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Subseries 4. World War II

Scope and Content Notes:

The files in this subseries date from 1937 to 2007 and contain research materials and manuscript drafts relating to World War II amassed and created by Donald Goldstein, Gordon Prange, and Katherine Dillon. This subseries is divided into the following sections: Publication Materials, Research Materials, and Pearl Harbor Survivor Interviews and Unpublished Manuscript. More information regarding these records can be found in each section’s scope notes.

Section: Manuscripts and Publication Materials

Scope and Content Notes:

The files in this section date from 1964 to 2007 and contain manuscript drafts, correspondence, and other publication materials relating to World War II that were generated by Donald Goldstein, Gordon Prange, and Katherine Dillon. Much of the correspondence contained in these files is between Goldstein and Dillon and is concerned with the compiling and editing of manuscripts. Additional correspondence consists of communication between Goldstein and publishers or perspective publishers. The files in this section are arranged alphabetically by publication title.

Folder 26 At Dawn We Slept, Correspondence, Corrections 1983
Folder 27 At Dawn We Slept, Media Coverage and Newspaper Clippings
Folder 28 At Dawn We Slept, Media Release 1991
Folder 29 At Dawn We Slept, Preface to Penguin Press Edition Undated
Folder 30 At Dawn We Slept, Publication Documents Undated
Folder 31 At Dawn We Slept, Revisions and Corrections Undated
Folder 32 At Dawn We Slept, The Odyessy of At Dawn We Splet Undated
Folder 33 D-Day, Newspaper Article, Goldstein 1994
Folder 34 Echoes of the Pacific War, Publication Correspondence 1992
Folder 35 Fading Victory, Publication Correspondence 2000-2001
Folder 36 God's Samurai, Book Jacket Draft Undated
Folder 37 God's Samurai, Correspondence 1964-1981
Folder 38 God's Samurai, Manuscript Draft, Epilogue Undated
Folder 39 Midway, Published Article, Goldstein 2007
Folder 40 Miracle at Midway, Corrections Undated
Folder 41 Miracle at Midway,Correspondence, Miscellaneous 1981-1984
Folder 42 Miracle at Midway, Media Coverage and Newspaper Clippings
Folder 43 Miracle at Midway, Proect Description of the Book Undated
Folder 44 Miracle at Midway, Publication Documents 1983
Folder 45 Pearl Harbor: The Untold Story, University of Pittsburgh Quarterly 1982
Folder 46 Pearl Harbor: The Verdict of History, Correspondence 1986-1988
Folder 47 Pearl Harbor: The Verdict of History, Publicity Undated
Folder 48 Ridgeway, Brief Biographical Sketch by Goldstein Undated
Folder 49 Ridgway, Encyclopedia of War and American Society, Publishing Agreement 2004
Folder 50 Sorge: Forever A Stranger, Correspondence, Publication 1981
Folder 51 Target Tokyo, Book Jacket Undated
Folder 52-57 Target Tokyo, Manuscript Draft, Incomplete Undated
Folder 58 Target Tokyo, McGraw Hill Press Release Undated
Folder 59 Target Tokyo , Publicity and Book Promotion Undated
Folder 60 The Pearl Harbor Papers, Correspondence 1999
Folder 61 The Way It Was, Correspondence 1990-1991
Folder 62 Tora! Tora! Tora!, Japanese Book Jacket Undated
Folder 63 Tora! Tora! Tora!, Manuscript Draft, Incomplete Undated
Folder 64 Tora! Tora! Tora!, Correspondence, Publication of Volume 4 1982

Section: Research Materials

Scope and Content Notes:

The files in this section date from 1937 to 2002 and contains primary and secondary sources concerning World War II that were amassed by Gordon Prange and Donald Goldstein. These files include correspondence written by U.S. service men, interviews, maps, and documents relating to the Pearl Harbor investigations. Of particular note, there are handwritten maps with Japanese text that depict the Battle of the Java Sea (February 27, 1942) and the Battle of Sunda Straight (February 28 to March 1, 1942). For more information on these maps, see the contents notes of the appropriate file.

Folder 65 Biographical Information, Crabb, Jarred V. Undated
Folder 66 Chronology of the War in the Southwest Pacific 1941-1945
Folder 67 Correspondence, Masataka Chihaya 1983-1991
Folder 68 Correspondence, Sehe, Charles T., Newsletter to Family, Invasion of Okinawa 1945
Folder 69 Correspondence, Sehe, Charles T., Family Newsletter, Marking the 54th Year Anniversary of the Iwo Jima Campaign February 1999
Folder 70 Flight Records, Belows Field Flight Records, Pearl Harbor December 1941
Folder 71 Interview, Henry Clausen 1964
Folder 72 Maps, Battle of Midway Undated
Folder 73 Maps, Japanese Handwritten, Bantam Bay Night Battle and Surabaya Bay Night Battle Undated

These maps are handwritten maps that depict the Battle of the Java Sea (Surabaya Bay Night Battle), February 27, 1942, and the Battle of Sunda Straight (Bantam Bay Night Battle), February 28-March 1, 1942. In the Battle of the Java Sea, American, British, Dutch, and Australian Forces attempted to stop the Japanese invasion of Java and subsequently encountered and engaged a Japanese covering force of roughly equal strength. The Allied fleet lost three destroyers and two light cruisers. On February 28, the USS Houston and the HMAS Perth—after surviving the Battle of the Java Sea and retiring en route to the Sunda Strait—decided to engage Japanese landing forces and its accompanying convoy. Both the USS Houston and the HMAS Perth were sunk in the early morning of March 1.

Folder 74 Maps, Midway Air Searches Undated
Folder 75 Maps, Pacific 1941-1945
Folder 76 Military and Naval Digest January 1937
Folder 77 Newspaper Clippings, Attack in New Ginea August 1943
Folder 78 Newspaper Clippings, Der Spiegel 1951
Folder 79 Newspaper Clippings, Hawaii Times and Hawaii Hochi 1953
Folder 80 Newspaper Clippings, Life 1942
Folder 81 Newspaper Clippings, Munich Pact 1968
Folder 82 Newspaper Clippings, U.S. News & World Report, The True Story of Pearl Harbor December 1961
Folder 83 Newspaper Clippings, Front Page Pearl Harbor Articles December 1941
Folder 84 Newspaper Clippings, Pearl Harbor, Miscellaneous 1959-2002
Folder 85 Notes, Air Plan Olympic and Kyushu Attacks Undated
Folder 86 Pearl Harbor Investigation, Drury, Allen 1992
Folder 87 Pearl Harbor Investigation, Schreiber and Grew 1941-1949
Folder 88 Pearl Harbor Investigations, Warning sent by General Marshall to Theater Commnaders 7 December 1941
Folder 89 Pearl Harbor, Teresa K. de Rivera Schreiber Affidavit 1983
Folder 90 Pearl Harbor, U.S. Navy Nurses List 7 December, 1941
Folder 91 Secondary Source, Japanese Intellegence Estimates of China 1998
Folder 92 Secondary Source, Pearl Harbor: A Tangled Web of Lies Undated

Section: Pearl Harbor Survivor Interviews and Unpublished Manuscripts

Folder 93-95 Manuscript Draft Undated
Folder 96 Interview, Albert, Eugene H. Undated
Folder 97 Interviews, Bounds, James Undated
Folder 98 Interviews, Bruner, Lauren F. Undated
Folder 99 Interviews, Busby, Urda Undated
Folder 100 Interviews, Campbell, Patricia 'Thompson' Undated
Folder 101 Interview, Conter, Monica Benning Undated
Folder 102 Interviews, Cumm, Robert Undated
Folder 103 Interviews, Curtze, Charles A. Undated
Folder 104 Interviews, Davis, Clarence J.M. Undated
Folder 105 Interviews, Derby, Woodrow "Woody" Undated

Box 71
Folder 1 Interviews, Dunn, Robert Undated
Folder 2 Interviews, Dyga, Alexander S. Undated
Folder 3 Interviews, Evans, Jack Undated
Folder 4 Interviews, Ferguson, Nelson Undated
Folder 5 Interviews, Finn, John W. Undated
Folder 6 Interviews, Hedley, Stuart N. Undated
Folder 7 Interviews, Henry, Samuel Jr. Undated
Folder 8 Interviews, Jones, Gordon E. Undated
Folder 9 Interviews, Kotovsky, Stanley K. Undated
Folder 10 Interviews, La Barre, Carl A. Undated
Folder 11 Interviews, Lancaster, Norman G. Undated
Folder 12 Interviews, Langdell, Joe Undated
Folder 13 Interviews, Laughlin, Floyd Undated
Folder 14 Interviews, Lehner, Will Undated
Folder 15 Interviews, Miller (Watson), Myrtle Undated
Folder 16 Interviews, Morton, Don Undated
Folder 17 Interviews, Morton, Gerry Undated
Folder 18 Interviews, Nolde, Richard Bernard Undated
Folder 19 Interviews, Pilvelis (Brauer), Celestine Undated
Folder 20 Interviews, Rapalus, Henry W. Undated
Folder 21 Interviews, Raymer, Jackson H. Undated
Folder 22 Interviews, Roberston, Edward Thomas Undated
Folder 23 Interviews, Ruffato, Robert Undated
Folder 24 Interviews, Sawick, Theodore Undated
Folder 25 Interviews, Shish, Paul Undated
Folder 26 Interviews, Simmons, Clark J. Undated
Folder 27 Interviews, Tatsuguchi, Isamu Undated
Folder 28 Interviews, Thill, Richard John Undated
Folder 29 Interviews, Thompson, Jesse Undated
Folder 30 Interviews, Thomas, Roger Undated
Folder 31 Interviews, Tyler, Kermit Undated
Folder 32 Interviews, Van Druff, Robert Undated
Folder 33 Interviews, Wozniack, Theodore J. Undated