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Series I. Polio Vaccine History and Anniversaries, 1917-2005

Scope and Content Notes:

Items relating to the history of polio research and the 10th and 50th anniversaries celebrating the vaccine including published papers, memorabilia, and press materials.

Box 1
Folder 1 Polio Vaccine Timeline,
Folder 2 Press Releases, 1952-2005
Folder 3 Jonas Salk, "The Importance of Identifying the Polio Viruses" January 1, 1950
Folder 4 Jonas Salk, "Studies in Human Subjects on Active Immunization Against Poliomyelitis" March 28, 1953

Article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reporting on the research being conducted on polio at the Virus Research Laboratory, Department of Bacteriology, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh. Co-authors included Major Byron L. Bennett, L. James Lewis, Elsie Ward, and Julius Youngner.

Folder 5 "Poliomyelitis Vaccine Types 1, 2, and 3" April 25, 1954

Report issued by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis on the state of polio research and work of Dr. Jonas Salk.

Folder 6 J. S. Youngner, "Demonstration of Neutralizing Antibodies for Poliomyelitis Viruses", September 1955

Original typescript written by Julius Younger discussing techniques of neutralizing antibodies for poliomyelitis viruses. Published September 1955 in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Folder 7 Kenneth S. Landauer, "Passive and Active Immunization Against Poliomyelitis: Current Status" Summer 1954

Published report detailing the advances made in polio research with attention paid to the work at the University of Pittsburgh. Landauer was the Assistant Medical Director at the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

Folder 8 Polio Pioneer, Card and Badge 1954

Three items relating to the Polio Pioneer program. Included is a membership card indicating that the bearer is a Polio Pioneer; a badge with the words Polio Pioneer, the date of 1954 and a red silhouette of a man in a lab looking through a microscope; and one letter of authenticity from a Polio Pioneer discussing her experience as one of the children receiving the vaccine at the Crossroads Elementary School in Norfolk, Virginia.

Polio Pioneers were one of nearly two million first, second, and third graders from 217 test sites in 44 states who were the first to receive the Salk vaccine.

Folder 9 Memo, "Blank Check" February 19, 1953
Folder 10 Poverello Medal, December 4, 1955

Program and certificate awarding Jonas Salk the Povarello Medal during Founder's Day festivities at The College of Steubenville, Stuebenville, Ohio.

Folder 11 Transcript, "See It Now" 1955

Transcript published by Simon and Schuster of Edward R. Murrow's interview with Jonas Salk on the program, "See It Now". One 16mm BW film of the program and digitized copy are available.

Folder 12 Transcript, John Callaway Interviews Jonas Salk, October 29, 1981

Transcript from the interview with Dr. Jonas Salk on the WTTW Chicago produced show, John Callaway Interviews.

Folder 13 10th Anniversary Booklet April 12, 1965

Section: 50th Anniversary, 2005

Folder 14 Jonas Salk Stamp

Photocopied enlargement of a 33 cent stamp honoring Jonas Salk created for the 50th anniversary of the polio vaccine.

Folder 15 Polio Vaccine 50th Anniversary Commemoration Press Materials,

Compact discs containing digital images and digital press materials used in promotion of the 50th anniversary of the polio vaccine. Also included is an NPR interview dated April 12, 2005 from the Morning Edition program.

Folder 16 Polio Vaccine 50th Anniversary Commemoration Press Materials, 2005

This file contains items including the official University of Pittsburgh/UPMC press kit for the 50th anniversary.

Folder 17 Polio Vaccine 50th Anniversary Commemoration Press Materials, January 2005- April 2005

Bound copies of press releases and news clippings gathered to document the 50th anniversary of the polio vaccine.

Folder 18-19 Polio Vaccine 50th Anniversary News Clippings, 2005 (2.0 folders)

Newspaper clippings and other news related articles from print and web resources discussing the 50th anniversary of the Polio vaccine.

Folder 20 Polio Vaccine 50th Anniversary Ephemera, 1955-2005

Published resources discussing Polio and the vaccine including pamphlets; a chronology of the field trials; a fact sheet regarding the announcement of the vaccine on April 12, 1955; the Jonas Salk stamp; and documents discussing, "Whatever Happened to Polio?"

Folder 21 "Defeat of an Enemy" 2005

Book published by the University of Pittsburgh to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the polio vaccine. The book includes sections providing a timeline of polio vaccine history, biographies of symposium presenters, a photo essay, stories about the fight against polio in other countries, and a montage of newspaper mastheads announcing the end of polio.