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Series IX. Organizations, Roughly 1938-1945

Folder 964 American College of Surgeons
Folder 965 American College of Physicians
Folder 966 American Dental Association
Folder 967-970 American Foundation Studies in Gov't, 1935-1936

Box 56
Folder 971 American Foundation for Tropical Med.
Folder 972 American Heart Association
Folder 973 American Hospital Association
Folder 974 American Legion
Folder 975 American Medical Association
Folder 976 The American Missourian Medical Society
Folder 977 American Pharmaceutical Association
Folder 978 A.P.H.A. - By Laws
Folder 979 American Public Health Association - General
Folder 980 A.P.H.A. Executive Board
Folder 981 A.P.H.A. Sedgwick Medal Committee
Folder 982 A.P.H.A. Comm. on Amer. Museum of Hygiene
Folder 983 A.P.H.A. Comm. on Laser Awards
Folder 984 American Public Welfare Association

Box 57
Folder 985-6 A.S.H.A. Board of Directors, etc.
Folder 987 A.S.H.A. Anti-Syphilis Committee
Folder 988 A.S.H.A. Wm. Freeman Snow Award
Folder 989 Archives of Soc. Med. and Hygiene
Folder 990 Association of American Medical Colleges
Folder 991 Association of American Physicians
Folder 992 Assoc. of Military Surgeons of the U.S.
Folder 993 Boy Scouts of America
Folder 994 British Medical Association
Folder 995 Canadian Medical Association
Folder 996 Canadian Public Health Association
Folder 997 Commissioned Officers Association - USPHS
Folder 998 Committee of Physicians

Box 58
Folder 999 The Commonwealth Fund
Folder 1000 Cooperative Committee
Folder 1001 Association for the Aid of Crippled Children
Folder 1002 D.C. Medical Society
Folder 1003 D.C. Tuberculosis Assoc.
Folder 1004 Harvard College
Folder 1005 International College of Surgeons
Folder 1006 Jackson Laboratory
Folder 1007 Julius Rosenwald Fund
Folder 1008 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Folder 1009 Meninger Foundation
Folder 1010 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
Folder 1011 Military Medicine and Pharmacy
Folder 1012 Miscellaneous Organizations
Folder 1013 National Advisory Cancer Council

Box 59
Folder 1014 National Board of Dental Examiners
Folder 1015-1016 National Board of Medical Examiners
Folder 1017 National Congress of Parents Teachers
Folder 1018 National Economic Social Planning Association
Folder 1019 National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis-including The Little White

Box 60
Folder 1020 National Nursing Council for War Service House, Warm Springs, GA
Folder 1021 National Organization for Public Health Nursing Pamphlet, 1948
Folder 1022 National Physicians Committee
Folder 1023 National Research Council
Folder 1024 National Science Foundation Material
Folder 1025 National Tuberculosis Association
Folder 1026 New York Academy of Medicine
Folder 1027 New York State Medical Society
Folder 1028 Pan American Medical Association

Box 61
Folder 1029 Henry Phipps Institute
Folder 1030 Safety council
Folder 1031 Science Service
Folder 1032 Southern Medical Association
Folder 1033-1034 State Charities Aid Association