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Subseries 6. Frank Schlesinger, 1899-1920, 1907

Scope and Content Notes:

Frank Schlesinger was Director from 1905-1920. Originally from Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, Schlesinger was also president of the American Astronomical Society. His main research interest was the improvement of parallax measurements, a method of determining the distances to stars. The results of his investigations are world-renowned and he was considered an authority in that area of research. On the afternoon of Wednesday, August 28, 1912, the new observatory (Mr. Billquist was the chief architect) was dedicated and presented to the University of Pittsburgh. In the fall of 1907 Mrs. Christopher Lyman Magee donated funds to the Observatory for the purpose of establishing a publication for the research conducted by the Observatory which had been scattered throughout a variety of scientific periodicals. The first volume of the Allegheny Observatory came out in 1912 under the editorship of Frank Schlesinger. In 1920 Schlesinger left to assume the directorship of Yale Observatory.

Box 15
Folder 351 Ad
Folder 352 Ai-Al
Folder 353-355 American A
Folder 356 American I-Bak
Folder 357-358 Barn
Folder 359 Barn-Bon
Folder 360-365 Bos
Folder 366 Boy-Bra
Folder 367 Bre-By
Folder 368 Cam
Folder 369 Can-Cu
Folder 370 Da-Di
Folder 371 Do-Ed
Folder 372 Ei-Fow
Folder 373-375 Fox

Box 16
Folder 376 Fra-Fro
Folder 377-378 Fro
Folder 379 Fro-G
Folder 380-383 Hal
Folder 384 Har-Hy
Folder 385 In-Kaj
Folder 386-387 Kap
Folder 388 Kay-Le
Folder 389 Li-McD
Folder 390 McK-Ma
Folder 391 Mea
Folder 392 Mec-Mi
Folder 393 Na
Folder 394 Ne
Folder 395 Ni-Ph
Folder 396-400 Pic

Box 17
Folder 401-403 Pic
Folder 404 Pic-Roy
Folder 405-406 Ru
Folder 407 St. F-Sta
Folder 408 Ste-Tay
Folder 409 Th
Folder 410 Ti-Tr
Folder 411 Tu
Folder 412 U.S.
Folder 413 Va-Wan
Folder 414 War
Folder 415 We-Wo
Folder 416 Y-Z (and University Correspondence)

Section: Correspondence from AIS/Yale University Project

Scope and Content Notes:

This portion of the collection was microfilmed by the Curator in History of Physics of the American Institute of Physics. The correspondence, ranging from 1905 through 1941, held by both the Archives Service Center and the Yale University Library, was microfilmed as part of the project, Sources for History of Modern Astrophysics and is available as ais 81:6 microfilm.

Box 17a
Folder 1 Abbot (Smithsonian)
Acker, Louis (Western University)
Adams, C.E. (Lick Observatory)
Adams, E.
Adams Express
Folder 2 Adams, Walter (Mt. Wilson Solar Observatory)
Folder 3 Adlers, Cyrius (Smithsonian)
Aiken Co.
Air Service War Dept.
Aitken, R.G. (Lick Observatory), 1905-1911
Folder 4 Aitken, R.G. (Lick Observatory), 1912-1915
Folder 5 Aitken, R.G. (Lick Observatory), 1916-1918
Folder 6 Albrecht, S. (Astronomical Observatory - Argentina)
Alexander Bros.
Observatoire di Alger.
Allegheny Co. Light Co.
Allegheny Heating Co.
Allegheny Observatory
Folder 7 Allen, Frances
Allen, Leah (Wellesley College)
Allritson, Alice (Nantucket Maria Mitchell Assoc.)
Alter, Dinsmore (Allegheny Observatory), 1909-1910
Folder 8 Alter, Dinsmore (Allegheny Observatory), 1911-1912
Folder 9 Alter, Dinsmore (Allegheny Observatory), 1913
Folder 10 Alter, Dinsmore (Allegheny Observatory), 1914-1919
Folder 11 Aluminum Rectifiers Co.
Ambrose, Fred
American Astronomical Society
Folder 12 American Electrical Heater Co.
American Express Co.
American Shipping Co.
American Warming and Ventilating
Ames, J. S. (Johns Hopkins University)
Ames, M. (Chemical Works)
Ankrom, Anna
Anderson, A.H.
Anderson, J. A. (Johns Hopkins University)
Apparatus on Loan
Appleton (D.) and Co.
Arbuthnot, Th. (University of Pittsburgh)
Folder 13 Archenold, F.S. (Treptow - Sternwarte)
Armstrong. (Treasury Dept.)
Arnaud, J.J.
Folder 14 Asthus
Astronomical and Astrophysical Society of America
Astronomical Journal
Astronomical Society of Wales
Atlantic Refining Co.
Folder 15 Azearate, T. (de Institute and Observatory of Marina of San Fernando)
Backlund, O. (Observatory Fulkowa, Russia)
Bacon, Robert
Bailey, Frank K.
Bailey, Solon S. (Harvard)
Folder 16 Baillaud, B. (Paris Observatory)
Baird Machinery Co.
Baker Office Furniture
Baker, Robert H. Amherst Observatory, 1906-1910
Folder 17 Baker, Robert H. Amherst Observatory, 1911
Folder 18 Baker, Robert H. Amherst Observatory, 1912-1919
Folder 19 Baker and Taylor Co.
Baldwin, H. A. (YMCA)
Bane, Herman H. (War Dept.)
Barber, Ethel F. (University of Pittsburgh)
Folder 20 Barnard, E.E. (Yerkes), 1904-1910
Folder 21 Barnard, E.E. (Yerkes), 1911-1913
Folder 22 Barnard, E.E. (Yerkes), 1914
Folder 23 Barnard, E.E. (Yerkes), 1915-1919
Folder 24 Barr, G.M. (British Astronomical Assoc.)
Barrett, Storrs B. (Yerkes)
Barritt, Leon (Monthly Evening Sky Map)
Barrows, Albert (American Assoc. for Advancement of Sciences)
Bartberger, C.M.
Folder 25 Barth, Johanna
Bartlett, H.N. (Westinghouse)
Bauer, L.A. (Carnegie Institute of Washington)

Box 17b
Folder 1 Beal, A.F. (U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey)
Folder 2 Bealor, John T.
Bucher, Jacob, F. (Waynesburg College)
Bellows, John
Belopolsky, A. (Sternwarte)
Benjamin, Marcus (U.S. National Museum)
Bentabal, Horacio (Engineer of Mines and Law, Madrid)
Bentley, E.A. (Pittsburgh Fire Extinguisher Co.)
Folder 3 Biddle, James G.
Biesbroeck, G.
Bigalow, Ralph K.
Bigelow, Edward F.
Folder 4 Bigelow, Harriet W. (Smith College Observatory)
Billings (New York Public Library)
Billquist, T. E.
Birbirish, A.
Black, A. and C.
Blair, G.B. (Washburn College, Morningside College)
Folder 5 Blarcom
Block, Dorothy
Blum, Louis P. (W.G. Wilkins co.)
Boggs and Buhl
Bohlin, K.
Folder 6 Bond, J. L.
Bower, Ernest Clare (U.S. Naval Observatory)
Borgmann, Emil
Borst, G. W. (The Electric Club)
Boss, Benjamin (Dudley Observatory), 1908-1913
Folder 7 Boss, Benjamin (Dudley Observatory), 1914-1920
Folder 8 Boss, Lewis (Carnegie Institution)
Bouardi, J.
Boudin, Samuel
Bouesley, George T. (Engineer's Society)
Bowes, Homer
Bowie, William (Dept. of Labor and Commerce)
Folder 9 Brand, A.
Brasch, F. E.
Brashear, John A.
Folder 10 Brashear, John A. Co., Ltd., 1906-1908
Folder 11 Brashear, John A. Co., Ltd., 1909-1910
Folder 12 Brown, Charles O. (Mellon Institute)
Brown, G.W. (Yale University)
Brown, (Morris and Co.)
Buchanan, J.S.
Burger, William J.
Burke, George (Dept. of Public Works)
Folder 13 Burns, Kievin (Dept. of Commerce)
Burroughs Adding Machine Co.
Butler, C.P. (Solar Physics Observatory, Cambridge)
Byrd, Mary E. (Smith College Observatory)
Cadmus, W.R.
Folder 14 Callery, J.D. (Pittsburgh Railway Co.)
Calvert, Mary R. (Yerkes)
Cambridge Philosophical Society
Cameron, M. (Curtiss Aeroplanes and Motors, Ltd.)
Campbell, W.W. (Lick Observatory), 1904-1906
Folder 15 Campbell, W.W. (Lick Observatory), 1907-1909
Folder 16 Campbell, W.W. (Lick Observatory), 1910
Folder 17 Campbell, W.W. (Lick Observatory), 1911-1912
Folder 18 Campbell, W.W. (Lick Observatory), 1913
Folder 19 Campbell, W.W. (Lick Observatory), 1914
Folder 20 Campbell, W.W. (Lick Observatory), 1915
Folder 21 Campbell, W.W. (Lick Observatory), 1916-1919
Folder 22 Canada (Astronomical Society of)
Cannon, Annie J. (Harvard College Observatory)
Folder 23 Cannon, J.B. (Ottawa Observatory)
Cape of Good Hope Royal Observatory
Cargill, J.F.
Carlin, Thomas H.
Carmalt, Alice M. (University of Pittsburgh)
Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching
Folder 24 Carnegie Institute of Technology
Carnegie Institute of Washington
Carnegie, Louise W.
Carnegie Steel Co.
Carnegie Technical Schools
Folder 25 Carson and White Co.
Cater Electric Co.
Carus, Paul (The Monist - The Open Court)
Casey, Rev. Walter D. (St. Patrick's Rectory)
Folder 26 Cattell, J. McKeen (Popular Science Monthly)
Central District and Printing Telegraph Co.
Folder 27 Challinor, William
Chance Bros. And Co., Ltd.
Chance, F. L. (Yale University)
Chandler, C.F. (Columbia University)
Folder 28 Chant, C.A. (University of Toronto)
Chateau Freres and Cie
Folder 29 Chevreuse Observatory
Chollon, L.
Civera University of Ebro
E. Howard Clock Co., 1905
Folder 30 E. Howard Clock Co., 1906-1909
Folder 31 Coast Survey
Folder 32 Coblentz, W.W.
Coe College
Cohn, Fritz (Pecher Institute)
Coleman, George
Columbia University
Compton, Alfred G. (College of the City of New York)
Folder 33 Comstock, George C. (MIT Astronomical and Astrophysical Society)
Cocke, F. and Sons
Cooper, W.J.
Folder 34 Cortie, Rev. A.L. (Stonyhurst College)
Concrete Steel Construction Co.
Cotsworth, M.E. (Direct Calculators)
Cottam, Vincent W.
Cowperthwaite, M.F. (U.S. Senate)
Cox, Harry w. Ltd.
Coyne, John F.
Folder 35 Cramer Dry Plate Co.
Craven and Jackson
Craver, Harrison A. (Carnegie Library)
Crawford, Nettie J.
Crerar (John) Library
Cresson (George V.) Co.

Box 17c
Folder 1 Crew, Henry (Northwestern University)
Crommelin, A.C.D. (Royal Observatory)
Cross, Charles P. (MIT)
Cummings, Edith E. (Lick Observatory)
Cummons, J.W.
Cunningham, John W.
Folder 2 Curtis, Heber D. (Lick Observatory)
Folder 3 Curtiss, Ralph H. (Lick - Detroit Observatory - Allegheny Observatory), 1905-1908
Folder 4 Curtiss, Ralph H. (Lick - Detroit Observatory - Allegheny Observatory), 1909-1919
Folder 5 Cushing, C.B. (Frick and Lindsay Co.)
Customs Treasury Dept.
Dalby (R.H.) and Co.
Daniel, Laccheus (Princeton University)
Folder 6 Danifot (University of California)
Danler and Cie
Danner, F.J., Jr.
Folder 7 Davidson, George (University of California)
Davis, Alice E.
Davis, Herman S. (International Geodetic Assoc.)
Folder 8 Davis, John K.
Davis, K.E. (University of Pittsburgh)
Davis, Raymond C. (University of Michigan)
Davis, Robert L. (Westinghouse)
Davis, W.M.
Folder 9 Day, Arthur L. (National Academy of Science)
Day, David F.
Day, George Parmly (Yale University)
Deans of the University (University of Pittsburgh), 1913
Folder 10 Deans of the University (University of Pittsburgh), 1913
Folder 11 Deans of the University (University of Pittsburgh), 1914
Folder 12 Dempster, A.
Denison University
Denton (Joseph Horne Co.)
Detroit Publishing Co.
Dewey, John (Columbia University)
Diden, J. Gordon
Diks, A.W.
Doberck, W.
Dodge, Otis
Dormtous, Charles (Westinghouse Electric)
Dodd, L.E. (Bureau of Standards)
Folder 13 Doolittle, C.L. (American Philosophical Society)
Doolittle, Eric (University of Pennsylvania)
Folder 14 Doubleday-Hill Electric Co.
Folder 15 Douglass, A.E. (University of Arizona)
Downs, Louis (the Associated Charities of Pittsburgh)
Dudley, P.H. (New York Central and Hudson River Rail Road Co.)
Dugan, Raymond S. (Princeton University Observatory)
Folder 16 Duncan, J.C.
Duncan, Robert K. (Mellon Institute of Industrial Research)
Du Rig, A.H.
Dwyer, Michael D.
Dyson, F.W. (Royal Observatory of Edinburgh)
Folder 17 Eastman Kodak Co.
Ebert, A.G. (Technological Branch - U.S. Geological Survey)
Eckls, F.H. (University of Pittsburgh)
Eddington, A.S. (Observatory Cambridge)
Folder 18 Eder Construction Co., 1906
Folder 19 Eder Construction Co., 1909
Folder 20 Edinburgh (Royal Observatory)
Edward, George Co.
Eggers, Edward E. (Carnegie Library)
Eichelberger, W.S. (U.S. Naval Observatory)
Folder 21 Eimer and Amend
Folder 22 Electric Storage Battery Co.
Folder 23 Elston, Catherine (Western University of Pennsylvania)
Engelman, Wilhelm
Equiley, John (College of the City of New York)
Evens, P.B. (University of Cincinnati)
Folder 24 Excelsior Diary
Fagginger, A.C.
Fales, E.N.
Farrington, R.P. (School of Mines - University of Pittsburgh)
Faulkner, Richard B. (Alumni Assoc. of Columbia University)
Folder 25 Faunce, M.D. (Republic Iron and Steel Co.)
Favaro International Astronomical Station of Carloforte
Finley, John H. (College of the City of New York)
Finndlick, E. Finlay
Board of Fire Underwriters
Fisher, G.C.
Fisher, Henry (Standard Underground Cable Co.)
Fitchett, H.W.
Fleming, George T.
Fleming, Williamina P. (Harvard College Observatory)
Folder 26 Flint, A.S. (Washburn Observatory University of Wisconsin)
Flowtow, A.
Fock, Buchhandlung Gustav
Fowler, A. (Royal College of Science)
Fowler, Mary (Vassar College)
Folder 27 Fox, Phillip (Northwestern University), 1908-1911
Folder 28 Fox, Phillip (Northwestern University), 1912-1913
Folder 29 Fox, Phillip (Northwestern University), 1914
Folder 30 Fox, Phillip (Northwestern University), 1919-1920
Folder 31 French, H.W. Co.
Fric, Josef and Jan
Folder 32 Frost, A.E. (Western University of Pennsylvania), 1904-1907
Folder 33 Frost, A.E. (Western University of Pennsylvania), 1908-1909
Folder 34 Frost, A.E. (Western University of Pennsylvania), 1910
Folder 35 Frost, A.E. (Western University of Pennsylvania), 1911

Box 17d
Folder 1 Frost, A.E. (Western University of Pennsylvania), January-February 1911
Folder 2 Frost, A.E. (Western University of Pennsylvania), March-April 1911
Folder 3 Frost, A.E. (Western University of Pennsylvania), May-December 1911
Folder 4 Frost, A.E. (Western University of Pennsylvania), 1912-1913
Folder 5 Frost, A.E. (Western University of Pennsylvania), 1914
Frost, Edwin B. (Yerkes)
Folder 6 The Fullman Co.
Fulmer, Elmer E.
Furness, Caroline E. (Vassar College Observatory)
Folder 7 Gaertner, William and Co., 1905-1913
Folder 8 Gaertner, William and Co., 1914-1920
Folder 9 Gale, Henry (University of Chicago)
Gallo. (National Astronomical Observatory)
Gamble, A. (Sidney H.S.)
Gauthier - Villars
Gazetter Times (Pittsburgh)
Genova (R. Instituto Idrografico)
National Geographic Society
Folder 10 Geophysical
George, Rev. W. (Henry Geneva College)
Gerish (James H. Rhodes and Co.)
German Club of Pittsburgh
Folder 11 Gill, David
Gillespie, F.D.
Githeng, C.E. (Franklin College)
Gluncey, A. Estelle
Golden and Crick
Gopes, F.
Gosden, Thomas (Western Union Telegraph Co.)
Goulandris, E. (National Observatory of Athens)
Folder 12 Graduate Council of the University of Pittsburgh,
Folder 13 Graduate Council of the University of Pittsburgh, 1912
Folder 14 Graduate Council of the University of Pittsburgh, 1913
Folder 15 Graduate Council of the University of Pittsburgh, 1914
Folder 16 Graduate Council of the University of Pittsburgh, 1916
Folder 17 Graduate Council of the University of Pittsburgh, 1917
Folder 18 Graham, Ben G. (The High School, Greensburg, PA)
Gray, B. (War Dept.)
Green, Henry J.
Green, Stephen Co.
Greenwood and Sons
Grosjean, Charles
Folder 19 Grossmann, E.
Gundersen, May
Gunnell, L. (Smithsonian Institution)
W. and L. E. Gurley
Guthnick, P.
Hadley (Yale University)
Haeny, M.
Folder 20 Hagen, J.G. (Specola Vaticana)
Hall, Arthur W. (Scientific Co.)
Folder 21 Hale, George E. (Mt. Wilson)
Folder 22 Halsapple, F.F. (Juniata College)
Hamerschlag (Carnegie Technical Schools)
Hamilton, C.H. (Rasner and Dinger Co.)
Hammer Dry Plate Co.
Hammond, John (U.S. Naval Observatory)
Hamy, M.
Handgrove, M.R. (Pennsylvania Railroad)
Harmon (St. John's College)
The Harmsworth Encyclopedia
Harper, W.E. (Dept. of Interior)
Harris, L.H. (School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh)
Harris (Philip) and Co., Ltd.
Folder 23 Harper, W.E. (Dept. of Interior)
Hartmann (Astrophysikalishes Observatory, Potsdam)
Harwood, M.
Hassel, Karl (School of Eng., University of Pittsburgh)
Hasselberg, B.
Folder 24 Hastings, Charles (Yale University)
Folder 25 Haussman, K.
Hawkers, Julia
Hawkesworth, Alan S. (Carnegie Library)
Hayford, John F. (Northwestern University)
Haynes, E.S. (Laws Observatory)
Hays, S. Mimis (American Philosophical Society)
Hendrick, Henry B. (Nautical Almanac Office)
Folder 26 Heger, Mary Lee (University of California)
Henck, J.B.
Hendrickson - Maytham Co.
Henroteau, F. (Lick Observatory)
Herda, C.
Herr, E.M. (Westinghouse)
Herron, J.W.
Folder 27 Hertzsprang, Rjnar
Folder 28 Hildebrandson, H.H.
Higer (A.), Ltd.
Hinchman, Lydia S. (Maria Mitchell Assoc., Osceola)
Hinks (The Observatory, Cambridge)
Hirayama, Shin (University of Tokyo)
Hirsch, William (American Steel and Wire Co.)
Folder 29 Histaling, S.
Hobe, A. (Lick)
Holden, E.S. (West Point Military Academy)
Holder, F. (University of Pittsburgh)
Holland, W.
Hollis, H.P. (Royal Observatory)
Holmes, George S. (First Methodist Episcopal Church)
N. Holmes and Sons
Holmes, Rachel
Holmes, Samuel
Folder 30 Hood, W.K. (Duquesne Fireproofing Co.)
Hoogewerff, J.A. (US Naval Observatory)
Hopkins, L.S. (Kent State)
Hopkins, M.M. (Smith College Observatory)
Hough, S.S. (Royal Obs., Cape of Good Hope)
Howard, F.B. (U.S. Naval Observatory)

Box 17e
Folder 1 Hudson, Charles J. (Amherst College Observatory)
Humphreys, W.J. (U.S. Weather Bureau Office)
Hundred (American Assoc. for Advancement of Science)
Huntington (Wells- Fargo Co.)
Folder 2 Hussey, W.J. (Detroit Observatory)
Folder 3 Hutchinson, C.F. (National Research Council)
Hutchinson, Robert
Ihinohe, Naozo (Tokyo Astronomical Observatory)
Ihlsenj, M.C. (Blairsville College)
Imperial Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg
Innes, R.T.A. (Transvaal Observatory)
Folder 4 ION - Journal of Electronics, Astomistics, Ionology, Radioactivity and Baumchemistry
Royal Instituto Idrografic
Italian Association for the Advancement of Science
Jacob and Valentin
Jacobs, I.W. (Northwestern mutual Life Insurance)
Jacoby, Harold (Columbia University)
Folder 5 Jay, Alfred H. (Syrian Protestant College Observatory)
Jayne, J.L. (U.S. Naval Observatory)
Jeffery Manufacturing Co.
Folder 6 Jennings, F.R.
Jeulsius, Louise F.
H.W. Johns-Manville Co.
Johnson, Anthony (Reed and Witting)
Johnston and Co.
Jonckhure, Robert
Jones (Dept. of Commerce)
Folder 7 Jordan, F.C. (Yerkes Observatory)
Jursek, Carl C.
Folder 8 Kaeurpffert
Kapteyn, J.C. (Mt. Wilson Solar Observatory)
Kauffman Bros.
Folder 9 Kayser
Keating, W.A.
Keeler, James
Keen, W.W. (Philosophical Society)
Kehro, John
Kellogg, Fred (Allegheny Co. Light Co.)
Kennedy, J.E.
Folder 10 Keppel, T.P. (Columbia)
Kester, F.E. (University of Pittsburgh)
Ketchuny, George (University of Pittsburgh)
Keyser, C.J. (Columbia University)
King (Dominion Observatory, Harvard College Observatory)
Folder 11 Kistler, R.L.
Kistner, Mark (St. Vincent College)
Klages, G.W.
Kloh, Skar. (University of Pittsburgh)
Klotz (Dept. of Interior)
Knopf, Otto (Sternwarte)
L.E. Knott Apparatus co.
Folder 12 Knowles, Harry
Kobold, Hermann (Astronomische Nichrichten)
Kobow, Hermann
Koch, S. Marie (St. John's General Hospital)
Konkoly, Nicolas (Royal Institute of Meteorology, Budapest, Hungary)
Koon, E. (Observatory, Potsdam)
Kopf, M.G. (Ralko Products Co.)
Folder 13 Kratzer and Co., 1904-1906
Folder 14 Kratzer and Co., June 1907
Folder 15 Kratzer and Co., July-December 1907
Folder 16 Kucera, Otto (Observatory, Zagreb, Croatia)
Kurtz, Langvein and Swartz
Kustner, F. (Sternwarte)
Laekyn, William (Solar Physics Observatory, London)
Lambert, R.C. (Carnegie Steel)
Lampland, C.O. (Lowell Observatory)
Folder 17 Langley, S.P. (Smithsonian Institute)
Lau, H.E. (Sternwarte)
Lauder, George
Laves, Kurt
Lawrence Paint Store
Leavenworth, F.P. (University of Minnesota)
Lecointe, G. (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
Folder 18 Lee, Oliver J. (Yerkes Observatory)
Folder 19 Leete, John B. (Carnegie Technical Schools)
Lefras, Gustave
LeGoullon, P.
Leisser, B. (Pittsburgh School of Design)
Leland, O.M. (Astronomical Society)
Leni, John F.
Leon, Luis (Society of Astronomy, Mexico)
Leonard, F.C. (Leonard Observatory)
Folder 20 Leuchan, H. (Sydney Observatory)
Leuschner, Armin O. (University of California)
Folder 21 Lewellyn, C. G.
Libert, Lucien
Library Bureau
Lick Observatory
Liedki, Richard
Lincoln, Paul M.
Ling, George (Columbia University)
Folder 22 Linhart, S.B. (Western University of Pittsburgh - Office of Secretary)
Folder 23 Little, Frank B. (U.S. Naval Observatory)
Lockhart, James
Folder 24 Lockwood, W. H. (S.F. Bowser Co.)
Lohse (Observatory Astrophysikalisches, Potsdam)
Long, W.F.
Longmans, Green and Co.
Lord, H.G. (Emerson McMillin Observatory, Ohio State)
Folder 25 Lovett, Edgar Odell (Princeton Observatory)
Lowell, Percival (Lowell Observatory, Arizona)
Ludendorff (Observatory Astrophysikalisches, Potsdam)
Ludwig, W.H.
Folder 26 Lumiere N. (America Co., Ltd.)
Lundin, C.A.P. (Alvin Clark and Sons Corp.)
Lunt, J.
Luterancik, John P. (St. Vincent's Seminary)
Lyon, J.L.
Folder 27 van Maanen, Adrian (Yerkes Observatory)
Folder 28 MacFarlane, James R. (Carnegie Museum)
MacMillan Co.
Maddille, James (International Latitude Observatory)
Magill, Endora
Magnus, Nyren
Magvar Tudomanyos Akadimia (Budapest)
Folder 29 Mamaux Sons
Manhattan Electrical Supp.
Mann, Ira A.
Marcus, Alexander (College of the City of New York)
Folder 30 Mars (a poem)
Marsh, Charles E. (Atchinson, Topeka,Santa Fe Railway)
Marshall Bros.
Marshall, R. (U.S. Geological Survey)
Marti, C.
Glenn L. Martin Co.
Martin, H.S. (War Dept)
Martin, John F., Rev.
Martin, William C. (John A. Brashear Co.)
Folder 31 Marwick, E.E., Col.
Marzolo, P.
Mason, H.D.
Mason, William A. (Philadelphia Board of Education)
Folder 32 Maunder, Thomas F. (British Astronomical Association)
Maury, J.W. Draper (Harvard Club of N.Y.)
May, Gertrude B.
The May Lumber Co.
Mazelle (Maritime Observatorium)
McAllister (Electric Service Supplies Co.)
Folder 33 McAteer, Charles (Harvard Observatory)
McCasland, May
Oliver McCLintock Co.
McConway, William

Box 17f
Folder 1 McCormick, S.B. (Western University of Pennsylvania), 1905-1909
Folder 2 McCormick, S.B. (Western University of Pennsylvania), 1912
Folder 3 McCormick, S.B. (Western University of Pennsylvania), 1913-1915
Folder 4 McCormick, S.B. (Western University of Pennsylvania), 1916-1919
Folder 5 McCoutrey (Boggs Buhl)
McDiarmid, R.J. (Dept. of Interior)
Folder 6 McDowell, J.B.
McDowell (J.A. Brashear Co.), 1905-1911
Folder 7 McDowell (J.A. Brashear Co.), 1912-1920
Folder 8 McGahan (Westinghouse)
McGee, Anita A.
McGill, M.A. (U.P. Theological Seminary)
McGuiness (American Warming and Ventilating Co.)
McKinley, A.E.
McKnight, T.H.B. (University of Pittsburgh)
Folder 9 McLane, R.
McLean, Maggie
McMaster, Jessie
McNaugher, John (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)
McNees (Geologic and Topographic Survey)
McNish, Thomas
Folder 10 McPherson, William D. (The American Astronomer)
McWilliams, S.E.
Meals, Emma
Mecklin, J.M. (University of Pittsburgh)
Folder 11 Mees, C.E.K. (Eastman Kodak), 1914-1915
Folder 12 Mees, C.E.K. (Eastman Kodak), 1916-1917
Meese, L.H.
Folder 13 Meggers, W.F. (Dept. of Commerce)
Folder 14 Mendenhall, C.E. (National Research Council, Library Bureau)
Meikle, Anna E. (Case School of Applied Medicine)
Mellon, Rachel H.
Mellor, Lewis L. (Detroit Observatory)
Merrill, Paul W. (U.S. Bureau of Standards)
Mershon, Ralph
Mesta Machine Co.
Metcalf, Joel (Winchester Unitarian Society)
Meteorological Observatory of the Imperial University
Folder 15 Miles, J. Walter (Westinghouse)
Millas, Jose Carlos (National Observatory - Cuba)
Miller, G.
Miller, G.A. (University of Illinois)
Folder 16 Miller, John A. (Swarthnore College), 1906-1912
Folder 17 Miller, John A. (Swarthnore College), 1913-1914
Folder 18 Miller, John A. (Swarthnore College), 1915-1916
Folder 19 Miller, John A. (Swarthnore College), 1917-1919
Folder 20 Millikan (National Research Council)
The Millionaire
Mitchell, S.A., 1908-1914
Folder 21 Mitchell, S.A., 1915
Folder 22 Mitchell, S.A., 1916-1917
Folder 23 Mitchell, S.A., 1918-1920
Folder 24 Mitchell, S.A., 1906
Folder 25 Mitchel, Walter M. (Haverford College Observatory)
Folder 26 Moeller, Herman (J.M. Gusky Orphanage and Home)
Monk, George S. (Yerkes Observatory)
Society of the Observatory of Mont Blanc
Moore, H.K.
Morning, Ober (Pottstown High School)
Morecroft, J. Arnold (Pratt Institute)
Morgan, H.R. (U.S. Naval Observatory)
Morris, Brown Co.
Morrison, George (United Engineering and Foundry Co.)
Morschhauser, W.A.
Moseley, E.L.
Folder 27 Moulton, F.R. (University of Chicago)
Folder 28 Mourashkinsky, Basil
Oscar Muller Co.
Murdoch, Kerr Co.
Mutte, Henry
National Astronomical Observatory (Tacubaya, Mexico)
Naegauirala, R.D.
Nail, Mary C.
National Academy of Sciences
National Press Bureau
Folder 29 National Radiator Co.
National Research Council
Nature Magazine
U.S. Naval Observatory
Folder 30 Neodymium
Folder 31 Neodymium

Box 17g
Folder 1 Nernst Lamp Co.
Newall, H.F. (Solar Physics Observatory, Cambridge)
Newcomb, S.
Folder 2 New Era Printing Co., 1907-1908
Folder 3 New Era Printing Co., 1909
Folder 4 New Era Printing Co., 1910
Folder 5 New Era Printing Co., 1915-1917
Folder 6 New Era Printing Co., 1919-1920
Folder 7 New Hampshire State Library
New York Public Library
Observatory of Nice
Nicholson Printing co.
Nicola, F.T. (Schenley Farms Co.)
Northwestern University
Nutting, P.G. (Westinghouse)
Nyland, A.A. (Observatory of Utrecht)
Folder 8 Observatory Committee
Oliver, George F. (U.S. Senate)
Olivier (University of Virginia)
One Hundred
Optical Instrument Monthly
Otis Elevator Co.
Folder 9 Ott, F.L.
The Pacific Express Co.
Paddock, G.F. (Mills Observatory Expedition)
Painter, George E.
Palmer, Charles
Palmer, Harry M.
Palmer, Margaretta
Folder 10-14 Pi Co-op (Parallax Committee)
Folder 15 Park, J.A.
Park, J.L. (Western University of Pennsylvania)
Parker, M.H. (Dept. of Interior)
Parker, F.H. (Dept. of Interior)
Folder 16 Parkhurst, Henry (Superior Court)
Parkhurst, J.A. (Yerkes Observatory)
Folder 17 Pastorelli and Rapkin, Ltd.
Patterson, W.H. (Westinghouse)
Paulson, W.S.
Payne, William W. (Goodsell Observatory of Carleton College)
Pearl, Raymond (National Research Council)
Folder 18 Peck, Henry A. (Syracuse University)
Peyram, George B. (Columbia University)
Peifer, Charles J. (J.A. Brashear Co.)
Pennsylvania Railroad Co.
Pennywitt, Henry (Dept. of Agriculture)
Folder 19 Perrine, C. (Astronomical Observatory - Argentina)
Folder 20 Pessler, A.
Petersen, Max (University of Wisconsin)
Pfund, A.H. (Johns Hopkins University)
Folder 21 Phillips, Fracis (University of Pittsburgh)
Phillips, Theodore
Photographic Astronomy
Folder 22-30 Pickering, E. (1900-1911,1912-1917) (Harvard College Observatory)
Pickering, W. (Harvard College Observatory)
Folder 31 Pickering, W. (Harvard College Observatory)
Pierpont, James
Pellou, J.L. (Dept. of Public Works)
Pillsbury, J.L. (National Geographic Society)
Folder 32 Pitman (Swarthmore College)
Pittsburgh and Allegheny Telephone Co.
Pittsburgh Calcium Light and Film Co.
Pittsburgh Electrical and Machine Works
Pittsburgh Fire Extinguisher Co.
Pittsburgh Heating Co.
Pittsburgh Iron and Wire Works
Pittsburgh Map
Pittsburgh Printing Co.
Folder 33 Plaskett, J.S. (Dominion Observatory, Victoria, South Carolina), 1907-1910
Folder 34 Plaskett, J.S. (Dominion Observatory, Victoria, South Carolina), 1911-1912
Folder 35 Plaskett, J.S. (Dominion Observatory, Victoria, South Carolina), 1913-1914

Box 17h
Folder 1 Plaskett, J.S. (Dominion Observatory, Victoria, South Carolina), 1915-1917
Folder 2 Plaskett, J.S. (Dominion Observatory, Victoria, South Carolina), 1919
Folder 3 Plassman, J.
Polar Trails
Poole, D. Lewis (Royal Societies Club)
Poor, Charles (New York Academy of Sciences)
Poor, John (Shattuck Observatory)
Popular Astronomy
Folder 4 Porter, Edwin K. (City Deposit Bank)
Porter, H.B. (The Scientific Shop)
Porter, H.K.
Porter, Jermaine G. (Cincinnati Observatory)
Postal Telegraph Cable Co.
Post Master
Pratt, W.H.
Folder 5 Price, P.W. (County Engineers Office)
Priest, Mame S. (U.S. Bureau of Standards)
Presho, C. (Caton Technical Schools)
Pritchett (Carnegie Foundation)
Folder 6-7 Proof
Folder 8 Purdy, Ross
Quimby, Alden
Le Radium (Physics Journal)
Ralko Products Co.
Rambaut, Arthur A. (Radcliffe Observatory)
Ramsey, Charles N. (Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S.)
Folder 9 Rasner and Dinger Co.
Rayburn and Bates
Raynaud, Michel
Rea, James H.
Director (Real Observatory)
Red Cross
Folder 10 Redden, J.M.
Reed and Witting - Stationers
Reich, M. (General Engineering and Contracting Co.)
Reiche, Louise
Reid, A.M.
Reimer, George (Verlagsbuchhandlung)
Folder 11 Reiss, R.
Remsen, Ira (Johns Hopkins University)
Folder 12 National Research Council
Folder 13 Ricco, A. (Royal Observatory of Catania)
Rich, J. and G.
Ridgeway, Frank (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture)
Folder 14-15 Riefler, Clemens (Weather Bureau)
Folder 16 Rifenburg, F.C. (Phila. Typewriter Supply Co.)
Riggenbach, Albert (Astronomisch - Meterorlogische Anstalt)
Rines, David (Coast and Geodetic Survey)
Folder 17 Ristenpart, F. (Astrological Observatory Casilla)
Ritchey, G.W. (Solar Observatory, Mt. Wilson, CA)
Ritter and Flebbe
Robertson, David (Pittsburgh Golf Club)
Rockwell, W.W.
Roddi, Auguste
Roe, E.D. (Syracuse University)
Romeiki Inc.
Rosedale Foundry and Machine Co.
Folder 18 Ross, Frank (International Geodetic Assoc.), 1907-1909
Folder 19 Ross, Frank (International Geodetic Assoc.), 1910
Folder 20 Ross, Frank (International Geodetic Assoc.), 1911-1913
Folder 21 Rowland, K. (Western University of Pennsylvania)
Royal Typewriter Co.
Royal Astronomical Society, London
Royal Observatory, London
Rumrill, H.B. (Pennsylvania Railroad)
Folder 22 Russell,Henry Norris (Princeton),
Folder 23 Russell,Henry Norris (Princeton), 1911
Folder 24 Russell,Henry Norris (Princeton), 1912
Folder 25 Russell,Henry Norris (Princeton), 1913
Folder 26 Russell,Henry Norris (Princeton), 1914
Folder 27 Rust, Frances
Sabisee, Wallace (War Dept.)
Sanford, Fernando (Stanford University)
Sayer, Luella (Dearborn Observatory)
Saylor, E.B. (Western Union Telegraph Co.)
Scaife, Lucien
Folder 28 Scandrett, Thomas (Dept. of Public Safety)
Schapper, H.
Scheiner, J.
Schiaparelli, Giovanni (Observatory of Brera-Milan)
Schimmack, P.K.
Schlesinger, Frank (Publications list)
Schoenberg, E.
Schoenlein, O.G. (Emmanuel Lutheran Church)
Scholer, Eva
Schoer, Richard (Sternwarte - Hamburg)
Folder 29 Schott Genossen - Jena, Germany
Schoyer, A.M. (Pennsylvania Lines)
Schrocter, F.H. (Christiana Observatory - Norway)
Schumacher, Elsa
Folder 30 Schuster, Arthur (Manchester, England)
Schwab, J.C. (Yale University Library)
Schwarzchild, R. (Astrophysikalisches Observatory)
Folder 31 Schwob, Adolphe, Inc.
The Science Press
Scientific American Compiling Dept.
Scientific Materials Co.
Scott, Charles (Westinghouse)
Seares, F.H. (Solar Observatory)
Seckendorff, M.G.
Folder 32 Secretary's Office (University of Pittsburgh), 1910-1914
Folder 33 Secretary's Office (University of Pittsburgh), 1915-1919
Folder 34 See, F.J.J. (Naval Observatory)
Folder 35 Seed, Dry Plate Co.
Seelinger, H. (Sternwarte - Munchen)
Seibel, George (Pittsburgh Gazette)
Shapley, Harlow (University Observatory - Princeton
Folder 36 Sharman, George H.
Shattuck (8th International Geographic Congress)
Shinjo, Shinto
Sidgreuves, Walter (Stonyhurst College)
Sies, R.F. (School of Education, University of Pittsburgh)
Simmons, Guy (Independent Agency, Bureau of Statistics)
Singer, G. Harton

Box 17i
Folder 1 Slipher, V.M. (Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona)
Folder 2 Slocum, Frederick (Yerkes), 1909-1914
Folder 3 Slocum, Frederick (Yerkes), 1915-1919
Folder 4 Smalley, R.E.
Smiley, Charles (Allegheny Post Office)
Smith, A.G.
Smith, Charles (Fire Insurance)
Smith Edwin (Dept. of Commerce and Labor, Coase Geodetic Survey)
Smith, Elliott (Cincinnati Observatory)
Smith, J.M.
Smith, Mason F. (Yale University)
Smith, S.B. (Prism Glass Co.)
Smith, Walter
Folder 5 Smithsonian Institution
Folder 6 Snow, Benjamin W. (University of Wisconsin)
Snyder, Antes (Pennsylvania Railroad)
Snyder, M.B. (Philadelphia Observatory)
La Societe Imperiale des Naturalistes de Moscow
Folder 7 Solar Rotation
Solyom, Herbert (Yerkes Observatory)
Somers, Fitler and Todd Co.
Southall, James P.C. (Alabama Polytechnic Institute)
Folder 8 Spencer Lens Co.
Spieth, William Spindler and Hoyer
Spurgeon, John J. (Public Ledger)
Standard Roller Bearing Co.
Folder 9 Standards-U.S. Bureau of
Folder 10 Stauernagel, Oscar
Stebbins, Joel (University of Illinois)
Folder 11 Stechert, G.E. Co.
Stellar Parallax
Stellar Spectra
Folder 12 Hamburger Sternwarte
Stetson, H.F. (Yerkes)
B.F. Stevens and Brown - Trafalgar Square
Stevens, Robert L. (Trinity Rectory)
Stevenson, Edward A.
Stevenson and Foster Co., Pittsburgh
Folder 13 Stewart, De Lisle
Stewart Douglas (Carnegie Museum)
Stewart, Marie
Stewart R. (Western University)
Stewart R. Mildrum (Dominion Observatory)
Stocker, Florence J. (Radcliffe College)
Stockhausen and Sons
Folder 14 Stone, Ormond (University of Virginia)
Stratton, F.J. M. (Solar Physics Observatory - Cambridge University)
Straub, Max V.
Folder 15 Stroingren (Observatory Copenhagen)
Stroobant, P. (Royal Observatory of Belgium)
Struve, D.H. (Sternwarte Konigliche)
Staub, John
John Stulen and Sons
Folder 16 Stupakoff, S.H.
Supplee, C.W.
Sutton, Psyche Rebecca (The Daily Reporter)
Swope, E.F. (William Mitchell Printing Co.)
System, Fitting Co.
Tacchini, Pietro
Taggart and Yerxa
Folder 17 Tallock, John (Wall Street)
Taylor (University of Cincinnati)
Taylor and Dean (Pittsburgh Iron and Wire Works)
Taylor, James (Vassar)
Tebbcott, John (Observatory-Wales)
Technical World Magazine
Teller, Sidney (Irene Kaufmann Settlement)
Templeton, Alex
Terschoffel, A. (Institute of France)
Tetens, Otto
Folder 18 Thaw, Benjamin
Thaw, H.K.
Folder 19-22 Thaw, Stephen Dows
Folder 23 Thiersky, G.W. (Carnegie Institute of Technology)
Thomson, Andrew
A.F. Thompson and Co., Boston, MA
Thompson, Henry S. (Harvard)
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Mrs. William R.
Folder 24 Thurston Prep School
Tickel (University of Pittsburgh)
Tillyer, Edgar D. (U.S. Bureau of Standards)
Folder 25 Tittmann, O.H. (Coast and Geodetic Survey)
Folder 26 Todd, D. (Amherst College Observatory)
Folder 27 Todd, James (Sterling Varnish Co.), 1911
Folder 28 Todd, James (Sterling Varnish Co.), 1912
Folder 29 Todd, James (Sterling Varnish Co.), 1913
Folder 30 Tombo, Rudolf, Jr. (Alumni Council of Columbia University)
Toulouse, Univ. de
Townley, Sidney D. (Stanford University)
Folder 31 Tozer, R.S.
Tracht (University of Chicago)
Trinks, W. (Carnegie Technical School)
Trubner, Karl J.
Truman, O.H. (University of Iowa)
Folder 32 Trumpler, R.
Folder 33 Tucker, R. H. (Lick Observatory)
Turk, J.C. (A. S. Wilson Co.)
Turner, Arthur B. (college of the City of New York)
Turner, Flora
Turner, H.H. (University Observatory - Oxford, England)
Folder 34 Tyler (Ensign Manufacturing Co.)
Tyson (University of Pittsburgh)
Ukiah Observatory
Ullman, B.L. (University of Pittsburgh)
Folder 35 Union (International Astronomical Union)

Box 17j
Folder 1 Union National Bank
Union Observatory (Johannesburg)
United Presbyterian
United Press Service
United States Express Co.
University of Chicago (Library)
University of Chicago Press
University of Michigan (Library)
Folder 2 University of Pittsburgh
Folder 3 University Professors, American Assn. Of
Updegraff, Milton (U.S. Naval Observatory)
Vahlen (Preussische Akademie)
Valente, John
Vallot, J. (Observatory of Mont Blanc)
Van Bresbroeck G. (Yerkes)
Very, Frank (Westwood Astrophysical Observatory)
Voigtlander and Son (Optical Works)
Folder 4 Voss Sortiment
Voorhees, Oscar
Voute, J. (Royal Observatory)
Walcott, C.D. (Smithsonian)
Wales Visible Adding and Listing Machine
Walker, A. (U.S. Naval Observatory)
Folder 5 Walker, C.H. (Editor of Ion)
Walker, Gilbert F. (Indian Observatory - Calcutta)
Walker, H.L. (Dollar Savings Bank)
Walkey, O.R.
Wallace, Daniel H.
Folder 6 Wallace, Isabel
Wallace, John Wallace, R. James (Yerkes)
Wallin, Sven
Walter, G.
Waltham Watch Co.
War Dept.
War Dept. (Office of Chief Signal Officer)
Folder 7-11 Ware, Louise (Yerkes)
Folder 12-14 Warner and Swasey Co.
Folder 15 Weimck
Welch, Willia Y. (Clarion State Normal School)
Weld, Le Roy (Coe College)
Wells Fargo and Co.
Wendell, O.C. (Harvard College Observatory)
Wenley, R.M. (University of Michigan)
West, Andrew (Princeton)
West, Laura
Western Union Telegraph
Westinghouse, Church, Kerr and Co.
Folder 16-19 Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co.
Folder 20 Westinghouse Machine Co.
Wehterbee, Weston
Wettach, James
White, Arthur
White, James F. (Publishers)
White, Jesse (University of Pittsburgh)
White, Scott A.
White, William Charles (University of Pittsburgh)
Folder 21 Whitney, Mary
Whitney, W.R.
Whittmer, Clara
Whyte, Charles (United Free Church)
Wicks, Mark (Thorton Heath)
Folder 22 Wilkins, Mary
Willard, Elisa (Carnegie Library)
Willard, Storage Battery Co.
Williamson, Robert (Madison Wisconsin)
Wilsing, F.
Folder 23 Wilson, D.J. (Case School of Applied Science)
Wilson, E.B. (National Academy of Sciences)
Wilson, Herbert C. (Carleton College)
H.W. Wilson Co.
Wilson, Ralph (Goodsell Observatory - Carleton College)
Folder 24 Windsor, William
Winters, Edna (Indiana Normal School)
Wirth, Andrew G.
Witmer, Samuel
Wittig, Gustav (University of Alabama)
Folder 25 Wolf, Max
Womer, P.P.(Washburn College)
Wood, Harry O. (National Research Council)
Wood, R.W. (Johns Hopkins University)
Woods, Harry I. (Washburn College)
Folder 26 Woodward, R.S. (Carnegie Institute of Washington)
Folder 27 Woodwell, Joseph F.
Worth, S.D. (Dept. of Commerce and Labor)
Wrightson, E.H. (Allegheny Loan and Trust Co.)
Folder 28 Yale University
Young, Anne (Mt. Holyoke College)
Young, Charles Augustus (Princeton)
Folder 29 Young, R.K. (Dept. of Interior)
Young, S. Edward (Second Presbyterian Church)
Folder 30 Ziss, Carl
Zenith Stove and Heater Co.
Zenthess, H.G. (Videnskabernes Selskab)
Observatory of Zi-Ka-wes
Zwillinger, Max (Crown Optical Co.)

Section: Addendum - Personal Correspondence

Box 17j
Folder 31 Aitken, Robert G. (Lick Observatory, Hamilton, CA), September 6, 1901; June 5, 1902
Albrecht, Theodore, January 4, 1900
Arnand, Joseph J. (New York), March 26, 1900; March 24, 1901
Barnard, Edward E. (Yerkes Observatory), April 16, 1900; February 14, 1901
Barrett, S.B. (Yerkes Observatory), January 13, 1903-March 31, 1903
Bauer, George N. (New York), January 4, 1900
Burkhalter, Charles (Cabot Observatory), March 17, 1900
Folder 32 Campbell, William W. (Lick Observatory), August 21, 1900-March 11, 1903
Chase, F.L. (Boulder, CO), June 16, 1903; June 22, 1903
Chester, C.W. (Naval Observatory), April 3, 1903
Davis, Herman (Gaithersburg, MD), February 11, 1900-January 3, 1903
Davroton E. (San Francisco), March 13, 1900; March 20, 1900
Folder 33 Edwards, Frank V. (US Coast and Geodetic Survey), May 2, 1900; November 7, 1900
Ehrenberg, Frederick (New York), June 27, 1900
Ellerman, Ferdinand (Yerkes Observatory, Williams Bay, WI), March 13, 1900; March 20, 1900
Gildein, Otto von (San Francisco), April 3, 1900-July 5, 1900
Folder 34 Hale, George E. (Yerkes Observatory), July 17, 1899-Ocotber 18, 1901
Hartman, T. (Artrophys Observatory, Postsdam), March 19, 1900
Hinks, Arthur (The Observatory, Cambridge), June 17, 1903
Folder 35 Jacoby, Harold (Astronomical Observatory, Columbia University, New York), January 24, 1900-December 9, 1901
Jesse, R.H. (University of the State of Missouri, Columbia, MO), April 26, 1901
Jordon, David S. (Lelaw Stanford Junior University, Stanford University, CA), December 7, 1901
Kreatr, H. (Keil, Germany), September 15, 1901

Box 18
Folder 1 Leuschner, Armin O. (Students Observatory, University of California), March 16, 1900-November 17, 1900
Liebisch, B. (Leipzig, Germany), August 21, 1900
Murdock Press (San Francisco), June 6, 1901
Parkherst, John A. (Marengo, IL), December 1, 1899-July 4, 1900
Phipps, S.C. (Berkley, CA), April 1, 1900-May 27, 1900
Pritchett, Henry Smith (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), March 13, 1900-April 23, 1901
Porter, J.S. (Cincinnati Observatory), June 8, 1900
Preston, E.D. (Washington, DC), March 14, 1900
Folder 2 Rees, J.K. (New York), December 1, 1899-April 7, 1903
Ritchey, Alfeda (Lake Geneva, WI), December 27, 1901
Rogers, A.O. (San Francisco), November 27, 1900
Folder 3 Smith, Edwin (US Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington), January 15, 1900-May 23, 1901
Trel, T.R. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco), February 14, 1901-October 26, 1901
Folder 4 Townley, Sidney D. (Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Berkley, CA), January 1, 1900-July 6, 1906
Treasury Department, Office of the Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington, DC, June 4, 1901
Tucker, R.H. (Lick Observatory), January 30, 1900
Twitchell, Edward W., January 31, 1900-September 1, 1900
U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, DC, May 9, 1901
Wanach, B. (Postscharn, Germany), June 29, 1900
Wilczynski, E.J. (Berkley, CA), May 23, 1900-August 11, 1900
Williamson, E.B. (Bluffton, Indiana), April 6, 1900
Woodward, R.S. (Columbia University), May 20, 1901

Section: Personal Correspondence to Schlesinger

Box 18
Folder 5 Camerer, Emile (New York), July 23, 1901
Davis, Herman (Washington, DC), July 7, 1900; May 1, 1901
Flessner, Herman (New York), March 8, 1900
Frank, Rose (New York), April 11, 1900; May 30, 1900
Horpham, Flora E. (New York), February 9, 1900-March 31, 1902
Hirsch, Mabelle, February 8, 1900
Folder 6 Jones, Cecil K. (Fowler, CA), May 15, 1900
Kanser, Edwar (Germany), December 5, 1899; March 30 1901
Ling, George H. (Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT), November 5, 1900-September 22, 1901
Folder 7 McAdie, Alexander (U.S. Weather Bureau, San Francisco), May 16, 1901
Miller, C.W. (San Francisco), January 30, 1900-January 26, 1901
Mitchell, S.A., March 10, 1901-August 2, 1901
Nesbitt, Scott (Washington, DC), May 8, 1901
Pritchett, Henry S. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), May 2, 1901
Folder 8 Ritchey, Elfreda L. (Williams Bay, WI), June 12, 1899-May 2, 1901
Rogers, A.O. (San Francisco), January 11, 1900-March 13, 1901
Sayuer, Mrs. J. V. (Williams Bay, WI), March 19, 1903
Folder 9 Schlesinger, Emanuel and Alice, October 23, 1900-June 16, 1903
Schlesinger, Gus, Arnelia, Gaby and Mignon (New York), May 4, 1900-December 1, 1901
Schlesinger, Joe (New York), March 26, 1901
Schlesinger, Minnie (New York), June 5, 1903
? (U.S. Naval Observatory), September 29, 1900
? (Observatorie Astronomique G. Metérologique, Lyon, France), March 13, 1901

Section: Personal Correspondence from Schlesinger

Box 18
Folder 10 Kirkpatrick, J. B. (New Brunswick, NJ), November 10, 1900
Schlesinger, Minnie. (New York), October 19, 1899

Section: Personal Correspondence to Eva Schlesinger and Frank Jr.

Box 18
Folder 11 Davis, Coreita R. (Washington, DC), July 10, 1900
Davis, Helen L (Columbia University, New York), c. 1901
Harpham, Flora E. (New York), April 30, 1901
Hirsch, B.S. [Eva's father], March 13,1900
Kayuk, S., April 8, 1901
Kelton, Genevieve (Ventura, CA), with enclosure to Frank Jr. April 9, 1901
? [Eva's Grandfather], April 14, 1901
? Sue., April 15, 1901