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Collection Inventory

Series I. Awards, Citations and Plaques

Item 25 Brass Sign: "Home Plate, Forbes Field..." June 28, 1970

Home Plate, Forbes Field Final Game, Pittsburgh Pirates vs Chicago Cubs June 28, 1970.

Item 26 George M Bevier Engineering Library Sign, 1970

From the Library, 7th floor Engineering Hall.

Item 30 Zeta Tau Alpha Plaque, Pearl Reed Room, Cathedral of Learning
Item 40 Key to Trees Hall, 1962
Custodial History:

Removed from Ch. Litchfield's files.

Item 41 Citation from Maire Curie University, Poland, 1961
Item 42 "Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science 20th Anniversary" Plaque, 1967
Custodial History:

Removed from Ch. Litchfield files.

Item 43 International Council on Education Plaque, February 3, 1984
Item 44 Chamber of Commerce 80th Anniversary Plaque, 1954
Item 38 R.O.T.C. Trophy, Western Pennsylvania Rifle Team, 1977-1978
Item 57 Act making Pitt a member of the System of Higher Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (photocopy)

Series II. Clothing

Item 27 Blue and Gold Felt Armbands
Item 34 Mortarboard Tassels (15.0 items)

15 Tassels of various colors.

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Donated by Mary Bonach from the Book Center.

Item 35 White Canvas Hat

"Great Barcode Project" University Library System, ca 1985.

Item 62 Academic Hoods (4.0 items)

Doctor of Laws presented to Sir Edward Elgar in 1907 Two Hoods from Ruth Crawford Mitchell One Hood from Solis Horowitz

Item 108b Academic Hood, Ch. Fitzgerald
Item 108c Academic Hood, Ch. Crawford
Item 115 Tee-Shirt, Cotton, Annual Fund Campaign, 2000-2001
Item 118 Tee-Shirt, Cotton, Annual Fund Campaign, 2002
Item 119 Tee-Shirt, Cotton, Annual Fund Campaign, 2003
Item 128 Wool Sweater, Blue and Gold

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Albert Partington.

Knitted "Pitt" Sweater belonging to Joshua Partington.

Item 136 Tee-Shirt, Cotton, Phi sigman Pi Fundraising, 2006
Item 142 Tee-Shirt, Cotton, ULS Student Worker Appreciation Day, 2008, 2010
Item 143 Tee-Shirt, Cotton, "Pittsburgh-eese"
Item 153 Khaki Colored Visor, ULS, 2005

Series III. Discovery Weekend Memorabilia, October 2000

Scope and Content Notes:

Discovery Weekend, October 27-28, 2000 was the kickoff event for the fundraising campaign: "Launch 2000 - The Campaign for the University of Pittsburgh." Items in this collection were "giveaways" for the weekend.

Item 110a Blue and Tan Discovery Weekend Umbrella and Luggage Tag
Item 110b Blue and Tan Daypack
Item 110c Imprinted Ball Point Pens
Item 110d Badge Holder with Lanyard
Item 110e Discovery Weekend Buttons
Item 110f Postcards, Writing Tablets and Stationery
Item 110g Tickets, Commeorative and Event Programs and Itineraries
Item 110h Shuttle and Parking Maps
Item 110i Brochures of Chancellor's Address, Legacy Laureates, and Selection Packets
Item 110j Staff Identification Cards
Item 110k Umbrella with Luggage Tag
Item 110l Buttons

Series IV. Flags, Banners and Patches

Item 36 Football Bumper Stickers
Item 56 Silver and Red CWENS Banner
Item 58 Chancellor's Flag (8.0 items; 8 replicas from Litchfield's files.)
Item 63 Red, White and Blue Military Service Flag

From the Cathedral Commons Room.

Item 64 American Flag, 1924

Presented at the topping out of the steel for the Cathedral of Learning.

Item 129 Wool Felt Panther Patch

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Albert Partington.

Item 134 Window Transfer of Cathedral and Pitt Panther
Item 155 Pitt Cloth Badges, 1975
Item 101a-b University of Pittsburgh Logo Patches

Pitt Logo, 4" x 2 3/4" black and old gold, (Veritas 1787 Virtus); Silver and gold metal embroidery. University of Pittsburgh lettering and logo, 4 1/2 " diamter; Silver and gold metal embroidery.

Museum-cabinet 1
Item 2012/10 Football Pennant, "Pitts" ((1) Wool Pennant)

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Ernest Salerno on April 23, 2012.

Series V. Medallions and Medals

Item 10 125th Anniversary Medallion 1912
Item 13a-b Engineering, Benedum Hall Medals, March 18, 1971
Item 24 Medallion of Merit, President Fundacao Getulio Vargas, 1984
Item 52a, d Commemorative Medal on the Tercentenary of Elean Lucrezia Cornaro Piscopia and Pitt Sesquicentennial Medal

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Ruth Crawford Mitchell.

Item 131 Assorted Medals

3 University of Pittsburgh Engineers medals, 1 in plastic case (date unknown) 4 Sesquicentennial Medals, 2 in black cases, 1 in white box (1936) 1 Bicentennial Medal with wooden stand inside cardboard case (1987) 2 University of Pittsburgh Chacnellor’s medals (1990’s), one in dark blue case 1 Allegheny County Bicentennial medal in blue box (1988) 1 U. of Pittsburgh “Sigillum Cancellarii” in black case (Chancellor’s medal presented to John Marous, October 1992) 1 U. of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health medal –Parran and Crabtree in Green case 1 U. of Zagreb medal (probably from Posvar, 1969?)

Item 137 Stephen Grabowski Medal and Ribbon, GOSC SEJM, 1937
Item 138 Stadium Dedication Medal and Ribbon, 1925
Item 127 Images of Black Artists Award Medal
Item 131a Engineers Medals
Item 131b Sesquicentennial Medals, 1936
Item 131c Bicentennial Medals, 1987
Item 131d Chancellor's Medals, 1990
Item 131e Allegheny County Bicentennial Medal, 1988
Item 131f 'Sigillum Cancellarii' Medal, October 1992

Chancellor's Medal presented to John Marous.

Item 131g Graduate School of Public Health Medal
Item 131h Zagreb Medal

Probably from Posvar ca. 1969.

Item 169 Various Medals and Pins

Two blue & gold WPU pins; Two Delta-Kappa pins; One 1907 locket with picture; Two 1908 University of Pittsburgh 125th Anniversary pins with blue and gold ribbon.

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of the Lambie Family in 1997.

Series VI. Pens, Stationery and Paperweights

Item 1a-b 150th Anniversary Paperweights 1937 (2.0 items)
Item 22 Wood and Metal Paperweight with University Seal
Item 23 Bronze in Lucite Paperweight June 18, 1953

Presented by the Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh and TIME Magazine to Chancellor Fitzgerald.

Item 33 Silverplated Stake Paperweight

Engraved: "Rufus Henry Fitzgerald"

Item 132 Kang Weon National University Paperweight, 1984

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Lee Song Joo in 1984.

Item 133 Dedication of Law School Paperweight, 1976
Item 14a-b SLIS Paperweights, March 20, 1987 (2.0 items)

From the SLIS Banquet.

Item 21 School of Dental Medicine 75th Anniversary Pen
Item 31 Postcard Portfolio, 1940
Item 32 Western University of Pennsylvania Postcards, 1908
Item 94 Ballpoint Pens, Pitt Bicentennial, 1987
Item 145 "Pitt Business" Ballpoint Pens, October 29, 2010

Memorabilia of Katz Business School Alumni Luncheon.

Item 146 Blue and Gold Pencils, ULS Website Address, 2010
Item 147 University Library System Notecards, 1975
Item 151 Leather Binder from Board of Trustees

Stamped with "A.W. Mellon"

Item 144 Bookplates, University Library System
Item 140 Pitt Panthers Bookends

Series VII. Jewelry, Pins and Buttons

Item 2a-2e Gold Panther Pins, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1961
Item 4 Gold Buttons, Pitt Benefits Fair, 1982
Item 5 White and Green button, Galvin for ALA President
Item 6 Gold and Black W.U.P. Pin, 1900
Item 7 Gold and Blue Button, University of Pittsburgh Usher, 1929
Item 8 Pewter Pin, Alumni Giving Fund, 1981
Item 9 Green and Black Button, GSLIS
Item 11 White, Blue and Gold Bicentennial Pin, 1987
Item 12 Three Rivers Shakespear Festival Button, 1987
Item 15 Pitt Stadium Dedication Pin and Ribbon, October 24, 1987

Missing 11/12/1996

Item 16a-b Osteoporosis Research Walking Program Buttons, 1982-1985
Item 17 Gold Cathedral of Learning Pin

Presented to Freda Runco ca. 1935-1940 for finish of flooring in Cathedral; source: Tim Ziaukas, University Relations.

Item 18a-d Assorted ALA Buttons
Item 19a-m Pitt Football Buttons
Item 20 Tie Pin
Item 28 Pitt Hat Pin, 1908

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Barbara Fetterman Moran in 1987.

Item 103 Blue and Yellow Pi Lambda Theta "Celebrate Learning" Button.
Item 111 University of Pittsburgh President's Club Pin, 1990-1991
Item 112 Pitt Panther Hoops Pin, 1990-1991
Item 120 Basketball Button, March 2003
Item 121 Pitt Internal Campaign, 2002
Item 138 Pitt Panther Pins, 1956-1958, 1960-1961
Item 133 William Pitt Union Pin, 1998
Item 171 Pocket Watch with University of Pittsburgh Fob Chain

Series VIII. Phi Chi Theta

Item 122 Carved Wooden Letters
Item 123 Address Stamp
Item 124 Gavel
Item 125 Pen Stand

Series IX. Plates, Cups and Other Household Items

Item 3 Sterling Silver Spoon with Cathedral Engraving

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of J. Lamonde, History Dept. in 1986.

Item 53 Pitt Panthers Glass Tumbler
Item 54a-b Brass Trays

One 10 inch oval tray; One 18 inch oval tray probably from the Dean of Women's Office.

Item 60a-b Commemorative Wedgewood Plates

Cathedral of Learning and Heinz Chapel; desigend by Ted Bowman

Item 107a Commemorative Wedgewood Plates

Full set of University of Pittsburgh commemorative plates (10 inch): Cathedral, Heinz Chapel, Stephen Foster Memorial and Log Cabin.

Item 65a-b Three-Candle Silver Candelabras

Two candelabras from the Dean of Women's Office.

Item 65c-d Silver Candlesticks

One 3-candle Candelabra engraved: In Memor of Thyrsa Wealtheow Amos..."; on silver candlestick; both from the Dean of Women's Office.

Item 67 Copper Tea Service

One copper teapot ( 8 x 8 x 6) with warmer; one each cream pitcher and sugar bowl; copper candle snuff; brass tea jar; second copper teapot (8 x 6 x 6 inches). From the Dean of Women's Office.

Item 107b Ceramic Mugs

Two small "beer" mugs with University seal.

Item 130 Plastic Mug, Pitt Programming Council, Homecoming, 1983
Item 135 White Ceramic Mug, Pitt Program Council
Item 141 Plastic Water Bottle, University Library System, Cup and Chaucer Coffee Shop, 2010

Box 107a
Item 2012-12 Castelton China Landmark Plate, Cathedral of Learning 1976

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Beatrice Goldszer on April 30, 2012.

Series X. Print Blocks and Dies

Item 69 Print Block from AF ROTC

For Bookplates to honor Thomas M. Miller, 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches.

Item 70a-b Print Blocks for bookplates of the Peter Alldred Memorial Library
Item 71-72 Copper Print Blocks of the Darlington Library Entrance

Darlington Library was repurposed to create the Humanities Center located in Room 602 Cathedral of Learning. For prints see RG 31/1 FF5, Library Journal, May 1, 1937; and Pitt Magazine No. 2 January 1940, p.11.

Item 73 Copper Printing Block of the Peter Alldred Memorial Library

For print see Pitt Magazine, No. 27, Winter 1947.

Item 74-75, 78-82 Copper Print Blocks of Cathedral of Learning Library

Item 74: Corner of Reference Room (Pitt Magazine, No. 2, Jan. 1940, p.8) Item 75: Women's Reading Room (Pitt Magazine, No. 2, Jan. 1940, p.10) Item 78: Women's Reading Room (RG 32/1,ff 5, Library Journal article, May 1, 1937) Item 79: Men's Reading Room (RG 32/1,ff 5, Library Journal article, May 1, 1937) Items 80-81: Cathedral of Learning (RG 32/1,ff 5, Library Journal article, May 1, 1937) Items 82a-d: Floor Plans for Cathedral of Learning Libraries (RG 32/1,ff 5, Library Journal article, May 1, 1937)

Item 76 Copper Print Block of Portrait of Ch. Holland
Item 77 Printing Plate for Cornerstone, Nationality Rooms Ceremony, 1937
Item 102 Metal Die of the Pi Lambda Theta Key
Item 126 Imprint Seal for Images of Pittsburgh Black Artists

Series XI. Programs, Diplomas and Ledgers

Item 29 Blue Diploma Cover
Item 114 Diploma of Charles McComb Ewing, March 24, 1887

Charles Ewing was a member of the first graduating class of the Western Pennsylvania Medical College. Also included is a framed announcement of the ommencement, graduation photograph of Ewing and a newspaper account of the graduation ceremony.

Item 113 Joseph F. Griggs Ledger Book, 1867
Item 160 Dental Studies Association Dinner Dance Program, May 16, 1931

Includes menu

Item 161a-c Dance Cards

Pitt Johnstown Club MardiGras Ball, December 26, 1926 College Association First Dance, March 26, 1927 College Association Dance, October 21, 1927

Item 162a-c Dance Cards

Engineering Students Association Christmas Dance, December 2, 1927 Engineers Miners Dance, November 19, 1926 Business Administration Season, 1926-1927

Item 163a-c Dance Cards and Program

Tau Pi Epsilon Formal Dinner Dance, May 11, 1928 (with menu) Pitt Players Farewell Dance, June 11, 1928 Dental Interfraternity Dance, December 4, 1936 Program for 1928-1929 of the Arcus Club (social club for women)

Item 148 Lambda Chi Alpha Dance Cards, 1932
Item 164 Assorted Fraternity Programs

Medical Fraternity Handbook, ca 1965 Christmas Card, no date but ca 1930 from Delta Chapter, possibly Nu Sigma Nu. Invitation to Heinz House event (HH was a women's meeting house) Phi Eta Sigma Help Card, ca 1976

Item 166 Donna Mae Benvenuto Scrapbook

Lantern Night Program with small Class of 1963 Pennant Constitution Ball Program, September 16, 1952 Associated Women Students Card "Tower of Learning" brochure Pitt Players, Pajame Game Program, 1960 Homecoming Brochure, 1962 Delta Sigma Phi Fall Rush brochure

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Celeste Ponteri.

Item 167 Commencement Program with Leather Binding, 1915
Item 161 Commencement Program with Leather Cover, 1907
Item 149 Senior Week Events Program, May 26-June 7, 1933
Item 170 Senior Week Events Program, May 21-June 9, 1937 (2 programs)

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Amanda Sheridan on June 3, 2011.

Item 150 Polaris Student Guide, 1955-1956

Series XII. Ruth Crawford Mitchell Personal Memorabilia

Item 86a Medals

Framed set of medals given to R.C. Mitchell from various governments honoring her work in the Nationality Rooms. Italy, Poland, France, Yugoslavia; also a Medal of Public Service from Bulgaria

Item 86b Vassar College Award
Item 86c Decorated Parchment

Announcement of Mitchell's initiation into the Benedictine Order as an Oblate.

Series XIII. Shovels and Related Objects from Buildings

Item 156 Groundbreaking Shovel, Hillman Library, June 1, 1964
Item 157-158 Grounbreaking Shovels for Trees Hall, August 26, 1960

No. 157 was used by Mayor D.L. Lawrence. No. 158 was used by Ch. E.H. Litchfield.

Item 159 Groundbreaking Shovel for Litchfield Towers, August 31, 1961

Used by Litchfield, Price and Meredith.

Item 45 Trowel

Used by Chancellor Bowman in the laying of the cornerstones for the following: Scottish Classroom and Polish Classroom, June 1938; Commons Room, Cathedral of Learning, June 1937. Used by John F. Casey III to lay the cornerstone in the Irish Classroom, June 1953. From the Litchfield files.

Item 87 Groundbreaking Shovel for Men's Dormitory

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Don Haggerty, Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania in 1987.

Used by Gus Miller to break ground for the Men's Dormitory, August 31, 1961.

Series XIV. Time Capsule, Pennsylvania Hall

Item 109a-d University Bulletins and Annoucements 1908-1911
Item 109e Scroll, Medical School Faculty
Item 109f Scroll, Report to the Chancellor and Trustees

Author unknown but likely the Dean of the School of Medicine, Thomas Shaw Arbuthnot.

Item 109g University of Pittsburgh, School of Engineering, Co-operative System
Item 109h Regulations for the Competition for Selecting and Architect and Plan for the University.
Item 109i-j Group Plan and Design for the Western University of Pennsylvania by Palmer and Hornbostel
Item 109k Commencement Program, June 12, 1910
Item 109l Report of the Chancellor to the Board of Trustees, June 6, 1910
Item 109m Courant, May 1910
Item 109n Gazette Times, June 15, 1910
Item 109o Pittsburgh Post, June 15, 1910
Item 109p Pittsburgh Dispatch, June 15, 1910
Item 109q Program, Annual Alumni Dinner Dance, May 19, 2000

The Program represents the event at which this time capsule was opened and was added by the Archives staff.

Series XV. Toys, Games and Novelty Items

Item 39 Tin Box Replica of William Pitt Union, 1983 (

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of Mary Beth Miller on June 25, 1986.

Item 46-50 Aluminum Soft Drink and Beer Cans, Pitt Bicentennial, 1987

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Iron City Beer can was a gift of Frank Zabrosky.

Item 46: Iron City Beer Can Bicentennial Item 47: Sprite Bicentennial Item 48: Cherry Coca-cola Bicentennial Item 49: Coca-cola 1986 Football Season Item 50: Coca-cola Bicentennial

Blue Plastic Footballs, 1987

Provided by Roy Rogers restaurant (located on the Ground floor of the Cathedral at the time) commemorating the Pitt Bicentennial and the Pitt Greeks.

Item 99 Pittopoly Board Game

Monopoly Board Game made over with Pitt locales.

Item 106a-d Brass Christmas Ornaments with Pitt Themes

Item 106a: Heinz Chapel in box Item 106b: Frick Fine Arts in box Item 106c: William Pitt Union in box Item 106d: Cathedral of Learning in box. +

Item 152 Cheering Pom Pom

Distributed at Basketball games by the Alumni Association, ca 1910.

Item 104 Bookends, Wood and Metal, with Pi Lambda Theta Emblems
Item 105 University Class Spoon with Case

The "University Spooon" is of carved wood and 48 inches long. It has attached to it engraved plates for each class from 1871-1951. There is a wooden display case that is 66 inches by 19 inches. The glass door insert on the case is missing.

Item 165 Computer Mouse Pad, Human Resources, All-Temps
Item 116 Canvas Tote Bag, School of Information Sciences 100th Anniversary, 2001
Item 139 Blue Sports Bag, University Library System, 2008
Item 154 Khaki Messsenger Bag, University Library System, 2010
Item 37a-c Lantern Night Lanterns

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

One acquired from the Office of the Dean of Women and one donated by Helen Roe Sawyer.

Item 55 Wooden Paddle with Lettering

"Waynesburg -0 PITT-14 a Moral Victory"

Acquisition Information

Acquisition Information:

Gift of the Null Family.

Item 68 Driving Clock of the 13" Telescope from Allegheny Observatory, 1860

Old Driving Clock from the 13" telescope set in place in Allegheny Observatory in 1860. Placed in the cornerstone of the School of Mines Building in 1908.

Item 117 Computer Mouse Pad, 2001

School of Information Sciences 100th Anniversary

Item 168 Donald Goldstein Bobblehead Doll, 2010