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Subseries 3. Unpublished Works, 1961-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains materials related to Dr. George's un-published works. The subseries are arranged in alphabetical order by title. Each title's files contains drafts, research materials, etc.

Section: Break, Heart, 1983

Box 62
Folder 6-7 Draft - Handwritten
Folder 8 Draft - Incomplete
Folder 9 Draft (Nightly Awakenings) - Incomplete, 1983

Box 63
Folder 1 Draft - With corrections
Folder 2 Draft - With corrections, 1983
Folder 3 Draft - With corrections, 1983
Folder 4 Dramatic version
Folder 5-6 Journal style version

Section: Feast Days, 1991-1999

Scope and Content Notes:

This unfinished novel is an expansion of the published short story Too Much Woman. The work also sometimes referred to or titled after its main character Willa or Willa, the Way She Dances.

Box 64
Folder 1 Draft (Willa)
Folder 2-3 Draft, 1992
Folder 4 Draft, May 1993

Box 65
Folder 1-2 Draft, 1993
Folder 3 Draft (Planetary Influence), 1996-1998
Folder 4 Draft - Chapter one, six, and ten, 1992
Folder 5 Draft - Chapters ten through seventeen, 1999

Box 66
Folder 1 Draft - First person, 1993
Folder 2 Draft - Handwritten with notes
Folder 3 Draft - Handwritten with notes and research, 1991-1993
Folder 4-5 Draft - With notes, 1992
Folder 6 Draft - With revision notes, 1992
Folder 7 Submissions to publishers, 1998

Section: 50 Cross-purposes Improvs for Actors and "The Improv, the Actor, the Writer, the Plot"

Scope and Content Notes:

Please see related improvisation materials in the Teaching subseries of the first series.

Box 67
Folder 1 Draft
Folder 2 Draft
Folder 3 Draft
Folder 4 Draft - Incomplete with corrections
Folder 5 Draft - With corrections
Folder 6 Draft - Writers section expanded
Folder 7 Presentation

Section: Getaway, 2000-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

Parts of this unpublished novel were incorporated into the Odds.

Folder 8 Incomplete draft with notes and research, 2000-2001

Box 68
Folder 1-2 Research, 2000-2001

Section: Johnstown Stories, 1989-1995

Scope and Content Notes:

Kathleen George began a project to write a story related to the Johnstown Flood as its two hundredth anniversary approached. The anniversary passed and she continued to work and re-work the project over the next twenty plus years. Sometimes the work was simply titled Johnstown Stories, other times as Birth Offerings. In 2014, The Johnstown Girls was published by the University of Pittsburgh Press. The book's release coincided with the Flood's two hundred and twenty fifth anniversary. For drafts and other materials of The Johnstown Girls see the novel's section in the Published Works subseries.

Folder 3 Draft (Birth Offerings)
Folder 4-5 Draft (Birth Offerings)

Box 69
Folder 1 Drafts - Incomplete handwritten drafts and outlines
Folder 2 Notes
Folder 3 Research, 1991
Folder 4 Submissions to publishers, 1989-1995

Section: Rites of Burial, 1998-1998

Scope and Content Notes:

Rites of Burial was Kathleen George's first attempt to collect several of short stories into one publication. Early drafts of this work are titled Birth Offerings.

Folder 5 Adaptations of short stories
Folder 6 Correspondence, 1991
Folder 7 Draft - Annotated collection of short stories
Folder 8 Draft - Annotated collection of short stories, 1988
Folder 9 Draft - Annotated collection of short stories, 1998
Folder 10-11 Drafts (Birth Offerings) - Incomplete and handwritten
Folder 12 Notes

Kathleen George adapted this play from the book of the same name. The book itself was written by and related to Bill Manville's Village Voice columns.

Box 70
Folder 1 Correspondence, 1980-1981
Folder 2 Draft
Folder 3 Draft
Folder 4 Music (1.0 cassette tape)
Folder 5 Notes and research, 1980-1981

Section: Short Fiction

Scope and Content Notes:

many of these are not dated

Folder 6-7 A-B, 1980-1983

Box 71
Folder 1-5 B-C, 1980-2014

Box 72
Folder 1-9 D-K, 1979-1983

Box 73
Folder 1-5 L-P, 1983-1994

Box 74
Folder 1-6 R-W, 1979-1985
Folder 7-9 Unidentified or In progress

Section: A Tony Story, 1983

Scope and Content Notes:

Tony's Story is an unfinished work of children's literature.

Box 75
Folder 1 Correspondence with outline and sketches
Folder 2 Short story, 1983

Section: Undergraduate and Graduate writing and other materials, 1961-1964

Scope and Content Notes:

The play A Glass of Wine was produced at the student union during.

Folder 3 A Glass of Wine
Folder 4 *********** Gypsy - Director's submitted report, July 30, 1963
Folder 5 Manfred
Folder 6 Other student work
Folder 7 The Tree House
Folder 8 Undergraduate writing - Brackenridge Hall
Folder 9 Undergraduate writing - Holland Hall, 1964
Folder 10 Undergraduate writing - Pitt Johnstown, 1961
Folder 11 Untitled play
Folder 12 Untitled play

Section: Where Storytellers Meet, 1995

Scope and Content Notes:

This unpublished work is a collection of personal essays on narrative and drama.

Folder 13 Correspondence, January 11, 1995
Folder 14 Drafts
Folder 15 Grant proposal
Folder 16 Reader's report, February 1995