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Series II. Watson Family Papers, 1795-1901

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains papers of Jane Magee, her father Andrew Watson, and her brother Robert Watson, relating to their properties in Pittsburgh. Jane's papers also relate to her estate.

Subseries 1. Andrew and Robert Watson Papers, 1795-1901

Scope and Content Notes:

Andrew Watson's 1796 license to open a public house and the 1798 certificate appointing him Justice of the Peace indicate his active public life in early Pittsburgh. The collection also contains professional information about his son, Robert, including his admission to the bar of Allegheny County by William Wilkins and Alexander Brackenridge. Robert lived in the sixth ward of Pittsburgh and traveled to France in 1849 and Germany in 1865.

This subseries includes correspondence, drawings of land plots, indentures and leases related to properties owned and developed by Andrew Watson, and his son, Robert Watson. The collection includes Andrew Watson's land deeds and indentures with William Finley, John Reed and John Wilkins, and diagrams of his partial holdings. Robert's land holdings near Market Street, Chestnut Street, Bluff Street and Second Street are part of the 1848 partition of land annexed to the city of Pittsburgh; this map also shows the holdings of his neighbors, including the J. B. Wylie, Jane Magee, and members of the Black and McClelland families. A similar, though undated, map of Public Road shows plots owned by Watson, Magee, and Black family members, as well as those of William Pentland and James Ross.

The Watson papers show the family's interest in its own genealogy, particularly a list of family names and relationships that unfortunately lacks birth, death or marriage dates. This record focuses on the extended Watson family, but documents very little of the Magee family. A journal written by Robert Watson also describes the family genealogy. Some of the legal papers indicate that the Watsons were related in business and by blood to the Black and Wylie families of Pittsburgh. For additional information on the Watson family, see the Hugh Henry Brackenridge and Andrew Watson Papers, 1784-1827, also held by the Darlington Memorial Library.

Box 21
Folder 1 Andrew Watson correspondence, 1795-1842
Folder 2 Andrew Watson, will, September 17, 1822
Folder 3 William Alexander, reciept for county taxes from Watson brothers, December 28 1826
Folder 4 Robert Watson, Pittsburgh Farmers & Mechanics Turnpike Road Co., 1835-1856
Folder 5 Robert Watson correspondence, 1842-1863
Folder 6 Andrew Watson insurance policies, 1843-1861
Folder 7 John McLeod to Robert Watson, 1849-1850
Folder 8 Robert Watson, House of Refuge contribution, 1857
Folder 9 Robert Watson, travel to France 1865
Folder 10 Robert Watson, will, 1875
Folder 11 Will of Jane Black, 1901
Folder 12 Robert Watson receipts, undated
Folder 13 Robert Watson receipts, undated
Folder 14 Robert Watson journal, undated

Box 22
Folder 1 Watson family genealogy, undated
Folder 2 Diagram of calculating machine, undated
Folder 3 Mathematics notes, undated
Folder 4 Land plots, undated
Folder 5 Legal papers, 1828
Folder 6 Legal papers, 1821-1827
Folder 7 Legal papers, 1829-1830
Folder 8 Legal papers, 1831-1833
Folder 9 Legal papers, 1835-1840

Box 23
Folder 1 Legal papers, 1841-1845
Folder 2 Legal papers, 1846-1850
Folder 3 Legal papers, 1851-1855
Folder 4 Legal papers, 1856-1860
Folder 5 Legal papers, 1861-1870
Folder 6 Legal papers, 1871-1880

Box 24
Folder 1 Legal papers, 1881
Folder 2 Legal papers, undated
Folder 3 Legal papers, undated
Folder 4 Legal papers, undated
Folder 5 Legal papers, undated
Folder 6 Legal papers, undated
Folder 7 Legal papers, undated

Box 25
Folder 1 Legal papers, undated
Folder 2 Legal papers, undated
Folder 3 Legal papers, undated

Subseries 2. Personal Papers of Jane Watson Magee, 1847-1880

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries relates in large part to the estate of Jane Magee, including diagrams of her properties and documentation of their collective value at the time of her death. Little is known of Jane's husband, Christopher, but a document in this subseries shows that he served as executor to the estate of William Diehl in the matter of James R. Irwin's mortgage. Correspondence to Jane shows her close relationship with Christopher and other family members.

Box 26
Folder 1 Correspondence, 1847-1880
Folder 2 Correspondence, 1847-1880
Folder 3 Correspondence, 1847-1880
Folder 4 Correspondence, 1847-1880
Folder 5 First Presbyterian Church, undated
Folder 6 Family Plots at Allegheny Cemetery, undated
Folder 7 Will of Jane Watson Magee, 1880