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Series II. Books and Chapters

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains both published and unpublished articles and chapters, authored or co-authored by Corry, that were to be included in monographs. The series is arranged in rough chronological order. Information about each chapter in this series may include drafts, reprints, notes, and correspondence.

Folder 70 New possibilities for organ allografting in the mouse, undated
Folder 71 Update on pancreas transplantation for "Advances in Surgery", undated
Folder 72 Attempt to induce tolerance, proceedings of the fourth international dendritic cell meeting, undated
Folder 73 Current opinion in organ transplantation, undated
Folder 74 Instructions - book chapter, Corry, Shapiro, undated
Folder 75 The mesetery and the omentum, undated
Folder 76 Shock, undated
Folder 77 Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, chapter 22, Syn. In Surgery, undated
Folder 78 Legionnaires disease, undated
Folder 79 Surgical complications, undated
Folder 80 Transplantation, undated
Folder 81 Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, undated
Folder 82 Renal transplantation case studies, 1977
Folder 83 Status of transplantation of human organs, 1980
Folder 84 Role of renal afferent nerves, 1981

Section: Manipulation of the immune response for "transplant surgery," 1987

Folder 86 Sandimmune for LRD Monograph, 1988
Folder 87 Whole organ pancreas transplantation, 1988
Folder 88 Pancreatico-duodenal transplantation, 1988
Folder 89 Bowel drained pancreas transplants for Toelo-Perregra, "Rawer, Transplant", 1988
Folder 90 Experience with Pancreas transplantation, 1988
Folder 91 Renal and renal pancreas transplantation in Type I... for "Clinical Tx", 1988
Folder 92 Experience at the University of Iowa college of medicine for International handbook of pancreases, 1989
Folder 93 Pancreatic transplantation and bladder damage, 1989
Folder 94 The future of transplantation, UNOS chapter, 1990
Folder 95 Diagnostic imaging in renal transplantation, for the handbook of transplantation management, 1992
Folder 96 Diagnostic radiology of pancreas transplantation for the handbook of transplantation management, 1992

Section: Current status of hepatic transplantation (chapter) 1995

Folder 98 Draft: Pancreas Transplantation, undated

Section: Draft: Kidney Transplantation with Bone marrow

Section: Draft: Techniques and Experience of pancreatic transplantation

Folder 101 Draft: Transplantation and blood transfusion, 1990

Section: Draft: Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney transplantation

Section: Draft: Pregnancy after pancreatic transplantation

Folder 104 Draft (unpublished?): Effect of Ischemic injury on acute rejection, 1980