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Collection Inventory

Series I. Correspondence

Scope and Content Notes:

The Correspondence series is organized alphabetically but contains the following three types of material:

Persons - personal letters and scholarly conversation. Filed under last name of correspondent.

Institutions - letters requesting endorsement or nomination, or relating to arrangements for conferences; notices of nominations or of the creation of organizations; descriptions of political programs and proposals; and letters concerning administrative matters.

Subjects - typically responses to Reiser's publications, which are filed under 'Response to...' Others concern ideas Reiser had that he shared with many correspondents, e.g. 'Concerning a Proposed Institute of Cultural Collaboration.'

Box 1
Folder 1 Abel, Walter
Folder 2 Accra Assembly, The
Folder 3 Ackerman, Iseley, Roberts
Folder 4 Ackerman, Max
Folder 5 Aldrich, Virgil C.
Folder 6 Allan, Mary E.
Folder 7 Allegro, John
Folder 8 American College of Hospital Administrators
Folder 9 American Humanist Association
Folder 10 American Humanities Seminar
Folder 11 American Society for Psychical Research, Inc.
Folder 12 Amstutz, Jacob
Folder 13 Andrieu, Pierre
Folder 14 Annals of the American Academy of Political & Social Science, The
Folder 15 Arasteh, Reza
Folder 16 Arguelles, Jose A.
Folder 17 Aronson, Moses J.
Folder 18 Asana, J.J.
Folder 19 Asimov, Isaac
Folder 20 Asrani, U.A.
Folder 21 Assagiolo, Robert
Folder 22 Association for Human Emergence
Folder 23 Association Internationale Pour Le Developpement De L'Universite Mondiale
Folder 24 Avery, K. William
Folder 25 Avey, A.E.
Folder 26 Babcock, Winifred
Folder 27 Bachelard, Gaston
Folder 28 Bailey, Mary
Folder 29 Barrie, Michael
Folder 30 Barron, Patricia
Folder 31 Bartley, S. Howard
Folder 32 Batten, Jeanne
Folder 33 Baugh, R.H.
Folder 34 Beal, James B.
Folder 35 Bearden, Thomas E.
Folder 36 Becker, Ernst
Folder 37 Beischer, D.E.
Folder 38 Bennett, John G.
Folder 39 Beorse, Bryn
Folder 40 Berle, Adolf A.
Folder 41 Bernstein, Norman
Folder 42 Best, James S.
Folder 43 Bevis, Howard L.
Folder 44 Biederman, Charles
Folder 45 Biosophical Institute, The
Folder 46 Bird, Christopher
Folder 47 Biser, Irwin
Folder 48 Bjørset, Brynjolf
Folder 49 Bliss, C.K. (1)
Folder 50 Bliss, C.K. (2)
Folder 51 Bliss, C.K. (3)
Folder 52 Bliss, C.K. (4)
Folder 53 Bliss, Henry E.
Folder 54 Bloomstone, Instone
Folder 55 Boas, George
Folder 56 Bogardus, Emory S.
Folder 57 Bogart, Willard Van de
Folder 58 Bond, Susan
Folder 59 Boodin, John E.
Folder 60 Boone, Ilsley
Folder 61 Boyle, John P.
Folder 62 Bragdon, Claude
Folder 63 Braham, Mark
Folder 64 Brahm, Archie J.
Folder 65 Braithaite, R.B.
Folder 66 Brameld, Theodore
Folder 67 Brancatisano, Fortunato
Folder 68 Brown, Frank A.
Folder 69 Bunch, Jesse
Folder 70 Bunzel, Joseph H.
Folder 71 Burnside, Brooks
Folder 72 Burt, David
Folder 73 Burtt, Ned
Folder 74 Buschman, Harold
Folder 75 Caine, Mary
Folder 76 Caldwell, Oliver J.
Folder 77 California Institute of Asian Studies
Folder 78 Campa, Riccardo
Folder 79 Campbell, John W.
Folder 80 Carley, James P.
Folder 81 Castell, Alburey
Folder 82 Castetter, L.L.
Folder 83 Cayce, Hugh Lynn
Folder 84 Center for International Studies
Folder 85 Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions
Folder 86 Chan, Wing-tsit
Folder 87 Chevalier, A.
Folder 88 Child, C.M.
Folder 89 Clarin, Anders
Folder 90 Clark, Robert A.
Folder 91 Clarke, Arthur C.
Folder 92 Cochran, A.A.
Folder 93 Cofman, Lucy
Folder 94 Cofman, Victor & de Chardin, Teilhard
Folder 95 Cole, Francis E.
Folder 96 Committee for the Future, Inc.
Folder 97 Committee on Integration of the Sciences and Humanities
Folder 98 Committee on Science & Freedom
Folder 99 Conger, George Perrigo
Folder 100 Conniff, William J.
Folder 101 Cooperators
Folder 102 Council for the Study of Mankind
Folder 103 Council on International Communications
Folder 104 Crain, Roy A.
Folder 105 Creative Age Press, Inc.
Folder 106 Crook, F.
Folder 107 Custard, Harry L.
Folder 108 Daniels, James L.
Folder 109 Darling, Charles M.
Folder 110 Darshana

Box 2
Folder 111 Davies, Blodwen (1)
Folder 112 Davies, Blodwen (2)
Folder 113 Davies, Blodwen (3)
Folder 114 Davies, Blodwen (4)
Folder 115 Davies, Blodwen (5)
Folder 116 Davies, Blodwen (6)
Folder 117 Davies, Blodwen (7)
Folder 118 Davies, Blodwen (8)
Folder 119 Davis, John W.
Folder 120 Dawson, Grace S.
Folder 121 de Rhoda, Andreas
Folder 122 Dean, Stanley R.
Folder 123 Desmonde, William H.
Folder 124 Dewey, Edward R.
Folder 125 Dewing
Folder 126 Diringer, D.
Folder 127 Dodd, Stuart C. (1)
Folder 128 Dodd, Stuart C. (2)
Folder 129 Dodd, Stuart C. (3)
Folder 130 Drake, Henry L.
Folder 131 Draper, Glen H.
Folder 132 Du Noüy, Lecomte
Folder 133 Ducasse, C.J.
Folder 134 Dudley, Harold M.
Folder 135 Dulaney, Richard A.
Folder 136 Dummer, Ethel
Folder 137 Dunk, Marion
Folder 138 Dunn, Halbert L.
Folder 139 Dunnewolt, Ir. H.W.
Folder 140 Eckartsberg, Elsa von
Folder 141 Edson, R.K.
Folder 142 Education in the New Age preface
Folder 143 Einstein, Albert
Folder 144 Eisenbud, Jule
Folder 145 Ellis, Joseph W.
Folder 146 Encyclopedia of Associations
Folder 147 Engelson, M.
Folder 148 Esch, F.W.L.
Folder 149 Esquire
Folder 150 Euthanasia Society of America
Folder 151 Evans, D.L.
Folder 152 Evanson, Jacob A.
Folder 153 Everstine, Lovis
Folder 154 Ewerts, Karl J.
Folder 155 Fairly, Gene
Folder 156 Farley, Christopher
Folder 157 Feinberg, Charles
Folder 158 Feinberg, Gerald
Folder 159 Ferguson, Marilyn
Folder 160 Ferreira, Pinto
Folder 161 Fields within Fields
Folder 162 First Humanist Society of New York, Inc., The
Folder 163 First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh
Folder 164 Fischel, Marguerite K.
Folder 165 Floyd, Bill
Folder 166 Floyd, Keith
Folder 167 Fodor, Nandor
Folder 168 Foundation of Thanatology, The
Folder 169 Friedrich, Carl J.
Folder 170 Frontiers of Science Fellowship
Folder 171 Frost, Corinne
Folder 172 Fulbright, J.W.
Folder 173 Fund for the Behavioral Sciences, The
Folder 174 Gammon, Roland
Folder 175 Gardner, Richard N.
Folder 176 Gibbs, Frederic A.
Folder 177 Glastonbury England Circles
Folder 178 Gluck Foundation
Folder 179 Gluck, Arthur
Folder 180 Gluck, Samuel E.
Folder 181 Goble, Frank
Folder 182 Gordon-Brown, Ian
Folder 183 Graf, E.R.
Folder 184 Griggs, Robert F.
Folder 185 Guha, Shrimati Mira
Folder 186 Guild of American Economists
Folder 187 Gunther, Gotthard
Folder 188 Guru, Nataraja
Folder 189 Hall, Grover C.
Folder 190 Haring-Hillen, E.
Folder 191 Harman, Willis W.
Folder 192 Hart, Hornell
Folder 193 Harten, Marjorie von
Folder 194 Hartshorne, Charles
Folder 195 Hawkins, Gerald S.
Folder 196 Hayakawa, S.I.
Folder 197 Heard, Gerald
Folder 198 Heason, H.W.
Folder 199 Heighton, Henry H.
Folder 200 Heleus Michael C.
Folder 201 Helson, Harry
Folder 202 Henderson, Archibald
Folder 203 Herrick, C. Judson
Folder 204 Hershey, John H.
Folder 205 Hieronimus, Robert
Folder 206 Hills, Christopher
Folder 207 Hilton, Frank
Folder 208 Hinsdale Health Museum
Folder 209 Hoagland, Hudson
Folder 210 Hodgson, Anthony M.
Folder 211 Holther, William B.
Folder 212 Hovde, Bryn J.
Folder 213 Hubbard, Barbara
Folder 214 Hullfish, H. Gordon
Folder 215 Humanist
Folder 216 Humanist Press Association

Box 3
Folder 217 Huxley, Julian
Folder 218 Institute for Philosophy, Psychology, and Psychical Research
Folder 219 Institute for Semantography
Folder 220 Institute for the Comparative Study of History, Philosophy and Science
Folder 221 Institute of General Semantics
Folder 222 Institute of Human Fellowship
Folder 223 Institute of Noetic Sciences, The
Folder 224 Intelligence: The Mensa Journal
Folder 225 International Center for Integrative Studies
Folder 226 International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnographical Sciences
Folder 227 International Cooperation Institute
Folder 228 International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies
Folder 229 International Research Center for Mathematics, Morphology, Morphogenesis
Folder 230 International Society for General Semantics
Folder 231 International Symposium on the Science of Creative Intelligence
Folder 232 Jelliffe, Smith Ely
Folder 233 Jennings, Florence
Folder 234 Jöel, Walther
Folder 235 John U. and Evelyn Nef Foundation
Folder 236 Johnson, H.M.
Folder 237 Johnson, Jerry L.
Folder 238 Johnson, Lyndon B.
Folder 239 Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, The
Folder 240 Journal of Parapsychology
Folder 241 Junek, Oscar Waldemar
Folder 242 Kaempffert, Waldemar
Folder 243 Kandel, I.L.
Folder 244 Kattsoff, Louis O.
Folder 245 Kendig, Marjorie
Folder 246 Keyser, C.J.
Folder 247 Kicken, Joseph
Folder 248 King, C.G.
Folder 249 Kingston, M.S.
Folder 250 Kirk, John R.
Folder 251 Kluckhohn, Clyde
Folder 252 Koffka, Kurt
Folder 253 Korzybski, Alfred
Folder 254 Kostelanetz, Richard
Folder 255 Kundulini Research Foundation
Folder 256 Kunz, F.L.
Folder 257 Kurtz, Paul
Folder 258 Ladd-Franklin, Christine
Folder 259 Lamont, Corliss
Folder 260 Land, George T.
Folder 261 Langer, Susanne K.
Folder 262 Larson, Arthur
Folder 263 Laszlo, Ervin
Folder 264 Laucks, Irving F.
Folder 265 Leader, Elizabeth
Folder 266 Leake, Chauncey D.
Folder 267 Lee, Irving J.
Folder 268 Lee, Jung Young
Folder 269 Leek, Sybil
Folder 270 Lewis, Gilbert N.
Folder 271 Lewis, Samuel L.
Folder 272 Lins, Mario
Folder 273 London, Ivan D.
Folder 274 Longenecker, Herber H.
Folder 275 Lorbeen, Floyd I.
Folder 276 Loring, Ruth
Folder 277 Lotka, Alfred J.
Folder 278 Loverde, Dorin
Folder 279 Lowinger, Armand
Folder 280 Luce, Henry R.
Folder 281 Lundberg, George A.
Folder 282 Lyle, Joseph D.
Folder 283 Malisoff, William M.
Folder 284 Mann, Edward W.
Folder 285 Man's Nature and Spirit Panel
Folder 286 Marois, M.
Folder 287 Martin, William W.
Folder 288 Mason, E.R., Jr.
Folder 289 Maxey, E. Stanton
Folder 290 May, Elizabeth
Folder 291 Mayne, Alan
Folder 292 McDonald, Arthur G.
Folder 293 McLain, Paul L.
Folder 294 McLuhan, Marshall
Folder 295 Medlock, Julie
Folder 296 Metcalfe, Ernest
Folder 297 Michell, John
Folder 298 Missing or illegible signature (1)
Folder 299 Missing or illegible signature (2)
Folder 300 Mitchell Press Limited
Folder 301 Mitchell, Edgar D.
Folder 302 Mitchell, William M.
Folder 303 Modley, Rudolf
Folder 304 Montagu, Ashley
Folder 305 Montague, William Pepperell
Folder 306 Moor, Arthur P.
Folder 307 Moore, Hugh
Folder 308 Moorhead, William S.
Folder 309 Morain, Lloyd
Folder 310 Morris, Robert L.
Folder 311 Mott, Francis J.
Folder 312 Multicom Corps
Folder 313 Mumford, Lewis
Folder 314 Murphy, Gardner
Folder 315 Murray, Elwood
Folder 316 Naturaja, Guru
Folder 317 Northrop, F.S.C.
Folder 318 Nostrand, Howard Lee
Folder 319 Nye, L.J.J.
Folder 320 O'Loughlin, Charles F.
Folder 321 O'Regan, Brendan
Folder 322 Parker, George F.
Folder 323 Peace Circle of the Students of Philosophy of Humboldt University
Folder 324 Peake, Charles H.
Folder 325 Peerbolte, M. Lietaert
Folder 326 Philosopher's Index, The
Folder 327 Philosophy Forum, The
Folder 328 Philosophy of Science Association
Folder 329 Phoenix Institute, The
Folder 330 Pickler, Andrew G.
Folder 331 Pierce, Anne
Folder 332 Piper, Raymond F.
Folder 333 Plummer, Howard
Folder 334 Polakov, Walter N.
Folder 335 Pontzen, Theodore C.

Box 4
Folder 336 Portal
Folder 337 Porter Sargent Publisher
Folder 338 Potter, Francis Charles
Folder 339 Price, H.H.
Folder 340 Prince, Raymond
Folder 341 Project Prometheus & Krishna Correspondence
Folder 342 Psychosynthesis Center
Folder 343 Psychosynthesis Research Foundation
Folder 344 Puharich, Andrija & Henry K.
Folder 345 Rahtz, P.A.
Folder 346 Rankin, Alan C.
Folder 347 Rashevsky, Nicolas
Folder 348 Reinhardt, Louis H.
Folder 349 Reps, Paul
Folder 350 Response to Alchemy of Light & Color
Folder 351 Response to Cosmecology
Folder 352 Response to Cosmic Humanism
Folder 353 Response to Humanistic Logic for the Mind in Action
Folder 354 Response to The Integration of Human Knowledge
Folder 355 Response to New Earth and a New Humanity
Folder 356 Response to Philosophy and the Concepts of Modern Science
Folder 357 Response to July 26, 1963 Pittsburgh Press Letter to the Editor
Folder 358 Response to Planetary Democracy
Folder 359 Response to The Promise of Scientific Humanism
Folder 360 Response to Unified Symbolism for World Understanding in Science
Folder 361 Response to The World Sensorium
Folders 362 Rhine, J.B. (1)
Folder 363 Rhine, J.B. (2)
Folder 364 Rice, C. Hilton
Folder 365 Richards, Harriet
Folder 366 Richardson, David B.
Folder 367 Roberts, Gordon J.
Folder 368 Robertson, H.P.
Folder 369 Robinson, Catherine Adair
Folder 370 Rockwell Jr., W.F.
Folder 371 Royce, Joseph R.
Folder 372 Rudhyar, Dane
Folder 373 Safranek, Milos
Folder 374 Sandage, Allan
Folder 375 Santelli, Em Cesar
Folder 376 Schlegel, Richard
Folder 377 Schmitt, Mary F.
Folder 378 Schochen, Seyril
Folder 379 School for Biospherical Peace Research Within Man
Folder 380 Schwartz, Jack
Folder 381 Scientia
Folder 382 Seubert, Eugene E.
Folder 383 Shambala Publications Inc.
Folder 384 Shapley, Harlow
Folder 385 Shefler, Oscar
Folder 386 Sheldon, Wilman H.
Folder 387 Silver, A.L. Leigh
Folder 388 Simeon, John
Folder 389 Sinkiewicz, John T.
Folder 390 Sir George Williams University
Folder 391 Skornia, Harry J.
Folder 392 Sleyub, Scott
Folder 393 Smith, J. Holmes
Folder 394 Smith III, Robert A.
Folder 395 Smyser, Selden
Folder 396 Society for Freedom in Science
Folder 397 Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained
Folder 398 Somerville, John
Folder 399 Southern Connectitut State College Center for Interdisciplinary Creativity
Folder 400 Speedie, Gordon (1)
Folder 401 Speedie, Gordon (2)
Folder 402 Speedie, Gordon (3)
Folder 403 Speedie, Gordon (4)
Folder 404 Spencer, Herbert L.
Folder 405 Stacy, Don
Folder 406 Stanicci, Margaret
Folder 407 Stehle, Ottmar
Folder 408 Steiger, Brad
Folder 409 Stewart, Leland
Folder 410 Stewart, Rosemarie
Folder 411 Stromberg, Gustaf
Folder 412 Stulman, Julius
Folder 413 Suares, Carlo
Folder 414 Subject: Concerning a Proposed International Institute of Cultural Collaboration
Folder 415 Sutherland, W.F.
Folder 416 Tansley, David
Folder 417 Taylor, Glen H.
Folder 418 Tead, Orway
Folder 419 Thomas, Wendell
Folder 420 Thompson, Clara A.
Folder 421 Thoreau Foundation, The
Folder 422 Tinkham, M.
Folder 423 Tipple, Esther Watson (1)
Folder 424 Tipple, Esther Watson (2)
Folder 425 Tipple, Esther Watson (3)
Folder 426 Tomasic, Thomas M.
Folder 427 Tracy, Henry C.
Folder 428 Trainor, Joseph C.
Folder 429 Trammell, Louise
Folder 430 Triantafyllou, Triant
Folder 431 Trustees of Space
Folder 432 Turner, Mary W.
Folder 433 Undeck, J.P.
Folder 434 United Nations and International Committee on Scientific Humanism
Folder 435 United Nations Conference on International Organization
Folder 436 UNESCO questionnaire on democracy
Folder 437 Unity New York

Box 5
Folder 438 Universal Knowledge Foundation
Folder 439 Universities and the Quest for Peace
Folder 440 University of Minnesota Press - Conger Manuscript
Folder 441 University of Pittsburgh: Administration
Folder 442 Utica College
Folder 443 Vanderjagt, B.G.H. (1)
Folder 444 Vanderjagt, B.G.H. (2)
Folder 445 Vanderjagt, B.G.H. (3)
Folder 446 Var, Robert E.
Folder 447 Vinkenoog, Simon
Folder 448 Wagar, W. Warren
Folder 449 Watson, David
Folder 450 Webster, John
Folder 451 Wells, Oliver D.
Folder 452 Werkmeister, W.H.
Folder 453 Westcott, Roger
Folder 454 Wheeler, John
Folder 455 Wheeler, Raymond H.
Folder 456 White, John
Folder 457 Whitman, David
Folder 458 Whorf, B.L.
Folder 459 Who's Who of World Authors, Lectures, and Artists
Folder 460 Widman, Marilyn
Folder 461 Willard, Robert L.
Folder 462 Wilson, Donna
Folder 463 Wilson, Edwin H.
Folder 464 Winetrout, Kenneth
Folder 465 Winthrop, Henry
Folder 466 Woltman, Frederick
Folder 467 Women's Universal Movement
Folder 468 Woods, Richard G.
Folder 469 Woolfenden, Wallace B.
Folder 470 Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Folder 471 World Conference on Scientific Yoga, The
Folder 472 World Constitutional Convention
Folder 473 World District Agency
Folder 474 Dimensions of the Future
Folder 475 World Institute Council
Folder 476 World Union International Centre
Folder 477 Wou Saofong
Folder 478 Yorke, Bruce
Folder 479 Young, Arthur M.
Folder 480 Youngblood, Gene
Folder 481 Zorn, Henry V.

Series II. Publications

Scope and Content Notes:

The Publications series contains book reviews, articles, books authored by Reiser, and general publications.

Subseries 1. Book Reviews

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries, organized alphabetically by title of reviewed work with the author's name in parentheses, includes manuscripts, published reviews, and sometimes both.

Box 5
Folder 482 The Anatomy of Science (Gilbert N. Lewis)
Folder 483 The Concept of Time (Louise Robinson Heath)
Folder 484 The Conditions of Philosophy (Mortimer J. Adler)
Folder 485 Dimensions of Freedom (Felix Oppenheim)
Folder 486 The Dramatic Universe (John G. Bennett)
Folder 487 Du Cheminement de la Pensee (Emile Meyerson)
Folder 488 ESP and Personality Patterns (Schneidler & McConnell)
Folder 489 Ethics and Science (Henry Margenau)
Folder 490 From The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (1952-1968)
Folder 491 Happiness, Freedom, and God (C.A. Richardson)
Folder 492 Ideas & Opinions (Albert Einstein)
Folder 493 The Image of the Future (Fred L. Polak)
Folder 494 In Search of Philosophic Understanding (Edwin Burtt)
Folder 495 John Dewey in Perspective (George R. Geiger)
Folder 496 Language in Action (S.I. Hayakawa)
Folder 497 The Living Stream (Sir Alastair Hardy)
Folder 498 The Logic of Liberty (Michael Polanyi)
Folder 499 Meaning and Necessity (Rudolf Carnap)
Folder 500 Modern Experiments in Telepathy (S.G. Soal and Frederick Bateman)
Folder 501 Nationalism and the Communal Mind (E. Hanbury Hankin)
Folder 502 Natural Rights & History (Leo Strauss)
Folder 503 New Humanism, A Manifesto (M.N. Roy)
Folder 504 Philosophy in a New Key (Susanne Langer)
Folder 505 The Planetarization of Consciousness (Dane Rudhyar)
Folder 506 Principles of Gestalty Psychology (Kurt Koffka)
Folder 507 The Reach of the Mind (J.B. Rhine)
Folder 508 The Scientific Adventure (Herbert Dingle)
Folder 509 Scientific Humanism and ESP Research: On Extra-Sensory Perception After Sixty Years (J.B. Rhine)
Folder 510 Search for Truth (Eric T. Bell)
Folder 511 The Shining Stranger (Preston Harold)
Folder 512 A Treatise on Induction and Probability (Von Wright, George Henrik)
Folder 513 Ventures in Social Change (Henry Winthrop)

Subseries 2. Articles

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries, organized alphabetically by article title, includes manuscripts, published reviews, and sometimes both.

Box 5
Folder 514 "An Archetype for World Philosophy"
Folder 514a "Astrobiology"
Folder 515 "Brain Waves, Astrophysics, and Consciousness" (manuscript)
Folder 516 "Building the World Sensorium"
Folder 517 "Cosmic Guiding Fields" (manuscript)
Folder 518 "Creativity As Education's Core"
Folder 519 "The Cultural Crisis in America"
Folder 520 "Does Mankind Need a World Religion?"
Folder 521 "The Emergence of the World Sensorium"
Folder 521a "Escape from Chaos"
Folder 522 "The Evolution of Democracy" (manuscript)
Folder 523 "Evolutionary Humanism and Global Communication" (manuscript)
Folder 524 "Field Theory in Physics and Psychics"
Folder 524a "Field Theory of Matter in a Pantheistic Cosmology"
Folder 524b "Fire-Philosophy"
Folder 525 "From Classical Physical to Modern Scientific Assumptions"
Folder 526 "From Diogenes to the 'New Left' -- And Beyond"
Folder 527 "Human Values in the Coming Society" (manuscript)
Folder 528 "A Humanistic Conception of the Soul"
Folder 528a "The Integration of Knowledge"
Folder 529 "Logic, Cybernetics, and General Semantics"
Folder 530 "Man's Consciousness in Cosmic Humanism"
Folder 531 "Man's Image of the Galaxy"
Folder 532 "Matter, Anti-Matter, and Cosmic Symmetry"
Folder 533 "A Mental Pattern for the Planet"
Folder 534 "Non-Aristotelian Logic and the Crisis in Science"
Folder 535 "Our World in Revolution"
Folder 536 "Pantheism: The Religion of Science"
Folder 537 "A Philosophy for World Unification"
Folder 538 "Physics, Probability, and Multi-Valued Logic"
Folder 538a "Postulates for an Ethics of Belief in Science, Religion, and Philosophy"
Folder 539 "Questions and Answers on a New Social Structure"
Folder 540 "References in Logic and Philosophy of Science"
Folder 541 "Religion and Science in Conflict"
Folder 542 "Religion, Science, and Ethics from the Standpoint of Scientific Humanism" (manuscript)
Folder 543 "The Role of Symbols in Human Existence"
Folder 544 "Scientific Humanism as a Basis for World Unity"
Folder 545 "Scientific Humanism as Creative Morality"
Folder 546 "Scientific Humanism: A Formulation"
Folder 547 "Scientific Method -- One or Many?" (manuscript)
Folder 548 'Search for the Intention of Creation"
Folder 549 "Social Synthesis Via the Integration of Knowledge" (manuscript)
Folder 550 "Some Reflections on Art and Music Education" (manuscript)
Folder 551 "Sri Aurobindo's 'Supramental Light' and 'The Cosmic Lens'" (manuscript)
Folder 552 "The Twilight of Dreams & Aurora"
Folder 553 "What is Cosmic Humanism?"
Folder 554 "What Is Wrong With Our Civilization?"
Folder 555 "World Philosophy and the Integration of Knowledge" (manuscript)

Subseries 3. Reiser Books

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains two complete Reiser-authored manuscripts and pieces of his other books, some identified and some unidentified, in varied states of completion.

Box 5
Folder 556 Book Chapter: From Astrophysics to Cosmic Humanism (manuscript)
Folder 557 Book Chapter: Religion in Philosophical and Cultural Perspective (manuscript)
Folder 558 Book Chapter: The Alchemy of Energy
Folder 559 Book Chapter: The Eternal Saki (manuscript)
Folder 560 Chapter I: Wellsprings of Philosophy (manuscript)
Folder 561 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (1)
Folder 562 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (2)
Folder 563 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (3)
Folder 564 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (4)
Folder 565 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (5)
Folder 566 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (6)
Folder 567 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (7)
Folder 568 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (8)
Folder 569 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (9)

Box 6
Folder 570 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (10)
Folder 571 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (11)
Folder 572 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (12)
Folder 573 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (13)
Folder 574 Cosmic Humanism - Manuscript (14)
Folder 575 Cosmic Humanism and World Unity - Galley Proof
Folder 576 Cosmic Humanism and World Unity - Manuscript (1)
Folder 577 Cosmic Humanism and World Unity - Manuscript (2)
Folder 578 Cosmic Humanism and World Unity - Manuscript (3)
Folder 579 Cosmic Humanism and World Unity - Manuscript (4)
Folder 580 Cosmic Humanism and World Unity - Manuscript (5)
Folder 581 Cosmic Humanism and World Unity - Manuscript (6)
Folder 582 Epilogue on Spherical Harmonics
Folder 583 Epilogue: The Song of Saki

Box 6
Folder 584 Marked pages removed from Philosophy and Concepts of Modern Science
Folder 585 Pieces of unidentified manuscript(s)
Folder 586 Religion from the Standpoint of Scientific Humanism
Folder 586a Table of Contents and Introduction to unidentified work
Folder 586b Prologue on the Spiral Urge

Box 12
Folder 824 The Logic of Gestalt Psychology

Subseries 4. General

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries includes letters to newspapers, published statements (e.g. "Man's highest mission..."), loose abstracts and diagrams from Reiser publications, prefaces to other authors' books, and monographs.

Box 6
Folder 587 "Can We Learn from the Riots?" (statement published in Change)
Folder 588 Dissertation on Creative Monism: Abstract
Folder 589 Humanist Talk for New York
Folder 590 "Language & World Order" (Symposium Address)
Folder 591 Loose diagrams
Folder 592 "Man's highest mission…"
Folder 593 Monograph on Merton S. Kingston (manuscript)
Folder 594 Naturalistic Humanism as a Basis for a World Philosophy: Abstract
Folder 595 Preface to Education in the New Age (Alice A. Bailey)
Folder 596 Project Prometheus Materials
Folder 597 Remarks on "Science and Peace"
Folder 598 "U.S. Not Founded on Religious Principles, Bible Backers Told"
Folder 599 Unified Symbolism for World Understanding in Science
Folder 600 Whorf-Reiser exchange in Main Currents 1948 vol. 6
Folder 601 The World University

Series III. Personal Papers

Scope and Content Notes:

The Personal Papers series contains folders, notes, course materials, event materials, newspaper clippings, awards, notebooks, galleys for other authors' books, and general material.

Subseries 1. Folders

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains thematically organized articles, book excerpts, and notes put together by Reiser and dealing with disparate subjects. Contents are as Reiser left them.

Box 6
Folder 602 8-Fold Way & Particles
Folder 603 Advanced Logic
Folder 604 American Philosophy
Folder 605 Aristotle's Cosmology
Folder 606 Atlantis
Folder 607 Atomic Hydrogen & Galaxies
Folder 608 Babcock & Kozyrev
Folder 609 Bentham & Mill
Folder 610 Bergson & The New Realism
Folder 611 Biological Clocks, Time-Paradox, Asymmetry
Folder 612 Black Holes John Wheeler & Weber's Gravity Waves
Folder 613 Book Excerpt & Notes on Vision & Psychophysics
Folder 614 Brain Waves and Altered Consciousness
Folder 615 Coming of the WSV Cosmic… (1)
Folder 616 Coming of the WSV Cosmic… (2)
Folder 617 Concepts of Modern Thought
Folder 618 Cosmology
Folder 619 Creative Morality

Box 7
Folder 620 Descartes & Bacon
Folder 621 Early Civilizations
Folder 622 Early Civilizations Old & New World
Folder 623 Earth Atmosphere & Tectonics, The
Folder 624 Elementary Particles
Folder 625 Esther Watson Tipple
Folder 626 Ethics
Folder 627 Field Theory
Folder 628 Folder on black holes
Folder 629 Geological Field Reversals
Folder 630 Geology
Folder 631 Glastonbury Project (1)
Folder 632 Glastonbury Project (2)
Folder 633 Glastonbury Project (3)
Folder 634 Glastonbury Project (4)
Folder 635 GS Newsletter
Folder 636 Helium and Superconductivity
Folder 637 Helium Earth & Sun
Folder 638 History of Science
Folder 639 Integration
Folder 640 Interdisciplinarity
Folder 641 Introduction to Philosophy
Folder 642 Israelites & Judaism
Folder 643 Kant & Hegel
Folder 644 Keith and White Correspondence on Dimensions
Folder 645 Leftovers from Cosmic Humanism & Blodwen's article
Folder 646 Light & Vision
Folder 647 Living Philosophers
Folder 648 Logic & Probability
Folder 649 Magnetaplasm, Radiation Belts & Earth as a Dynamo
Folder 650 Magnetism
Folder 651 Man in the Americas
Folder 652 Medieval Philosophy & Beginnings of Modern Thought
Folder 653 Mercator, 53 Tone, Equal Temperament and International Pitch
Folder 654 Music Logarithmic Spiral
Folder 655 Nervous System
Folder 656 New Book & Tipple Article
Folder 657 New Particles
Folder 658 Oriental Philosophers
Folder 659 Origin and Migrations of the Indo-Europeans
Folder 660 Origin of Life

Box 8
Folder 661 Pantheism
Folder 662 Phenomenology & Relativity
Folder 663 Philosophy & History of Science
Folder 664 Philosophy
Folder 665 Philosophy 8
Folder 666 Philosophy of Education
Folder 667 Philosophy of Energetics
Folder 668 The Philosophy of John Dewey
Folder 669 Philosophy of Religion (1)
Folder 670 Philosophy of Religion (2)
Folder 671 Philosophy of Religion (3)
Folder 672 The Philosophy of the Science of Music
Folder 673 Plato's Republic
Folder 674 Pre-History
Folder 675 Quasars
Folder 676 Religions of the World
Folder 677 Religious Mysticism - Zen & Gandhi
Folder 678 Reviews of Reiser's work
Folder 679 The Role of Philosophy in Civilization
Folder 680 Royce
Folder 681 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (1)
Folder 682 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (2)
Folder 683 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (3)
Folder 684 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (4)
Folder 685 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (5)
Folder 686 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (6)
Folder 687 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (7)
Folder 688 Science & Humanism
Folder 689 Science & Humanism - Zoroastrianism
Folder 690 Scientific Humanism
Folder 691 Semantics
Folder 692 Spirals
Folder 693 Stonehedge & Ireland
Folder 694 Superconductivity & Superfluids
Folder 695 Time & History
Folder 696 William James
Folder 697 World Sensorium Material

Subseries 2. Notes

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains Reiser's notes on a range of topics organized by headings when present or inferable. Loose notes without headings are filed under Assorted Notes.

Box 8
Folder 698 Aesthetics in Science & Religion
Folder 699 An Integrated Systems Theory
Folder 700 Assorted Notes (1)
Folder 701 Assorted Notes (2)
Folder 702 Assorted Notes (3)
Folder 703 Assorted Notes (4)
Folder 704 Assorted Notes (5)
Folder 705 Bertrand Russell

Box 9
Folder 706 Bibliography on Humanism
Folder 707 Biochemical Reaction Velocities & Psychic Time
Folder 708 Brief Bibliography on Readable Books
Folder 709 Comparing Aristotle, Francis Bacon, Bertrand Russell, John Dewey, J.S. Mill
Folder 710 Consciousness, Radiation and the Developing Sensory System
Folder 711 Cosmic Humanism - What Is It?
Folder 712 ESP Research
Folder 713 Existentialism
Folder 714 The Hebrew-Christian Religious Tradition
Folder 715 Hinduism
Folder 716 History of Semantics
Folder 717 Hixen Symposium
Folder 718 Humanism as a Technology
Folder 719 Huxley-Barnes Debate
Folder 720 Indo-Europeans ("Aryans")
Folder 721 Jungian Archetypes - Some Questions
Folder 722 Karl Marx
Folder 723 Key Periodic Table, sKs, Generating Cosmic Constants
Folder 724 Notes toward article for Thanatology, Dean University, and Harold Symposium
Folder 725 On Evolution
Folder 726 On Music
Folder 727 Orgone Energy Weather Engineering, The Law, and the Environmental Crisis
Folder 728 Philosophical Aspects of Language and Communication
Folder 729 Philosophy of Religion: Descartes & Mind-Body Problem
Folder 730 Planetary Man and Cosmic Guiding Fields
Folder 731 Problem of Knowledge
Folder 732 Religion in the Public Schools
Folder 733 Semantics & Cybernetics
Folder 734 Talk on Man's New Image of Man
Folder 735 The Universe Between Your Ears
Folder 736 The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

Subseries 3. Course Materials

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains course materials and includes announcements, syllabi, and course outlines.

Box 9
Folder 737 Announcements
Folder 738 From Primitive Magic to Modern Science Lecture Outline
Folder 739 Philosophy of Religion Outline
Folder 740 Role of Philosophy in Civilization Outline
Folder 741 Syllabus for S 191: The Role of Communications in Human Relations

Subseries 4. Event Materials

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains event materials for conferences, symposiums, lectures, and interview materials.

Box 9
Folder 742 1970 American Anthropological Association Cultural Futurology Symposium: Pre-Conference Volume
Folder 743 1971 American Anthropological Association Experimental Symposium on Cultural Futurology: Pre-Conference Volume
Folder 744 Assorted Event Materials (1)
Folder 745 Assorted Event Materials (2)
Folder 746 Comments at the Graduate Seminar
Folder 747 Production Script for Radio Show on Peace

Subseries 5. Newspaper Clippings

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains both clippings on Reiser and clippings Reiser kept for reference.

Box 10
Folder 790 Newspaper articles on Reiser & other promotional material

Box 12
Folder 804 "Book on Scientific Humanism Wins Recognition for Dr. Reiser" (Pitt Evening News)
Folder 805 Chomsky Clippings
Folder 806 "Daedalus or Icarus?" ( Madras article on Reiser)
Folder 807 "New Satellite Will Help Pave the Way for Communication System"
Folder 808 Particle Physics Clipping
Folder 809 "Pitt Philosopher's Book Presents Challenging Theme Clearly" ( Pittsburgh Press Review)
Folder 810 Reiser Citation in 12 Mars 1937 Journal des debats
Folder 811 World Culture Needed (Reiser letter to The Times)

Subseries 6. Awards

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains awards Reiser received.

Box 13
File 820 1969 Fellow of the American Humanist Association Plaque
File 821 1973 Humanist Pioneer Award Plaque
Folder 822 1973 Men of Achievement Diploma

Subseries 7. Notebooks

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains notebooks found among Reiser's papers. They are handwritten and appear to date from early in his life.

Box 13
Folder 815 Black notebook
Folder 816 Four small notepads
Folder 817 Philosophy of Science Notebook
Folder 818 Realism Notebook
Folder 819 Symbolic Logic Notebook

Subseries 8. Galleys

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains galleys of other authors' books.

Box 12
Folder 823 Commentary on The Single Reality

Subseries 9. General

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains disparate, non-note materials not organized by Reiser and not falling under other categories within Personal Papers. Folders Include articles, diagrams not discernably related to publications, magazines, newsletters, sheet music, monographs by other authors, and obituaries for Reiser. The section Oversize contains materials falling under this subseries but physically separate.

Box 9
Folder 748 A Survey of Psychical Research in Europe (Jocelyn Pierson)
Folder 749 A.H. Maslow Papers
Folder 750 Alan Mayne Papers
Folder 751 American Humanist Association Papers
Folder 752 American Humanist Association's Notice of Reiser's 1969 Fellowship
Folder 753 Articles from Science
Folder 754 Articles from Scientific American
Folder 755 Articles on assorted subjects (1)
Folder 756 Articles on assorted subjects (2)
Folder 757 Articles on assorted subjects (3)
Folder 758 Articles on assorted subjects (4)
Folder 759 Articles on assorted Subjects (5)
Folder 760 Articles on assorted Subjects (6)

Box 10
Folder 761 Articles on assorted subjects (7)
Folder 762 Articles on assorted subjects (8)
Folder 763 Articles on gravity
Folder 764 Articles on the hierarchical universe, quarks, and black holes
Folder 765 Artorga Newsletters
Folder 766 Assorted Magazines (1)
Folder 767 Awards received by Reiser
Folder 768 Awareness and Science (Edgar D Mitchell -- signed)
Folder 769 Book excerpts from Jerry Johnson
Folder 770 Book reviews of Reiser publications
Folder 771 Diagrams (inc. Infinite-Eternal Ocean of Energy)
Folder 772 Forecasting of the Future - Score Sheet
Folder 773 Frederic Gibbs Papers
Folder 774 Gustaf Stromberg Papers
Folder 775 Hudson Hoagland Papers
Folder 776 ICIS Center News Bulletin w/ notes
Folder 777 Integration -- Intellectual and Social
Folder 778 Issues of Main Currents of Modern Thought (1)
Folder 779 Issues of Main Currents of Modern Thought (2)
Folder 780 Issues of The Humanist
Folder 781 Issues of The Ley Hunter
Folder 782 James Benjamin Beal Papers
Folder 783 John Somerville Papers
Folder 784 Journal of Music Theory
Folder 785 Mark Braham Papers
Folder 786 National Industrial Conference Board Materials
Folder 787 Natural Major Scale Organization Diagram
Folder 788 New Age Library Folder, Glastonbury
Folder 789 New Age Library Folder, The Maltwood Story
Folder 791 Page from Model for a Universe w/ markings
Folder 792 Project Krishna Questions
Folder 793 "Proposal Concerning the Use of a Light/Sound Synthesis in the Conscious Elevation of Man's Awareness"
Folder 794 Quote from unidentified source beginning "In my half a century…"

Box 11
Folder 795 Sheet Music for Robert Schumann's The Horseman
Folder 796 Societal Consequences of Changing Images of Man (Stanford Research Institute)
Folder 797 Sociological Notes on the Futurizing of the Multiversity (Arthur M. Harkins)
Folder 798 "Sources of Integrity in the Scientific Humanism of Oliver Reiser"
Folder 799 Synergy Newsletters
Folder 800 Time, Geometry and the Art of Seeing (Edgar Lipworth)
Folder 801 Translated Chapter of Die Philosophie der Gegenwart
Folder 802 Vaclav Hlavaty
Folder 803 W.F. Sutherland Notes on Paper by O.L. Reiser for A.A.A.S.
Folder 803a Reiser Obituaries

Section: Oversize

Box 12
Folder 827 Arcosanti Drawing
Folder 828 Babel IIB Drawing
Folder 831 Envelope of Oversize Diagrams
Folder 834 Impressions from US Science Exhibit at Seattle World's Fair 1962
Folder 835 Mercator Slide Rule Diagram
Folder 836 Map of Compton Dundon in Somerset, England
Folder 838 Biographical materials including photo

Box 13
Folder 825 Adventures in the Realms of Thought (Cofman)
Folder 826 All the Way Round: Travel Diaries of Victor and Lucy Cofman 1948-1971
Folder 829 The Book of the Baalshem Mishpat (Sonneborn)
Folder 830 Bound letters and images of artifacts with unattributed written commentary
Folder 832 Epitomization (Conger)
Folder 833 Humansitic Logic for the Mind in Action (Reiser)
Folder 837 Universities and the Quest for Peace: Final Report of the 1964 Africa and Middle East Conference

Series IV. Media

Scope and Content Notes:

The Media series contains recordings and a music slide rule.

Box 12
Folder 813 Vinyl of Reiser Lecture on Scientific Humanism
Folder 814 E.W. Tipple's Music Slide Rule

Box 13
Folder 812 Recording Tape "Dr Reiser C.W.S.C. 4/19/68"