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Collection Inventory

Box 1
Folder 1 Abbot, Edith

Correspondence between Marion Hathway, Assistant Director Division of Social Work, University of Pittsburgh and Miss Edith Abbott, Dean of the Graduate School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago – April, 1933 - January, 1937


Letters of reference; Negotiations for the publication in book form of Marion Hathway’s doctoral dissertation, “The Migratory Worker” by the University of Chicago Press; Recruitment for faculty and community agency vacancies in Pittsburgh; Discussion of arrangements for Dean Abbott to speak in Pittsburgh; Discussion of public welfare reform in Pennsylvania; Discussion of training of “emergency relief workers” by schools of social work; Mention of Pitt social work program extensions in Erie and New Castle in 1934

Folder 2 Administration, July, 1933 – March, 1938

Includes Hathway’s 1933 letter of acceptance of appointment as Assistant Professor of Sociology in the College; Correspondence urging faculty to support the fund raising effort on behalf of the “Complete-the-Cathedral Campaign.”; Correspondence on behalf of Miss Pauline Redmond, the first Urban League Fellow “to take a degree in social work.”; Correspondence regarding subsequent appointments of Miss Hathway to the faculty; A letter to Chancellor John G. Bowman in October, 1937 regarding the forthcoming accreditation site visit by Mr. W. I. Newstetter of Case Western Reserve University on behalf of the American Association of Schools of Social Work of which Miss Hathway was the secretary and a member of the Association’s Executive Committee; Confidential memoranda detailing the agenda of faculty meetings of “the College”

Folder 3 Advertising
Folder 4 A - General Correspondence

Responses to inquiries regarding the Division of Social Work or study at Pitt; Invitations to speak and invitations to speakers; Brief exchange with Grace Abbott; Information on requirements for admission to study social work in about 10 other universities; Information on several national conferences; Responses to requests for referrals to fill social work positions; Miscellaneous correspondence on a variety of other subjects.

Folder 5 American Association of Schools of Social Work, Application for Admission May 1932-October 1935
Folder 6-7 Advisory Committee, Division of Social Work, 1931-1938

Correspondence from leading social agency executives responding to an invitation to serve on the Division of Social Work’s Advisory Board; Drafts of lists of prospective Board membership; Notes of discussion topics for meeting addenda; Draft list of membership of Committee on Policy; Reports of October, 1933 and March, 1934 meetings of the Advisory Committee; List of membership of Case Work Committee; Lists of Advisory Committee members; Invitations to and responses from persons invited to serve on Division of Social Work’s Advisory Committee; November 1936 Summary of Agency Conference on Field Work Minor.

Folder 8 Advisory Committee on Group Work December 1931-March 1932

List of Advisory Committee on Group Work membership; Invitations to and responses from agency personnel in the community inviting them to serve on the Advisory Committee.

Folder 9 Advisory Committee on Medical Social Work October 1931-March 1934

List of Advisory Committee on Medical Social Work members; Program from the Dedication of Falk Clinic, September 28, 1931; Handwritten notes from a speech apparently given in connection with the dedication of Falk Clinic; Invitations to and responses from agency personnel in the community inviting them to serve on the Medical Social Work Advisory Committee.

Folder 10 Advisory Committee on Policy
Folder 11 Allegheny County Board of Assistance, 1938

List of Allegheny County Board of Assistance offices and personnel; Copy of study completed by Belle B. Glosser titled “Applications for Old Age Assistance from Residents of Public Institutions in Allegheny County”

Folder 12 Allegheny County Emergency Relief Board, 1933-1938

Minutes and notes of meetings among state, county and university representatives regarding training of emergency relief workers in Allegheny County; Lists of students placed for training in various ACERB offices; Related correspondence; Marion Hathway’s syllabus for course “The State and Social Welfare”

Folder 13 ACERB – Correspondence February 1934–February 1937

Correspondence among such persons as Marion Hathway, Nell Scott, Bess Long, George Mills, Esther Goodyear and Ruth Camblon

Folder 14 American Association of Schools of Social Work Course Outlines, 1932-1936

American Association of Schools of Social Work Minimum Curriculum adopted at the December 1932 Meeting of the AASSW; American Association of Schools of Social Work News Letter, January 1, 1936. Sophonisba P. Breckinridge appears to have been the editor.

Syllabi for: Psychiatry in Social Work, Social Work and the Law, Basic Case Work, Public Welfare Administration, Social Statistics, Medical Courses for Social Workers, Labor Problems, Community Organization, Child Welfare, Field Work, Basic Course in Psychiatry, Field Instruction in Group Work.

Folder 15 American Association of Schools of Social Work, Correspondence, January 1935-April 1938

General correspondence with such persons as Mildred Mudgett, Sophonisba Breckinridge and Marion Hathway; Program from Annual Meeting of the American Association of Schools of Social Work at the YWCA in New Orleans January 27-29, 1938. This was the meeting at which Pitt’s application for membership in the Association (the term for accreditation) was acted upon. Sophonisba Breckenridge was the Association’s president and Marion Hathway was its secretary.

Folder 16-17 American Association of Social Workers, 1932-

Memorandum from Karl de Schweinitz; Multiple copies of a reprint promoting the American Association of Social Workers; Marion Hathway’s correspondence and telegrams regarding AASW business nationally and in Pennsylvania; Correspondence regarding civil service coverage of social workers in Pennsylvania; Proposed requirements for admission of group workers to membership in the American Association of Social Workers; Organizational matters of the American Association of Social Workers; Extensive correspondence on requirements for membership in the American Association of Social Workers; Correspondence regarding standards for acceptance under AASW’s membership requirements of courses in schools of social work.

Folder 18 American Association of Social Workers, Pennsylvania Division, January 1934-February 1938
Folder 19 American Association of Social Workers, Pittsburgh Chapter, January 1934-February 1938

Minutes of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Pennsylvania Division of the American Association of Social workers; Membership lists of the Pittsburgh Chapter, PA Div., AASW; Reports of the Committee on Public and Private Relief; Fiscal data on City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

Folder 20 American Association of University Professors October 1935-May 1937
Folder 21 American Association of University Women, September 1934-July 1936

AAUW, Pittsburgh Branch membership list 1934 – 1935; Correspondence regarding a research study.

File 22 American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, June 1936-January 1937

Minutes and correspondence regarding the establishment of a “merit system” or civil service system in Pennsylvania; Data on number of employees in various departments of PA state government; Number of employees in all of PA government 1919–1933.

Folder 23 American Public Welfare Association, January 1936-December 1937

Correspondence including a January 1936 request by Dr. Hathway for 25 copies of the Social Security Act and the response from the APWA that their supply had been exhausted; Conference programs; APWA agency membership list.

Folder 24 American University, January 1937-June1938

Extensive correspondence regarding a program at American University on Social Security; Information on employment placement of participants in the program.

File 25 Annual Report Form Letters, 1935
Folder 26 Applications for Position in Division, July 1934–December 1936
Folder 27 B - General Correspondence November 1934–June 1938

Correspondence regarding appearance of former Governor of Minnesota, A. O. Eberhart; Correspondence regarding students placed in Federal Emergency Relief Administration settings; Correspondence with Washington University Clinics and Allied Hospital Director Edith M. Baker regarding research at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh; Letter from PA DPW regarding Cambria County’s decision not to employ trained social workers based upon a study that purported to show that “children had been unwisely placed and the report is an exposé of bad results from foster home care.”; Correspondence with the president of West Virginia University regarding social work extension courses in Wheeling, West Virginia; Correspondence with the president of West Virginia University regarding candidates for faculty positions as West Virginia University attempted to create a social work program.

Folder 28 Bernstein, Dr. Ludwig B. May 1934–August 1937

Correspondence regarding service as vice chair of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Association of Social Workers, Bernstein’s role as instructor in social work and his move to California.

Folder 29 Bishop, Julia Ann

Case Supervisor, Rural Extension Unit, Child Welfare Services, Social Security Act.

Folder 30 Budget

Correspondence with Wilbur I. Newstetter regarding Division of Social Work budget; Information regarding compensation for instructors in the Division of Social Work; A list of the 1937-1938 Division of Social Work faculty and their salaries.

Folder 31-32 Buhl Lectures and Institutes, 1935-1937

Correspondence with speakers regarding program and honoraria; Programs with speakers and topics; Speakers include Norman Thomas, Frances Perkins, James Weldon Johnson, Charlotte Towle, Bertha Reynolds and Ruth Benedict.

Folder 33 Burnett, Mrs. Mary C., 1935-1938

Mary C. Burnett was the Director of Training for the Pennsylvania State Emergency Relief Board. This file contains correspondence regarding the establishment of a “merit system” in PA, enrollment of students in the social work program at Pitt and the 1937-1938 Annual Report (of the inaugural year) on enrollment in the Department of Social Work at Carnegie Institute of Technology.

Box 2
Folder 34 C - General Correspondence June 1933-May 1938

Letters of reference; Correspondence regarding conference planning and speaking engagements; Correspondence regarding a meeting in Pittsburgh of the American Birth Control League, Inc.; Several child welfare items including a June 24, 1937 letter from Mary Irene Atkinson, Director, Child Welfare Division, Children's Bureau, US Department of Labor, writes to Pitt to say "…we have approved plans which included provision for educational leaves. In most instances leaves have been given only to persons who had had at least one quarter or (sic) professional training previously and who had also had some experience as a paid worker on a social work staff. The experience of the past year and a half leads us to the conclusion that this as been a sound procedure."

Folder 35 Camblon, Mrs. Ruth B. September 1934-February 1937

1. Correspondence regarding the successful recruitment of Ruth Camblon from the Washington, DC Child Guidance Clinic as “field work supervisor.”; Correspondence from Mrs. Camblon to Dr. Hathway.

Folder 36 Catalogue Material

Drafts of the 1938-1939 Division of Social Work “catalog” including personnel, course descriptions, tuition, etc.

Folder 37-38 Catholic Charities September 1931-April 1938

Extensive correspondence largely between the new executive director of Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh (Miss M. Luella Sauer) and Marion Hathway, Manuel Elmer and Harold A. Phelps regarding field work placements, physical examinations of prospective students, students enrolled at Pitt from Catholic Charities, and a problem meeting American Association of Social Workers standards for approving Catholic Charities as a field site.

January 7, 1935 correspondence congratulates the University of Pittsburgh on its Division of Social Work being approved for full membership in the American Association of Schools of Social Work. This would have been tantamount to receiving accreditation.

The Basis of a Program of Catholic Family Social Work by Mary Luella Sauer Notes of interview of M. Luella Sauer by Ruth B. Camblon and correspondence regarding students

Folder 39 Child Guidance Center, Student Field Work Placement, 1936-1937
Folder 40 Children’s Aid Society 1932-1938

Includes lists of students placed at the Children’s Aid Society from the first semester 1934-1935 to the second semester, 1937-1938

Folder 41 Children’s Service Bureau April 1932-June 1938

Largely correspondence between Marin Hathway and Susan M. Boyd, Executive Secretary (and Case Work Supervisor) of the Children’s Service Bureau; Correspondence concerns student “field work placements,”; "Confidential” correspondence regarding the implementation of the “Aid to Dependent Children” provisions of the new Social Security Act

Folder 42 Child Welfare Institutes, 1934, 1936

Brochure from institute held December 4 and 5, 1934 in collaboration with the Federation of Social Agencies entitled “Child Behavior and Foster Care”; Announcement of Child Welfare Institute on May1, 1936 entitled Programs for Child Caring Institutions”; Announcement of Child Welfare Conference on June 23, 1936 entitled “The Child, His food and Good Nutrition”

Folder 43 Child Welfare Material, 1932-1933

Case face sheet; Topics to be covered in supervision visits to children; Information desired in foster home investigation; Memorandum to visitors; New case investigation; Information to provident clinic; Other related information and forms.

Folder 44 Chorynak, John, August 1937-April 1938

Listing with descriptions of four courses Dr. Chorynak was scheduled to teach in the 1937-1938 academic year; Correspondence with and about Dr. Chorynak, a psychiatrist with the Juvenile Court of Allegheny County. One letter concerns Hathway’s attempt to locate a study Chorynak cited in one of his classes that he said showed “the destructive affects of social case workers in certain instances.”

Folder 45 Citizens Committee on the Social Study March 1937-February 1938

Correspondence regarding “The Citizens’ Committee for the Social Study of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.” It appears that Gordon Hamilton may have had a part in the “study.”

Progress reports by the Division of Social Work on implementing the recommendations resulting from the “study.” One of these recommendations was “That at the University of Pittsburgh, the Division of Social Work should become a Department of Social Work co-equal with the other departments; with a full-time director who might however participate if desired in the instruction in other departments in the same way as the teaching force of other departments now is utilized in the Division of Social Work.”

Folder 46 Civil Service

Primarily announcements for civil service examinations in the general area of social work in 1936 and 1937, includes city, state and federal as well as other states such as Illinois and Ohio

Folders 47-50 Class Rolls, 1936-1938

Information on classes and students.

Folder 51 Clippings

About a dozen newspaper clippings from 1937 and 1938 including an announcement of the arrival of “Wilbert (sic.) I. Newstetter” as Dean in September, 1938; the announcement by the University or the creation of the “School of Social Work” as the University’s “18th separate school;” and the announcement of the resignation of Dr. Marion Hathway, associate professor of social work “to accept the executive secretaryship of the Association of Schools of Social Work.”

Folder 52 Coleman Home for Boys, July 1937-December 1938

Report of the Committee Appointed by the Federation of Social Agencies on the Application of the Coleman Home for Membership in the Community Fund, Dr. Marion Hathway, Chair and Dr. Hathway.s correspondence and minutes.

Folder 53 Committees, 1932-1933

Materials regarding several advisory committees the Division of Social Work was establishing. File belonged to Harold A. Phelps originally.

Notes regarding committee membership including: Case Work, child welfare, protective and correctional agencies, children’s Institutions, Group Work, Medical Social Work and Public Health, Public Welfare, Organization, and Policy.

Folder 54 Committee on Training, February 1937-June 1938

Materials relating to the Committee on Training of the Federation of Social Agencies; Dr. Herbert L. Spencer (President of the Pennsylvania College for Women, now Chatham University) chaired the committee and Isabel P. Kennedy (the Executive Secretary of the Federation of Social Agencies of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County) was the secretary of the committee; Correspondence from M. C. Elmer.

Folder 55 National Committee on Volunteers in Social Work January 1936-March 1936
Folder 56 Hospital Service Association of Pittsburgh

Newsletter and brochure for early health care plan.

Folder 57 Community Fund June 1937-May 1938

Excerpt from the By-Laws of the Community Fund; Material regarding the application of the Coleman Home for membership in the Community Fund; Financial statement of The Community Fund in February, 1938; Minutes of Community Fund Board of Directors meetings; Correspondence with Dr. Marion Hathway

Folder 58 Correctional Case Workers Association, letter from J. Warren Matson, December 1937
Folder 59 Counsel Service Society, 1934

List of members of the Advisory Committee to Counsel Service Society; “A Few of the Suggestions Given in Mr. Matson’s Study of the Jail Population in Pittsburgh, … June to September, 1934.”

Folder 60 County Executives Round Table, 1937
Folder 61 County Welfare Bill December 1933-June 1935

County Welfare Organization in PennsylvaniaA County Welfare Plan for Pennsylvania Extensive materials regarding the development and lobbying for state legislation in public welfare in Pennsylvania.

Folder 62 D - General Correspondence February 1933-June 1938
Folder 63 Department of Public Welfare August 1935-September 1937

Newspaper clipping (undated and without identification of the newspaper) reporting that “Four city welfare department employees are going to school on city time…” “All are social workers.” One is to attend Duquesne University and three are to attend the University of Pittsburgh; Organizational chart of Social Service Department of “Pittsburgh DPW”; “Notes on former students”

Folder 64 de Schweinitz, Karl, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Assistance, April 1936-April 1938
Folders 65-70 Division of Social Work – Curriculum and Related Materials, 1932-1938
Folder 71 Dunham, Arthur, June 1933-March 1938

Arthur Dunham was Secretary for Family Welfare and Relief Division of the Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania. Mr. Dunham also appears to have had affiliations with the New York School of Social Work, the University of Michigan and the Russell Sage Foundation. Included here is the following: “Getting Things Done” by Arthur Dunham reprinted from The Survey, April 15, 1928; “Shoes – and Ships – and Sealing Wax-“ by Arthur Dunham reprinted from The Survey Mid-Monthly, April, 1931; Reprint The Social Worker and the Scissors; 4. Reprint Fourteen Points for Dictators; Extensive correspondence covering a course in “Problems in Social Welfare Administration,” the accreditation of the social work program at the University of Pittsburgh, the training of public employees for the state, the publication of Pennsylvania Social Work, the Federation of Agencies, the Pennsylvania Conference on Social Work, the Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania, and pending legislation concerning public welfare in Pennsylvania; A March 17, 1938 letter from Dr. Hathway to Dunham in which she informs him that without his permission, she is suggesting his name for the new post of Dean of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh

Folder 72 E - General Correspondence November 1932 to June 1938

Correspondence regarding meetings, publications, classes, personnel references, the “Emergency Peace Campaign,” developments in other states, requests for information from members of Congress, etc.

In one major letter dated March 2, 1934, Dr. Hathway traces the history of the social work program at the University of Pittsburgh from 1918 to 1934. It contains the best and most authoritative summary known to exist.

Folder 73 Educational Policies Commission February 1936-March 1938

Letter inviting Dr. Hathway (addressed as “Mr. Marion Hathway”) to serve as an ex officio consultant to the Commission; Various pamphlets and press releases concerning the Commission’s work.

Folder 74 Elmer, Manuel C. March 1933–March 1938

A March 9, 1933 memorandum from Elmer to the “Members of the Division of Social Work” outlining the steps Elmer thought necessary for the development of the Division. It is far ranging and includes curriculum, research, library, fund raising, and a variety of policies; Correspondence covering Elmer’s efforts to obtain funding from the Buhl Foundation; Other miscellaneous correspondence regarding courses, instructors, salaries, tuition, etc. See also Folder 201, Teagarden.

Folder 75 Emergency Relief March 1927-May 1934

Extensive correspondence with state agencies and universities in 21 states regarding the training of emergency relief workers, their salaries, and other details of emergency aid during the depression before the passage of the Social Security Act; There are letters from Frank Bruno at Washington University, Margaret Leal at the New York School of Social Work, Katherine Hardwick at Simmons, James Cutler at Western Reserve University and others.

Box 3
Folder 76 Extension School, Erie, July 1935–November 1937

Course listings; Students; Roster of social workers in Erie, PA; The Erie Chapter of the American Association of Social Workers.

Folder 77-78 Extension School General, October 1934–February 1938

Brochure of extension courses for the 1934-1935 academic year; Correspondence documenting the offering of extension courses in at least Beaver Falls, Brookville (Jefferson County), Butler, Erie, Johnstown, Kittanning and Mercer; Information on enrollment, courses and students; Responses to questionnaire.

Folder 79 Extension School, Washington, February 1935–October 1936

Correspondence about and description of two courses offered in Washington, PA.

Folder 80 F – General Correspondence February 1935 – October 1936
Folder 81 Faculty Personnel Data Sheets, 1937
Folder 82 Family and Child Welfare Committee, Pennsylvania Charities Association, May 1938-April 1939
Folder 83 Family Society of Allegheny County, July 1935–June 1938
Folder 85-86 Federation of Social Agencies, February 1937-May 1938

Discussions of a number if issues including the report of the “Committee on Free Speech and Assemblage,” Article Hathway submitted in 1937 for inclusion in ”The Federator,” the newsletter of the Federation of Social Agencies. Courses in Psychiatry of Juvenile Delinquency, Psychology of Juvenile Delinquency, The Problem of Mental Disease, Child Psychiatry, Group Work, Local Public Welfare Administration and others are mentioned.

Folder 86 Fellowships and Scholarships February 1934-February 1938

Correspondence from the New York School of Social Work regarding criteria for admission and list of questions asked of applicants; Correspondence with Sophonisba Breckinridge (University of Chicago), Virginia Robinson (Pennsylvania School of Social Work), Gordon Hamilton (New York School of Social Work); Announcement of 1937 summer training courses offered at Henry Street Settlement in New York City; Announcements of various fellowships and scholarships; Lists of fellowship and scholarship awardees.

Folder 87 Federal Emergency Relief Administration, January 1934-October 1935

Correspondence from Dr. Hathway regarding her doctoral dissertation (“The Migratory Worker and Family Life”) completed at the University of Chicago in 1933; Correspondence regarding students and lists of students; Several letters exchanged with the West Virginia Relief Administration which regarding students “assigned” to the University of Pittsburgh.

Folder 88 Field Trips

List of agencies being visited by faculty and students including Thorn Hill, Holy Family Orphanage, Mayview, Juvenile Detention Home, Juvenile Court Hearing, IKS; List of “points to be observed and covered” in field visits; Correspondence related to field trips including Polk State School; Lists of students assigned to various agencies for visits.

Folder 89 Field work Applicants, 1930-1934

Lists of students accepted, rejected and placed on lists of alternates for placement in various agencies from 1930 to 1934.

Folder 90 Field Work Evaluation Forms
Folder 91 Field Work Evaluation Forms from other Schools

A Rating Scale for Social Workers from The Family, February, 1934;Evaluation forms from Fordham University, New York School of Social Work, Pennsylvania School of Social Work, Smith College School of Social Work, Western Reserve University, National Catholic School of Social Service, Simmons College School of Social Work, University of Minnesota, University of Southern California, University of Washington, Washington University, Atlanta School of Social Work, University of Chicago, University of Denver

Folder 92 Field Work -General, 1932-1938

One item is dated 1922. It is a report of a “Committee on the Supervision and Training of New Workers"; An undated document with the heading “Medical social field work should give the following particular experiences.”; A reprint of an article from July, 1934 in The News-Letter of the American Association of Psychiatric Social Workers entitled “A Training Program in a Family Case Work Agency.”; Extensive correspondence, memoranda and policy statements regarding field work, evaluation of field work, student placements and meeting minutes; Proposed Cooperative Plan between Mother’s Assistance Fund and Carnegie Institute of Technology; Correspondence with Pennsylvania Training School at Morganza regarding placement of students; List of persons who were employed temporarily for Old Age Assistance investigations; Correspondence regarding individual students; List of employment openings; Information regarding field work objectives and evaluations.

Folder 93 Field Work Outlines July 1932-October 1932

Information desired in foster home investigation; Visitor’s first investigation of foster home; Child guidance clinic outline for social history; Instructions for preparing and presenting papers before the class; Outline for writing up first interview taken from an article by Odencrenz, Louise in The Social Worker

Folder 94 Field Work Practices Report by Students’ Organization in Social Work
Folder 95 Field Work Questionnaire on Modifications and New Developments
Folders 96-98 Field Work Statistics, compiled by Ruth B. Camblon, 1932-1937
Folder 99 Field Work Student Evaluations

Various rating forms, guidelines and suggested experiences for field work students and possibly agency workers; One printed form is titled “ Report by District Superintendent of Social Case Worker at Time of Recommendation for Increase in Salary and Termination of Probation Period.”

Folder 100 Field Work Student Evaluation Report Blanks
Folder 101 Field Work Student Evaluation Outlines
Folders 102-107 Student Field Work Evaluations, 1st and Second Semesters, 1932-1935

Box 4
Folders 108-113 Student Field Work Evaluations, 1st and 2nd Semesters, 1935-1938
Folders 114-118 Student Field Work Evaluations, Summer, 1934-1938
Folder 119 Field Work Supervision Materials

Correspondence including with Bertha Reynolds at Smith College; Several reports on field work including “Personality Relationships in Supervision,” “Methods of Supervision,” “Correlation of Academic Work of the Students with Field Work Experience,” “Study of Student Case Records,” “Selection of Cases,” “Development of Case Recording As a Factor in Supervision,” and “Field Work Evaluation.”; List of about 37 field work supervisors for May, 1938; Suggested Field Work Objectives and Experiences for First and Second Year Students in a Family Agency.

Folders 120-123 Field Work Supervisors, 1933-1937

Suggested Field Work Objectives and Experiences for First and Second Year Students in a Family Agency; Suggestions on Case-Work Training and Field Supervision; Suggested Program for Supervisor’s Conference for Semester February to June, 1935; Supervisors’ List for October, 1937; Brief letter to Bertha Reynolds. Committee correspondence, much of it with Ruth Camblon, Field Work Director; Meeting minutes; Survey of field supervisors. Sample forms.

Folder 124 Finances of Division, Petty Cash Account, November 1937-June 1938
Folder 125 G - General Correspondence October 1932-April 1938

Wide variety of correspondence including letters of reference, information about speaking engagements, theses, juvenile and adult corrections, admissions, and student aid; Material regarding the civil service status of Juvenile Court employees in other states and in Allegheny County; Information regarding a “Study of the Care of Dependent Children under the Supervision of the Juvenile Court of Allegheny County.”; Dr. Hathway’s membership in the “Unemployment Census Committee"; Other miscellaneous correspondence.

Folder 126 H - General Correspondence January 1933-June 1938

Wide variety of correspondence including references to Porter Lee, Grace Abbott, Mary Wolcott, Harry Hopkins and Dorthea Dix. Dr. Hathway published an article on Dix about January, 1935 in the Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine; Correspondence regarding admission, financial aid, theses, letters of reference, and YWCA Board activities; Correspondence showing close ties with the Seattle Community Fund; Correspondence regarding a national research study on “supervising children’s agencies and institutions.” “Supervising” apparently referred to licensing; Correspondence with legislators presenting detailed comments on specific proposed legislation; Correspondence with the City of Pittsburgh “Department of Public Welfare” regarding implementing the Social Security Act; Correspondence showing Dr. Hathway’s great interest in unemployment and relief; A newspaper article regarding the “Harmarville Convalescent Home” and it’s director Miss Lillian G. McDermitt; Other miscellaneous correspondence.

Folder 127 Hamilton, Gordon
Folder 128 Hatch, Mildred
Access Restrictions:

Restricted: Confidential

Folder 129 Hill, Lewis B.

Correspondence between Ruth Gamblon and Dr. Lewis B. Hill regarding lectures Dr. Hill was to give in the area of social psychiatry for graduate students.

Folder 130 Home and School Visitor Certification
File-cabinet 131 I - General Correspondence,
Folders 132-133 Institutes, 1935-1937

Correspondence regarding the presentation at the School o f Social Work of an Institute by Bertha Reynolds on “Supervision” in 1935; Information reading an Institute by Mary E. Hurlbutt of the New York School of Social Work on the topic “Community Program and Nationality Groups” in 1936; Information regarding an Institute by Charoltte Towle in 1936. Records of several institutes sponsored by the Pennsylvania Conference of Social Welfare in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Conference programs and attendance included. “Client’s Behavior and Worker’s Attitudes” was a session led by Ruth B. Camblon of the University of Pittsburgh social work faculty.

Folder 134 International Institute, 1936-1938

Correspondence with the Service Bureau for Foreign Speaking Peoples of the International Institute of the Young Womens Christian Association in Pittsburgh. (sic) Correspondence includes membership, social events and field placements. The school apparently placed students at the International Institute in at least 1936-1937 and 1937-1938.

Folder 135 Irene Kaufmann Settlement October 22, 1937

Copy of a memorandum to Dr. Hathway regarding the detailed arrangements for one student at the Irene Kaufmann Settlement.

Folder 136 J - General Correspondence, 1933-1938

Correspondence with Arlene Johnson in her role as Assistant Director of the State of Washington Emergency Relief Administration and later as Associate Director of the Graduate Division of Social Work at the University of Washington in Seattle; Correspondence regarding the “supervisory powers of the Bureau of Children.”; Correspondence in 1935 “concerning the organization of the New County Relief Boards.”; Correspondence with Counsel for the Special Senate Committee to Investigate Unemployment and Relief; Letters of reference, offers of employment, information of admissions and scholarships.

Folder 137 Jewish Family Welfare Association, March 1934-May 1936

Memo concerning field work plans at Jewish Family Welfare Association; Student lists and evaluations Analysis of September, 1934 JFWA caseload; 1935 Annual Report of the Director of JFWA; Other miscellaneous correspondence and memoranda.

Folder 138-139 Jewish Social Service Bureau, 1932-1939

Jewish Family Welfare Association service statistics from 1930, 1932 and 1934; Survey of family situations of children in foster homes and institutions in Pittsburgh; Report of the Jewish Service Bureau Staff Committee on Relief; Newsletters of the Jewish Social Service Bureau; Information regarding students placed at the Jewish Family Welfare Association for field work in 1936-1937 and 1937-1938.

Folder 140 Joint Vocational Service, June 1934-March 1938

Correspondence regarding student field placements at the Joint Vocational Service; Correspondence regarding various candidates for agency and teaching positions; Descriptive information regarding Joint Vocational Service; Other miscellaneous memoranda and correspondence.

Folder 141 Juvenile Court. October 1931-November 1937

Arrangements for students to visit Juvenile Court; Job announcements and applications; “Recommendations for Selection and Qualifications of Personnel of the New Juvenile Court”; Correspondence with officials in California, Ohio, New York, Wisconsin, New Jersey and Maryland regarding juvenile court personnel practices; Report on training program at the Juvenile Court; Suggestions for a training program at the Juvenile Court; Other miscellaneous memoranda and correspondence

Folder 142 K - General Correspondence, July 1933-May 1938

Letters of reference; Correspondence regarding student field work assignments; Correspondence regarding accreditation; Correspondence regarding the Social Survey of Pittsburgh with such persons as Paul Kellogg, Phillip Klein and others; Correspondence with Maurice J. Karpf; Other miscellaneous correspondence .

Folder 143 Kasserman, Margaret

Numerous reports of student performance containing confidential case names (Kasserman was a field work supervisor); A handwritten paper entitled “Placement of Physically Handicapped Children in Foster Homes.” The paper has no date or author identification, but appears to be student work.

Folder 144 Klein, Alice C.

Correspondence largely concerning examinations for employment in the Department of Public Assistance” and Dr. Hathway’s participation as an oral examiner.

Folder 145 L - General Correspondence, November 1932-May 1938

Correspondence regarding a “Poor Law Conference” in Pittsburgh; Correspondence regarding the need for the local Family Society to affiliate with the Family Welfare Association of America; Correspondence in 1933 with I. Albert Liveright, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, regarding implementation of the new Federal Emergency Relief Administration; Correspondence regarding the Infant Boarding Home Law; Correspondence regarding book orders, invitations to speak, students, a lecture series, and a request to do an investigation of an agency problem in New York City; Correspondence with Virginia Robinson, Assistant Director and Professor of Social Case Work at the Pennsylvania School of Social Work in Philadelphia; Other miscellaneous correspondence.

Folders 146-148 Liaison Conference, 1934-1937

1934-35: Agenda, minutes, conference participants, presentations and reports with miscellaneous related correspondence.

1936: Agenda, minutes, conference participants, presentations and reports with miscellaneous related correspondence; Telegram postponing conference on one day’s notice because of March, 1936 flood.

1937: Announcements, correspondence and minutes of a conference held in Harrisburg and attended by representatives of large agencies, schools of social work and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. The conference concerned the details surrounding the implementation of public assistance and other provisions of the new Social Security Act. One recommendation being debated was “the consolidation of all services in the local community, including Poor Boards, the administration of these services to be placed with a new assistance board, and the supervision and standardization of the work to be assigned to a new state department. … In recommending the abolition of the Poor Boards the report recommends the transfer to the county commissioners of the almshouse property now held by the boards, …”

Box 5
Folder 149 Mc – General correspondence December 1933-February 1938

Correspondence regarding admissions, reports, appointments to leadership positions, institutes, conferences, speeches, etc; Correspondence regarding the creation of the Falk Clinic as part of the University Medical School and its possible use for training medical social workers.

Folder 150 M - General Correspondence, March 1933-May1938

Correspondence regarding the National Urban League Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh, student evaluations, letters of reference, Dorthea Dix, a study of a New York Program for Transient and Homeless people, several conferences, various local and state-wide Community Fund projects, and a 1937 letter acknowledging Dr. Hathway’s provision of a child Welfare syllabus to a faculty member at the College of William and Mary

Folder 151 Meader, LeRoy M. A. October 1935-June 1938

Correspondence with Dr. LeRoy Meader, a Philadelphia physician who served as medical director of the Pennsylvania Mental Hygiene Committee. Meader presented several series of lectures in Pittsburgh under the sponsorship of the Division of Social Work funded by the Buhl Foundation; Lists of attendees at Meader’s lectures. (Apparently credit was awarded as there are grades and notes regarding incompletes); Newspaper clipping announcing one of the lecture series

Folders 152-153 Master Degree Materials and Requirements January 1936-July 1938

Summary of the Regulations of the Graduate School, University of Pittsburgh, 1937; Requirements for Master of Arts in Social Work Degree; Schedules and questions for oral examinations; Guidelines for thesis preparation; Oral examination outcomes; Multiple copies of a memorandum to Master of Arts in Social Work students outlining the 8 requirements for the degree.

Folder 154 The Migratory Worker and Family Life December 1933-October 1935

The file consists of correspondence regarding the publication of Dr. Hathway’s doctoral dissertation; Rejection letter from Yale University Press; Correspondence with University of North Carolina Press; Correspondence with the journal, The Family; Correspondence with a literary agent; Correspondence with Edith Abbott; Correspondence with University of Chicago Press, both pre and post publication; Original contract for publication of the dissertation by the University of Chicago press in which the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago agreed to pay the $587.30 cost of publication.

Folder 155 Miller, Margaret C. March 1937-May 1938

Correspondence with and about Margaret Miller who served during much of the period covered by the file as Executive Secretary of the Mothers’ Assistance Fund of Allegheny County, the Blind Pension and Old Age Assistance; A partial University of Pittsburgh academic transcript for Margaret Miller from 1931-32 and 1932-33.

Folder 156 Minutes on Supervisor Seminars October 1936-May 1937

Minutes of supervision seminars at the Allegheny County Emergency Relief Board, the Children’s Aid Society, Travelers Aid, Children’s Service Bureau, Family Society and Jewish Family Welfare.

Folder 157 Mothers Assistance Fund November 1933-December 1937

Directory of trustees and executives of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Mothers’ Assistance, Pension or the Blind and Old Age Assistance Funds by county; Handbook for Administration of Old Age Assistance; What appears to be a student paper entitled “The Organization of the Job of Case Worker in the Mothers’ Assistance Fund.”; Application forms for various types of public assistance; List of “Persons employed temporarily for Old Age Assistance investigations …”; “Report to the Committee on Case Loads.”; “Old Age Recipients Living in Institutions for the Aged in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania”; Student field work schedules.

Folder 158 J. Prentice Murphy Memorial Fund June1936-January 1937

Correspondence concerning Dr. Hathway’s participation in an effort to raise funds I memory of J. Prentice Murphy for the benefit of his childrens’ education; A letter containing a two-paragraph quotation from the New york Times paying tribute to Mr. Murphy.

Folder 159 Murray, Clyde May 1937-June 1938

Blank Weekly Field Work Report Form; Correspondence with Mr. R. Clyde Murray who was apparently associated with the Munhall Neighborhood House and who taught a course in the Division of Social work entitled Principles of Group Work.

Folder 160 N - General Correspondence January 1933-May 1938

Correspondence concerning the typing of Marin Hathway’s doctoral dissertation; Correspondence with the chair of the Membership Committee of the American Association of Social Workers; Correspondence concerning Dr. Hathway’s interest in joining an organization called “New America.”

Folder 161 National Conference of Social Work October 1934-May 1936

Programs for National Conference of Social Work conferences; Correspondence including a letter promoting Sophonisba Breckinridge for president of the National Conference of Social Work in 1935.

Folder 162 New School of Social Work February-June 1938

Letter dated February 5, 1938 from W. I. Newstetter (at Western Reserve University) to John Weber, Secretary of the University of Pittsburgh, indicating that Pitt had been accepted as a full member of the American Association of Schools of Social Work. Newstetter was the AASSW’s president at the time; A March 18, 1938 letter from Marion Hathway to Edith Abbott telling her that Hathway is resigning her Univeristy of Pittsburgh faculty position to become secretary (Executive Secretary) of the AASSW; Other correspondence among Hathway, Newstetter and Weber, much of it concerning the recruitment of a replacement of Hathway in her role as director of the Division of Social Work and the creation of a social work entity separate from Sociology; One item on the New School of Social Work in New York.

Folder 163 Newstetter, Wilbur I. May 1936-August 1938

Correspondence with Newstetter regarding his authorship of a report on Group Work; personnel matters; preparations for a visit of Newstetter to the University of Pittsburgh; and the transition of the Division of Social Work in Sociology to independent School status within the University.

Folder 164 O - General Correspondence February 1934-August 1937

Correspondence regarding admission to the School, Poor Relief in the State of Washington; lectures on medical social work at Montefiore Hospital; other miscellaneous correspondence.

Folder 165 P - General Correspondence

Minor correspondence regarding the Division of Social Work’s application for membership in the American Association of Schools of Social Work; Letters of reference; A list of social work courses offered during 1934-1035 at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Denver, Atlanta University, Fordham University, Smith College, the University of Chicago, Loyola University and others; A copy of the March 1936 membership list of the People’s Lobby; Program of the Regional Conference of Progressive Education Association, May 1936; Correspondence regarding student recruitment, admissions and fellowships; Correspondence regarding the arrangement of speakers; The people’s Congress for Democracy and Peace, November 1937; A report entitled “Old Age Recipients Living in Institutions for the Aged in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania”; Correspondence on various subjects with Dr. Kenneth L. M. Pry, Dean of the School of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania; April 1938 acceptance by Dr. Hathway of an invitation to serve as a member of the Special Advisory Committee on Training and Personnel of the United States Children’s Bureau; Other miscellaneous correspondence.

Section: Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania

Scope and Content Notes:

Dr. Marion Hathway’s file from August, 1933 to March, 1938 concerning the Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania. The Association had its headquarters in Philadelphia. Its Executive Director was George R. Bedinger with whom Dr. Hathway had extensive correspondence on a variety of public and confidential subjects.

Folder 166 Correspondence

August 1933 “Tentative Report of the Sub-Committee Appointed to Recommend the Program for the New Division of Family Welfare and Relief”; Extensive work on the Public Welfare Act of 1935 in Pennsylvania; Opposition to political patronage in the Pennsylvania Welfare Department under Governor Earle and promotion of a civil service or merit system; Minutes of meetings of the “PCA Committee on State Welfare Department”; List of the March, 1935 full and part-time faculty in the Division of Social work.

Folders 167-167a County Welfare Boards Plan, 1933-35

Extensive correspondence, minutes, reports and correspondence in connection with the writing, passage and implementation of Pennsylvania’s Public Welfare legislation.

Folder 168 Adoption Study Committee September 1932-April 1935

Minutes from several area “sections” of the Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania Committee on Adoptions; Includes information on the “Ten Year Program Committee on Adoptions” and “A Plan for the Study of Adoptions in Pennsylvania.

Folder 169 Family & Child Welfare Committee, Advisory Committee, November 1932-January 1938
Folders 170-171 Family & Child Welfare Division, Executive Committee, April 1935-March 1938

Minutes and meeting related materials from this committee of the Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Mary Denman of Pittsburgh is mentioned. Mary T. Denman was a social welfare activist who earned her law degree from the University of Pittsburgh, taught in the School of Social Work, served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, was president of the Pennsylvania Conference on Social Welfare and a member of many ground breaking boards. She was known as a consumer advocate.

Folder 172 Committee on Penal Affairs, May 1934-May 1938

Legislative Program of the Committee on Penal Affairs of the Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania for 1934; Correspondence, meeting announcements, agenda, minutes and reports.

Folder 173 Mental Hygiene Committee January, 1937 to May, 1938
Folder 174 Committee on Public Assistance and Relief, May-December 1936
Folders 175-176 Pennsylvania Conference of Social Welfare, February 1934-April 1938

Correspondence, agenda, reports, conference programs, minutes, etc. from a very active organization in which Dr. Hathway was deeply involved; Arthur Dunham, Leon Stern, and other well known figures were also active; One of the reports shows 426 persons in Allegheny County were PCSW members while there were 215 members from Philadelphia; Materials and program pertaining to the Thirtieth Annual Meeting of the Conference on Social Work.

Folder 177 Pennsylvania Social Work July 1934- August 1937

Extensive correspondence between Dr. Hathway and a variety of persons regarding a new journal (Pennsylvania Social Work) first published in July, 1934. Dr. Hathway was the Chair of the Editorial Committee which appears functionally to have been the editor; One key article was pulled from the first issue at the last minute because of the objections of Miss Sarah H. M. O’Hare, Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania. The article concerned Veil Maternity Home, implicated in an active court case. Correspondence on this matter is included.

Folder 178 Physical Examinations

Policy statement on physical examinations of students to ensure that they are capable of entering the field. It contains the following statement: “Arrangements have been made to provide physical examinations for all students admitted to regular standing in the Division of Social Work. These are available without cost, through the University Health Service.”; Lists of students eligible for the physical examinations; Reports from the University Health Service to Dr. Hathway giving the nominal outcome of these examinations by student’s name.

Access Restrictions:

No restrictions, the outcomes in files 178 are vague.

Folder 179 Placement Correspondence, March 1932-June 1938

Extensive correspondence concerning available field placements for social work students, some with remuneration, even room and board. Agencies as far away as Erie are mentioned; Some lists include names of agency directors; “Social Settlements” are specifically mentioned; Correspondence regarding employment opportunities.

Box 6
Folder 180 Prospective Students, March 1937-August 1938

Extensive correspondence concerning admissions.

Folders 181-182 Public Affairs Committee, Federation of Social Agencies of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, 1934-1938

Agenda, meeting announcements, annual reports and other materials from the work of the committee; A letter to the First Vice President of the YWCA of Pittsburgh commending the organization on allowing its facilities to be used “as a place of meeting for groups of young people intent upon discussing economic and social problems of the day” Attached are clippings reporting a “rally” held at the YWCA of the American Youth Congress, a group that apparently had communist leanings. One headline contains the words “Students Hear Red Doctrines Preached at Rally in Y.W.C.A.“; A list of the 129 members of the Public Affairs committee including such well know figures as Mary J. R. Condon, Edgar J. Kaufmann, and Wilbur I. Newstetter. Dr. Hathway was the committee’s chair; Confidential correspondence with the Federal Emergency Relief Administration;

Small file consisting largely of meeting announcements. A topic of major consideration was the campaign for merit (civil service) appointments of public employees in the human service sector

Folder 183 Public Affairs Committee, Federation of Social Agencies of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Materials, 1935-1936

Reports, positions on proposed legislation, positions papers, etc. related to emergency relief, aid for the blind, labor, mental health, immigration and other social legislation; Lists of persons dismissed and their replacements on state social agency boards and in the state Department of Welfare. e.g. (1) Laura Porter was dismissed from the Bureau of Community Work in the Division of Assistance. She was the Assistant Superintendent of the State Mother’s Assistance Office, had a graduate degree in social work from the New York School, 11 years experience with the American Red Cross and in hospitals. She was replaced by Ruth Zimmerman who had an undergraduate degree from a state normal school and who had volunteered as a secretary. (2) Florence Hall was a Wellesley graduate and had a graduate degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania. She had 14 years experience with the Children’s Aid Society and Children’s Hospital. She was replaced by Ruth O’Boyle who was 22 years old, had completed nurses training but had no work experience. (3) Helen Glenn Tyson, Chief of the Bureau of Community Work and former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Welfare. Tyson was a Vassar College graduate and had a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. She had been Head of the University of Pennsylvania Social Service Department, organizer and first head of the State Mother’s Assistance Fund, and Supervisor of Schools at Sleighton Farms. She was replaced by a Mrs. McCullough who had no professional training or experience whatsoever; Materials from the Special Session of the Pennsylvania Legislature for May, 1936; Course syllabus from the Second Semester 1935-1936 focused on the work of the Special Session of the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1936 and taught by Dr. Hathway: “Relief and Welfare in the Special Session”

Folder 184 Q - General Correspondence
Folder 185 R - General Correspondence, 1933-1938

Letter from F. A. Retka, Superintendent of The Orphan Asylum of the Holy Family/Holy Family Institute regarding student visits to the facility. Collaboration with this agency goes back to at least December 1933; Names of persons attending regional conference on Welfare Legislation; Correspondence with Bertha Reynolds regarding the potential employment by the University of Pittsburgh of Ruth Camblon; Correspondence with students, schools, public relief agencies around the country, publishers and others; Correspondence regarding invitations to speak; Other miscellaneous correspondence.

Folder 186 Reading Lists 1933-1937

Reading lists for various courses including a 1933-1934 Child Welfare course; Faculty represented include Marion Hathway, Arthur B. Thomas, Ruth B. Camblon, Clyde Murray, John Chornyak, LeRoy M.A. Maeder, and Verne Wright; Courses represented include Child Welfare, Seminar in Social Case Work, Principles of Group Work, History of Social Work, State and Social Welfare, Social Organization and others.

Folder 187 Sample Reference Letter
Folder 188 Regional Conference, 1938

Letter from Mildred Fairchild, March 16.

Folder 189 Rehabilitation Advisory Committee, October 1934-November 1935
Folder 190 Registration, 1937-1938

Course listings for the University and other registration materials.

Folder 191 Russell Sage Foundation, October 1933- April 1938

Correspondence between Dr. Hathway and the editors at the Russell Sage Foundation. The Foundation was also a publisher of the Social Work Year Book and the famous, 6 volume Pittsburgh Survey; In one letter, the editor asks Dr. Hathway to prepare an article for the next edition of the Social Work Year Book on the subject “Education for Social Work.”

Folders 192-193 S - General Correspondence, 1933-1938

Students, classes and registration of students; Social agencies on various subjects; Publication of Dr. Hathway’s doctoral dissertation; League of Women Voters; Sccreditation (referred to as membership); List of “State Emergency Relief Administrations” by state for 1934; List of Pennsylvania Emergency Relief Administrations; Original questionnaire forms from 1935 for the “Social Study of Pittsburgh”; Letters of reference; Pennsylvania officials regarding policies and personnel of the Department of Public Welfare.

Students and local and out of state social agencies regarding enrollment, scholarships, and programs; Speaking engagements; “The Social Workers’ Club,” including a brief history from 1909; Dr. Hathway’s involvement with labor union activities; Brashear Association and the Hazelwood Community Council; Efforts by schools of social work to refute public statements by Emma Guffey Miller attacking social work education, especially in Philadelphia. Miller was a well-known public figure, an ardent suffragist and promoter of an Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution, a supporter of the New Deal and a member of the Pennsylvania State Welfare Commission. Therefore, her otherwise liberal public positions made her a formidable critic. Dr. Hathway and others sought to neutralize her attacks.

Folder 194 Social Study Material, 1936

In 1934 and 1935, a study was conducted in Pittsburgh by Gordon Hamilton of the New York School of Social Work. The study appears to have been directed by Philip Klein. Professor Hamilton’s report is 32 single spaced pages in length. In her introduction, Professor Hamilton describes the study in this way: “The following report on professional training in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County has been oriented chiefly to the relation between the program of professional education as now provided by Margaret Morrison Carnegie College, Carnegie Institute of Technology and the University of Pittsburgh and the needs of the social agencies in Pittsburgh and Allegheny College (sic) for trained personnel”; “Social Study of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County: The Group Work Field” Release No. 7 – Financing of Agencies in the Group Work Field, June 1936; Discussion Summary of Comment by the Faculty of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate Division of Social Work on “A Study of Training for Social Work”; A strongly worded, lengthy letter from the Executive Secretary of the Children’s Aid Society of Allegheny County taking exception to the report by Professor Hamilton

Folder 195 State Conference, Devember 1935-September 1937

The Pennsylvania Conference of Charities and Correction, which later became the Conference on Social Welfare” and still later the Conference on Social Work. Dr. Hathway was active in this organization that originated in 1909.

Folder 196 State emergency Relief Training, June 1934-January 1936

Case studies used in training; Minutes and correspondence; Names and personal information regarding what appears to be trainers; State Emergency Relief Board forms and applications for clients.

Folder 197 Student Lectures, March 1934-January 1935

Schedules and confirmations for outside lecturers to make presentations to students in the Division of Social Work; Lecturers included Dr. Philip Klein, Judge Gustav L. Schramm, Miss Isabel P. Kennedy, Mr. Maurice Moss, George Mills, Dr. Hovde, Wilbur Newstetter and others.

Folder 198 Students' Organization in Social Work, May 1936-November 1938

Minutes, newspaper clippings, memoranda and correspondence from and about the Studen’s Organization in the Division of Social Work; A substantial report of a study done by the Students’ Organization entitled “Report on the Findings of the Committee on Field Work Facilities in the Public and Private Agencies of Pittsburgh.”

Folder 199 Summer Session, Division of Social Work, 1935-1937

List of late afternoon and evening courses for the 2nd Semester 1934-1935; List of courses in Social Work and Sociology for the Summer of 1935; Correspondence.

Folder 200 T - General Correspondence, 1932-1938

Government reports, pamphlets and brochures; Student enrollment; Faculty matters at other universities; Local social agency issues and relationships; The possibility of Charlotte Towle teaching at the University of Pittsburgh; Faculty recruitment; Various research studies.

Folder 201 Teagarden, Florence M.T., March 1934- August 1937

Correspondence largely with Dr. Florence Teagarden in the Psychology Department at the University of Pittsburgh concerning enrollment in psychology courses by social work students.

Folder 202 Sidney Teller, Director, Irene Kaufmann Settlement November 1933-March 1938

Copy of report entitled “Housing Statistics for the City of Pittsburgh Released by the Bureau of Business Research of the University of Pittsburgh”; Correspondence regarding student placements at the Irene Kaufmann Settlement; Correspondence regarding the League of Social Justice and the Pittsburgh Civil Liberties Committee; Correspondence regarding the donation of materials on housing by Mr. Teller to the University; Other miscellaneous correspondence.

Folder 203 Thesis Projects, 1934

The file contains one 5-page memorandum entitled “Research and Thesis Projects in the Division of Social Work in the University of Pittsburgh.” It consists largely of a list of thesis topics in family dependency, child welfare, courts, medical social work, public relief, historical studies, community organization, professional standards, public welfare, and special groups and problems.

Folder 204 Towle, Charlotte, October 1935-March 1937

Correspondence devoted to the planning of an “Institute on Supervision” given by Charlotte Towle in Pittsburgh in April, 1936; Some correspondence on a second visit to Pittsburgh in March, 1937.

Folder 205 Travelers Aid and Transient Service, National Association of, April 1937- September 1938

Correspondence largely with staff and executives at the national level in the National Association for Travelers Aid and Transient Service; Correspondence concerns visits and guest speaking arrangements for both Dr. Hathway and Travelers Aid personnel.

Folder 206 Travelers Aid Society November 1937-December 1938

Newsletters ; Travelers Aid cases; Case procedures; Correspondence regarding collaboration between Travelers Aid and the School of Social Work;

Travelers Aid Societies were federated under the National Association of Travelers Aid and Transient Services.

Folder 207 U - General Correspondence 1933-1938

Social Work Curriculum at the University of Buffalo, 1933-1934; Correspondence and invoices with publishers; Other miscellaneous correspondence.

Folder 208 Urban League, December 1937-May 1938

Correspondence with the Urban League regarding student field work, thesis work, an appointment to the League staff, a visiting speaker and other miscellaneous matters.

Folder 209 V - General Correspondence
Folder 210 W - General Correspondence
File 211 Women's Association
File 212 Worker's Schools in Western Pennsylvania
Folder 213 X,Y,Z - General Correspondence
File 214 Young Men's Christian Association
Folder 215 Young Women's Christian Association
Folder 216 YMCA and YWCA