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Subseries 3. Energy 1954-1985

Box 14
Folder 29 Analysis of Particulate Matter Collected from the #4 Battery Coke Oven Stack by Computer Controlled Scanning Electron Microscopy, 1985
Folder 30 Appalachian Mineral Resource Development: Environmental Factors, 1977
Folder 31-32 Coal, 1975-1980
Folder 33-36 Coal gasification, 1976
Folder 37 Coal miner's pneumoconiosis, 1968-1969
Folder 38 Comparative Costs and Performances for Recently Developed Conventional Underground Storage Fields, undated
Folder 39 Department of Energy activities, undated
Folder 40 Development Document for Effluent Limitations Guidelines and New Source Performance Standards for the Petroleum Refining Point Source Category, 1974
Folder 41 Development Document for Interim Final Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Proposed New Source Performance Standards for the Oil and Gas Extraction Point Source Category, 1976
Folder 42 Effects of Land Disposal of Secondary Effluent on the Accumulation of Trace Elements in Terrestrial Ecosystems, undated
Folder 43 Energy in the Development Strategy of the Sahel, 1978
Folder 44 Energy Research and Development Administration, 1977
Folder 45 Environmental Aspects of Fuel Conversion Technology, 1975
Folder 46 Environmental Features at Cheswick Power Station, 1970

Box 15
Folder 1 Environmental Impacts of Coal Mining and Processing, undated
Folder 2 An Experimental Approach to the Determination of Pulmonary Carcinogenic Influences of Shale Oil Effluents, 1977
Folder 3 Flue gas, 1978
Folder 4 Health Aspects of Fossil-Fuel Electric Power Plants, 1979
Folder 5 Health Implications of Western Coal Development, undated
Folder 6 Impact of Regulations on Coal Conversion Plants, 1975
Folder 7 Joint Conference on Technology and Governance in Achieving Environmental Quality, 1972
Folder 8 Joint Power Generation Conference, 1970
Folder 9 Land use, 1975
Folder 10 Life on Power Alley, 1977
Folder 11 Man and Resources, 1971
Folder 12 Nuclear materials, 1957-1959
Folder 13 Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 1974
Folder 14 Our Side of the Story, undated
Folder 15 The Outlook for Gas Conservation, 1977
Folder 16 Pennsylvania Master Siting Study, 1977
Folder 17 Pennsylvania Refining Industry Reports, 1964-1977
Folder 18 A Post Licensing Study of Community Effects at Two Operating Nuclear Power Plants, 1977
Folder 19 Potential Health Impacts of Coal Conversion Technology, 1976
Folder 20 Predicting Socioeconomic Impacts of Energy Development, 1978
Folder 21 Preliminary Evaluation of Perc-Coal Conversion Solid and Hazardous Wastes, 1978
Folder 22 Report of the Committee on Health and Environmental Effects of Increased Coal Utilization, 1977
Folder 23 Research Needs Related to Air Pollution from the Coal Conversion Process, 1976
Folder 24 Resolution of Conflicts between Underground Extraction of Coal Resources and Dedication and Management of Areas as National Parks and Nature Reserves, 1980-1981
Folder 25 Resource Recovery Update, 1980
Folder 26 Resources, 1961-1971
Folder 27 Selected Impacts of Electric Utility, 1980
Folder 28-29 Solid Waste Management of Coal Conversion Residuals from a Commercial-Size Facility, 1980
Folder 30 Solubility and Toxicity of Potential Pollutants in Solid Coal Waste, 1977
Folder 31 State Taxation Policies, 1978
Folder 32 Synthoil Process, 1976
Folder 33 Three New Organizations on the Pittsburgh Energy Scene, undated
Folder 34 Total Energy Management for Hospitals, undated
Folder 35 Treatment and Disposal of Atomic Energy Industry Wastes, 1954
Folder 36 Water problems associated with coal conversion, 1977
Folder 37 Where Have the Farmlands Gone?, 1979