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Subseries 2. Articles

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries, organized alphabetically by article title, includes manuscripts, published reviews, and sometimes both.

Box 5
Folder 514 "An Archetype for World Philosophy"
Folder 514a "Astrobiology"
Folder 515 "Brain Waves, Astrophysics, and Consciousness" (manuscript)
Folder 516 "Building the World Sensorium"
Folder 517 "Cosmic Guiding Fields" (manuscript)
Folder 518 "Creativity As Education's Core"
Folder 519 "The Cultural Crisis in America"
Folder 520 "Does Mankind Need a World Religion?"
Folder 521 "The Emergence of the World Sensorium"
Folder 521a "Escape from Chaos"
Folder 522 "The Evolution of Democracy" (manuscript)
Folder 523 "Evolutionary Humanism and Global Communication" (manuscript)
Folder 524 "Field Theory in Physics and Psychics"
Folder 524a "Field Theory of Matter in a Pantheistic Cosmology"
Folder 524b "Fire-Philosophy"
Folder 525 "From Classical Physical to Modern Scientific Assumptions"
Folder 526 "From Diogenes to the 'New Left' -- And Beyond"
Folder 527 "Human Values in the Coming Society" (manuscript)
Folder 528 "A Humanistic Conception of the Soul"
Folder 528a "The Integration of Knowledge"
Folder 529 "Logic, Cybernetics, and General Semantics"
Folder 530 "Man's Consciousness in Cosmic Humanism"
Folder 531 "Man's Image of the Galaxy"
Folder 532 "Matter, Anti-Matter, and Cosmic Symmetry"
Folder 533 "A Mental Pattern for the Planet"
Folder 534 "Non-Aristotelian Logic and the Crisis in Science"
Folder 535 "Our World in Revolution"
Folder 536 "Pantheism: The Religion of Science"
Folder 537 "A Philosophy for World Unification"
Folder 538 "Physics, Probability, and Multi-Valued Logic"
Folder 538a "Postulates for an Ethics of Belief in Science, Religion, and Philosophy"
Folder 539 "Questions and Answers on a New Social Structure"
Folder 540 "References in Logic and Philosophy of Science"
Folder 541 "Religion and Science in Conflict"
Folder 542 "Religion, Science, and Ethics from the Standpoint of Scientific Humanism" (manuscript)
Folder 543 "The Role of Symbols in Human Existence"
Folder 544 "Scientific Humanism as a Basis for World Unity"
Folder 545 "Scientific Humanism as Creative Morality"
Folder 546 "Scientific Humanism: A Formulation"
Folder 547 "Scientific Method -- One or Many?" (manuscript)
Folder 548 'Search for the Intention of Creation"
Folder 549 "Social Synthesis Via the Integration of Knowledge" (manuscript)
Folder 550 "Some Reflections on Art and Music Education" (manuscript)
Folder 551 "Sri Aurobindo's 'Supramental Light' and 'The Cosmic Lens'" (manuscript)
Folder 552 "The Twilight of Dreams & Aurora"
Folder 553 "What is Cosmic Humanism?"
Folder 554 "What Is Wrong With Our Civilization?"
Folder 555 "World Philosophy and the Integration of Knowledge" (manuscript)