Box 32
Folder 1 Brockett and Barbara photos
Folder 2 Brockett and Barbara's 25th anniversary
Folder 3 Burlesque pictures
Folder 4 Celebration '76
Folder 5 Celebrity photos
Folder 6 Celebrities
Folder 7 Don with celebs
Folder 8 Don Brockett with friends
Folder 9 Do Wah Diddy
Folder 10 Early photos

Box 33
Folder 1 Forbidden Pittsburgh
Folder 2 Gimbel's
Folder 3 Industrials
Folder 4 Marriott shows
Folder 5 Melodrama
Folder 6 Mr. Rogers
Folder 7 X-Mas pictures
Folder 8 Misc. labeled photos
Folder 9 Unidentified

Box 34
Folder 1-5 Unidentified

Series VII. Oversized and Miscellaneous Materials, 1970-1998

Scope and Content Notes:

The final series in the collection contains items, information, and promotional materials with entertainers that Brockett managed and worked with, such as Jack and Sally Jenkins, The Vogues, and Father Tom Smith. The Index to Music in Theatre resource is a partial alphabetical list of Brockett productions along with cast lists and the song titles that were performed in the show. This series also contains some miscellaneous and/or oversized photos, art, and plaques.

Box 35
Folder 1 Index to Music in Theatre
Folder 2 Jack and Sally Jenkins
Folder 3 Father Tom Smith
Folder 4 Before and After calendar with original artwork, 1970
Folder 5 Sweet Feet plaque – autographed by cast
Folder 6 Framed caricature of Brockett as Sophie Masloff
Folder 7 Gold record plaque for Turn Around, Look at Me by the Vogues
Folder 8 Oversized and Miscellaneous Art and Extraman comic strip
Folder 9 Oversized Photos
Folder 10 Unused “Public Relations Consultant” Brockett letterhead

Box 36
Folder 1 Framed photo of Brockett balancing bottle on his head
Folder 2 New Forbidden Pittsburgh 1998 laminated poster
Folder 3 Framed Big Bad Burlesque collage
Folder 4 Big Plastic Don Brockett head
Folder 5 Broadway Tonight poster