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Subseries 1. Mechanical Drawings

Section: Samuel Langley

Oversize 1 Design for an Integrating A[?] Nets, 1886
Sketch of Whirling Table for Flying Tests, from Langley Letterbook #3
Sifting Train, Solar Lunar Spectrum, Figure 1
Illustrating Principal of Transformation of Information from the Prismatic to the Normal Spectrum
The Infra-Red Solar Spectrum of a 60 Rock-Salt Prism

Section: F.W. Very

State of the Sky 1878-1879
Curve d=f(2) for the Hastings Rock Salt Prism
Curves Showing the Effect of Atmospheric Absorption on the Distribution of Energy in the Spectrum of the Higher Prism

Section: J.E. Keeler

Sketch of a Design for a Star Spectroscope for the 36-inch Equatorial of the Lick Observatory

Section: John A. Brashear

Alt-Arimuth Mounting for 6 1/2" Comet Seeker, 1887

Section: F.L.O. Wadsworth

Various Designs for Telescopes

Section: Frank Schlesinger

Various Designs for Telescopes; Maps of the Gulf Coast Comet of 1907 and Halley's Comet of 1910, Ursa Major, and Mt. Whitney

Section: New Material Added, 2013

Box 75
Folder 53 13" Telescope Diagrams
Folder 54 Console
Folder 55 Drawings
Folder 56 Electrical
Folder 57 Telescope
Folder 58 Thaw Console
Folder 59 Thaw Shutter