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Subseries 4. General

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries includes letters to newspapers, published statements (e.g. "Man's highest mission..."), loose abstracts and diagrams from Reiser publications, prefaces to other authors' books, and monographs.

Box 6
Folder 587 "Can We Learn from the Riots?" (statement published in Change)
Folder 588 Dissertation on Creative Monism: Abstract
Folder 589 Humanist Talk for New York
Folder 590 "Language & World Order" (Symposium Address)
Folder 591 Loose diagrams
Folder 592 "Man's highest mission…"
Folder 593 Monograph on Merton S. Kingston (manuscript)
Folder 594 Naturalistic Humanism as a Basis for a World Philosophy: Abstract
Folder 595 Preface to Education in the New Age (Alice A. Bailey)
Folder 596 Project Prometheus Materials
Folder 597 Remarks on "Science and Peace"
Folder 598 "U.S. Not Founded on Religious Principles, Bible Backers Told"
Folder 599 Unified Symbolism for World Understanding in Science
Folder 600 Whorf-Reiser exchange in Main Currents 1948 vol. 6
Folder 601 The World University