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Series VI. Adam Stephen, 1751-1791

Scope and Content Notes:

Adam Stephen (ca.1721-1791) was born in Scotland, and educated as a surgeon. He served as a physician with the British Navy in Jamaica before traveling to Virginia in 1748 where he worked as a doctor and planter. He temporarily commanded the Virginia militia in the French and Indian War, and attained the rank of brigadier general in the Continental Army before his dismissal in 1777. It is unclear if Stephen was a member or a client of the Ohio Company. The series includes documentation of Adam Stephen’s debts to others and materials related to his work as physician.

Folder 26 Materials related to Adam Stephen’s work as physician, 1751-1752
Folder 27 Adam Stephen’s debt to William Minter, March 27, 1754
Folder 28 G. Fairfax’s account with Gershom Keyes, 1761-1762
Folder 29 Adam Stephen’s debt to John Graham, May 4, 1764
Folder 30 Adam Stephen’s debt to Van Swearingen, October 2, 1764
Folder 31 Adam Stephen’s debt to John Mangy, 1764-1765
Folder 32 Debts witnessed by Adam Stephen, 1764-1766
Folder 33 Adam Stephen’s debt to Joseph Beeler, April 26, 1765
Folder 34 Richard Ragon’s debt to Adam Stephen, 1765
Folder 35 Adam Stephens vs. John Stewart, 1768-1791
Folder 36 Adam Stephens debt to James Wood, September 5, 1769
Folder 37 Agreement between Adam Stephen and C. W. Smith, November 19, 1770
Folder 38 Deposition of Elizabeth Clark, February 25, 1771
Folder 39 Hite vs. Shays, 1771
Folder 40 [Aminadab] Seekright vs. Ferdinand Deadnought, 1771
Folder 41 Related to horses stolen from Adam Stephen, 1771
Folder 42 Adam Stephen vs. Moses Keywood, March 1772
Folder 43 Adam Stephen’s debt to Lewis Neill, December 15, 1772
Folder 44 Adam Stephen and James Kieth’s debt to John Ewing, December 6, 1773
Folder 45 Phillip Pendleton’s debt to Adam Stephens, Nov 10, 1774
Folder 46 Adam Stephen vs. Jas. Keith, 1774
Folder 47 Adam Stephen’s debt to John Shover, July 26, 1786
Folder 48 Joseph Vaneer’s debt to Adam Stephen, November 1791
Folder 49 Adam Stephen’s debt to Alexander Cunningham, undated
Folder 50 John Dougherty’s account with Adam Stephens, undated
Folder 51 Stite vs. Adam Stephens, 1773