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Collection Inventory

Box 1
Folder 1 Partial List of Seminar and Thesis Papers
Folder 2 The Response of the Pittsburgh Jewish Community to Holocaust Survivors 1946-1951
Folder 3 Pittsburgh Ward 23 (Data Bank 3, Carnegie Mellon University)
Folder 4 Women's Suffrage (filed with Peles, Robert)
Folder 5 Women and the Steel Industry (untitled) pt. 1 ch. 1-4
Folder 6 Women and the Steel Industry (untitled) pt. 2 ch. 5-8
Folder 7 Women and the Steel Industry (untitled) pt. 3 ch. 9-10
Folder 8 Allen, Marjorie J. The Negro Upper Class in Pittsburgh 1910-1964
Folder 9 Angerman, Gerald. McKeesport: A Preliminary Study
Folder 10 Bedeian, George. Social Stratification Within a Metropolitan Upper Class: Early Twentieth Century Pittsburgh as a Case Study
Folder 11 Bennett, John William. The Iron Workers of Woods Run 1870-1880
Folder 12 Billings, Warren M. Steamboat Building in the Pittsburgh, 1811-1840
Folder 13 Blais, Gerald L. Lawyers of Pittsburgh 1860-1890, April 4, 1966
Folder 14 Brown. Donald A. Sabbatarian Organization and Propaganda in Pittsburgh, 1828-1837
Folder 15 Bucki, Cecelia F. The Evolution of Poor Relief Practice in Nineteenth-Century Pittsburgh
Folder 16 Callister, Tom. The Reaction of the Presbytery of Pittsburgh to the New Immigrants
Folder 17 Carter, Ruth C. Congressional Election of 1834 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania and Hamilton County, Ohio
Folder 18 Caye, James Jr. Violence in the Nineteenth Century Community: The Round House Riot, Pittsburgh, 1877
Folder 19 Chamovitz, Marcia. The Persistence of Ethnic Identity in Two Nationality Groups in a Steel Mill Community, May ??, 1976
Folder 20 Chasan, Joshua. The Election of 1912 in All Allegheny County: A Comparative Study of Progressive, Standpat, and Socialist Leadership
Folder 21 Claeren, Wayne H. The Ministry in Pittsburgh During the Progressive Era
Folder 22 Covert, Patricia Ann. Pittsburgh Reaction to the Mexican War
Folder 23 Daly, Janet. The Political Context of Zoning in Pittsburgh, 1984
Folder 24 Dankosky, John. The Ante-Bellum Temperance Movement in PA, 1971-Pittsburgh City Government 1816-1850, 1971
Folder 25 Davidson, J.E. An Investigation of Land Prices in Washington County 1773-1820
Folder 26 Davidson, J.E. Creativity in American Chemistry 1800-1850
Folder 27 Davin, Eric Leif. The Littlest New Deal: SWOC Takes Power in Steeltown, A Possibility of Radicalism in the Late 1930
Folder 28 Deitch, Cynthia. Unemployed Protest and Organizing in the 1980's/'Save Dorothy': A Political Response to Structural Change in the Steel Industry
Folder 29 Dembo, Jonathan. Study Into the Factors Which Determine the Success of Wholesale Produce Dealers/Early American Political Propaganda in Song and Verse 1765-1840 1970 and 1971
Folder 30 Deubel, Susan. The Progressive Party in Pittsburgh, April 11, 1961
Folder 31 Devault, Ileen. The Studies of the Pgh. High School Commercial Dept.: "from inclination or necessity" December 10, 1979
Folder 32 Devault, Ileen. Sons and Daughters of Labor: Class and Clerical Work in Pgh 1870-1910, 1985
Folder 33 DiCiccio, Carmen. The 1980's Political Realignment and Its Impact on Pgh's Political Structure, 1983
Folder 34 Di Nardo, Peter J. The Italian in Pittsburgh, April 20, 1989
Folder 35 Dructor, Robert. Tax Lists as a Research Tool, December 15, 1971
Folder 36 Dornan, Jaquelin. Gateway Teachers Strike, 1972
Folder 37 Dykstra, Ann. Survey of Legislation Passed by PA Gen. Assembly 1820-1822, 1980

Box 2
Folder 1 Early, Trisha. The Pittsburgh Survey.
Folder 2 Ellison, Duane C. The Development of the Public School System in Pittsburgh
Folder 3 Enright, Thomas. Oral History Report
Folder 4 Fadgen. Joseph. McKees Rocks: A Study in Political Change, 1971
Folder 5 Faires, Nora H. The Germans in Allegheny, 1850-1860.
Folder 6 Faires, Nora H. The Germans in Pittsburgh in 1860
Folder 7 Faires, Nora H. Immigrants to Pittsburgh, 1972
Folder 8 Fennell, Dodee. Uncommon People, 1974
Folder 9 Folsom, Burton. Some Dimensions of Party Formation in the Old Jacksonian South
Folder 10 Foltz, Rodger. The Story of the Finnish Community in Monessen, PA, 1964
Folder 11 Francos, Alexis. To Research a Symphony: Some Resources and Tools Available on the History of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Folder 12 Fryman, Robert. The 47th Virginia Infantry, 1979
Folder 13 Giltinan, John. Lockout in Johnstown, 1969
Folder 14 Goodrich, Carter. Gigo in the Developing Nations AND Gigo: A Pattern of Development Policy, 1968 AND 1967
Folder 15 Gordon, Gerd. Pittsburgh, U.S.A.: Conditions and Lifestyles of Some Immigrant Groups at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Folder 16 Hahn, Edward. Social Changes in a Small Community 1860-1880, 1974
Folder 17 Harper, Eugene R. Pittsburgh and the Election of 1894, April 7, 1961
Folder 18 Heinman, Kenneth. Political Symbolism and Popular Mobilization in the Era of the American Civil War
Folder 19 Henry, Tom. The Pittsburgh Architect, 1910 and Municipal Improvement, 1964
Folder 20 Henry, Tom. Industrial Campaigns in Two Young Countries: US (1785-1793) + Aus (1856-1863) AND Public Anxiety and the Rapidly Expanding Catholic School System AND Howe, Carl. Military Pension Legislation in the US and France, 1967 AND 1870 AND unknown
Folder 21 Hlavacik, Mara. Slovak-American Organizations
Folder 22 Hodgetts, Frank Robert. A Case Study of Economic Development: North Side, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Folder 23 Hoffman, Jerry H. Andrew Carnegie, A Study of his Expressed Political Attitudes
Folder 24 Holmberg, James. History Curricula in American Colleges, 1973
Folder 25 Hoppe, Lawrence. Public Anxiety and the Rapidly Expanding Catholic School System, 1970
Folder 26 Howe, Carl. Military Pension Legislation in the US and France
Folder 27 Huey, M.C. The Occupational-Nationality Structure of McKeesport, Pa., 1880
Folder 28 Hughes, Allan R. Crime, Law Enforcement, and Penology in Pittsburgh, with Emphasis on the Period 1846-1848
Folder 29 Ingham, John. The Iron and Steel Families of Pittsburgh: 1875-1960
Folder 30 Jack, Lenus. Childhood and Adolescent Stages
Folder 31 Johnston, Joseph H. National Origins and Ethnic Groups of the People of Allegheny, Pennsylvania in 1880
Folder 32 Judd, Barbara. Edward M. Bigelow: Creator of Pittsburgh's Arcadian Parks as Instruments of Social Change
Folder 33 Kanitra, Dianne. The Westinghouse Strike of 1916, 1971
Folder 34 Kaplan, Robert. Nativism and the Rise of the Republican Party, 1978
Folder 35 Kelso, Thomas J. Pittsburgh's Mayors and City Council 1784-1844, Who Governed?
Folder 36 Allegheny Elites: 1850-1907
Folder 37 Kelts, Gail. An Analysis of the Election of the Mayor of Pittsburgh in 1906, 1961
Folder 38 Kerr, Kathel A. World War I and Pgh., The Impact of Efficient Mobilization, 1961
Folder 39 Kimmins, Hal. Joseph Barker, Mayor of Pittsburgh, 1850-51
Folder 40 Kleine, Susan. The Commercial Policies of the English and Dutch East India Companies, 1966
Folder 40a Kostelac, Yvette M. Collective Identities: Ethnic Organizations and Union Developments in Aliquippa, 1930-1940 1983
Folder 41 Kriedler, Robert F. Managerial Displacement in the U.S. Steel Corp and its Relation to Reform
Folder 42 Kuo, Thomas. Pittsburgh Attitudes Toward the Recharter of the Second Bank of the U.S.
Folder 43 Kurtz, Beth. Women's Charity Work: Its Place and Value During the Second Half of the 19th Century, 1980
Folder 44 Labanish, John. The Men of New harmony and Their Contributions to American Science AND Kleine, Susan. The Commercial Policies of the English + Dutch East India Companies AND Holmberg, James. History Curricula in American Colleges, 1967 AND 1966 AND 1973
Folder 45 Lammie, Wayne. Political Attitudes of the Small Pittsburgh Merchant in the Progressive Era
Folder 46 Larner, John W. Jr. A Community in Transition: Pittsburgh's South Side, 1880-1920
Folder 47 Leighow, Susan. Joanna Furnace and the Cult of True Womanhood 1798-1870, 1986
Folder 48 McDermott, Harriet. A Reading Paper-19th Century Domestic Servants, 1983
Folder 49 Lawrence, Peter W. The West End and Elliot: A Geographical History
Folder 50 Linaberger, James. The Rollong Mill Riots of 1850
Folder 51 Lukaszewicz, Frank. Regional and Central Boards of Directors of Pittsburgh Banks in 1912
Folder 52 Lynch, Patrick M. The Pittsburgh Stogy Industry in Transition and the IWW 1906-1920

Box 3
Folder 1 Martin, Scott C. Fathers Against Sons, Sons Against Fathers: Antimasonry in Pgh., 1986
Folder 2 Mayfield, Loomis. The Figures Speak For Themselves': The Institution of Personal Registration for Voting in Pgh., Pa., 1906
Folder 3 McIlvain, Josephine. Twelve Blocks: A Study of One Segment of the South Side of Pittsburgh, 1972
Folder 4 McPherson, Donald S. Mechanics' Institutes and the Pittsburgh Working Man, 1830-1840
Folder 5 Messer, Ross. The Medical Profession and Urban Reform in Pittsburgh, 1890-1920
Folder 6-7 Metzger, Elizabeth A. A Study of Social Settlement Workers in Pittsburgh 1893-1927, 1974
Folder 8 Miller, Joan. The Early Historical Development of Hazelwood
Folder 9 Miller, Thomas. Reading, PA 1850-1870, 1970
Folder 10 Misko, Louise. "A Study of Political Activities and Attitudes of Pittsburgh Poles Relative to Achieving the Independence of Poland Through Preservation of Religious, Fraternal, and Cultural Institutions-pt. 1, 1975
Folder 11 Misko, Louise. "A Study of Political Activities and Attitudes of Pittsburgh Poles Relative to Achieving the Independence of Poland Through Preservation of Religious, Fraternal, and Cultural Institutions-pt. 2, 1975
Folder 12 Miskoff, Roland. The Building Trades and the Contractors, 1970
Folder 13 Moser, Edwin M. Jewish Labor in Pgh.: Its Ideology and Relation to the National Scene, 1905-1914
Folder 14 Mutachy, Richard. The Turner and Colodny Cases: A Comparative Study in Academic Freedom and Power at the University of Pittsburgh
Folder 15 Muller, Edwin K. Metropolis and Region: A Framework for Enquiry into Western PA
Folder 16 Myers, Miller. An Analysis of Voting Behavior in Pittsburgh 1848-1856, 1963
Folder 17 Netterville, George. Pittsburgh Mayors
Folder 18 Nowak, Kathleen. Oral History of the Depression of SW Pennsylvania, 1973
Folder 19 Nyden, Linda. Black Miners in Western Pa., 1925-31: The National Miners Union and the United Mine Workers of America, 1974
Folder 20 Nyden, Linda. Women Electrical Workers at Westinghouse Electric Corporation's East Pittsburgh Plant 1907-1945 1975
Folder 21 Oestreicher, Richard. Working Class Formation, Development, and Consciousness in Pittsburgh 1790-1960, 1988
Folder 22 Osborn, Gina. The W.C.T.U. In Pittsburgh 1874-1875
Folder 23 Parker, H. Sheldon. The Republican Party in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County from 1930-1961, 1965
Folder 24 Peiffer, Layne. The German Upper Class in Pittsburgh, 1850-1920
Folder 25 Peland, Lorraine. The Oral History of the U.S. Mail Carrier, 1973
Folder 26 Peles, Robert. Crisis in Johnstown the "Little Steel" Strike of 1937,
Folder 26a Peles, Robert. Labor Interlude - Johnstown 1919, 1974
Folder 27 Perkins, Virginia. A Political Analysis of Baldwin Township, Allegheny County, PA, Decade of the 1960s, 1970
Folder 28 Price, Tom. The Westinghouse Strikes of 1914 and 1916: Workers' Control in America, 1983
Folder 29 Pritchard, Linda K. Ministers: A Comparative Framework
Folder 30 Pritchard, Linda K. Presbyterian Clergy in the Nineteenth Century
Folder 31 Reitman, Renee. The Elite Community in Shadyside, 1880 to 1920
Folder 32 Renner, Marguerite. A Study of Women's Participation in Voluntary Organizations
Folder 33 Renner, Marguerite. Why the Miner's Daughter Got Hired to Teach, 1981
Folder 33a Renner, Marguerite. Rising Communication in Eden and Harrisburg, NY 1860-1880, 1970
Folder 34 Ridley, Mary Alice. Black Nashville, from 1860-1969; a Community Study,
Folder 35 Romig, Robert C. The Role of Women in Government and Politics in Pa. from 1880 to 1920, April 14, 1962
Folder 36 Roberts, Donald. American Mining in Northern Mexico, 1876-1911, 1972
Folder 37 Rosenberg, David. Wages Versus the Library: The National Labor Tribune and Carnegie Library Philanthropy, 1878-1908
Folder 38 Rubin, Julius. The Composite Economic Development of American Regions, 1967
Folder 38a Rubin, Julius. Urban Growth and Regional Development, 1966
Folder 39 Ruck, Robert. Origins of the Senority System in Steel, February 27, 1977

Box 4
Folder 1 Sabean, David. Kinship and Family Structure in SW German Society, 1400-1900
Folder 2 Sabadaz, Joel. General Strike: New Orleans 1892
Folder 3 Schuchman, Stephen. The Elite at Sewickley Heights 1900-1940
Folder 4 Schumacher, Carolyn. Moving Up: High School Students in 19th Century Pittsburgh AND Education and Occupational Mobility: Study of 19th Century High School Students, Pittsburgh, PA AND Education and Social Mobility: Class and Occupation of 19th Century High School Students, 1981 AND 1974 AND 1970
Folder 5 Selavan, Ida. The Social Evil in an Industrial Society: Prostitution in Pittsburgh, 1900-1925
Folder 6 Selavan, Ida. The Jewish Labor Movement in Pittsburgh, 1971
Folder 7 Immigrant Education in Pittsburgh: An Analysis of Some Roll Books From Grant School 'Foreign' Classes
Folder 8 Shane, Michael J. The Meaning of Developed and Less Developed in Systems Paradigm AND The Relationship of Slavery to Several Institutions in the US, 1976 AND 1976
Folder 9 Siegel, Fred. Selective Out-Migration of the Fourth Ward of Allegheny City, 1850-1860
Folder 10 Siegel, Fred. Crop + City in 19th Century Virginia
Folder 11 Simpson, Patricia. The Drunk and the Teetotaler: Two Phases in Temperance Reform Among the Irish Working Class of Pittsburgh
Folder 12 Simpson, Patti. The Harp and the Rose
Folder 13 Skovira, Robert J. Symbols of Byzantine Catholics
Folder 14 Skud, Bruce. Ethnicity and Residence Within the Jewish Immigrant Community, 1975
Folder 15 Sloan, Elaine F. The Political Behavior of Mining Communities, April 17, 1962
Folder 16 Schuman, Stephen S. The Elite at Sewickley Heights 1900-1940
Folder 17 Spragg, Edwin. Antislavery Sentiment in Washington County, 1962
Folder 18 Spragg, Edwin. The Responsibility for the Attack on Pearl Harbor, 1963
Folder 18 Spragg, Edwin. The Revisionist Literature of the 1930s, 1963
Folder 19 Springer, David. An Analysis of the Geographic Mobility of Middle to Upper Strata Men in Dauphin County, PA in the 19th Century
Folder 20 Steed, Karen. Unionization and the Turn to Politics
Folder 21 Stewart, Sonya. Working Together: African American Migration and Settlement in Indiana County
Folder 22 Storch Jr., Harold V. Changing Functions of the Center-City Pittsburgh 1850-1912 April 5, 1966
Folder 23 Stromquist, Shelton. Working Class organization and Industrial Change in Pittsburgh 1860-1890: Some Themes
Folder 24 Tuden, Daniel. The Impact of Class on Marriage Patterns in the 1900s in Pittsburgh
Folder 25 Turner, Barbara. Organized Labor in Pittsburgh 1820-1837
Folder 26 Twiss, Harold. The Pittsburgh Business Elite (1 of 2), 1964
Folder 27 Twiss, Harold. The Pittsburgh Business Elite (2 of 2), 1964
Folder 28 Twiss, Harold. The Development of Missionary Support by Baptist Churches and Associations in Western Pa., 1815-1845
Folder 29 Vafis, John S. Socialist and Progressive Parties Election of 1912 in Pgh. Contrasting Analysis, 1962
Folder 30 Wallhauser, Fred. The Influence of Fabian Socialists on the War Attitudes and Policy of the British Labour Party During WWI
Folder 31 Wallhauser, Fred. The Upper Class Society of Sewickley Valley 1830-1910, 1964
Folder 32 Walsh, Victor. The Great Awakening in New England
Folder 33 Weber, Michael P. Community Building and Occupational Mobility in Pittsburgh 1880-1960
Folder 34 Young, Mary. The Civic Club of Pittsburgh 1895-1945
Folder 35 Young, Mary. The Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce and the Allied Boards of Trade in 1910
Folder 36 Zabrosky, Frank. Some Aspects of Negro Civil Leadership in Pittsburgh 1955-1965