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Subseries 9. General

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains disparate, non-note materials not organized by Reiser and not falling under other categories within Personal Papers. Folders Include articles, diagrams not discernably related to publications, magazines, newsletters, sheet music, monographs by other authors, and obituaries for Reiser. The section Oversize contains materials falling under this subseries but physically separate.

Box 9
Folder 748 A Survey of Psychical Research in Europe (Jocelyn Pierson)
Folder 749 A.H. Maslow Papers
Folder 750 Alan Mayne Papers
Folder 751 American Humanist Association Papers
Folder 752 American Humanist Association's Notice of Reiser's 1969 Fellowship
Folder 753 Articles from Science
Folder 754 Articles from Scientific American
Folder 755 Articles on assorted subjects (1)
Folder 756 Articles on assorted subjects (2)
Folder 757 Articles on assorted subjects (3)
Folder 758 Articles on assorted subjects (4)
Folder 759 Articles on assorted Subjects (5)
Folder 760 Articles on assorted Subjects (6)

Box 10
Folder 761 Articles on assorted subjects (7)
Folder 762 Articles on assorted subjects (8)
Folder 763 Articles on gravity
Folder 764 Articles on the hierarchical universe, quarks, and black holes
Folder 765 Artorga Newsletters
Folder 766 Assorted Magazines (1)
Folder 767 Awards received by Reiser
Folder 768 Awareness and Science (Edgar D Mitchell -- signed)
Folder 769 Book excerpts from Jerry Johnson
Folder 770 Book reviews of Reiser publications
Folder 771 Diagrams (inc. Infinite-Eternal Ocean of Energy)
Folder 772 Forecasting of the Future - Score Sheet
Folder 773 Frederic Gibbs Papers
Folder 774 Gustaf Stromberg Papers
Folder 775 Hudson Hoagland Papers
Folder 776 ICIS Center News Bulletin w/ notes
Folder 777 Integration -- Intellectual and Social
Folder 778 Issues of Main Currents of Modern Thought (1)
Folder 779 Issues of Main Currents of Modern Thought (2)
Folder 780 Issues of The Humanist
Folder 781 Issues of The Ley Hunter
Folder 782 James Benjamin Beal Papers
Folder 783 John Somerville Papers
Folder 784 Journal of Music Theory
Folder 785 Mark Braham Papers
Folder 786 National Industrial Conference Board Materials
Folder 787 Natural Major Scale Organization Diagram
Folder 788 New Age Library Folder, Glastonbury
Folder 789 New Age Library Folder, The Maltwood Story
Folder 791 Page from Model for a Universe w/ markings
Folder 792 Project Krishna Questions
Folder 793 "Proposal Concerning the Use of a Light/Sound Synthesis in the Conscious Elevation of Man's Awareness"
Folder 794 Quote from unidentified source beginning "In my half a century…"

Box 11
Folder 795 Sheet Music for Robert Schumann's The Horseman
Folder 796 Societal Consequences of Changing Images of Man (Stanford Research Institute)
Folder 797 Sociological Notes on the Futurizing of the Multiversity (Arthur M. Harkins)
Folder 798 "Sources of Integrity in the Scientific Humanism of Oliver Reiser"
Folder 799 Synergy Newsletters
Folder 800 Time, Geometry and the Art of Seeing (Edgar Lipworth)
Folder 801 Translated Chapter of Die Philosophie der Gegenwart
Folder 802 Vaclav Hlavaty
Folder 803 W.F. Sutherland Notes on Paper by O.L. Reiser for A.A.A.S.
Folder 803a Reiser Obituaries

Section: Oversize

Box 12
Folder 827 Arcosanti Drawing
Folder 828 Babel IIB Drawing
Folder 831 Envelope of Oversize Diagrams
Folder 834 Impressions from US Science Exhibit at Seattle World's Fair 1962
Folder 835 Mercator Slide Rule Diagram
Folder 836 Map of Compton Dundon in Somerset, England
Folder 838 Biographical materials including photo

Box 13
Folder 825 Adventures in the Realms of Thought (Cofman)
Folder 826 All the Way Round: Travel Diaries of Victor and Lucy Cofman 1948-1971
Folder 829 The Book of the Baalshem Mishpat (Sonneborn)
Folder 830 Bound letters and images of artifacts with unattributed written commentary
Folder 832 Epitomization (Conger)
Folder 833 Humansitic Logic for the Mind in Action (Reiser)
Folder 837 Universities and the Quest for Peace: Final Report of the 1964 Africa and Middle East Conference