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Collection Inventory

Series I. Administrative Activities, 1925-2000

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes faculty meeting minutes, annual reports, grant information, and alumni newsletters.

Box 1
Folder 01-14 Annual Reports, 1929-1962
Folder 15-18 Department Head Minutes, 1953-1967
Folder 19-20 Faculty Minutes, 1925-1931
Folder 21-22 Faculty Minutes, 1935-1942
Folder 23-31 Faculty Minutes, 1955-1980
Folder 32 Faculty Minutes, 1982-1985
Folder 33 Alumni Newsletters, 1942-1945
Folder 34 Alumni Newsletters, 1947-1950
Folder 35 Alumni Newsletters, 1958-1974
Folder 36 Alumni Newsletters, 1994-2000
Folder 37 National Science Foundation Proposal, 1967

Section: National Science Foundation Funding

Folder 39 Space Requirements Program, 1975-1976

Series II. Faculty Information

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes lists of faculty members over a series of years as well as detailed information on individual professors, especially during the formative years of the department. It also includes some publications produced by the faculty. These materials include articles, photographs, banquet programs, publications and correspondence.

Folder 40 Faculty Information, December 1969

Section: Chemistry Faculty Lists

Folder 42-44 Individual Faculty Members, Alphabetically, undated

Box 2
Folder 01-27 Individual Faculty Members, Alphabetically, undated

Section: Misc. Faculty Information

Folder 29 Faculty Publications, 1945-1954

Series III. Students

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains information regarding the student population in the chemistry department and student academic achievements. Records include correspondence, photographs, information about fellowships, articles, and theses of students.

Folder 30 Phillips Medalists, Correspondence, 1941-1966
Folder 31-41 Phillips Medalist Photographs, 1919-1951

Section: Edward Lee Harris (First African-American student to graduate from the chemistry department)

Section: Fellowships

Folder 44-47 Chemistry Alumni information, 1927
Folder 48-49 Thesis and PhD Lists, 1913-2000

Series IV. Academics

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes notes on lectures given by chemistry professors, as well as information concerning visits from prominent chemists. There is also information about the conduct of academic activities such as the student newsletter, lab safety requirements, honor societies, external conditions affecting study, and testing materials.

Folder 50 "Chem Distracts", 1985
Folder 51 Chemistry I Test, 1946
Folder 52 Publications and Lectures, 1925-1974

Section: Lab Safety

Folder 54 Chemistry Study and World War II, Article, 1943
Folder 55 Lawrence Bragg Visit, 1948
Folder 56 Lecture, "Synthesis and Uses of Lithium 2, 2, 6, 6 – Tetramethylpiperidide", undated
Folder 57-60 Lectures by Robert Levine, undated
Folder 61 PLU (chemistry honors society), 1970

Series V. Publicity and Program Information

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains information developed and collected by the Department of Chemistry to promote and explain the chemistry program offered by the University of Pittsburgh, such as written histories, newspaper articles, photographs, and research information. It also includes the program brochures and publicity fliers that are distributed to educate potential students and others about the chemistry program.

Folder 62 Program Info, 1902-1904
Folder 63 Publicity, 1960-1974
Folder 64 Department Summary, Histories, undated

Section: Graduate Brochure Research

Folder 68-74 Program Brochures, 1962-1998

Series VI. Buildings

Scope and Content Notes:

This series deals with the dedication, construction, and destruction of different chemistry buildings and laboratories. It includes photographs, dedication programs, newspaper articles, etc.

Folder 75 Eberly Hall, 1978
Folder 76 Chemistry Library, 1966, 1920
Folder 77 Ashe Auditorium, 1974
Folder 78 Surface Science Center
Folder 79 Surface Science Center Publicity photographs
Folder 80 Lab Destruction

Series VII. Photographs

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes photographs created, collected, and used by the Department of Chemistry for inclusion in publicity materials and the advertisement of the department. The photos depict people, places, and chemistry objects, as well as document some important events and visits from eminent intellectuals, such as Albert Einstein.

Box 3
Folder 1 Misc. Unidentified Photos
Folder 2 Negatives and Slides
Folder 3 Chemistry Faculty Photos
Folder 4 Professors and Administrators
Folder 5 Ceramics Society
Folder 6 Chemistry Equipment and Buildings
Folder 7 Chemistry Department moving to Alumni, 1942
Folder 8 Recreation
Folder 9 Interior Alumni Hall, Chemistry Classroom
Folder 10 State Hall Laboratory
Folder 11 Pittsburgh/Oakland Scenes
Folder 12 Chemistry Students
Folder 13 Pittsburgh AAAS Meeting, (Einstein), December 1, 1934
Folder 14 Surface Center Dedication duplicates
Folder 15 Chem Major News, 1996-2011
Folder 16 Chemistry Colloquia, 1998-2009
Folder 17 Assorted Announcements

Box 4
Folder 1 Oversize Photographs