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Subseries 4. Other Orchestrations

Scope and Content Notes:

Boxes 29 and 30 are medley orchestrations and are in an alphabetical arrangement by title. Box 30 also consists of a number of items that are all assorted orchestrations and were grouped together by Brockett. For the most part, the orchestrations are not published materials, and sometimes are handwritten. Some of the song titles have very extensive orchestrations that include music for a full orchestra. Box 31 contains original Brockett orchestrations that are not available for access to patrons due to their condition, although copies have been made and are available for use with the other copies of music for that song title.

Box 29
Folder 1-3 Medley Book #1 A-I
Folder 4-5 Medley Book #2 J-Z
Folder 6 Broadway Medley
Folder 7 Chevalier Medley
Folder 8 Chuck’s Christmas Medley

Box 30
Folder 1 Commercial Medley II
Folder 2 Commercial Medley No. 3
Folder 3 Diet Medley
Folder 4 The Don Brockett Memorial Medley
Folder 5 Fiddler Medley
Folder 6 Gospel Medley
Folder 7 New York Medley
Folder 8 Night Medley
Folder 9 Patriotic Medley
Folder 10 Patti Burns Medley
Folder 11 Performance Medley
Folder 12 Romance Medley
Folder 13 Star Wars Medley
Folder 14 Wonderful Night Medley
Folder 15 Audition Music
Folder 16 George Cohen Salute (w/medleys)
Folder 17 ’93 Music
Folder 18 Pittsburgh Symphony Benefit (music/letters/program)
Folder 19 “Special Music”

Box 31
Folder 1-2 Brockett written orchestrations A - Z (Restricted due to condition)