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Series IV. George Croghan, 1745-1778

Scope and Content Notes:

George Croghan (ca. 1720-1782) was the Ohio Company’s lead trader in Pennsylvania. Born in Ireland, he moved to the colonies in 1741 and traded with the Iroquois, from whom he claimed to have purchased 200,000 acres in 1764. Manuscripts in this series include accounts for household goods, debt notes, and documentation of land sales. Of particular interest are two copies of a 1749 advertisement for a fugitive bonded servant. See the Darlington Autograph Files (dar192507) and the Fort Pitt Wastebook (dar192503) for manuscripts related to Croghan’s trade in the Ohio country.

Folder 55 John Collin’s account with George Croghan, 1745
Folder 56 George Croghan and William Trent’s business account, 1747-1751
Folder 57 George Croghan’s business account, 1748-1749
Folder 58 James Rutlidge’s account with George Croghan, 1749-1750
Folder 59 Thomas Caton vs. George Croghan, 1748-1757
Folder 60 Peter Demoss’ account with William Trent and George Croghan, April 18, 1749
Folder 61 George Johnston’s advertisement for a fugitive bonded servant (2 copies), July 1, 1749
Folder 62 George Johnston to Joseph Cambine, September 21, 1749
Folder 63 Margaret Steedman’s account with George Croghan, 1749
Folder 64 George Croghan to George Johnston, May 9, 1750
Folder 65 George Croghan’s promise to repay Henry [Vanmeter], October 8, 1750
Folder 66 Joseph Chambers vs. George Johnston, 1750
Folder 67 Patrick Reilly’s promise to repay William Trent and George Croghan, 1750
Folder 68 Conrad Brinkner’s promise to repay George Croghan, 1750
Folder 69 Linhard Hellen’s account with James Kelly, July 1750
Folder 70 George Croghan to Gabriel Jones, May 2, 1751
Folder 71 J. Duncan O’Gullion’s debt to William Trent and George Croghan, August 15, 1751
Folder 72 B. Harrison vs. Barnard Dougherty, 1765-1759
Folder 73 Fergeson Croghan’s account with Felix Gilbert, 1766
Folder 74 Francis Sanderson’s account with John Connoley, September 19, 1775
Folder 75 Sale of land by George Croghan to Michael McKewan, February 17, 1778