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Series II. John Mercer, James Mercer and George Mercer, 1759-1813

Scope and Content Notes:

John Mercer (1704-1768), and his son George Mercer (1733-1784), were both among the founding members of the Ohio Company. John Mercer arrived in Virginia from his native Ireland in 1720 where he worked as a prosecutor and attorney; George Washington was among his clients. George Mercer served in the 1st and 2nd Virginia Regiments, and in the Virginia General Assembly. He was appointed agent of the Ohio Company to represent the organization's interests in England, where he resided until his death.

Materials in this subseries relate to George Mercer’s responsibilities as an agent of the Ohio Company. Included is a circular sent by James Mercer on behalf of his brother, George, who wished some word from the members of the Ohio Company on his action of committing the Ohio Company to the Grand Company. Accompanying the circular are replies from George Mason, James Scott, Thomas Ludwell Lee, Pearson Chapman, and Richard Lee. A 1772 circular informs Mercer that the King approved the grant for the Grand Company to Thomas Walpole and his associates, and conveys that a government should be established in the region. Wadpole’s 1777 account with the Ohio Company is also present.

Correspondence and legal materials document the blended nature of personal and company transactions. A 1759 conveyance by John Mercer and his wife, Ann, transfers ownership of Ohio Company lands in Virginia to George and James Mercer. Conway Richard Debbs’ letter inquires about his father’s share of the Ohio Company.

Page numbers in brackets indicate the location of the transcription in Mulkearn’s George Mercer Papers. Oversized items in this series are located in Box 1.

Oversize 68 John Mercer’s conveyance to George and James Mercer, November 25, 1759
Oversize 69 John Mercer to George Mercer [LM p186-229], January 1768
Oversize 70 John Mercer to George Mercer [LM p221-229], March 3, 1768
Oversize 71 John Mercer to George Mercer [LM p297-310], March 9, 1768
Oversize 72 James Mercer to the Committee of the Ohio Company [LM p321-324], ca. January 21, 1772
Oversize 73 George Mercer to Ohio Co (circular letter) [LM p324-325], 1772
Oversize 74 John Mercer’s Synopsis of Ohio Company Activities [LM p1-7], undated
Oversize 75 John Mercer [to George Mercer] fragment [LM p296], undated

Box 2
Folder 1 James Mercer to the Ohio Company, July 27, 1762
Folder 2 George Mercer’s appointment and instructions, July 4, 1763
Folder 3 Resolution of the Ohio Company to repay George Mercer, July 4, 1763
Folder 4 John Mercer to Charlton Palmer, April 17, 1764
Folder 5 Charlton Palmer to George Mercer [LM p370], December 27, 1769
Folder 6 Conway Richard Debbs to George Mercer [LM p311-312], March 26, 1770
Folder 7 Thomas Ludwell Lee to James Mercer [LM p318], January 13, 1772
Folder 8 Thomas Ludwell Lee to James Mercer, January 19, 1772
Folder 9 Phillip Ludwell Lee to James Mercer [LM p318-319], January 21, 1772
Folder 10 Draft paid to Samuel Wharton by George Mercer [LM p324], August 5, 1772
Folder 11 Samuel Wharton to George Mercer, August 20, 1772
Folder 12 Pearson Chapman to James Mercer, 1772
Folder 13 Thomas Walpole to George Mercer [LM p325], February 1776
Folder 14 George Mercer's Account with Samuel Wharton [LM 326], 1776-1777
Folder 15 Considerations addressed to Governor Levin Winder by John Mercer, March 25, 1813
Folder 16 John Mercer to Governor Faquier, undated
Folder 17 James Mercer to George Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Chapman, Lunsford Lomax and Richard Lee (copy), undated