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Series II. Correspondence from William Findley and Alexander Addison, 1791-1794

Scope and Content Notes:

Findley writes from Philadelphia to Addison in Washington County. The majority of this correspondence concerns events in the House of Representatives, in which Findley served as an Anti-Administrative and Republican congressman from 1791-1799 in the second through fifth congresses. Findley also served in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives in 1791.

Folder 21 William Findley to Alexander Addison, December 13, 1791

Findley discusses his experience as a congressman in the first session of the second Congress of the United States, and his work on a bill 'fixing representation' addresses current problems with representation in the Senate. He also mentions the poor state of the militia, future congressional candidate, Mr. Woods, and the Revolution in France.

Folder 22 William Findley to Alexander Addison, January 9, 1792

Findley thanks Addison for his letter and writes that he has published some extracts from it. He makes observations about the failure of the Representation Bill and debate over the Post Office Bill. He vents his frustrations about getting work done in Congress and trouble with record keeping of proceedings. A postscript discusses Congressional inability to pass measures on the protection of the frontier and thanks Addison for sending along a packet of clippings about Mr. Woods.

Folder 23 William Findley to Alexander Addison, February 10, 1792

Findley writes to inform Addison that the bill to raise the army to protect the frontier was rejected because a new commander had not yet been approved. Additionally, Findley acknowledges the problem with [Northwest] Indian Wars.

Folder 24 William Findley to Alexander Addison, November 30, 1792

Findley's letter discusses postal restrictions and rates. He also mentions Claypole and Cal Biddle.

Folder 25 William Findley to Alexander Addison, December 20, 1793

Findley's letter discusses how the British do not fulfill their treaty and mentions paying the militia troops in the recruit service.

Folder 26 William Findley to Alexander Addison, March 28, 1794

Findley writes that he has been ill and has not written Addison sooner because he feels more comfortable receiving news about Washington and Fayette counties from Representatives of those areas. He discusses tension between his party and Hamilton, who he believes is setting up a monarchical administration. Findley also discusses the impact of French and British hostilities on American trade routes.

Folder 27 William Findley to Alexander Addison, April 30, 1794

Findley discusses the senate’s rejection of the prohibitory bill and that it was probably Mr. Hamilton’s plan. Also how the senate rejected the bill for encouraging the recruiting service.

Folder 28 William Findley to Alexander Addison, November 28, 1794

Findley discusses the consideration to authorize the president to allow to keep 2,000 men in our county. He also wishes to know the stability of Addison’s county and the militia they kept.

Folder 29 William Findley to Alexander Addison, January 9, 1795

Findley states how he believes the Constitution was violated and the Judiciary Authority abused due to the Senate expelling the western members. Findley wishes that all expelled members would return if they we not offended.

Folder 30 William Findley to Alexander Addison, January 3, 1796

Findley describe how most believe that the news of the French defeat in Germany is a fabrication to help quite the English at home from rioting. Also he mentions talking with Mr. Brackenridge.

Folder 31 William Findley to Alexander Addison, May 6, 1796