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Subseries 2. Notes

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains Reiser's notes on a range of topics organized by headings when present or inferable. Loose notes without headings are filed under Assorted Notes.

Box 8
Folder 698 Aesthetics in Science & Religion
Folder 699 An Integrated Systems Theory
Folder 700 Assorted Notes (1)
Folder 701 Assorted Notes (2)
Folder 702 Assorted Notes (3)
Folder 703 Assorted Notes (4)
Folder 704 Assorted Notes (5)
Folder 705 Bertrand Russell

Box 9
Folder 706 Bibliography on Humanism
Folder 707 Biochemical Reaction Velocities & Psychic Time
Folder 708 Brief Bibliography on Readable Books
Folder 709 Comparing Aristotle, Francis Bacon, Bertrand Russell, John Dewey, J.S. Mill
Folder 710 Consciousness, Radiation and the Developing Sensory System
Folder 711 Cosmic Humanism - What Is It?
Folder 712 ESP Research
Folder 713 Existentialism
Folder 714 The Hebrew-Christian Religious Tradition
Folder 715 Hinduism
Folder 716 History of Semantics
Folder 717 Hixen Symposium
Folder 718 Humanism as a Technology
Folder 719 Huxley-Barnes Debate
Folder 720 Indo-Europeans ("Aryans")
Folder 721 Jungian Archetypes - Some Questions
Folder 722 Karl Marx
Folder 723 Key Periodic Table, sKs, Generating Cosmic Constants
Folder 724 Notes toward article for Thanatology, Dean University, and Harold Symposium
Folder 725 On Evolution
Folder 726 On Music
Folder 727 Orgone Energy Weather Engineering, The Law, and the Environmental Crisis
Folder 728 Philosophical Aspects of Language and Communication
Folder 729 Philosophy of Religion: Descartes & Mind-Body Problem
Folder 730 Planetary Man and Cosmic Guiding Fields
Folder 731 Problem of Knowledge
Folder 732 Religion in the Public Schools
Folder 733 Semantics & Cybernetics
Folder 734 Talk on Man's New Image of Man
Folder 735 The Universe Between Your Ears
Folder 736 The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ