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All Series Level Scope and Content Notes

This is a collection of over 2,300 films and videos that mainly pertain to University of Pittsburgh athletics as well as University events and history. The collection (ca. 1928-ca. 2001) ranges from interviews and speeches by prominent University figures, such as Dr. Wesley Posvar and Tony Dorsett, to sports highlight videos and University institutional messages. It notably contains much footage of classic Pitt football games, including prominent bowl games. It also contains numerous videos and films which pertain to the city of Pittsburgh as well as miscellaneous topics that do not directly relate to the University of Pittsburgh. Types of media in this collection include VHS tapes, Betacam SP tapes, ¾ Inch U-matic tapes, and 16 millimeter film.

This series contains over 2,000 sports-related films and videos, including footage of games, practices, and interviews with prominent sports figures. Through this collection, one can view sports events (mainly football and basketball) from throughout the twentieth century, including a few football games from the 1930s.

This subseries contains 20 videos, mostly from the 1990s, from the Pitt baseball program. This includes game and season highlights, notably including three tapes of footage from the 1995 NCAA baseball championship.

This subseries of basketball-related videos includes subdivisions that denote whether the basketball videos pertain to either Men’s or Women’s basketball. There are 260 items altogether.

This section contains eight Men’s basketball films from the early-to-middle part of the twentieth century. This notably includes one reel of footage from the 1941 NCAA Men’s basketball championship.

This section contains much footage of the Pitt Men’s team, mostly from the 1980s and 1990s. Numerous videos in this series can give viewers a chance to see the likes of Sean Miller, Charles Smith, and Ralph Willard. Altogether there are 194 videos.

This series contains 55 videos pertaining to Pitt Women’s basketball, mostly from the 1990s. These videos mostly consist of game footage, including footage from the 1996 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship.

This section contains two videos, each of which contains footage of both the Pitt Men’s and Women’s basketball teams. One video contains headshots from both teams, and the other video contains game footage from both teams.

This subseries contains over 1,600 film and videos of football footage, much of which pertains to the Pitt football program. There is much game footage of Pitt’s offense and defense, respectively, from the 1990s, as well as much footage of bowl games, interviews with as well as profiles of prominent figures, such as Tony Dorsett and Mike Ditka, pregame shows, etc. This subseries also includes much footage from football games with rivals such as Penn State, West Virginia, and Syracuse.

This section contains nearly 1,000 football game films from 1931 through 1988. Many of these films break down Pitt’s offense, defense, or kicking during a given component of the game (quarters, halves, etc.). This includes multiple bowl games.

This subseries contains footage from gymnastics meets involving Pitt. All of these videos (16) contain highlights from the meets, including notable footage from 1998 Senior Day.

This series contains 17 videos of Pitt soccer from the 1990s. Most of the videos contain highlights, though three videos consist of game footage.

This series contains 31 videos of footage from the Pitt swimming and diving program. Most of these videos include footage from Big East swimming and diving meets, including the 1992 and 1996 Big East championships.

This series contains eight videos of Pitt tennis highlights from the 1990s, including a match with St. Francis (Pa.) from 1992. These collection notably contains footage from both Men’s and Women’s tennis, notably including one video highlights of both Men’s and Women’s tennis.

This subseries contains 20 videos of Track and Field footage from the 1990s, including footage from the 1996 Big East Championships as well as the 1998 NCAA Indoor Track and Field championships. This notably contains a highlight video of Trecia Smith, the 1997 NCAA indoor/outdoor long jump champion.

This series contains ten videos of footage from the Pitt women’s volleyball program from about 1988 to 1998. This notably includes footage from the 1988 and 1995 Big East Volleyball championships.

This subseries contains 17 videos of footage from the Pitt wrestling program, all of which are from the latter part of the 1990s. This subseries notably includes numerous videos of footage of matches with West Virginia University and Clarion University, as well as a profile of Brad Wood and Greg DeBolt from the 1998/1999 season.

This subseries contains nine videos of footage of multiple Pitt sports. For instance, one video contains baseball and track highlights, and one video contains basketball and wrestling highlights. This subseries notably contains one video of footage of Pitt diver Tricia Ney as well as Pitt football and baseball star Chuck Scales.

Arlotta interview lacks audio.

This subseries contains 51 film and videos that either pertain to athletics as a whole or contain footage from unknown sport(s). This series notably includes footage from numerous Pitt athletics’ senior banquets and a Big East Conference public service announcement video.

This section contains 58 films which reflect major historical events involving Pitt in the middle of the twentieth century. It notably includes footage of Nikita Khruschev at Pitt, as well as two interviews with Dr. Jonas Salk. This section contains footage from as early as 1928.

This section contains videos which pertain to the history of either the University of Pittsburgh or the city of Pittsburgh. It notably includes footage of the unveiling of Pitt’s Varsity Walk, as well as some for commencement programs.

Speaker is Dan Marino.

This series contains promotional films and videos which pertain to the University of Pittsburgh. This notably includes institutional messages as well as promotions for academic programs, alumni and sports.

Announcement of Legacy Laureate program and Capital Campaign.

This series contains 76 miscellaneous videos from the collection. This series notably includes footage of the 1989 Butler Farm Show as well as the 1994 Pitt Varsity Marching Band.

This section contains 43 miscellaneous films, most of which pertain to the University of Pittsburgh. It notably includes two tapes of footage from the Pitt/RMU Project.