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Series III. Personal Papers

Scope and Content Notes:

The Personal Papers series contains folders, notes, course materials, event materials, newspaper clippings, awards, notebooks, galleys for other authors' books, and general material.

Subseries 1. Folders

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains thematically organized articles, book excerpts, and notes put together by Reiser and dealing with disparate subjects. Contents are as Reiser left them.

Box 6
Folder 602 8-Fold Way & Particles
Folder 603 Advanced Logic
Folder 604 American Philosophy
Folder 605 Aristotle's Cosmology
Folder 606 Atlantis
Folder 607 Atomic Hydrogen & Galaxies
Folder 608 Babcock & Kozyrev
Folder 609 Bentham & Mill
Folder 610 Bergson & The New Realism
Folder 611 Biological Clocks, Time-Paradox, Asymmetry
Folder 612 Black Holes John Wheeler & Weber's Gravity Waves
Folder 613 Book Excerpt & Notes on Vision & Psychophysics
Folder 614 Brain Waves and Altered Consciousness
Folder 615 Coming of the WSV Cosmic… (1)
Folder 616 Coming of the WSV Cosmic… (2)
Folder 617 Concepts of Modern Thought
Folder 618 Cosmology
Folder 619 Creative Morality

Box 7
Folder 620 Descartes & Bacon
Folder 621 Early Civilizations
Folder 622 Early Civilizations Old & New World
Folder 623 Earth Atmosphere & Tectonics, The
Folder 624 Elementary Particles
Folder 625 Esther Watson Tipple
Folder 626 Ethics
Folder 627 Field Theory
Folder 628 Folder on black holes
Folder 629 Geological Field Reversals
Folder 630 Geology
Folder 631 Glastonbury Project (1)
Folder 632 Glastonbury Project (2)
Folder 633 Glastonbury Project (3)
Folder 634 Glastonbury Project (4)
Folder 635 GS Newsletter
Folder 636 Helium and Superconductivity
Folder 637 Helium Earth & Sun
Folder 638 History of Science
Folder 639 Integration
Folder 640 Interdisciplinarity
Folder 641 Introduction to Philosophy
Folder 642 Israelites & Judaism
Folder 643 Kant & Hegel
Folder 644 Keith and White Correspondence on Dimensions
Folder 645 Leftovers from Cosmic Humanism & Blodwen's article
Folder 646 Light & Vision
Folder 647 Living Philosophers
Folder 648 Logic & Probability
Folder 649 Magnetaplasm, Radiation Belts & Earth as a Dynamo
Folder 650 Magnetism
Folder 651 Man in the Americas
Folder 652 Medieval Philosophy & Beginnings of Modern Thought
Folder 653 Mercator, 53 Tone, Equal Temperament and International Pitch
Folder 654 Music Logarithmic Spiral
Folder 655 Nervous System
Folder 656 New Book & Tipple Article
Folder 657 New Particles
Folder 658 Oriental Philosophers
Folder 659 Origin and Migrations of the Indo-Europeans
Folder 660 Origin of Life

Box 8
Folder 661 Pantheism
Folder 662 Phenomenology & Relativity
Folder 663 Philosophy & History of Science
Folder 664 Philosophy
Folder 665 Philosophy 8
Folder 666 Philosophy of Education
Folder 667 Philosophy of Energetics
Folder 668 The Philosophy of John Dewey
Folder 669 Philosophy of Religion (1)
Folder 670 Philosophy of Religion (2)
Folder 671 Philosophy of Religion (3)
Folder 672 The Philosophy of the Science of Music
Folder 673 Plato's Republic
Folder 674 Pre-History
Folder 675 Quasars
Folder 676 Religions of the World
Folder 677 Religious Mysticism - Zen & Gandhi
Folder 678 Reviews of Reiser's work
Folder 679 The Role of Philosophy in Civilization
Folder 680 Royce
Folder 681 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (1)
Folder 682 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (2)
Folder 683 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (3)
Folder 684 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (4)
Folder 685 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (5)
Folder 686 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (6)
Folder 687 S.C. Dodd Educational Materials (7)
Folder 688 Science & Humanism
Folder 689 Science & Humanism - Zoroastrianism
Folder 690 Scientific Humanism
Folder 691 Semantics
Folder 692 Spirals
Folder 693 Stonehedge & Ireland
Folder 694 Superconductivity & Superfluids
Folder 695 Time & History
Folder 696 William James
Folder 697 World Sensorium Material

Subseries 2. Notes

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains Reiser's notes on a range of topics organized by headings when present or inferable. Loose notes without headings are filed under Assorted Notes.

Box 8
Folder 698 Aesthetics in Science & Religion
Folder 699 An Integrated Systems Theory
Folder 700 Assorted Notes (1)
Folder 701 Assorted Notes (2)
Folder 702 Assorted Notes (3)
Folder 703 Assorted Notes (4)
Folder 704 Assorted Notes (5)
Folder 705 Bertrand Russell

Box 9
Folder 706 Bibliography on Humanism
Folder 707 Biochemical Reaction Velocities & Psychic Time
Folder 708 Brief Bibliography on Readable Books
Folder 709 Comparing Aristotle, Francis Bacon, Bertrand Russell, John Dewey, J.S. Mill
Folder 710 Consciousness, Radiation and the Developing Sensory System
Folder 711 Cosmic Humanism - What Is It?
Folder 712 ESP Research
Folder 713 Existentialism
Folder 714 The Hebrew-Christian Religious Tradition
Folder 715 Hinduism
Folder 716 History of Semantics
Folder 717 Hixen Symposium
Folder 718 Humanism as a Technology
Folder 719 Huxley-Barnes Debate
Folder 720 Indo-Europeans ("Aryans")
Folder 721 Jungian Archetypes - Some Questions
Folder 722 Karl Marx
Folder 723 Key Periodic Table, sKs, Generating Cosmic Constants
Folder 724 Notes toward article for Thanatology, Dean University, and Harold Symposium
Folder 725 On Evolution
Folder 726 On Music
Folder 727 Orgone Energy Weather Engineering, The Law, and the Environmental Crisis
Folder 728 Philosophical Aspects of Language and Communication
Folder 729 Philosophy of Religion: Descartes & Mind-Body Problem
Folder 730 Planetary Man and Cosmic Guiding Fields
Folder 731 Problem of Knowledge
Folder 732 Religion in the Public Schools
Folder 733 Semantics & Cybernetics
Folder 734 Talk on Man's New Image of Man
Folder 735 The Universe Between Your Ears
Folder 736 The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

Subseries 3. Course Materials

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains course materials and includes announcements, syllabi, and course outlines.

Box 9
Folder 737 Announcements
Folder 738 From Primitive Magic to Modern Science Lecture Outline
Folder 739 Philosophy of Religion Outline
Folder 740 Role of Philosophy in Civilization Outline
Folder 741 Syllabus for S 191: The Role of Communications in Human Relations

Subseries 4. Event Materials

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains event materials for conferences, symposiums, lectures, and interview materials.

Box 9
Folder 742 1970 American Anthropological Association Cultural Futurology Symposium: Pre-Conference Volume
Folder 743 1971 American Anthropological Association Experimental Symposium on Cultural Futurology: Pre-Conference Volume
Folder 744 Assorted Event Materials (1)
Folder 745 Assorted Event Materials (2)
Folder 746 Comments at the Graduate Seminar
Folder 747 Production Script for Radio Show on Peace

Subseries 5. Newspaper Clippings

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains both clippings on Reiser and clippings Reiser kept for reference.

Box 10
Folder 790 Newspaper articles on Reiser & other promotional material

Box 12
Folder 804 "Book on Scientific Humanism Wins Recognition for Dr. Reiser" (Pitt Evening News)
Folder 805 Chomsky Clippings
Folder 806 "Daedalus or Icarus?" ( Madras article on Reiser)
Folder 807 "New Satellite Will Help Pave the Way for Communication System"
Folder 808 Particle Physics Clipping
Folder 809 "Pitt Philosopher's Book Presents Challenging Theme Clearly" ( Pittsburgh Press Review)
Folder 810 Reiser Citation in 12 Mars 1937 Journal des debats
Folder 811 World Culture Needed (Reiser letter to The Times)

Subseries 6. Awards

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains awards Reiser received.

Box 13
File 820 1969 Fellow of the American Humanist Association Plaque
File 821 1973 Humanist Pioneer Award Plaque
Folder 822 1973 Men of Achievement Diploma

Subseries 7. Notebooks

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains notebooks found among Reiser's papers. They are handwritten and appear to date from early in his life.

Box 13
Folder 815 Black notebook
Folder 816 Four small notepads
Folder 817 Philosophy of Science Notebook
Folder 818 Realism Notebook
Folder 819 Symbolic Logic Notebook

Subseries 8. Galleys

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains galleys of other authors' books.

Box 12
Folder 823 Commentary on The Single Reality

Subseries 9. General

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains disparate, non-note materials not organized by Reiser and not falling under other categories within Personal Papers. Folders Include articles, diagrams not discernably related to publications, magazines, newsletters, sheet music, monographs by other authors, and obituaries for Reiser. The section Oversize contains materials falling under this subseries but physically separate.

Box 9
Folder 748 A Survey of Psychical Research in Europe (Jocelyn Pierson)
Folder 749 A.H. Maslow Papers
Folder 750 Alan Mayne Papers
Folder 751 American Humanist Association Papers
Folder 752 American Humanist Association's Notice of Reiser's 1969 Fellowship
Folder 753 Articles from Science
Folder 754 Articles from Scientific American
Folder 755 Articles on assorted subjects (1)
Folder 756 Articles on assorted subjects (2)
Folder 757 Articles on assorted subjects (3)
Folder 758 Articles on assorted subjects (4)
Folder 759 Articles on assorted Subjects (5)
Folder 760 Articles on assorted Subjects (6)

Box 10
Folder 761 Articles on assorted subjects (7)
Folder 762 Articles on assorted subjects (8)
Folder 763 Articles on gravity
Folder 764 Articles on the hierarchical universe, quarks, and black holes
Folder 765 Artorga Newsletters
Folder 766 Assorted Magazines (1)
Folder 767 Awards received by Reiser
Folder 768 Awareness and Science (Edgar D Mitchell -- signed)
Folder 769 Book excerpts from Jerry Johnson
Folder 770 Book reviews of Reiser publications
Folder 771 Diagrams (inc. Infinite-Eternal Ocean of Energy)
Folder 772 Forecasting of the Future - Score Sheet
Folder 773 Frederic Gibbs Papers
Folder 774 Gustaf Stromberg Papers
Folder 775 Hudson Hoagland Papers
Folder 776 ICIS Center News Bulletin w/ notes
Folder 777 Integration -- Intellectual and Social
Folder 778 Issues of Main Currents of Modern Thought (1)
Folder 779 Issues of Main Currents of Modern Thought (2)
Folder 780 Issues of The Humanist
Folder 781 Issues of The Ley Hunter
Folder 782 James Benjamin Beal Papers
Folder 783 John Somerville Papers
Folder 784 Journal of Music Theory
Folder 785 Mark Braham Papers
Folder 786 National Industrial Conference Board Materials
Folder 787 Natural Major Scale Organization Diagram
Folder 788 New Age Library Folder, Glastonbury
Folder 789 New Age Library Folder, The Maltwood Story
Folder 791 Page from Model for a Universe w/ markings
Folder 792 Project Krishna Questions
Folder 793 "Proposal Concerning the Use of a Light/Sound Synthesis in the Conscious Elevation of Man's Awareness"
Folder 794 Quote from unidentified source beginning "In my half a century…"

Box 11
Folder 795 Sheet Music for Robert Schumann's The Horseman
Folder 796 Societal Consequences of Changing Images of Man (Stanford Research Institute)
Folder 797 Sociological Notes on the Futurizing of the Multiversity (Arthur M. Harkins)
Folder 798 "Sources of Integrity in the Scientific Humanism of Oliver Reiser"
Folder 799 Synergy Newsletters
Folder 800 Time, Geometry and the Art of Seeing (Edgar Lipworth)
Folder 801 Translated Chapter of Die Philosophie der Gegenwart
Folder 802 Vaclav Hlavaty
Folder 803 W.F. Sutherland Notes on Paper by O.L. Reiser for A.A.A.S.
Folder 803a Reiser Obituaries

Section: Oversize

Box 12
Folder 827 Arcosanti Drawing
Folder 828 Babel IIB Drawing
Folder 831 Envelope of Oversize Diagrams
Folder 834 Impressions from US Science Exhibit at Seattle World's Fair 1962
Folder 835 Mercator Slide Rule Diagram
Folder 836 Map of Compton Dundon in Somerset, England
Folder 838 Biographical materials including photo

Box 13
Folder 825 Adventures in the Realms of Thought (Cofman)
Folder 826 All the Way Round: Travel Diaries of Victor and Lucy Cofman 1948-1971
Folder 829 The Book of the Baalshem Mishpat (Sonneborn)
Folder 830 Bound letters and images of artifacts with unattributed written commentary
Folder 832 Epitomization (Conger)
Folder 833 Humansitic Logic for the Mind in Action (Reiser)
Folder 837 Universities and the Quest for Peace: Final Report of the 1964 Africa and Middle East Conference