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Subseries 1. Literature 1911-1993

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains newspaper articles, book chapters, and magazine articles that are related to the research of the steel industry, or steel producing communities in Western Pennsylvania. Articles are arranged in folders by alphabetical order according to the first letter of their respective titles. Some articles may include handwritten notes or pictures of steel producing machinery.

Box 1
Folder 1 An American Palace of Culture, James D. Van Trump, 1970
Folder 2 "Armistice Signed, End of the War!," The New York Times, November 11, 1918
Folder 3 "Big Steel is Red Hot Again," Time Magazine, February 13, 1989
Folder 4 "Can Labor Unions Survive?" Parade Magazine, September 2, 1984
Folder 5 "Depression Recalled: Local Man Dug Coal, Digs Past," The Daily News, June 29, 1981
Folder 6 "Does Worker Ownership Work?" Mother Jones, July 1985
Folder 7 "Duquesne Rocked by Fierce Wind," The Daily News, May 14, 1956
Folder 8 "Duquesne Works Demolition to Start Next Month," The Pittsburgh Press, May 3, 1990
Folder 9 "Environmental Control: A High Priority Item," Publication Unknown, Undated
Folder 10 "Exemptions of Employees," Publication Unknown, August 9, 1917
Folder 11 "Fixing Individual Wage Rates on Facts," The Iron Age, June 8, 1916
Folder 12 "From Insurgency to Efficiency," The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, July 1978
Folder 13 "Homestead: The Story of A Steel Town," The Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, 1989
Folder 14 "John A. Fitch and The Pittsburgh Survey," The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, January 1984
Folder 15 "Lower Homestead Community Lingers in Magic Film," The Pittsburgh Press, January 22, 1989
Folder 16 "Making a Heat of Steel," Publication Unknown, Undated
Folder 17 "Making Iron," Publication Unknown, Undated
Folder 18 "Memories of Steel," The Pittsburgh Press, February 23, 1989
Folder 19 33 Metal Producing Magazine, February 1986
Folder 20 "'Mrs. Soffel' Scenes Filmed in Duquesne," The Daily News, May 17, 1984
Folder 21 "Old Age at Forty," American Magazine, March 1911
Folder 22 "Parades, Picnics and Honor the American," Publication Unknown, Undated
Folder 23 "Pittsburgh in the Great Epidemic of 1918," The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, July 1985
Folder 24 "Requiem for a Steel Town," The New York Times, September 5, 1988
Folder 25 "Reviving Region's Economy," Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 7, 1993
Folder 26 "Russian Orthodox Leaders Feeling Cool Toward Rome," Publication Unknown, April 12, 1991
Folder 27 "Scribes Rush to Save Steel Mill Tales," Publication Unknown, Undated
Folder 28 "Smoke and Steel" Poem, Smoke and Steel, 1920
Folder 29 "Steeling Some Profits?" Transcript of Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser, March 16, 1984
Folder 30 "Steel's Agony," The Pittsburgh Press, June 3, 1984
Folder 31 "The Alien and the Industrial Worker," The Iron Age, August 23, 1917
Folder 32 "The Campaign to Save Dorothy Six," The Nation, 1985
Folder 33 "The Open Hearth Process," The Steel Foundry, 1914
Folder 34 "The Pope and the Pol" and "From Underground, a Church Blooms," Newsweek, December 4, 1989
Folder 35 "The Puzzle of a Pittsburgh Steeler: Joe Magarac's Ethnic Identity," The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, January 1980
Folder 36 Transcript of Phil Donahue Show, 1984
Folder 37 "Unemployed Mark Labor Day as Dreary Milestone," Publication Unknown, Undated
Folder 38 United States Steel Corporation Annual Report, 1983
Folder 39 "Willa Cather's Pittsburgh Years 1896-1906," The Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, January 1968