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Subseries 1. Book Reviews

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries, organized alphabetically by title of reviewed work with the author's name in parentheses, includes manuscripts, published reviews, and sometimes both.

Box 5
Folder 482 The Anatomy of Science (Gilbert N. Lewis)
Folder 483 The Concept of Time (Louise Robinson Heath)
Folder 484 The Conditions of Philosophy (Mortimer J. Adler)
Folder 485 Dimensions of Freedom (Felix Oppenheim)
Folder 486 The Dramatic Universe (John G. Bennett)
Folder 487 Du Cheminement de la Pensee (Emile Meyerson)
Folder 488 ESP and Personality Patterns (Schneidler & McConnell)
Folder 489 Ethics and Science (Henry Margenau)
Folder 490 From The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (1952-1968)
Folder 491 Happiness, Freedom, and God (C.A. Richardson)
Folder 492 Ideas & Opinions (Albert Einstein)
Folder 493 The Image of the Future (Fred L. Polak)
Folder 494 In Search of Philosophic Understanding (Edwin Burtt)
Folder 495 John Dewey in Perspective (George R. Geiger)
Folder 496 Language in Action (S.I. Hayakawa)
Folder 497 The Living Stream (Sir Alastair Hardy)
Folder 498 The Logic of Liberty (Michael Polanyi)
Folder 499 Meaning and Necessity (Rudolf Carnap)
Folder 500 Modern Experiments in Telepathy (S.G. Soal and Frederick Bateman)
Folder 501 Nationalism and the Communal Mind (E. Hanbury Hankin)
Folder 502 Natural Rights & History (Leo Strauss)
Folder 503 New Humanism, A Manifesto (M.N. Roy)
Folder 504 Philosophy in a New Key (Susanne Langer)
Folder 505 The Planetarization of Consciousness (Dane Rudhyar)
Folder 506 Principles of Gestalty Psychology (Kurt Koffka)
Folder 507 The Reach of the Mind (J.B. Rhine)
Folder 508 The Scientific Adventure (Herbert Dingle)
Folder 509 Scientific Humanism and ESP Research: On Extra-Sensory Perception After Sixty Years (J.B. Rhine)
Folder 510 Search for Truth (Eric T. Bell)
Folder 511 The Shining Stranger (Preston Harold)
Folder 512 A Treatise on Induction and Probability (Von Wright, George Henrik)
Folder 513 Ventures in Social Change (Henry Winthrop)