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Subseries 1. Samuel Pierpoint Langley, 1850-1896, 1899

Scope and Content Notes:

Samuel Pierpoint Langley was born in Roxbury, MA, on August 22, 1834 and was Director of the observatory from 1867-1887. After graduating from the Boston Latin School, he studied civil engineering and architecture. His first employment was as an assistant in the Observatory at Harvard University; soon afterwards he became an instructor at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. In 1867 Langley became the Director of the Allegheny Observatory which had been transferred from private hands to the Western University of Pennsylvania; at the same time he was elected to the chair of Astronomy and Physics at the University.

Langley's main field of interest was the sun. He made detailed drawings of sunspots, invented the bolometer (an instrument to measure the amount of heat in different parts of the sun's spectrum), and obtained accurate time by using the telescope and positions of the stars. He also made accurate time available to Pittsburgh, City Hall, and to local railroads--even the U.S. Naval Observatory used his system (Allegheny System) to supply the correct time to the nation. During his term Mr. William Thaw contributed much money to the Observatory as did Andrew Carnegie who stated: "This was my first considerable gift to an institution of learning." Langley left to become first assistant secretary and then secretary to the Smithsonian Institute. He remained in that position until his death in 1906. Samuel Pierpont Langley died in Aiken, South Carolina, on February 26, 1906.

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Includes McConnel letter.

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Folder 50A Addendum, 1871-1899
To: Barns, Carl B. (U.S. Geological Survey, Washington, D.C.), March 31, 1886-November 14, 1887
To: Pennsylvania Company (O.H. Booth, Superintendent, Mansfield, Ohio), March 18, 1873
From: Goff, M.B. (Chancellor, Western University of Pennsylvania), November 30, 1899
From: Meysan, Charles, esq. (Pittsburgh), December 2, 1871